Young Love - Chapter 36

Published at 20th of January 2019 07:53:51 PM

Chapter 36

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A nurse walked up to Prakruth and said "Doctor is calling you both inside, please go to room no . 18 on the left" .

"Ok . . . " he said .

Punya and Prakruth walked as per nurse's direction to room no . 18 .

"May I come in doctor?" asked Prakruth .

A middle aged woman who was writing something on a report said "Come in" without lifting her head .

"You called us?" he asked .

"Oh oh Prakruth, it's been so long since I saw you, you've grown so much . " Doctor got up from her seat excitedly and came to hug him . "Whenever I ask Sarala she'll say something and hush me up . Roshni gives better updates than your mom . How is your college and life?" she asked still holding his hands .

"I'm Fine doctor, how are you?" he asked .

"See I'm fat and fine" she said laughing .

"You look chubby not fat doctor" said Prakruth .

"Doctor, that girl is from our college . . . Can you tell me what happened?" he asked .

"Oh I'm so sorry Prakruth, I totally forgot . She just had a miscarriage . Sleeping pills have killed the foetus . We couldn't save it, we had to abort it to save the patient" said the doctor .

"Good, if she was given option she wouldn't allow abortion . . . Thank God" said Punya from behind Prakruth .

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"Who's this girl?" asked the doctor .

"Punya, my friend . Patient is her classmate" said Prakruth .

"So you came to help . Genes always express . . . helpful parents, helpful son" said the doctor .

He just chuckled softly .

The doctor's phone started ringing . "Oh duty time, see you kids . Let that girl be here for a week, she'll get good care . Meanwhile for legality sake get her parents signature for some forms" she advised and left .

Prakruth turned towards Punya and said, "Come we'll go out, I want to talk to you"

"How does doctor know Roshni?" she asked .

"Doctor is Roshni's maternal aunt . "

She silently followed him .

He bought one bottle of water and a juice . They walked to the lawn . He gave her the juice and made her sit on a bench in the lawn . It was private park attached to the hospital for patients to walk through .

He drank a full bottle of water and poured some on his face . "Good, if she was given option she wouldn't allow abortion . . . Thank God" Punya's words bombarded in his ears . . . He was shocked by those words . The girl who nurses those animal pets is thanking God for killing a child, he was demented .

He took a deep look at her and asked "So you knew she was pregnant?"

Punya said boldly "Yes"

"What was your reaction? What did you tell her?"

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"I scolded her nicely"

"So she tried killing herself?"

"No no no . . . Dikshith got scared by this news, he asked her to abort the kid, but she was rigid and they both fought . He came to me and pleaded to convince her"

"Convince her to end a life mercilessly? " Prakruth raised his voice .

"Be practical Prakruth, how will Dikshith take care of her and baby so early in life? He said he won't ditch her but can't marry and take responsibility now at this age . . . So I wanted to convince this point to her" she said calmly .

"Is this age OK for making her pregnant for that rascal?" he scowled .

"This is not completely his mistake, even she should've thought before the act" Punya argued .

"Poor girl might be carried away by sweet words"

"She's not a kid" said Punya sarcastically .

He felt proud of her mature mind set and her practical way of thinking, but concern about Disha made him scream "Dikshith's hypocrisy and your practical advice would have killed her" .

"Please don't scream, even I didn't know that she's so weak"

"Every mother is weak about their kid, her motherly instinct has driven her towards this hasty step" he said in a normal tone .

"She's foolish, immature and ignorant" she blamed Disha .

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"Oh well, if you were in love with someone and reached this stage what would you do?" he asked .

"I will never reach this stage before marriage" she affirmed .

He sat in front of her, held her hands and said "Imagine I'm your boyfriend, What if you can't control your emotions and fall for it with me and reach such stage? I will come to you and say . . . Punya I promise to marry you in future, will you please abort this kid?" .

Their eyes were glued to each other . Her eyes welled up .

"Please abort our kid Punya . . . We'll get kids after marriage" he added .

"No no no . . . " she screamed pulling her hands away from him and started crying closing her face with the hands . "How much ever I love you, I'll never fall for it . I know to control myself" she spoke while crying .

"I just asked you to imagine, I didn't mean it . Sorry . Please forgive me . Don't cry, that hurts me more . Stop Punya" he apologized .

"Sometimes emotions take control over our mind . I imagined too much" she chuckled wiping off her tears .

"Disha would've gone through emotional trauma, such things have to be handled carefully . Scolding or highlighting their mistakes leads them to depression . Disha needs your support not blame . Go stay with her" he advised .

"I'll call my mother, she'll be worried if I don't go home on time . Today I came by my bike that will add to the panic" she said .

"Why where's Thrishul? He was bringing you everyday right?"

"Yesterday he went out with his father . Some relatives marriage in his mother's native . "

"You people didn't go?"

"Their relatives think that because of my grandparents torture Thrishul's mother died early, so they hate all of us . Their son-in-law and grandson are very good according to them . Long story" she shrugged .

"Ok call your mom and come inside" he said and started walking into the hospital .

When he came inside, Disha was drinking some juice and a nurse was standing next to her .

"Hi Senior" she said in a pale voice .

"Hi, how are you feeling now?"


"Good to hear that, here you get best facilities, cheer up, get well soon"

"I will get money from my parents and pay the bill soon . Sorry for troubling you senior" she said .

"Disha, I'm not dead yet" said Punya in anger who walked in . "How dare you decide to go away?" she raised her hand to slap . It was just to scare her not intentional . "Idiot, I love you yaar . If something happened to you, what should I tell your parents who are thousands of kilometers away?" asked Punya .

"You're not from Karnataka Disha?" asked Prakruth .

"No, I'm from Jharkand . I wanted to study here, so I stay in hostel" said Disha .

"OK you take rest, we'll talk tomorrow" said Prakruth .

"Yes, I'll go now and come tomorrow . Don't think anything just relax . Remember we're always there for you . " said Punya giving her a warm hug .

Disha gave a pale smile .