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Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 328

Published at 11th of May 2019 11:45:07 AM

Chapter 328

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Seeing Doctor Liang, Chen Yuting immediately rushed up to him and said, "Doctor Liang, please save my wife! Please! You have to save her!"

Liang Dashu said to him, "Calm down! Let me have a look first . " While speaking, he walked into the room and leaned against the bedside, then bent over to observe Shen Yujen's skin color and lifted her eyelids to check her eyeballs .

After that, he picked up her wrist to feel her pulse .

A while later, he frowned slightly . As he prepared to drop her hand, he suddenly found a pinhole on her arm .

He paused slightly, then the look on his face changed . Once again, he lifted her eyelids to carefully check her eyeballs, then pressed around the pinhole on her arm .

As he put Shen Yujen's hand back onto the bed and stood up, his face was showing a very grim look . He looked at Chen Yuting and gave a sigh .

Hearing his sigh, Chen Yuting's scalp was numbed, his eyes showing panic .

"She was at her last gasp . After seeing you earlier, she has probably let out this last gasp already . Normally speaking, she should have stopped breathing by now . However, I've checked her and found that her body isn't completely dead yet, but she has already lost her consciousness . In other words… her body is now protected by some kind of energy, but her brain activity has stopped," Liang Dashu looked at Chen Yuting and said .

Then, he turned to Wu Chengyue and asked, "Have you given her the same kind of water that Yuan Tianxing gave to Ling Ling earlier? The energy is the same as what I detected from Ling Ling's body . "

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Wu Chengyue turned to look at Lin Qiao while Chen Yuting was stupefied after hearing Liang Dashu's words .

He didn't quite understand Liang Dashu's meaning, but he knew that his Jen wouldn't wake up, as the doctor said that she had already lost consciousness…

As Wu Chengyue stayed silent, Doctor Liang turned to Lin Qiao who was standing aside, knowing that he had guessed right . However, he didn't care much about that, but turned back to Chen Yuting and said, "In a better way, she's in a vegetative state now . Only her body remains alive . Her brain is in suspended animation .

He paused for a second, then looked at the others and continued, "There's another thing . Someone has injected the zombie virus into her body not long ago . The virus has spread all over her blood, so judging by her current condition, she'll definitely become a zombie . "

Except for Lin Qiao, all the others turned to him with surprise after hearing that . Meng Yue automatically carried Wu Yueling to the other side of the room, which was relatively far from the bed .

But soon, she and Wu Chengyue both turned their eyes to Lin Qiao .

Chen Yuting, who had gotten whacked for a couple of times, suddenly came back to his senses . He darted up to Lin Qiao and knelt before her . He lowered his head and said, "Miss . Lu… can you help me? Even… even if Jen turned into a zombie, I don't want her to forget me! You know how to help her, don't you? Because you're a…"

He raised his head to look at Lin Qiao pleadingly while finishing his words .

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The others all looked at Lin Qiao . Some of them were confused, some were thinking, and some had anticipation in their eyes .

Lin Qiao silently looked at Chen Yuting for about ten seconds before responding to him, "You love her very much . Even if she turned into a zombie…"

Chen Yuting wasn't a handsome man, but he was a righteous person . It wasn't hard to tell that he cared a lot about his wife . Lin Qiao clearly sensed his sadness and despair without even touching him . He had a genuine love for his wife .

Looking at his begging eyes, Lin Qiao believed that he would satisfy any condition she named . He might even kill himself without hesitation if she asked him to .

Lin Qiao nodded and said, "I can save her . But, I don't know what the final result will be . I don't know if she'll remember you, or anything else . If I can make her remember you, you need to promise me one thing . "

Chen Yuting's eyes were so red that they seemed to even bleed . However, he nodded delightedly and said, "I'll do whatever you say!"

Lin Qiao said, "If I save her, you and her will have to join our new base . "

Chen Yuting paused shortly upon hearing her words, then looked at her in shock, asking, "Is that it? No-nothing else?"

He thought this Miss . Lu would ask him to do something for her, and he had already decided to do whatever she said, no matter how dangerous that would be . But to his surprise, her requirement was actually so simple . She only wanted him to move!

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Chen Yuting could scarcely believe her ears .

Lin Qiao blandly nodded and said, "No, nothing else . "

Hearing that, Chen Yuting hurriedly nodded and said, "We will! If you need more people, I'll bring a few friends . "

"That's up to you," Lin Qiao looked at him and replied .

She asked him to bring his wife to the new base, not because the new base was short-handed, but for some other reason . If that woman really turned into a zombie with memories and sanity, she had to stay in the new base, because she wouldn't be able to survive in this base .

"She's just worrying that your wife might not be able to survive here after becoming a zombie," Wu Chengyue abruptly joined the conversation, "But in her base, she can at least protect her, right?"

After saying that, he looked at Lin Qiao in a meaningful way, but she stayed silent .

This man was worthy of being a Chief . He actually guessed out her thoughts .

Only after hearing Wu Chengyue's words did Chen Yuting understand why . He paused slightly, then looked at Lin Qiao and said gratefully, "Thank you! Thank you!"

Lin Qiao waved a hand and said, "Don't thank me yet . I haven't saved her . Besides, it's getting late . I am going to bring your wife into my space now . Don't forget to go to the square this afternoon and join the others . "

"Sure! I'll do what you say!" Chen Yuting nodded, then stood up from the ground . But then, Wu Chengyue looked at Lin Qiao and said, "You stole my man just like that?"

Lin Qiao looked back at him, then shrugged and replied, "That was his own choice . "

At that point, Wu Yueling struggled out of Meng Yue's arms as she felt that Lin Qiao was leaving .

"Ling Ling, where're you going?" Meng Yue looked at her with surprise . After that, she saw the little girl ran toward Lin Qiao .

Having finished talking, Lin Qiao walked to the bed and touched Shen Yujen's neck, then held her hands . Right after that, she suddenly felt some extra weight from one of her legs . And then, Shen Yujen, she, and Wu Yueling, who was hanging on her leg, disappeared together .

Wu Chengyue's heart broke as his daughter left with the zombie lady .

Was he abandoned?

He wasn't her biological father, but had been raising her since she was born! His baby girl had abandoned him!

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