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Old Man Ba? Mr Lu shot up from his chair and grabbed Feng Wu by her wrist. “Old Man Ba? Which Old Man Ba?” Feng Wu looked at him innocently. “You haven’t heard of Old Man Ba? But the guy said that he was pretty well-known in the imperial capital. Was he just bragging, then?” “You mean Ba Yi?” Mr Lu

Chapter 227.4: I’m Not A Beast. I Want To Be….. Her ManFor just an instant, her heart had suddenly felt rather depressed and the feeling had been rather agonizing.And having always been a careful and alert person, she had actually slipped up and broke a bonsai plant.Has something happened….. to some

Chapter 228.1: A Woman Has Her Eyes Set On Him?Everyone had their sparkling wide eyed gaze filled with anticipation fixed upon the man on the throne, waiting for him to give them a rousing speech.Unexpectedly, the man merely curved up the ends of his lips in an unreadable smile and said nonchalantly

Chapter 228.2: A Woman Has Her Eyes Set On Him?“The person claims to be the Princess of the Siam Seas who nearly lost her life when she was persecuted by an unknown power several months ago, but was fortunately saved by my Lord’s valiant intervention. After making a full recovery from her injuries,

Chapter 426 Xu Youning Is for You Now “Ka——”“Ka——”The shutter sound rang out continuously. Xu Youning huddled herself up, like a small injured animal, in the corner and some drops of cold water were running down her thin cheeks. She clenched her teeth and hugged herself, but she still trembled from

Reaching the warehouse, Lucas run towards the front rather than the underground entrance. If his mother is preparing a warp gate, then the spacious empty warehouse would be ideal for it.Rus

Chapter 525 Expand the FactoryThere were far more pieces of large jade than the jade jewelry they had seen in the store and the piles of jade must be worth a fortune!“Ningning, how much are these piles of jade worth?” Gu Qing asked.“Jade is very valuable, but actually it’s just a stone if nobody wan

Chapter 528 My Heart Aches!He had made it clear to Ou Nianyin and Ou Nianyin kept a polite distance away from him. However, because of him, she had stayed single until she was 30, which made him feel a little guilty. Even so, he couldn’t accept her, because he knew that it wasn’t a healthy relations

Chapter 527 Ai Weichen, Ai Weishun and Ou NianyinWomen all loved jewelry, but some of them just couldn’t afford it.Wen Yulan was from a poor family and she lived an okay life after she married Gu Qinyang. However, a set of expensive jewelry was a luxury for her, and she only had a set of gold jewelr

Chapter 526 Feel Happy Being Cared by Gu NingGu Man took out two boxes the size of a book, giving them to Gu Yinyin and Gu Qingshi. “These are the gifts from me and your Aunt Qing for you. You can open it now to see whether you like it.”The gifts were two tablets. Gu Yinyin’s and Gu Qingshi’s eyes l

Chapter 529 I’ll Give You a Chance to Get Revenge“Very well. I’m curious how you’ll win it back! However, don’t cry if you lose!” Ai Weishun laughed. He wouldn’t refuse to have several rounds with Gu Ning and he was curious to see how she would win the game.“Of course not.” Gu Ning smiled with confi

The war front/*unedited*/Ugh…Feeling a bit groggy and dazed, a woman tried to clear her blurry eyes as she tried to look around the place. She soon found out that she is currently inside a well-decorated room.When she stretches her hand to touch her face, she noticed that her clothes have been

Was it alright to be looking at Gu Qingcheng so openly?Lin Nuan was hesitating over whether she should turn her gaze away when Gu Qingcheng coincidentally raised his head to look in her direction as well.Gu Qingcheng was considered an eye-catching man. His handsome and cool features that were filled

Gu Qingcheng took the coat that was in the front passenger seat and hung it in his arms, exiting the car. He tossed the car key to the bellboy and wore a relaxed smile as he walked to Lin Nuan, circling his arms around her waist intimately and bringing her into the hotel.As they walked, Gu Qingcheng

Great Chaos Part 2/*unedited*/A large man suddenly made his move by taking out his blade and suddenly rushing towards the two figures that are calmly walking towards the stairs. Shin Jiao has already prepared himself while Agnes's palm is glowing slightly.By attacking them, he has already seal

Great Chaos Part 3/*unedited*/Several people enter the hall where many of the generals and the leaders of the alliance are discussing. The entrance of these people made the whole area turned quiet. These several people are dressed differently, in fact, from the looks of it, two different group

Chapter 1577: Narrowing Down The Search Area Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre StudioRight after Jian Wushuang had cleared the Inverse Cultivation Test for the Third Heaven and became a Universe God of the Third Heaven, he went to the Burning Demon Region immediately.During his journey, he di

In terms of power, they were evenly matched. As for unique skill…Jian Wushuang’s Reincarnation of the Highest Heaven and Real God Xue Wu’s Eighteen Heavenly Fire were both beginner rank two Real God unique skills. Their power was about the same.However, Jian Wushuang’s Reincarnation of the Highest H

“Duan Lingfeng!!!” Real God Chi Huo, who was cornered, had fire in his eyes as he stared at Duan Lingfeng and bellowed, “What happened today, we at Four Symbol Mansion, definitely won’t let it slip so easily. No matter where you go, we at Four Symbol Mansion will definitely hunt you down!” “And you,

Chapter 1046Return!Hearing this, Ling Lan glanced at Li Lanfeng with a half-smile on her face, “During my mission on Planet Azure. Those Central Scout Academy students… Did you forget?”Ling Lan’s reminder triggered Li Lanfeng’s memories to remember those students. He frowned slightly, “That’s odd, h

Chapter 1045 Sense Of Crisis!Just as Edward was hesitating if he should attack the massive starship, Tang Yingying’s starship started launching their missiles.“Your Highness, the other party has launched their missiles.” A worker in the control room exclaimed in surprise.“Bastards. How dare they ign

Chapter 1047 The Root Of TroubleAt the base of 250 Ace Mecha Clan, the atmosphere was very different.This 250 Ace Mecha Clan was not the same as the 250 Ace Mecha Clan from before.Many different factions had used different methods to stuff close to a hundred powerful mecha operators into 250 Ace Mec

Chapter 1048 Mess!“Before the regiment commander comes back, we need to protect 250 Ace Mecha Clan. As for the problem of logisticians…” Li Lanfeng sneered. “Since those mecha operators want to come to 250 Ace Mecha Clan, let them follow the tradition of our mecha clan.”Qi Long and the others looked

“Oh?” Many experts within the big hall revealed a surprised expression and one of them spoke straight away: “Real God Chi Huo, Duan Lingfeng is definitely a genius. However, he has only just made a breakthrough to a Real God. Hence, no matter how impressive he is, it’s still not possible for him to

Chapter 1049 Fine Tradition!The leader of the group of people from the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee was a middle-aged senior colonel. He looked at the familiar base in front of him and smiled bitterly.If he could, he didn’t want to handle this hot potato. Yes, he was the person in charge

The rain poured down on the city as if it was trying to wash it clean of its stink of chaos. Here in Warden, the city was teeming with activity and one activity, in particular, will set off a legend in this world. In one of the city's many alleyways, there was a bloodt

Jason was just waking up from suddenly passing out last night. A stream of light coming through his blinds landing on his extended arm. Jason jolts awake from the pain of his right arm burning up." Ah what the hell"Jason looks down at his right forearm. It had a slight

With the ring on his finger, Jason felt incredibly at ease. It was as if an unknown weight had been taken off his shoulders without him even knowing it.(Damn this ring looks good on me)Jason spread his fingers apart admiring the ruby red ring on his middle finger. It t

The blood glistened in the light. Jason was fixated on it. A whiff of its scent came over to him and he instantly knew that she had type AB blood. It caused him to salivate. He quickly used his sleeve to wipe off his drool while still staring intently at the girl. The

The girl in his arms collapsed to the ground as soon as he released her she had fainted due to the excessive blood loss. She was laying on the ground her hair sprawled all about her life slowly creeping out of her neck. When a flash of light happened and her wound inst

The people outside could discern that the safe zone’s barrier was on the verge of collapse, while the Blood Clan army was advancing forward ceaselessly. The Blood Clan members marched in order and focused on their objective, the safe zone, while they didn’t bother with Jiang Chen and his companions.

"Huh?" Uttered Jason in utter confusion.(The fuck is going on here! Where am I? Why is this old pedophile looking creep staring at me like that? What did he mean when he said he was my ancestor? Why is he wearing armour? Will I look like that in the future? Hope not. )

"Calm down you idiot." Siegfried was trying to get Jason to calm down while avoiding all of his strikes as Jason's mind was consumed by anger at the thought of how he was put under his control."Fuck why can't I land a blow!" Screamed out Jason in anger as he was still

Jason awoke to his amazement that his body was vastly different to when he fainted. Before his body was empowered on the first night he was rather lean but with the empowerment, he had gained muscles along with an improvement in his looks but now with this remodelling

"Is that a fucking threat bitch boy" hearing their nonchalant attitude towards killing him had urked Jason making him lash out."So what if it is Fledge" replied Michael casually.Hearing Michaels reply Jason lunged forward with his arms outstretched ready to punch Micha

When Ashley saw the pain that her brother was going through she utterly regretted coming to investigate this new vampire. After experiencing that wave of pressure that he emitted when he was undergoing the change she should have left instead curiosity got the better of

The two duos kneeled on the floor paying respect to their new master. As Jason started to slowly come back into consciousness the red tendrils of power receding back into him as his aura slowly dimmed down from a powerhouse of vampiric might back into that of a new vam

As soon as they disappeared into the night Jasons phone goes off with the screen reading Stephen Wallace. Jason quickly picked it up."Sup dude!" Said, Jason"Dude when are you showing up to the club me and Tony are here already I thought you would have shown up already

"Woah You're here before 30 minutes Jason maybe you weren't just bullshitting us" Shouted out Tony with his arms around a redhead in a black mini skirt and a red tube top with her hair tied up in a ponytail.Tony was wearing a white t-shirt a black bomber jacket blue je

Jason moved over and sat down between Hannah and Nikayla and started to flirt with them."Jason, Can I just ask you wearing makeup? why do you look so much better than normal?" questioned St