The arrival of a Heavenly Immortal shook the entire city, and it also indicated that the final test in the Primeval Battlefield was about to draw its curtains!The Rebirth Realm experts of the various Dynasties felt both nervousness and anticipation, and they cultivated even more painstakingly to th

Chapter 206 - Does it ever end?After insta-killing the man with one stroke, Svelte Dancer retreated to her original position. Her ghostly attack wowed all the leaders in the establishment as they had never seen something like it before.What was more; Svelte Dancer’s one attack was clearly not backe

"I merely came up with the design concept. The bulk of the credit must be attributed to the team's collective expertise…" Ye Zisu adopted a humble attitude during interviews. She h

Lu Shu had no idea how much chi he should accumulate before unlocking his chi reserves. He never thought that the old man Li Xianyi was just boasting… In fact, although the old man said to accumulate chi before unlocking it, he himself didn't do that.

The reporter said, "Everyone who is watching this live broadcast, Master Lin is now touching the Supreme Tiger Electronic Fingerprint Door. The atmosphere here is very grave. Although Chief Zhong has confidence in his product, we can see t

Nine Poison Sect disciples marched by the foot of the trees that were hundreds of meters tall, with Zhang Jiu at their head.Countless tiny bugs of various colors filled the area around them like floating raindrops.They used them to detect signs of life, hoping to track down Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian wi

Chapter 454 - Into the ArenaTang Wulin strode forward with his head held high, his comrades trailing him. They walked with their backs straight and chests puffed out. They weren’t just here to complete their exam. They also had to win glory for Shrek Academy! Only upon entering the arena did T

Ch. 194 An Odd Couple “Guuoooo!” I run through the desert with all four feet, shortening the distance to the prey. The target is the three-headed camel, [[Mortar Camel]]. This guy is delicious on its own. But one day, I’d like to try Piperi with it. “Nogue!” “

HSSB991: You could only enter because I let you   Their strength unceasingly being whittled down by the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, the trio began to feel dizzy as well. They even vaguely felt as though their cultivation bases were dropping yet further! While they were persisting thr

This was the first time Xu Taiping had seen someone educate one’s son like this. Not only she is not correcting the mistake of her son; she is even showing him a more ruthless way of committing an error. I can’t even fathom what ridiculous things are filled in her brain? “You, sec

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 150 – The Battle of Viruses “What is this?” Ling Mo used the short knife to pick out the piece from the fleshy snake head, and then used the tip of the knife to remove the excess debris. To Ling Mo’s surprise, it is a virus gel! Alth

Ding! [Thunder Pool Tesseract: Yun Zhongzi captured the Spirits of the First Thunder and gathered them into this tesseract spiritual pool. No one is allowed to step foot in the area covered by

Ning Que vaguely understood what Eldest Brother had meant. However, he was not certain if what he had understood was what should be understood. A myriad of emotions rose within him and he fell silent.

Playing hardball? The disciples of the three religions were shocked. Few people except the Sages could escape unscathed from four Sages-to-be and over 40 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Untainted Land. Yet Kong Xuan was saying that it wa

Su Bai's shot was resolute and decisive. It was not sloppy at all nor did he hesitate. The other party had never expected Su Bai to directly fire without saying anything. The power of the Hellfire Shotgun was very scary, but the

Chapter 274.2: Friendship Born of Having Weathered Dangerous Situations TogetherDon’t support theft.  Since he couldn’t figure out any way to sway Tang Doudou, he decided to try his luck on Mu Ye instead. He muttered to himself in a seemingly offhanded way, “He’s still n

Chapter 1852: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (1)”   Yue Ye slept through the entire night and in her sleep, she tossed and turned, her brows remained furrowed, like she was having a nightmare. “Big Brother!” Yue Ye sat up on the bed suddenly, her body bathed in cold swea

Chapter 1853: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (2)”   “Young Miss!” The figure of Ye Gu suddenly appeared before Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie shot Ye Gu a meaningful glance and immediately went walking towards the other room just beside. There were some things that she did not

Chp 45: The Great Elder (1) The egg was small, and though tainted by dirt and grime, one could still roughly discern the blue and white crisscrosses on the eggshell. Ye Qingtang’s eyes lit up once she saw that. “Finally!” It was a fertilized egg, laid by a drake! Belonging to

Chp 44: Gossip and Rumors (3) Ye Qingtang had already saved two lives from the Si household. If Mu Su declined the meeting invitation, Old Master Si would have a hard time making it up to her. Thus, it was fortunate everything went smoothly. “Master Si, many thanks for your kind assistance.&

Chapter 219: Supreme Narcissism Takes Effect “True Sight and the ability to meld particles with arcane energy. It’s actually the incredibly rare Green Dragon Bloodline.” As Morgan subconsciously stood up, Jean Camus couldn’t help but shout out on the other side of the stand

Chapter 88 - Sleeping With the Enemy (1)   “Wartime mercenaries······!?” The captain’s eyes opened wide.  He couldn’t believe the words coming out of Artpe’s mouth.  The magician in front of him was powerful en

Chapter 339: Little princess Vivian Going back ten days, when Imperial City still had not fallen yet. The elf Aubersen had left Imperial City on a Dragon Hawk Beast heading south.  He passed Central State, Qing State, and Southern State before arriving at an endless primitive jungle. An enti

Chapter 225: Appearance, the news fly (Part 1) When Xiao Tianyao turned back, he saw his guardsmen holding their crotch and screaming. The other guard’s hand was being clamped on his back by Lin Chujiu’s hand but seemed not resisting. Xiao Tianyao shouted: “Stop!” Oh, 

Chapter 35: Her and the Court Lady 「Nn……n……?」 It’s warm?? I felt warmth as my consciousness gradually awaken . My eyebrows gently lifted at the peculiar sensation of waking up. The sheets that were touching my cheek felt different than usual. Above all, my bod

“Tarak!!” I saw Nara leap at Tarak and hug him tightly. I then told her, “Sorry, I might not be able to do what I promised you; but I did bring Tarak back in one piece.” “That’s good enough. That’s good enough. I only want Tarak. I only need Tarak.”

Chapter 2832 - Sacred Tree Illusionary Fog"Heavens, it's Chu Feng? It was actually done by Chu Feng?""He killed Young City Master and Yuwen Hualong?!!!""Impossible, this is impossible.""How did he accomplish this? How did he enter this place?""Could this be fake? Could it be a prank?"At this moment

Han Li wore a miserable expression and said, “When this Martial Nephew went out to purchase a few items, I encountered a Senior with an unfathomable cultivation, he wanted to me to give something to Martial Ancestor Nangong. He even placed a restriction on my body, saying that only Martial Ancestor

Yang Yi was rather frustrated. Since he had entered prison, nothing had gone as planned. “Why? Why didn’t you enable this service? Bro, aren’t there many illegal immigrants here?!” Buddy replied helplessly, “The person who smuggled the phone and calling card into the prison didn’t enable the functi

The tiny cauldron’s origins were extremely mysterious.When he noticed the tiny cauldron for the first time, it was on the Isle of Fallen Treasures. At that time, the tiny cauldron’s entire body emitted a milky white brilliance that was blazing and resplendent to the extreme, causing Chen Xi to thin

The hallmaster of the Bleakmoon Hall was merely a half-step great emperor. There was nothing he could possibly do against a full-fledged great emperor. It was why many first rank sects were reluctant to offend wandering great emperors, even though they weren’t afraid of direct battle. They were wor

Chapter 2831 - Chu Feng’s MessageAfter taking care of Yuwen Tingyi, Chu Feng foung Yuwen Hualong’s residence. Like Yuwen Tingyi’s residence, Yuwen Hualong’s residence was also guarded on the outside. However, due to the power of Chu Feng’s concealment talisman, no one detected him when he infiltrat

Volume 4 – Perpetual Conflict, Chapter 83: The Blue Firmament Zhao Jundu arrived at the Elder Assembly without a moment’s delay. The Sixth Elder seemed to have aged quite a bit during the few days of his absence; his hair and skin had all but dried up. He returned the Radiant Edge to Z

Chapter 259: Crafting Mode   Imagine! Imagine myself as the most powerful, with the one million brides’ hope and power behind me. Imagine what my existence as the “White Emperor” should be!   With the endless power of mist, Black Moon, the Lamia Queen, the Mermaid Que

Chapter 180: She’s Dead…… “You dare to curse my aunt——” Yan Yan turned her head and glared at Ning Chen Xi. “Cousin, did you hear that. She went as far as to curse aunty! This kind of girl, are you still going to speak on her behalf?” Ning Ch

Chapter 181: Isn’t This Resurrecting the Dead? By the side, General Wu’s soul was already spooked enough to jump out of his body! Madam Ning was already dead? ! She’s actually Peaceful Remote Province’s lord inspector’s wife. She died at Winding Peace City that he&rsq

Chapter 281: People Walking Different Paths Cannot Make Plans Together   The demon fire covering the sky was too late to run rampant. The black qi rays were just like those violently surging sea waves and unexpectedly dashed the will-o-the-wisps into pieces. Its might unexpectedly had been s

Translated by Shufen   I was summoned to this world as the Priestess to correct the world’s “pulse”.   In this world, there is a flow of ki that cannot be seen by the eyes.   It seems like it flows wildly all the time and there is only one way to correct the wa

"You," The big elder was just about to get angry. Elder Qin quickly said: "Well, let it go. But it is Zhang Yan who won the contest." Although the big elder was very unwilling, he could only nod helplessly, acknowledging that Zhang Yan won, and could not help but swear to Long Y

Wu Gui felt puzzled, and he felt uncomfortable from head to foot. The only thing he wanted to do was to bring Lin Xiao to the secret environment as soon as possible.   Knowing what to do, Wu Gui was more relaxed, "There are two secret environments in our sect. One of them has not much va