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Chapter 23

The exceptionally violent Lilia

The small bottles was stuffed into item box one by one .

Then, an interesting thing .

【Item Box】

Bottle A x 7
Bottle B x 4
Bottle C x 5

It was organized .

When I took out bottle C as an experiment .

《How many bottle C should be taken out?》

That came out .

I see, a choice type .

While assuming two, two bottles come out of air .

Defying gravity, it stopped midair .

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「Don’t worry~ Don’t worry~☆」

I’m used to it already .

「For the time being, let’s go back to Lilia . 」

I returned to the room where LIlia is with the bottle .

「I’m back . I found some bottles . 」

「Is that so? We can draw water with this then♪」

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I took some bottles from the item box and show it to Lilia .

「It would be useful it we put oil in it . 」

「Oil? For what use?」

「Molotov Cocktail . 」

Another frightening name came out…

「My magic isn’t for combat yet… However, we can do somehow if we combine Molotov cocktail and magic!!」

「Y-Yeah . Then, take care when using it . 」

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「Yes!! I’ll do my best!!」

Lilia split the oil from the cupboard to the bottles, I tear apart the bed cover by myself and assigned it as the fuse of the bottle cover .

Then, it was put inside Lilia’s item box .

「It will be dark soon . Let’s wipe our bodies before it’s too late . 」

「Un . Let’s do that . 」

While thinking that it’s already settled, I boiled water .