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Published at 4th of January 2019 07:12:53 PM

Chapter 2

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It was the 3rd day of december . The night was cold and there she stood on the balcony with her hair in a low bun . She wore a red fitted dress that hugs every curve in her body . She was holding a glass of champagne while looking at the star-less sky . She stood there firmly not noticing the man that walked to her .

"Star" she turned her head to the man that was wearing a black suit, smiling at her .

"Cage" she answered without showing any expressions on her beautiful face .

"I'm going to introduce you to someone . Follow me" he said and turned away from her .

She followed him into the hall . They kept walking and walking until they reached a room that has a different door than all the other rooms in the hotel . Cage opened the door and there she saw a man and a girl talking with each other . The girl noticed them and turned her head to them . She immediately recognized the girl . She is the most famous actress in their company and her name is Edriana LaDessa, short for EL . Not knowing why she's here, Star looked at Cage with a confused expression in her face .

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"Star, meet EL, my fiancee . We're going to get married in June" the moment Cage said that Star looked at him surprised . Why didn't he say it sooner? I'm his best friend so why didn't he told me sooner? So many questions appeared in Star's brain .

"What? When did you proposed to her? Why didn't I know about it?" Star held Cage's shoulders and shaked him violently while asking questions .

"Calm down . Let's sit first . I will tell you everything"

They sat down at the sofa . Cage and his fiancee EL was sitting beside each other while Star was sitting with the unknown man .

"You better tell me everything . Or else I will throw you to mars before you even get married" Star threatened and Cage just laughed nervously while EL, his fiancee was smiling at them .

And then he told her everything . About how they met in a cruise ship and he didn't know who she was back then . Until he saw her in an interview and he was so surprised to know that she was actually a really famous actress . And how she laughed at him when he found out and how he said sorry for so many times because he didn't know that she was an actress . He revealed so many things about them that Star became really surprised . They have known each other for a year now and she didn't even know .

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"Cruise ship . . . . that was when we had our comeback!" Star realized . She glared at him and pulled his ear .

"You bastard . You have known her for so long and you didn't even told me . Why am I your best friend?" she said grudgingly while pulling his ear .

"Ow ow ow . It hurts! Stop! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just did not know how to tell you" Star let go of his ear and he covered his red and embarrassed face which made him look like a maiden blushing and embarrassed .

What is this disgusting creature? What does he think he is? A maiden? Star gazed at Cage with a disgusted look on her face as if he is a slug .

"Why are you looking at me like that? You're always so cruel to me . Help EL" Cage cried and turned to EL and hugged her tightly .

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This dumbass . How did he managed to make the most famous actress in our company to fall in love with him? Star thought .

Star sighed and patted EL on her shoulders and looked at her pitifully . "I entrust this dumbass to you . I know it will be a hard job to do but it is now you're job to make sure that he won't do anything stupid that may endanger not just his life but also your life" Star made a thumbs-up and smiled genuinely at EL . EL chuckled at her and also smiled not saying anything .

"By the way, I introduce you to my friend, Zechariah Axel Easton" EL introduced the guy who she was talking to a while ago .

Star was surprised . Not because she knew the guy but because his name was really familiar to her, as if she had known him before . But where? And when? Star can't remember him no matter how much she think . She turned her head to the man and found him staring at her . 'this girl is so familiar . Where have I met her before? Is she one of the women I've bedded? No, that can't' Axel felt that the girl was too familiar .

"I'm Star, nice to meet you" star introduced herself and smiled at the man named Axel . She took out her hand and offered a handshake but Axel just stared at her, not saying anything . 'Why is this guy staring at me?' star thought in her head

"Nice to meet you too" Axel simply said and shook her hand . He turned his gaze away from her .

"Um . Have we met before?" Star asked and Axel looked at her with a smug expression on his face . 'this girl is quite bold' Axel thought in his head .

"Are you hitting on me, ms . Star?" Axel asked and Star's face completely flushed . 'This guy is too presumptuous!' star shouted in her head .

"No mr . Axel . I just thought that you looked familiar" Star answered calmly . 'never mind that . How can I know this kind of guy?'

"Well, no . I'm afraid we have never met before" Axel answered nonchalantly . 'hmm . She can't be one of the women I've bedded before . She looks naive and innocent . But where have I met her?'

Meanwhile, while the two are in deep thought, EL and Cage are looking at each other, confused . 'What just happened?' the two thought .