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Chapter 14

Drawing water

*pata pata♪*

Lilia just finished tidying up the rooms and is currently looking if there is something useful around .

Cute .

Smiling Lilia is extremely cute .

Her face became like that from the moment I released her from the contract .

I don’t need a man? That expression .

Lilia seems so wonderful after releasing her from the slavery .

The first impression was maxed at 100, but it apparently it goes further .

After listening to Lilia’s talk, she went to tidy up the rooms and look for something she spoke a while ago . It’s not like I’m not doing anything .

I’m now drawing the water from the well behind the hut .

I was looking at Lilia from behind the window .

Why you ask? Because behind the window is a gorgeous school girl .

Pulling the rope up, I pull the bucket of water from the bottom of the well .

It’s tough getting the water for a bath .

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I pour the water from the bucket in a tub and throw the bucket to the well again .

Because I did this already three times, there is no need for more water, but

「It’s hard to go back…」

It’s not like I hate Lilia .

I’m rather thankful and I have a strange feeling that I want to be on a good terms from now on .

I shoved both hands in the bucket .

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「Fuaa .  Feels good」

「What’s the matter?」


It’s Lilia, Lilia was here .

Lilia is looking at me from the corner of the house .

「Nothing, I was just washing my hands .  The water got probably dirty」

「Then, let’s draw the water again .  I will help」

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「Ah, thank you」

「You are welcome」

I empty the water and throw the bucket to the well to draw again .

I draw the water nicely and put it in the tub .

Then, Lilia approaches .

Un .  This is dangerous .

After filling the bucket, we each grab the handle and return to the room together .