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Chapter 852: 852

She had personally written the script . She had wanted to write on the last two pages too, but her mother stroked her long hair tenderly and shook her head .

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 This was Mom’s choice and no one had the right to criticize or judge .

 This Madam Wang was fictitious and there was no heart transplant operation . If there was a compatible heart for transplant, it would be Mom who would get it . Who was Lin Xuanyin to vie for it?

Chenyi was already the Prince of Country A . These three years, Chenyi had used all his resources and energy to look for a compatible heart but to no avail .

 Even Lu Jinwen, who was extremely powerful and influential in Capital, had been looking for twenty years without any success . Perhaps there was no compatible heart for this pair of sisters in this world at all .

 Everything was predestined .

Tang Mo’er looked at Li Ruo . “Li Ruo, it’s been hard on you today, so you should go home early to rest . We’ll be filming a new show these two days . This will be the first time that you’re on screen, you’ve got to give it your best shot . ”

 Tang Mo’er’s company had recently signed on a new batch of young actresses and actors . She was collaborating with Su Zhe’s Universal Entertainment for their first show together, which was a revised version of the fantasy martial arts show “Flower Fairy” . Tang Mo’er was the female lead character and she would lead these young actresses and actors in their first show .

Li Ruo nodded . “Mo’er, don’t worry . We’ve been practising these few days . This is such a rare opportunity and we’ll definitely not disappoint you . ”

 “Alright . ”

 After Li Ruo left, Tang Mo’er glanced at Old Master Lin and Lin Xuanyin before leaving .


 Lu Jinwen exited the hall and retrieved his cell phone from his pocket . His dialed a familiar number . There was a melodious ringtone from the other line as he waited .

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Three seconds later, he clenched his fists so tightly that there was sweat in his palms . He had never felt so terrible waiting before .

 Soon later, he heard an automated female voice – Sorry, the number you’ve called is unavailable .

 Unavailable .

 She did not pick up her phone .

 Lu Jinwen pursed his thin lips and continued to dial her number .

 She did not pick up any of his calls .

 He put the cell phone away into his pocket and got into the car . He wanted to look for her immediately .

 He could not wait even one second .

 He did not want to wait even one second .

But soon enough, he stopped in his tracks when he saw a familiar figure ahead .

 It was a beautiful sea of flowers and Lin Xuanji was standing in the middle . Today she was wearing a black lacy dress like Tang Mo’er . From where he was standing, he could see her graceful back and her hourglass figure . The breeze caressed her long hair and her lacy skirt swished about in the wind . She was as beautiful as a fairy .

Lu Jinwen startled and promptly walked ahead until he reached her .

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 At this moment, Lin Xuanji hunched her body and leaned down . There was an old lady beside her who was holding a stalk of dandelion . Lin Xuanji covered it with soil .

 The old lady asked kindly, “Miss, it has been so many years . The person that you’re waiting for is not here yet?”

 Lin Xuanji only smiled and did not say a word .

 The old lady was of old age and she was a little senile . She started mumbling to herself, “Many years ago, you came here to wait for someone . You waited for a day and a night . Even when it was dark, you refused to leave . I asked you who you were waiting for, and you said you were waiting for a boy you liked .

 “Ha . I still remember that day, because I’ve never seen such an exquisite looking person like you . I was still thinking that the boy you liked must be exceptionally handsome . Aye, what a pity that the boy didn’t turn up that day . Even up to this day, I don’t know what the boy looks like . ”

 The old lady sighed as she felt it was a real pity .

 Lu Jinwen’s handsome and broad body froze instantly . Many years ago, he had gone to Bangkok Number 7, and she had waited for him for a day and night at Bangkok Number 1 .

 She had said she was waiting for the boy she liked .

 He felt his throat becoming numb and he only managed to find his voice after a long while . He looked at her back and said in a hoarse voice, “Xuanji, I’m here . ”

 Xuanji, I’m here .

 The old lady raised her head and saw Lu Jinwen at once . The water bottle in her hand fell onto the soil . She exclaimed in amazement, “Aye, what a handsome boy . ”

 Lin Xuanji stood up and turned around to face Lin Jinwen .

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 The breeze gently blew over at this point . Her black lacy dress swished around his trousers .

 Lin Xuanji looked at the man’s handsome face and smiled gently . There was a sparkle in her eyes that was even brighter than the stars in the sky . She looked exactly like the way she was many years ago, when he had been deeply mesmerized by her .

“You’re late . ”

 You’re late .

 He had been late for so many years . From a young girl, she had now turned into a woman and a mother . And he had become a man from a handsome young boy .

 They had finally met up at Bangkok Number 1 .

 Lu Jinwen looked at her and smiled slowly, “Xuanji, I’m sorry…”

 Lin Xuanji shook her head lightly . “You don’t have to apologize . It’s just a pity . I only just learned that you loved me, and you only just realized that I loved you . ”

 Like the sands of time, the most beautiful times in life, during which Lu Jinwen and Lin Xuanji were deeply in love with each other, had already slipped away from their fingers, beyond their reach .

Lu Jinwen’s voice was hoarse . He wanted to speak but he could not utter a word . He could only gaze at her intensely .

 Lin Xuanji clenched her fist in front of him . “For you . ”


Without thinking, Lu Jinwen extended his large hand .

 At this moment, Lin Xuanji opened her hand and a stalk of dandelion flew away in the wind .

 The dandelion brushed gently against his handsome cheek and was blown faraway .

 He did not catch hold of it .

 He did not even have time to extend his hand . The dandelion had been blown faraway by the wind .

It was a dandelion filled with vibrant color .

 Under the rays of the setting sun, the colorful dandelion appeared translucent yet brightly colored . It was as beautiful as a little elf .

 Lin Xuanji raised her head and looked at the dandelion . Her eyes had become gentle all these years . She smiled tenderly . “I didn’t plan to give you a dandelion initially . Many years ago, I brought a dandelion seed along with me . It represented all my love . I wanted to give it to you, so that you could let it bloom .

 “I didn’t see you that day and so I threw this seed onto this bed of flowers . After that, you got together with Elder Sister . You held her at the highest building at Capital, and both of you watched dandelions flying all about Capital . I was standing in a corner at the bottom looking up at you . Perhaps you are unaware that our seed has bloomed in this bed of flowers and has become a colorful dandelion . ”

 Lu Jinwen clenched his fists . He recollected that day . He was standing at the top of the building looking at her . She was hiding in a corner and had turned away from his sight .

 Where had all the time gone?

They could never return to how they were like before . He and she could never return to the past .

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