Until it was completely dark and the sky had dotted with sparkling stars did Zhang Tie take Lan Yunxi back to the Crystal Battle Fortress by the glider under the brilliance of the two bright moons. After sliding on the ground for a small distance, the glider finally parked. Zhang Tie and Lan Yunx

Yao Yuan picked up a glass of tea and stood at the side glass window of a room in the Hope. Beside him, a few officers were chatting. It was a rare Sunday holiday, but even so, Yao Yuan still had a few minor chores to deal with. However, he knew a day of peace was rare, so he finished his chore and

Chapter 28: Second Power 1------Translator: MoliereEditor: SootyOwl------Artlan carried him to the dimensional merchants where they found Bebe yawning. Artlan stood in front of Bebe and dropped Junhyuk.Junhyuk tried to stand up on his leg while Artlan talked to Bebe.“Do you have potions? Give me on

Chapter 136 - Killing One After Another“No!”“Senior brother!”These two cries were heard.The blade chopped down with an arrogant and overbearing aura.The blade directly chopped into Blood Chill’s head, cutting his body into two. Blood flowed down the blade’s body and it started giving off a ringing&

After returning to Gealorre, the King continued sending people to Icor to gather information. This discussion was not really a secretive thing, many of those in Carretas were discussing about it. But the ending of the Queen fainting would obviously spread very quickly amongst the citizens. All of

Chapter 163 “The Unlucky Princess (1)” Di Cang coldly swept his gaze to the soldier: “What are you still standing here for?” “Ughh?” Freezing there for a second, the poor man meekly replied, “Master, are we not going back for the fire?” The flames w

Chapter 164 “The Unlucky Princess (2)” “It’s my fault, it’s all my fault!” Nangong Yuan’s voice was full of regret, “I originally thought none of you would go provoke him, that’s why I never told you about his identity. But everything’s ch

36 An interesting story     A specially large water sphere had struck onto the restrained Kuroinu. The sphere that raised a large splash together with a thunderous roar, became ripples and rocked the surface of the muddy water.     “――――――You’ve put up with tha

Buuwong! Buwong! Flying in there air were countless bees, mostly in groups of at least 5, and about 60~70 centimeters long. “Why are there Killer Bees here?” Lilinor named the flying creatures quite confidently. According to Lena’s data they lived in large Hives and could commu

Chapter 124 – Standing at the edge   Brendel took several steps back and readied himself into a defensive stance, and Veronica allowed him to do so. Her earlier attacks were nothing more than attempts to gauge his strength. They took a pronounced pause as they sought for weakness in ea

1507 - Two Years Later, A Spirit Fish Sometimes, oblivion truly is bliss. Up till now, Qing Shui still couldn’t understand the logic of some old freaks within these well-known clans. To them, affection seemed to have thinned.  While we found it difficult to abandon family, close relativ

AST 1508 - Thunder Beast's Strength, Preparing to Enter Kunpeng Mountain     Looking at the Spirit Fish's actions, Qing Shui immediately felt relieved. He was terrified that the Spirit Fish would eat some of his precious little fish. The current pond could already be considered as

Chapter 902 – The Blade Descends, Blue Clothes SoakedTranslated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: MichyrrThe plateau instantly fell silent.From the moment Bie Yanghong attacked, everyone, whether it was the South Stream Temple disciples, Gou Hanshi, or Hu Thirty-Two, stopped, no matter how concerned or

Chapter 357: Where’s the pause button? Translator: Stardu5t  Editor: Kurisu   Upon hearing Venerable White's words and realizing that there was nothing wrong with his body, Song Shuhang sighed out of relief in his heart. At the same time, he had a dream-like fan

Chapter 358: A wonderful dream Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu   There is something wrong with the bodies of these guys? Is it possible that they are not normal human beings? "Right! I forgot that I could use my blood too," Song Shuhang said as he patted

Chapter 359: Shuhang, how about becoming a girl? Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu   The sword technique of the loose cultivator Li Tiansu... a technique that could allow the owner to reach the Fifth Stage Golden Core Realm; in other words, a technique of the Fifth St

Chapter 360: From today onwards, I won’t swear an oath so easily! Translator: Stardu5t  Editor: Kurisu   Just when did I say my thoughts out loud? Song Shuhang felt things had taken a wrong turn; being 'straightforward' was one of his merits that he had

Chapter 361: Quick, let me wake up from this goddamn dream! Translator: Stardu5t  Editor: Kurisu   After getting to know so many members of the Chu Family and becoming familiar with Miss Chu Chu's long life experience… Song Shuhang could confirm that when the s

Chapter 354: Hello, open the door. I’m here to deliver a package! Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu   After forming the gate, the two dragons calmly hovered midair. Their eyes were blank and expressionless, but except for this one small imperfection, they seemed

Chapter 355: One step away! Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu   "A package?" Fairy Lychee had a confused expression on her face. Recently, she hadn't bought any treasure or another article from the 'cultivators' marketplace'. As for the thing

Chapter 356: A beautiful reverse mermaid! Translator: Stardu5t  Editor: Kurisu   Below the 'shapeshifting dragon gate', the spectatingSong Shuhang was extremely anxious—based on his experience, whenever one was the closest to success, it would also be the mo

Chapter 630: Guiding Hong shi Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 "Indeed!" Crown Prince Ye Qian also widened his eyes in astonishment. Given how you arrogantly declared that you were going to challenge the three of them at once, I thought that you must have

Chapter 631: Lake Eye Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 Seeing that Hong shi was on the verge of a breakdown, Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered with Wu Zhen anymore. He focused all of his attention into instructing Hong shi to victory. On the other hand, Wu Zhen, h

Chapter 632: I'll Challenge All of You Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 "We have to share the remaining five?" Everyone frowned. This was especially so for the champions in Feng shi, Luo shi, and Chen shi's groups. Under normal circumstances, the

Chapter 633: Fighting with His Eyes Closed Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 Silence. Everyone rubbed their eyes forcefully, thinking that their eyes might be playing tricks on them. That was a Transcendent Mortal 5-dan Consonant Spirit realm advanced stage expert!

Chapter 634: Combat Master Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 Fought with his eyes closed? Ye Wentian and Wei Jiang were stunned. What kind of trickery was this? Could this be… some kind of secret art? "That's right! His eyes were closed, and he had

Chapter 635: Paying Respect to Zhang laoshi Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 "I…" Ye Wentian leaped in shock at those words, and cold sweat immediately started trickling down his back. He might be the emperor of Huanyu Empire, but before the other

Chapter 636: Silence Restraint Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 "You…" Princess Fei-er nearly spurted a mouthful of fresh blood. Pour you a cup of wine? Pour your head! Didn't I redeem myself for ten days already? I'm not your maid now, a

Chapter 628: Rules for the Distribution of Slots Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 "I… have nothing to say about this matter!" After a long moment of thought, all of Luo Zhao's words were eventually reduced to a long sigh. He really couldn't

Chapter 629: One-Sided Pummeling Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97 "The Cleansing Lake nourishes one's soul, thus making it highly beneficial toward one's cultivation. It's indeed apt to determine the slots based on a cultivation duel!" After a

CHAPTER 84: BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS Translator: Nat                                                      Editor: Beansprout –Aegir POV– 「Well, by all

CHAPTER 85: PERSONAL BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS Translator: Nat                                                      Editor: Beansprout –Aegir POV– Even

And she did not even provoke her! A woman’s jealousy was truly terrifying; despite not knowing each other, just because of looks, she had attracted trouble for no reason; it was too unjust. She could not be bothered to deal with this type of individuals. At that moment, the sound of someone

Great! Encountering two best quality individuals. One praises her own goods, and the other was a prime example of beauty in the eye of the beholder. Everyone watched the situation with great interest. Huan Qing Yan felt that it would only be a waste of time talking to these people whose brains di

The faster they finished the assessment, the faster they could see the results. Therefore, no one opposed. Teacher Cui waved his hand and several spirit masters of the academia walked out; these individuals stood on the edge of the plaza and set up a formation. When the formation was in place, the

Huan Qing Yan was also not surprised. The strong win while the weak were weeded out; this happened everywhere. No matter what, to constantly improve oneself was the only ‘Way of the King’. The middle-aged teacher continued, “Very well, if there’s no dissent, this teacher sh

Indeed, regardless of figure and appearance, Phoenix Matriarch was of the highest ranking. If it was not for that stern expression and lofty temperament, she definitely was a woman of great beauty that could turn all living creatures upside down in the eyes of men. Currently, Phoenix Matriarch was

Battle Thinking over things for a moment, Richard continued, “If the army coming for us is as we expect, we have a chance at success. Our first job is to ambush them once they enter the mountains, killing all their priests in one go before retreating to the base. We can then make use of the n

CHAPTER 3: THE CONSPIRATOR AND THE MELANCHOLIC TYRANT April 20, 2018Tgurneu   “…Say, Ruruta-san. Why have you killed Hihak Yammo?” 1878 years passed since Hihak’s death. A single man tilted his glass and muttered. It was probably at least 1800 years or more tha

The bullet had definitely injured her heart. When Cheng Yu went into the operation room, Han Xue was on the brink of death. After feeding her a Reversal Pill, her chances of survival increased. Currently, Cheng Yu had projected out a large amount of spiritual Qi to heal Han Xue’s wound. Altho