Way of Choices - Chapter 908

Published at 22nd of April 2018 04:15:06 PM
Chapter 908: Chapter 908 – Between Life and Death

Chapter 908 – Between Life and Death

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The green leaves suddenly quickened, becoming sharp arrows aimed at the Daoists .

The Daoists sensed the might contained in the Wu Arrows and they instantly turned stern . Not daring to slight these arrows, they immediately enveloped themselves in dim sword glows .

Chen Changsheng used this chance to move, using the Yeshi Step . When moving from the Dou Star to the Zhen Star, he suddenly shifted to the Niu Star . Like a wisp of smoke, he shot towards the White Tiger Divine General's back .

The White Tiger Divine General was too late to turn, but with a twitch of his face, his spear flew through the air!

He was somewhat surprised to see Xu Yourong suddenly attack, but he had long prepared himself for Chen Changsheng's sword .

Countless motes of star radiance poured out from the chinks in his armor, brilliantly shining as they formed a layer of light . This layer of light was extremely smooth and perfectly formed, practically without flaw .

Chen Changsheng's sword moved like a bolt of lightning, avoiding the spear and stabbing at the general, but it failed to pierce the layer of light .

Ever since he had learned the sword from Su Li in the wilderness, this was the first time he had encountered this sort of situation .

Before this, against even experts like Divine General Xue He or Xiao De, his Intellectual Sword had always managed to pierce through his opponent's defense .


Could this person actually have a perfect Star Domain?

Countless sword slashes, light, and heat splashed out from the clash between the two .

Through this light, Chen Changsheng saw the White Tiger Divine General's supremely apathetic face .

When Su Li was evaluating the current experts of this generation while they were traveling through the wilderness, he had said that there was no one amongst them that had a truly perfect Star Domain .

Today, the White Tiger Divine General's performance had seemingly overturned this conclusion .

Chen Changsheng was able to sense that this person truly was powerful, with only the most minute of differences separating him from Xue Xingchuan!

Whether he used the Intellectual Sword or the Blazing Sword, it would be very difficult to break this person's defenses in a short amount of time .

No one understood this more than the White Tiger Divine General . Through the light, he looked at Chen Changsheng with a faint disdain .

Suddenly, the disdain was scattered by a hint of pain, which in turn was supplanted by endless shock .

Someone had torn an opening in his perfect Star Domain!

What was going on here?



Right before Chen Changsheng's sword clashed with the White Tiger Divine General's spear, someone had walked out from the Imperial Court's diplomatic mission .

In both attire and appearance, this was an extremely ordinary person, not the least bit remarkable, not attracting the slightest attention .

This person seemed to walk slowly, but they very quickly traveled the several hundred zhang to the center of the plateau .

This person stepped very lightly, so lightly that they made no noise, did not stir the slightest breeze . They didn't even let out any breath or smell .

Even the peak Star Condensation expert that was the White Tiger Divine General did not sense this person coming up behind him .

Like a real ghost, this person quietly stood behind the White Tiger Divine General and indifferently stared at his neck .

Finally, somebody noticed this bizarre sight and felt a deep chill .

A person in the Imperial Court's diplomatic mission wanted to warn the Divine General, but they were too late .

The ghost-like person raised their hands and brought them down on the White Tiger Divine General's neck .

Several glints of light, so cold that just looking at them made one shiver, appeared at the front of this person's hands, looking for all the world like two sets of wolf claws .

This was the most cool-headed sneak attack, the wisest method of battle . Even if one had a perfect Star Domain, this person would still be able to come and break it .

The sharp wolf claws descended, tearing a gap in the smooth and perfect layer of light formed from star radiance .

It was a very small opening which might even be missed without careful observation .

The killing power of these two sets of wolf claws did not seem capable of harming the White Tiger Divine General .

But to the true experts present, these wolf claws were a most dangerous existence .

They could vaguely see a savage wolf silently creeping behind its prey and then indifferently lowering its head to take a bite at the neck .

Only when the wolf's canines punctured the prey's arteries, or perhaps when the prey's head had already been bitten off, would the prey finally realize what was happening .

So savage and so skilled in stealthy sneak attacks, who else could it be but Zhexiu!

The Prince of Xiang's expression instantly chilled, but a flame began to blaze in his eyes, circulating into a great sun . Bolts of lightning seemed to be sputtering out of his eyes .

A chilly wind rose up from his feet, howling around his plump body, making for him a new belt .

He sensed that something might happen to the White Tiger Divine General and had decided to come to his rescue .

But Wang Po's gaze fell upon him, his empty sleeve flapping in the wind, appearing like the string of a kite on the verge of descending .

Bie Yanghong also looked at the Prince of Xiang, the string on his pinkie blowing in the wind while the bright red petals behind him waved in unease .

The Prince of Xiang narrowed his eyes while his hands grasped his belt . It was still not clear whether he would intervene or not .

The standoff between these three experts of the Divine Domain lasted for only the briefest of moments .

Because in this brief moment, the battle was resolved, life and death decided .

Chen Changsheng was like the figure of a crane reflected in a cold pool far below, flying past the mountain range that was the spear .

Zhexiu's hands were like branches immersed in the cold light of the Demon race's Moon in the north, falling on the general's neck without alarming the bird that was the spear .

The White Tiger Divine General knew that someone had come and broken his perfect Star Domain, but he did not know where this person was .

And he did not have any energy to care about that person's whereabouts .

Chen Changsheng's sword was already here .

The dagger, dazzling bright and clean, was combined with the Vault Sheath, increasing both its killing intent and sharpness .

The hole in the White Tiger Divine General's Star Domain was very small, but as long as a hole existed, it could be pierced through by the incomparably sharp dagger .

The Stainless Sword penetrated through the gap, bringing with it a gout of blood as it headed towards the Divine General .

The White Tiger Divine General roared, furiously circulating his true essence . Star radiance gushed to the skies like a furiously blooming flower .

But almost right after, this bright star radiance suddenly dimmed, as an even brighter sword glow had begun to shine .

Countless sword glows poured out from Chen Changsheng's hand like fish swimming upstream, or like fireworks over the capital .

It was a most beautiful and majestic sight .

Swords endlessly howled and cried, using their sharp sword intents to cut and hack at everything in the center of the plateau .

Whether it was the ground or armor, they were all hacked to pieces . In the blinding sword glows, the gap in the perfect Star Domain gradually widened .

The only sounds on the plateau were the incessant cries of swords and the howling of the wind .

Many people were aware of the Pope's famous simultaneous assault with a thousand swords, but they were still shocked speechless upon seeing the sight with their own eyes .

Were these sword glows the eternally famous swords of the Garden of Zhou's Sword Pool? Was this sword art the Pope's most powerful move?

Several hundred swords were cleaving at the White Tiger Divine General like a surging river .

Even with the White Tiger Divine General's powerful cultivation, perfect Purification, and vast reserves of true essence, how could he endure?

In a flash, his stalwart body was covered in several dozen sword wounds, blood spraying out in a torrential rain .