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Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Lust


YMPCD - Chapter 34: Lust


  Tian Qi didn't quite understand that since she wanted to see her wearing a skirt, why was the emperor so excited, not only asked her to immediately put on the skirt for the wishful look, but also to find the same style as the one who wants to wear .

  Because the skirt worn by Ruyi is a fixed style, not a custom, this book was collected in the inner house, and was later found by Tian Qi . Now I heard that I want the same style of adult clothes, and the people in the inner house library will quickly find the same in accordance with the figure of Tian Qi . And the person who led the life would come to know that Tian Qi had to play the palace to please the Holy Spirit, so he came all over, and found the scented ornaments and rouge gouache for the woman .

  The emperor really has a great face .

  Tian Qi complained . When she first heard this request, she almost thought that her identity was revealed . However, it didn't look like it . The emperor was a little angry or skeptical . Instead, he looked good, his eyes were shining, and his mouth couldn't help but pull up slightly .

  Ok, it must have been a neurotic disease .

  Tian Qi had to take the lead back to his room . Looking at the clothes and jewelry in her hand, she is actually a little excited . She hasn’t worn a skirt for many years . Faced with it again, it’s just like the feeling of being separated .

  The skirt can be worn, but the chest must be worn all the time . Even if the fat powder is too much, it seems that I don’t like it very much, hair . . . She will have a lot of hair styles and is not skilled enough, so she only easily took a screw and used a small Fix it with the same color of the hair, and then lick a pale pink rose flower between the hair . As for other accessories, Tian Qi turned over from the mirror and found a string of silver bells on his wrist . She likes the bells, and the jingling people can listen to the light and get up .

  After wearing the bell, Tian Qi had a sachet on his waist . The sachet was made of Xiang Yu, hanging in the yellow dress of the duck, making the color of the clothes not so monotonous . She looked for it again in the mirror and found a pair of earrings . The silver wire was twisted on the ruby, the gemstone was polished into a drop shape, bright and translucent, and Tian Qi put it in his hand and put it back, and put it back . She likes the pendant very much, but she has no pierced ears . Women, whether they are the son-in-law of the bureaucratic house or the flat-headed people, not everyone wears ear holes . Some people are afraid of pain . Some people think that if the body is not damaged by their parents, they will not wear them . The reason why Tian Qi does not wear ear piercing is that her mother wants her to be a man, although she does not know what is the necessary connection between the two .

  Fortunately, she did not have a pierced ear, and did not make people suspect that she is a woman .

  After dressing up, Tian Qi turned around in front of the mirror . The mirror was too small to show her whole body, but she finally put on her skirt again and couldn't help but jumped up and looked at the skirt and left to look at it, confirming that everything was fine, so the money went out .

  As soon as she put on her skirt, she unconsciously found the feeling of being a girl again . Her footsteps were gentle, her stride was small, and she didn't kick the skirt . Going out a dozen steps, she was surprised that it was not right, too much like a girl .

  So she deliberately increased the stride and kicked the skirt to the study .

  The eunuch in the study told her that the emperor and His Royal Highness had just gone out, leaving words to let her go outside to find them .

  Ji Hengzheng took his son for a walk outside . It’s approaching in the evening, when the sun is already slanting, but it’s not yet in the palmlights, the light in the room is not as good as the outside, and he is standing on the platform in front of the dry palace .

  Ruyi slipped on the platform with a short short leg and went unhurried . Ji Heng patiently followed him . Basically, he took two or three steps and Ji Heng took a step .

  The two are not far away because they are waiting for Tianqi .

  The sun will fall, but it will not be reconciled to this, and it will bloom in the final glory of the day . The sky above the sky is full of light, the clouds are like layers of mosaics, dyed and dyed on the colorful and beautiful colors, the whole world is bathed in the red gold glow .

  The vast bluestone brick floor is covered with a transparent golden palace yarn, and the projection of the white marble railing is elongated, which seems to be a huge fence . The figure of the wishful little is also enlarged, cast on the ground, and become a powerful girl .

  The girl’s mood is really good, she is playing on the ground with one foot .

  Ji Heng looked up and looked back . The grand and dry Qing Palace stood quietly, and the ridged beast above the top of the temple greeted the setting sun and was silent .

  Between the red pillars, slowly came out of a woman .

  The woman snails yellow skirt, shaved shoulders, the willow waist is quite straight, and now gently carrying the skirt, walked to them briskly . The breeze passed, her clothes belt was light, and the walk was accompanied by a crisp ringing sound, which was pleasing to the eye .

  Obviously, it is a simple attire . Standing under the thrilling skylight, it is not inferior .

  She walked under the gorgeous sunset, and when she walked closer, she smiled at the big man and the little two . The beauty of the eyes is flowing, and it seems to be a starry star .

  For a moment, the skylight lost color .

  Ji Heng only felt that the heart couldn't stop jumping . He opened his mouth, but he couldn't make a sound . It seemed to block something in his throat . He couldn't suppress it . He couldn't vomit, excited, irritated, lost, but let it He is at a loss .

  Ruyi did not have so many complicated feelings . He saw Tian Qi and opened his hand to her quickly .

  Tian Qi smiled and caught his wish and hugged him . In fact, there are some heavy weights . Tian Tian’s thin arms and thin legs, although they are so good, can’t last too long, so Yu Ruyi’s hugs are not always available .

  So I wished to be even more happy . I used to smile and smack the face of Tian Qi . With her Capricorn, Tian Qi smiled and responded, holding him while talking and walking to Ji Heng .

  Ji Heng, who has excellent ear power, did not hear anything this time . One big and one small, the same "woman" and "little girl", like a beautiful mother and daughter, talking and laughing . This picture is really warm and beautiful, and Ji Heng has to open his heart . Hey, that little beauty is already close at hand .

  Tian Qi let go of his wish and called "the emperor . "

  Ji Heng finally returned to God, he did not pay attention to Tian Qi, only bowed his hand to the hand . The father and the son walked slowly in the oblique light, and the emperor was calm, like nothing, nothing happened .

  Tian Qi walked behind them . If I walked a few steps, I suddenly stopped and turned back to the hand of Tian Tianqi . Tian Qi saw the emperor did not object, but also followed her wish to stop waiting for her, so she took the other hand to take the lead .

  The three walked side by side, like a family of three .

  "Tian Qi, good-looking . " Ruyi said . The feeling of the child is very intuitive and the words are honest . Say you look good, that is really beautiful .

  "His Royal Highness, you like it . " Tian Qi bowed his head and deliberately kicked the skirt . He was afraid of being found by the emperor and suspected it, and he wanted to cover it . "But it’s so uncomfortable for the slaves to dress up . "

  Ji Heng interjected, "You have been a girl . "

  Tian Qi saw that the emperor did not give face, so he said, "The slave is not a woman . "

  This sentence is just a poke of Zhong Heng's thoughts . He looked at Tian Qi's side face and thought, how good a woman should be .

  Tian Qi is a woman, how good .

  Once this kind of thought comes out, it can no longer be cleaned up . Ji Heng is full of this sentence . Think about it, look at Tian Qi in the side, this idea will be a bit more important, and it will make him go crazy . .

  Later, Tian Qi tried to persuade the two to go back .

  Ji Heng always feels that some things seem to be out of control . He is upset and unwilling to think deeply, not willing to think more, and even has no intention of trying to find reasons for himself . He deliberately avoided certain things and deliberately forgot certain doubts . He instinctively believes that once he opens a door, he can no longer look back .


  The next day, Ji Heng went to the DPRK with a black eye . After going down, I saw Tian Qi in Yang Xin Dian . Ji Heng now has some people who don't want to face him . So he sent Sheng An Huai and asked him to arrange individual errands for Tian Qi .

  Sheng Anhuai will come to observe the Holy Spirit, but this time, he did not think right . Tian Qi is getting more and more trust from the emperor . In recent days, there has been no abnormality . Sheng An Huai naturally thinks that the emperor has changed the errand for Tian Qi, that is, to do something more trustworthy by the emperor, such as . . . vigil .

  The difference between the night and the night is low-key, not as good as the daytime value, but it is definitely the empire of the emperor is qualified to do . Especially in the vicinity of the emperor's bedroom, there is no defense after the emperor sleeps . Personal safety is the most important thing . Only an absolutely reliable person can get close .

  Sheng Anhuai also saw it . The emperor was very satisfied with Tianqi, so he wanted to sell Tianqi a face, so he arranged him outside the bedroom of the emperor .

  Ji Heng knew this before he went to sleep . But this time, and I don't want to ask for a substitution in a big way, so that I can show that I am not normal, so I have to give up .

  Suddenly worth the night, Tian Qi is not used to it . The rest of the work is fixed . I can sleep on time . I can't sleep tonight . She sat outside the bedroom and opened her mouth and yawned, wondering why the emperor suddenly gave her a transfer . Although this position does not have a good position in the previous position, it always shows that the emperor has no confidence in her, and she will not treat her badly .

  Silent and silent around, Tian Qi's sleepiness is more concentrated . She didn't dare to sleep, and she didn't dare to leave . She had to threaten herself with the threat of "being asleep and being beheaded" and "sleeping and being discovered to be a woman" . Every thought of these thoughts, The back of the neck always feels cold, the fear in the heart is very good, and the drowsiness is diluted .

  However, it is also a huge spiritual torture to use this idea to scare yourself .

  The night is deep and heavy, some people want to sleep and can't sleep, some people can sleep and can't sleep .

  Ji Heng was lying on the bed, raising his ears to listen to the outside movement, and there was no sleepiness .

  He has an abnormal excitement . The nerve is like being hooked by something . He wants to pull his consciousness out and wander .

  Tian Qi is outside .

  This consciousness makes Ji Heng heartbeat more serious . He leaned over and deliberately turned his back to the bed and closed his eyes .

  But after closing your eyes, you can see Tian Qi . The fiber is not weak, the face of the national color is fragrant, the smile of the country, the bright eyes, the lips of the cherry red . . . no one is bad .

  Ji Heng suddenly reached out and explored his pants .

   . . . stop, not like this .

   . . . he is outside .

  ……what is this?

   . . . he is outside .

  The thoughts swept over and over, and Ji Heng could no longer control himself, closed his eyes, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and his breath gradually became heavy . Tian Qi is outside, but Ji Heng feels that he seems to be watching him . This idea makes Ji Heng excited and mad . He seems to see Tian Qi coming in, crawling into his bed, kissing him, sharpening him . . .

  "Tian Qi . . . " Ji Heng unconsciously screamed .

  The outside Tian Tian immediately alerted, "Im, you call me?"

  There was no reaction inside, and Tian Qi had to sit down again .

  After a while, she heard him call "Tian Qi . " Tian Qi determined that he did not have an illusion, so he patted the door and said, "I have any instructions?"

  Inside, Ji Heng acted and said, "Tian Qi, come in . "

  Tian Qi pushed the door in . She saw the bed tremble slightly and heard the heavy gasps inside, so she cared, "Is it uncomfortable?"

  "Comfortable . . . "

  Tian Qi always felt that this answer was a bit strange . She pressed her doubts and asked, "What do you want from the emperor?"

  I want you .

  Ji Heng gritted his teeth and swallowed it back . He said, "Don't stand, don't talk . "

  Tian Qi had to do it .

  The two are only separated by a layer of bed . In summer, the bed linen is thin, and the candlelight is blocked by Tianqi . When it is put into the account, it casts a vague silhouette .

  Some of the contours of the human figure are pressed against Ji Heng . He feels that this shadow is like having life, entangled his body and picking up his lust .

  Ji Heng hid between the squares and walked the self-deprecating thing . He thought that Tian Qi would look at him outside the account . His whole body was bloody and violently upside down in the sea of ​​desire .

  Finally poured into the body .

  Ji Heng pulled out his hand and looked at the whiteness between his fingers . He took a long breath . After the release of joy and ease, there is a touch of helplessness .

  Finally, can't you deceive yourself?


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