Han Sen received the list of people who were bound for Starter King’s Land. He found Bai Wei’s name on the list.Han Sen looked at the list. Aside from Bai Wei, there were a few princes and princesses he knew about. They included Bai Wanjie, Bai Wuchang, Bai Lingshang, Bai Qingxia, Bai Kanglang, and

Han Sen remained in Nine-Defense Palace. He did not leave. Consuming Time Ghost took a lot longer than it did for a butterfly xenogeneic.True god class xenogeneics gave Han Sen many rewards. After consuming Time Ghost, Han Sen gained 14 deified genes. If he were to consume butterfly xenogeneics, he

2893 Getting a Deified Beast Soul Again Han Sen thrust forward a few times. He cycled through a few different geno arts. No matter which one he used, it felt as if there was no end. Reaching Time Ghost seemed impossible. He couldn't touch him.God laughe

The princess and princesses instantly retreated. They all gathered up their powers. No one dared to play with their lives.Han Sen gathered up power too. He looked toward the Red Temple, which was opening, but he did not see a temple. That made Han Sen feel relieved.Han Sen saw a metal box that looke

When they entered, what princes and princesses saw surprised them. They were in a giant xenogeneic’s mouth.After it was confirmed, they discovered it was the mouth of a dead xenogeneic’s skeleton. They were inside the skull’s mouth.The giant xenogeneic’s skeleton looked like the bones of dinosaurs.

Chapter 574 A different solution He didn't have to wait for her to move, Quinn could see it in her eyes what Kazz was planning to do. The problem was, his whole body was sore and done for, he couldn't move his muscles no matter how hard he tried. It was a downside to using Q

Chapter 576 Moving on Seeing the notification screen, Quinn prepared himself for the worst. There was always the chance that someone could be turned into something hostile. If Quinn was correct, he had an idea of what Linda might turn into. There was once a similar situation

Chapter 575 The seventh blood ritual On the new land, a landscape that could be seen once one climbed halfway up the mountain. Blip was seen huffing and panting, he was on his knees gasping for air, covered with wounds and his wings wholly scorched. In front of him was the l

"The heroes of the goddess..."The sculpture-like demon king opened his mouth.White and long hair on brown skin.The thinly opened eyes are bright red and full of the dark smell of death (blood) from before.Joni and others, Wolf of the Earth, Julietta of the Tree, and Anna of the Light hold the sword.

The great black sickle of the Immortal King (Bifronce) cut the wind.Between us and the Undying King (Bifronce), it's more than ten meters.Definitely out of range.Nevertheless, I had a bad feeling."Out of the way!"Johnny yells."Mr. Makoto! Along with Anna's screams, she pulled her arm so hard that it

--A full moon is floating in the sky.(What... then...? Even if you calm your mind with the "Spike Stop Water" skill, your understanding won't catch up.It was undoubtedly daytime that we entered the Demon King Castle.I saw the sun with my own eyes a few minutes ago.Why is it late at night?Was that wh

"Do you wish to synchronize with the Goddess of Fate, Ila?YesNoThis is the option that the "RPG Player" skill has presented to me.(This is ......, are you sure you want to do this ......?It brings back bitter memories of the time I synchronized with Lucy and got burned all over my body, even though

I slowly opened my eyelids.I can see a dim ceiling.My body is heavy.I can't remember clearly.I was fighting something, and I was in a crisis...."You're awake.Mr. Takatsuki Makoto "They called me by name.Looking at you, a little girl with grey hair stands on her tiny body.She is a witch of destiny, w

Angor stopped meditating when seeing Fafnir’s return, only to see her looking at the wall where he left a message earlier. Usually, only those from Phantom Island should be able to decrypt the message. Though the trick was pointless against someone as powerful as Fafnir, who could read what was

In the Yan family, Madam Yan was waiting for Tan Yongsi to come, but before she did, Wen Qing came first. Madam Yan placed down her teacup in surprise. “Madam Wen, Qing Qing, why have you come?” “Aunty, didn’t you ask me to ask my dad who that person was when I got home the other day?” Wen

The corner of Tang Qinghong’s mouth twitched when he heard that. “I have no idea how many card game software she has designed in the past at this point. Her brain can’t be matched, not even by a supercomputer. The three of you challenged her to a game of cards? You got completely wiped out haven’t y

For the past two days, there was a strange atmosphere that encapsulated the entire capital. All of a sudden, high and mighty figures started appearing in public. It seemed that nearly everyone who held significant power in this world had gathered here within this city. Apart from a handful

"Forget who you are."The goddess of destiny wiped her mouth with a little redness.Speaking of which, the goddess could read her mind.My concern seemed to have been in vain."So what's the story?I asked the question on my knees.Faced up, there was a slurry and beautiful leg of the goddess of destiny f

She looked at Qiao Mianmian and said, “She looks so different from you. It’s as if she’s a different person.”Qiao Mianmian touched her face. “I feel like a different person too. Director Bai, what do you think?”Just as she finished speaking, she heard Bai Yusheng’s voice behind her. “Not bad, I thin

"Takazuki Makoto... why don't you go and defeat the Great Demon King?It was an unexpected word that jumped out of the mouth of the goddess of destiny."Defeat the Great Demon King...?Even the demon king's opponent was that bruise.... "Shortly after I came here a thousand years ago, I was going to fig

◇ Anna's perspective ◇--A few years ago.The story of my mother's hometown, the village of the floating continent, was attacked by the Demon King army, so I spent time in a small village in my father's hometown on the western continent.My parents were already out of the world, and it was Master Olga

The brave one and the little one became spiritual lovers?"That's right, White Dragon.My king suddenly woke up to all the colors..... " That's good."I like heroic colors."He is instrumental in the demon king's crusade.You can hold as many women as you want.I wonder if you could take my daughter with

Dark clouds endure everywhere.Fly on a black (...) dragon.Having said that, of course it was Hakuryu (Mel) who gave me a ride.Because the appearance of the white dragon is too prominent, it seems that he is using "change" to change his appearance this time.Mel can really count on a lot of things."Sp

"When did you find out that you're pregnant?" Issei asked her after they finished their lunch together. "...About a week ago," Brynhildr said after a brief silence. She had morning sickness that morning. At first, she thought she was just feeling sick but after feeling a little discomfort around her

Sorry guys, the next chapter is gonna be delayed again... My city is struck by a flood disaster. The water reaches up to my knee and I'm like, around 171cm tall. Almost all of my boxes that contain trade goods are flooded by water... And not only that, there's a blackout happening all over the place

When Xia Jinqi asked this question, the two people in front of her simultaneously revealed looks of anticipation.The difference was that Lu Yiming’s anticipation could not hide his gentleness, but behind Zhao Chongbin’s anticipation, there was a sinister smile.“Aren’t you very smart? Use Your brain

The only consolation was probably this picturesque scenery.Unconsciously, Xia Jinqi pulled up her coat and scanned her surroundings without batting an eyelid.Other than the trees and flowers, the entire stockade was heavily guarded.Three steps to a person, ten steps to a team. All of them were on hi

Three Promises (3) I could see Olympus’s answer from Yoo Sangah’s expression. She became red and then paled. Based on Yoo Sangah’s eyes, I thought I was too hasty in bringing up the story. “That…Dokja-ssi.” I wondered what she had heard to make her hesitate w

Your soul will be expelled immediately.And my bi Yue will accept your body and reunite with me… …“You… ” Xia Jinqi wanted to say something, but Zhao Chongbin had already grabbed her arm and pushed the transparent liquid into her veins.“that should be a sedative, ” Xia Jinqi thought.Otherwise, her co

Skirmish – Oni vs Wind and Lightning 4 Wind lashes at me. When I was slammed onto the ground, I somehow managed to get back up against the force that seems to be trying to crush me. Blood is flowing from my forehead. It’s clear and simple as to what did me in. I was dropped by just a bu

Decision Time 1 Author’s comments: Sophia’s point of view 「Ahh. What an awful waking scene.」 The light of the sun is shining so brightly through the windows that it is detestable. I would not normally mind, but in my current state the sunlight feels hateful somehow. With the effects o

Decision Time 2 Author’s comments: Sophia’s point of view continued 『Use prayer to intervene in the battle of the gods.』 That was the only line spoken. After waiting a while there were no further words. 「……I wonder what that means?」 「Ah!」 The moment I asked my questio

Decision Time 3 Author’s comments: Dustin’s (pope of the Divine Word Religion) point of view Here at the headquarters of the Divine Word Religion in the Holy Country of Aleius, the government is even busier than usual. Everyone here with Distant Speech, the superior version of Telepat

Decision Time 4 Author’s comments: Ariel’s point of view 「Look! The people are like rubbish!」 「Ariel-san, that’s a villain’s line you know.」 「Aren’t we basically like villains anyway?」 「……Can’t disagree.」 「Balse!」 「Ariel-san, if you chant that

The Black Dragon’s Battle Author’s summary of the previous chapter: Kuro: Guhah!? Shiro: (Somehow I’m winning. Da heck? What is he planning? I dunno!) This is, impossible for me indeed. I had known for sure. I had understood for sure. Even so, I can’t deny that I had never

S35 – Two Options 「What will you do? It is fine if you are unable to make a decision immediately. However, please at least remember this – time waits for no one. In other words, even while you are struggling to decide, the situation is progressing.」 After we had received a general expl

The Last Two Options ①   Author’s comments: Updates resume. Summarising recent events in three lines: The reincarnators have a explanation meeting! D-san makes a mischievous announcement! A great battle between Kuro and Shiro breaks out! Kushitani Asaka’s point of view. 「Eh

The Last Two Options 2 Author’s comments: Demon King’s point of view 「I see.」 When Felmina-chan rushed over out of breath to give her report, that was all I could say. To bring me the latest information, Felmina-chan had rushed over to such an extent that she was out of breath despit

The Last Two Options 3 Author’s comments: Pope Dustin’s point of view Upon moving from the collapsed building, we took refuge inside a church with particularly study defences. In the event of an enemy attack on the Holy Country of Aleius, it was built to be the last bastion during the

The Last Two Options 4 Author’s comments: Tagawa Kunihiko’s point of view 「……In short, according to Wakaba-san, she’s going to destroy this “System” thing that was designed to prevent the collapse of this world. And, once it’s destroyed then half