Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 1202

Published at 30th of June 2020 11:25:04 AM

Chapter 1202: 1202

Seeing Qiu Lili become a little worried and upset, Lin Kui slowed down on the stairs . He couldn’t help but reach out and gently rub her hair, “It’s gonna be fine . I believe that Chief and Chief Wu will figure out something to protect our base . We won’t lose our base . ”

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 After all, they had all decided to settle down in the base . After such a long time, everyone in the base felt like they belonged there .

 Qiu Lili raised her head to give him a glance, then abruptly slapped his hand off her head and complained, “Don’t touch my head . You ruined my hairstyle . Did you touch my head because I’m shorter than you?”

 After saying that, she turned her face away and hopped off the stairs, putting on her sunglasses before walking out of the building .

 Lin Kui looked around, then took out his sunglasses and put them on as he followed her out . Before long, some people who lived in the building came out . None of them realized that Qiu Lili and Lin Kui, who visited the building a lot, were actually zombies .

 Not long after she left the neighborhood, Qiu Lili leaped high and disappeared . About ten seconds later, she showed up on top of the building where she lived in, in Base Number Two . Soon, she found her special spot and sat down .

 She didn’t like staying in her own room . Instead, she preferred spending time on the roof . Up there, she could feel the wind and see things far away . Quite a while later, the door led to the roof was opened again . A large black panther walked out of the door with elegant pace . It turned and looked at Qiu Lili, then wagged its long tail .

 Qiu Lili twirled . Seeing the panther, she blinked her eyes happily . Her red eyes even glowed more brightly than usual .

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 “Come here!” She waved at Lin Kui .

 The panther slowly walked to her, then nimbly hopped up to her side and sat down . His long tail constantly swayed from side to side . Qiu Lili reached out and stroked the panther’s chest fur . It was so smooth and soft that she never got tired of rubbing it .

 The black panther flipped his tail quickly, then turned to say to her, “In fact, I wanted to say this long ago . Even though we are not human beings anymore, this can still be considered as harassment . Is my chest muscular enough?”

Every time, the girl stroked him either on the chest or the head . That made him feel weirdly itchy in the heart .

 Hearing what he said, Qiu Lili paused briefly, then hurriedly retracted her hand . In the next second, she realized that she might have overreacted . She didn’t need to take back her hand, did she?

 So, she immediately raised her head to look at the black panther, who was taller than her even while sitting on the ground, and complained, “What are you talking about? You’re taller than me even sitting down . I can only reach your chest . Do you want me to touch your claws instead? Do you think that I’m too short?”

 “If you want to touch my paws, I’m okay with it,” Lin Kui reached a paw toward her .

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Qiu Lili grumpily slapped off his large, black paw, then turned away, slapping his face with her long ponytail in the process, then pouted while murmuring, “No! Your paws tread on the ground . They’re so dirty! Besides, you could have stayed away from me if you really didn’t want me to touch you . ”

 Sometimes, he just brought himself to her!

 Lin Kui looked at her side face . His panther face wore a small smile, and his round panther eyes were narrowed . Behind his body, his long tail flipped Qiu Lili’s hair from time to time .

“I heard you were the first to follow Chief . How did you two meet each other? Did you have a fight?” I heard that she was weak back then,” he said .

 Recalling her first time meeting Lin Qiao, Qiu Lili smiled and said, “She was weak indeed . She was only at level three or four . We didn’t fight though . She was passing by, and I sent out my zombies to bar her road . I wanted her to go the other way, because that area was my territory . But, she didn’t just turn and leave like the other zombies would . Instead, she stopped her car right there . I was wondering why there was the sound of a car . I didn’t sense any human scent from that car, but only the scent of a zombie… So I went there to see and saw her in the driver’s seat, looking at me quietly . ”

Speaking of how she met Lin Qiao, Qiu Lili grew a little excited and carried on, “Then, we observed each other through a safe distance . Normal zombies can’t drive, right? So, I felt that she was really weird… I gave her a few roars to ask her who she was, and then she opened the door and got off the car . She was wearing a clean camouflage suit . Her face was ugly, but her vibe was clean and pure . She took out a small notebook and wrote me a note . At that time, I realized that she was like me . She had memory and humanity . I felt like I had finally met someone who could be a family of mine . ”

 While speaking, Qiu Lili smiled a bitter, sad smile while the red light in her eyes dimmed slightly . “Before I met her, I felt so lost . I was all lonely, with no one to rely on . I was so scared . I turned into a zombie, but I still had my human memory . I felt as if I’m still a human being, but my body has become a zombie . I didn’t dare to get close to humans, neither did I want to be with the other zombies who ate people like brainless beasts . ”

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 Lin Kui had never seen Qiu Lili like that . In his eyes, she was an unsophisticated, proud, and frank little girl . She was always happy . Except for Chief, she didn’t seem to care about anyone else . He didn’t know that she could be so sentimental .

 He couldn’t help but raise a paw to pat her head, but before touching her, he recalled her complaint about his paws being dirty . So, he wiped his paw on his chest, then patted the girl’s head with it .

 His movement woke Qiu Lili up . She slapped on the paw that he hadn’t retracted yet and yelled at him with a mad little face, “How dare you touch my head with your paw! Your paw is dirty!”

 “I wiped it clean,” Lin Kui explained innocently while his paw froze in the air .

 Qiu Lili snorted, then turned away and refused to say another word to him . But then, she looked into the distance and said, “If I didn’t meet Qiaoqiao, I’d still be out there with those mindless zombies… I’m afraid of being alone…”

 Lin Kui looked at her and stayed silent for two seconds, then said, “Don’t worry . You will never be alone again . I… We are all here with you . As long as we still have this base, you won’t be alone . ”

 While the two of them were sitting there and chatting . A gray-haired head stuck out from the corner of the roof of another building . The zombie old man’s face wrinkled in a smile when he looked at the pretty girl and the beast .

 Woosh! A small figure showed up behind the old man and rolled his eyes, then walked over while holding the old man’s arm and dragging him away .

“Eh? What are you doing? Four, where are you taking me?” Old Guo gave a start as Four suddenly dragged him backward . Turning and seeing Four, he immediately talked to the boy with a low voice .

 Four raised a notebook and showed him a line—‘Are you so bored that you even need to eavesdrop on their conversation? Help me with the study if you have so much time!’ 

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