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Published at 20th of May 2019 02:53:35 PM

Chapter 75
After Lu Qiang left, both siblings continued their breakfast . Jiang Yuyan was eating very slowly with her head down as if she was not interested in food . Nothing could hide from Jiang Yang's sight but he kept Quiet this time and didn't bothered her . At such time, he prefered to leave his sister with her own thoughts . They finished their breakfast, cleaned up the dining table and went to the living room . Both sat on the sofa in the either corners, facing in the same direction . They kept quiet for sometime and did not talk . This time Jiang Yang didn't ask his sister anything and that surprised Jiang Yuyan . She was sure that nothing could hide from her brother . She knew, he definitely saw those red marks on her neck and he was aware of the situation between her and Lu Qiang . The thing she was surprised about was, her nosy brother have not asked her anything yet . Jiang Yuyan looked at her brother and asked, "Don't you want to ask me anything?" Jiang Yang looked back at her and asked, "Do you have something to tell me?" She didn't know how to start it and just said, "Well! You were not home yesterday so I thought you will ask me something like… . . " Jiang Yang averted his sight from her and said, "Are you expecting me to ask you, how did you get those marks on your neck?" Jiang Yuyan was ready to talk about it with her brother but when she heard it, she felt embarrassed . She averted her sight from her brother and looked in the other direction . She felt, suddenly her chest became heavy and she felt like struggling for breath . She was quite anxious . Though Jiang yang was not looking at his sister . Her silence was enough for him to understand, what she was feeling . He didn't looked at her as he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable . He knew, all these things were knew to her and she will take time to accept it and also because of her past, it will be hard for her to go through it . He just calmly said, "No need to feel embarrassed . I told you before, everything is fine if you don't regret it . " "Mmmm" jiang Yuyan nodded with her sight lowered down to the floor . Jiang Yang looked at her and asked, "Are you regretting it?" Jiang Yuyan was confused as her mind was overflowing with so many thoughts . "Nope! . . . Ummm . . . . Actually . . . I . . don't know . " Jiang Yang understood her condition and tried to make her feel relaxed . "It's ok . No need to rush for anything, just follow your heart . " Jiang Yuyan looked at him and said with sad expressions, "I guess, I can't" Jiang Yang directly asked, "Why?" She averted her sight from him and said while looking down, "At that time . . . that . . . thing… . " She was struggling for words . "Flashed in front of your eyes?" Jiang Yang completed what she was trying to say . "Ummmm!" She nodded . In the morning, when Jiang Yang heard everything from Lu Qiang about her sudden reaction, He understood what might have happened . "But still you have to face it . It's been eight years . It's time to move on now" . He said while looking at her . "I too want to move on and I am trying really hard but it won't let me be alone . " She replied . "That's all in your mind . I know you are strong and you have to be because there is someone, who is waiting for you . " He said . She looked at her brother in surprised and she knew he was talking about Lu Qiang . Then she asked, "Did he say something?" "Nothing much . I think he too needs time . " He replied . She had sad expressions on her face . "He was trying to maintain a distance with me today . " Jiang Yang observed her sad face and said, "And you felt hurt . " She nodded and said, "But I hurt him too . He must be thinking that he did something wrong . " "Yup! That's right . " He said it and asked,"Do you like him?" Jiang Yang knew what was in her heart but wanted to listen it from her . "I don't know but I like to be with him . I don't know why but even if he tease me, touch me, I don't hate it . " She replied . Jiang Yang paused for a moment, cleared his throat and asked, "Did you like it yesterday" Asking about her kiss with Lu Qiang was not a big deal to ask directly, but what happened yesterday between his sister and Lu Qiang was quite more private . Talking to Lu Qiang as a friend was different but she was his sister who was already feeling embarrassed . Though they were more like friends than being a siblings, It was not easy for him to ask her about it . It was like invading her personal space . Still he asked because he wanted to know her current condition .   "Yes!" She was hesitant but still accepted that she liked it . She knew, why Jiang Yang asked this to her . Moreover, she never hide anything from her brother as she only had him in her life, whom she trusted more than anything and with whom she could share everything . Since last eight years her brother was her world . Jiang Yang looked at her with a light pleasant smile on his face . "That's a good sign . You will start to accept things soon just be strong . " "But for that I can't hurt him again and again . " She said with worry . Jiang Yang smiled and said, "Don't worry about him sis . He will be fine . " "But, I don't want him to feel bad about anything . It hurts to see him like this . I think, I need to stay away from him . " He raised his one eyebrow and asked, "Really?? Then, when he was maintaining a distance with you, why did you feel hurt?" She knew what her brother said, was true . "It's ok to hurt myself . " Jiang Yang Shifted towards her, held her hand and asked while looking in her eye . "Will you listen to me one more time . " She too looked at him and said, "I will!" "Don't avoid him . it will hurt him the most . " He said . She replied, "I'll try . " He patted her head and said, "Good girl . "

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