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Published at 13th of June 2019 01:00:08 PM

Chapter 193
Lu Qiang came back to Jiang Yuyan's room after having a conversation with Zhi Ruo . when he opened the door of her room, the room was dark and even the night lamp was off too . Lu Qiang went inside and turned on a night lamp . In that mild light, he saw, Jiang Yuyan was sleeping on a bed . He slept beside her and asked, "Are you asleep?" but there was no reply from her .

Lu Qiang was aware, she must be angry and he had to clear the things . He wanted to explain her everything at that moment but he thought to let her sleep as she needed to rest . He decided to talk to her in the morning and slept too after saying, "Good Night, Yuyan . "

Jiang Yuyan was not sleeping, she just didn't want to talk to him right at that moment as it might lead to the fight and she was worried, he won't be able to sleep properly and he needed rest as he worked the whole day and must be tired .

Both fell asleep, feeling worried about each other's need of rest being unaware of the fact, what was going to come the next morning .

The next morning, when Lu Qiang opened his eyes, he saw, Jiang Yuyan was not in a bed . He sat up and searched for her . He realized, she must be in the bathroom . As he was about to get out of the bed, Jiang Yuyan came out from the bathroom in a sky blue color knee-length simple flare dress .

She ignored him and straight away went to the mirror . She looked like, she had a shower as her hair was wet . Lu Qiang immediately stepped out of the bed and went to Jiang Yuyan who was standing in front of a mirror with a towel in her hands . He gave her a back hug while resting his chin on her shoulder and said, "You are looking fresh and pretty . "

Jiang Yuyan didn't reply to his loving words and just said, "Let me dry my hair . " Lu Qiang took a towel from her hands and said, "Let me help you . " He knew she was still upset so he tried to calm her down by acting sweet .

"No need! I can do it by myself . You can go and give your precious time to the girl, you are going to marry soon . " She sounded cold . Then, she moved away from him to get a blow dryer to dry her hair .

Lu Qiang used the towel in his hands to dry her hair and said with a smile on his face, while again ignoring her cold behavior, "I am already doing that, as I am with you . "

"But now you have to stop it, as Zhi Ruo might feel bad to see you are in my room, so stop coming here and give your time to her, just as you did last night by taking her to the garden . " She said it in one long breath and turned on the blow dryer .

Last night, Jiang Yuyan didn't say anything but that made her speak bitter things as it was like the eruption of a volcano in her heart . She might not have said all this, but the jealousy was the culprit, plus her mood swings as a bonus .

Lu Qiang was able to understand, her behavior was normal as he was at fault, so he tried to maintain his calmness and tried to calm her down too . He turned off the switch of blow dryer as it's noise was a disturbance and said, "It's not what you are thinking, Yuyan . Let me explain to you things . "

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"I told you no need . Your aunt wants you to marry a beautiful and talented girl and I can see, Zhi Ruo is the one . So stop fooling around with me and go to her . " she said it and moved her hand towards the switch to turn on the blow dryer again . Whatever Su Hui said, hurt Jiang Yuyan a lot but at that moment she couldn't say anything to her and that anger on Su Hui, she was taking out on Lu Qiang .

Lu Qiang held her hand midway to stop her from turning on the blow dryer and said, "Forget about my aunt . What matters is, what we want . "

Jiang Yuyan pulled her hand back and said, "Right! And I want you to marry Zhi Ruo, as she suits you more,"

"Don't be like this Yuyan, I know you are upset but let me explain something first . "

"I don't want to hear anything so just leave my room as it's not good for you to stay here . Oh wait, why don't we shift Zhi Ruo in this room as your aunt wants it and it would be convenient for you too . "

"Yuyan stop it . Forget My aunt and Zhi Ruo . Hear me first . " Lu Qiang was losing his calmness but still was trying to hold himself back from saying anything harsh .

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"What do you want to tell me, that what you did with her in the garden for one hour . I am not interested . You are free to marry her . So, do what you feel good . I don't care . "

More Lu Qiang was talking softly more she was getting harsher . Lu Qiang pinched the space between his eyebrows as she was angry and she was not ready to listen to him . He sighed and said, "So, you don't care if I marry her . "

"Yes! I don't care" she replied and kept the blow dryer back without drying her hair .

Lu Qiang held her hand and turned her towards him to look in her eyes and said, "Say it, while looking into my eyes . "

Jiang Yuyan looked into his eyes and said in a firm voice, "I don't care . "

Lu Qiang didn't expect her to say it like this without hesitating for even a moment . He was stunned and felt hurt to hear it and said while still holding her hand, "You know very well that I love you and how I waited for you all these years . "

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"That is your problem and also, I never asked you to wait for me," Jiang Yuyan replied again to look at him without realizing what she was doing .

Lu Qiang still tried to be calm and asked while looking into her eyes, hoping to see a little comfort, "But You love me too . "

"When did I say that?" she asked without batting an eye .

"That night you confessed to me," he asked as to think she might remember it and will accept it .

"I told you already, that you were drunk and might have seen the things . " She replied .

"Hmm! And what about the things happened between us, those kisses and those… . . "

"Those are nothing as it's normal to get attracted towards the person you spend your time with . It's normal human behavior . " Jiang Yuyan said before Lu Qiang could recite the whole list of their intimate moments between them .

"I was seeing the things as I was drunk . Hmm! Attraction and normal human behavior? . . . . . Okay! I understood . " Lu Qiang said it and left the room with bang sound of the door closing .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!