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Zombie Princess - Chapter 1

Published at 14th of February 2020 10:42:20 PM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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 She opened her eyes .

 A bright red color appeared before her .

 It wasn’t the color of blood she was familiar with, but … a scarlet veil?

 Wasn’t she dead? Didn’t she die under the siege of several human beings?

 She thought of her time as a Zombie Queen when she had millions of younger brothers . During her lifetime, except for the inability to taste the food, she was happy .

However, she accidentally fell into a trap made by humans and died .

 As Luo Fu recalled her glorious life, her head suddenly throbbed with pain . A large wave of information came in as if to burst her brain .

   Luo Fu’s eyes glowed with surprise after digesting the information .

 Her soul had transmigrated into ancient times . No, to be precise, she transmigrated into an ancient historical novel she had read once when she was bored .  

She still remembered the characters and the general plot clearly . Comparing it with the soul’s original owner’s memory, she realized that she transmigrated as cannon fodder!


But she didn’t care . At least she was human now!

 If she could choose, of course, she would prefer being a human instead of a Zombie Queen .

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 What was good about being a Zombie Queen? No matter how delicious the food was, it tasted like dirt in her mouth .

Compared with the apocalyptic days, the current life was a paradise!

 She took a deep breath . She took a deep breath, letting the fresh air with the fragrance of the vegetation outside enter her lungs . It had a fresh sweetness .

 And fruity–

 Luo Fu lifted the red veil above her head and saw a pile of food, fruits, snacks, dried dates, and lotus seeds on the table opposite her . Her eyes glowed with hunger . This hunger demanded action!

      There were no other creatures in the room . She rushed to the table and picked up the snack with her left hand and the fruit with her right hand .

      She finally took a bite .

 Not long after, a sound of footsteps came . Luo Fu cursed and cleaned up the scene . She ran back to the bed, covered her head with the veil, and sat down .

 Now that she had occupied someone else’s body, it was natural to settle down in it peacefully .

 If she collapsed on the first day, it would not be conducive to her development .

 If she guessed right, the man entering should be ‘Xuanyi — the substitute’ of her newlywed husband .

   This novel was simply absurd . Its name was —

 “Transmigrated into a Concubine: Gao Leng Wang Ye*” 

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 It was about a modern female college student, Luo Yiren . After a car accident, she got transmigrated to a girl with the same name in the Prime Minister’s Mansion of the Great Qi Kingdom . She accidentally rescued a handsome man . He turned out to be Gao Feng, King of War . Then they fell in love and lived a shameless life .

  Of course, the plot had begun . It had progressed to the point where the female lead Luo Yiren and the cannon fodder Luo Fu, ( the original owner) were married into the royal palace on the same day .

 The male lead had strong feelings for the female lead . He had made a lifetime commitment with her .

 He would never touch any other woman!

 To retain the love between them and to protect his chastity, the male lead came up with the idea of ​​letting someone go in his place to round the room* with his wife– female owner .

 And the candidate was already available .

 King of War had a shadow guard, Xuan Yi . He looked exactly like him . Except that one was in the light, one was in the dark; one was the master, and the other was his slave .

 Entering the room at this moment was Xuan Yi, who was arranged by the King of War .

 According to the ceremony, Xuanyi lifted Luo Fu’s veil .

 He saw the dim sum* that hadn’t been wiped clean in the corner of her mouth . Xuanyi’s eyes stirred slightly .  Wang fei* seemed not the same as he remembered .

 Luo Fu didn’t know she was exposed .

 She scanned the man in front of her from head to toe . Her eyes finally fixed on his face .

 A loud whistle rang in her heart .

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 After living two lives, for the first time, she saw such a handsome man . But no matter how good it looks, could it be eaten as a meal?

 Luo Fu hadn’t eaten much . This body was being tossed from morning to night that day, without even drinking a drop of water . She was already hungry .

 Now she had to find a chance to get something to eat .

 After the ceremony was over, Luo Fu’s eyes glowed . A pair of watery eyes stared fixedly at Xuan Yi, and her red lips slightly opened, “Wang Ye, let’s sleep . ”

 She placed her hand on his shoulder, and with a little force, pushed him down on the big red dragon and phoenix bed .

 There was a hint of surprise in Xuan’s eyes . He did not expect Wang fei to be so bold .

 He didn’t intend to do anything with the Wang fei, but he had to make her believe in the illusion of Wang Ye’s love . And then find an opportunity to knock her out, expecting that she would wake up the next day . Even if she suspected anything, she would not be bold to ask about it .

 But now … it was a bit difficult .

 As Xuan Yi groaned, Luo Fu had already leaned on him . Red lips gasped, and tender jade hands swam across his chest .

 This woman’s body was stunning . Thinking about Wang Ye’s orders and his identity, Xuan Yi’s original fire calmed down .

 The next moment, he felt a pain in the back of his neck and lost consciousness .

 Luo Fu smiled, poked on Xuan Yi’s face, and hummed softly, “If this woman wants to sleep with someone, then she could . You look good, but no matter how good you look, can you be eaten as a meal? Tonight, just lie down here . I am going to look for food . “

 After half an hour, a series of outcries rang out in the kitchen .

 “Ham, shark fin, white wings, are all gone!”

 “The casserole and deer tendons are gone too!”

 “The lily and lotus seed bird’s nest porridge, which was specifically made by order of Wang Ye for the concubine, was gone! What should we do?”

 The kitchen was in a mess .

 The culprit was sitting in front of the table, with one leg on a stool, devouring all kinds of food .

 After eating, the expression called satiated finally appeared on her face . Then Luo Fu walked a few laps in the room, had a bath, then she went to bed .

 It didn’t take long to fall into a deep sleep .

Xuan Yi, who fainted by her side, opened his eyes .



*Wang Ye: Prince

*Wang fei: wife of the prince

*Round the room/caveroom: wedding night sex)

*Dim sum: a style of Chinese cuisine . It is prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on a small plate .

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