Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 513

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Chapter 513: 513

“They surely have their own minds . We don’t discriminate them . Even for those mindless zombies, we don’t attack them unless we have to . Only if they attack us do we fight back,” said Lei Cheng to Yun Meng calmly .

“So where exactly are you from?” Yun Meng impatiently glared at him and asked . For some reason, she didn’t like the way that man talked .

“Roar…” The level-six zombies seemed to want to say something to Lei Cheng . However, he then realized that the latter couldn’t understand zombie language, so he hurriedly took out a pen and a piece of paper and started writing .

Lei Cheng read his note, then raised his head to look at Yun Meng .

After a short hesitation, he started introducing his base and himself . “Only a small number of people are living in our base, so very few people know about our base . We are from the Green Mountain Base, which is located in the North . I am Lei Cheng, the leader of this squad . This is Zheng Hao, the vice-squad-leader . ”

While speaking, he glanced at Zheng Hao who was by his side .

Hearing that, Yun Meng snorted coldly, then turned her face away .

“I am Lin Feng, one of the people who’re responsible for the Upper City Base . She’s Yun Meng . She’s also responsible for our base,” said Lin Feng .

“Wait a minute! I’m not responsible for the base! I’m not!” Hearing what Lin Feng said, Yun Meng immediately disagreed . Lin Qiao was responsible for the base, not her . She was only assisting her .

Lin Feng glanced at the few zombies behind Lin Feng, then said, “We did not see that robber whom you’re looking for . Our base is still in construction, and is not ready for guests . So, I’m sorry!”

Lei Cheng and his friends glanced at each other, then nodded and responded, “Sorry for bothering you . ”

After saying that, he and his friends turned and left .

After watching them leave, Yun Meng said to Lin Feng, “Is it okay that we let them leave just like this? Will they tell other people about us?”

Lin Feng shook his head and replied, “I don’t know about that . But, I haven’t even heard the name of their base, so I guess they’re from a small secret base . Besides, by telling other people about us, they’d also be exposing themselves . I think those zombies have something to do with the fact that their base is unheard of . ”

“What do you mean?” Yun Meng didn’t understand .

“I mean, they’re in the same situation as us . Like us, they also need to hide the fact that they’re cooperating with zombies . I can tell that they came out to hunt that robber because they wanted to kill him, in case he might expose the secret of their base . That robber was on the run for a long time, yet he didn’t leak the slightest of information about his base . I guess it was because he didn’t want to be hunted by his base,” said Lin Feng .

Hearing his words, Yun Meng was surprised, “He kept the secret for such a long time?”

“He was just scared of death . He was afraid that his base might get back at him,” said Lin Feng .

“Even if he wanted to tell the secret, there’s no chance for him now,” Yun Meng faced the road and said .

Lin Feng nodded and replied, “But, I think they’ll come back . ”

“Really?” Yun Meng looked at him and asked .

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“Just wait and see . Let’s go back…” Lin Feng turned and headed back .

Soon, Wu Chengyue received the news in Sea City Base about Lei Cheng and his people being stopped on their way .

“Those people in the Upper City District weren’t too aggressive, but they won’t give up so easily,” said Wu Chengyue, “Haven’t you heard anything from that female zombie yet? Why on earth did she go to the South?”

“Even if there is news about her, it requires time for it to be delivered to us from the South,” said Xiao Licheng .

“Alright,” Wu Chengyue nodded helplessly .

Wu Yueling was leaning against Wu Chengyue . Hearing Wu Chengyue say the words ‘female zombie’, she was instantly unhappy . She knew whom Wu Chengyue was talking about, but she didn’t like him calling her that .

That was her Zombie Mom!

With discontentment, she slapped Wu Chengyue’s lap with her tiny hand .

“Eh? What’s wrong?” Wu Chengyue lowered his head and looked at the little girl confusedly . Wu Yueling slapped him two more times, then turned and showed her back to him .

Wu Chengyue looked at her bewilderedly . “What’s wrong with her?” He turned and asked Xiao Licheng .

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“How am I supposed to know?” Xiao Licheng looked at her with confusion, saying, “She’s your daughter, not mine . ”

“Did I say something just now? Oh… female zombie…” Wu Chengyue thought for a moment, then prepared to ask if she reacted that way because he said the words ‘female zombie’ . However, before he finished his words, Wu Yueling quickly turned back and slapped him twice again .

Wu Chengyue didn’t know what to say .

“I think Ling Ling doesn’t like you saying the words ‘female zombie’ . Am I right, Ling Ling?” Xiao Licheng crossed his arms before his chest, then raised a hand to rub his chin while speaking .

Hearing that, Wu Yueling popped her large eyes and looked at Xiao Licheng adorably .

“Eh! Ling Ling is looking at me!” Being looked at by her, Xiao Licheng immediately felt flattered .

Before, Wu Yueling only glanced at him and other soldiers quickly, but never looked at them in the eyes . Also, she never made any expressions toward them .

“What’s so strange about that? Talk to me . Doesn’t Ling Ling like me calling her female zombie? Why? She’s a zombie, isn’t she? What am I supposed to call her then?” Wu Chengyue impatiently glanced at Xiao Licheng who was excited for some reason, then turned to ask Wu Yueling .

Wu Yueling looked them while pouting and shaking her head .

“Ling Ling only looked at you, Deputy Chief, and Meng Yue before,” said Xiao Licheng, “I felt that she counted the rest of us out of her world . Now, she’s looking at me, and I feel that she has dragged me into her world . Ah, Deputy Chief is no longer Deputy Chief…”

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“Alright, stop murmuring here . Go and do your job,” Wu Chengyue impatiently waved a hand .

“Alright,” Xiao Licheng turned and walked out .

Wu Chengyue didn’t want to interrupt the communication between him and Wu Yueling, but he had given him a lot of work to do . That was why he sent him out .

“Here, Ling Ling, if you don’t want me to call her that, what do you want me to call her then?” Wu Chengyue looked at Wu Yueling and asked . Wu Yueling looked at him at first, then suddenly turned and took out a piece of paper from between the couch cushions . Then, she unfolded it and showed it to him .

She had drawn three people on that paper .

With surprise, Wu Chengyue found a few words written on the paper—Daddy, Ling Ling, Mommy .

“Ling Ling! You can write?” Wu Chengyue looked at Wu Yueling with a delightful surprise .

His precious little girl could write!

Normal five-year-old children might be able to write a lot of words, but Ling Ling was different . She couldn’t even communicate with people normally, not to mention writing .

Besides, no one could force her to do the things that she didn’t like doing . Wu Chengyue once tried to teach her writing, but once he started, Ling Ling’s illness attacked .