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Published at 16th of September 2020 11:25:05 AM

Chapter 1211: 1211

Chapter 1211: Where is Mu Mu

Xuan Ying approached Feng Lingxue as she stepped back from him . “Silver Mask King, you’re already engaged . Do you think it’s fair to your fiancée if you do this?”

“All the men in Country A have three to four wives, and love fooling around outside . Xiaoxiao is highly educated and will understand . ” Xuan Ying smiled .

Feng Lingxue’s legs knocked into the edge of the bed and she tumbled onto the soft sheets . As she tried to get up, he pressed down on her and trapped her underneath him .

“Let me go!” She struggled violently, kicking and punching him .

Xuan Ying didn’t stop her . Her feeble blows weren’t enough to even scratch him . He narrowed his black glassy eyes and slowly pulled her black cardigan off her, revealing her black camisole underneath .

She had lost a lot of weight during this period and her collarbones were jutting out exquisitely, but even that couldn’t mask her unique beauty and figure . Her curves were all still where they were supposed to be .

There was a reason why all the rich ladies hated her . It was natural that she would be envied .

“Silver Mask King, you’ve already given me to Xuan Mu, so whether I live or die in the future is no longer any concern of yours . I’ll walk my own desolate path while you walk your bright one . Let’s sever all our connections . I beg you, please let me go, please don’t touch me anymore!”

She said to sever all their connections?

Xuan Ying laughed coldly and looked at her . “Are you mistaken about something? Stop dreaming . As long as you’re still alive, it’ll never be over between us!”

He would never let her go .

Never .

Xuan Ying reached out to pull on her camisole . But Feng Lingxue refused to let him remove her clothes . She didn’t want anything to happen between them anymore .

But it was no use . Her resistance was utterly futile, and he quickly did away with her camisole, before proceeding to her pants . Her pants were slightly pulled off, revealing her slim waist . Her abdomen was flat and delicate and Xuan Ying swallowed before kissing her red lips again .

As he rubbed against her red lips roughly, his blood heated up . All he could think of was – how badly he wanted her!

He hadn’t felt a single thing when Shi Xiaoxiao leaped into his arms . And he had never touched all the beautiful concubines in the Snow Mountain Residence .

Those who were unfamiliar with him all suspected that he was either too strict with himself or that he tended towards a different preference . But the truth was that he only got excited when he was with her .

He lost control whenever he was with her .

Xuan Ying pressed on her and continued kissing her . He loosened his belt as his movements became more hurried . Gone was his calm demeanor .

Don’t force her!


A pin with a phoenix on it suddenly appeared in Feng Lingxue’s hands as she stabbed it into Xuan Ying’s chest .

Hiss .

Xuan Ying felt the pain and looked down . Her phoenix pin was buried deep in his chest .

Fresh blood gushed out and soaked his shirt . His eyes were bloodshot as he reached down to take out the pin .

Feng Lingxue climbed out from underneath him . As she got off the bed, she accidentally knocked onto a vase and it fell onto the ground and broke with a crash .

“Master, what happened?”

At this moment Ah Zhou rushed in . Seeing Xuan Ying hurt, he exclaimed in surprise, “Master, you’re hurt!”

Ah Zhou took out the first aid kit and started to bandage Xuan Ying’s wound .

Xuan Ying sat at the edge of the bed, his handsome face stormy . He lowered his eyes to look at Feng Lingxue . She had put her clothes on in a haste and was curled up in a corner of the room, far away from him .

How dare she hurt him! Just so he wouldn’t touch her, she had stabbed the phoenix pin into his chest .

The atmosphere in the room was stifling and chilly . The air in the room was cold and oppressive, and the smell of blood permeated the air .

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Xuan Ying suddenly reached out and brushed Ah Zhou aside . “Get lost!”

Ah Zhou was stunned and quickly retreated .

Xuan Ying stared at Feng Lingxue who was in the corner of the room and said coldly, “What are you waiting for? Dress my wound for me!”

Feng Lingxue quickly climbed up from the carpet and walked over to him .

She lowered her lashes and looked at the wound on his chest before saying softly, “I’ll get some water from the bathroom to help you clean this up . ”

Xuan Ying’s thin lips pressed into a tight line . “Go!”

“Yes . ”

Feng Lingxue ran into the bathroom .

The sound of flowing water filled the room quickly . It seemed like the tap had been turned on, but after one, two, three minutes, Feng Lingxue had yet to return .

Xuan Ying slowly frowned . He had already lost his patience . “Did you die inside?”

There was no reply .

“Feng Lingxue!” Xuan Ying shouted .

There was still no reply .

Xuan Ying suddenly stood up and walked to the bathroom, kicking the door open . “F*ck, are you trying to kill me?”

Xuan Ying froze as he realized there was no one else in the bathroom . Feng Lingxue had vanished .

Xuan Ying’s black glassy eyes turned sharp as they swept across the bathroom . The window was open .

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He walked over and looked down . They were on the second floor and it was only about four meters up at most . She had to have jumped from here and escaped .


There were thick patches of grass and bushes below . She would’ve died if it had been cement .

She had escaped right under his nose .

She had lied to him again!

Xuan Ying’s chest started rising and falling rapidly . She really was full of surprises tonight .

Where did she go?

Did she think she could escape?


Ah Zhou hurried over . “Master . ”

Xuan Ying looked at the darkness outside and ordered in a low voice, “Listen to me . I want the whole city to be locked down from now on . I want all efforts to be focused on finding out where Feng Lingxue went . Do whatever you need to do . I want her back no matter what!”

“Yes . ”

In the hospital .

Feng Lingxue opened the door to the hospital hastily and limped in as quickly as she could . She took the lift up .

The North Duke had been treated at this hospital ever since he had thrown up blood and collapsed . She had heard that he was semi-paralyzed . As he had already been captured by Feng Lihen, he was now a worthless old man .

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Feng Lingxue pushed open the door to his room and walked in . The North Duke was in his bed with an oxygen mask on him .

“North Duke . ” Feng Lingxue spoke .

The North Duke turned his head over slowly .

“It’s you?”

“It’s me . Tell me, where is my daughter Mu Mu?”

The North Duke shook his head . “I’ll never tell you . It’s all because of you that Xuan Ying attacked me!”

Raising her hands, Feng Lingxue pulled the oxygen mask from the North Duke’s face . Without the mask, the North Duke couldn’t breathe . He sucked in heavy breaths and tried to reach for the mask .

“Return that to me!”

In response, Feng Lingxue only looked at him coldly with cold, steely eyes . “Tell me, where is Mu Mu?”

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