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Chapter 11

A talk

「Lilia why does it say that you are a slave?」

I calmed down and asked Lilia .

What answer will I get, I’m very tense .

「That’s because I’m an assistant」

「Ah, yes」

I see, an assistant .
I see .

「I don’t understand!! I mean, are you really okay with this!?」

「Of course!! I volunteered myself!!」

「Volunteered? Where?」

「Heaven school」

School? They have schools for slaves in this world?

「Then, why did this heaven school chose me? There must have been others . A good heroes」

「I wasn’t the one choosing .
But, your personality is fitting for a hero-sama!!」

A self-proclaimed hero though .

「You didn’t become a slave just because of that right?」

「Ah, I applied for that」

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Oh? Is that so?

「But to willingly become a slave……」

「That is of course to become strong and earn a lot of money!!」

「Are? Wicked after all!!」

Don’t you have a different reason!? Maa, being honest is good .

「That Heaven school, what is it? Normal school?」

「Yes . A school」

「Why does that school train a hero’s slave?」

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「That is a long story . Is that alright?」

「Of course . Go ahead please」
「Understood . This world is, worlds containing other heroes, also the Earth are just babies . They are classified as a young worlds . Do you follow?」

「Maa, somewhat」

「Then continuing . The world I am from is the oldest world, it is in charge of all other worlds . As the new world settles, a world’s concept is determined」

「The world is made?」

「To make a world, rules are needed to tie things up . To establish other rules, a basic rules are essential . And to obey the rules, a punishments are necessary . And to receive the punishment, a leader who carries out the punishment is necessary」

「Something like a king? But then a hero won’t be necessary」

Lilia shookes her head in disapproval,

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「To become a king, one must be revered by people . However, when he becomes a king, the people will become a nuisance and he will become arrogant . Therefore an existence to correct the king is needed!!」

「But then there is no reason for Lilia to become a slave, is there?」

「To support a hero-sama is my priority . Therefore a position of a slave is just right」

「Is that so…… Then, what I’m supossed to do from now on?」

「Think like a hero-sama . I will follow you」

So all is on me .

「But, why are you a hero’s slave? I mean, what the hell is a slave anyway?」

「To be the hero’s assistant . There is a hiearchial ranking for a slaves too, in most cases if a slave does not obey master’s commands it dies .  Something lighter is a companion slave . I aim for this」

「This companion slaves, does it have any restrictions?」

「In particular, well, just nominal」