Chapter 1347: The Arrival of Qingfeng LiTranslator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown TranslatedWhen the short-haired self-cultivator killed off the hundredth black hell ant, his strength and vital essence had depleted quite a bit. As a result, his speed had decreased.Right at this mom

Chapter 1346: Black Hell AntsTranslator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown TranslatedBehind Qingfeng Li, the Taotie and Qiongqi were still battling each other. They were both ferocious beasts from the ancient era, each possessing immense power. Their battle arena extended far into the

Chapter 1349: The Ant-Exterminating TrioTranslator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated"Qingfeng Li is so strong! He is absolutely my idol! Killing off three hundred black hell ants with just one sword technique, he's so much more powerful than that short-haired self-cultivato

Chapter 1350: The Ant EmperorTranslator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated"You dog bastard, how dare you kill my underlings! Prepare to die!" The red-black hell ant shot Black Puppy an icy cold look with a threat.Black Puppy's face grew cold when it heard the red ant's insul

The Afghan mountains were mostly rocky, desolate and sparse in vegetation. Xia Lei’s visual range was over 4,000 metres and he also had zoom-in and X-ray abilities. It was no problem at all for him to find the hidden Islamic militant snipers in the bits of vegetation on the mountains. The snipers’

Chapter 164 - Sending Everyone Out of the Array Looking at Li Haoran's corpse, everyone sank into silence! After a series of chases, they finally found the murderer, only to find an even stronger mastermind hiding behind this murderer’s back. "How can my avenging my mother be so complex?" Long Wa

The hall fell into a heavy silence.After a moment of silence, Saint Mother Yao Chi took out a piece of armor and a black halberd, saying, “This is an ancient divine armor I found in the past, called Glory of the Water God. I am passing it to you as well.”Huang Xiaolong’s mouth moved, but no words w

Thunderous Demonic Sound The destructive force caused by the first collision between Mo Ying and Jiang Chen was shocking. The aftershock of the battle spread 100 miles across the region. To put it bluntly, if the impact happened on the ground, the 100 miles of land would have become barren. After

The Battle Between Geniuses   It was difficult to get rid of the Qi of origin of the Evil Abyss, as it wasn’t the same as any ordinary devil Qi. Any ordinary expert would be able to see it. Not even Liu Qingshan could eliminate this Qi of Mo Ying. However, as soon as Jiang Chen launche

Declaration of Battle        Extra dose of the week!  Be sure to support us in Patreon if you are able to!   Yang Bufan was very confident in Jiang Chen. He had already known Jiang Chen’s extraordinary talent the first time they’ve met.

Chapter 921: Scary TalentTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere were a lot of powerful creatures populating the knotted expanse of Thorn Forest; creatures Han Sen was currently unable to beat. Even if Han Sen could use his super king spirit mode for a long time, to kill creatu

After clearing the Dungeon, I ate dinner with Kim Suho and returned home.Beep, beep, beep.I entered the password and opened the front door. However, Evandel didn’t come out to greet me like usual. I could hear voices of two kids having fun.When I walked inside, wondering if Evandel was mad at me fo

Xiang Rong’s Reward Following the Emperor saying “You can give your thanks” the prime minister and General Ping Nan both went forward and kneeled at Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ge’s side. Both of them said in unison: “Thank you, your Majesty for your imperial grace.&rdq

Sivilla who did not come for a while had turned up. In an apron, for some reason. 「Long time no see, Boy. Were you lonely during the time we did not see each other?」 「Eh? Why do you ask?」 「It must have been hard for you. I was so lonely I couldn’t endure, you know?」 She said with a sidelong

Chapter 33 – Winter Sovereign (2) TL: Boko Editor: Frost “You did a great job a few days back.” Ha Yeon smiled, and spoke as she gazed at Sung Joon. She was talking about the matter of the Il Sung Group. Sung Joon nodded his head and opened his mouth. “It just turned ou

Chapter 622: She fears that the spring breeze will never come again  With only an hour left to death, they had to either cure themselves and pass the third trial, or end up dying here. Neither Han Yunxi nor Long Feiye even considered admitting defeat, but placed all their hopes in Gu Beiy

Written exam Sunday morning. It’s the selection exam day. Us examinees gathered in the lecture hall. “Good morning, Claire-sama. Let’s do our best today!” “You are noisy, commoner. There should be no possibility of me failing” “Eh? Then you are worried abo

Chapter 2301: Who Wants to Destroy the Ji Clan Edited by RED   By the time everybody realized what was going on, the beasts in dark clothes had already disappeared. That place was the territory of the Ji Clan. In every restaurant in their territory, there were traces of the dark fighters. I

Chapter 2302: The Ji Clan’s Destruction Edited by RED   The battle in the Ji Clan was explosive. The weakest people on the battlefield were high-level emperors, the Ji Clan had sent any people weaker than that to the small worlds. They would have died instantly otherwise. Their myster

Chapter 2303: Opening a Sect Edited by RED   “Today, I’m here to destroy the Ji Clan,” said Lin Feng coldly. Ji Dang Tian was trembling. Things had happened so fast. Lin Feng’s allies all showed their real faces. Ji Dang Tian was astonished and said, “As expecte

Chapter 2299: Drunk and Sobering Up Edited by RED   Was Lin Feng going to come back? Lin Feng was obviously going to come back. He had contacted all his friends, how could he not come back? Of course, only someone Lin Feng could make all those people return. They had been separated for suc

Chapter 2300: Hunting! Edited by RED   In the Holy City, the Ji Clan, the Ying Clan and the other Ancient Holy Clans had suffered losses back in the days when Lin Feng had killed some of their people, but they were still among the strongest groups of the city. However, behind the scenes, th

Chapter 2298: Gathering Edited by RED   Time slipped away, flew, crawled, and zipped along… In the Holy City of Dark Clouds, the Ancient Holy Clans continued growing stronger, they continued ruling over the main cities of the region. For Ancient Holy Clans to truly weaken or be destr

I raced down the long hallway from Class E to Class A. The looks from the students in the halls pierced in painfully. That charm-watcher girl from before was staring in mute amazement. Sorry for tricking you. This is who I am. Everyone backed off to form a path. Rather, on my approach, everyone shri

Chapter 59 – The President’s Wife Pursuit Scheme (4) “So, for the sake of my apartment’s money, Chen Meile sold me out? Her own little sister?” Fu Bainian sat down beside her and indifferently asked, “Are you her sister?” Fine! Just forget about it for no

Chapter 846 - Divine Fruit Forest Nest Realm, the mysterious regions around the vicious ten nest.  The mountain forest was lush with life, the road rugged. It was difficult to fly through this place, as there were restriction on space.  A decaying aura transmitted over from extremely fa

Chapter 15: The Wind Stopped (part 1) Hei Ban's heaven's eye, Godly Light, was like a heavenly might which descended in the instant that it shined upon Wind Valley. The originally violent gale was immediately diminished by half! Moreover, the gale's strength was continually reduced. I

We went with Gilbert to the upstream of Varnalis River at night. Trading the horse-drawn carriage with a small boat en route, we boarded a flat-bottomed ship heading upstream at a harbor on the outskirts of the town. Loaded on this flat-bottomed ship were various everyday commodities to be deliver

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 15-3 “Your success still won’t let you escape the punishment that you are going to face!” hissed the Cult Head. He stepped to the edge of the trap, but he lightning quick fell back as a strong gust of wind blasted from the bottom of the trap. The roof o

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 15-2 Anjarsari was almost naked. Her long hair was messy and ruined all over the place. The girl was panting and screaming and struggling, but alas she was powerless to get rid of the body of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult Vice Head that was holding her from on top of her

Forgefires Standing in front of Forgefires Stronghold, Richard couldn’t help but admire the dwarven capital. In front of him was a mountain a thousand metres tall, a few hundred of which looked to be carved out by giant axemen. The slices were in picturesque disorder, each a building about te

Chapter 28: Jounin “It seems that you are the behind-the-scenes mastermind of these Rogue.” Chiba squinted slightly, looking at the ninja who appeared and said coldly. This person’s strength is not bad, it is estimated that the top genin, or maybe even stronger, not at all compar

My morning is late. I only get up after the sun has completely risen. After light exercising which is similar to radio gymnastics, I first look around the house. This is the job of the head of the family. I always do it every morning and evening. If it is impossible for me to do it, the one rank

Chapter 741: Contradiction Between Words And Deeds Tang Xiu had seen this full body armor worn by the Genetic Warriors. The entire set of armor consisted of multiple parts, but even though they were assembled into a whole piece, the joints were very flexible and the movements were swift during the

VOLUME 3: CHAPTER 196 – THE BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS WANTS BLOOD (1/3) Within the headquarters of the Kushain believers, the holy city, Cultidian, within the room of the pope, was the saint, Mira, who watched over the meeting with a peaceful expression. In her mind, she thought of how to deal with

After our break ended, we resumed training… Or at least that’s what I thought would happen, but apparently, we were done for the day. “The both of you have already learned Share Senses, so you can just practice it in your spare time from now on. For now, Ryouma-kun, why don&rsquo

Chapter 30 Inevitable Heartbeat Su JianAn obediently stuck out her small tongue, the tip of her tongue was reddened, and there was a sign of peeling, which made her screamed in pain. Lu BaoYan hurriedly went to get first aid kit. When he came back, Su JianAn heard a “pchit” sound and f

He had thin, violet eyes that glimmered seductively. His nose was narrow and straight. His lips thin. And all these features were perfectly aligned. Even the jet black hair that was tied behind his head seemed to enhance his beauty. Judging by the air his frighteningly sculpted face emitted, he mus

In front of her stood Lord Brail, expressionless and with crossed arms. The young miss sat next to him with a worried expression. I was like a child who had been scolded by a parent. I thought that I seen Lord Brail’s eyebrow twitch when he took a sip of the tea that I had made, but perhaps I

Satisfy boasted freedom that went beyond reality and had a vast worldview that was close to infinite. It would take years to explore the continent and find the unique food of each region. However, humans pursued their own path.  Some people enjoyed Satisfy in a way that was no differ