Mark was in a good mood. The school president had allowed him to shoot on campus during summer vacation, provided that the crew would not interfere with the summer activities.When he heard Qu's voice, he turned around. At the sight of Qin Guan, he grew excited."Ask the prop master for a polo shirt.

"Can hardly be seen doesn't mean it isn't there." Someone disagreed, "Perhaps, she has been using a certain wizard to cover it, once it's removed, the ugliness might cause people to poke their own eyes out." "Hey hey! We should be talking about what we are going to do with this mussel, why did we

The three elders of huge bear tribe waited outside the tent... At this moment, the camp of 100,000 soldiers was like a sleeping monster. However, it was still boisterous in the relics canyon which was a bit farther away. The huge bonfire rose high and reflected the sky, while tens of thousands of

"Using a live bait?" "Ka-cha." Razor-sharp blades ejected out of Chao Long's arms like machinery. Under the moonlight, they reflected a cold, cruel glint. "Swish!" The two of them moved lightning quick at the same exact instant. Saber and arms drew arcs of black light in the air as th

"What's your name?" asked Sandra, who was trying to put on a nice smile on her face and soften her voice. However, the boy still got very scared. Screaming and shaking his head, the teenager boy used his hands and feet to drag himself toward the corner farther inside the chamber.Lucien did not rush

The greenish-gray pimples soon covered the whole face of the young man in the mirror. His eyeballs were protruding, and his nose started to get rotten. Chunks of gray flesh were falling, and white bones and two black eye sockets were revealed.Lucien was shocked. Seeing what was happening with the fa

Qin Wentian's faint voice rang out. The calmness in his tone seemed even more arrogant than his words of arrogance earlier.The price of their actions...the Qi King Manor wouldn't be able to afford it?What arrogance was this? The Qi King Manor was considered one of the most powerful in the Evergreen

Upon hearing the teenager's so-called bargaining chip, everyone in the meeting room was taken aback, including the main person involved—Han Xian Yu. He didn't look as calm as before. Han Xian Yu finally raised his head slowly with a mixed expression in his blank and numb eyes as he looked in the dir

There were many people already lingering around the energy pools.Some of them were uttering strange incantations and the rest were waiting for something while seated cross-legged. There were people making calculations with formulae and runes on something, too.That being so, the arrival of Juventus a

Chapter 323 - Is This Guy an International Secret Agent?Translator: BinBinEditor: VampirecatFour Talents’ brains were spinning fast in puzzlement. With Su Xia Tian’s fiery and strong temperament, she would have started a war against everybody if she’d learned their plan!How come she was so calm?Man

Chapter 176 - One Wrong Move & Everything Was LostZhong Yue, ‘Shui Qingyan’ and the others were paying careful attention to the battle and they were all stunned when the saw the enormous number of green beans that fell from the sky.Lei Teng murmured, “What is Junior Martial Sister Qiu doin

Chapter 466 - The Successor of the Nine Symbolic Words...Outside the Ocean of Death, the place where the two Sacred Areas were gathered...The Beast of Death in the hand of Sacred Leader Feiyang turned into a cloud of black smoke following an explosion, causing the crowd to glance toward him wi

With Si Lan in his arm, Garen dashed through the field with increasing speed, looking for Dale Quicksilver following anywhere that had any signs of fighting. Four encounters, plenty of followers of the Clown King, but no sign of Dale Quicksilver and White Eagle. They ran for another few hundred met

"Lin Huang, if you kill me, he'll die too! His consciousness comes from mine. If my consciousness disappears, his will too." Zhang Mengmeng spat blood as she was struck on the warehouse wall by the Witch. As she had made the wall impenetrable to prevent Lin Huang from escaping, she would have gone t

At the same time, Qing Er's vessel flew away from the Qi Royalty's safe. She shouted, "Ohno, this is bad!". She wanted to turn back, but received Chu Yu's urgent reminder to leave. "Leave now, I'm going to use him!". Qing Er's face tensed up as she entered the last command to infiltrate the Ji R

"This… what’s going on? A disturbance this huge isn’t created even when someone becomes a Deity!" Palace Head Chen gazed at the distant Xue Ying, who was still trapped within the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, from the Star Pagoda before shifting his gaze to the maelstrom that had encompassed an endless

"I heard you beat the Five Bosses of Young Talent yesterday!" Tence Matten said while clapping his hand with the folding fan. "That's some exciting news! As time goes by, people will thank you for that! But you have to be careful because what you did also offend Yuan Xishan, the 40th name on the Hun

Helian Tianxiao looked in front of him at the four leaders of the beast battalions.The first battalion leader was named Yang Xianyong. His face was broad with thick eyebrows. His four limbs were muscular and bulky, giving him a mountainous build. Yang Xianyong wasn't a gifted individual, but he was

There were more than 10 Lu Li and more than 10 beast claws, identical ones. Qiu Wenze could not tell the real one from the others as he was only at the Noble Lord Realm. More importantly, Qiu Wenze never thought that Lu Li would be so bold, nor did Patriarch Four or Patriarch Eight or the onlook

"After my trip, I will get back to work and my everyday life. In Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to cooperate with three beautiful celebrities."The locals were enlightened. Cooperate with three celebrities? This explains all the rumors. He sure is handsome enough to be liked by three celebrities. "W

She pondered and decided to get some food from The Lord. However, the foreyard was empty and there was not even a single person in sight. She was slightly disappointed and tried to call from outside. She did not hear any response and decided to enter. The Luminous Pearl in the house had been

The little cub, that seemed to have just been born and was probably not yet a month old, wore a look of innocence and naivety. Its every movement was cute and clumsy, helplessly so. The Moire Python watched it but as it did, tears streamed again from its eyes. The Moire Python watched the litt

"It’s normal that Young Miss Tian Wu doesn’t have any reaction from obtaining 1,000 low grade Origin Stone. After all, her identity is noble, and she has no lack for Origin Stones." "But Su Li and Long Yun are instead from tiny Empires, yet they’re actually so composed when facing low grade Or

Nobody else cared about the reactions of the engineers. Everyone else's eyes were fixated on the screen displaying what was happening inside the game.For this exchange match, Fiery Bird had opened up a district approximately 500 meters in diameter. It resembled an ordinary residential area in a smal

The depth of his martial arts was just too frightening!Ling Tian was certain that this was something that he wouldn't be able to do now.The two people who landed from the roof were definitely experts of the XianTian realm and probably equal to Yu ManTian. At the very least, they would be elders of a

Chapter 175: On the boat All the decorated pleasure boats were exquisitely decorated. There were rows of red lanterns surrounding the exterior of the boat. The moment night arrived, they emitted red rays of lights. The reflections of the red lanterns in the water made the evening more enchanting.

Chapter 174: Stinky tofu “If you like it, then buy more! We have a big group, so it’s fine to purchase more.” Dongfang Bai warmly told Le Yao Yao. His eyes were filled with tenderness. The way he looked at her was like how a lover would gaze at his lover. But Le Yao Yao didn&rsqu

Chapter 172: Le Yao Yao was tone deaf This was the first time Le Yao Yao played a guqin. Her playing was unbearable. Even she felt goosebumps listening to herself (and they weren’t the good type of goosebumps). Eh?! Why was it that when Dongfang Bai played, he sounded like sounds of nature;

Chapter 173: Let’s party together “7th Prince.” “No need to be so courteous, Nian maiden! We are not the uptight type. You’re way too formal.” Then, Nangong Jun Xi swept his peach blossom eyes around and landed on the silent Le Yao Yao. When Le Yao Yao sensed

Chapter 322 - This is My Personal BodyguardTranslator: WiwbiwbEditor: VampirecatLi Yang’s arm was pushed and pulled; it hurt so much that he wanted to die!The skin and flesh of his arm was almost torn by the edges of the wooden table. The fresh blood streaming out was frightening to see!His express

1 – Nr.3796 A flow of light falls from the sky straight at a green lush mountain. Yang Feng opened his eyes, felt some pain in his head while holding a crimson rhombus-shaped crystal. He turned to look towards the side only to see a body emitting a metallic luster seemingly made

Change note: 虚空- from “void” into “nowhere” 3 – Solar umbrella Black-rock village is a small town in close proximity to Autumn-leaf village, in its surroundings existed several large mines. This black-rock village is also Giant-stone city’s administ

2 – Shape changing mask A strip of a fine golden tentacle abruptly extended out from Nr.3796’s body. All of a sudden it pierced into the skull of the oriental person with male features. <Initiating memory reading. Energy consumption is at 0.1Kun per hour.> Nr.3796 re

5 – Black Wind Bandits “Terminator! Awesome! Three Terminator’s acting as my bodyguards. Not even earth’s heads of states could compare to this kind of treatment!” Yang Feng was currently looking at three Humanoid Robots. He exclaimed while being unable t

4 – Simplified Primary Troop Nr.3796 can theoretically, as long as there’s an abundant source of energy, create any material out of nothing. Furthermore, it’s documented in the database what can directly created by consuming energy. However, the required energy consu

6 – Powerful Knight “Black Wind Bandits? What are their origins?” Yang Feng creased slightly his eyebrows and then followed manager Liu towards the castle wall. Manager Liu then followed up with a detailed explanation of the Black Wind Bandits’ origin to Yang F

7 – Killing a Powerful Knight As Yang Feng watched Berry expelling the six bullets out of his body, couldn't help but say: "So awesome! Even the bullets can be expelled! Knight's are truly awesome, no wonder it's so difficult to succeed in cultivation!" On earth, no person could

9 – The Fall of Black-Rock Town Baron Kirov walked towards the edge of the City Wall, looked at Yang Feng at the bottom and bowed as he said respectfully: "I am Black-Rock Town's Lord Baron Kirov, distinguishable Warlock Daren, may i ask why You must attack my Black-Rock Town? I

8 – Attacking the Black-Rock Town Black-Rock Town is one of the 10 towns and cities under the jurisdiction of Giant-Stone City. Black-Rock Town is surrounded by mountains, with most of the land not suitable for cultivation. However in the surroundings of Black-Rock Town exist se

11 – Level-1 Warlock Bonney In the center of the huge manor was a three storey tall, altogether up to 60m, Warlock’s Pagoda erected. That Warlock’ Pagoda was made of tough steel-like hard rocks. Hard rocks are one of the most common materials used in building a Warlo