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Published at 2nd of August 2019 09:25:11 AM

Chapter 29

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The rehearsals finished and they were all exhausted and tired . And they know that it was only the beginning of the day . Star sat at a chair near the stage . A hand reached to her from her back and when she looked back, she saw Axel with a gentle smile on his face .

"What are you doing here?" the first thing she said when she saw him .

Axel pouted and pretended to be hurt . "Am I unwanted?"

Star smiled at how he responded . She shakes her head before drinking the water that he handed to her .

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"Why do you always show up at the most unexpected places?" she asked him after she put the water bottle down .

"Who knows" he answered and shrugs his shoulders .

"It must have been exhausting"

"Yes, it is . But it is worth it to see the smiles of our fans" Star said, smiling gently while looking at the empty seats in the arena .

Axel didn't say anything and instead, he sat at the chair beside Star . He just sat there without saying anything .

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A few hours passed . Axel left to attend another meeting . It was time for their concert . They were busy preparing themselves . Their make-up artists and stylists are all occupied with the preparation . Star looks around the large dressing room but she couldn't find Aluna .

She looks at Lily who was busy practicing the choreography of her solo . "Have you seen Luna?"

Lily simply shook her head as an answer . Star decided that maybe she went to the bathroom . She looks around and even Aluna's stylists are not in the room . 'I wonder where they went' Star thought .

She eventually gives up on looking for them and sat at one of the couches in the room . Just after a few minutes later, Aluna enters the room with a big smile on her face . Star looks up to her, noticing the grin on her pretty face .

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"Why're you so happy? Where did you go?" Star asks .

"Oh, nothing" Aluna answered and sat beside her .

"Where did you go?" Star asks, once more .


Star turned her head to her phone after hearing Aluna's answer . Aluna secretly glances at Star who's attention is focused on the game that she's playing and secretly, she smiles at her .

3 hours went by and it was time for their concert . Star and the others went out of the dressing room, fully equipped and ready for battle . They walked towards the backstage where they will appear from . They were nervous . Yes, they are nervous even though it's the second day of their concert . After giving their all on the first day, their fans were more expectant of their second performance .

After a few minutes of the intro, it was time for them to enter the stage . A part of the stage opened up and they were carried up by a moving platform .
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They were greeted by the cheers and screams of their fans, holding their lightsticks, fans cheered loudly .