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Published at 23rd of May 2019 05:10:09 PM

Chapter 163
Both Lu Qiang and Lu Feng were feeling each and every word said by Jiang Yang . Jiang Yang was immersed in those sad memories from the past while narrating the whole incident . He had painful expressions on his face . All three were holding the glasses of wine in their hands but nobody was drinking it . They seems like went back in the past when that incident happened and were witnessing it through Jiang Yang's eyes .

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"When I reached the door, I didn't wait for a moment and kicked it as hard as I could . It opened easily as it was old . As the door opened completely, I saw, Yuyan was lying naked on table with one boy holding her hands above her head and one was standing in between her legs without a single piece of clothes on him . The third one was standing beside like bystander and was laughing . "

I was too shocked to see this . When those boys saw me, they immediately moved away from her . I saw Yuyan looked at me and went unconscious . I ran towards her as fast as I could and covered her with my jacket . I wanted to kill those bastards right at that moment but I saw Yuyan was hurt and she looked lifeless . I was scared to death . Till then guards already called for ambulance which arrived in just ten minutes, as hospital was near to that place but those ten minutes were like living in a hell for me . "

"Those boys tried to run away but guards caught them and called for police too . I took Yuyan to hospital and called my parents . My father was angry after seeing Yuyan lifeless . He straight went to the police station to see those bastards and to take action against them, while mom and me stayed back in hospital . "

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"Yuyan was unconscious for almost two days . She had broken ribs and internal bleeding, because those bastards hit her without a mercy . Doctors were trying their best but she was not waking up . On third day when she regained her consciousness, she was just screaming and crying not allowing anyone to come near her . My mother was shocked to see her precious daughter like this and she couldn't handle it . She blamed herself for bringing Yuyan to that country against her wish . "

"Doctor had to make her unconscious to treat her wounds . It was hard for them to control her . We had to call psychiatrist too who told us she was in a trauma and it will take time to get her out of it . He said, 'she need to trust at least one person so that she won't be alone or she might get serious nervous breakdown' . In few days, my mom tried to talk to her but she didn't respond, not even to my dad . Finally I decided to try it . When I called her name and went to her, she didn't resist my presence near her . She didn't scream or tried to hide her face from me . "

"All were surprised to see this . Psychiatrist said, "It was good thing and I should be with her . It was because, I was the person who saved her and i was the last one whom she saw before she got unconscious and might have thought about me as her savior . Also, since she was a child, she trusted me the most . Since that day, I became her shadow and followed her everywhere . "

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Lu Qiang and Lu Feng didn't disturbed him in between as Jiang Yang looked immersed in flow of the things happened in a past . He was talking nonstop .

"I got the admit from the university where I dreamed to study space science and that was the reason for my family to move to US . I rejected it as Yuyan needed me . Also, I blamed myself for her condition . Because of me, we moved to USA and because of my ignorance she had go through that condition . I decided to be with her always till the day she will need me .

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She was in hospital for one month and bedridden . During that month, she didn't let anyone touch her or even come to her room too . I had to do everything for her, as she was a child and was hurt too, so forcing her was not acceptable . Whenever doctor had to do their job, even after a month of time, they had to make her unconscious and treat her wounds . Your father, uncle Lu Jinhai was there during that period, he saw her and helped my father to deal with those bastards . In few days, Grandpa Lu came to see her too and I told both, your father and your grandpa, not to tell both of you about this . "

Lu Qiang and Lu Feng, both looked at him with questioning sight as asking 'Why?'

Jiang Yang answered to their unspoken question . "I didn't want you guys to see her in that condition as it was too hurting to see her like that . I was aware that you guys were calling me again and again but i didn't reply . Instead i changed my number . Why? I don't know that, but I think, I was ashamed to face both of you and also, I had to focus on Yuyan first instead of answering to anyone . "

To hear it both didn't say anything and continued to hear what Jiang Yang was about to say further .

"For almost a month, I heard her crying and screaming in hospital . She was even scared of dark that I had to keep lights in room on, all the time . There was not a single night, when she didn't have nightmares . Still sometimes she get those nightmares which shake her to the core . "

To this, Lu Qiang nodded and said, "I know!" He remembered all the time when he saw her suffering because of nightmares . Jiang Yang continued . . .

"After a month, when she came back to home, she didn't want to get out of her room . If I go out for a single moment and left her alone, she wont allow me to go . For whole six months, she didn't say a single word like she was a mute . I had to understand what she wanted or what she was thinking just by her expressions or her other actions . She never asked for anything like she was just a living corpse . I am too habitual to her behavior for all these years, that I can understand each of her thoughts and everything about her without a single word spoken .

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