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Chapter 12


「Then, I will release you from the slave contract」


It’s bad for hero to have a slave as a companion, also I don’t want to own a slave .

When I said that I will release Lilia from the contract,

「Does that mean I’m not needed?… I understand .  Then this」

「Why a knife?」

Lilia took out a knife from her item box and handed it to me .

「Me, with this」

「Un, I see .  It seems I need to have a proper talk with you」

Ah, my head hurts .

Perhaps it’s necessary to speak from the start .

「If I am to become a hero from now on, I thought having a slave would be uncool, so I thought to release you from the contract」

「In other words I am not needed…」

「That’s not true . I want you to become my companion after I release you from the contract . Is that no good?」

Lilia rises her head in wonder,

「Why do you throw away a profitable advantage?」

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「Even if you ask me…」

By living in the Japan…

Or rather slavery is prohibited in more countries than just Japan…

But the reason I dislike it the most is…

「If I’m to fight with you, instead of a slave, I want us to become an equals . So, please」

「…… . I understand . Then let’s do it this way」

Lilia suggested that I open the menu and look at the Slave’s column .

《Release Lilia?》

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Of course I pressed OK,

「Thank you very much!! As expected of Hero-sama!!」

「Thank you . However, isn’t this normal?」

Lilia was impressed, I thought that it was normal .

「Anyway, teach me a lot from now on」


About the skills

Skills are separated in three categories .

First, main skills

In my case, it’s the 《Self-Proclaimed Hero》 .

When the level rises, it seems that its effectiveness and name rises .

Next, the sub skills

It’s a skill that once you learn, you can always use it .

And also the not yet seen unique skills .

It seems that Lilia doesn’t know about this either .

When Lilia said she doesn’t know either, she looked just like a sad puppy that was thrown away .