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Chapter 426

"My grandpa did one more good thing that he once had a good friend like you and he still treasures that friendship," Lu Qiang spoke .

Elder Ming looked at Lu Qiang and said, "Tell that old man that I will see him at the wedding and he should be ready to get beaten up by me . "

"Lu Qiang nodded, "I will . "

"If you don't have intentions to let my granddaughter hate me then have a seat," Saying elder Ming turned and went back to his seat .

Suddenly the tensed atmosphere in the living room seems like a normal and happy one . Then, Zhang Jai spoke, "How about we all have dinner together?"

The moment Zhang Jei got a call from assistant Xiao Min, she prepared everything and instructed all the servants what to do . She had already prepared the dinner thinking that Lu Qiang might join them if things happen in a good way and knowing the ability of Lu Qiang, she was sure he will make everything right .

Hearing her, elder Ming said, "Only if this young man won't mind . "

"It's almost a time for dinner so it's fine," Lu Qiang said . Both of these knew what the other one wanted but who will say it directly when sarcastic minds face each other .

Zhang Jei was happy to hear it and said, "I wish if Ming Rusheng was here . It would have been better if the whole family was here .  

"Where is he?" elder Ming asked .

"Father, he is with his uncle Zhang Wei to do few important things related to our new project," Ming Yusheng replied .

"Hmm! It's good that he is taking an interest in business," elder Ming said .

Zhang Jei signaled the nanny to arrange dinner for everyone . On the dining table elder Ming Lu Qiang and Ming Yusheng were discussing the business and Zhang Jei was paying attention to their discussion as well as the dinner table .  

Jiang Yuyan and Ming Lan were talking about wedding related things and Ming Lan was excited to see Jiang Yuyan as a bride . Suddenly something clicked in Ming Lan's mind and she said in a low voice that only Jiang Yuyan could hear it .

"In the past if I had said something that might have offended you then I am sorry for that . I was being immature at that time . "

Jiang Yuyan understood what she meant . She was talking about saying that she liked Lu Qiang and at that time Ming Lan was unaware of the things between Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan .

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Smiling, Jiang Yuyan said, "It's fine . Don't think too much . "

Though Ming Lan felt glad to hear it, still there was a guilt left in her heart so Jiang Yuyan spoke again, "Isn't it normal to feel attracted if the man is good and it's not your fault at all as he is such a devil to attract anyone . Need to tie him up inside the home once we are married . "

Hearing it, Ming Lan smiled almost controlling her laughter and said, "Do it or there would be so many love rivals for you as not everyone is considerate like me . "

"I know . Don't worry, I will carry a dagger with me to get rid of them," Jiang Yuyan said and both laughed lightly .

This small conversation between these two women made Ming Lan feel relieved and she said, "Thank you, Yuyan . "

"No need to say thank you . Also, he would be your brother-in-law so you can hit on him . You are the only one I might allow . "

"No way! What if you stab me with that dagger . I am so young to die yet . "

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Both laughed . Jiang Yuyna knew Ming Lan was really a nice person by heart so she decided to have some fun with her .

Jiang Yang was able to hear what these two were talking about and smiled . Leaning towards his sister, he whispered to her, "Little birdie is being matured and knows how to respect other people's feelings . "

Hearing little birdie, Jiang Yuyan frowned and said, "I was always like this . "

After dinner, when Lu Qiang and Jiang siblings bid farewell and they were about to leave, A black luxury car stopped in front of the Ming Mansion's door and the person stepped out of it . That was Ming Rusheng . Since he joined the business, he stopped using his sports car and instead started to use the car which would suit his businessman image .  

When he stepped out of the car, all were out of the mansion to see off the guests . When ming Rusheng saw Lu Qiang he was shocked but when he saw Jiang Yuyan with him, he realized why they were in the Ming Mansion . Though Ming Rusheng was not happy to see Lu Qiang, he controlled himself and went towards everyone .

"Ming Rusheng, it's good that you are back," Zhang Jei exclaimed to see him .

Ming Rusheng didn't react much to it and stepped towards Lu Qiang, "I hope you enjoyed your first visit to Ming Mansion . "

"More than what I thought," Lu Qiang replied .

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"Good to know it," Ming Rusheng said .

"We will take a leave now," Lu Qiang said looking at elder Ming and he nodded to it in response .

When they moved towards the cars, Jiang Yuyan was about to go to her brother's car but Lu Qiang said, "I will take you to your home . "

Jiang Yuyan nodded and three left in the cars . In the car, Jiang Yuyan asked, "Won't it be too late for you to get back home after dropping me?"

"Who said that I am going back?" Lu Qiang said with a straight cold face while Jiang Yuyan was looking at him .  

"Don't look at me like this or I will start doing the things with you in a car and won't even wait for us to be your home . "

Hearing it, Jiang Yuyan looked away from him and said, "Concentrate on the road for now . " 

When they reached Jiang residence it was already midnight and Jiang Yuayn's parents were sleeping . When they went upstairs, Jiang Yang said good night and went to his room while Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan went to Yuyan's room .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!