Chapter 895: I’ll Get the Marriage Certificate Done ImmediatelyWen Xinya made Liu Yanhua tell her a lot about Si Yiyan’s life in Russia. For example, she told her about Si Yiyan’s godlike presence in Lucifer. In this world, some people believed in Buddhism, some believed in Islam, while others belie

After uploading the two videos, Mu Taotao bit onto the straw in her yogurt bottle and typed some words, saying that she had the feeling that Peng Yanzhi and Zhang Ruomin were putting on an act! She then drew the link between how Zhang Ruomin failed in her proposal to Fu Huai’an and how Lin Nuan was

Although the Titans’ Spirits have lost their strong physical bodies and the Titan Dragon Spear that contained the power of Thunderbolt, their strong willpower that had been fused with Thunderbolt’s power ever since they were born allowed their spirits to become formidable even by the standards of Un

Chapter 2111 Pretend to Be Dead, or Burst Out Again?At the center of the turbulence in space and everyone’s attention, deep inside the “pistils” of the bloody Flower of the Other Shore, Li Yao pushed away the last Immortal Cultivator in his view. With his left hand behind his back, he raised his rig

After Zhuang Nainai heard this sound, she struggled hard to regain consciousness. However, her head felt heavier and heavier, and all the energy in her body seemed to leave her. She didn’t even have the strength to move a finger.  Another person cried, “Hurry up and call the children’s father. What

Chapter 945: Getting Pummeled AgainThe Vermilion Bird Princess was the guardian of the Sun Tree!This was not a baseless assumption.In fact, it could be said that there was a very high probability of this being true!An Lin turned to the young woman beside him. He was itching to make a move.The requir

The light in the ER was still turned on.  The people who were waiting outside paced to and fro anxiously.  Si Zhengting sat on the bench, his eyes narrowed, thinking about how Zhuang Nainai had looked.  Then, he had… deliberately not looked at her, as he was afraid that she would be able to tell wha

For tonight's operation, the key was exterminating the three enemy gangs as quickly as possible.The capital's gangs can be considered as the limbs of the three great families and the imperial family. Each gang was supported by one of these four factions and owned a portion of the capital under

Chapter 543 Like Father, Like Son The Army Headquarters building of Zhongzhou State was a solemn and majestic building, and was a quiet place. There were no flowers or greenery here. The square, the buildings, and the Star Flag were all eternal symbols. At first glance, the entire Army Headquarters

In Niesha's eyes, there was only unwillingness as she helplessly laid on the ground. Yet what could she do at this juncture? The battle had ended with her losing all rights to her marker.With her arms outstretch Rita grabbed for what could now be deemed hers with the victory, Niesha's marker.

Xiaotao cast Young Master Wang a look that seemed to imply he was worse than pond scum. "Get him a computer so he can log into the site for us to see!" she ordered.Young Master Wang shook his head and explained, "That’s not possible. You can’t access the site from any computer.

Chapter 1117: Why Did So Many People Like Gu JingzeHe scoffed and immediately went to give the bureau chief a call.After some time.The bureau chief arrived.“Chief, they’re inside. Look.”The bureau chief scoffed at him with an extremely displeased expression.No one knew what happened inside either. T

“Who’s scared of who? Miss Gu, do you have lots of confidence?” Huo Shaoheng laughed, his slender fingers reaching over to smooth her bangs and reveal her bare forehead. He bent down to kiss her. Gu Nianzhi closed her eyes, her long eyelashes trembling like two tiny fans gently fluttering. “Of cours

It was Huo Shaoheng’s voice! Gu Nianzhi sighed deeply before hugging her baseball bat and sliding down against the wall. She wasn’t being sensitive but had truly been too anxious earlier. She thought that Ishihara Taro was all-powerful enough to be able to use common thieves as well. There were many

The Heidler Magic College was at a magic tower with pointy tops. Walking among them, one would feel that they were walking in a strange forest. Man-made lights shined from the sky, creating a magnificent view. “Mr. Robert is Mr. Felipe’s student. He has remarkable expertise in genetic factors, cell

Yun Bilu had a hand on her waist while the other tapped herself on the head. She felt resigned to the ridiculous roommates she had as exasperation filled her.“Xiao Huan, you can sign for the people who want the autograph. I’m still busy.” What a joke. If she really had to sign, her wrist would break

Chapter 398: Little Phoenix (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsThe two Phoenixes chased two groups of people up and down Mount Kuluo. The fiery mythical-level magical beasts did not give anyone the chance to fight back. However, just as the two groups ran out of hope, the

According to his schedule, Mu Sihan was to take a morning flight to return to the S Country. Yi Fan came in the morning to get Mu Sihan. However, he had barely knocked on the door when the door was pulled open from inside. A tall figure was standing by the door. Mu Sihan had showered in the morning

This recruit seemed to have forgotten that a sniper’s greatest nightmare was for his position to be discovered and for the enemy to execute a counterattack. Of course, an ordinary soldier wouldn’t have thought of that but Bo Jiu was different. Ever since she had started out in the Fifth Avenue, she

At around past four in the next afternoon, Huang Fugui closed the Qi Medicine Hall earlier than usual. They did not grab a cab since the traffic in Beijing was off-putting.  It was off-putting at regular hours, let alone with the assembly at the Dharma Zen Temple going on today. Countless people wou

Lin Qingcheng returned to the House of Paradise and studied the invitation badge closely. When she injected a bit of spiritual energy, the badge displayed additional information including the time and location as well as the option to bring guests.The next morning, she convened a meeting with

“She’s hiding here?” Crocodile raised his brows.  Feng Yi started checking all the monitors to look for Jian Qi’s location.  “You can stop looking. They are fighting under that tree!”  Tang Jinyu said emotionlessly.  But they knew that he was mocking them!  They looked at the place where they were.

Chapter 185 – He is practically a beast 1/2This loli, just looking at her is enough to make one want to pamper her. This little loli sure is great.“Don’t be afraid, uncle is not a bad person, uncle just wants to ask you a question regarding last night. During last night, did you two drink together w

After getting off the phone with the Korean restaurant owner— Ms. Ji-Yeon Choi, Gun-Ho said to Mori Aikko, "Aikko, let's go to Shinjuku Station!""Shinjuku? For what?""There is a hotel called Keio Plaza Hotel. They have a swimming pool.""But, I don't have bathing suits.""I will buy you one. I d

Chapter 216: Fire Suppression Li Yi, who was healing himself in the distance, stared at Yunxiao in terror with his eyes widened. Although they were both Martial Lords, he felt the gap between them grow greater and greater. Ever since Yunxiao was a Warrior, he had not taken him seriously. Now that bo

Chapter 217: Kill Xingyang Huo Xin Pi had an uncertain look on his face. He gazed at Duan Yue and said coldly, “No matter where this man comes from, Yanwu is no longer simple. Previously, I heard that it was backed by Myriad Treasures Store, but they already denied it, and I don’t think they are lyi

Chapter 218: Extract Soul Nourishing Wood The Divine Realm Tablet was a mystic artifact spiritually connected with Yunxiao. Although he had not fully refined it yet, he could somewhat sense the things inside. As soon as he went inside, he appeared over Mount Inch. The area below him was full of life

Chapter 219: Meng Bai’s Transformation “What!” Li Chunyang’s shout took everyone in the cavern aback! Xiao Qingwang, Li Changfeng, Luo Yunshang, Yian, Ji Meng, and the others gaped, their faces petrified in an instant! In just a little over half a month, he had advanced a major realm! None of the ge

Chapter 220: A Talk About Tea Yunxiao gave him a hopeless look and said, “I’m in a good mood now, so I’ll say a few more words to you. If what you said is true, Ding Ling’er should keep a distance from me. Why is she inviting me now?” “This…” Yu Rong was taken aback, and he fell into thoughts. Yunxi

Chapter 221: Mount Meru Ding Ling’er’s eyes gleamed. “Exactly, Mount Meru!” She gave Yunxiao a meaningful look and said, “Since Young Master Yun knows about the Heaven Library Realm, you naturally know about this Mount Meru, right?” Yunxiao’s face flickered. He took a few sips of tea in a row and fe

Chapter 222: The Supreme Palace’s Spirit Vein “100,000 places! Haha! That’s a wishful thought. These top powers must control the resources in their own hands, and they will never allow other sects to rise or even replace them. As long as they control the resources, they control the rise of other sec

Chapter 223: Extortion With a smile on his face, Yunxiao said, “I haven’t seen you for days, but you still look as elegant as I remember, Young Sect Leader!” “Bast*rd! How dare you mock me! You are dead meat, and so is Dhyana Sect!” Xiao Jian roared madly. The disciples around them were in confusion

Chapter 224: Massive Primordial Qi The face of the Innate Palace’s master was gloomy as well. “It had silently wiped out the Xingyang family, causing the whole Firecrow Empire to be nervous for half a month. After that, a Martial Emperor appeared, killed Xingyang Huo, and even took his Bluelotus Ear

Chapter 225: Great Realm Divine Technique Yunxiao sat cross-legged in midair, surrounded by a massive amount of Primordial Qi. After being absorbed into his dantian, only a small amount of the Primordial Qi was converted into the energy of the Four Quadrants and settled down. Most of it scattered an

Chapter 286 Pre-Tourney Speech The first round of the Twin City Cup was at hand. Every participant who registered themselves received a bangle from the checkpoints set up on various corners of Lancaster. Each bangle was embedded with a small, metal film marked with an Arabic number (which is unfamil

Chapter 287 Maze Island “There are over fifteen hundred contestants participating in the Twin City Cup! We are grateful for your warm reception, but having so many contestants means that we couldn’t present the tourney in the most exciting manner possible. Therefore, we are now commencing the first

Chapter 288 Can’t You Read Your Minimaps? At first, Xi Wei wasn’t concerned with the fate of the other contestants since it wasn’t the same as ordinary logistics-reviving each of them would cost him some divine power. And that was even with the contestants being inside the fragment of the divine kin

Chapter 289 End of the First Round It was possible that some would hold the opinion that having the minimap was cheating. That, however, was not strictly true. In the logic that applies to this world, the minimap that the Players have partially belongs to the divine grace which Xi Wei, the God of Ga

Chapter 290 Dragon Rider Squadron The first round lasted for three days. Although the mages hired by Mayor Corinth worked in shifts to broadcast the tourney through their magic mirrors, the citizens of Lancaster had their own lives to live-aside from a handful, most of them were certainly not stayin

Chapter 291 An Astonishing Turn of Events on Fishmen Island It had been some time since Croakatoa last returned to the frogmen’s village at the Warty Tidal Flats. Since its mistress Lady Eleena was taking part in the Twin City Cup and the frogmen were not usually seen by the average person, Eleena d