Zhanxian - Chapter 337.1

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Chapter 337.1

chapter 337 . 1 Breaking Through The Enemy Lines


One could not help but say that this method was very suitable for the besieged . Especially in the ocean, it was still timed by five water attribute spirit roots .

Even if Yang Chen’s golden bell was more harmful to the spiritual awareness, almost all of the bell’s attacks were absorbed by the array . Within the scope of the formation, there was crushed ice everywhere, but the five Yuanying stage ancestors did not suffer the slightest damage .

From the perspective of spiritual power, the five Yuanying stage ancestor’s own has already far exceeded Yang Chen’s spiritual power level . What’s more, when they talked about the realm, they were also superior to Yang Chen . In this level of confrontation, the formation of five people was firmly having the upper hand .

However, it does not mean that Yang Chen was completely powerless . After all, the golden bell was a weapon that came out of the treasure house of the Dragon Palace . Although the five people blocked the golden bell attack by Yang Chen, they were unable to attack, so the two sides went into a stalemate .

It was not that the five people didn’t want to attack, but some of them were slightly distracted and they couldn’t immediately gain clarity from the bell sound . Without the little bit of the blessing from the formation, they would have immediately tasted a great sorrow . Who would dare to be distracted?

The array constrained all the attacks of the bell, so the strong man on the sailboat outside the array did not suffer the slightest damage . From the beginning of the attack, he controlled the sailboat to fly into the air . He was the general commander of the attack, but when he saw that the five Yuanying masters and a sea sealing flag array could not take care of Yang Chen, a small Jiedan stage younger generation junior, he could not help but frown .

Being out of the field, the strong man could of course see that the magic weapon that they didn’t know where Yang Chen got it and that they didn’t know beforehand of had a strong attacking power . Now he was deadlocked with five people, and no one could help him .

Seeing this happening, the brawny man would certainly not tolerate it . The six Yuanying stage ancestors had to deal with a master of the Jiedan stage unexpectedly . Although it was only by the formation that Yang Chen could be trapped and not to let him escape, even if they could kill Yang Chen, they would need to be assisted by the formation and if they could not do it, it would be a shame .

At the moment when his brow wrinkled, there appeared a flying sword around the strong man . During his meditation, the flying sword went silently to Yang Chen in the lineup . Yang Chen was dealing with the siege of five people and could no longer afford to deal with another sudden attack .

The flying sword flew very quickly and went to slam into the head of Yang Chen . However, Yang Chen in the array seems to have already expected this, there appeared a flying sword in his hands . It was the bright ray sword that everyone knew about .

What was strange was that Yang Chen did not have the sword in defense, but he caught the flying sword in his hand . When the flying sword of the strong man approached, Yang Chen waved the sword .

With a soft bang, Yang Chen’s sword blocked the strong man flying sword, the sound that came was from Yang Chen attacking the other side’s flying sword, and at the same time, his spirits stirred up and knocked the golden bell on his body .

The bell sounded at just the moment when Yang Chen’s bright ray sword and the strong man flying sword met . The melodious bell passed directly through the two swords and passed to the ears of the strong man .

If the strong man had been outside the battle, in a short time, Yang Chen wouldn’t have been able to do anything to him, but he couldn’t wait and attacked on his own initiative .

It was simply an easy thing for his spiritual awareness to know that the sword was within the range of Yang Chen’s bell attack . Boom, the brawny only felt the moment when the two swords intersected, and suddenly a huge bomb seems to have exploded in his mind, and there was a blank inside his brain .

When the bell rang, the flying sword lost control and fell directly into the formation . The brawny man on the sailboat seemed to have fallen into a coma . For a time, he could no longer control the sailboat and the wings . The two magic weapons lost their master’s control and began to slowly descend from the air .

In the sea sealing flag array, the five Yuanying stage ancestors were shocked . While trying to maintain the battle against Yang Chen’s attack, they could not help but be become dazed . Under the circumstances that such a number of people were dominant, if they have to intervene at will and not understand the situation, this would be the end .

Although they relied on the power of the array to block the attack of the golden bell, they could only do their best to hold on, and there was no spare power to check on the brawny man . After this judgment error, the brawny man paid a painful price .

However, this attack of the strong man was not without any effect . With Yang Chen’s efforts to resist the flying sword of the strong man, the five array flags of the sea sealing flag array had been narrowed to a large circle . The scope of the array has also been reduced by more than half .

When the range of the array became smaller, for the five Yuanying stage ancestors, it meant the increase of power and the reduction of controlling power, but for Yang Chen, it was not so wonderful . The most important thing was that after the defense of the array was enhanced, it was already impossibly to start a counterattack .

The attack of the golden bell has been completely bound in the array, and even the ice under his feet could only break in a small area . Now Yang Chen could not depend on the golden bell, he could not effectively improve the attack method of the golden bell, as he only knew this single method .

Fortunately, with the protective body function of the golden bell, even if Yang Chen was attacked in the battle, it could only let Yang Chen retreat for a while, but his body would not be injured . If his control was good, Yang Chen could also use the other side’s attack to shock the golden bell to counterattack .

However, the other party quickly discovered this and their attack became awkward . They would never make a move at the same time, to give Yang Chen the biggest counterattack . Everyone was attacking Yang Chen by the counter-attack of the golden bell . The golden bell was fully protective against Yang Chen, and the sound was not as powerful as it was at the beginning .

Seeing this method worked well, the five people suddenly rejoiced, regardless of the sailing boat in the sky slowly falling, they fully controlled the flag, while mobilizing the array to attack Yang Chen, while narrowing the scope of the array .

The array was getting smaller and smaller, and it has been concentrated in in a hundred zhang . The distance between the five people was getting closer and closer, but the power of the array was getting bigger and bigger .

Inadvertently, Yang Chen has also been unable to counterattack, the golden bell was fully capable of coping with the attack of the formation, but it could no longer ring the golden bell to counterattack .

Seeing that Yang Chen has begun to stretch and clenched his hands, the five people finally showed a happy smile . The biggest purpose of this outing could now be completed, maybe they didn’t need to kill Yang Chen at first, they could firstly capture him . You must know that capturing him alive would be more rewarding than killing him .

No one cared about the situation of the strong man . He was only stunned by the golden bell and fainted . Anyway, there was the sailing boat protection . There was nothing wrong with landing in the sea . He just had to wait for them to deal with Yang Chen and then he would be healed .  

Yang Chen resisted very hard, but it did not help . Soon, the formation was constrained to within 30 feet, and Yang Chen had to struggle to resist their attack .


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