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Yu Ren - Chapter 27

Published at 8th of November 2019 03:40:47 PM

Chapter 27

Behind the couple, there were also ten servants, each of whom had a smart, fresh and good appearance — (especially outstanding against the couple in the background) .  Their eyes, nose, and heart focused, without any eyes wandering and looking at each other . Yang Heng was satisfied and went into the house first .  

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(眼观鼻鼻观心地 [ yǎn guān bí, bí guān xīn] = Eyes, nose, and heart/mind/character . Concentration in all aspects i . e . they bowed with respect and focus . )

To his surprise, the Bai Family couple were ugly but generous in demeanor, without the humble cowardice of ordinary people in the face of the royal family, which made him a little more curious about the background of the Bai couple .

Bai Chou and his wife knew that their appearance was easy to cause adverse reactions, so they left early . Yang Heng deliberately kept Bai Ping Zi and let them go .

After all the people left, Yang Heng took a look at Bai Ping Zi and asked with a smile, “I heard that Second Steward Bai is proficient in physiognomy, can you have a look at Bengong?”

Bai Ping Zi saw him behave like this and knew that he must have known that he had said that he had the face of a ‘monarch’ . He spoke with a dry smile: “I can’t say I’m proficient in it, just an insignificant skill . Nothing to bet on . ”

“The is only the three of us, speak honestly . No matter what you say, no one would spread the word out . If you say something wrong, I’m sure the Lord won’t blame you . ” Said Lie Dang .

Bai Ping Zi knew that it was useless to make excuses . He had to tell Yang Heng the prediction according to what was said in his family heirloom .

Yang Heng seemed calm on the surface, but he was overjoyed in his heart . He said quietly: “What this gentleman said is good advice . But, this kind of thing is too big . Please be careful with your words and deeds . ”

Bai Ping Zi nodded repeatedly, in his heart, he thought: Had I known it was so accurate, I wouldn’t have said it all over the place!


Bai Fu Ling doesn’t know that her place to play had been occupied . She is pulling Fang Hai to look at the ‘green eyes’ she bought that day in the ‘public ward’ behind the Daixing courtyard and asking when his injury would be cured .

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‘Green eyes’ woke up the next day . He kept silent as if he were mute . He didn’t ask anything . Even seeing a beauty like Bai Fu Ling didn’t change his expression .

Fang Hai examined him carefully and then said to Bai Fu Ling, “Miss, he is in good condition . The wound on the leg is good, he can walk after half a month’s rest . After half a year’s training, he should be able to recover to his previous strength . ”

After hearing this, ‘green eyes’ suddenly looked up and looked at Fang Hai in disbelief .

Bai Fu Ling smiled and said, “eh? Do you understand us? Do you speak the language of the Qi State?”

‘Green eyes’ slowly nodded, his eyes didn’t move away from Fang Hai . His injuries are very serious . He was wrapped in white cloth into the shape of a mummy, and couldn’t move freely . Otherwise, he may have jumped up with excitement .

“Will my leg, really … be okay?” ‘Green eyes’ is not fluent in the Qi language, with a unique difficult to understand accent . It sounds heavy as wine, like chanting, a little hazy, but very pleasant to hear .

Bai Fu Ling smiled and said: “It’s fine . If Fang Hai said it’s okay, then it would be okay! You should listen and rest!” The more she looks at those green eyes, the more pleasing he looked . The chiseled jawline is a bit exotic and handsome as the sexy European model she saw in her last life . He is wild and charming . Most importantly, he is still a ‘tortoise’ who is worth a lot of money!

Bai Fu Ling looked at him like she was looking at a ton of gold . She is not short on money, but she could buy a super valuable top-quality product with only a small amount of silver coins . What’s the difference between that and winning the first prize in the lottery? Who doesn’t love such good luck?!

 (TN: are you a bargain-hunting aunty? girl… . please . )

‘Green eyes’ was in despair but suddenly found hope, it took a while to calm his excited mood . As long as his legs were not wasted, he will one day regain all that should belong to him! Find the people who killed his father and then killed them one by one .

He raised his head and looked carefully at the two life-saving benefactors in front of him . Before that, he was so disillusioned that he didn’t even notice what the people around him looked like . At this moment, he was stunned .

“You are so beautiful, like a fairy on the snow mountain . ” ‘Green eyes’ said very sincerely . His eyes were as warm as fire .

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“Thank you!” Bai Fu Ling is generous in accepting the praise without blushing at all . Fang Hai, who was quietly listening in, only had a wry smile at her cheeky and straightforward ‘flirt’ with ‘green eyes’ .

“My name is Bai Fu Ling . What’s your name?”

“Ciguo Weimao . ”

Wei mao?  Bai Fu Ling paused and refrained from laughing . Ciguo is a surname among the barbarians outside the north area, but their tribe is quite far away from Beiguan City . She only heard Lu Ying mention it, and Beiguan City seldom sees the Ciguo people .

(TN: The 卫矛 [wèimáo] from his name means the ‘winged spindle tree’; while the 为毛 [Wèi máo] she thought of means ‘for hair’ . )

Trying to recall the information about the assassins, a polite knock came from the door . Bai Fu Ling turned around and saw Bai Ji standing there nervously as if he had something to say .

Bai Fu Ling walked up to him and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Bai Ji whispered: “Bai Jin ran into the courtyard at Heling Lake . The second steward is asking the young lady to take it away quickly . ”

“It won’t bite people casually . What is he afraid of? I’ll go back later . ”

“No, His Highness lives there now …” Bai Ping Zi just sent an urgent letter with a carrier pigeon, specifically mentioning not to disclose the matter of an imperial messenger in the Bai Family village for the time being, so his voice dropped to a whisper .

Bai Fu Ling thought of Yang Heng’s conduct back then and said happily, “It didn’t scare him? he he… ”

Bai Ji, with a bitter face, urged, “Miss, please go quickly . ”

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Bai Fu Ling knew that she couldn’t offend someone from the royal family like Yang Heng at random, especially since he was still an imperial envoy . So, she gloated over the disaster and hurried over honestly .

Bai Gu is carrying her on her back and running on the mountain road, feeling very sad… She is indeed the Miss’s horse and ox! Always carrying her all over the mountain, is there any other hard-working servant girl like her?!


Bai Ping Zi did not know what bad luck he had . Unexpected accidents occurred frequently today and he has been in a mess of tidying up after himself .

When he and Yang Heng; master and servant, discussed physiognomy, the atmosphere was just right . Suddenly, he heard a roar from outside of the villa . The thundering sound made people’s eardrum ache . A sharp and murderous sense could be felt . Bai Ping Zi’s face changed and he said: “Terrible! Why is that guy coming?”

Yang Heng and Lie Dang looked at each other in disbelief . The sound … it was clearly a roaring tiger!

Bai Ping Zi spoke with a bitter face . “Please be careful, Your Highness . Don’t go out of this house for the time being …” As he said that, he ran out without hesitation .

Yang Heng frowned and walked out of the hall with Lie Dang . The courtyard was full of people . All the servants they had just met; although they looked a little shaken, did not have the tense look of fear for their lives . Some even looked out of the courtyard with excitement .

The gate of the yard is half-open . A big white tiger outside the yard is shaking its tail, squinting its ice-blue eyes and staring at the yard . Looking like it was ready to rush in at any time . Bai Ping Zi stopped at the door, waved his hand as a driving-away gesture, and shouted, “Go go! The young lady is not here!”

The white tiger is a legendary auspicious animal . Yang Heng once saw one in the auspicious animal garden in the royal palace . It was presented five years ago from the southwest Cai prefecture . His father was greatly delighted and rewarded the relevant officials in Cai prefecture . However, that one was kept in a small courtyard all the year round, with a dull and bored expression . Compared with the one in front of him, both his body shape and power were far apart .

People didn’t know if the white tiger understood Bai Ping Zi, It was not satisfied and still refused to leave .

The servants in the courtyard looked at the white tiger with great care, and the expression on their faces became helpless . Looking at it, Yang Heng and Lie Dang thought that the people here are obviously familiar with the white tiger, and they know that it would not hurt people at will, that’s why they were so calm . Listening to Bai Ping Zi’s words– was the tiger looking for the Bai family’s Miss?

Bai Ping Zi refused to leave when he saw the white tiger . The two sides faced each other for a while . He turned to Yang Heng helplessly and said, “the beast is ignorant . It has offended Your Highness . Please don’t blame it, Your Highness . Just wait for the Lady to come and take it away . ”

Li Dang smiled and said; “It’s a great auspicious omen to welcome an auspicious animal at the door, Sir Bai doesn’t need to worry . ” When he said this, he secretly sent a purposeful look at Yang Heng .

Yang Heng asked, “is this white tiger raised by Miss Bai?”

“No, it lives on this mountain . It’s very spiritual . It usually stays at the back of the mountain . It doesn’t hurt people at will . It likes to be close to Miss . ” Bai Ping Zi doesn’t know how to explain it . In fact, they have long found that not only the white tiger but any animal that had some intelligence also liked to be close to Bai Fu Ling .

Over the years, they have gotten used to all kinds of strange things that appear because of the young lady, and have never thought about carefully exploring the reasons . She is the emissary of the Bodhisattva, the king of the lands . Therefore, the animals will feel peaceful when they are close to her who had the light of Buddha .

Bai Ping Zi confessed that he was not familiar with Bodhisattva, so he did not dare to provoke and drive-away the white tiger . He only hoped that the young lady arrives sooner to take the evil spirit away .

The white tiger is so fierce that even if everyone knew that it would not easily attack people, few dare to walk up to it . People outside the yard have long ran away from it . No one in the yard dares to go out . Bai Ping Zi turned back and sent away the servants who were peeking . “Can’t go out for the time being . You should do what you should do in the yard for now . ”

The servants spread out to work seemingly in unison . Bai Ping Zi closed the door and bolted it, and gave Yang Heng; master and servant a quick hollow laugh: “truly rude!” In his heart, he secretly scolded the white tiger outside the door for its stupidity . Today, he was really inviting bad luck . Even a damned animal came to mess with him!

Without leaving Heling Lake, the white tiger was sprawled in front of the courtyard with a gesture of planning to die here . Bai Ping Zi complained in his heart and asked Yang Heng; master and servant, to return to the hall to rest as naturally as possible .

Yang Heng suddenly asked, “When you said that the Heling Lake and the Cold Spring had wild animals, did you mean this white tiger?”

Bai Ping Zi sighed and said: “Not, Bai Jin … I mean the white tiger outside; it usually only moves around in the back mountain . There are a few big dogs in Heling lake and Cold Spring … they are all moved to the Cold Spring area just now . ”

“Did Miss Bai raise them? Miss Bai’s hobby is very unique . ” But was in her unruly and vigorous temperament . Yang Heng thought of seeing Bai Fu Ling again soon, he had some expectation in his heart . He didn’t have to worry about Bai Ping Zi anymore, so he went back to the hall to have a rest .

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