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Chapter 5

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Axel is in his office, sitting in his chair while in deep thought . He couldn't stop thinking about Star and he is losing his mind so he investigated her . What was so special about her that made him lose his mind? Why does she felt so familiar to him? He will know everything today .

Out of nowhere he suddenly wanted to open the television and just at the right moment Star wad performing with her band mates . She looked like she was shining . In his eyes, Star was the most brightest out of the group, almost like a bright star shining in the black night sky . She looked so pretty . She was wearing an off the shoulders royal blue dress and her hair is tied in a half low ponytail and she looked so simple yet so pretty . Axel was speechless when he saw her dance and sing . She looked so energetic onstage and her voice is simply gorgeous .

Axel stood in front of the TV, and in shock . Is this really the same girl he met at the hotel last night? He stood there until the end of the performance and suddenly, old memories of his childhood entered his mind . He remembered how he used to play with a girl he calls 'Little Star' and how he promised to come back for her some day . A thought suddenly came into his head . He looked at Star and remembered his childhood friend's face . 'no, that can't be' he thought . And just at the right moment someone knocked in his door .

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"Come in" he said and didn't even looked at who came in .

"I'm done with what you requested" Axel turned his head when he heard what the man said .

"Give me" he immediately ordered the man to give him the investigation that he did .

The man gave Axel a folder and he immediately opened it . After lifting a few pages, he immediately found the page where the information that he want was written . He then excused the man and made him leave . Surprised at what he just found out he sat down at his chair and sighed loudly . 'So it really was her . No wonder she felt so familiar to me' he said in his mind .

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He opened up his computer and searched about Star . He found out about the performance that they were going to do on Wednesday . He picked up his work phone and called his secretary .

"But sir, you have a meeting with Mr . Ling on that day" the secretary nervously answered, probably scared because she don't know what she will say to mr . Ling as an excuse .

"I don't care . I have something very important to do that day" he firmly said and his secretary had no other choice but to say yes .

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He search for his personal phone and picked it up . He contacted Cage and he immediately answered his call .


"What kind of flowers does Star like?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Just answer me"

"She likes buttercup"

Axel smiled, hearing that she still likes the same flower that she did when they were little . After satisfying himself he was going to end the call until he heard Cage shout on the other line . "You've been acting weird ever since you brought Star home" He didn't answer and ended the call .

He turned his chair to the side of his office where he can see the whole city . His office is at the top of his whole company which allowed him to see the whole city, even the sea . Ever since owning the company, whenever he is stressed, he turns his swivel chair on the other side and he just look at the amazing view that his office has .

He stared at the city lights that lit up the whole city . Looking at them reminds him of the time when he would go up to the roof of his house with Star and they will just look at the night sky . He is reminded of how the stars reflected through Star's Raven-black eyes and shined . "I miss her" Axel whispered softly .