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Published at 16th of March 2017 01:58:08 PM

Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – The Little Girl Who Walks Into the Future

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Translator: Eros

“What’s the matter? Therese?”

After having a late dinner with Rebecca earlier having done a job together, the first thing that the party do after getting back to their lodging was to enjoy a hot bath to wash away their day fatigue . Having finished their bath earlier than the other members, Renya and Therese are enjoying a light hearted talk together when suddenly Therese calls out Rebecca’s name out of nowhere which made Renya surprised .

“Ah, no, I don’t know why but I somehow feel that Rebecca is calling to me desu . Why is it desshou?”
“…… I suddenly have a bad feeling about that . Hold on a bit, I will try to track Rebecca presence for a bit”
“Oniisan, that might just be my imagination desuyo . You don’t have to trouble yourself……”
“Nope, in this kind of time, it is better to be paranoid like this . If nothing bad really happen then we can just laugh it off afterwards right?”

While saying that, Renya is trying to detect Rebecca presence by expanding a ripple of divine power to his surroundings .
He had been with her quite a lot in this one week so he is quite familiar with her presence and moreover, she also wears the bracelet that Therese gave to her before which he can’t be more familiar with . Finding her is an easy task, is what Renya think at first but when he finally detects Rebecca presence and those that are close to her, his expression becomes very grim .

“……This feeling……! That [God] from Ordough sect!”
“E-EEH!? Why did Rebecca-chan had something scary like that closeby!?”
“There is no time to think! Therese prepares yourself quick! I will send a telepath to Floria telling her the situation and will wait for the others to get ready outside”
“Ye-yes! I understand desu!”

While taking a glance at Therese who flusteredly tries to prepares herself, Renya quickly wears his jacket and goes outside .

[Floria, its an emergency . I don’t know the details but anyway Rebecca is in danger . I will take Therese to rush in first . Just in case, you guys should also prepares yourselves and get on standby inside our room!]
[Okay~ Orders Received! You two be careful okay!]
[Leave it to us!]

When he passes the lodge front door, it is already dark outside with the moon showing it face . He nonchalantly looks up to the sky and realizes that tonight is a full moon’s night .
It seems like that this world also had things related with the full moon . His nonchalant action made Renya remember something quite important which accelerates his bad premonition even further .

“So you’ve come . Therese, hold my hand! We’ll gonna fly there!”

He uses his divine power to construct a perception blockade barrier then flies straight to the direction where he detects the presence of Rebecca .
 Even if he doesn’t know where the destination is, if there is a person there that he is familiar enough with, he could instantly teleport to that person side . It was a kind of space teleportation that is limited only for tracking purposes .
He just destroys the basic concept known as distance and managed to reach Rebecca side in just matter of seconds . And the two who managed to reach Rebecca side are currently taken aback by the scene unfolding before them .

“…… Th-the mud from that time……!”
“…… Are we came to late……? But I can still feel a reaction from her presence……?”

Renya and Therese dash up to the center of the hall while still keeping their alertness to their surroundings . Renya doesn’t know where they currently are because he just follows Rebecca presence as his guide to instantaneously teleport but from the looks of it, he deduced that this place might be a ruined castle underground hall or something close to it .
He came to that conclusion because from the way he see it, this place is just one spacious room with no furniture or ornament . So at least this place is not an underground cemetery or some sort .
In front of Renya and Therese, is the already familiar black mud giant that is shrined on top of a pedestal, a man wearing black robe that is looking at the black mud giant with deep feeling of reverence, and another man with filthy clothes who is prostrating himself . There are only those three .

“……Oh my? We have a guest even in such a place like this……”
“What’s an Ordough-sect member like you doing in this place?”

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Renya immediately pressing question while focusing his killing intent to overpower him but the man seems like to come to an understanding after confirming Renya’s figure with his sight and slightly nods .

“…… Are you perhaps, Renya Eastle?”
“…… If I am?”
“It is futile to feign ignorance now . That hair color, that appearance, you match perfectly to the information that we gather in Eribeiris”

Renya clicks his tongue hearing that . Well, he had been getting tangled with those guys a few times in the past and by checking those events, they could easily obtain his name . And to make things worse, his appearance with his black hair and black eyes are a rarity in this world which made him stands out a little bit too much .
No matter how much he tries to seal up those information about him, it is definitely a futile effort in the end and those information will eventually leak out .

“Are you really being hostile towards our [God]?”
“Who cares about that, it was you guys who do unpleasant things in front of me first aren’t you”

To choose being on a hostility state with a fanatic sect like this will only bring trouble . Who in their right mind would choose this path? Renya bluntly says that to the cultist face .

“Then, that means that my luck is just bad today, eh? …… No, this might be a good luck instead if I can put you to an end right here, right now . Don’t you agree?”
“…… With that mud giant? Indeed compared to the duke’s mud giant back in Eribeiris it is a bit bigger though……”
“Yes! That mud giant you said is the vanguard of god that got resurrected by using the deep-rooted delusion which comes from the guy, Radis, that died over there . By possessing the living flesh of the [GOD], he has the power that far surpasses a mere human . He is a new soldier for our glorious sect”
“That kind of thing doesn’t matter desu! Where is Rebecca-chan desuka!?”

Against the man who fervently introduces his champion, Therese seems to run out of her patience and she shows her anger side of her which can be rarely seen . Mixed with her anger, she yells at the man but again, the man just smile like he is having fun of the situation .

“Rebecca? Aah, the little girl that is used as a sacrifice by that guy right? Much to my regret but that girl is already inside our soldier . Radis, believing that the art that I hand over to him as a resurrection spell, use that girl who is his niece as a sacrifice to resurrect his little sister”
“He seems to misunderstand the magic grimoire that we craftily forged as a magic grimoire which contains the secret of resurrection spell . And at the end of his deeply-rooted delusion, we made him complete the spell so he could become one of our soldiers of [God] . After all, this magic would consume both the caster and the sacrifice live in the process you know”

The guy gives a long explanation about his soldier with a satisfied look .
And at the end of his line of sight, is the corpse of Radis which had already cooled down .
“The despair from the sacrifice will be the nutrient needed to construct the flesh of [God] while the despair from the caster because their live is also taken from them will be the nutrient needed to give more power to our [God] . Especially the despair of those who thought that their wish would be fulfilled but only to realize that not only their wish won’t get fulfilled even their live will also be lost . The despair at such time is really exceptional . That guy dies with a really good expression on his face”
“……… You scum”

The man didn’t even mind when he hears Renya whisper that contains his blazing hot wrath . He is just looking at the completed mud giant with a sense of satisfaction .
There are no hints of madness in his expression . This man is really feeling happy from the depth of his heart knowing that this unsightly black mud giant had been completed .

“We want more power to help hasten the resurrection of our [God] but we can’t just expent our precious believer . And for that reason, we are busy finding [good material] human to use as ingredient”

The evil scheme of the man, the stupidity of the man named Radis, for Therese, those kind of things are not even reached her now .
The only thing that reaches her is only one thing .
It was the fact that Rebecca is already not in this world anymore .
Crushed under the heavy sadness, Therese falls down to her knees .

“…… Why…… Why did you do that……!”
“Little miss, you don’t have to be sad like that . You will soon meet her again after all, in the other side that is . It is not yet a good time to let the world know about the power of our god…… and moreover, Renya Eastle, we don’t have any reason to let you get out of this place alive . So I would like to ask you two to please die”

Therese is just grinds her teeth hearing the man starts laughing loudly . She just sends the man back a glare to respond .

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“Well, I do agree about being able to meet her again . But the place we will meet her again is here . If we go to the other side then we might just miss each other don’t we?”

Is what Renya said that instantly made the air around the place come to a halt .
Especially the man surprised expression is remarkable . His face just like saying ‘what the heck is this man blabbering about’ .
When the man is about to ask why Renya said that, Therese beats him to a punch and asks first .

“Eh? Wh-what's happened Oniisan!?”
“Therese, did you forget? You gave something to Rebecca the other day right?”
“Of course, it was a magic tool that I made……!”

With that word which made Therese remember act as a trigger, or maybe it was just her voice that reaches the girl she concerned with, something suddenly happened .
With a bubbly sound, something appeared from the giant’s stomach . It was Rebecca’s face which is wrapped within a silver colored light .

“Rebecca-chan! Thank god……!”
(Eros: well, he is beside you :3 )
“……… Therese…… run away……”
“Why would I do that desuka!? There’s no way I would run and leave Rebecca-chan alone like this!”
“……… Uncle…… doesn’t even care about me in the least…… Beside Mother…… I am not…… important……”
“…… That is…… That is!”
“……… All I wish……… is for my kind uncle to come back…… only that…… no other else……”
“……… This…… is not a usual monster…… just leave…… me be…… run away……”

“I don’t care of such thing desu! All I know is that Rebecca-chan is still alive so I will go and save you now desu!
“……… Why…… did you go…… so far……… I am…… already…… don’t have anything left……”
“You still have something desuyo! I am…… Am I not Rebecca-chan’s friend desuka!? We had done jobs together right!? We still haven’t done much but aren’t we already having meal together right!? We also have fun chatting right!? There are also Renya-oniisan, Floria-oneesan, Brenda-oneesan, Elvira-oneesan for you right!? If there is someone who says that Rebecca have nothing else…… even if it was Rebecca-chan herself, I definitely won’t forgive you desu!”

Unable to understand .
Rebecca is unable to understand .
Why did she move forward to challenge this kind of atrocious monster?
This overwhelming sensation that is like having your inside eaten while alive…… Although imperfect, she who had been living her whole life as a warrior even though still a little girl can tell just how terrifying this monster is .
But the little girl in front of her, just because some trivial thing that happened this past few days, is screaming her lungs out that Rebecca herself is still worthy enough to save even if that means challenging such a monstrosity . Just like how she find the worth in her ---- that little girl had also help her find how valuable those days filled with warmth are .
And just like responding to Therese’s emotional cries, the silver light that wraps Rebecca body shines even stronger . The man is looking at the thing happening before his eyes with a doubtful expression .

“Is there a weird power that is protecting the girl……? But it will be only a matter of time before she falls under the control of our [God] . Moreover, they should be trying to not hurt the girl while trying to do something to the giant”

The man was bewildered because of the unexpected situation that happened but Rebecca’s body is almost completely covered by the black mud of the giant . But he still managed to analyses the situation objectively and regained his calm
Indeed even from other people perspective, trying to destroy the giant while trying to not hurt Rebecca is an impossible feat to do . Even Therese is troubled by it .
But at that point, Renya whisper something to Therese .

“Therese, listen closely . I can’t meddle directly with that mud giant”
“Currently, The thing that protected Rebecca is the bracelet that you made Therese . And because you are unconsciously channeling my divine power into that bracelet it barely managed to protect Rebecca from getting corroded by the evil divine power”
“…… Does my magic tool…… has that kind of power desuka?”
“It was your strong feelings that both help support and protect her . But because of that ---- I don’t have the enough power to beat the giant while keep protecting Rebecca from harm”

Because when two strong divine power clash, the protection that Therese give to her would meant nothing .

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If Renya attacks the giant with the intent of eliminating it, Rebecca would definitely get caught in the wave of destruction and will join the giant in the road to oblivion .

“That’s why, you are the only one who can help her . If it was your attack then you can damage the giant’s black mud only while not harming the protection that wraps Rebecca at all . After all the power in your attack and the power from the bracelet are homogenous and is filled with the will of [for the sake of protecting Rebecca]”
“…… But”
“But even so, letting the clock ticks by is not a wise decision . Just like what the guy said, how long the bracelet will last is also something that I don’t know . This battle is yours and the stake is your friend’s life”

When Renya said that, Therese suddenly remembers the time when something similar happened .
That memory of being the enemy plaything and that memory of being unable to protect her friend .
That memory of seeing her friend gets tortured with pain that is strong enough to make her scream painfully like that .
And now, the situation in front of her eyes is just the same like how that time was .

“Am I…… able to do is deshouka?”
“If you can’t then no one else could”
(Eros: damn cool *mantears)
“Yes…… I understand it all desu…… But…… But……!”

Her hand is trembling .
Her hand which holds the gun is trembling chaotically .
Since that day, just how much has herself grows? And now, does her growth could help her in saving her friend from that giant just by herself?

“Don’t be afraid Therese . Just whose [Miko] do you think you are?”
“I am not the god that will save millions . But, I am aware that I am a god that thoroughly act spoiled to those who put their faith on me . Especially to my little sister like being that is always cheerful, hardworking, and still managed to stand tall with her own two feet in front of some absolute terror”
“Renya oniisan……”
“Wish for it, give your desire on it . Don’t pray to the god who would just ignores you but pray to this war god who will hear and unconditionally fulfill any wish that you have from the innermost of your heart!”

Pray, and that will be your power .
Wish, and that will be become an appeal .
An appeal is ---- the source of power to move a god .
That’s right, what she should be feared off now? Therese is rethinking back upon it .
Because the person beside her is .
The person beside her who is strict yet kind at the same time is .

“I wish……! I wish…… that this time I could save my friend for sure! I want to protect my precious friend desu!”

Wish for victory and the war god will deliver!

“I heard thy prayer”

Renya accepts her prayer and materializes his divine power .
To answer the girl prayer, he bestows her with power .
To answer the girl prayer, he bestows her with strength .
Then, let us announce her .
The girl who is now holds unimaginable strong will inside her eyes . And her name is ----!

“Wield that power to your heart's content o princess [Miko] of the War God . Now ---- the present you is stronger than everyone else!”

In Therese’s empty left hand, Renya’s divine power converges .
Gentle yet strong, she releases a warm light just like what her impression against the god in her mind .
And the girl also unconsciously understands that this is one of the powers from the great war god .
And then, the two of them synchronically recites the ritual prayer like chant that she once heard before, letting the sound resounds inside the room .

“”The music I play is an ensemble of guns, the mark that I etch upon is the wound from guns . Dance freely my magic bullet! The Undeceivable Shooter’s Magic Gun 「Tathlum」!””

And then the cheerful girl that stands for the sake of her friend, had manifest into the world as the princess [Miko] .
In her right hand is her personal favorite magic gun that had receives the blessing directly from the god’s own hand .
In her left hand is the always-hit magic gun that was created personally by the god’s own hand .
The thing that wraps her body is the silver divine power . It contains a certain victory blessing from the god that is extolled as the one who governs over triumph .
The victory for the girl means that the success in saving her friend .
Looking at the figure of the girl who stand tall bathing in silver light, Rebecca can only open her eyes wide in surprise .

“Rebecca-chan, I won’t run away desu . I have once made my friend sad . Because I was weak at that time desu”

If at that time I don’t let myself getting along with that man cajolery . If at that time I have the strength to destroy that kind of vicious trap . I could end that incident without her screaming in pain like that .

But I am now different .

Along the journey, I can actually feel that I grow stronger . I even have the confidence after struggling through many real battles .

Moreover, by my side, there is him now .

He is stronger than any other people, he is kinder than any other people . And then, when he decided that he would win, he would definitely grab victory no matter what . He is the god of victory and he is now currently at her side .
It was still fresh in her memory that even the [God] spoken by that the man who is looking at me while sneering was treated like a trash by the man beside her .
She knows that no matter what opponent he faced, he always overwhelms them and brilliantly adds more victory medal in his rapport .
And that person power is right in her hand now .
That person feeling is cheering her up to work harder .
That person blessing ---- just give her so much power beyond her imagination!

“Rebecca-chan, I will definitely save you because you are my important friend!!”

With that earnest wish, she moved a god heart .
With that earnest cry, her feeling reaches across the other little girl that she tries to protect .
The giant stomach grotesquely moved, and it tries to swallow the girl again into its insides . The bracelets still protects her from harm but it was only a matter of time . But then, at the last moment before she got completely swallowed again, Rebecca says something to the Therese, the girl who stands up to fight .

“………Therese………! Help…… me……!”

She tried to reach out to Therese with her word as her hands are tangled .

“Of course desu!!”

And Therese takes out those words directly .

The girl is now facing the vanguard of the sham [God] with guns in both hands .
Her battle is for the sake of saving her friend .
For her unyielding wish and vow, her little body is now dancing to the battlefield!

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