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Zombie Princess - Chapter 7

Published at 17th of February 2020 12:27:23 PM

Chapter 7

However, to Luo Yiren, she was certain that something happened between him and Luo Fu . Her tears fell more fiercely .

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“Go! I don’t want to see you again! Go!”
The King of War simply didn’t explain and went directly to kiss her . The person in his arms felt dizzy .
In the end, the two became intimate in a short time .
When they were into it, the enchanting appearance of Luo Fu lying on the bed unexpectedly appeared in the mind of the King of War, and his action became more violent .
After making love, Luo Yiren laid on the King of War’s chest, still thinking about the previous events, and contributed several waves of hatred to Luo Fu .
Early in the morning, the long-awaited concubines of the house came to please Luo Fu .
At a glance, some of the beautiful women were thin, and some others were fat . Each had her own advantages . They were all unique and extraordinary . Which one wasn’t better than Luo Yiren?
However, the heroine’s aura was such a powerful and overbearing thing . With it in hand, even the most beautiful woman who fought against the heroine became dung .
They could only look at the beautiful heroine from the side .

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Luo Fu drank her tea slowly . After the concubines all came forward and began the ceremony, she asked, “Why didn’t Luo Yiren come today? Is she sick? A’wei, go and see if anything was wrong with her body . In that case, find a doctor to see her . ”
A’wei responded and went to the Clear Pear courtyard .
However, when she came back, she reported, “Return to Wang fei, Luo Yiren is not sick . The reason why she did not come is because-“
“Huh? Because what?”
“Concubine Luo has not woken up yet . ”
Concubines, “…”
Luo Fu leaned back and raised her lips playfully . Wasn’t this a good opportunity to earn hatred?
“Although Luo Yiren is my younger sister, now she has married into the Luo Yiren al palace, she is the first concubine, but she must obey the rules of the house . As a Wang fei, I have the responsibility to manage the backyard for Wang Ye . ”
“As the saying goes,’No rules, no standards’ . She, as a concubine, hasn’t woken up yet at this hour, is it like that? If this gets passed on to people would think our Wangfu has no rules . Cui Yan, go and teach her a lesson for me . “

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Luo Fu deliberately accented the word “Teach” .
Cui Yan bowed and walked out gracefully .
At Clear Pear courtyard, the little girl who was standing at the door tried to stop Cui Yan, but when she glanced at her, her legs went weak, and she didn’t dare to stop her .
Cui Yan went straight in and walked to Luo Yiren’s bed .
A faint musk-like scent came out, with a touch of salty smell . As an experienced person, Cui Yan immediately realized what happened and frowned .
She raised the veil and saw the person sleeping on the bed . She lifted the quilt expressionlessly .
The traces of love on Luo Yiren’s body were immediately revealed . Cui Yan’s pupil shook in shock, and she was breathless .
‘ Yesterday, Wang Ye spent last night with Wang fei . Where did the traces on the concubine come from? Did the concubine have an affair?’
This was incredible!

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Cui Yan asked Xiaoya to bring a copper basin and knocked heavily near Luo Yiren’s ear .
Luo Yiren jumped up, scared from the bed, “What’s wrong?”
As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Cui Yan standing next to the bed . She was shocked .
When she noticed that her body was cold, Luo Yiren looked down . Her body was unclothed, and ambiguous red marks were apparent . She blushed, got into the quilt, and covered herself tightly . With vigilance, she starred at Cui Yan, “What are you doing?”
Last night it was this woman who stopped her from entering Wang fei’s hall . Now that she had come here, it would definitely not be for a good reason .
Cui Yan’s voice was cold, “It’s three o’clock in the afternoon . You are exactly three-quarters of an hour late to greet Wang fei . ”
Luo Yiren yawned, “Greet? What greet?”
When she saw Cui Yan’s face getting darker and darker, she reacted . It seemed that there was such a thing in ancient times, but she was tortured by Wang Ye in the middle of the night . How can she get up early?
Besides, she guessed that Cui Yan was just a servant . It was Luo Fu who wanted to cause trouble for her .
The thought of Luo Fu keeping Wang Ye in her room yesterday, and deliberately causing her to misunderstand, made her angry .
But Luo Fu was a Wang fei on the surface . It would be bad if she confronted her openly . It will even make Wang Ye angry .
“Okay, I’ll clean up and go,” Luo Yiren pouted . She thought in her heart, that when Wang Ye comes back, she will talk to him to save her from the rule .
‘ Isn’t it good to sleep a bit longer in the morning? Why bother to toss around? What’s the point of a group of women meeting over there? It’s just a waste of time and life!’
Cui Yan’s face was completely dark this time .
A shu* daughter would always remain a shu . Even if she flies to a branch, she won’t turn into a phoenix .
Cui Yan felt that she needed to discipline this irregular concubine .
*Shu daughter- daughter of a concubine

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