According to Mo Ting's temper, Zhen Manni expected Charlene would be kicked out of Hai Rui for what she had done. However, in the end, Charlene returned to her side in a daze."Why are you still here?"Charlene looked cowardly at Zhen Manni. Her usual confidence of leading Zhen Manni by the nose had n

"When I first saw it, I knew it was extraordinary. It is destined to dazzle the entire sky."-- News Master Wen YoumingWen Yongming was a famous news reporter from the news village, "Elemental World."The rise of news villages, which was due to the decrease in the production cost of the mirage bean po

Deep into the night in Pannu barracks.Soldier A: "Stop sleeping, the superior said to take extra caution, we have to keep an eye out."Soldier B rubbed his eyes and adjusted his hat, "Mhmm, I will be up soon…"The battle yesterday lasted until midnight. Until now, they haven’t had the opportunity to c

Chapter 284 - Beautiful Mutually Dependent SistersTranslator: WiwbiwbEditor: VampirecatIn a Stage One Cloud City Hua Manor villa.Liu Xiao Jia wore pink Chibi Maruko-chan cartoon pajamas and pouted cutely as she lay sprawled on her bed.She raised her two long, soft, and slender legs, lifting the bot

Chapter 116 - Encounter with Awakening Experts“Good, good!”Hu Qimei clapped her hands in excitement, “Kong Ban and the five brothers of Li family are all experts. Moreover, Kong Ban is one of the stronger obstacles we will surely encounter in the Xian Kong Saint City! If Brother Long Yue kills

Above the Great Eastern Ocean of Great Yan…Princess Zhang Le was staring coldly at the white tiger soul that was approaching her at top speed, with her hands carrying both Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui, whose faces were blushed and bodies feeble. She was taking deep breaths. Each time she inhaled, an enor

Chapter 669 - Felice’s Advancement Zhang Yang felt a rush of joy up his chest. He continued to let his blood flow on the statue while eating [Snacks] like a joyful madman. He also took a glance at his surroundings once in a while. He did not seem to care about how people looked at him at all.If suc

The sky was covered in dark clouds. Kun Peng flapped his pair of wings and created a hurricane that roared across the great defensive magic formation of Pu Ban City. Kun Peng’s heartbreaking roars sounded like a poor orphan, who had just lost an entire family, shrill and sad. Ji Hao found the pe

Zhang Xuan placed the Soulrouse Incense on the Soul Aperture on Lu Chong's glabella and lit it. Smoke slowly rose from the Soulrouse Incense, and along with it came a distant and vague song reminiscent of the melody of gods and demons, leaving one intoxicated. If one were to stare intently at the s

Chapter 712 - Finally Know Where The Red Lotus IsMo Wuji was the last to leave Sword Qi River. The transfer runes that he drew were basically learnt and drawn on the spot; so it was extremely weak. Not long after Mo Wuji left, that transfer rune disappeared without a trace, together with that trans

"In terms of the seventh array..." Akenash nodded as she said, "You probably didn’t battle with her, otherwise you would be dead. It is called the Undead Queen’s Heraldic. Did you hear that? Heraldic and not a magic array." Qian Jin’s body shivered as if it was struck by lightning. A Heraldic! A ch

In total, the Nine Palace Faction had three Great Leaders. The main leader was named Zuo Tianci.There were other two assistant Leaders. The first assistant Leader was elderly and his name was Zhao Heng. He had a hot temper and usually acted tyrannically. Like a crab that edwalk horizontally, he puts

"Sylphalan is a madman, if you can survive a fight with him, you can definitely provide us with valuable information about him. This would be beneficial to both of us," Lord Clark smiled,"if it were possible, I wouldn’t want to destroy such a powerful fighter like you. Not many are as merciful and o

Based on their observation, Gu Ruoyun had chosen the Door of Life because she had been intimidated by Tianfa. Hence, she had made her choice out of fear. However, most of them also know that places which look the safest will usually turn out to contain more dangers. In contrast, the Door to Death wo

The Golden Toad did not expect that its furious roar would reveal its location. Bloody’s leech pods had spent more than nine hours without finding any clue of the Golden Toad but the roar was heard by an Exploding Ladybird with a leech pod. Following the roar, the Exploding Ladybird soon found the v

Reincarnator - Chapter 323 : Ark-Roa (2)—rumble— Hermes looked back to where his territory had been as he wiped off his cold sweat.“Haa...Ha…”If Demeter had noticed it before he did, then he would’ve become its food instead.Since Demeter would’ve made the same choice he did.‘Don’t hate me that

Xue Ying looked back to see another figure sitting cross-legged on the vast vine leaf. It was the Meishan Clan Master, sitting there with a calm expression. The sight triggered a sigh of praise from Xue Ying. He knew that the Meishan Clan Master had experienced so much more than him. First, he had g

Reincarnator - Chapter 322 : Ark-Roa (1)There were countless strange creatures and races.But no matter where one went, there was always a higher mountain among the races.……………………………………..Hansoo continued to look at the dark rock in his hand as he spoke to Zeus.“There’s something you need to do.”“Som

Yi looked at Chu Yu with his wild eyes and said, "Do you know what’s a projection?". Up until now, Yi’s way of speaking had changed massively. He no longer spoke in an old fashioned manner, he now spoke to Chu Yu fluently in modern slang. "Oh?" said Chu Yu, surprised by this change. Yi waved his

Chapter 458 - Hidden Sects TournamentYe Mo was pretty certain that his guess would be right. If the Broken Fist Hall really did have such a master, he would definitely try to get revenge. Even if he couldn’t find out that Ye Mo had his base of power in Flowing Snake, he would go to the Beijing Ye f

The kiss was as vigorous as the storm, as though she has been engulfed... Gu Xijiu had never experienced such a complicated feeling before. If those kisses she had before was just a trial, then this kiss must be a tsunami for her and she was drowning in it... His blood was boiling and his bo

Reincarnator - Chapter 321 : Darkness (3)As the man drove Rangkom’s Stake onto the ground, the mana node started to shake.—brrrrr— The man smirked as he felt the vibrations.He sensed that the giant seal blocking the five senses of ‘it’, which flowed through the mana node, had been released.‘Go

Han Yan was a yellow level latter stage warrior, but this man was at the yellow level peak stage. With him attacking unexpectedly, Han Yan wasn’t able to dodge it. Slap- Han Yan was hit spot on. Han Yan could no longer control the anger in her heart. Since when had she been treated like this? She

"Teacher… Something has happened outside." Benjamin was meditating inside his room in the inn when Frank pushed the door open and entered. He spoke hesitantly. Benjamin left the Space of his Consciousness after he heard the call. He returned to reality and frowned as he heard the loud noi

"Other than him, only Jackie Chan and Jet Li have a place in Hollywood, because they are martial artists that match Hollywood’s taste. They can only be leading actors in B level films though. It's difficult for an Asian actor who started from an indie film to reach a B level."With those straightforw

The ship docked off the coast of the Northern Province of the Radiant Continent, forty miles away from the Thunderous City. A troop of Imperial Guards had been waiting there under orders to meet the envoy. Leading the guards was Rody’s old acquaintance, Commander Gordon, who had now been promoted to

Another month passed in the unknown space. Dressed in white, Su Ming calmly walked forth towards the spot where the sound of the horn came from and stood on a scale on the dragon snake’s back. The instant he lowered his head, his body having returned to his spot on the dragon snake’s body, that apat

As Ning Xi took out the high-quality customized apparels from the studio, she proudly announced, "These are the next season's latest products from my studio. They're not on the market yet but I've set one aside for you. If you don't think it's too shabby, feel free to take it home and wear it anytim

The daughter of Master of Pavilion of Delicacy, a Young Lady of the Jiang Family, one of the 12 Royal Families! Lu Li and Ming Yu could not believe this. One of the most prestigious young ladies of the Central Plains was standing in front of them and she should be protected by Ming Yu? Shouldn

"D*mned humans! Just wait till I recover from my injuries and break through to Grade 7! I will definitely slaughter ten towns in a row!" The Cerberus raised its head to the skies and roared angrily. A look of absolute, venomous hate shone in its eyes. From the time it was birthed till now, it had

"Brother Ling Tian!" Duan Ling Tian had just entered the courtyard when he heard an extremely excited voice sound out from within. The owner of the voice seemed as if he’d been waiting for Duan Ling Tian for a long time. This voice wasn’t unfamiliar to Duan Ling Tian. "Big Brother Zhang." D

Chapter 16 Dongsu, listening to Suhyuk’s math formulas, scratched his head hard. Even an alien language was more comprehensible to him than those math formulas."Let me go to the bathroom." "Are you going there to smoke a cigarette?" He smiled awkwardly, saying, "As you know, I've bee

"Ah…! The powerful man remembers us! We’re so lucky!" The moment Lin Fan turned around, all the Xianling Sect female disciples who had once served him cheered out in joy. They had totally forgotten that there was a demon floating right above their heads."Affinity. We’ve got affinity indeed." What th

Chapter 283 - I Won’t Let You Find MeTeaserTranslator: BinBinEditor: VampirecatLiu Wen Jing fell silent. She thought what Qin Feng had said was true. She was here, in Qin Feng’s territory, the base of the Feng Group. Would she have any chance to escape his grasp now?Liu Wen Jing lowered her guard a

The whole summit trembled under his roar. The bamboos rustled and their leaves fell like rain amidst the quake. The fleeing Peacock Tribe expert had disintegrated in mid-air! Chu Feng was seemingly clad in a brilliant cloak of light as if it was woven from the threads of the sun’s brilliance. Anyon

The poll incident didn't create too much of a splash because fans were still preoccupied with Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship. It seemed, as long as an answer wasn't given, this obsession would continue for quite some time.However, Charlene didn't care. As long as Zhen Manni saw the results of t

Gong Gong’s bones were even softened by the Pan Gu bell. He screamed in pain, as his body seemed to be split by the Taiji divine sword. The upper half of his body was cold, like a large piece of ice, frigid and stiff. He couldn’t even feel his lower body anymore. As for his upper body, he felt that

Chapter 381 - InjuryTL: xDh20, LifeisaJourneyLEWD warning.Seeing Liu Gan eat so cheerfully, LuLu felt happy as well. Even though she knew that he had a girlfriend, his attitude toward her had also changed. He didn’t think of her as an annoyance, which made her feel better.“Have you ever thought of

Kurgan village was in a plain valley. A small river flowed by the village while the mountain slopes on both sides of the village were covered with Buckthorns. The whole village was surrounded with wooden barriers and mounds as high as one adult person. On the side of those barriers and mounds wer

Chapter 313: Reshaping Li Heng!"Your Highness, pardon Wang Chong's inquisitiveness, but what is Your Highness doing in such a remote location?" Wang Chong suddenly asked. "Furthermore, given Your Highness's standing, entering Shenwei and Longwei shouldn't be a problem at all, right?""This..." Hesit