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Published at 2nd of October 2019 05:22:12 PM

Chapter 322

"I had so many things against Xi Cheng in my hands, those could have destroyed him but thinking about Song Meilin and her request to me, I had to stop . "

"Nixxxie's mother? She stopped you?" Jiang Yang was surprised to hear it .

"Yes! Song Meilin, Nixxxie's mother . At that time there were few things that I had to stop doing because it would have affected the Xi family's business . She didn't care about Xi Cheng but that business under Xi family is all the hard work of Song Meilin's father and she wanted to protect it in all the way possible . "

"Anyways at that time Nixxxie was a kid so Song Meilin was waiting for the day when her daughter would be of the age to handle everything and for her, Xi Cheng was just a toy to handle that business . She knew though Xi Cheng was greedy for power, he is the one who can handle it perfectly and one day she will take all that back from him, leaving him with nothing as the revenge for her son's death . "

"Hmm! That makes sense . Use your enemy for your benefit and then get rid of him," Jiang Yang said .

Lu Feng agreed, "But it is like a torture to see the murderer of your child in front of your eyes every day, living a happy life . Song Meilin is one strong woman . Xi Guo's death shook her but couldn't break her . "

Lu Qiang agreed, "Right! and continued, "That was not the only reason for me to stop . I had my own reasons too and I had to let him off or there would be something that could have shaken few families and it would be worse . "

"I just scared Xi Cheng saying him to behave . As he knew I can destroy him, he doesn't try to pull a stunt with me . Still, I am sure he must be planning something behind my back and searching for my weakness . "

"Don't you have any? From what I see, you have so many weaknesses now," Jiang Yang asked

"I have but now I know how to protect them . " Lu Qiang answered .

"Lu Qiang is right, Jiang Yang . He is the most powerful person here and it's not without any reason . So rest assured . " Saying it Lu Feng once again filled his glass which he emptied out while listening to the conversation between his two friends .

"Hmm! I just hope that Nixxxie should be out of the trouble and leave her life peacefully," Jiang Yang said and emptied out his glass in one shot being ready to fill it again .

"She will, soon . Trust me . Her time is around now just need to settle few things with that bastard . " Lu Qiang assured him .

"Glad to know it . " After discussing and taking out the things from their hearts these three were relaxed being unaware that somewhere someone was going to create trouble for them .

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After getting humiliated by Lu Qiang, Xi Cheng went to another place, a famous hotel in the city, in one of the private room of the restaurant where someone was waiting for him .

"Welcome Xi Cheng," A man welcomed him .

"After so long Zhang Wei, my partner in crime" Xi Chang called him by his name even if Zhang Wei was elder to him . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Pointing towards the seat opposite him, Zhang Wei said, "Have a seat . I am here to talk about our venture in country S,"

"Only that? I doubt though . " Xi Cheng had a sly smile on his face .

"What more it could be between two businessmen, Xi Cheng?" Zhang Wei tried to avoid his curious thoughts .

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"Hmm! Right, but what is there to talk about that project? It is running successfully as Lu Corporation stepped back from it in the past and I don't think they will ever enter there," Xi Cheng said .

"I still wonder why Lu Corporation stepped back," Zhang Wei asked .

"It was a decision of Lu Qiang and the reason was my unfortunate stepmother, Song Meilin," Xi Cheng answered .

"Song Meilin?" Zhang Wei asked curiously .

"Yes, she was the one to ask him not to take any action against me and let me run the business . "

Hearing it, Zhang Wei was surprised, "But why?"

Giving out a deep sigh, Xi Cheng answered calmly, not getting anxious about what might happen with him . "I am the tool for her to run her business until her daughter becomes independent . Now her daughter is independent she will try to dethrone me and for that, she will get the help of Lu Qiang,"

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"You are in trouble then . "

"Not completely as long as I can get rid of Lu Qiang . " There was something in Xi Cheng's eyes that showed he had something planned and that was not going to be good news for anyone .

"It's not that easy as you know what kind of a power he holds . It's not easy to get him out from the business world"

Looking at Zhang Wei having an evil smile on his face and the darkness in his eyes which could not be hidden even behind his gold rim glasses, he said, "Who is talking about the business world?"

Sensing what Xi Cheng meant, Zhang Wei replied, "Don't you try to do the same what you did with your brother? In this, I am not with you . Keep that in your mind . "

"You were like not this in the past . Do I have to remind you about one accident in the past?" Xi Cheng asked with his one eyebrow curved up .

It was in the past Xi Cheng but now I don't want to harm anyone . If you want to dethrone him from the Lu Corporation, I am always with you . I want to do something for someone dear to me . "

"Hmm! Someone dear to you . Ming Rusheng? If I am not wrong?" Xi Cheng asked knowing, Ming Rusheng was everything for Zhang Wei .

"You don't need to know about it . " Zhang Wei didn't want to drag Ming Rusheng in their dirty business so he avoided mentioning him .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!