Guo Ran took out a cylinder several feet thick and six meters long. He pointed it at Xue You. The cylinder’s runes lit up, and whistling noise filled the area. Countless foot-long needles pierced through the air, possessing shocking power. The air revolved around them as if space was being pi

“Ji Changkong, are you just going to watch?!” shouted Xue You.He was surrounded by them and was unable to do anything to them. Meng Qi and the others were too strong, especially Tang Wan-er. She was like a fierce tiger. Her attacks were extremely sharp, and she posed the greatest threat to hi

Ch. 115: Recovering while Moving   “Anyways, we’ve got to get to the ruins.” Loren declared as he walked swiftly through the dark of night. While there was no response from Dia, Lapis asked him with a questioning look. “If this exam is indeed rigged, wouldn’t

Starlight Has No Past Chapter 46 Part 2 Ruan Feiyan was lying on the white hospital bed. Two young nurses walked into the room, chatting energetically. One of the nurses said to the other: “I just saw Ye Qiao in the lobby. She’s prettier than on TV.” The other one replied: “

Starlight Has No Past Chapter 46 Part 3 They walked past the hospital ward’s garden, there was a thing layer of ice on the ground. The two of them carefully walked side by side, giving the illusion that they could walk like this till their hair turned white. Zhou Tingsheng was the first one

Chapter 190: Old Friends? Mo Xiao Yu was smart, he had experience, he knew how to carefully weigh a person’s words and closely watch their expression. And from Mu Yi’s expression, he was convinced he was one of them.     Especially that Mu Yi looked furious when he

Expectations Hearing Nasia’s order, the metal dragon actually bent down and wagged its tail like a pet hound. Everyone was astonished by the spectacle; it was possible to force a dragon into submission, but to do it in such a short time was something else entirely. Not just anyone could convi

Translator: Einbedo Editor: Weasalopes 「Good mornin’」 The following morning, a somewhat dozy Makoto, who had just come out of her appointed room, sprang into full consciousness after feasting her eyes on the breakfast Haruna had prepared. She then proceeded to ignore everyone else waiting f

Translator: Reflet Editor: ryunakama “Yeah, you’d totally do that, Akiha.” Aoba said with a pleasant smile after hearing Taiyou’s story all the way through. After everything had ended and Taiyou had returned home, he immediately went to Aoba’s room. Hugging her from

398 – Mutant Scorpion Dragon Devil Insect Lord Yang Feng looked at the bright like moons Zhang Zhiqiao and the other four beautiful women and exclaimed: “The Bright Moon Five Element Formation. This secret method of the Bright Moon School can link the life energy of five people and focu

Chapter 888 Qin Yun heard the name Ying Chengyu and can not help but recall the last time Ying Chengyu brought the Transcending Xuan Sea Region people. At that time, he very firmly taught them a lesson. "Don't tell me that guy brought those Transcending Xuan Sea Region people again?"

Chapter 887 Qin Yun also have the Dao Lord Inscription Spirit. That is the very first Inscription Spirit he and Xiao Yuemei refined. Jian Linglong said again : "This little girl Mengmeng has very good perception towards Dao runes, she won't need this! Take out my Dao Lord Inscription Spir

Chapter 368 – The Ice Phoenix’s Nest When the sky of frost and snow finally cleared up, Fatty had disappeared. The two demons who had been guarding him were discovered shivering covered in a thin layer of ice. “Where’s the human?” Emperor Occult Flame angrily question

Chapter 1311: A Moment of Darkness (I)Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr 'King Qi Residence'! These three words were written in bold and vigorous calligraphy atop the gate to the estate. "Has everything been taken care of?" A muscular figure loomed in the dim light of the hall, his body

622 Tentacles’ Integrity There was not a single trial participant on this route. Wang Zheng stopped walking and said to his surroundings: "That's enough, stop hiding, everyone's time is limited. Let's get done with it quickly." Hong long….. Wang Zheng's ju

621 Choosing Your Path Tentacles' expression changed, his jaw dropped opened and he said in a shocked voice: "Unmovable Mountain, Invading Fire..." Perhaps they were the ones hired by the Shadows Group? It should not be the case. These two were people from the Saint level Star Cla

620 Targeted The timing for the opening of the Volcano Trial was fixed. It would only open once every 36 hours. Usually, this kind of multi-player trial would not be open at any time but would follow a certain time limit. Many people had already gathered at the bottom of the volcano. This was the

Chapter 57 – Life hanging by a thread (2)   Moments ago, it was possible to hear clearly the connection with Qi Mo, Red Falcon and the rest, so Jiao Wen and Yellow Falcon knew that everyone had already embarked in the submarine. However, right now, the connection didn’t seem to go

Chapter 57 – Life hanging by a thread (1)   “Where exactly are you?” A cold voice came through the transmission device, carrying an authoritative tone and displaying a calmness that even if the Mountain Tai were to collapse, it would still remain the same. Li Xin heard tha

"Place them on the table and leave."Not a fan of making those women who were scantily dressed and were sent with the intention to seduce the men and make them spend more, Meilin had them qu

"The top floor? Which floor is our invitation for?""The ninth floor."Next, without Jian Shen even needing to ask, the woman said, "The tenth floor is the highest floor."Nodding his head in

Slowly, the Huo family residence came into view.This was not her first time coming here. Before this, Wen He had come looking for Huo Chen at night but he was not in.The Huo family truly deserved the reputation of a large family in the capital. Just the old building itself, if sold, was more t

"Well, well! I'm happy that you came to visit. Please stay for dinner, and we shall get to know each other better.""Mother, she is—""I'm sorry for the haste visit and didn't manage to bring you a present. I hope you don't mind."Wen He smiled as she held Huo Chen's waist even tighter—a warning

As President Song showed the mold that Mr. Sakata Ikuzo sent from Japan, Gun-Ho said,"I wouldn't be able to tell whether it's well made or not even though it's in front of me.""I think Mr. Sakata Ikuzo is an incredible engineer. His mold is carved roughly, but the products made with the mold a

In the Kingdom of Aslanor, there's a small village by the name of Samhae. It's a day's ride from the border to Biarkh, and a three days' ride to Sayang, Stalwart's territory. A small church

I knew I had to take action immediately. Through the gaps between the closet doors, I could see the shadow of the old man blocking any semblance of light from reaching me. I clenched my swo

Things had settled in the most bizarre and ridiculous way. I got out of the closet, carefully, slowly, then peeked out of that bloody room's door. No one was in sight in the corridor. I cou

The door to the kitchen creaked as I pushed it open. There were two sets of long tables in the middle. One had a quite large animal leg, probably a cow or a bull, with a cleaver stuck to it

The cabinet hid a narrow cavity in the wall. It was big enough to allow someone of my size, but it wouldn't allow the men I killed back there, not with their heavy and encumbering armor any

I left the hidden passage and closed the room behind me. Leaving Emma behind didn't bother me. She wouldn't be able to alert them on time anyway. And if she could, that meant she was a magi

"M-m-m-m…" Klaus began but couldn't go on. I heard a faint continuous sound, as though water flowed somewhere near me. I looked down and realized that the old man had just pissed his pants.

Demons are silver-tongued creatures. They promise you the moon and give you its fading reflection, on a muddy puddle at that. I knew they were dangerous, vicious. I thought that as long as

I heard inhuman screams echo through the mansion halls. Then human screams followed. I sat by the stairs in the mansion's main hall, and waited. Eva reached out to me at that moment. Her vo

Villagers screamed and ran away from the mayor and his friend. Guards looked at the monsters that were running their way. They hesitated for a while, but their lives were worth more than wh

But now, Yang Ming had risen to another level and had surpassed the boundary of idols. When they looked at Lin Zhiyun, they just considered Lin Zhiyun as an idol; but Yang Ming had now become a god! The big hero! The martial arts master!What did young people admire the most? Naturally, it was

A transparent Spirit stamp slowly sank in the air. Though it appeared incorporeal, the overwhelming pressure it possessed filled Zhou Yuan’s entire face with a grim expression.Although only one lesser stage separated the initial and mid Corporeal stage, the gap between them was extraordinary.

Dao Venerate Fu Min left, and with his departure, the return of ancient ship’s speed. They continued sailing through the Imperial Road of Heavenly Monarch with an empty-minded Crown Prince Fu Shang kneeling on the ground. After some time, the crown prince silently returned back to the Six Paths Bead

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “No, if I’m not in Celestial Light Sect, how would I be able to meet Li Moying the minute he’s back? But, I don’t want to tear our faces apart with Murong Fei right now, so I have to go incognito. It’d be best if I can secretly infiltrate in, do you have any idea

If one were to say what’s different between today and yesterday, it would be that the self-proclaimed sick-for-many-days Ronghua Ye had finally come to pay respects to the empress. The empress’ expression was the same as usual, seemingly unchanged even after the empress dowager had left

A teacup fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.   The empress dowager rose to her feet, her expression neutral. “This grieving one’s hand shook. Clean it up.”   “Understood,” said the palace maid, quickly kneeling.   The empress dowager glanced at the shattered