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Published at 23rd of May 2020 02:10:05 AM

Chapter 776: 776

Chapter 776: The Wedding Party (2)

Lin Shiyu was also in the hall where the party was held . Fu Qinglun was going to enter the venue . She raised her pretty almond-shaped eyes and looked at the second level .

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At this moment, she felt a gaze riveted on her face . When Lin Shiyu glanced sideways, she saw Fu Rongrong staring at her from the red carpet .

Fu Rongrong’s pretty face was filled with enmity and a vicious delight . She looked at Lin Shiyu smugly .

Brother Qinglun was hers!

She was the biggest winner, and Lin Shiyu had lost to her .

There was also a warning in Fu Rongrong’s eyes . Lin Shiyu had better distance herself from Brother Qinglun . Now that she was the Elder Miss of the Fu Family, should Lin Shiyu dare to seduce Brother Qinglun, she would be merciless towards the latter .

It was clear what Fu Rongrong was trying to portray to her . Curving her red lips, Lin Shiyu gave a frosty smile before looking away .

Hmph! This Lin Shiyu was belittling her . Fu Rongrong was so furious that her face was contorted in anger .

At this moment, someone yelled excitedly, “The groom is here!”

There was a flurry of footsteps as someone walked down the staircase, and the corner of a black coat could be seen .

Fu Qinglun had arrived!

Old Master Fu and Fu Jingtong revealed satisfied expressions . They knew that Fu Qinglun would not dare to pull any trick .

But they froze in the next second .

It was not Fu Qinglun who had come down . It was Fu Rongrong’s adoptive parents’ son, Tie Dan .

This Tie Dan was clad in an expensive suit, and even the bow at his collar was worn crooked . He smiled gleefully as he ran downstairs, and he was as farcical as a clown .

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“Rongrong… bride, my bride… hee hee…” Tie Dan promptly ran over and lunged towards Fu Rongrong .

Good gracious . Everyone in the venue gasped . What on earth was happening?

The groom was supposed to be Fu Qinglun, but it turned out to be a different person?

It even turned out to be a fool!

The whole venue erupted in commotion .

As Tie Dan lunged over, Fu Rongrong was so frightened that her face turned pale . She hid herself in Master Fu’s arms and said with her face full of hatred . “Go away, don’t come here!”

Tie Dan smiled stupidly at Fu Rongrong . “Rongrong, hey, drink milk… Tie Dan wants to drink milk…”

This sentence left everyone at the venue stunned . All the people present were from prestigious backgrounds . Everyone started whispering .

“What is that fool talking about? Drink milk? Drink what milk?”

“Don’t you all know? Fu Rongrong was this fool’s child bride in the past . ”…

Old Master Fu and Fu Jingtong saw that their plan had been foiled, and their faces immediately turned grim . “Someone! Where did this fool come from? Drag him out now!”

But something was amiss . Three years ago, when Fu Rongrong returned to the Fu Family, the Fu Family had used underhand methods to throw Tie Dan and his family into prison . Who had gotten him out of prison?

The party today was heavily guarded, so how did this Tie Dan sneak in?

At this moment, a few bodyguards ran inside and caught hold of Tie Dan immediately . They began to drag him outside .

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Tie Dan looked at Fu Rongrong helplessly . “Wife… give birth to little Tie Dan… I want to have Little Tie Dan with you…”

Puff .

The prestigious guests in the room barely tried to hide their laughter . Everyone’s eyes were fixated on Fu Rongrong, and their gazes were filled with disdain .

This was indeed the situation of a wild chicken coveting to become a phoenix, but it was ultimately still a wild chicken .

Fu Rongrong’s face was pale from the fright and she was trembling from head to toe . This Tie Dan was the biggest source of shame in her life . She should had killed this Tie Dan three years ago!

She promptly straightened her wedding veil and stood up . Thankfully she had not been touched by that disgusting Tie Dan!

“Please allow me to offer my apologies to all my distinguished guests . That was just a small blunder . Now, let’s begin the wedding ceremony . ” Old Master Fu came out smiling to ease the tension .

Fu Jingtong had also appeared . He shot a glance at his assistant . “Go and find out why Big Brother is still not coming downstairs . The bride is already waiting here and we shouldn’t miss the auspicious timing . ”

“Wait a minute!” Just then, someone bellowed .

The crowd turned around to see two people barging in . “Let go of our Tie Dan . Let go of my son!”

Tie Dan’s parents had rushed inside . They promptly snatched Tie Dan away from the bodyguards’ hands .

Tie Dan’s mother was a shrew and had a sharp tongue . She barged into the hall, pointed at Fu Rongrong and berated, “Fu Rongrong, you little hussy . You are so vicious . Tie Dan is your husband, and you actually want to murder your own husband?”

Fu Rongrong was appalled . “Madam, I don’t know you at all . How can your son be my husband?”

“Alright, Fu Rongrong, are you pretending to not recognize us? I’ll let everyone see now!” With that, Tie Dan’s mother took out something from her arms . “Everyone look carefully . This is our Tie Dan and Fu Rongrong’s marriage certificate, and it has been stamped at the City Hall, which makes it lawfully legitimate!”

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Tie Dan’s mother opened the red book and gestured with it proudly for all the guests to see .

Everyone stared at it . It was really Fu Rongrong and Tie Dan’s marriage certificate!

“What’s happening? Fu Rongrong was already married to this fool . Old Master Fu is still here holding a wedding ceremony . This is bigamy . ”

“Look at Fu Rongrong, that slut . To think she still wants to get married to Young Master Fu . ”

“I think Young Master Fu doesn’t even want to marry her . Could it be Old Master Fu and Second Young Master Fu are forcing him to get married?”

“That is possible . Look at Second Young Master’s wife, Beauty Lin . Hadn’t he snatched her away from Young Master Fu’s hands?”

“This family is really shameless . I’ve never imagined that Fu Family would employ such despicable methods after they have gone downhill these three years . ”

Old Master Fu and Fu Jingtong looked at the marriage certificate and both of their faces changed .

They had already sent someone to obtain Fu Qinglun and Fu Rongrong’s marriage certificate, but then, why was the marriage certificate Fu Rongrong and Tie Dan’s?

Old Master Fu looked at his butler .

The butler wiped his perspiration away, hurriedly rushed over, and reported in a low voice, “Old Master, the bureau is not willing to pick up our calls . ”

The bureau was actually refusing to pick up their calls?

In the past, when the Fu Family wielded power and influence in Karghalik, the bureau was very solicitous and courteous towards them . Even if the Fu Family had gone downhill now, the bureau should not be so audacious to refuse to answer their calls .

What exactly happened?

“No, this marriage certificate is fake . I never registered for marriage with that fool!” Fu Rongrong shrieked in desperation .

But that was indeed a marriage certificate . She had become the fool’s wife in the eyes of the law .

No, she was the Young Madam of the Fu Family . She did not want to return to her previous lifestyle! She couldn’t!

She loved Fu Qinglun . Only a handsome, mature, rich and aristocratic man like Fu Qinglun was compatible with her .

She should be Fu Qinglun’s wife!

How had this happened? She did not know why things had turned out like this suddenly .

“Fu Rongrong, you little hussy . You are now our Tie Dan’s wife, and the daughter-in-law of our family . Come home with me now! Just see how I, as your mother-in-law, will discipline such a wanton woman like you!”

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