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Published at 2nd of November 2016 06:04:55 PM

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – The Silver War God

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Translator: Erothur
Editor: Deus ex-Machina

Author notes: Warning! For this chapter, read it with your favorite execution BGM .
When the author writes this chapter, the execution theme that he use for the BGM is the Battle Knight Blazer from Wild Arms 2 .
Eros notes: Author, you are so savage lol . In my mind, an execution song is definitely Sephiroth FF7 theme song .
Editor: Ok, try playing Yorozuya Blues while reading this


The black miasma akin to the darkness that swallows everything condensed together and took the form of a dragon .
From being in a gaseous state, it formed a body that with substance .
A dragon clad in ominous looking miasma and scales that were as if dirtied with mud appeared there .
Just as the dragon said itself, it really still hadn’t had enough time to recover his body . Foul smell was coming  from the rotten flesh in several places all over it’s decomposing body . Its appearance was the mainstream concept of an undead dragon .

“Hmm, an undead dragon eh? I see, so that must be why this thing can only say boring jokes like that”
“It seems you are still unaware just [who] it is standing in front of you . No wonder your nose is all rotten . Even your senses are all dull . If you don’t try recovering your body and run away quickly instead, there still might be some ways for you to survive ---- but well, I don’t intend on letting you run though”

Seeing Renya act all calm and composed before him, enraged Niezgund . The evil dragon then swung down its gigantic claw that could easily crush anything the size of a human . It was  literally a showdown between someone who looking down and someone looking up .

The dragon sought respect befitting its high station and it should have been right but . . .

But Renya easily repelled Niezgund’s gigantic claw with his right hand . Seeing how his giant claw got repelled by a human’s thin hand, for the first time, Niezgund started to wonder what kind of being was standing before him .
The evil dragon felt that it has a higher point of view, higher physical strength, and higher rank of existence when compared to the puny being in front of him .
Niezgund kept on believing that,but finally, it started to wonder whether his judgement is wrong .
Renya and the evil dragon stood still  at their respective positions .
Renya was looking up while the evil dragon was looking down . Those postures remained unchanged as well .
Yet Niezgund actually felt that the one being looked down upon was actually itself .

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[…… WHAT THE……?]
“Weak, just too weak . Elvira’s attack when we  first met was  even stronger than that”

From his body, Renya’s divine powers were released like a typhoon . Renya stood in the eye of the storm that is created from his own divine power . The divine power torrent that overflows wildly from his body could even intervene the natural law around .

“You were just freed from the seal that imprison you, and you don’t have a clear information about the changes in the world nor your own condition . From your long slumber, time had flown too long and everything in this world had left you behind . Yet, you think that you are still at the top of all beings and only thinking of slaying your own race . You say ‘Aren’t you getting carried away?’ but that’s my line . I don’t really like acting this way you know but well ---- Who the fxck do you think you are Evil Dragon!?”

Renya isn’t really fond of using words to express contempt for his enemies, but of course there are some exceptions .
And that exception is the time when he feels the need to show his fortitude as a god .
Times when his enemy is looking down on his dignity as a god or the times when his family and friends would meet harm, Under those circumstances, he will definitely stands and fight .
And then ---- the matter that he prioritizes the most is…
When he doesn’t need to do anything else besides extermination . He will act like this when he judges his enemies are unworthy of his compassion .
He would act as a war god who won’t give his mercy or compassion .

“You just gave me the perfect opportunity to test out my new authority . Repent! All the choices that you took are wrong!”

Renya’s whole body suddenly began to shine .
The divine power overflowing from his body started to construct an unclear figure .
It was just like how Niezgund mysteriously reconstructed his own body with his evil miasma, Renya’s divine power also knitted itself into a figure .

“I, clad in my god’s garment, will bring forth my authority as a god! Godly Transformation!”
(Eros: The Japanese is kinda neat . God’s garment is read as kamui and the authority as a god also read as kamui . And he also does a henshin or morphing scene like those of kamen rider but instead of the normal henshin [変身] or [metamorphose], he used henshin [転神] which from the kanji mean [transforming into a god] and for the English… I’ve tried orz)
(Editor: Fucking chuuni author played with words . )

The flickering light transformed into a suit of armor .
The emitted light transformed into authority .
Those two meld into one ---- within the body of the god that had just descended to this world .
It was a silver full body armor that has a faint streak of blue decorating it .
It was not a full plate armor type that covers his whole body but it only covers his chest, forearms, legs, and other place that is deemed important for protection . It was classified as a light armor equipment type which design emphasis more on mobility rather than protection .

Beside the armor, another great change that is happened in Renya’s body is that, his hair had turned silver and shining bright from reflecting the lights around .
That hair color is the hair color of the previous war god, and also Floria’s hair color . With this transformation, it shows that Renya had even yet made another step closer to change his body into that of a pure god .

A red muffler is wrapping his neck and is fluttering away from the blowing wind .

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On top of a tall slim pillar .
Or on the edge of a steep cliff .
With his look after transformation, those are the best places for him to stand as he look down upon everything underneath him while crossing his arms, standing tall and firm .

“This [armor] and [authority] is the [divine armament] that meant to help even the inexperienced me to achieve victory in fighting!”

This is exactly Renya’s new authority that was granted to him by the thunder god Alberg .
Renya is yet able to wield his full power as a god except when he is inside the god’s realm . His body has not evolved enough as a god to enable him wields his divine power to its full potential . But when he is in the god’s realm, the environment help supports his body, enabling him in using his full potential . And all that supportive abilities that the god’s realm has are all manifested into this armor .

He took a glance to his armor covered body and gives a nod of satisfaction .

(So it becomes like this eh? In the end, this is the only image that I have when I heard what kind of authority it was)

In truth, when Renya heard the explanation of his new authority from Alberg that day, the only thing that appears in his mind is only about those tokusatsu heroes who turned into a giant of light to fight against those giant monsters back in earth .
Or those heroes who receive remodeling operation enabling them to transform into a masked riders .
Or the group of heroes who morph into different colored rangers and combine their weapon into one to defeat the threat of calamity from outer space .
(Eros: Tokusatsu: life action hero movies with lots of special effects ie: Ultraman, masked rider, and power rangers)
Whoever he is, as long as they are a guy, they would always have a special kind of feeling toward the word transformation .
And Renya is not an exception to that . It can be said that his actual motivation was not to subjugate the Evil dragon in front of him but to try out this new authority of his . Looking at his own self right now, even when he has become a war god, he still screams out loud like a young boy inside his heart .

Feeling the burst of divine power in the air getting stronger with his skin, Niezgund finally realizes just what kind of being that is standing in front of him .


It was a low terrifying grumble sound like usual, but this time, the color of fear and unrest clearly mixed in with it . Renya can only sigh in his heart ‘so you just realize now?’ . He looks at the evil dragon with a pitying gaze and whisper:

“So you finally realize just what kind of [being] I am? But too late . If you want to blame someone then blame that retard who unseals you because he tried to put his dirty paw on my Elvira!”

Because if it was not for him making this mess, then there would be no reasons in particular for Renya to visits the dragon’s village . Or maybe if he doesn’t have his fateful encounter with Elvira and falls in love with her then Niezgund might safely revive from his sealed condition . All of those chance encounters stacks up and bring misfortune to Niezgund which make it seems pitiful, but even so, Renya don’t intent to give any mercy to it .
Because this fool of a dragon had also tried to put it dirty paw on Elvira! That offense can only be punishable by death .

“Silver War God, Renya Eastle . As of now, I will become the blade which will slay the bad evil dragon!”

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Renya releases a strong killing intent and pressure from all over his body . His cold gaze towards the evil dragon shows a strong glint of his resolve to kill .
The evil dragon is overpowered by Renya’s aura and unintentionally takes a step back . A giant dragon like itself, a being that stand atop other living being in this world, actually felt fear from a being that doesn’t even have half its size and actually took a step back from being overpowered by that small being battle aura . Niezgund is bewildered by the unintentional action that it took .
Renya lift his left hand in front of him and with that, a part of his gauntlet slide aside automatically . And what appears from inside is a sword’s handle .
He then grabs the handle with his right hand and pulls it out like when he pulls it out from its scabbard . And then a sword appears in his right hand .

It was the raging tempest god’s dragon slaying sword, the Ame no Habakiri .

It was the dragon slaying sword that he used when dueling Elvira the first time they met .
Actually, he can manifest his divine armaments by just willing it to appear out of thin air but now, he summon it by doing a series of cool pose instead . The reason behind it was actually to daunt Niezgund even more by giving him a show of his strength . Well, we all know that it was actually just Renya wanted to act cool .
Having weapons hidden inside a secret compartment inside his armor and showing off his enemies how he draws out those weapons, that actions really tickles Renya’s fanboy heart and he also think that this pose is really matched for his image as the war god who mainly use divine armaments .

Feeling pleased with his action, he calmly readied his sword and silently moves one step forward .

“This? This is a sword that has a similar power as you, the power of [dragon slayer] . So, how does it feel having the menace that you usually point toward your own brethren to be pointed at yourself instead now?”

Just one sword . Because Renya hold this one sword in his hand, his dangerous aura risen up by many fold that it finally made Niezgund realize just how menacing the opponent standing before it actually is .
It then tried to overwhelm Renya back with the pressure from its noxious miasma and its natural oppression aura as a dragon but he just simply unaffected by it .
In exchange, even with just a simple one step forward from Renya, Niezgund feel like getting a giant invisible blade pointed at its neck and ready to sever its life anytime .
Niezgund finally starts regretting its action .
It blames itself for not realizing how his senses got dulled after being sealed for so long .
Because if it realizes it, it might be able to detect this menacing threat faster and might not choose to open hostility with it .
Why, Why, Why!? That is what filled its brain now .
As the silver war god approach it closer, the evil dragon is getting drown deeper and even deeper in its own regret .
Renya of course couldn’t read a dragon expression . But even so, as a war god, he can still read the emotion and the subtle feeling from his opponent . And what he can currently feel from Niezgund is that it got frozen from fear just like when a frog got glared by a snake . When the evil dragon lost its absolute confidence for its own bloodline and power, the position of the two had already been decided at that moment .
Its fang and claws had psychologically broken . Against this dragon who had felt the sense of absolute loss, Renya heartlessly announce his judgment (? What word is good here?)

“Your next sleep will be for eternity ---- if there is next life, then life the next with a better way of life choices!”

With a do or die resolution, Niezgund lets out a heart rending howl in desperation to struggle against this inescapable fate .
Maybe the evil dragon acts this way because it still has its last shred of pride as a dragon . Even when the death god scythe approach it closer and closer and it definitely couldn’t do anything to defy it, it still refuses to obediently die without giving out resistance .
Even under the absolute despair, the evil dragon still refuses to let go of its pride as a dragon until the very last of its breath . Seeing the evil dragon reaction, Renya feels that it deserves a praise for that .
Whatever one race is, their heart would definitely swallowed by the darkness under this kind of absolute despair situation . And those who refuse to succumb to the despair and still choose to give out one last struggle are in the rarity .

After giving out the howl to rouse itself from its own fear, Niezgund immediately acts out . It then charge forward with its open up giant mouth to swallow and crunch Renya inside . But Renya returns fire by doing and uppercut with his bare handed left hand aimed to the evil dragon chin . A counter attack! This uppercut counter might seem casual but even with only that, the evil dragon’s head bend up in an exaggerated position from receiving the blow . Renya’s face is the very depicture of calm and serene condition on the surface but he actually is also very surprised with the power of his own punch .
He already knows that theoretically, in his current state, his body strength is simply amplified by many folds but even he doesn’t expect it to be this much . So this is how it feels to have a complete godly body, as Renya come to an understanding while he immobilize Niezgund who unyieldingly still tried to struggle despite just received a painful counter .
Renya immobilize the evil dragon with the familiar black rope . Yes, that godlike apprehension tool which he also use to Elvira .
The evil dragon got strangled by the [Night Crucifixion] and strained, unable to move . Renya still has the Ame no Habakiri in his hand yet he also uses Night Crucifixion in the same time . He uses [two] divine armaments [simultaneously] .

Renya is surprised how smooth the process become and he can also use both with ease .
He feels good from having his power risen but he also remonstrate himself not to be carried away by the almighty feel that he got .
Be passionate with power, be greedy for power, yet at the same time, don’t get drowned in it or get haughty because of it .
It was his oath when he first ascends to the godhood . And with his resolution refreshed anew, he unleashes his new power to the world .

“Dual Liberation!”

At that instant, a crimson flare that could even scorch the dragon skin to ash, and intense lightning that could even pierce through the dragon flesh strike Niezgund hard at the same time . Niezgund whose freedom of movement had been robbed can only scream in anguish from getting its flesh destroyed under the war god tyrannical power . (There is still a phrase 声ならぬ声 ‘voice that is not like a voice’ left untranslated here but I can’t get a good translation for it so I left it out)
Such crude use of brute force of using simultaneous divine armaments is possible now for Renya who are in the almost perfect god body condition from using the silver armor .
Usually in his normal condition, even if he concentrate hard for it, it will still be difficult for him to use multiple divine armaments simultaneously like this . The Renya now is just the very depicture of the divine punisher avatar that had descent to the mortal plane .
To destroy their opponent, if it was just about that then there are no one that can do it better than the war god . It was his main stage to shine after all .

Niezgund already couldn’t exert anymore power and just lying down there in the floor within its own pool of blood . Renya, who keep his calm walking pace since the start, finally reaches Niezgund’s powerless head .
No more words are needed . Just like what Renya said before, this evil dragon had made many wrong choices since the start .
It had failed to see through Renya’s true power as a god and it was over-confident with his strength, thinking that there are no other being, even the dragons in the village, that can be a threat for it so the evil dragon just take its sweet time reviving .
It was too proud of being a dragon that stood atop other being and neglects information gathering even when that time is very crucial for the evil dragon to make plan for every kind of scenario that might arise after it regained freedom . And the reward for the evil dragon for its carelessness is not a re-sealment again but a complete destruction of its existence . The evil dragon’s fate has been sealed as many bad choices piled up one after another .

Renya swings down his sword to Niezgund like wanting to blow away the air polluted with the evil dragon’s miasma along with its source .
A flash of sword arc danced in the air . And in that instant, everything had already over .
Living up to its name, with a swing from the raging tempest god’s dragon slayer sword, it lets out a stream of refreshing wind that is purifying the surrounding air while the dragon slaying power cleanly sever off Niezgund’s head .
At that moment, the evil dragon body turned into black ash and blown out by the wind, turned into nothingness in the end .

After a long slumber, what awaits for the evil dragon when it awoken at last was actually its ultimate demise .
The majesty of the evil dragon horrible legend which has been passed through the generations of the dragon kin had left behind nothing in its demise . And all that leads to its demise was just because a war god is by chance having a relationship with the village it got sealed in .
After beating his enemy with ease, Renya is again saying something towards the deceased once again .

“A dragon that has an evil nature would bring great disaster in the world . Your existence itself is already a death flag for many other beings . However, I am ----- the god that is famous for breaking any kinds of flag”

Even if Niezgund were to hear that, it is unclear whether that evil dragon would understand what Renya means by that .
Renya then look up in the sky . It was a clear weather without any speck of cloud like it was giving its blessing to the coming peace in the village .

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