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Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 227

Published at 21st of February 2019 10:10:14 AM

Chapter 227

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Lin Qiao was infuriated! 

'Damn! How dare you give me a sneak attack while taking your daughter? Can't you engage in a decent fight with me? Do you think you can attack anyone you want only because you're at a high-level?'

'Alright, I've stolen your zombie nucleus, but that's because you attacked me last time! Do you wanna fight? Don't use your power if you dare! Can you fight me barehand?' 

Abruptly, she crooked a finger toward Lu Tianyi and signaled for him to come over .  Lu Tianyi was looking at her, and seeing her crook her finger, he walked toward her with curiosity . Once he got close to her, he saw that she had taken out the clipboard and written down a line on it .  

'Tell him to fight me barehand if he dares!'

Finishing writing, she raised the clipboard toward Lu Tianyi and saw the latter wearing a strange look .  


Lu Tianyi glanced at Lin Qiao with surprise, then turned to Wu Chengyue . After that, he turned back to Lin Qiao and asked, "Are you sure?"

Lin Qiao directly kicked his lower leg .  

'Of course!' 

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"Don't you know that he used to be a fighter? What, are you trying to get beaten?"

Lin Qiao raised her foot again to kick him .  

'Wasn't I a fighter as well? Hm…But Lu Tianyi didn't know how to fight…'

As she raised a foot again, Lu Tianyi moved to the side, then turned to shout at Wu Chengyue, "Chief! She said if you want to fight her, she'll accept your challenge . But, neither of you can use your powers . You have to fight barehand!" 

Finishing that, he quickly turned back to Lin Qiao and asked, "Am I right?" 

Lin Qiao only glanced at him without nodding or shaking her head . After that, she threw the clipboard back into her space, and then rested both hands in her pocket as she slightly raised her chin toward Wu Chengyue .  

Wu Chengyue was a little unhappy because her daughter had joined a stranger's side just after a couple of days . His daughter was an autistic kid; she wouldn't even talk to the people she knew . But now, she was helping someone that she met a couple of days ago . That gave Wu Chengyue a sour feeling .  

He rubbed his daughter's head . After confirming that the little girl was perfectly unharmed, he turned and gave Lin Qiao a faint smile, then stood up .  

"Alright . Don't hide in your space . I won't use my power . You're bold enough to steal my zombie nucleus, but you're afraid of my lightning…Hehe…" 

At that point, Wu Yueling suddenly put her arms around Wu Chengyue's thigh and raised her head to look at him, her brows knitted . It seemed that she didn't want her father to go .  

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Wu Chengyue lowered his head . He found that his daughter was quite active today, but why did she always help the enemy? 

He rubbed Wu Yueling's head, then said, "Good girl, let Daddy go . Daddy won't kill her . Daddy is trying to make friends with her!" 

Hearing that, Wu Yueling relaxed a little, but still looked at her father with confusion .  

Why did he need to fight her to make friends with her? 

Xiao Yunlong walked over and squatted behind Wu Yueling, holding her hand as he said, "You kids don't understand . That's how adults make friends . Here, come to your godfather . We can watch them, and we also need to look after Sister Yue . " 

While speaking, he scooped Wu Yueling up, then walked toward the stairs . By the door, he abruptly turned to say to Lin Qiao, "Thank you for saving Ling Ling . I owe you one . If you need any help, find me in my base . I'll do whatever I can to help . " 

Lin Qiao glanced at him, then politely nodded to respond .  After that, Xiao Yunlong glanced at Wu Chengyue, then walked into that door .  

Wu Chengyue understood why Xiao Yunlong gave him that glance . The latter didn't want him to hurt Lin Qiao . Even though she had stolen his zombie nucleus, she had also saved his daughter, hadn't she?

Wu Chengyue was surely aware of that . If this strange lady didn't save Ling Ling, would he remain calm and talk to her? If she didn't save Ling Ling's life, he would have given her a series of violent lightning bolts! 

Lu Tianyi gave Lin Qiao a glance with concern .  He felt that she was trying to get herself hurt, and didn't understand why she did that .  

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However, he didn't say anything, but took a step forward and said, "Eh, so the rest of us can be the judges! Are you ready?" 

Lin Qiao walked over, standing on one side of the roof and leaving the other side to Wu Chengyue .  The latter was wearing a smile again as he slowly walked over and stood three meters away from Lin Qiao .  

The others all popped their eyes and showed an excited look . They didn't expect things to become like this, and now, they had a show to watch! 

The group of people just wished that they had some snacks to eat while watching the fight . Since they didn't have any chairs, they decided to find a place to sit down!

Because of the rain, the roof was wet . So, the group of people crowded to the stairs, then sat down side by side .  

"Will that lady be okay? Chief has mastered all sorts of combat skills!" Liu Jing glanced at Lin Qiao with worry and said .  Zheng Xiao Nian shook his head and responded, "I don't know! We don't know her well enough!" 

"Eh, just watch!" Huang Shou said, "We'll know when they start . I hope our Chief can show some mercy . After all, we should all be polite and gentle to girls!"


The others looked at Lin Qiao, not knowing what to say .  

"Eh-hem," Liu Jing said with a low voice . "Look at her! Which part of her looks like a woman? Well, she may look more like a girl if she takes off the shirt wrapped on her shoulder . " 

Kong Qingming joined the conversation, "What do you think she'll look like if she took off her hat? Will her hair be shorter than that of men?" 

"…It seems like that," said one of the others . "I don't see any hair on the edge of her hat . Has she shaved that area?" 

Picturing Lin Qiao with that strange haircut, the group of people all showed a weird look .  

'Sister, can't you make yourself look more like a woman?'

Xie Dong stood aside, looking at those people speechlessly .  'Oi, I don't think we should talk about her hairstyle right now,' he thought .  

Wu Chengyue stood in front of Lin Qiao as he looked at her and said, "I don't know why haven't you said anything yet, but shouldn't you at least introduce yourself?" 

Lin Qiao rolled her eyes .  

'Why do you talk so much? Do you wanna fight or not?' She thought .  Instead of saying anything, she took two steps forward and then parted her legs for about a meter, hands raised to her chest level and curled into fists . Then, she slightly turned her body, her eyes fixed on Wu Chengyue .  

As Lin Qiao had made the preparatory posture, Wu Chengyue stopped talking and made the same posture .  

Seeing that, the group of people was stunned .  

"Whoa! That lady knows how to fight!"

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