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Chapter 11

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Kade who feels betrayed is glaring at Star and Axel who is sitting beside each other stiffly . They can feel the sharp glare that Kade throws at them .

"I'm telling you, he's not my boyfriend" Star said, waving her arm . Kade pretended not to listen and glared at them even more . Star sighed, not knowing how to explain to Kade .

"Leave him, Star . You know how he is" their mother said . She is right . Whenever Kade gets mad at Star he would pretend not to hear her for a few days . But he would be the one to apologize first . He had always been like that ever since he was a kid .

After hearing what their mother said Kade pouted like a little kid who's candy got taken . He wanted his sister's attention more .

"When will you be discharged, uncle?" Axel asked, not knowing the real reason why they were in the hospital .

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"He can be discharged anytime . He only got scratched by a cat but he fainted after seeing his own blood . Honestly, are you really my father?" Star said while shaking her head in disbelief .

"Then, I'm going to take you all to dinner . It's been a while since I last saw you two" Axel politely said . Smiling, Star's mother nodded as well as their father .

"My, you're so generous, son-in-law" Star's mother said, thinking of all the delicious food . Star face flushed from embarrassment . She can't believe how quickly her mother gave in and so is her father .

"Of course . We're all family anyway" Axel said, smiling brightly . At that time, Star wondered how Axel is able to say such things easily .

After Star's father got discharged they went to a restaurant to eat . After seeing the restaurant that Axel picked, Star and Kade's parents started to wonder how Axel got so rich . They wanted to know what exactly happened to Axel in all those years . A waiter came and took their orders . After a few minutes of waiting their food came and they immediately started to dig in . Feeling full Star's mother placed her fork down and wiped her lips using a napkin . She gazed at Axel with a serious expression on her face .

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"Axel, dear, where's your father?" she asked . Star froze upon hearing the sensitive topic her mother decided to start .

Star was about to say something when Axel spoke . "He died, one year after we moved to another city" Axel said in a composed manner, his eyes looked empty upon hearing his father's name .

"What?! What happened?!" Shocked at what he just heard, Star's father joined the conversation .

"An assassin killed him" Axel continued, no expression can be seen in his handsome face . They're all shocked at how he said it . It was almost like he didn't cared when his father died . Star is even more shocked because what she know is that his father died in an accident and not because of an assassin . The whole table was silent until Kade spoke .

"Hey . Why do you look so calm? It feels like you didn't care that your father died" Kade said, confusion written all over his face .

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Axel's eyes widened at what Kade said to him but he replaced it with a smile . Unlike his usual smile, he smiled with a coldness in his eyes, scaring Kade and the whole atmosphere darkened .

"Axel, my dear, since we're all finished eating, why don't you pay for the bill? It's also getting quite late and we still have to close our shop" Star's mother said trying to change the heavy atmosphere . Axel nodded, not saying anything .

Axel call for a waiter and paid the bill . Afterwards, they left the restaurant . Axel was about to walk to his car when someone called his name . "Axel, son" Axel turned his head and was greeted by Star and Kade's parents with serious expression . "Can we talk to you?" Star's mother asked and Axel just nodded .

"Axel, dear, we don't know what kind of things you went through" his aunt said . "But don't blame your father too much because of what happened to your mom" she continued, with sadness in her voice . Axel flinched, remembering the incident that happened 16 years ago that caused his mother death .

"I know aunt, but I still can't bear to forgive him . He's the one that took my mom away and I will not forgive him for that . I don't ever think of him as my father anymore" Axel said, his eyes are full of hatred for his father .

"Son, we hope that you can forgive him someday" Star's father said, full of concern for Axel and Axel avoided his gaze .

"Well, don't forget that we are always here for you . After all, we had always treated you like our own" Star's mother said and hugged Axel and Axel hugged her in return, feeling her warmth . It had been a while since he felt a mother's warmth .

"Thanks uncle and auntie" Axel smiled, trying to hide the pain in his eyes .

"By the way, are you serious about marrying our daughter?" Star's father asked and Axel smiled, this time it's a genuine smile .

"Yes . Although, I'm still trying to make her fall in love with me" Axel said .

"Good luck to you then, our son-in-law" Star's mother said and gave him a thumbs up, signaling that she supports him and so did Star's father, both of them had a smile that says 'we entrust our daughter to you' .