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Published at 13th of July 2019 12:00:06 PM

Chapter 232
"Why are you being a dog in your family then? Be a king and get to know everything . " Lu Qiang spoke immediately as he felt annoyed, not having a will to answer his question which could hurt so many people .

Ming Rusheng sighed to hear Lu Qiang's words and said, "I so wish but people in my family are tight-lipped . "

"What happened in the past is in between elders . It would be better for us younger generation to not meddle in it and live our lives peacefully . "

Hearing it Ming Rusheng asked sarcastically, "Why? Hmm . . . Are you afraid that I might bring out the dark side of your family about what they did to mine . "

"I am afraid, you might bring out the dark side of your own family . " Lu Qiang replied which startled Ming Rusheng .

"It's my aunt who died . Moreover, why her own family would hurt her," he asked with even more questions in his mind . The more he wanted to know, the more it was becoming like a puzzle . Everyone was giving him answers which were taking him nowhere but making him feel puzzled and curious .

"Know it all by yourself, Ming Rusheng . I don't have time to answer your useless questions and I don't even care if you would get to know it or not . " Lu Qiang was about to turn towards his car but stopped and said to look at him, "One more thing . Stay away from my family . "

"I have no interest in your family, Lu Qiang . There are other things to be interested in," Ming Rusheng replied .

"In those other things, don't you dare to add anyone, dear to me . " Lu Qiang said and sat in the car .

Before Ming Rusheng could say anything further, the driver drove the car away which he had already started before Lu Qiang sat in the car . Driver Xu Bai was aware of the rivalry between these two people and he didn't want his boss to waste his time with Ming Rusheng . As Lu Qiang sat in the car, he drove away immediately .

Looking at Lu Qiang's car, Ming Rusheng spoke, "I can't guarantee you anything Lu Qiang because that other thing is unavoidable for me and unfortunately, this time we caught the interest in the same thing . "

Ming Rusheng looked inside the university gate and said, "I hope I had realized it earlier how much I like you and I hope it's not too late now because I am going to try my best at this time . "

He passed his sight across the men standing at a distance from the university gate in a suit . He already had guessed, those were the guards appointed by Lu Qiang to protect Jiang Yuyan . He dialed a number on his cellphone . Once the person on the other side of the line received the call, he said, "I saw your men standing outside of the university . "

"Yes, Mr . Ming . We have been ordered to… . . "

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"They should do their job better or I will make all of you suffer in hell . " Ming Rusheng said before the man could complete is words and cut the call . He sat in his car and drove away .

When Jiang Yuyan went inside, most of the students recognized her and they were staring at her like they never saw a person . Soon they started talking about her being in the news .

"Isn't she the girl in a picture with the president of Lu corporation?"

"Yeah! I was thinking, I saw her somewhere but now I know . "

"She is new in the city . "

"She is pretty . No wonder he is interested in her . "

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"Hmm! But how she approached him, I want to know too . We can use it in the future when he is tired of her . "

"Haha! Right . Let's ask her . "

"One girl among the bystanders who were gossiping among themselves stepped in the direction of Jiang Yuyan but suddenly she was stopped by the man in a black suit .

"Miss, no one is allowed to bother Ms . Jiang Yuyan . " He was a bodyguard appointed to protect Jiang Yuyan inside the university from annoying and nosy people . Stopping the girl as warning other people too, bodyguard followed Jiang Yuyan to her class .

Jiang Yuyan was new in the city so not many people knew about her and that was the advantage . Still, people around her were able to recognize her as she was pretty looking girl and anyone could keep her face in mind .

Ming Lan and Jiang Yuyan both were aware of what was going on there but they avoided it and continued to walk .

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"Don't pay attention to these people . Some might say good things but most of them would be bitter with their words," said Ming Lan .

"Hmm! I won't . These people are nobody to me so doesn't matter . " Jiang Yuyan replied as not affected by the gazes she was getting from the people around her .

"Good to know it . " Ming Lan said and both went to their classes . When Jiang Yuyan entered in her class, the bodyguard stood outside . All the students in the class were looking at her while talking to each other .

Jiang Yuyan continued walking inside without minding to these people and sat in her seat beside Nixxxie . "You are the talk of the town my dear, congrats for being a celebrity in a night . "

"Nixx! At least you don't be like others . " Jiang Yuyan said and opened the book for the next class .

"Haha! Okay! I was just pulling your leg . "

Soon the news spread everywhere as few students clicked Jiang Yuyan and posted a picture online which alerted everyone that she studied in that university . Reporters gathered around the university to ask her questions and know about her everything .

Through their sources, they got to know about her name and other things but they were curious to know the things through her and to make it big news . Reporters were not allowed to enter the university so all were waiting for her to come outside .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!