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Chapter 39

Yuusha Onna – Chapter 39

39 : Together with Lilia

Rather than saying that we made out, I was done in like crazy, and one was left feeling refreshed while the other was completely exhausted .

「………………… Uuh……………」

「It was a really great treat♪ It was delicious♪」


As I was lying in the bed, I look up at Lilia .

What happened? I want to ask…

The only thing I can say is, I was on the receiving end this time as well .

「Well, let’s go shopping ♪It got dark and the night has come♪」

「Whose fault it is……… Haa………」

I got up from the bed, and stood up after adjusting my clothes .

「Well then, shall we go buy a meal?」

「Yes♪ What do we eat?」

As I said so, I thought back upon the fact that I don’t know anything about this world .

「I don’t know anything about what there is or not . What do you recommend?」

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「Grilled Fire Bird is delicious♪」

First of all, how does grilling a burning bird sound like?

「Well, should we walk while taking a look at the town? To find if there’s something delicious . 」

「Though you might say that my stomach is full♪」

*Ufufu* As Lilia laughs my spine freezes .

「Let’s go then♪」

「Y, yeah . …… . 」

My arm was pulled by Lilia and we left the room .

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I am lead by the hand by Lilia, as we go down one floor, I return the key to the man on the counter and we go out .

「It’s a bit chilly . 」

「Isn’t it? Don’t you think it’ll be warmer if you come a little bit more closer to me?」

「Ye, … You’re right . Well then, thank you . 」

It’s dark outside and when the wind blows it gets a little cold .

When I’m close to Lilia, there’s certainly a difference in temperature compared to the surroundings, it’s warm .

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「Let’s hold hands♪ So that we don’t get lost♪」


「Yes♪ Of course!!」

My clear eyes and my cloudy heart convey a contradiction .

Lilia’s eyes are glittering and blazing, and her smiling face is beaming .

「Then please take care of me♪」

「Yes♪ Let’s go♪」

I surrender easily, then Lilia lead me by the hand as we headed out into the night town .