Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 167

Published at 22nd of January 2019 12:55:06 AM

Chapter 167: The Talking Zombie

After taking two steps forward, Lin Qiao abruptly stopped and turned back, then slightly lowered her sunglasses and showed her pair of black eyes .  

"Go…tell…your…leader, I…need…to…talk…to…them…" She said a few words slowly, then turned and walked into the room with Qiu Lili .  Xing Le and the other two gazed at the two zombies for a few seconds, then realized what they had just heard and glanced at each other, their eyes filled with disbelief .  

"What did she just say?" Lu Junjie asked uncertainly .  

Xing Le responded, "I think…she asked us to tell our leader that she's gonna talk to them?" 

Then, both Lu Junjie and Xing Le turned to Su Liang, as they could scarcely believe what they had heard .  Su Liang nodded at them and said, "Captain, go tell them . "

Lu Junjie thought for a moment, then carried the gun on his back and said to Xing Le, "Xing Le, you go upstairs . "

Then, he turned and headed to Lin Feng's room .

"Yes, sir!" Xing Le responded, then ran upstairs with his gun to guard the floor .  Lu Junjie walked to the door of Lin Feng's room . Wei Jingchen, who guarded by the door, asked, "Why did Su Liang scream?" 

"He saw a ghost!" Lu Junjie replied .  

"Great Captain!" He knocked the door .  

"Come in!" Someone in the room responded .  Lu Junjie pushed the door open and walked in, leaving Wei Jingchen with confusion .  

Once in, Lu Junjie walked to Lin Feng and the others, then said, "The zombie with sunglasses is here . It wants to talk to you . " 

Hearing that, the others all turned to him .  

"Is it the one named Lu Tianyu? Where is he now?" Lin Feng asked .  

"Yes," Lu Junjie nodded and said, "It's in the two female zombies' room, but…"

"What?" As Lu Junjie stuttered, Yuan Tianxing, who had gotten off the bed and was now resting on the couch, couldn't help but ask .  

"It…It has become a female…" Lu Junjie said with hesitation . "…And the scars on its face are gone . Now, it looks just like a healthy human being if you ignore its eyes . " 

The others stared at him with surprise, seeming to doubt their own ears .  Even the composed Long Qingying had slightly widened her eyes and showed the same look as the others .  

"Female? That's impossible! Yesterday, all of us saw that he had a flat chest . It wasn't tall, but its chest was flat indeed . Tell me I'm not the only one who saw its flat chest!" Cheng Wangxue looked at the others and said .  

Lin Feng, Yuan Tianxing, Mrs . Lin, Long Qingying, Lin Wenwen, and Lin Xiaolu, who didn't know what exactly they were talking about, all nodded at her, because they had all seen that zombie's flat chest .  

Suddenly, Lin Wenwen turned to Long Qingying and said, "Qingying, didn't you meet those zombies earlier than us? Did you know that it's a female zombie?" 

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Long Qingying soon calmed back down, and the surprised look in her face disappeared, as if she wasn't shocked at all .  "I didn't know . But, it didn't look like a female zombie at least," she said blandly .  

She spent a while thinking . That zombie's hair were shorter than that of some men, and its face was covered in scars . It liked to wear Du Yuanxing's sunglasses, and most importantly, its chest was flat .  

Everybody saw its flat chest!

Mrs . Lin turned to look at Lu Junjie and ask, "Junjie, are you sure?" 

Lu Junjie nodded and said, "Yeah, Liang and Le saw it too . " 

At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly thought of the woman's figure which had emerged in his head when he was picturing that zombie's face .  

'It can't be…' he thought .  

The roomful of people were all shocked by the news, and didn't manage to process it yet .  Only Yuan Tianxing cooled down soon and said to Lu Junjie, "Junjie, go tell them that we can talk to them at any time they want . " 

"Yes, sir…right away!" Lu Junjie responded immediately .  While speaking, he turned to walk outside; but after taking a few steps, he turned back around, then looked at the others and said, "Eh… there's…another thing…"

The others looked at him bewilderedly . "What is it? Just tell us . "

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"Eh…that…" Lu Junjie said awkwardly, "Lu Tianyu can talk!" 

Earlier on, he had almost forgotten about this .  

The others fell in silence, wondering if they had misheard .  

"She…Isn't she a zombie?" Mrs . Lin asked with confusion .  

"Her eyes are still as black as a zombie's …" Lu Junjie said to clarify .  However, he couldn't tell for sure if Lin Qiao was still a zombie or not!

Had anyone ever seen a zombie with a clean and pretty face like some human being? No! Some zombies had their faces undamaged, but they all had large dark circles under their eyes, just like that young female zombie… 

Had anyone ever seen a zombie which would save human beings? No! People believed that zombies fed on human beings .  

Had anyone seen a zombie which could change its gender? No! Had that zombie evolved into some kind of higher level creature?

Had anyone ever seen a talking zombie? Absolutely not!

This roomful of people just wanted a quiet moment at that point . They didn't understand what was going on with the world! Why could a zombie talk? 

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"Was she pretending to be a zombie yesterday?" Lin Wenwen said . "Maybe, she's a human being?" 

"I've seen her easily cut open the other zombies' heads with her fingernails . I don't think normal human beings can do that . And, her eyes look authentic . Not even cosmetic contact lens can make her eyes look like that," Long Qingying said calmly .  

"Grandma, what are cosmetic contact lens?" Lin Xiaolu asked Mrs . Lin with a low voice .  

"Just one type of contact lens that can change the color of your eyes," Mrs . Lin answered her question, also with a low voice .  

"Okay…" Lin Xiaolu responded, not seeming to understand fully .  

Yuan Tianxing, who was still wearing a composed look, turned to Lu Junjie and said, "Alright, invite them here now . " He glanced at the others and felt that it was better to let everyone see the zombies themselves instead of letting them guess around here .  

"Yes, sir!" Lu Junjie replied .  This time, he turned and walked out without stopping, heading over to Lin Qiao's room immediately .  

As Yuan Tianxing sent Lu Junjie to invite the zombies, the others instantly quieted down, even somewhat expectant about seeing Lin Qiao .  

Furthermore, they couldn't help but start imagining the zombie's unscarred face .