Lu Tianzi's sword mercilessly cleaved through Nanhong Yechang in a single swing, splitting him into two just like his two subordinates before him.After which, Lu Tianzi calmly turned to look at the motionless corpse lying on the ground.Currently, even this arrogant Int

Lu Tianzi took a deep breath as he looked across the table to see Yan Caijie fidgeting nervously in her seat."I heard that you are working for the City Lord Manor," Lu Tianzi asked casually. "How is the life there?""It has been good. The people at the City Lord Manor t

The City Lord Manor of Ivory Rock City stood majestically at the top of a long flight of stairs, overseeing the entire Officials District from high above.It was a huge mansion that was the symbol of the highest authority within the city, but there were few residents wi

Hu Yuanbo widened his eyes in shock when he sensed the aura that Lu Tianzi was giving off.Primary Essence Condensation realm!Generally speaking, a mere Essence Condensation realm martial artist should not have been sufficient to intimidate Hu Yuanbo who was already at

This paper talisman was a life saving trump card that Hu Shenwei had left within his spatial ring.When Lu Tianzi finished off Hu Shenwei, he had taken the former's spatial ring. At that time, Lu Tianzi had naturally obtained the paper talisman as well.Previously when H

"Lu Tianzi? Is that really you?" one of the braver guards stepped forward to question the young man before him.As guards of the City Lord Manor, they naturally had a chance of taking a closer look at Lu Tianzi previously when he was named as the Holy Guardian. Thus, mo

The other three District Heads chose not to go against Rui Xucheng's decision, and thus they got to work immediately. Under their orders, their subordinates were urgently dispatched throughout Ivory Rock City."Orders from the District Head, everyone is to gather at the

"What?!" Lu Tianzi was completely caught off guard.He never thought that at the very last moment, the attack from the Formation of Heaven's Blade would switch target to aim at him instead!But Lu Tianzi no longer had the luxury of time to think about why that happened.J

When Uncle Ye previously asked Lu Tianzi about his true identity, the latter had lied that he was a martial artist who switched over to becoming a worker. The reason was that he wanted to contribute tangibly to the city.Even though Uncle Ye did not approve of such an a

Bright light flooded Lu Tianzi's vision, turning his entire world white.He felt his body being lifted into the air by a mysterious force, one that was impossible for him to resist.The next moment, the white world around him completely vanished, and Lu Tianzi found hims

"Shin? Can I come in?" Kanari knocked on the door with the softest voice that she could breathe out."Kanari?" A baffled voice came from the other end. Hearing the approaching footsteps, Kanari steadied herself for the insurmountable task that she had to accomplish.When

The passageway ended not outside of the Israeli residential area but in a sewer. A functioning sewer. The sewer was filled with thick black sewage which was accompanied by a choking putrid smell, so bad it made one scowl. The trio went in the direction of the sewage flow and they moved quickly

Huo Yunting continued his shameless act. "The truth is, I like you better, so don't get jealous on me." She looked down, unwilling to continue the topic.

Yang Kai watched all of this and secretly nodded. The Bold Independent Union’s disciples weren’t weak either in strength or means, at first glance it was clear to him that each member of Yun Xuan’s team was a veteran of many battles and under her leadership, they formed a cohesive force that c

"Doctor Ling, there are no more patients that require sutures for now." When Wang Jia returned to the treatment room again, there was no one behind her. "No one else?" Before L

Chapter 77: The Examination To Join The Sect There were a total of four people in front of the restaurant door. The young nobleman stood shoulder to shoulder with a big, sturdy man dressed in azure clothes. Behind the two, there were two bodyguards with swords in their hands.Hearing Teng Qingh

Chapter 78: First Rated Warrior"Amazing!""One of the sergeant positions in the Black Armored Army is going to be taken by this Zhu Da."The many warriors in the surroundings exclaimed. It was because this warrior was the only one who dared to challenge lifting a boulder that weighed ten thousan

Chapter 79: Six Thousand Black Armored SoldiersSilence!Every single person present, even Gong Yangqing and that middle-aged man dressed in grey, became quiet. Everyone stared at Teng Qingshan and not a word was uttered for a long time.Lifting a huge ten thousand Jin rock was, of course, extrem

Chapter 80: Zhuge YuanhongIn the morning, the glow from the sun scattered across the entire school ground.However, the six thousand Black Armored Soldiers were like a deep, icy cold, pitch-black swamp, causing the entire school ground to feel eerie. As they walked, the three hundred people, wh

Chapter 81: What a huge differenceThe six thousand-strong Black Armored Army immediately separated. Under where they originally stood were eight big arenas covered with black rocks. They were ten Zhang wide, each arena was surrounded by the soldiers of the Black Armored Army.“It seemed that ev

Chapter 82: Only one leftThe eyes of the Gui Yuan Sect’s Young Sovereign, Zhuge Yun, were locked on Teng Qingshan, who was standing in the arena.“Brother, how does Teng Qingshan compare to you in terms of strength and ability?” asked the young girl beside Zhuge Yun, Zhuge Qing, softly. Zhuge Y

Chapter 83: Cangjiang Sword Arts“Challenge Qingshan?” Teng Qinghu couldn’t help but hold his breath.In his heart, Teng Qingshan was omnipotent. However, because Teng Qingshan had only ever lived in Yi City, the number of experts he had met so far were few in number. Today however, they were in

Chapter 84: Innocence of a newborn"Hu!"The four Commanders stood up at the same time and stared in disbelief."How is that possible? Did his spear art just subdue the Wave Bending Technique of the"Cangjiang Sword Art"?" The silver-haired elder dressed in black cloak said in shock. The biggest a

Chapter 85: Dark Demonic HorsesOn the school ground, the black armored soldiers were conversing quietly.“The challenge of the centurions had ended! The newly appointed eight centurions are: Teng Qingshan, Niu Zhan, Gong Yangqing, Hong Xingyang, Yue Song……” The elder dressed in black gown annou

Chapter It was already night time.Currently, it was very quiet in Gui Yuan Sect, situated in Jiangning County, as everyone had slept. However, candlelight still shone in Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong's study room.With his long hair draped over his shoulder, Zhuge Yuanhong wore a loose white long cl

Chapter 87: Lieutenant Bai QiAfter drinking quite a bit with Tian Dan yesterday, Teng Qingshan was sure that Tian Dan was a straightforward person.“So brother Tian Dan, it’s like this! My cousin Teng Qinghu came with me from our hometown to join Gui Yuan Sect. Yesterday, he became a sergeant a

Chapter 88:"Vigor of the Reckless Bull"Many Centurions and Lieutenants were practicing near the edge of the school ground. All the Centurions and Lieutenants were experts who have reached the Pinnacle of the Postliminary Realm and all of them had their own cultivation method and the cultivatio

Chapter 89: PowerIn front of the stone, many people were recording the contents of the «Vigor of the Reckless Bull» with brush and paper. Teng Qinghu had also borrowed a piece of paper and brush from the others before starting to record as well.The entire «Vigor of the Reckless Bull» had a tot

Chapter 90: Pay a VisitOn the first floor of the Canvass Lunar Restaurant, almost all the tables were taken."Dear Customers." A waiter immediately came forward with a bright smile.Zhuge Yuanhong said casually, "Give us the private room 'Purple Air of the East' on the third floor." The Canvass

Chapter 91: My Name Is Teng Qingshan“Qin San, do you know this young brother?” Master Li suspiciously asked.Qin San was puzzled too.He didn’t know the young fellow in front of him, but Qin San heard from his master, and knew that the person standing in front of him was a friend of the Gui Yuan

Chapter 92: The Sixth StageTeng Qingshan and Teng Qinghu walked towards the door.Standing in front of the door, the Young Sovereign Zhuge Yun looked at the two Qin brothers with a ridiculing smile as he spoke, “Gold Sword Clan? Haha… you actually have the audacity to threaten my Gui Yuan Sect’

Chapter 93: Fallen in Love?Zhuge Yun and his younger sister Zhuge Qing walked along a small path in Gui Yuan Sect. By now, Zhuge Qing had taken off her face veil."Sister." Zhuge Yun called out, but Zhuge Qing showed no reaction."Sister!" Zhuge Yun called out again."Ah!" It was only then did Zh

Chapter 94:"Vigor of the Reckless Bull"! The Ninth Stage!"It's nothing. I didn't have anything to do so I came." Lady Qing grinned. She immediately took out the book and handed it to Teng Qingshan. "There you go!"Teng Qingshan took it, feeling the slight warmth on the book. He glanced at the b

Chapter 95: Summoned Late At NightThe day of the Yearly Sacrifice soon arrived. On that evening, Teng Qingshan truly understood just how many Gui Yuan Sect disciples there actually were!Numbering over ten thousand, the core and outer disciples of the Black Armored Army and Gui Yuan Sect were d

Chapter 96: Obsessed"Yes, you may leave." Zhuge Yuanhong said with a smile."Yes, Sovereign."Teng Qingshan bowed slightly and walked out of the study room quietly. As soon as he stepped out of the study room, the door closed by itself."Eh? Did he just close the door from a distance?" Teng Qings

Chapter 97: Yan DanchenOn the training field the next morning.The chilly spring air hovered over the training field as numerous cavalry units huddled at the front gate. The sight of the seemingly endless sea of blackness within the cavalry battalion was like looking into a deep black pool. Man

Chapter 98: I gave an inch, he took a mileClop! Clop! Clop!The concentrated sound of horse hooves banging against the ground could be heard as a speedy cavalry unit advanced on the public road rapidly, as if they were a black dragon.The soldiers of the Black Armored Army formed groups of a hun

Chapter 99: Purple Gold MineAfter the five hundred Black Armored Army soldiers finished eating lunch, they rested for almost two hours before departing Yi City and continuing on their journey. In the blink of an eye, they had already traveled 300 Li (150km). When night fell, they finally reach

Chapter 100: Lord Lieutenant, are you alright?“Then I request the lieutenant to open up my eyes and let me see your ability!” Teng Qingshan said with a gesture.Lieutenant Bai Qi sneered. “Teng Qingshan, you have lived in the mountains ever since you were young, so I’m afraid the number of powe

Chapter 101: Gold ThievesThe Black Armored Soldiers chatted among themselves. They looked at Teng Qingshan differently.The powerful ones would be revered and worshiped."Lieutenant Bai Qi's last move had incredible power, but I didn't expect Brother Qingshan to resolve it that easily. He even s