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Yu Ren - Chapter 17

Published at 10th of August 2019 05:05:29 PM

Chapter 17

Bai Ping Zi is the kind of man who is not only handsome but also likes to look beautiful and show off shamelessly . He likes to be praised for his handsomeness . He can catch the eyes of others instantly wherever he goes .

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There is a saying on the streets: to be able to serve around Miss Bai, even if not very competent, one must be very good-looking . In the Bai Family, where beautiful men and women gather together, he is still as conspicuous as fireflies in the darkness . Bai Ping Zi is the second-in-charge housekeeper . One can imagine that both his looks and abilities are superior to others .

He often accompanies Bai Fu Ling to the market to buy people . Those barbarian traffickers; who have no clue, think that he is the main decision-maker . They don’t know that the real master is the little maid who has no sense of existence beside him .

“What do you think of this one?” Bai Fu Ling asked Bai Ping Zi in a low voice, pointing to a young slave brought out by a human trafficker .

“Not good . Look at his sharp head, he’s easy to get into prison . He’s impatient and has curly hair . He’s fierce and vicious . The most important part is that the ridge of the nose is horizontal, solitary and hard to make friends, strict character, hard to break . This kind of person is clearly a disaster bringer!” Bai Ping Zi shook his head, his words were very professional .

Most Barbarians have curly hair . … Bai Fu Ling wanted to think, but she decided to give up this thought . Although she was not very convinced of the art of Face Reading, she did not want to take the risk of getting a hard nut to crack .

(Face Reading = This method uses the facial features of an individual to deduce certain personality traits . )

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“What about this one?” Bai Fu Ling referred to a barbarian girl who is locked in a wooden cage to her left . In fact, she prefers to buy girls . First, girls are relatively gentle and easy to teach . Second, if a girl falls into the hands of some scum buyer, she will encounter much worse than a male slave .

“Thick brow bones, eyebrows heavy and weak breath . Clearly, she is a laborer . ” Bai Ping Zi twitch his mouth . The girl was still pretty, but at first glance, you can see she does manual labor all the year round . With rough skin and a tired look, it reduced her good looks by a few points .

“Good!  Great! A hard-worker is great! Come on, buy her!” Bai Fu Ling immediately thought that people who are laborers are people that worked hard . She pulled Bai Ping Zi’s sleeve and urged .

Bai Ping Zi shrugged and went to ask the trafficker next to the girl for a price . When the barbarian girl saw Bai Ping Zi’s beautiful peach blossom face, her eyes lit up . She could understand a tiny bit of Qi country’s language and knew that Bai Ping Zi was going to buy her . She turned red with excitement and swept away her previous sadness .

The trafficker also recognized Bai Ping Zi and knew that he was a big customer . He was fluent in the Qi country’s language: “This girl is beautiful and sensible . One person can do two or three girls’ work . If you want her, I’ll sell you cheaply . Five liang!”

Five liang?! This kind of barbarian slave is worth at most three liang!

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Bai Fu Ling cooperated with Bai Ping Zi many times and didn’t need to signal each other anymore . She shouted directly, “Gongzi, such a girl is so coquettish and expensive . Are you going to buy her back to be a concubine? Watch out for madam’s temper!”

(公子 [gōng zǐ] = young master/ young sir . )

Bai Ping Zi immediately cooperated and showed a hesitant look and faked an angry but fearful expression: “Nonsense! What concubine? Don’t speak carelessly in front of your madam!”

Bai Fu Ling said, “Gongzi, that one is just three liang… And it’s much more honest and clever . ” She glanced at the barbarian woman with a slight disgust and pointed her finger to the other side . There happened to be a savage businessman who was selling some of his slaves . She could not see from a distance what he looked like .

Three liang is indeed a reasonable price . The trafficker saw Bai Fu Ling already trying to pull Bai Ping Zi there . He was in a hurry and shouted, “Slow down! Slow down! The price can be negotiated . Don’t go, Gongzi!”

The barbarian girl next to him was more anxious . The patrons here were full of potbellied pigs . Her eyes looked terrible . There was no such thing as valuing chastity among the barbarians . The slightly younger slaves knew what their fate would be . But if the other side was such a beautiful young man, she would feel much better .

As Bai Fu Ling pretended to pull him away, Bai Ping Zi had hesitation on his face, and the trafficker tried his best to detain the guest . Then, he gritted his teeth, and reduced the price to three liang . Bai Ping Zi was also followed by Bai Shi Wu; who came forward with the money .

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(Bai Shi Wu = Bai fifteen)

The rope on the barbarian girl’s feet was untied and she was brought to Bai Ping Zi . Without a word, she knelt down and kowtowed . Bai Ping Zi picked her up and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Me, Name, Nuva . ” The barbarian girl’s face was full of joy and a little shy . Bai Ping Zi saw this expression and waved Bai Shi Wu to take her to the carriage outside the market .

“Tsk tsk, if she was free… I’m sure she’ll show me how she feels without the money involved!” Bai Ping Zi triumphantly said . A good-looking man is a man who takes advantage .

Instead of paying attention to him, Bai Fu Ling uttered a completely irrelevant remark: “Green eyes!”

“What green eyes?” Bai Ping Zi followed her line of sight . It turned out that after the barbarian girl had just been taken away, it revealed another barbarian slave tied up under a wooden fence not far behind her .

The man was scarred, and a cut on his calf was bloody and deep, showing his bone . He looked like a trapped animal or something . Due to the lack of necessary treatment, he had already begun to show signs of ulceration . The other injuries were also very bad . He was half leaning on the wooden fence, barely breathing . His messy, slightly long hair covered most of his face, and his eyes drooped . She could not see clearly what he looked like . If his chest didn’t fluctuate, she would have thought he was dead .

“He just opened his eyes, they were green!” said Bai Fu Ling .

“Bah . There are a lot of green eyes in Zhuangzi . ” Bai Ping Zi objected . The “green-eyes” he spoke of were all ferocious dogs raised by Bai Fu Ling .

The barbarian trafficker, who was talking to other guests, turned around and found that they had not left yet . He hurried up and said, “Does Gongzi have any other preferences? Ah! Well, uh… He’s strong and robust . He’s a good worker!”

Under Bai Ping Zi’s disdainful eyes, the more the trafficker spoke, the lower his voice became . Finally, he felt guilty and said: “it’s just a little hurt . That… Gongzi bought one from me just now . I’ll offer a little discount, just …  just five liang!”

“You call someone dying just ‘a little hurt’?! Do you see the wound on his leg? Not to mention the cost to cure him, looking at his injury, he might lose that leg! You aren’t even ashamed to offer me five liang?! Give him to me for free and I’ll think about it!” Bai Ping Zi said angrily .

With a bitter face, the slave peddler said, “Gongzi, I brought this man all the way here, and there’s always a small charge…” He also knew very well that Bai Ping Zi was telling the truth, but he could not give one away in vain .

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