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Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 282

Published at 18th of April 2019 12:38:09 PM

Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Coming Across Man-eating Robbers Again

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Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Qiao, who was on the roof teaching the boy zombie how to write, suddenly felt something before someone showed up by her side . That was the elderly zombie, zombie number seven .

“Roar…” The elderly zombie’s deep voice was heard .

‘People there . ’

Lin Qiao had told the group of zombies to not call humans ‘preys’, but ‘people’ instead . So, the elderly zombie used those two words to report what he had sensed to her .

Lin Qiao was puzzled at first, then raised her head to find that he was holding a hand behind his body, the other hand pointing at the area that he had been guarding .

That was the way to Sea City .

Lin Qiao closed her eyes and tried to sense, but felt nothing . Afterward, she stood up with her eyes closed as she sniffed deeply at the air toward that direction .

Two minutes later, she opened her eyes which glowed slightly .

She thought that Yuan Tianxing and his people might be back, but upon sniffing carefully, she found that those people were a group of strangers . She didn’t detect the scents of Yuan Tianxing, Du Yuanxing, and the other few .

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“Grandpa, go stop them,” she said to zombie number seven, “Remember, scare them off, but don’t hurt them… Eh, wait!”

She had planned to send the elderly zombie to scare those people away and make them avoid this area . For some reason, she felt it would be better to not let Lin Feng and the others meet those people .

However, before she finished talking, she sensed another group of people behind the first group .

‘Alright, two batches of people . In this case, we need to figure out what’s happening first . ’

“Let’s go there and take a look,” Lin Qiao stood up and leaped from the roof with the elderly and the boy zombie . She wanted to know who those people were and what they were doing!

Mengmeng watched Lin Qiao and the two zombie leaders leaving . She didn’t follow them out of curiosity, as Qiu Lili didn’t do it .

Sensing that Lin Qiao and the two zombie leaders were leaving, Lin Feng, who was in his room, curiously glanced at their backs . Mrs . Lin noticed his expression, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Feng turned back and replied, “Lu Tianyu and two zombie leaders left . I don’t know what they’re going to do . ”

Mrs . Lin nodded and said, “Ah, I guess they just need to do something . ”

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Lin Feng silently turned to look out of the window .

Lin Qiao and the two zombie leaders swiftly leaped over the zombie crowd, then quietly approached the two groups of people .

At that moment, a dozen people were moving forward about two miles away . They were all armed to the teeth, each of them having at least ten guns and countless bullets . They were heading toward where Lin Qiao was . On their way, they shot every zombie they saw .

Every single bullet of theirs put down a zombie, not one going wasted .

While getting close to those people, Lin Qiao turned herself invisible . She asked zombie number four and zombie number seven to keep an eye on those people from a distance away while she moved closer sneakily .

When she finally saw the first group of people clearly, she couldn’t help but knit her brows into a frown . The dozen men didn’t look like good people at all . Every single one of them was radiating a strong scent of blood, their eyes filled with craziness, cruelty, and bloodlust .

What made Lin Qiao frown wasn’t how fierce they looked, but the fact that they were with three captives .

Those were two male captives and a female one . The two men looked very young, about eighteen or nineteen years old . The female looked a little older, around twenty .

The first group of people didn’t seem to have been chased, as they weren’t alarmed at all . On the contrary, they all look pleased with themselves .

Their vibes were familiar to Lin Qiao, as she had sensed that kind of vibe before .

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Yes, if she were right, the dozen men in front of her were all post-apocalyptic robbers . The three captives would probably end up as their food .

They were in a villa area . The villas in this place weren’t high-end, but were all detached, two-story villas . Lin Qiao stood on top of a very tall tree, looking at the dozen men violently dragging the three captives into a detached villa . At this point, the three captives’ clothes had all been ragged . Lin Qiao was able to guess what they had been through .

Women were rare in the post-apocalyptic era . Even many people in the bases weren’t able to fulfill their desires, not to mention those robbers who needed to fight their way out of zombie crowds every day .

Therefore, men vented their desires on each other sometimes . Of course, the youngest or weakest among a group would become the target .

However, robbers rarely did that to their own people . Normally, their objects would be the people that they robbed . They wouldn’t let go of women or young and pretty men .

When they got tired of those captives or accidentally killed them, they would cut them into pieces and eat them .

Lin Qiao counted the group of robbers . There were twelve of them, all at a relatively high level . No wonder they had been acting calmly and confidently .

The invisible Lin Qiao walked straight to the front gate of the villa, then hopped onto the two-meters-tall fence wall .

The two robbers who guarded by the door didn’t sense Lin Qiao’s entry at all . They were even chatting pretty leisurely .

“I think that long-haired man is juicy . He’s tall and slim, with slender limbs . His skin is good too, feels so damn great! Sadly, he wore out soon . It has only been two days, but he’s already half-dead . Well, he’s dying, hm . ”

“The rude one is not bad either . He’s strong and provocative . Only this kind of people can give you the sense of conquest . That’s how you can feel good . That long-haired one is too sissy . Not my type anyway . ”

“Well, we just have different tastes . I like pretty boys, but you like the stronger ones . I know it, hehe…”

“I sure do . The long-haired one is too skinny, and he’s too easy to break! But, Boss is so lucky this time . He actually got us a woman . I haven’t touched a woman’s soft tits in five years!”

Lin Qiao calmly listened to their conversation, a coldness developing in her eyes . The contents of this conversation were unexpected .

Meanwhile, she sighed silently over the current reality of this world . Power was the only principle now . The weaker ones would either end up dead or humiliated . It was like a primitive society .

She jumped into the villa, then walked through the front yard to the door, which was guarded by two robbers as well . She walked into the villa and saw that a few men were cleaning the place roughly . The three captives were tied up and thrown into a corner .

None of the three seemed to be in a good mental state . Their faces were all filled with despair and numbness . Judging by their body conditions, the woman seemed to have been treated slightly gently than the two men, as no obvious injuries were found on her body except for the red marks on her cheeks, which were clearly caused by heavy slaps .

Her clothes were in a mess . Her shirt was ripped open, and the breasts were half exposed . At this time, she had lowered her head, curling in the corner .

The two young men weren’t doing as good as she was . They were both covered in wounds, such that even the corners of their mouths were broken . Their faces were stained by blood . Their upper bodies were bared, as each one of them was only wearing a pair of pants .

They were lying on the ground motionlessly with their eyes closed .

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