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Published at 29th of April 2016 06:10:40 PM

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – The Sunlight is Filled with Warmth, The Shadow is Lost in the Silence

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Translator: Eros
Editor: Deus ex-Machina



For the time being, Renya went to the bridge to teach Anrietta about ‘manners’ from before . Anyway, if Renya is only being in a room then calling him anytime is okay but when he is inside the bed then it’s not okay . There will also be case when he visits the girls’ room so for starter, that kind of rule is enough .
If the girls hear about this, they definitely will say sarcastic remark to Renya like “So, you said that you are being considerate to us huh?” or “So, you don’t deny that you will try to do something huh?” . Too bad they are not here to give those normal common sense remarks to this pervert god .

But well let’s put that matter aside . Renya swiftly conveys about this matter to the other party members and discuss what to do about it . The result is that to help covering the ship maintenance cost, the party unanimously decided to make a plant first .
The plant is mainly used to process raw material into a usable products but in truth, the plant also has a monster slaughterhouse function added within it . That function is really a godsend for them because monster disassembling is actually a very troublesome and time consuming task .
That is especially true if the monster is categorized as huge monster or even larger . Every monster has their own unique skeletal form and ecology making the disassembling process of every monster differ and there’s even monsters that need special treatment to be able to harvest the desired part within their body . Such complex process made monster disassembling one of the hardest job for wanderers or warriors that most of the time, they are even unable to get the desired part even if they managed to subjugate the monster .

But with the plant’s existence, they can say bye bye to all that troublesome task . When the plant starts running, the monster that they subjugate can be teleported to the plant directly where the plant will automatically dismantle it, taking the useful part cleanly and turned the unusable parts as the ship’s energy . That process is eco-friendly, efficient, and clean that it doesn’t even leave any excess waste . With the existence of the plant, earning money would not be a problem and with the extra energy generated, they can upgrade the ship’s functionality even further . Knowing all the positive points from having a plant, everyone agrees to install the plant first as the ship’s first upgrade .

Well, truth is, the one who put this all together was Brenda who excels at this kind of organizing information . She had completely become the party’s brain and the planning officer position in the party is also already completely becoming hers . With the next policy decided, Hlidskjalf once again soar in the wide sky .

It can’t be detected by magic much less seen by naked eyes .
Hlidskjalf is gliding over in the sky of Eribeiris continent leisurely while deploying its stealth field .

Starting with stealth button, all the text inside the command room had been turned into earth’s alphabet characters . According to Anrietta, because of the side effect from the influence of Renya’s divine power, all the text inside the ship had been overwritten and turned into alphabet . Anrietta explains that all the name and picture symbol, every function and explanation has been overwritten according to the master’s most familiar language to provide more comfort when operating Hlidskjalf .
But in exchange, Renya have to translate it all to the girls so they could understand the meaning

For the time being, he would keep Hlidskjalf as a secret . Much less boasting that he owns it, even it’s existence will also be covered . For that reason, the ship’s stealth field will always be activated all the time and because the stealth field would always be in active state, the ship’s movement speed and elevation will be quite restrained . But even with such restriction, everyone enjoys their first flying experience (except for Elvira) in the open sky with eyes glittered with excitement .

And finally, Hlidskjalf arrives in the air space right above the Rugartia capital city . At first they fear that having Hlidskjalf hovering in the air of the capital will create a shadow down in the city and exposed their existence but it ends up as unneeded concern . Hlidskjalf’s stealth field can even let light get through it so it won’t create any shadow when its supposed to have one . This stealth system has already reached even the realm of science fiction level .

The sky space of a capital city of a big kingdom was easily intruded just like that without anyone noticing them .
And the thing that made it possible, Hlidskjalf, is owned by a group of wanderers . If this matter was to be widely known, that would definitely spell trouble for them . But then again, if they know the one who owns it is a god then they would probably just give up trying to take it over . Anyway, after leaving for only a few days, they made it back to their lodging in the capital city . The five of them then went out to finish their own business that they had .
Renya also needs to contact Prince Gerard just in case of anything that happened but .

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[Document after document, work after work . And there are still tons of things to do . Oi Renya, could you please do something about it? I’m at my limit here]
“It was a job to ensure your future well being so just suck it up and work Prince . As for me, I will go play somewhere”
[Damn you, you unemployed idler…… Okay I will have you work as my guard, so come to the castle ASAP!]
“I refuse! You are inside the castle for god’s sake . Where’s the need of me guarding you anyway?”
[If you refuse then I can just make you listen to my endless grumbling you know?]
“Hah, stupid Gerard . Who do you think made that pendant? I can easily cut off the communication one-sidedly you know?”
[But if you do such thing, what will you do if an emergency situation suddenly happened by chance and I can’t contact you because you cut off the communication link?]
“Is that the worst you can think off Gerard? Too lukewarm! That is just too lukewarm Gerard! This is much more lukewarm than having a bath in the Rugartia bathhouse after the operational hour ended! Just you know, that pendant also has a hidden function of detecting threat around you and judge whether the situation is enough to be called an emergency or not . If it does judge a situation as an emergency, I have set a function within it so that it will automatically send me information about your condition immediately . I am the kind of man that will do my very best when it concerns the safety of my employer you know?”
[Che, you really did a very good job there dammit]
“Now that you know, I will definitely come to help when an emergency situation does occur . That’s why, just obediently endeavor with your job . And I will go out to play . I will say it once again, I WILL GO OUT TO PLAY”
[Dammit, I really am blessed to have such an asshole friend like you . I will curse you then . Do your best to savor your victory now because I will pray that you will get much trouble when it comes to women . Just wait! I will have the last laugh!]

And it ended with a simple quarrel between them . The quarrel just now show just how close they are now as they can just casually exchange rude remarks like that . But then again, Gerard’s last ’curse’ really feel like truly filled with resentment . Renya feels a bit of chills in his back because of it .

“To make even I, a god, to feel a shiver like this . . . Well done Prince Gerard”

Well, he must really be at his wit’s end because of being swamped with work for days . And Renya quickly relaxed his mind just like that .

“Well anyway, if I accept the job then with the achievement that I slowly accumulate, with one wrong step I might receive a peerage . And I don’t want that to happen”

If he is told that even with getting a peerage, he doesn’t really have to do any job then he might consider it . But then again, he will be shackled with a country, shackled with a position, shackled with ties of obligation . The merit that he got from it was not even enough to cover the demerit . He doesn’t really have any interest in governing a country anyway . He strongly rejects those kinds of charity service works to the public . I will do what I like using my own way . Because of that motto of his, forget about peerage, Renya will even refuse getting employed formally by someone .

After getting Hlidskjalf, there are already no more obstacles for him to create his own harem . Renya definitely won’t purposely do things that will only create another obstacle like getting peerage or political power . And his decision about this is getting even firmer as he saw Gerard’s condition nowadays .

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“Well, let’s go browse whether there’s any interesting jobs out there”

Unexpectedly, this lifestyle as a wanderer matches him perfectly whether it was in the purpose of fulfilling his own needs and helping other people . He might unconsciously think about it somewhere in his mind .
With light steps, Renya left his lodge and walk to the government office directly . The spring sunlight is very gentle like it was giving its blessing to the peace that had already arrived .

“……… No good . There are no responses at all”
“……… But it was only in Eribeiris continent right?”
“Yes . Seems like we are no longer able to give our offerings to our [God] from this continent”

In a dark room made of stone, people wearing dark hooded robes are sitting together in a round table that was made of stone . With the dark attire wrapping them, it is hard to even tell what their gender is . The only way to tell is by hearing their voice . In this dark stony room, those people wrapped in black are talking to each other about something . Their voices are mostly devoid of any hint of emotion . Those monotone voices that filled the ‘conference room’ add even more eeriness to the surrounding .

“It seems to be true from how we have tried to do the [ritual] many times with all of them being completely blocked…… but then again why did that phenomenon affected our research activity too? The research isn’t advancing at all . What is the meaning of this?”
“We received reports from the entire branch that is located in the continent and they all said that [God]’s response is disappearing”
“…… Do you want to say that [God] himself has been inhibited?”
“It is still too early to conclude anything for the time being but…… that is the most likely answer . And adding to that, there seems to be a connection between this phenomenon and the rumor about a [god] that descended in capital Rugartia”

At that point, a man’s voice that is filled with emotion finally echoed inside the conference room .

“That is just a mere baseless rumor that the peasant created! There should not be any other [God] besides the one that we revere would conveniently appears in the mortal world like that!”

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That man hit the round stone table with his fist as he screams out his anger filled resentment . He really considers the existence he recognize as [God] very much that he doesn’t want to approve any other being that also treated in the same way .

“Please calm yourself . It is indeed something that we still can’t make sure of . But then again, as we all know, those who received [God]’s grace can only be injured by other god of the same power level, or some being other than god that has equal power . Duke Conrad had definitely received our [God]’s grace . But even with that fact he was still defeated . There is a high probability that the power that the said prince had received really is……”
“…… I won’t accept this…… I don’t want to accept this…… but”
“Yes . There is no doubt that he had received help from another god or a powerful being besides our revered [God]”

The angry man is a tall big guy from his figure outline . He seems to finally manage to regain his calm . But he is still desperate to find anything in the small amount of information they had gathered that can be used to deny the temporary conclusion before .
But then again, although it was not perfect, he also understands the facts and the traits of the being that he reveres as [God] . Duke Conrad had really received [God]’s grace but he was still defeated . This is one fact that he can’t avert his eyes from .

“Not even a single spy came back, Darwin who went to support the Duke’s insurrection also didn’t come back . We don’t receive any concrete intelligence to prove it but we can’t be too optimistic with it too . There’s no doubt about it, someone has been hindering our activity there”
“Hah…… Seems like there is someone conceited enough to try obstructing the advent of our revered great lord [God] . That insolent fool seems to possess power equal to our [God] . Dammit that person should just mind their own business . Now that they had disturbed us, we would make them sorry!”

“Yeah, I agree with your opinion . But we still don’t know the truth yet . I had also thought of other possible scenario like this accident is only a simple bad luck and even more bad luck piled up after another by chance”

And with that, the man stops his talking and peeks at the reaction from his surroundings . He doesn’t want to be called too emotional that it affects his rationality . Because of that, he chooses to wait for the other member’s reaction first but the other members also do nothing and wait for the man to continue his talks .

“As expected, we can’t conclude anything from a mere baseless rumor but for now, that is the most that we can gather . There is also another peculiar happening that we manage to gather…… it was about that guy who is in charge at the Sirkaberia branch…… I forgot his name but he was one from the bishop class . Well it seems like he made some big blunder when he attacked the academy and got done in by a no name wanderer it seems”
“I don’t care about that kind of incompetent end story . But just to be sure what about him?”
“He was indeed a troublesome guy but he was also a devout believer of [God] . Of course, he also received [God]’s grace within him . But even with that fact, he and his followers got killed without any survivors left”

Everyone present seems to understand what it means . No one dared to interrupt the man who said that fact .
It was because that event is oddly similar to the situation regarding the Duke incident .

“And then the event that is happening with the Duke…… between the two events, actually, we found out that there is the same wanderer that is connected with both events”
“Oi oi, don’t tell me that wanderer had been purposely pointing his sword at us from the start?”
“There are possibilities for it . But at present, the possibilities of it as just a mere chance deemed to be higher . Because the said wanderer had quite the skill that he can solve the matter in Sirkaberia in a flash . The prince must have seen possibilities in that wanderer and hire that wanderer as his guard . This flow of events are very much normal and if it was not because of the prince hiring that wanderer, there’s even a chance that that wanderer might not even visit the capital Rugartia”

“So in the end, that person only disturbed us because of a chance happening is that what you say?”

“Yes . But even then if you still want to recognize this wanderer as an enemy and send assassins his way I don’t really mind…… I don’t really mind but this wanderer had successfully fended off our apostle who had [God]’s grace within them and not just once, but twice at that with both time he managed to survived . It is no doubt that this wanderer had enough power to pull that through alive . If we carelessly send assassins at him without collecting more solid information about him, we might only invite unneeded trouble . That is what I think…… how about it?”

As the other member lost in their thought for long without giving any decision at all, a dignified female voice suddenly echoes inside the meeting room .

“I agree with that opinion . When facing against this kind opponent where we don’t know anything about his real strength and motives, provoking the other side first is indeed a stupid decision . While it is also true that we can’t ignore this wanderer . So the best action we can take toward this wanderer is by gathering as much intelligence about him . Don’t you all think so?”

“That’s reasonable…… If we just rashly send assassins and ending up provoking it to actively antagonize us is indeed a trouble”

“What is important now is to continue our ritual to hasten our [God]’s advent . That will be appropriate right?”

“And for the counter-plan for that adventurer, we could give this information regarding this dangerous character to every branch sect to alert them at the minimum level”

There are a lot of opinion being presented but they all tended to choose the discreetly way . They are all originally just a gathering of social outcast so even if they want to come out strong, they are not assertive enough to boldly present their opinions .

“Then, according to that decision, we would withdraw all our branch-sect forces from Eribeiris continent that had already become not suited for the ritual to hasten [God]’s advent . Is it right?”

“Yes . We can’t let our precious human resources to waste time in that place that won’t give us any benefit . I will notify each branch-sect there to start withdrawing immediately”

“Oh while you’re at it, don’t forget to also inform them about the wanderer’s name and physical features . Is there anything we know about it?”

The asked guy then takes a sheet of paper at his desk and read it out loud .

“That guy’s name is Renya Eastle . He is a young man who had a rare black hair and black eye” 

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