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Published at 7th of August 2019 06:18:31 PM

Chapter 249

It was Sunday so Lu Qiang didn't have any work to do . The previous day he somehow spent in the office though it was Saturday and off but today he didn't want to spend time alone in the office so he decided to go out with Jiang yang . They called Lu Feng with them too .

When they decided on this plan, they thought Jiang Yuyan should be with them too as she will get bored at home . All four friends decide to visit a few places they used to visit in their childhood . Lu Feng came to Jiang residence to pick up these three in an expensive and luxurious car which was spacious and comfortable for them . He was wearing white round neck T-shirt, brown color leather jacket blue jeans and sneakers . With these clothes and a Polaroids covering his eyes, he looked devilishly handsome .

Once he reached Jiang residence, he called Jiang Yang, "I am here . Come downstairs if you guys are ready . "

"Why are you in so much hurry darling . Don't you want to meet my parents and your in-laws?" Jiang Yang wanted to call him upstairs to meet his parents as he still didn't get a chance to meet them and get familiar with them after so many years .

Everything was going too smooth and everyone was happy so Jiang Yang wanted Lu Feng to be a part of this happiness too instead of being aloof to everyone .

Lu Feng didn't want to go there but who could say no to Jiang Yang and he had to go . When he went upstairs all were in the living room, waiting for him as Jiang Yang already informed them about his arrival . Before ringing a doorbell, Lu Feng removed his goggle and tucked in his pocket . Jiang Yang opened the door and said, "Welcome, my darling . Ohh, wait! Wow, you are looking damn handsome . I should protect you from girls today so that they won't snatch you away from me . "

"Stop saying bulls**t, at least in front of your parents . " Lu Feng said in a low voice but it didn't affect Jiang Yang and he said in his normal tone that everyone heard, "Rest assured darling, my parents know my preference" as saying they went to the living room .

When they reached near the sofa, Mo Ruolan said to look at her son, "These days I am worried about your preference my son and I am thinking, I should only hope to get grandchildren from my daughter but you . "

"Don't worry Mom, there are other ways through which I can give you dozens of grandchildren," he said and winked at his mother .

"You shameless brat!", Mo Ruolan exclaimed as hitting him on the shoulder again while others smiled to hear it .

"Aauuchh! Thank god mom, you can only reach to my shoulder and not to my head or I would be dumb by getting continuous hitting on the head," he said while rubbing his shoulder just then Lu Feng hit him lightly on the head and said, "It won't make a difference to already dumb person . "

"Aauuuch darling it hurts . "

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"Ignore him, Lu Feng . come and sit here," Mo Ruolan said while pointing towards space on the sofa .

Jiang Peizhi and Mo Ruolan were happy to see Lu Feng in their home as they were meeting him after so long . When they came to attend the elder Lu's wedding anniversary, they couldn't get a chance to talk to him .

Jiang Peizhi smiled to see him and said, "Nice to see you, Lu Feng . Have a seat"

"Me too, Uncle," Lu Feng replied and sat on the sofa beside Lu Qiang who was sitting with Jiang Yuyan on that huge semicircular sofa .

Jiang Yang sat beside him and said, "You don't have to be nervous in front of my parents darling . I can see, they liked you . "

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Lu Feng frowned to hear it just then Mo Ruolan said, "Be good Jiang Yang he came here for the first time when we are here . Give him some slack . "

"As you say, mother," he replied .

It was a day for the outing for them so all were ready in casual clothes . Jiang Yang wore a mustered color T-shirt with blue jeans . Lu Qiang was, as usual, wearing his favorite colors, full-sleeved black T-shirt with white jeans . Jiang Yuyan was wearing a white short-sleeved lace top with black jeans .

All four left the Jiang residence to go out on a mini trip to visit the places they decided . As they reached in a parking lot, Jiang Yang asked, "Who is going to drive?"

"Of course me . " Lu Feng replied .

"Well, that's fine but we can change turns later," said Lu Qiang to which others agreed .

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"I want to drive too . " Suddenly, Jiang Yuyan spoke that made these three men look at her in a question with the same expressions on their faces .

Jiang Yuyan passed her sight across their faces and asked, "What? Why are you all looking at me like this?"

"We all want to come back in a single piece so no driving for you . " Jiang Yang replied to which the other two agreed .

"But I can drive . " She tried to protest .

Jiang Yang went closer to her and said while patting her head, "Little Sister, we three know how scared you are when you are behind the wheel so, NO!"

"What? You . . . You told them too . " She was a bit angry to realize it and said, "It was long back but now I am fine . "

"Yes! Once we were talking about you so I happened to tell them what you did when we were in the Us after you just learned how to drive . You almost ran the car on a roadside stall thank god the owner was on the side and nobody was harmed . " he replied .

"I won't be like that and I was new to driving . Let me drive today," she said as not in a mood to listen to him .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!