Chapter 690-Battle of Red Cliff Translator: ryangohsfEditor: Nora A large war was only a touch away. Shanhai City's actions had greatly exceeded the expectations of the four city-states. "You will help us, right?" Qin Feng looked at the representatives of the other city-states; he looked exceed

The pale dim light shone lifelessly from above at the isolated, sealed empty space. The airship had entered a stretch of turbulent air pocket half an hour ago. Every time there was turbulence, the passengers who were fast asleep would wake up

When they saw Chen Xi attack at the slightest disagreement and even utilize their Yazi Clan’s sacred weapon to deal with them, it angered Lie Feng and the others to the point of being on the verge of spitting blood.He’s such a bully!Our Yazi clan has always been renowned in the world for seeking ve

Li Jiancheng was a truly conceited person. He’d always been unparalleled among the younger generation in Veluriyam Capital and didn’t think that he was in any form or manner inferior to young lord Fan.He remained unconvinced of his inferiority to young lord Zhen as well, even though there was sense

Yang Chen was not worried that he can’t condense Dan, but he must always be careful about his spiritual awareness splitting. The most ideal situation was that Yang Chen’s Solidifying Core succeeds, and his spiritual awareness was enhanced at the same time. In this case, the spirit power

Chapter 304: Yun Xi’s Choice After saving this world from Shaya Longnis’ hands, there were still a great amount of Shaya’s energy, which was extracted out by Casina’s “The Magnificence of Sky Dance”, left in this world. The sailing jellyfishes were using it to re

After Li Qiye returned to Cleansing Incense, Long Jingxian was the first to run out. She furiously hollered: “Ugly Qiye, what sinister deed have you done?! Stealing other people’s qualification to compete!”“What are you talking about?” Li Qiye glanced at her with one eye in response: “This is the H

Chapter 2957 - The Legendary Tenth Step “Impossible! I, Chu Huanyu, refuse to believe this!!!” Suddenly, Chu Huanyu let out a furious shout. Then, he took two successive steps and directly arrived on the sixth step of the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps. However, by the time he a

Chapter 21 Su JianAn Turned into a Human Flesh Part 2 While browsing the web page, Su JianAn suddenly received a URL of a large forum sent by Luo XiaoXi. She copied the URL and enter the forum. In the forum, she saw a post that had just been posted this morning, but it had already covered nearly 1

Translator: Reflet  Taiyou glared at Hera. Around the time they had barely met, they had exchanged a promise for her not to call out to him in front of other people. It was because if other humans were to see him talking to an unseen Hera, they would think he was crazy.  Hera had broken that.  He

Vyvyan wore a smile as she stroked my head and asked, “Son, Mommy was very happy to receive your letter, but Mommy wants to know what you called Mommy here for. I believe that you didn’t want to just simply invite Mommy to a banquet, right?” I, did, indeed have something very impo

Apartment for Rent Ch 13.1 - Hallway Needless to say, Bo Yan was not able to fall asleep under such pressure. However, Bo Yan,  the person who effortlessly won the first place in the idiot competition, has been cowering on top the of toilet since Guo Li entered his room, his head pressed betw

Chapter 280 – To The Imperial Prison Note: Unedited Jing Rong was stubborn to the bone. Even if he was to die, he would never admit to something he didn’t do. Although he knew clearly well Old General Li was the culprit, Jing Yi would never believe his words because what Jin

ARGE CHAPTER 161: WHAT SINKS IN HOT WATER       『…Nice to meet you, Aoba-san. My name is Argento Vampyr』(Arge) Even though I thought of various things, I chose not to change my expression at all. That’s my strength. Without moving my eyebrows and say hello with my

A black shadow flashed from the side. He was that man in black. Now he was still a black robe, wrapping himself completely, as if integrated into the night. If he didn't move, no one would find him.   Smiles emerged on the faces of the people of the Big Elder’s siege. In their opini

Having witnessed Lin Xiao display his expertise, Wu Gui and Wang Di worshipped Lin Xiao as if he was immortal descending to earth. Serving an immortal was what they exactly wanted to do, a blessing they carved. Hence they felt daunted by Lin Xiao extending his gratitude.   Right then, they bo

Sect elder Yang did not fish out a crystal jade box from his storage bag until dusk.   Made of spirit jade and sealed, the precious box glowed with scriptures on it. Even so, a purple core lying inside was seen clearly.   “Empty darkness core.”   “Yes, it is.&r

"I can see that your body is still in the Sky Spirit Realm, and you opened up the visible orifices, but didn’t build the immortal body. It seems that you have been hit by a fatal blow, and I’m afraid you can’t make it out. Si Wenhan, how did you turn against Murong Fengjian? &

Volume 5 – A Distance Within Reach, Chapter 61: Signs of Danger Twilight pensively extended a finger and pointed to her own lips. “I’m just curious. Let me guess, the reason you’re being attracted to Evernight Continent is perhaps related to Great Monarch Andruil? The Black

Chapter 391: Marauders The small town’s patrols had around one hundred people per squad.  There were thirty barbarians, thirty orc archers, twenty bear clan warriors, five-six wolf clan scouts, and a few ogres. The barbarians were the main strength.  Normal patrols would not receiv

Chapter 201: Heavy Machine Gun   Seeing the large porcupines in the distance, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s hands trembled slightly, all of their original backup plans were run aground. With the long distance monsters, the creatures were able to suppress the gun fires and concentrate their attacks

“You are condensing your Life Source Flying Sword early.” Yang Chen smiled and replied “Master, Senior sister, what I promised, when haven’t i delivered?” “Just reminding you just a little, lest you forget.” Gao Yue smiled and came over, it seemed that Yang

The manhole cover slightly raised, showing a gap. Here in the Abandoned World, it happens to be night, and dim lights shone on the street. The roar of the monkeys came from the rooftops. A silhouette ran, and the figure of monkeys flashed from time to time from behind. These monkeys are flexibly

  The temple “We haven’t found him yet.” “No, brother…we have to keep searching. Can we get more people? Please? I’m begging you! Yu just fell into the river. He can swim. He won’t die. Also, isn’t he a skillful martial artist? He must still b

Chapter 254: Those Behind The Scenes   Pistura, Fu Qingqing and Goryeo’s arrival was perfectly understandable to most people. After all, they were disciples under the same master. But the Gen Family? Why had they shown up in this place?   It still wouldn’t be a big deal if

HEART PROTECTION: CHAPTER 15 Yan Hui looked around. However, all she saw was an enormous stone room. The surrounding cliff walls were encased in a thick layer of ice. The quakes and flips above didn't shake this place up one bit. This place was probably the heart of the magic array. The c

After the mountain rhino pig incident, Yun Sheng returned home with several pieces of demonic beast meat. She explained the origin of the meat to her father, cut up the meat into small pieces, and carefully fed it to Xiao Hei. Today, she was able to successfully escape from the mountains all thank

Chapter 171 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (26)   As it turned out, even if only a tenth of her strength was left, Gu Shengyin was still able to maintain the wind while under the siege of numerous high-leveled vampires. But, this was just barely no

  As it entered December, some classes had ended and the after-school time became longer and longer. Ye Zhou really did as he said and began to earnestly prepare for the exam. In addition to reading the textbooks, he often hung around the library to read financial-related books. When he retur

After leaving the palace, Kyle and the others immediately headed to the smith shop. Their goal was to get back their repaired weapons and armors, and to buy certain consumables to replenish their stocks. 【”Welcome.”】 The shopkeeper Fespa went outside his store and deeply bowed to greet

Chapter 706: He is her master Chu Shao Yang knew what he had.  Just based on his face, he could make any girl in the capital mesmerized, but no one knew that he had a body that was even more beautiful than his face. He walked over with his long legs and laid down beside her again, looking at

――Having concluded their conversation with Roswaal, though it was hard to say whether it was meaningful or not, Subaru parted with Otto and headed to Emilia’s residence. [Ram: ――You’re here, Barusu] [Subaru: Yeah, I’m here. Sorry for troubling you with this for so long] Seeing S

Chapter 253: Encounter, Luck… (Part 1) Lin Chujiu’s target was very obvious, she saw it as soon as she turned around… … On the Zhuque Street, a pharmacy called a ‘century-old pharmacy’ was surrounded by a lot of people. Lin Chujiu couldn’t hear what tho

Chapter 66: Buying a little maidservant Bai Xiaofeng turned and grinned, then said: “You can get rid of Bai Zhi, but you must buy me an obedient maidservant that will serve me.” This time, not only Old Lady Bai but also Bai Xiaofeng’s mother himself, Mrs. Liu was stupefied:&

Yuuraia stands there holding a candlestick while looking in my cell. The candle must be scented as a fragrant smell is coming from it. I wonder if it’s his own personal smell? It reminded me of some type of sweet medicine. Perhaps its used for questioning people. “Nice to meet you Ip

Pi-tan is Pi-tan The Jewelry Box carriage has now hit the halfway point between Wheat Grace and Warren. Claire and Pi-tan are now occupying the residential space with the carpet inside the carriage. Claire is designing a Lorenburg tea retail shop that Reeve had requested at the living room table.

Book 4 Chapter 65: Final Battle (Part 3) Outside the command center, blazing fire brightened the entire night sky.   There were rumbling explosions everywhere, as if the earth was breaking apart.   The SUV’s rushed around the base in the wilderness, followed by a large number of

Jì Nuannuan was very picky about her evening gowns, and in the end, she did not find any that she was satisfied with. When they left, she suddenly told Xiao Jun, who had walked out behind her, she had not had dinner with Little Uncle for a long time now and suddenly wanted to go to Jì

Chapter 472 The Earth Fire Soul Right now Chen Xiang felt a little regretful. He could not know when this would end, while the temperature was already frightening enough. He was confident that all Nirvana Realm cultivators would die if they came here. Only creatures like the Primordial Fire Beast w

Chapter 466 Dragon City On a rugged mountain path leading to the Nine-Head City, a red-clothed girl was carefully moving forward. Every few steps, she would stop and look around, carefully investigating, and consolidating step by step. “Although cultivating in the Ultimate Martial World is