Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 221

Published at 21st of February 2019 10:10:21 AM

Chapter 221

As the group of people prepared to dry their clothes with fire, Lin Qiao turned back to the little one .  Abruptly, something quietly coiled around her hand, so she lowered her head to find that it was a vine . The other end of the vine was still in the lake .  

'Mama! I remember her!'

Lin Qiao looked at the vine, feeling a little surprised .  Wu Yueling had also seen the vine coiled around Lin Qiao's hand . She didn't know what it was, but she noticed that the latter looked calm .  

Lin Qiao turned to Wu Yueling and surprisingly found that the little one wasn't frightened, only curiously looking at the vine as if she was wondering where it was from and how it had coiled around Lin Qiao's hand .  

At that moment, Viney suddenly uncoiled itself from Lin Qiao's hand and dropped to the ground, then quickly reaching to Wu Yueling .  Seeing the vine suddenly move toward her, Wu Yueling was startled . She hurriedly flinched and stepped backward .  

The sensitive Viney felt that the little one was frightened, so, it paused and turned to Lin Qiao without knowing what to do .  Lin Qiao looked at Viney and the little one with surprise, wondering if Viney was trying to be friends with the little one .  

As Viney stopped moving, the little one relaxed a little bit . She looked at Lin Qiao, then curiously observed Viney .  In fact, she wasn't frightened by Viney because she often saw Meng Yue's little grasses moving around, and played with them . She wouldn't repel moving plants, but as she didn't know Viney before, she was still a little scared of it .  

Sensing the almost similar feelings that Viney and the little one were having, Lin Qiao smiled .  

"Its…name…is…Viney…Don't…be…scared…" she said to the little one .  Then, she grasped the vine and put it before the little one's face .  

The vine coiled around Lin Qiao's palm, then raised its head .  She then turned her palm up and let Viney stand on it .

After watching Lin Qiao's move, the little one looked at the two leaves on the tip of the vine, then turned to Lin Qiao with hesitation . After that, she looked at the vine again .  

"Here…It's…adorable…" Lin Qiao said to her patiently, "It…can…talk…" 

'Eh? Talk? Really?' Wu Yueling widened her eyes, showing a surprised look .  Seeing that, Lin Qiao smilingly nodded .  

On the other side, Lu Tianyi and the others were all curiously watching Lin Qiao and the little girl . They knew that the little princess was afraid of strangers, so they didn't approach her . From their angle of view, they weren't able to see Viney, so they thought that Lin Qiao was saying something to the little princess, but had no idea that she was actually trying to introduce Viney to Wu Yueling .  

Three among the group had fire power . Their powers had only restored by thirty percent, so they weren't able to launch attacks at the moment . However, starting a fire was still something they could do .  

They put some firewood together and started a large bonfire . Then, they surrounded the fire and raised their clothes to dry .  

"So weird! Little Princess isn't afraid of that lady . Why?" Huang Shou turned his cloth over, then glanced at Lin Qiao and said curiously .  The others all turned to look at Lin Qiao and the little girl . Indeed, the two of them seemed to be getting along pretty well .  

"Maybe because that lady is a good person?" Said Liu Jing .  

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"Are we all bad guys?" The others rolled their eyes and one of them retorted .  

"Eh-hem…hehe, we're not bad guys, but we're weird guys…Because we're topless!" 

None of the others responded this time .  

On the other side, the little one's big eyes were filled with curiosity and disbelief .  

"I…didn't…lie, You…try…" Lin Qiao looked at her and said .  While speaking, she gently pulled up the little one's hand which was on the rabbit's back, then raised her forefinger to touch Viney's head .  

'Ahyaya! Little one! Little one!' 

The little one immediately pulled her finger back, then popped her eyes and stared at Lin Qiao in shock .  

"Am…I…right?" Lin Qiao smiled and nodded .  The little one nodded with doubt . She wasn't sure if what she heard just now was real .  At that moment, Viney was wriggling in Lin Qiao's palm, as if it was happy .  

'Mama! Mama! Her look is interesting! I want to play with her!' 

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Lin Qiao glanced at Viney, then tried to talk to the little one, "Again?" 

Wu Yueling's curiosity was aroused . She looked at Lin Qiao, and the latter nodded at her .  This time, Lin Qiao didn't need to do anything, as the little girl slowly reached a hand toward Viney, then touched it with hesitation .  

'Little one, don't be afraid…I won't bite you…'

Wu Yueling looked at Lin Qiao, as she wasn't sure if Viney was talking to her .  

'Yes, yes…Little Ling Ling is little one…the little one is Ling Ling…'

'Eh? Do you know what am I thinking?'

Wu Yueling looked at Viney with surprise, then said a few words in her head .  After that, she saw Viney wagging the two tiny leaves on its head proudly .  

'I do, I do…How should I talk to you if I don't?'

'Why can you read my mind? What are you?' Wu Yueling thought .  

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'I am what I am! I am Viney…Call me Viney…Call me Viney…'

Sensing their conversation, Lin Qiao found that the two little things had started to get along, and felt delighted as well .  

She pulled Viney away from her hand, then put it by Wu Yueling's side . After that, she pinched Viney's head and said to it silently, 'I need to go out to locate the little one's father . You play with her . '

Viney flapped its leaves and responded with, 'Yes, Mama! I'll take care of her!'

Maybe because Viney was a plant, Lin Qiao sensed a unique tone of talking while receiving its message, as if it was talking like a sweet little girl .

"You…play…here…I'll…go…see…where…your…Dad…is…" Lin Qiao said to Wu Yueling .  At that moment, Viney suddenly added, 'Mama, Mama, I can fix your body now! I have plenty of energy!'

Lin Qiao nodded . She glanced at the group of people who were surrounding the bonfire, then nodded again and responded silently, 'Good, I'll go down the lake after those people have left . '

'I'll be expecting you!' Viney replied .  

Lin Qiao stood up to observe Wu Yueling's reaction . She found that the kid was only looking at her, but didn't reach out her hand to try and grab her .  Perhaps, she wanted to see her father as soon as possible .