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Published at 20th of May 2019 02:53:58 PM

Chapter 51

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Lu Mansion . . . . Lu Feng's Room . . . . .

Lu Feng put the photograph in his hands back inside the photoframe just as it was before, hiding it behind his own photograph . He walked towards his bed and lied down just like that without even changing his clothes . His legs were hanging to the bed's corner and his feets were touching to the soft light brown carpet on the floor . He was staring at the ceiling . He just thought of something and sniffed his sleeves and said, "Still allergic to smoke?" He closed his eyes and kept lying on a bed with a pleasant smile on his face .

That day after making their promises and taking lots of pictures with the camera, all four went outside of the mansion because Jiang YuYan wanted to eat a cotton candy . There was a small market nearby so they went there . That day the stall of cotton Candy was closed and also the streets were empty with only few people walking across . Jiang YuYan got upset but these three couldn't let that happen .

Lu Qiang : "Don't be upset . I'll bring it for you anyhow . You just stay here . " and he started to walk further on the markets street .

Jiang Yang : "Wait, I'll come with you . " He then looked at Lu Feng and said, "You take care of her . We will be back soon . " And joined Lu Qiang .

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Both of them went ahead and Lu Feng and Jiang YuYan sat on the bench under the road side tree . Suddenly Jiang YuYan started to cough .

Lu Feng : "What happened?" He asked with a concern .

Jiang YuYan : "Cough**Cough! Cigarette smoke!"

Lu Feng moved his sight around and saw a boy who looked quite older to him . He was smoking while sitting under the tree, few metres away from them . He was wearing an yellow t-shirt with black leather jacket on him with a ripped pattern jeans . His black hairs were dyed in two to three different bright colour's in a small patches .  

Lu feng first gave water to her from the bottle she was carrying with her as temperature on that day was on higher side . Then he rubbed her back with his palm gently . He was worried to see her red face .

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Lu Feng : "Are you feeling good?"

Jiang YuYan : "Umm!" She nodded but her face was red because of coughing as she could still smell the smoke and her eyes were teary too .

Lu Feng wiped her eyes, patted her head gently and said, "Wait here I'll be back in a minute . "

Jiang YuYan : "Ummm! Cough**Cough . " 

Lu Feng went to the boy and asked, "Can you please smoke somewhere else? My friend is not feeling well because of the smoke . " And pointed towards Jiang YuYan who was still coughing lightly .

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That boy looked at Jiang YuYan and said arrogantly, "If that little girl has a problem then why don't you take her to somewhere else . " And started to smoke again ignoring Lu Feng .

Lu Feng : "We are waiting here for someone so can you go on the other side?" He tried his best to keep himself calm after watching the rude behaviour of that boy .

Boy : "I won't! What will you do?" He said and pushed Lu Feng by hitting hard on his chest . " 

Lu Feng got angry . He wanted to hit that boy back but something stopped him . He turned his head to look back at Jiang YuYan, who was still coughing a little . He was concerned about her and avoided to react violently because he didn't want her to see that . For him she was still a kid who could get frightened because of a fight . He just tightened his fist and said calmly, "Don't be violent . It's ok! We will go somewhere else . " And turned to go back to Jiang YuYan .

Just as Lu Feng turned his back, that boy laughed and said, "Hahaha! What a coward boy! If this girl is so much delicate then why don't you keep her at home, when you can't even protect her?" And started to smoke again taking a big puffs from cigarette .

Lu Feng stopped in his track, grited his teeths and clenched his fist but didn't turn back . He was just looking at Jiang YuYan who was coughing and looking at him innocently as asking him to come back to her . He suppressed his anger and stepped forward in her direction in hurry with a smile on his face as if nothing happened .

Upon seeing still no reaction from Lu Feng, that boy became even bold and said, "She is a one beautiful bitch . Don't take her out frequently or don't know what will happen to her when someone like me put their hands on her . I wonder how delicious will she taste!" And he licked his lips holding a cigarette in his finger near to his lips . He took a big puff and exhaled the smoke in their direction while smiling viciously .

Lu Feng turned to look at him and saw his disgusting face full of lust and the way he was looking at little Jiang YuYan . From inside Lu Feng was exploding with an anger but he turned and walked in Jiang YuYan's direction instead of going back to that boy to beat him to death, that he really wanted to do at that moment .

Lu Feng went to Jiang YuYan who was sitting on the bench . He was having calm expressions on his face with a light smile . It was like a calmness before a storm . He sat in front of her on the ground on his knees to level him up to her face . He held her both hands and looked at her in the eyes and asked, "Do you trust me?" She nodded . He again asked, "Will you do, what I'll say to you? She nodded again . She just kept nodding innocently, as saying 'Yes' to his questions without bothering to know what was happening .

Lu Feng : "Close your eyes tightly and don't open it whatever you hear . Got it?" He asked while caressing her knuckles with his thumbs gently . She nodded again .  

He held her hands and put them on her ears and said, "Don't move your hands and keep counting numbers untill I come back . Ok?" She nodded again .  

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