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Published at 19th of January 2020 03:37:45 PM

Chapter 441

Elder Lu and elder Ming saw a small shade around and sat inside on the wooden benches where one of the monks around offered them water . Both old friends sat quietly for a sometimes not knowing what to say, looking here and there .  

Finally, elder Lu broke the silence, "It's good to see both families together again . "

"Hmm! Just like in the past . " Elder Ming nodded .  

"Because of the kids, Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan," elder Lu said .

Elder Ming agreed and said, "You are fortunate that my granddaughter is coming to your family . "

"I know . " Pausing for a while, elder Lu decided to bring out a topic that was unspoken . He knew until he mentioned it, things won't move from the place and said, "She reminds me about the someone we lost . " Elder Lu was referring to Ming Fangsu .

Looking at the direction where everyone walked away to take a stroll, elder Ming said as if he was able to see Jiang Yuyan who was just passed by, "She is just like my Fangsu, bringing happiness wherever she steps in . "

Elder Lu nodded and looking apologetically towards his friend, he said, "Ming Shihong, will you be able to forgive me?"

Elder Ming looked back at his friend and asked, "For what?"

"For whatever happened in the past because of my son," Elder Lu replied .

"Why are you apologizing for the thing that you are not guilty of?"

Elder Lu looked at his friend in a surprise not knowing what to say . Elder Ming continued looking somewhere far at a distance, "All these years I knew what happened was not anyone's fault and it was just that my daughter was weak to handle the heartbreak . "

Elder Lu didn't expect his friend to say it and this time he was ready to apologize and beg his friend for forgiveness whatever it takes but things were going in another way .  

Looking at shocked elder Lu, elder Ming said, "At that time I couldn't digest the fact that the daughter I loved more than anything in this world took her own life . I was angry and helpless not knowing what I should do . It was my fault that I couldn't look after her but I put all the blame on you as I couldn't accept that it was just my fault . I needed someone to vent my anger and frustration and I did it on you and your son . By doing this, I was hiding the fact that it was just my fault . I was being a bad father who couldn't teach his daughter how to face difficulties in life . "

Hearing it, elder Lu felt bad . "Don't blame yourself, Ming Shihong . We all know you are the best father one could have . After her mother's death, you did everything for her as a mother and a father . "

"Still, I can't change the fact that I couldn't look after her when she needed me the most . "

Elder Lu stayed silent and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder to comfort him . Elder Ming looked at his friend and asked, "Why didn't you confront me saying it was not your and your son's fault . "

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"Because I can't deny the fact that Lu Jinhai was the reason for her sadness but I blame myself that I too couldn't do anything for your daughter . We should have been with her even though she showed that she was fine," elder Lu replied .

"Hmm!" elder Ming nodded .  

"We can't turn the past but we can be together and happy now onwards . "

"This day might have come even before if I would have stopped being stubborn . "

"I know, you are the most stubborn person I have ever seen . " Elder Lu said and smiled .

Seeing his friend smiling, elder mIng said, "If you know I am stubborn then when didn't you show up later and hit me saying it was not your fault . Why didn't you confront me? That's what you should have done at that time so It's all your fault that we were apart for all these years . "

Hearing it, elder Lu smiled widely as if he was remembering something so elder Ming asked, "Why are you smiling? I am serious . "

"I am not smiling because of what you said," elder Lu replied still smiling .  

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"Then?" Elder Ming asked curiously looking at his friend .

"A few days back Lu Qiang said that sometime one should act as a true friend and punch his friend to make his brain work properly . I think he was right and I should have punched you back then . "

"Hmm! This younger generation understands things better than us older ones," elder Ming said and elder Lu agreed . "When I look at them, I realize what we have missed . "

"Let's not miss it for the remaining few years of our lives," elder Ming said .

Hearing it, elder Lu said, "A few years, huh? We are still very young to live a long life . "

Elder Ming nodded while smiling, "Too young that you can still produce a few more Lu Jinhai . "

"Don't doubt me . It's just that I don't want my wife to go through much trouble again," elder Lu said and elder Ming replied, "I believe you . "

"Don't believe him," suddenly a voice disturbed them and both looked at the person .  

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Grandma Zhao Shuang who came back halfway from the strolling was standing there and she heard what these two just said .

Seeing her, elder Ming said, "Sister-in-law, I know he brags a lot . "

"Bragging, huh? I was stating a fact," elder Lu said .

"Really? Who is the one who couldn't join others for strolling and complains that his knees hurt? What's with bragging about being young . "

Hearing it, elder Lu defended himself, "I am sitting here just because of my friend or I can walk even a hundred kilometers . "

Giving up in front of him, Zhao Shuang said, "Okay, we believe you . "

Elder Lu felt like he won and elder Ming said looking at Zhao Shuang, "Do we have any option other than believing this stubborn man?"

Grandma Zhao Shuang shook her head and sat beside her husband . "Are you happy now?"

"It's a fact that I am still very young," elder Lu said .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!