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Yu Ren - Chapter 21

Published at 21st of September 2019 09:35:40 AM

Chapter 21

Bai Chou handed over a stack of paper, and Bai Fu Ling took a few simple flips. There were the names, ages and places of residence of these craftsmen. More detailed descriptions of their skills were given. The language was simple and straightforward so that even a layman could understand the general meaning at a glance.

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Mu Pei Lan frowned at Bai Chou’s words and said, “What are you talking about, husband? How would people think Ling-er behaves? What do you mean ‘If you like someone, Dad will find a way to get that person for you’? You two, father and daughter, are talking ambiguously. It makes people speechless.”

Bai Chou chuckled and said, “Isn’t there no outsider here?”

Bai Fu Ling said, “Mother, this is our place. What would happen if I’m heard?”

“It’s your dad who gets you use to being lawless…” Mu Pei Lan was very angry but felt it was ridiculous. But she didn’t know how suddenly something occurred to her. She didn’t say any more. She shook her head and raised her hand to sew the other half of her clothes. The needle continued to fly.

Bai Fu Ling was next to her father. While they were reading the letters on the desk, they exchanged opinions with each other. Mu Pei Lan was listening. Unknowingly, her movements became slower and slower. Suddenly, she stopped and tried to say, “There is a letter from the capital. It says my mother wants to see Ling-er and me.”

She wanted to say it before. After hesitating for a while, she finally couldn’t help it.

Bai Chou’s hands shook, dropped the letter on the table, and changed color. “You… You still have contact with those people in the capital?!”

Mu Pei Lan looked down and said, “Well, that’s my mother after all. She has nothing to be sorry at me for. She was helpless that year…”

Bai Chou immediately relented when he saw her like this, got up and went over to her and took her hand. “I don’t blame you, I’m just afraid that those people will have ideas about you. Weren’t they bad enough to you back then?”

Mu Pei Lan looked up and smiled. “What else can I do for them now? I look like this, at this age … do you think I am still the first beauty of the capital?”

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Bai Chou hugged her shoulder and said, “No matter what you look like, at what age. You will always be the first beauty in my heart.”

Without looking at how they look, it’s still very touching. But even if it’s her biological parents, Bai Fu Ling had a hard time wiping out the frightening image and stopping herself from running in the opposite direction.

Bai Fu Ling felt embarrassed looking at them, only feeling thunder rumbling in her ears and a crow passing in front of her. She intuitively felt that she was already quite narcissistic. Compared with her mother and grandmother, she was humble to the degree of humility.

(thunder rumbling& a crow passing in front her = literally speechless.)

Her mother grew up like that, but she dared to call herself the first beauty in the capital! What would she be? The first beauty in the universe? Oh, my god! Is it because people in the capital have an abnormal aesthetic appreciation that they love her biological mother’s tall and strong form?

Bai Chou and his wife were tender and sweet for a while and finally found out that there was something wrong with their daughter. They coughed twice; embarrassed, looked at each other, and asked, “Do you remember when you were a child?”

Bai Fu Ling rubbed her head comfortably on her mother’s arm. Although her mother’s face and figure were somewhat frightening, she liked the soft warm fragrance on her mother’s body the most. “I don’t remember anything before I was three years old. Only most memories after I was three years old,” she said lazily.

This is her consistent statement. The couple never seemed to doubt all sorts of irrational things about her, so Bai Fu Ling is too lazy to hide them.

She remembered that when she was three years old, she first saw her mother and the old monk in the temple. Later, she went home with her mother and picked up Lu Ying. At that time, there was only her mother, Uncle Shen and other people in the family. Although her mother did not say anything, she was restless every day. After a few days, her father suddenly came back bloody in the middle of the night. They thought Bai Fu Ling was asleep and didn’t know anything. In fact, she hadn’t been asleep all the time. As soon as her father entered the door, she woke up and pretended to sleep and secretly watched the scene.

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Since then, there has been a smile on her mother’s face. Apart from when her father went out to ‘do business’, the three of them lived in the capital city. Only a few years later, something happened before they decided to leave. They immediately moved to Beiguan City, which is thousands of miles away from the capital, to start anew.

According to Bai Fu Ling’s observation, her father must have done something for a certain court force in secret. What’s more, it’s something that’s not very righteous. The family rarely mentioned the past days in the capital, and the Bai couple never mentioned the Bai Family’s origin and Bai Fu Ling’s relatives. Bai Fu Ling also doesn’t ask, seems like she thought that her parents jumped out of stone and were free without any strings attached.

(TNnote: so… your parents are Monkey King or Sun Wu Kong, birthed from stone? XD)

Everyone has secrets. Her parents have many things that they have never mentioned to her. She also has a big secret hidden in her heart. A secret she will take to the grave. As long as everyone is happy together, why must we seek it out?

If her parents knew that their daughter died young, as early as three years old, and that she was just a lonely soul from modern society, what would they think?

If they knew that she can only accompany them for 15 years instead of their daughter, will they feel sad and unwilling for her?  Will they feel uneasy and distraught in the fear of losing her from the moment they knew?

Therefore, some secrets are only said to increase worries, destroy stability and unity, harmony and happiness of the happy life. Or… let them rot in her stomach!

From the moment Bai Fu Ling came to this world, she heard the ugly woman she now called her mother; holding her tightly in front of the statue of Bodhisattva, saying that she was willing to sacrifice everything and pay for her daughter’s safety. Bai Fu Ling decided to forget her previous life. She wanted to start anew. She wanted to enjoy the maternal love she had never felt before.

The couple hesitated for a moment and finally did not mention the past. They just avoided the heavy burden and joked about some interesting childhood stories of Bai Fu Ling. Mu Pei Lan sighed, “Ling-er was like an adult when she was a child, but she began to act like a child in recent years.”

“Mother, what are you saying? It clearly means that the more I live, the more I regress!” Bai Fu Ling’s mouth was full of discontent and protest, but her heart knew what her mother meant.

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When she first came to this world, fortunately, her mother believed the old monk’s words in the temple. He said that she was blessed by Bodhisattva and it opened her mind. So, she was extremely intelligent and sensible. Otherwise; without this foreshadowing, when she did not speak and do things like a three-year-old child, she would have been regarded as evil.

Over the past few years, she has seen that the things she wanted to do are almost done. With the influence of her body and environment, she felt relaxed. She became more and more like a child, and more and more like a real 14 or 15-year-old girl.

Mu Pei Lan hugged her by the shoulder and said: “Mother likes Ling-er’s appearance now. I am happy when you look happy … Ah, this year you’re going to have to stop playing with Bai Ping Zi and wait for mother to pick a good husband and son-in-law for you. Then you’ll have a little grandson for your parents in two years.”

Bai Fu Ling went green as soon as she hears this. She has only three years left to live. Why bother with all this mess? So, she pouted and said, “Mother hates me and thinks I’m old. She wants to marry me out and only wants a little grandson!”

Bai Chou spoke, “Who says she’s going to marry you out? We’ll bring home the one you like!”

Mu Pei Lan nodded. They were reluctant to marry their daughter off, so they could recruit a son-in-law. They could watch their darling every day in the future, and they won’t be afraid that their daughter would be bullied by her husband’s family. Although they doubted that someone would dare to bully their daughter, it’s good enough that she doesn’t bully someone.

Bai Fu Ling listened to their tone, becoming more and more excited. She hurriedly stops them, saying she was tired from walking around in the city for a day, and hurriedly retreat

Looking at her graceful figure disappearing behind the gate, Bai Chou held his wife’s hand and continued the previous topic: “Pei Lan, I don’t want to be cruel, but the water in the capital city is too deep. We had a hard time leaving … I don’t want anything to happen to you, and I don’t want Ling-er to get involved in those things.”

Mu Pei Lan, with reddish eyes, whispered: “I understand that. It’s just my mother who is alone in the capital. I don’t know how much she has suffered over the years … I have you and Ling-er, and I feel sorry for her …”

Bai Chou hugged his wife and did not speak. He just patted her on the shoulder and comforted her silently. In any case, he will not let his wife and daughter get involved in any more risks. In this life, they will live in Beiguan City in peace.

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When Yang Heng began to regain consciousness, the first thing he heard was a man’s voice saying, “Ah, this is clearly the profile of a monarch. How can I be wrong?  Is the book really a fake? It doesn’t make any sense! Looking at everyone else’s face before this, I was absolutely right! Strange … It’s really strange …”

He also heard another man’s voice with obvious helplessness. “Second steward, if you don’t help, can you leave? The patient’s poison is not simple. If I don’t treat him, he may hurt his roots.”

Poison?! Yang Heng was shocked, and he suddenly remembered what had happened before he fell into a coma. He negotiated with Lie Dang and planned to send spies to spy on his barracks while Liu Ying was out on the patrol. However, he continued to stay in Beiguan City in disguise. Lie Dang went out of the city early in the morning and planned to visit Bai Family in person to find out all the ins and outs of the Bai Family. In the afternoon, he suddenly received a secret letter from the spies. It said that they found that someone had paid a large sum of money to buy his life from the well-known killer organization ‘Yi Dao Lou’. Yi Dou Lou had already taken over the business and would probably kill him within one or two days. He was requested to move to a safe place as soon as possible.

(一刀楼 [Yīdāo lóu] = One Sword/Knife/Blade? Tower.)

He carefully observed that there were unknown people around the inn, and it seemed that a situation was ready to start. He had to retreat temporarily because of his limited manpower. He would meet Lie Dang first and then make a long-term plan. He didn’t think the number of people sent by the other party was far beyond his imagination, either in quantity or martial arts. He fought and fled with the guards, and eventually got lost.

He is also a master of martial arts in the Jianghu, but there were so many people besieging each other. He tried his best to break through and was hit by two poisonous darts. With his internal force, he managed to suppress the poison. Although he finally threw off his pursuers, he was already losing consciousness.

Hiding in the grass beside the road, he tasted the despair of impending death for the first time. In the haze, he heard the sound of carriages passing by. Knowing that there was only death awaiting, he decided to gamble, grinding his teeth and moving his body to make a noise, and get help.

Listening to what the man said, it seems that the man was sure of curing his poisonous wounds. Who on earth saved him?

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