Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 163

Published at 20th of January 2019 12:10:06 AM

Chapter 163: He Was Trapped

When Lin Qiao and Xie Dong suddenly disappeared, the two men glanced at each other with surprise . However, before they recovered from the shock, Lin Qiao showed up again . She walked to the head, bent over and picked it up, then turned to enter her space again; all this while, she completely ignored the two .  

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Just now, she forgot to bring the head into her space . After entering her space, she recalled that the man she killed was a level-five superpowered one . Even though his energy nucleus wouldn't be helpful to herself, she could always feed it to the vine plant in the lake .  

'I can't waste it!'

She returned to her space with the head, then cut it open with her claws to dig out the energy nucleus and threw it into the lake .  After that, she threw the head aside and washed her hands in a bucket by the lakeside . Then, she thought of the zombie nucleus she had obtained just now, so she stood up to rummage her pockets . After finding the zombie nucleus, she threw it into the lake as well .  

Since Junjun had started cooking in this area, she would always put a bucket by the lakeside with lake water in it . Sometimes, she would use it to water the plants, or simply pour the used water onto the grassland .  

Lin Qiao would no longer bath in the lake . Instead, she would fetch some water with a bucket for showering, or go out of her space to find an empty room to clean herself in it .  

She turned to look at Xie Dong who was sitting in a chair by the lake, and found that he was staring straight at the head which was cut into two by her .  

Lin Qiao could tell that he wanted to eat the brain matter in that head . She turned to pick up a glass and filled it with lake water, walking over and handing it to him .  

Xie Dong took over the glass of water and drank it up .  Lin Qiao watched him empty the glass, then got him another glass of water .  

After drinking the water, Xie Dong suddenly felt that his impulse to feed on that human head had been weakened .  Li Qiao handed him the second glass of water and signaled for him to drink more .  

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The lake water was effective for zombies . It had changed Junjun quite a lot, and Lin Qiao herself had benefited from it as well . It would be beneficial for Xie Dong to drink more of it for sure .  

Xie Dong took over the second glass of water . He had already finished one glass, so did he need to take another glass? He didn't fully understand, but he still drank it .

Lin Qiao took the empty glass from his hand and then spoke out loud, "Rest…"

Xie Dong paused slightly at first, then raised his head to look at her with shock .  But by that moment, Lin Qiao had turned to exit her space .  

Back when Lin Qiao disappeared again with that head, the two level-five superpowered men finally realized what had happened and hurriedly leaped off the roof .  

Little did they know that not long after that, Lin Qiao showed up again . She quickly glanced at the two, then turned invisible and headed to the hotel where Lin Feng and his family were staying .  

As the two level-five superpowered men leaped down, the people in the two vehicles parked the car . They stuck their heads out of the car windows to look at the two who had landed on the car roof . They waited for a short while, but the third man never showed up . So, one of them began asking questions .  

"Eh? Where's Zhao Lide? Boss, why didn't he come down?"

"Yeah, boss? Is the boy dead? Did you get the zombie nucleus?"

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Hearing them, the two men's faces darkened . The one named Shen Chengming responded crossly, "He's dead . " While speaking, he leaped off the car roof and sat in the front seat .  

His words stunned the others .  

"What happened? How did he die? Hadn't the three of you been together this whole time?" 

"Yeah! And that boy was injured so badly . He couldn't possibly kill Zhao Lide, could he?" 

"But the boy is a little strange . He seems to be a former special-forces soldier, as he has some skills that only special-forces soldiers can have . "

"How did he die?" 

The group of people kept asking questions .  The other man on the car roof was named Lv Duyao . He leaped down and said, "Let's go! Zhao Lide is dead, so our strength has declined by twenty percent . We need to be more careful from now on . " 

He didn't tell his teammates about how Zhao Lide died, but reminded them that the strength of the team had declined, and this journey would become more dangerous .  

After all the team members went back inside the cars and the drivers started driving again, Shen Chengming said, "The boy didn't die . A powerful one showed up to save him . She killed Zhao Lide and cut off his head by the time we saw her . We didn't even see her moves clearly . " 

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Lin Qiao was wearing a hat and a headband, but based on her snow-white skin, pointed chin, and full breasts, both Shen Chengming, and Lv Duyao could tell that she was a female .  

And judging by her chin, mouth, and nose, they figured that she was rather pretty . They just couldn't see her eyes, and didn't know what the pair of eyes behind her sunglasses would look like .  

Hearing his words, the few people in Shen Chengming's car stared at him with surprise and asked, "What? Even you didn't see how she killed Zhao Lide? Is that person really so powerful? Even you level-five guys couldn't sense her?"

"Who is she? If she's really so powerful, she must be quite famous in the base . Who is she?" 

"Yeah, yeah! We didn't hear any noise from here, but why did he suddenly die? Why are you two unharmed then? Was she here to save the boy?" 

Shen Chengming nodded and said, "None of us sensed her when she approached . By the time we sensed her, she was already behind us… less than two meters away . Fortunately, Lv Duyao and I dodged quickly . Otherwise, our heads would have been chopped off as well . "

"That powerful! She actually came up behind you soundlessly? But boss, since you had sensed her, there was no reason for Zhao Lide not to sense her, was there?" 

The three of them were at the same level, so even if Zhao Lide was relatively slower, he should have ended up better than being beheaded .  

"He was trapped," said Shen Chengming, "Back then, he was stepping on the boy . The boy bit him on the ankle and never relaxed the bite . That's why he didn't manage to dodge . " 

Zhao Lide brought death to himself . If he hadn't trampled on Xie Dong, the latter wouldn't have bit his ankle; and if Xie Dong didn't bite him, he would have been able to move away quickly .  

He had wind power, so he would certainly have been able to dodge quicker than the other two . However, he trampled on Xie Dong's chest, so the latter bit him and never relaxed the bite .  

By doing what he did, Zhao Lide got himself killed .  

"So, he was killed because the boy bit his ankle and didn't let him dodge?" The others could scarcely believe it .  

Zhao Lide was one of the strongest three in the team, but he had died . The people in Shen Chengming's car didn't have many feelings about his death . Instead, they just felt pity for losing a powerful teammate .  

Shen Chengming nodded and didn't say much .  

"Well, then… How did you survive? Since she was able to show up behind you without catching your attention, she must be incredibly powerful . Who is she?" 

"A woman," said Shen Chengming . "I don't think I've ever seen her in the base . We managed to escape because she let us . She didn't attack us . I think she's a level-six superpowered one . I just can't tell if she has space power . "

Both him and Lv Duyao saw Lin Qiao disappear . Typically, only space-powered creatures were able to do that .