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Zombie Princess - Chapter 10

Published at 24th of February 2020 03:18:43 PM

Chapter 10

Early the next morning, the King of War accompanied Luo Fu to the Prime Minister’s Mansion .

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The husband and wife greeted them at the door .
When getting out of the carriage, the King of War helped Luo Fu out . He looked at her with a tender feeling like water .
Luo Fu smiled on the surface and cursed in her heart . This man really disgusted her .
To get her father’s support, he did not hesitate to act affectionate in front of outsiders . Such a person could finally ascend the supreme position and inherit the throne . God had no eyes .
However, she appeared here now, was it because God couldn’t stand it anymore? So she was specially sent to fix the mistake!
He even rewarded her with a system to make her abuse the dog couple .
Since he was going to act, she decided to accompany him .
Luo Fu looked at him with a look full of affection as well .
Looking at this scene, the man and his wife were deeply relieved . They came forward and welcomed the couple in .

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After entering the house, the king of war and Luo Fu separated . The king of war was invited by the prime minister to the study to talk .
Luo Fu followed Pei Shi and dasao* Zheng Shi into the backyard, to talk about women’s stuff .
such as–
Yeah, how are you doing?
Intercourse and fights?
Is it appropriate to live in Wangfu?
Luo Fu was teased her young nephew, “Zhouzhou, your aunt has brought you a rocking horse, do you want A’wei to take you to play?”
As soon as Zhouzhou heard it, his eyes glowed as bright as the little sun . He ran out, pulling A’wei, and shouting, “Play horse, I have a horse!”
Luo Fu smiled as Zhouzhou ran out, and sent off the maidservants in the house, leaving only the ones she trusts .
Zheng said with a smile, “Xiaomei*, are you afraid that others will hear you?”

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Luo Fu wiped out the crumbs on her fingers with a handkerchief, and said leisurely, “What if it’s shameless enough that cannot be disclosed to others?”
Pei Shi and Zheng Shi looked at each other, and a bad feeling rose in their hearts . Nongnong* didn’t seem shy about sexual intercourse .
“Mother, I want to be separated from the King of War,” Luo Fu said .
Words like thunder exploded over their heads .
“You got married, why do you want to separate from him? Luo Fu, what happened?” Pei Shi held Luo Fu’s hand and couldn’t stop shaking .
Seeing her eyes full of worries, Luo Fu couldn’t help but burst into tears .
For a long time, she had been a zombie . Luo Fu had long thrown her emotions down the drain . But now facing her original mother and her unreserved love and care, a strange feeling arose in her heart .
She threw herself into Pei Shi’s arms and leaned on her waist .
“Mother, the King of War will kill me!” Luo Fu sued the King of War without any burden .

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She didn’t stigmatize him, because according to the original development of the novel, the king of war used the original owner to get f Luo Yangxiang and her two brothers help . Once he got the throne, he turned his back and didn’t recognize the Luo family . He even charged Luo, family, with treason and sent them to prison .
In the end, the family was exterminated!
There were more than 300 people in the entire family, from the 80-year-old man to the newborn baby . He didn’t let go of anyone!

Without the family’s support, Luo Fu had no real value . The pair of sluts, the King of War and Luo Yiren, gave her a poisonous wine and sent her to heaven .
Luo Yiren also stepped on the entire Luo family of more than 300 people and gained a good reputation for being righteous . In the midst of annihilation, she successfully ascended the rank of queen .
The slut had her own harvest . Playing, she abused this woman with a harsh hand .
But these plots were yet to be uncovered . If Luo Fu told Pei Shi these things, she would think Luo Fu was under the influence of a ghost or a spirit .
Therefore, she could only use dreams as an excuse .
She told the story of the novel in the form of a dream .
After listening to it, Pei Shi and Zheng were speechless for a long time . Apparently, Luo Fu’s words had a huge impact on them .
Luo Fu was not in a hurry . She gave them the time to digest while she ate the snacks on the table .
Now, she also had a few hundred hate values ​​in her hand . So, she could directly exchange for a delicious time whenever she wanted to eat without having to worry about it .
However, this was still far from her ideal goal of eating .
She didn’t know when she could truly be a human .
“Nongnong, this dream is not true . Don’t think about it,” Pei Shi thought back . Her expression was still haggard .
She subconsciously refused to believe that her daughter would experience such a miserable life, and their Luo family would end up like that in the end .
“Mother, I know you’re finding it hard to believe . In fact, I didn’t believe it at the beginning . What’s more, my sister is also surnamed Luo, how could she ignore her own family? But–“
*dasao- elder brothers wife
*Nongnong: Luo Fu’s nickname

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