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Published at 25th of December 2019 05:32:57 AM

Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – What Lies Beyond The Frantic Struggle For The Sake of Holding That Hand

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Translator: Erothur @ErosWorkshop . Blogspot . com
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Shout me out if you find any typos or anything .

The Faskurn capital divided into 2 different extremities .

One is the common people who feel relief over the sudden disappearance of the mud giant and two, is the wealthy nobles who feel scared because they lost their ace to fight the alliance army that is surrounding them . Without that ace, they lost their way to fight back .

Especially the wealthy nobles that managed to escape the sacrificial ceremony in the royal castle . Those survivors are check-mated . Whichever option they choose would bring them hell .

Even when those upstart nobles get desperate and try to break through the encirclement with all the private soldiers and assets they can carry, the alliance has seen through their movements and layout their formation . There’s no way for those desperate nobles to break through the prepared alliance and before long, the alliance managed to capture all the escaping nobles .

Although the Alliance seems fine in a glance, they actually also experiencing some confusion .

When they thought they would have a bitter fight with the appearance of the giant, a flash of light suddenly falls from the heavens and when they open their eyes, the only thing left behind is just the royal castle that was got destroyed by the giant .

Is what they witnessed before just a hallucination caused by the morning mist? It is not weird for them to think about it like that . Rather, there are even fewer people who accept what had happened as reality .

In the end, no matter what mysterious things that had happened before them, [Faskurn is defenseless now] is the fact that the alliance army accepted as a whole so they start they maneuver to tighten their encirclement towards the capital . They capture all the nobles that tried to escape, break through the town’s gate, and currently, they are carrying out the sweeping strategy inside the capital .

After all, the situation is too mysterious so beside neutralizing any danger elements, they also want to get some information as fast as possible by capturing any high ranked officer from the enemy side that knows the real situation . The strategy progressed swiftly . Eugene also plays a pivotal part in the sweeping strategy by pointing out the location of the wealthy nobles’ houses and spots that they might use as escape points . With that intelligence, the alliance army manages to operate with more efficiency .

The said Eugene is now heading towards Luther’s mansion together with Renya .

Eugene didn’t find him in the group of nobles that were caught from escaping . Knowing him, Eugene asserts that Luther would find any chance to escape . This is his golden chance to enact his revenge and rush forward riding his horse .

Of course, the alliance army shows their disapproval towards his independent action but at that time,

“Then I will go with him as his watcher”

With one word from Renya, Eugene obtained his permit . The alliance army considers that Renya would not get any merits from letting Eugene escape and they also consider Eugene as someone smart enough to not try escaping from Renya’s watch .

They could go faster if they order the horses to run (well, duh) but they only have the horses canter forward . Renya and Eugene head toward Luther’s mansion together .

They passed by the castle town while going there and Renya is thinking that his decision to not visit Faskurn was a correct one .

Only the minority of the building here is normal . Most of them are built with only gaudiness, to stand out even more than others, in mind . The city is filled with an atmosphere of self-assertion . Anyway, it is too suffocating for him .

This city is like the very prove where money lords over all others . The city planning is a total wreck . People build buildings wherever they want . Even in the noble district where the nobles build their luxurious mansions, the plot arrangement is a total mess . The townscape is like saying that if the occupant feels happy with their own houses, they would not give a damn about their surroundings . This city might look like an avant-garde carving art when looked from above .

(Rather I find it baffling for this kind of kingdom to still have a hardliner noble like Eugene . . . . . . )

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Renya feels that people like Eugene would feel cramped in his heart . He won’t be able to raise his head high . And reality also concluded in his false accusation so Renya could only feel pity for him .

No matter how much he can keep his patience towards those corrupted kingdom’s policy, there should be a limit to it .

“ . . . . . . Look, Renya-dono! That is our destination . The private army still hangs around so there is no doubt that the guy should be still in his mansion!”

“I see . Eugene-san, that guy should still have a hostage and she should be your . . . . . . ”

“That’s right . It is that guy after all . If I were to appear now, he definitely won’t hesitate in using Threz as a shield”

“Even if there is a hostage, you should never hesitate . No matter what dirty tactics that guy will carry out, I will guarantee the hostage’s safety . You just have to wield all of your emotion into your sword and do what you must do”

“ . . . . . . It is curious indeed . As someone who has directly witnessed the achievement that you got, I would definitely believe your word . But even if I don’t know about it, I feel that I would still believe you”

“Haha, you are over-praising me”

“Then let’s just left it like that . We should commence our assault! Please watch my back!”

“Leave it to me”

The two then jumped down from their horses while making sure the horse would run into the crowd of private soldier that is preparing their flight .

“Uwaa!? What happened!?”

“A horse! A horse suddenly . . . . . . Gaha!?”

“E-enemy attack! Enemy . . . . . . Guh . . . . . . ”

The private army that has been quite restless already quickly turned chaotic as even there are a few numbers of them that already dead even before pulling their weapon out .

Eugene is a power type fighter who could cut down a few soldiers standing in a row with one slash while Renya leaves five of the soldiers dead as he runs past them .

Seeing their comrade getting instantly killed by the two men that suddenly appeared make the rest of the soldier stunned with shock . They can’t process the situation quickly to respond and that is a lethal mistake in a fight .

“Get out of my way! If you keep blocking me ---- I will force my way”

There are still some soldier that desperately tried to rouse themselves to fight back but Eugene’s intimidation makes them hesitate again .

Their mind stop, their leg stop, and their body turned into heavy lead in the middle of battle .

Those above are all directly linked with death .

Renya and Eugene choose their own prey while rushing forward .

Eugene who swings his two-handed steel sword boldly with all his might that it not only cut down multiple enemies but also blows them away from the force .

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And Renya who sword skill can’t be seen through by ordinary people as it moves lightning fast that only sword flash could be seen, he just moves freely as he wishes and his enemies fall one after another in his trail .

They quickly neutralize all the private soldiers hanging around the outer part of the mansion . Of course, maybe not all of them got killed but they all suffer a mortal wound that it is questionable whether they would survive or not until after the two men finish capturing Luther .

After all the two men do not have any business with those small fishes .

Their aim is only one man .

Renya silently put his hand on the doorknob and ask Eugene with his eyes .

Eugene responses with a silent nod . He focuses more power into his sword-wielding hand .

The door is forcefully opened and the two barge into the mansion .

They quickly check their surroundings . Eugene quickly runs his sight through the empty first floor and when he scans around the second floor, his gaze stopped at one point .

“ . . . . . . Threz!!”

“ . . . . . . !? Eugene-sama!?”

Renya followed Eugene’s gaze toward the second floor and there he sees a delicate-looking man with quite the distorted expression coming from fatigue and impatience forcefully drags a blonde woman with him .

She has long wavy hair that is well-matched with her gentle looks but as she has been living in captivity for a while, a strong color of fatigue could be seen in her face . The dress that she wears also has many frays and most of all, the shackles on her feet seem to hurt her a lot .

“Do-dododo- don’t move Eugene! If you dare to move, I will kill her!”

“Just give it up Luther! Those black knights and that giant that you depended on are all gone now! Faskurn already has nothing left to win this war!”

“Shu-shushu-shut up! To hell with the kingdom, I don’t care! To hell with the war, I don’t care! The-there’s no way a high and noble man like me to meet an end like this! That’s why I can just get away from this kingdom! In the first place, the one who started the war is this kingdom, not me! If the kingdom meets its end then it is not my fault, it is not my responsibility! You should ask the royalties for that!”

“ . . . . . . Although I know that you are not good, is that something a noble that has already pledge loyalty to the kingdom would say!? . . . . . . ”

The words that Luther shout out while his trembling hand pointing a sword toward Threz can only be said as utterly pathetic .

Particularly, Luther had participated in the war with Ezemeria and he also had already cross sword with them . There’s no way he can deny his relation to this mess, but because of the cruel reality that keeps on happening, he could no longer maintain his sanity and is only thinking of how he could survive this disaster .

Confirming that the other party stop moving, Luther slowly goes down the stairs and continue just like that towards the front door . He is trying to run away .

“Y-you get it right!? Don’t you dare chase after me! If I see even one person chasing after me then this woman’s life is forfeit!”

“Too bad but it is impossible”

“What did you say!?”

When Renya glares at Luther’s sword, it started to get covered in light particles . And quicker than Luther asking what he had done to his sword, it turned into light particles, disperse, and disappear .

As the god who specialized in creating divine weapon, this is just a reversal process .

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The opposite of creation, disintegration .

Deleting a crafted product from minerals that could be naturally found is just an easy task .

“Na-NANI!? What just happened!?”
(Eros: in case, nani (jp) = what)

“Could you take your dirty paw off her? Someone like you who lost his kingdom and honor ---- a trash, don’t deserve to touch Threz! You have taken everything from me but ---- Just Threz, I won’t give her up to trash like you!!”

Renya quickly follows up with another finger snap and with it, Luther got repelled back forcefully from Threz and she is finally free from being a hostage .

Luther is stunned from the sudden happening but Eugene won’t miss this gap in his opponent defense and boldly advances .

The thing that he wanted is just an arms reach . With that confidence in his heart, the knight of the ruined kingdom rush forward .

“ . . . . . . FUN!!”
(Eros: the voice Japanese people make when they swing their sword or attacking in general)

Realizing that no one could harm Threz now, Eugene advanced until Luther is in his melee range and swing his sword forward with full conviction .

Threz left hand is still being held by Luther .

Luther still stubbornly chases after Threz that is trying to escape from him . He extends his arms towards her .

In order to not let Threz get hurt, to free her from her captivity as soon as possible . . .

And above all, the anger Eugene feel to those dirty hands that had scarred Threz with fear . . .

Eugene feels the urge to cut off Luther’s left hand cleanly from the shoulder so he aims his strong swordsmanship without flaw and swing down .


Keeping his momentum forward, He catches Threz body and makes her as the axle to turn their position so his body could become her shield protecting her with his back .

He tosses Luther’s left hand that still clings to Threz’ body then continues with a powerful kick to blow his enemy’s body off .

Of course, shielding her mainly meant so that Luther’s blood won’t dirty her . Eugene doesn’t want to let the trash’ blood to taint her even just a drop .

He doesn’t want even an ordinary people’s blood to dirty her not to mention a fiend like Luther .

“My hand, my haaaaaand!! Get a healing magician for me! No, even if they are just an apothecary or a physician doesn’t matter! Anyone, someone, help meeeeeee! I have the money! I will give you as much money as you want so anyone help meeeeee!!”

“You are so loud, shut up”

Renya ignores Luther’s frantic scream and step on his face to make him faint . Just in case, he stopped the bleeding with his divine power . He doesn’t really care about the man’s life but it would be too troublesome to have the man die now .

And because he forcefully stopped the bleeding with his divine power, then no matter how much Luther tries in the future, his left hand would never be healed back . Anyway, after the alliance has done interrogating him, he would mostly get the death penalty so there’s no need to torment him more .

Most of all, looking at the scene that happened behind him, he doesn’t feel the necessity to do more .

“ . . . . . . Threz”

“Eugene-sama . . . . . . I believe . . . . . . that you will be okay”

“I am sorry . . . . . . It was all because . . . . . . of my foolishness . You have to face soo much hardship because of me . . . . . . I don’t know how to redeem myself”

“Eugene-sama . . . Then for the apology, can I ask you one thing from you?”

“What is it?”

“Did Eugene-sama did something that betrayed your own faith along the way to here?”

“ . . . . . . Never . Thanks to a loyal subordinate and also from a certain mercenary who rebuked and encouraged me, I managed to barely stand my ground”

“Then there is nothing for you to feel sorry for . The Eugene-sama that I love is someone that stands firm to his own belief after al”

“ . . . . . . Really . . . . . . I sometimes feel that I don’t deserve such a great woman like you . . . . . . ”

He got his subordinate killed by a malicious plot .

He accused as a traitor and being chased by his own kingdom .

He keeps on running the wilderness for the sake of his loved one .

He is utterly exhausted from the endless fight and She comes up to hug him gently .

“ . . . . . . Threz, I am dirty with all this blood”

“If you are dirty then I will also get dirty . There is no way that I will stay in a clean place by myself”

“ . . . . . . Is that so”

“The road in front of you should be still filled with thorns and hardships . I definitely can’t offer myself to go in your stead, but . . . ”

Threz silently takes Eugene’s right hand that is smeared in blood .

“I will never let go of this hand . This is my solemn vow”

In the end, the man who has lost everything in this misfortune called war is given his salvation because of his meeting with the war god .

This is the story of an extravagant kingdom who relies on a ‘god’ and a lone man who meets a god by chance .

And the conclusion of the story? As the War God that is infamous of breaking the common sense, again and again, the conclusion could be counted as a ‘not bad’ one .

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