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Chapter 438

The wedding preparation started as only one week left . The bride and Groom finished preparing wedding dresses and a few more dresses to attend a few functions after the wedding . The maid of honor and the best man had their dresses ready too . Other than these four important people at the wedding ceremony, family members from both sides were ready too .  

To attend the wedding, the elder son of Lu Chen and Su Hui, Lu Han came to the Lu the mansion a few days before the wedding, also the Wang Family arrived at the Lu Mansion too .  

Just like Lu Mansion, the Ming mansion was ready to welcome its guests . Jiang Family shifted to the Ming Mansion as all the preparations were done there . Mo Ruolan's parents passed away long back, so she had only her siblings and their families as close relatives . When Ming Rusheng got to know about it, he was upset but as he couldn't do anything about it; he decided to stay with his uncle Zhang Wei until the wedding .

The wedding cards were being sent out to all the invited families and as it was the wedding of President of Lu Corporation, everyone was waiting for it . Elder Ming was happy that after so many years they had something to celebrate about .  

Though the elder Ming had accepted Lu Qiang for his grand-daughter, everyone was worried about how he will react to see elder Lu and Lu Jinhai or whether he will accept them .  

One fine evening, elder Lu was sitting in the garden silently and Lu Qiang saw him . Somewhere, Lu Qiang knew of what elder Lu must be thinking and went to him .

"Instead of thinking too much, why don't you try to meet him personally?"

Elder Lu was sitting in a chair leaning back with his eyes closed . Hearing it, elder Lu opened his eyes and looked at Lu Qiang, who was standing with his hands tucked in the pockets of his white cotton pajamas .  

Giving out a deep sigh, elder Lu said, "I want to do it for long, but I am afraid that it will upset him more . "

"You never know until you try it . " Saying Lu Qiang sat in the chair next to the elder Lu facing in the same direction .

"I tried in the past, but I made the situation worse . "

"It was a long back, but now he might be waiting for his best friend to go to him once again . "

"Do you think so? Are you sure about it?" Elder Lu asked .

"How can I be sure? He is your friend, not mine so you know him better," Lu Qiang replied .

"I know him better that's why I am afraid . He agreed for you and Yuyan being together and I don't want to do anything that can make him change his mind . "

"Even if he does, do you think there is anything that can stop me from getting married to her?"

"It's not that . I want him to be there at the wedding to give his blessings to Yuyan . She is his granddaughter and I know he thought of her as his daughter Ming Fangsu . I want him to see his daughter getting married when he will look at Yuyan . He had so many dreams about it and I don't want to ruin it . " Elder Lu looked sad .

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"Hmm! I see . Just tell me whether you want to see him?" Lu Qiang said .

"I want to . "

"Then rest assured and prepare to see him . "

Hearing it, elder Lu turned his face to look at Lu Qiang . "How? I mean, are you going to ask him to meet me?"

Looking at the sky ahead, carrying a smile on his lips, Lu Qiang replied, "What's the need when meetings can be accidental . "

"Do you mean… . . "

"Don't think too much, Grandpa . Just prepare for what you will talk to him once he is in front of you," Lu Qiang said before elder Lu could say further .

Elder Lu turned his face back and looked at ahead . "What can I say instead of kneeling in front of him and apologizing to him . "

"Not necessary, Grandpa . Sometimes you need to be a true friend and punch your friend hard in a face to get his brain work properly and to take everything out from his heart . "

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Elder Lu understood what Lu Qiang said, and both didn't talk much .

A few days before the wedding, the groom and the bride had to visit the temple according to family custom . The parents from both sides were about to accompany them but Grandma Zhao Shuang suggested all the family members from both sides should go there as it was rare to go there together .  

They passed the message to the Ming mansion and everyone agreed, but they were yet to tell this to elder Ming . Zhang Jei was worried as she knew elder Lu would be there but she found it as an opportunity when both friends could see each other and might get rid of the hatred from the past .  

Getting approval from Mo Ruolan and Ming Yusheng and gathering courage, Zhang Jei went to elder Ming who was once again standing in the garden looking at the flowers he planted for his daughter .  

"Father!" Zhang Jei called him .

"Hmm!" Elder Lu replied .

"As it is a custom that the bride and groom should visit the temple before the wedding to get a blessing, both families decided to go there with all the family members . " Zhang Jei was nervous, so she straight away jumped to the point instead of beating around the bushes .


"So we all want you to come with us . "

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"Am I different from this family?" Elder Ming asked in his usual cold way that left Zhang Jei confused .

"I didn't get you, Father . "

"Am I different from this family that you have to inform me separately and ask me whether I want to come . If the whole family is going, then I think I am a part of the family . "

Zhang Jei understood what elder Ming meant, and she felt glad to hear it . He was ready to go with them and she didn't have to convince him about it . Things were changing, and she struggled to believe .

"I apologize, Father . " 

Elder Ming didn't react and continued staring at the flowers while Zhang Jei left the place with a smile painted on her lips and everyone got to know that elder Ming was coming .


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