Chu Li smiled, "No hurry." Xue Ling frowned, "Young Master, the Prince is bullying you too much. This position only exists in name but not in power, and everyone now knows the Prin

Compared to the Long family's Romantic Swordsmanship, the Ye family's Supreme Yang Swordmanship was completely different.The Romantic Swordsmanship's Frigid Frost Qi was like drifting snow, causing the temperature to plummet, while the Supreme Yang Swordmanship was the complete opposite. Once

The Cloister of Cavern was first built by a group of ascetic monks. They spent forty years carving the early structure of the cloister out of the rock cliff. From then on, after two hundred ye

Chapter 312 - Helping a Patient"Residual Heart Swords Formation!" Although it was written in small letters, Qin Chao had learned Chinese literature before, so he recognized it with a single glance.On this wooden slip flowed a very strange power, which was especially ice-cold. It drilled throug

No one was richer than the tyrant Su Hu of the Kingdom of Zhao. Moreover, he seemed forthcoming and amicable to players. He was almost admitting that the players' professionalism was admirable. They would do anything to complete a quest, a

Di Fuyi was not assured. After he finished talking, he asked her to repeat it. Only then did he feel relieved. "Xijiu, start to prepare for it. I will wait for your good news."Gu Xijiu could not stand it anymore and asked, "Are you going to see me today? Are you not on your way?""Good girl, I

"In short, we just let those birds conduct the search themselves."Hill Fawkes produced a pencil and sketched a tree diagram on a piece of paper. "Since we pay for information instead of the person who collects them, the more information he gets, the more he earns. To obtain more information, h

"I know what you're thinking," Keane snickered. "It doesn't make someone a 'man' just because of that something extra. There are countless sissies and cowards with two balls in the world but that does not make them a man. What's a real man? It's someone who always demands the most of himself.

Amidst the jungle, there were two people on the run. Behind, a huge anaconda was chasing them, roaring constantly. "Xiao Qingfeng, you can't get away!"

Ju Chi was a guard in the royal palace of the Stone Kingdom. As a branch descendant of the royal family, he was well trusted by the King, maybe the only one trusted by the latter.Late one night, he remembered what the Emperor had said a few months prior:"Ju Chi, I'm not asking you as your king

At the deepest edges of the boundaries of the Endless Mainland, a place where a nefariously boundless Evil Buddha Power was gathered, a series of Blood Buddhas rose into the skies. While their faces were compassionate, the auras that they were giving off were extremely bone chilling."And this

Wow... Zhao Yu said, and the crowd was bubbling over with excitement again. From what they could hear, what Zhao Yu said was unbelievable. Ev

"Hah!!" Masanori Hano cried out as she attacked first, gripping her halberd as she flew forwards, her hatred towards Zhao Fu as high as possible. The hatred she felt was as if Zhao Fu had killed her a hundred times, and it had been engraved on her heart.Everyone else also rushed together, thei

Mo Tiange stared at the Shuttle of Flying Apsara in her hand. It had a thick middle and two sharp ends. Aside from being slightly bigger, it looked similar to a shuttle used to weave cloth in the secular world. She didn't know where it was

Boom!The magnificent inky thunder clouds were dissipating. Xu Que dashed out like an arrow, stepping on the lightning to chase the thunder clouds.A black halo was wrapping around the Dark Heavy Buster Sword in his hand, which was full of magnificent True Core Strength. He used the Flame Devour

Chapter 1389 - The Identity and Origin of the Statue (1)“I actually forgot he could use this extremely domineering Stop spell!” A huge wave was set off in Greed’s heart and fear filled his eyes.“This nemesis is too despicable. He had this spell, but didn’t use it before and waited until I took

There were too many cities and forces in the vast Barren State. Apart from the capitals which ruled their own regions, there were also many places that were filled with countless clans.The people of the Barren State mostly divided the state according to the four cardinal directions. Apart from

The people in the front cars were beyond saving for they had all been murdered by the evil soul master. However, they managed to defeat the evil soul masters fast enough that even though there was still a high casualty rate in the rear cars, m

The Han Valley chief and her companions eventually reached a spot near the middle course of the river. From there they could see any presence of cultivators. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the bandit boss when they arrived. Chief Xing Yi went into deep t

Translator: HunterW Editor: RED "Keep up the pressure! We're going to put an end to this today!" Jose Alejandro shouted to his men. "Yes sir!" his soldiers responded as one. They all seemed ready to follow Jose into the pits of Popocatépetl if he so chose. They may as well have, given how man

 Lin Fan took a look at the bank card on the table. "You can keep the bank card."However, Chang Hai Ge was the kind of person who was unable to tell good from bad. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Master Lin, I won't take the card back. I know that you don't think much of money but I als

Following a group of high ministers, Wu Qi slowly made his way down the lofty mountain that was the Torch Dragon's coiled up body. His legs were stiff and his eyes were blank. Loud and long belches constantly rang out across the stream of people, and the air was filled with the bloody stench o

Chen Mu raised his right hand with no hesitation, and a strange whistling suddenly filled the crowd's eardrums. A faint, pale blue shadow cut through the sky, shooting toward someone's figure in the crowd.Hugo's face shifted. He was in the middle of preparing to emit the powerful Aurora Beam w

Neltharion did not enter the camp of the captives recklessly. Instead, it took a circle around the north of the lone island. The perimeter of the northern half of the island spanned approximately ten kilometers, and the camp of the captives on the ground already had a coverage of almost three

The netizens took a step back and analyzed the situation. Where was this sudden piece of drama headed?Feng Jing was once Luo Yinghong's assistant during the time when she had started her own agency due to her fame. After a long time away from the limelight, Luo Yinghong suddenly decided to mak

The village Wang Yao lived in was neither too big nor too small. Gossip always traveled fast inside the village. Having a Tibetan Mastiff as a pet was quite unusual for the villagers, which could attract a lot of attention.

"Enough said." Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Wang Xiaofei while snorting lightly. Then, she started to page through her textbook before she returned to her revision for the day.

A faint divine soul aura rippled out. Everyone only felt the pressure on their bodies ease up. That sort of stifling feeling previously instantly vanished with a trace."Master!" Shi Haoran and the others called out in one voice.A figure stood in the air, facing Ding Liang across a distance. Wh

6 days later, over 40 airboats landed on the open land in the south of Weishui River.The moment the airboats landed, those fully-armored fighters of Fiery-Dragon Corps had walked out of the airboats in teams, followed by those wholly new wheeled dark green armored vehicles which drove out of t

On the street light, that very evil-looking young man introduced himself in a very chuuni tone, and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal couldn't help directly blurting out 'psycho' when he heard it... There was something very wrong with this guy – maybe he was a mental patient who had escaped fro

It was a little fella who had a face with handsome features, looking to be no more than seven or eight years old. His scrawny body was wrapped within loose clothes, skinny like a thin sheet of paper. But on that small little face, was a pair of eyes that did not fit his age, steady and calm. T

The situation could not be any worse. Jun Wu Xie ordered herself to calm down as if she were to lose her cool, then there would be no possibility of her being saved.Wu Jiu had dared to tell her so much only because Wu Jiu firmly believed that Jun Wu Xie would not be able to escape for calamity

Jack of all Trades – 95 Post navigation   The Day That I First Killed A Man With a flash of dark blue, the bandit’s torso goes flying. A shocking amount of bright blood sprays from the stump. The sensation is very different from when I cut through monsters, and I immediately fe

Chapter 46 Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations In the H City’s airport lounge, Wang Hao’s mother was tugging on her son, preaching on and on with her eyes reddened. As Wang Hao’s childhood friend, it was natural for Zhou Du to send him off as well. He even called Xia

Chapter 665: Trade Fair Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations In order to see something embarrassing happen to You XiaoMo, there were actually two people following behind them. You XiaoMo was rendered speechless when he looked behind. They were truly a senseless group of people; so what

Chapter 664: Floor Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations If the Mage Assemblage didn’t occur, probably no one would know exactly how many rainbow leveled high or mid-grade mages there were. Most shied away from the public eye so most were unfamiliar faces.    At first

Ling Yun suddenly straightened himself. With a lightning-sharp gaze, he looked to the opposite bank of the stream. Beside the Shichiyou herb was a snow-white fox. The dainty white fox was snow

@@ Readers, we've got a problem... I stopped crying for a while to type this. (I and to stop to post this before they take away my phone!) Let's get scientific a little. I tell u I'm sick a lot and that is a story for another day, but yesterday, I had

Chapter 64: Ruined Fairy Tale Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Gu Ting Yu followed the origin of the sound hurriedly, but he tripped over something and ended up falling face-down onto the floor. A cascade of sounds echoed in the room, sounds of broken glass, sounds of metal hittin

Chapter 65: My Wings Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations “It hurtssssssssss…! You aren’t a crab! Don’t be so harsh!! Ugh~~~~~~Xiao Yu! You~~Ah~~~~~~hurts~~~~~~I can’t take it anymore… Just eat me already, why don’t you!!! I’m not playin