A thunderous rumble filled the entire Ancient Star System as fog flooded everything. This fog churned as if there were countless fierce beasts inside.Every inch of the Outer Realm was shrouded in fog. A powerful pressure came from the distant Inner Realm and shrouded the entire cave world.Unde

Chapter 1310 – Flames of War Rise up in Africa Once MoreAfter three months of intense fighting, the European continent was filled with solemn killing intent, seriousness, and a sense of tragedy. As the main battlefield, the Ottoman Dynasty was in tatters.The stubbornness of the Ottoman Dynasty

Chapter 1311 – Taking up the Responsibility of Managing the WorldPutting down the communication compass, Casillas's furrowed brows formed a line. The three hours of the six country meeting could be summarized in one sentence, "We will support you in spirit!"The various Lords all had their own

In the eastern part of the vast Allheaven Star System, there was a planet. Although this planet had spiritual energy, it wasn’t dense; it was an ordinary cultivation planet.After the two wars, not many cultivators were left on this planet. Only Foundation Establishment and Core Formation culti

Qin Mu looked at Earth Count’s reincarnation. He must have been an incomparably strong devil god during the Dragon Han Era, but the sins he carried caused him continuous suffering under the hellfire. Earth Count was selfless, and even if he were the one who made a mistake, he wouldn’t let himself of

“How did Mu Ping die?” His mother still hadn’t come back to her senses, and she was still sad about the death of Aunt Ping’er, so she didn’t hear what Qin Mu had said. Exactly what had happened during the time Mu Ping had brought Qin Mu out from Youdu and into the Great Ruins, Qin Mu had no idea at

Mei Yangyang dropped the packet of facial serum mask in shock and got out of bed immediately. She glared at Lin Mingxi angrily and hissed, “Hey, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Lin Mingxi put on a pretentious smile and said, “It was just a slip of the hand. It’s just too unfortunate that Ms. A

Both sides had sent out their second player in the group arena, but the atmosphere in the stadium seemed to have paused at the first matchup. When Mo Fan walked towards the stage, the crowd members in the away team seats clapped wildly, but because the Samsara fans were still downcast, the overall a

Waltzing Wave Slash, missed. There was not a soul in sight. The others on Happy were gratified seeing Mo Fan’s read on Jiang Botao, but this alone wouldn’t be enough to baffle him. Mo Fan had learned to make decisions according to the opponent’s class. How could an even more experienced player like

For the rest of the day Daedalus answered hundreds of questions and demonstrated tens of times. Even the twins and Richard did a few demonstrations. At first when the three of them would demonstrate the techniques very few would pay att

If he were to escape this deadly crisis, then he had to first win the opponent's trust.Wu Yu naturally could not leave with the Ghost-Faced Ape.Once they left the Valley of Immortal Fate, he would lose the protection afforded by the sect, and then all hope would be lost.At this moment, Lan Shu

The ninth altar was the head of the nine Demonic Flame Altars, so it required much more energy than the other eight altars. Specifically, it needed twice as much as the energy as any single altar of the other eight needed. It was basically an extremely difficult job to complete it. However, be

Chen Ge's words resonated greatly with Scissors. He had grown up at an orphanage. He was a loner that preferred his own company, and the only friend that he had ever had was his older brother. When he was bullied, when he was treated unfairly, when he could not find the meaning to live caught

C2393Chu Hongqing could now be considered to have completely seen through Supreme Flame. If she did not still have use for him, then maybe he would have already been killed."First let me go out and change those jade plates into Jade money s. They'll be ready soon." Chu Hongqing said: "The nati

C2394Chu Hongqing was one of the most important things to watch at this Heavenly Law Auction, but it had not appeared for a long time. Chen Xiang had already heard many people complaining.The person on the stage was a middle-aged man wearing a fiery red armor and a flaming cloak. He was tall,

C2395The old man from Eternal Life Native Bank suddenly felt that he had seen wrongly. If the other party really won three rounds in a row, they would lose a lot. Of course, their native bank could afford it. They had only come here to make a bet just to join in on the fun."No problem, I hope

C2396One of them patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and said: "Brother, are you here to cure the poison or to visit the other party? You're too rude! "Chen Xiang laughed, "About that... I'm here for the antidote, so I need to take a closer look! "That person said, "But the place you're looking at i

C2397In their eyes, Chen Xiang did not look like an expert, especially when he was staring at the white clothed female. However, when they saw that the poison blood did not cause him any harm, they all felt that they were mistaken.The white-clothed woman knew very well about that poison. If th

C2398Early in the morning, Chen Xiang walked out of his room and saw Long Shuangru bringing over some pastries, which had a fragrant smell."Hurry up and eat it. I made it myself." Long Shuangru said gently."You can still do this." Chen Xiang said while laughing, and then walked over and quickl

C2399Refining Yaoge Dan was a piece of cake for Chen Xiang. He felt that he would definitely be able to enter the top fifty without any pressure."I have to finish this in two hours." The old man said: "For the first round, let's start the refining of the Yaoge Dan."Many of the participating Al

C2400At this moment, Huang Xiaotian's face was full of pride, as if he had already won. In his opinion, the quality of the Yaoge Dan that Chen Xiang had refined before was much lower than his own, so this round would definitely not be able to surpass his.Everyone felt the same way, because Che

C2386Fang Heng laughed faintly: "Nothing, to be able to refine Yaoge Dan to such an extent, in Fire Tao Divine Place, there is no one who can rival you! But so what? "You only know how to refine this kind of pill.""For you to be able to forge such a pill, you definitely won't focus on the othe

C2387When Chen Xiang saw the middle aged man come over, it was like seeing a Jade money. This middle-aged man would definitely gamble in order to support his son."His Fang family's second clan head, Fang Daiqi, is quite strong. The Fire Reverent School Leader has often praised him." Chu Hongqi

C2388When Fang Heng heard that Chen Xiang wanted to add something, he knew what Chen Xiang was thinking. The reason why he usually added meat from a savage beast into his pill was to allow the pill to produce this kind of Daoyuan immortal power.Since he could join, Chen Xiang had nothing to wo

C2389Fang Daiqi looked at the crowd. He knew that if he reneged on the debt, it would definitely affect the Fang Family's reputation, and he didn't have that many Jade money in his hands."I'll have someone send it over right away." Fang Daiqi said in a heavy voice. He had already thought of a

C2390Chen Xiang trusted Chu Hongqing a lot, not only because he had his own Master-servant Contract, but also because of the feeling he had with Chu Hongqing. Therefore, he had decided to give Chu Hongqing a little gift as well."Hongqing, you must have refined Qiyuan Dan many times." Chen Xian

C2391Chen Xiang didn't even have a mark now, he didn't even know how to comprehend it now. Chu Hongqing's explanation was extremely vague, and he didn't really understand the process of comprehending it. Of course, Chu Hongqing himself wasn't very clear about it, as everyone's comprehension pr

C2392Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors contained all sorts of powerful formations, and many of them were naturally formed great formations. As long as one had enough energy to support them, they could release limitless amounts of power."I need to use the spatial array inside the Six Realms mirro

C2376Chen Xiang felt that it was nothing strange that she was so willing to be a servant. She was a smart girl, but now that Chen Xiang had mastered such a profound alchemy, if she could learn it, it would make her stronger.To Chu Hongqing, she felt that it would be easy for a beautiful woman

C2377Chen Xiang did not know what to say, he truly knew how to refine many pills, and in his generation they were called divine pills, but now in Big Chaotic Times, the precious pills he concocted were nothing in this world.Firstly, the people here were all strong, and secondly, the pills here

C2378"Come in." Chen Xiang turned the mirror towards the falling Lightning dragon eagle and created a strong suction force, bringing it over, at that moment, the group of Lightning dragon eagle in the sky shot out lightning bolts from their mouths, Chen Xiang anxiously used the Six Realms mirr

C2379Chen Xiang had killed He Sen, so the few men who came with him were all stunned. They did not know how to react, He Sen was their leader, and was extremely powerful.But now, He Sen was killed by a little kid just like that."The head is dead, we have to bring him back. Otherwise, we cannot

C2380No matter whether it was the strength or the physical body, the Lightning dragon eagle were both extremely powerful. If Chen Xiang had not used the Six Realms mirrors to reflect their strength back, it would have been difficult for them to kill the Lightning dragon eagle at that time.Befo

C2381Chen Xiang wiped his sweat. When Chu Hongqing saw this, he also quickly helped him wipe his sweat."Hongqing, how many Jade money s do you think I can sell these five pills for?" Chen Xiang asked."This is a light gold crystal pill, selling it for fifty thousand is not a problem." Chu Hongq

C2382Chen Xiang liked to challenge things that were even more difficult. In the eyes of others, the harder it was to reach, the more he liked to challenge them! Especially this kind of Crash method, if other Alchemist were able to produce as many pills as he did, they would definitely be very

C2383Chen Xiang took a closer look and discovered that other than the things that looked like golden flames inside the pellets, there was a small dot in the middle of the pellets. This small dot was emitting energy, maintaining the flame's burning."This …" Chen Xiang took a deep breath in shoc

C2384The one hundred and twenty Divine Deity that Chen Xiang had cultivated in the Second Divine Sense Sea had all been for the sake of helping him condense even stronger purple pearls that could help him quickly duplicate medicinal ingredients. | Furthermore, when using the Crash method, the

C2385Those who watched the competition that day knew that Chen Xiang was still not very familiar with refining Yaoge Dan. Those who heard about it later on knew about it too, so Lan Taotian was very clear about it too."If you want to challenge me, you can only challenge me to refine Yaoge Dan

C2362Sun Ding was furious, there was actually someone who dared to bicker with him, and was even trying to talk him into the pit."Sun Ding, let me tell you, they are called Beautiful!" That beautiful woman was also very angry. Women hated it when people said that her figure was not good. Furth

C2363When the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant heard Chen Xiang, it was silent for a moment.Chen Xiang did not urge her to do so. He was sure that the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant was facing such a difficulty as well."Only the Evil Spirit Race and the Undead Divine Race are up ther