Your Majesty is so Handsome - Chapter Prologue

Published at 6th of July 2019 11:59:18 PM

Chapter Prologue


June 7, 2019

It’s only when you’re at death’s door that you feel the most alive .

My heart stopped beating and it’s because of this unrealistically handsome emperor . I swore with embarrassment as I slowly approached him .

‘Damn it! Damn it! You are so handsome! How are you even human?’

It took everything I had to not ruin the bouquet in my hands . The closer I got to the Emperor, the clearer I can see his face . My own heart beats could be heard from my chest .

Thump thump thump thump!

I took another short breath . I’m now just a hundred meters away from him and his beauty is beyond what I imagined .

Holy shit . Nobody told me you were this handsome!

…No . Everyone said it . I just never believed them .

Quote: ‘His Majesty’s face is a beacon of light in the darkness . ’

Quote: ‘His Majesty walks elegantly even without walking on the ground . ’

Quote: ‘His Majesty is beautiful when he exhales and beautiful when he inhales . ’

He was exactly as the rumors said .

“Oh my, oh my!” I cried out in my heart as I came even closer .

The Emperor . It’s the Emperor!

I glanced up at him secretly . It was the real Emperor Alexander Tallan . In a secret book about the Emperor it was written that he started from the bustle of the battlefields at age 13 and sat at the throne at the age of 20 . Even after becoming the emperor, he kept his position in the army, maintaining the inside and outside affairs of the country well . He is not merely the head of the state, but the supreme power of a true emperor that rules the empire .

The prestige of his title matched his face . But there was one more thing that contributed to his dignity .

It was his handsomeness .

His good looks were something that humans can’t handle for too long . There are no imperfections in any inch of his body . A strong forehead, thick and straight eyebrows, a cold but gentle demeanor, bright blue diamond eyes, a sharp nose, and a smooth jaw… What flaws? His face is pure perfection .

I now know why his portrait was hidden . No artist could capture him . It would be an insult to the Emperor, no blasphemy towards God . If any exist, I will burn it .

My stride, which was faltering due to the tension, gained momentum at some point . I had a determined march that held no motivation other than heading towards him .

The Emperor stared at me and stood as still as a sculpture . He blinked, but didn’t turn his eyes away .

“Oh lord…”

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It was a coincidence that our eyes met . Immediately my soul was laid to rest as I saw the Emperor’s face . My soul has abandoned me .

I walked with a dumbfounded face . The Emperor was constantly meeting my eyes with an unreadable expression . The more we stared at each other, the more and more I felt my soul leave my body .

He’s handsome . He’s so handsome . He’s so fucking handsome!

Oh my gosh there are people that exist in the Capital that are this beautiful . No, it may just be this person . His good looks are the light of this world . They are the truth of this world!

As my soul left me, I reached enlightenment . In my head, there is a fire in the lake of virtuous delusion, but the lake was filled with oil instead of water . I’m gonna explode .

I eventually arrived at the predetermined spot, but my dazed head forgot what I’m supposed to be doing . My burning eyes were staring at the Emperor .

That… That good looking… Something… Somehow…

“Ahem . ” Madam Rurin cleared her throat and brought me back to reality . I steeled my mind . Now is not the time for some personal enlightenment! We’re in public . As a daughter of a rural village lord, I have a job to do .

“We welcome Your Great Majesty Alexander’s visit . There is no place where the glory of Your Majesty does not extend…” This was a phrase that I could say while asleep . I had to practice this for a month until it was perfect . My mouth moved mechanically while saying these lines as I couldn’t take my eyes off his face . The Emperor also never took his eyes off of me .

A face whose beauty was beyond human limitations is looking at me . I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing . Wow, this isn’t a joke . I always questioned why I’m living inside this body . Compared to my previous life, I didn’t live a happier or better one . I wondered why God put me in this world to live as a daughter of a plain old rural village lord?

I finally found my answer .

It was to meet him in this world . I’m super happy to live well under this handsome Majesty’s reign!

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“… All hail the Emperor!” This last part was to honor the Emperor . I memorized the greeting earlier, but it was only this time that my heart was fully in it . I could not be any more serious than this moment . The Emperor’s majestic aura was too compelling .

“All hail the Emperor!” The other people who were standing in the room, replied all at once .

I put all my strength into my arms to raise them higher and took one step forward . The Emperor was high up, riding on horseback, so I pushed the bouquet up until the flowers covered his face . After a pause, the leaves on its side fell with a rustling sound and my hands became lighter .

The Emperor was armed with a light, worn armor and sword . It was a practical outfit instead of something fit for a regal ruler . The rustic bouquet made from Gundal looked mismatched with the heavily armed Emperor; however, his cool and neat face suits it well . I can see a new world in which a man with flowers can be a beautiful sight .

My legs gave out on me at the end, but I had to quickly get up at the sound of Madam Rurin’s cry . My watching of the Emperor was interrupted . When will he come again? My heart feels so soothed just by seeing him .

The Emperor didn’t turn his eyes away and looked straight ahead . His gaze fell when he bowed his head, but when I looked up at him he was already facing the far left .

My role is over . Now is the time to withdraw . I sullenly walked away while grabbing my chest .

“Miss you did well,” praised the maid who was waiting for my return .

“Yea…” I nodded my head, but didn’t really hear her .

The next part of the ceremony is a short speech from the Emperor . He slowly lifted his hand . It was a small movement, but it touched my heart so much that my chest felt like it was going to burst .

I just realized a big problem… I couldn’t capture any of this on video! My face fell with despair as I feel like dying from this tragedy . Oh what a sad situation this is! But even if I’m at death’s door, I must give all my attention to His Majesty . I focused all my power into my eyes and ears .

The Emperor slowly opened his mouth . “The Empire was built for peace,” he spoke with a deep and perfect voice that blessed everyone’s ears .

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I clutched at my sullen heart and tried to focus . I was still not used to the expressions in this world yet . There are quite a few phrases that I’ve never heard before . However the Emperor’s words were very captivating, like the pronunciation of great philosophers, we were all eager to listen .

“There will be no forgiveness to those who threaten the peace . ” A monarch’s cold warning . If he was an enemy this would have been eerie, but since he’s on our side it’s reassuring to hear it . My heart did a backflip . “Peace will be kept wherever the Empire is . I will make sure of it . ”

I was impressed to tears and I hurriedly looked around my surroundings because I was worried someone would notice me trembling .

“…Sniff . ”


There was no need for me to worry, because everyone was touched by his words . I quickly looked at my second brother and saw him biting his fist with tears pouring down and looked away . I didn’t see anything .

As soon as the Emperor finished speaking, he turned his head and went down the podium . His guard followed after him .

“Woah! All hail the Emperor! Your Majesty!”

“All hail the Emperor!”

Following after the beautiful Emperor were euphoric cheers . We did not prepare this in advance; the cries came out without us knowing . I was shouting along the trail and screaming enough for my chest to burst and my throat to feel raw . I screamed so much with the same energy as I had when I first heard him speak . My screams almost seemed to climb up to the heavens .

“AHHH! Hurrah to the Emperor! Our Majesty!”