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Chapter 26

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It was 9 pm in the evening . Star and the other members just arrived at the airport . They just arrived in Japan from South Korea . It wasn't a long flight but they were tired . After attending a show which lasted for hours, and without even resting, they flew to Japan for the concert .

After they exited the immigration, they were swarmed with fans . But it wasn't a new sight for them . Every time they come to Japan, fans would always wait at the airport for them and greet them when they arrive . They politely waved at smiled at their fans .

They went to their van and their manager drove them to the hotel where they will be staying . They arrived and the manager gave them their card keys . Star's roommate is Etilia, like always . Star and Etilia walk to their room . When they arrived Star swiped the card key on the door but for some reason, it wouldn't open . They tried again using Etilia's card key, thinking that there must be something wrong with the card . She tried again but it still didn't work . Star gazes at Etilia with a worried look .

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"It doesn't work"

Etilia looked surprised but her expression turned into a worried one . "What?"

"Did you try both of the keys?" Star only nodded . They were both too tired . They wanted to rest but instead of resting as soon as they arrived, they ended up worrying .

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"Let's call the other members . There must be something wrong with their card keys too"

Etilia picks her phone and called Aluna . Aluna picks up immediately . "Is something wrong with your keys too?"


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"Let's try the other rooms . They must have written it wrong" Star suggested . Etilia agrees and went to another room .

After 10 minutes of circling around the 2nd floor of the hotel, they gave up . Not a single one of the rooms opened and they were too tired to keep trying . They were about to lay on the floor when Lala called them .

Star answered the phone . "Leader! Try going on the 3rd floor . It's a plus one . You're room 204 right? Try going to room 304"

Star was too tired to answer and just ended the call . They went to the elevator and clicked the button of the 3rd floor . They arrived and walked fast to room 304 . They swiped the card key and the door opened . They sighed in relief and entered the room quickly .

When they entered the room, the first thing they saw was the small living room . In front of the living room, there was a large window which occupied the wall and you could see the entire city . Their hotel was located in a high place so even though they were only on the 3rd floor, it was enough to see the night view . On the left side of the living room was a door . They opened it and it was the bedroom . There were two beds, both queen sized . On the left side of the bedroom, there was another two door . One of the doors leads to the bathroom . The bathroom was big, there was a big bathtub with gold on it and a large sink with gold faucets . There was a shower section on the side with glass doors and there was a white toilet . The other door leads to a walk-in closet . It was big and spacious . The drawers were brown and so are the cabinets . They were hangers on the closets . It was big and completely empty . They probably won't use it for a long time since they will only stay for two days . On the right side of the bedroom, there was the glass door leading to the balcony of their hotel room . They didn't check the outside since they were too tired .

They laid on their bed without saying anything . They were too exhausted and tired to say and do anything . A few seconds later, they both fell asleep .