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Chapter 16

Water is surprisingly scary

There is a thing called “end” to everything .

When you eat a cookie, it disappears, water also disappears if drank .

No matter how many good deeds you do, you always end up in a grave .

However, I look at the bucket in from of me .

No matter how it’s seen, it contains water .

It does not disappear .

In other words, it’s possible to return to the room now .


「Let’s not complain and return」

I returned to the room .

The room is filled with moe .

I made a mistake .

The room is on fire . (moete ya garu)

「Jiyooooooa!? Lilia!!」

「Fuaaa!! Water please!!」

「Chest oh!!」

I dump the water I just drew on Lilia .

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The water evaporated immediately .

「「Uwaa, my eyes!! My eyes!!」」

When the water evaporates it enters my eyes and I feel extremely strange .

Indescribable unpleasantness .

Yeah, let’s calm and open the window…!

「「Nuu uun」」

It’s unpleasant the moment I opened my eyes .

Because there was no other way, I crawled to the door and opened the window from outside .

The steam flows outside, the room in terrible condition comes in my view .

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「Oou . What happened… Ah well, I can guess, but…」

「So- sorry」

「What happened?」

According to Lilia, the water I put in the pot didn’t boil very much so she used magic, but it seem to have failed .

「… And then, this happened…」

「Yes… I’m sorry」

Her chest too .

What a scatterbrain, if I was a man, I would already attacked her .

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「Anyways, change your clothes . It’s wet」


Saddened and wet Lilia .

Dangerous .

「Then, I’m going to change my clothes」

「Yes . I will wait here」

Lilia went to the next room to change .

「I will tidy up in the meantime」

The floor is submerged in water, so I will wipe it up with a towel while I wait .