Benjamin summoned the Waterball of healing to destroy any traces of torture on the man. He then turned to bring the fainted captive to lord knight Lance’s location. He had a change of plans. Since he wouldn’t be able to capture the two other men in black, he wouldn’t be able to frame the cult anym

Chapter 0035 The Second Attack The weather was gloomy, so the dark castle became particularly grim. Ivan, Hermione, and Harry raced to the Gryffindor common rooms. They were disturbed by what just happened. “I can’t believe it, Malfoy is the one trying to kill us!” said Har

Chapter 381: He Is Young Noble Divine Dragon That family disciple’s loud shout was like a large boulder splashing into the sea, raising thousand layers of waves through the crowd. “Young Noble Divine Dragon! Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong?!” “He is that 

Fireball, Fireball Put precisely, Richard had learnt to cast a grade 1 fireball. Fireball was a legendary grade 3 spell, just as important as Sharon herself for mages level 1 to 3. The spell was a unique existence with many myths and proverbs floating around it, the most common of which was that a

Volume 3 Chapter 2 – How about we go buy swimsuits? Ever since that day the club room became inaccessible, our club members then continued to find the cause of the rumor, but expectedly, the cause isn’t easy to find.  Whilst the rumors could only have gone viral and become dirtier

Volume 3 Chapter 1-Could you listen to me a bit ma’am? It’s the beginning of summer. Although it’s not that hot right now the temperature will slowly get higher. And since they won’t use air conditioner just yet the students is forced to rely on the breeze that come from the

The throwing-knife was caught by Chu Yang. The blade and Chu Yang’s flesh came in contact, and the blood started to gush out. But, the residual momentum in the knife was far too high. And, it continued to dash towards Dong Wu Shang’s vest along with Chu Yang’s right hand!The speed of the throwing-kn

Even Sect Master Chen Xuanhua and the other three chief elders were astonished, and they all widened their eyes. The words "Ancient technique" and "path of the golden core" had overtaken their soul and mind like a deadly curse, and an Ancient technique that could allow someone to study towards the g

"Overlord!""Lord Marvin!"The deceived people were suddenly astonished!Marvin’s way of appearing was too shocking. He used the Wishful Rope to jump down from the back of the Great Eagle.He then decisively beheaded the troublemaker.Everyone was dumbfoundedly looking at Marvin.Was that their Overlord w

Chapter 776 – Pig Trotters King and Skull Unit Translated by: Berrrybunz Edited by: TN and DeAndreR The time obtained by Xie Yu An and his Swift Army was extremely precious. The defensive perimeter that&n

"Junior Brother Li, quickly go out of the canyon and find master! After I catch this fellow, we'll depart immediately with the fastest speed possible!" Ma Dao Zhu turned around and instructed Li Zhi who was lagging behind the group. "Don't worry, Senior Brother! I'll go first then!" Li Z

Scattered Immortal: Chapter 7 – The heaven affinity dao companion which can’t be severed   Within the stone room at the manor, day-light crystals that were embedded into the walls that were made with white jades produced out a warm and white color radiance which illuminated the en

311 – The Limits of Patience (Toilet) 「Sorry. I know you’re having a serious conversation and all, but…」 Ripping apart the tense atmosphere was Kusama-kun, who we’d completely forgotten about. Kusama-kun, who was still tied up while facing Ogiwara-kun, had spoken up with a

Angele watched on as the wizard walked to him, then he glanced at the surrounding people. "Well, I will leave things to you in dealing with the wizard we have captured. Let us just mind our own business," he ordered. "All right." Nodding in response, Liv retrieved a few crystal bones from

Chapter 284 - HitchhikeThe only possibility was that Gubang and Guangbo had come to some sort of agreement- Pengzhan didn’t know what, but a bad feeling started to form…Guangbo turned to look at Gubang gleefully, only to find a very darkened face- yes, Gubang was very pissed indeed!Gubang had looke

Only until evening did the Gu tournament come to an end.On the alliance slope, the Gu Masters from all three clans were no longer as divided as earlier. Gu Masters plastered the slope and only three densely packed groups could be vaguely seen remaining.Gu battle sparring was both a form of venting a

Chapter 283 - Shift in the MeetingXie Guangbo was the third-largest Pengzhan Industries shareholder- in other words, the strongest power within the company other than Chu Pengzhan and Jin Maosheng. Pengzhan’s suggestion of handing over the entertainment industry to Guangbo’s management should most

Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 17 – Divining Danger “More and more Hegemons are arriving from the other realmverses.” Hegemon Brightshore looked at Ji Ning. “Darknorth, have you come up with a plan to deal with them?” “Yes.” Ning nodded. “Let&rsquo

The Crown Prince’s Bride ~ Sometimes Brother and Sister ~ 12 With Royal Crest inconspicuously engraved on it, a black carriage used for travelling incognito was advancing towards the royal capital. Inside the carriage ── looking at Anna who was sitting across him with a sour look, Alberto si

Chapter 386: But he’s not willing  Kind people were cheated by others, kind horses were ridden by others. Sometimes, silence and patient tolerance would make others think you were easy to bully; they’d reach for a yard after getting an inch. But that wasn’t always the case. N

CHAPTER 1: PART 4 The situation around began to move, without bearing any results Hirata’s team returned to base. The trio was surprisingly in an uplifting mood. Hirata and the others were talking about something with great fervor. “It is a river!! A river!! What a beautiful feeling it

Chapter 742: Jiang Chen Strikes With all this decided, Jiang Chen threw himself into the anxious work of preliminary preparations. But on this day, Wei Jie suddenly visited him and brought him an update. “I’m really sorry to bother you so urgently, Brother Jiang. My father’s talk

AST 1271 – Potential of the Seven-Headed Demonic Spider, Puppet It was always been said that every women had the hidden potential to be fairies. There were women who would give a lot of men the impression that they were fairies, whereas some would only leave that impression to a single man.

AST 1272 – The Amazing Puppet Marionettes, Is Three Years Enough Puppet Marionette Encyclopedia! Just from the name alone, one would be able to have a vague understanding of what it was about. However, he didn’t know about it in detail and just received it. He saw that the old man look

Giving and Taking   “Please wait for a short while!” Juanzi said quickly as she put on white gloves before taking a box down from a shelf. She put it in front of Guo Huai, saying, “You may take a look at these ginsengs. They just reached the store a few days ago.” &l

Li Yao in Danger     “Oh? Aren’t you the infamous student of Wucheng Subhigh, Qin Yulong?” Liu Chuang said with a smile. “I almost failed to recognize you when you’re actually wearing something. Hahah!” “Liu Chuang, I have been wondering why y

Chapter 21 – The secret of missing. 「Ha~ Good grief. I somehow managed to escape from Miria’s monitoring」 Cristea walked in a pitch dark passage while illuminating the way with life magic spell called Light. 「I have been lately skipping all the manners studies, so even Miria has gotte

Silavin: Not the real translation of the title.   “Err… I wish to refuse…”   Ye Chui’s voice was, by no means, considered loud. However, once his voice left his throat, the entire room turned silent as everyone pondered if their ears were functioning pro

Chapter 238: How to spend an off-day Translator: Tseirp   The following day after our strategy meeting, the Resistance led by His Highness Albert set off towards the Imperial Capital. I hoped that this time he would properly listen to Mr. Bazak.   While thinking about that, I muttere

Chapter 14: One-Shot Kill   Boom!   Under the eyes of the crowd, both fists collided, followed by a loud and deep explosion sound like a hard strike on a drum, causing the hearts of people to beat even faster.   Cr-Crack.   At the same time, there was a sound of something

Ch. 163 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 6 (side story) “Irushia, ever since we went out on the subjugation you’ve had a strange face. Whats going on?” Said Adofu in a crude manner. I had suspected that he had been suspicious of me already but did he already have those suspicions bef

Chapter 2, Episode 17: Commander   Although the right flank of the Fourth Imperial Army had finished deploying to the left, the morale of the soldiers was extremely low from the marching thus far and the battle with the rebel army. But regardless, not a single complaint is heard, and the rank

The one who topped the fighting list was a player called [The Valiant Ghost Devouring Heaven], but this ID wasn’t listed on the list of the top 20 players who had the highest levels. The name (Order) followed his nickname, thus, Feng Bujue could confirm that he wasn’t one of the two ‘Anonymous’ play

Even though he was rich, it didn't come from nowhere. Naturally, he wouldn't be so foolish as to sell an item he bought for five hundred spirit stones for five hundred gold coins. Was there something wrong with this fellow's head? Otherwise, how could one speak such foolish words?" Turning his he

Chapter 281: Early Peak“Glittering Wukui!”Suddenly, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. His right hand moved and the snow-white blade of the Lunar Shadow Saber gave off a dazzling light in the dark night.The first move of the Wukui Saber Technique was executed.A purple tree branch of the ancient divine Wuku

It was easy to kill, but hard to take care of the aftermath.A total of 22 lives, all consisted of CIB elites. If the CIB knew Jiang Chen was the perpetrator behind this massacre, they would jump up like a cat with its tail being stepped on and launch a series of counterattacks.He could not take the

Admit defeat…..Fang Yuan’s words were still lingering in the crowd’s ears.Instantly, almost all the Rank two Gu Masters below the rock building looked at Fang Yuan with surprise.Fang Yuan ignored them; he held his arms and stood on the spot with an indifferent expression."Admit defeat? He directly a

When Ling Qin heard what Ling Yu said, his attitude gentled considerably. Shaking his head, he sighed, "Oh you, why didn't you say anything and just take all the blame on your shoulders? Youngster Hua, don't push yourself too hard. This time, you all still made it in time, otherwise my old bones wou

After a long time, although the fever remained, the cloud and rain [1] had stopped. Ye Xiao held Bing-Er’s soft body which was like baby sheep. He was gasping with satisfaction. He cheerfully said, "I never expected it could feel so good to have a wife…" Deep inside his heart, he was grieving

Chapter 93: Why?Under the pacification of Bai Yi’s mimicry eyes, the few of them finally calmed down slightly. At this time, Bai Yi only wanted to quickly leave and find a safe place to seriously study the Tai Ji Fist they had gotten from Yeye.“Let’s get out of here and find a safe place.”“Why do w