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“Oh…” The little fatty nodded obediently. ‘Pretty Sister is always right, and since she said it could help prove my temperament, it must be so.’ Therefore, he obediently picked up a shovel before walking to the back garden and shoveling the soil. “Leopard, you watch them.” Feng Ruqin

Chapter 1526: Helian Yue Has Changed I Feng Lianyi would still be somewhat happy if she only listened to Nan Xian’s last words, but her expression suddenly changed when she recalled his previous sentence. “Master Nan Xian…” Feng Lianyi took a deep breath. “I think you might have misunderstood me. I

Any misstep would mean tumbling over the edge and plunging to her death. No one could survive a fall from a height of more than a hundred meters. He dashed over, picked up an iron rod lying randomly on the ground nearby, and hit the attacker with the weapon in his hands with all his might. T

The woman insisted on walking instead of being carried so that the man could only put her down, letting her lean on him as he supported her entire weight. Unbeknown to them, a finger of the deranged woman, who was lying prone on the ground, twitched. Her eyes then flashed open to reveal an icy g

Yun Shishi recoiled from her, but it was unfortunately to no avail. The madwoman seemed to be determined to end this feud in mutual destruction. Her feet shifted slightly to the back; her body was suddenly tilting over the edge! The actress lost her balance and got dragged along with her due to

Her eyes widened in surprise, only to see Hua Jin appearing before her moments later with a pained expression. He crawled over with great difficulty and extended a hand out to her. “Hold onto me… Grab my hand…” The panting woman shook her head in refusal. “No… You won’t be able to ca

Cold sweat densely dotted his pretty yet pallid face. His eyes were tightly shut, but his lashes were trembling. “H-Hua Jin… don’t scare me. Please… d-don’t scare me…” Too desperate to care about anything else, Yun Shishi looped his arm on her as she tried to get him on his feet to no avail.

Chapter 1993: I am his family! He peacefully shut his eyes upon hearing her voice. Yun Shishi held his hands tightly in hers. Perhaps it was due to the excessive blood loss, but his hands were cold and clammy, completely devoid of warmth. Her brows squeezed tightly with worry when she noticed this.

"You can do that?" Morris asked, looking awestruck."I guess so. This is the first time I've used this method, and I'm honestly not sure how it's working like this.""That's amazing! Just think of all the applications...Wait...did you just use an untested spell on me without

They all stared down at the spot for a few seconds without saying anything. Finally, Morris broke the silence."Do you mind explaining what's going on?"Mike glanced over at Sera, tacitly asking permission to let them know the situation, however, she was blankly gazing at the

Sahel watched from the roof as the small group walked out of the building and headed towards Traders Square."Are you sure this is wise?" He asked Marcosias, who had joined him to observe their progress. "Giving him free reign in the markets? What if he gets his hands on som

As they got closer to the group, it became readily apparent that there was some kind of disturbance. Pretty soon, they could hear raised voices from the crowd."But what are we supposed to do? We don't have underground homes like you lot. This attack cost us everything!"It a

A short flight later, and they were setting down outside of a small community that was built next to a precipitous cliff that marked the edge of the island. Superficially, there wasn't much of a difference from the rest of the towns that dotted the landscape, but as they go

After ensuring that the control module was set aside for them to purchase, the group followed Hurston to another section of the warehouse that contained several crates full of books. These were in a similar state of disarray, with a large number of the containers having bro

Guessing that she probably wanted to keep this between the two of them, Mike led Sera into the basement lab and had her take a seat on one of the workbenches."What's on your mind?" He asked once they were settled.She spent a few moments watching him silently, seemingly buil

[So...there are definitely some limitations to this.] Mike thought to himself while the summoned lizard's remains slowly disintegrated into motes of light.After nearly an hour of experimentation, he decided to cap off his investigations with an attempt to invest as much man

"There." Tal commented blandly from his side, indicating the speck of darkness on the horizon. "Land.""I'm not really one to speak of auspicious events or anything, but I can't help but feel that this might be a good omen." Morris added relaxedly while leaning on the railin

Brenden motioned for his friend to sit down. "You know, I'm not surprised you made it all the way here without anyone noticing, but you do realize this means I now need to add security reforms to my to-do list? In addition to everything else?"Mike winced. "Sorry. That wasn'

Chapter 492: Why would she take noteQiao Mianmian: [(fold arms emoji) No pictures, I’ve left.]Jiang Luoli: [(hammer emoji) I’ll hammer you down.]Qiao Mianmian: [I’ll be heading to the set in a few days. I’ll capture one for you then? Or you could come to look for me. I’m telling you, he really look

Chapter 491: You’d Better Not Be Thinking of Getting Into a Relationship or AnythingQiao Mianmian waved at him and then walked towards the elevator.“Miss, please hold up.”Tu Yilei called out to her just before she got into the elevator.Qiao Mianmian turned around. “Mm?”Tu Yilei pointed at her. “Your

Chapter 543 EngagementHowever, the nine major sects soon found out that the strategy of blocking the enemies’ retreat might have gone wrong at some point, for Li Muzi returned to the camp of Sky-reaching Sword Sect with heavy injuries less than an hour after the other people left the place so as to

Li Mu looked at Ding Yi, who was obviously relishing his misfortune, and an idea came to his mind. He also lowered his voice so that only Ding Yi could hear him and said, “That’s not right. Aren’t you the real future leader of the Fate-defying Sect?”Ding Yi’s face stiffened.But soon, he curled his l

Chapter 10: A Brief Interlude While Strolling In The StreetsShuhang previously thought for a long time, and felt that he had heard of the name Luo Xin Street before, yet couldn’t remember no matter how he tried. So it turns out it was here, the incredibly famous foodie heaven!That’s not right, didn’

Chapter 154- Dou Dou + True Monarch White!That girl’s voice was filled with angerBehind was an expressionless muscular man in a western suit, single mindedly pushing the wheelchair, entering Young Master Yigu’s small courtyard.A seventeen or eighteen year old young girl was sitting on the wheelchair

Chapter 153- Discussing the importance of a good teammateKnock… knock…An oppressive and deafening sound, like the giant bells in temples being struck, the echoes surging.The people in the large and magnificent estate jumped in fright. More than ten people in charge of security quickly rushed towards

Chapter 152- Cultivation Maniac True Monarch White!The sixty muscular men Young Master Yigu got to work, their movements dextorous.The ten who brought tools went to below the statue, preparing to dig away the ‘nameless Immortal sage statue’.Then, first there were four muscular men who were holding a

Chapter 156- I feel like I’ve been left behind by the times every time I come out of seclusion!It could only be said, as expected as seclusion maniac True Monarch White! The demon dog Dou Dou sighed in its heart.While in closed door seclusion he advanced, and the seclusion grounds was smashed to pie

Chapter 155- How terrifying is a senior who can fall on flat ground?At this time, True Monarch White’s voice came from the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute. “Is little friend Shuhang there? I was too bored waiting just now, so I went to cultivate a while… Now, i don’t know where they’ve broug

Chapter 157 – Text RedactedIn the Nine Provinces Number One Group, after Cave Master Snowwolf had finished speaking, no one in the group actually continued speaking. Originally based on the personalities of the seniors in the chat, when someone raised a topic, there would always be some lurking seni

Chapter 475 Stepped into the Shao EnterpriseSong Yunxuan slightly pressed her lips.Though she didn’t reply to him, she had begun to think about his words.The study was indeed similar to Gu Changge’s.Because she had once been Gu Changge.She entered the study and asked him in displeasure, “Why did you

Chapter 1955: Zhang Tianlin!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr Xu Qiqin sat next to Wang Chong and pondered the matter. She turned to Wang Chong and asked, “Should we continue our investigation?” “It’s not a question of investigating or not. We need an answer for this matter. For some r

Chen Zhao laughed, “That’s right.”In fact, he wasn’t the only one looking for Huang Xiaolong in the Divine World. When Zhou Chen had released the news of the bounty, many people in the Divine World had started looking for Huang Xiaolong.Two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones! Even someon

June 14, 2020With the capture of the three criminals, the identity of the criminals and the motives for their crimes followed suit. There was indeed a person who knew more about Qiao Shengan's family. He was the one called Mengzi.Mengzi lived in Songcun next door. He was pr

June 18, 2020Both Monster Heavy Industry and Tmall Mall have severely underestimated the number of users this time. Ionization purifiers had more value now. Even if you did not use them, you could sell them and make a lot of money.In five minutes, all 40,000 ionizers were s

June 21, 2020The fully mobile assembly platform built a hull and main feed structure. This was a black technology device that subverted traditional manufacturing which had a diamond-shaped alloy casing and a mechanical automation structure that is more complex than humans i

"Ye... Mr. Ye?" The forty-something man looked surprised and envious when he saw Ye Qing."Congratulations, your Monster Heavy Industry is a miracle company. I remember when you first moved here, and none of us had heard of this company. Your business has only been around fo

Not only that, but Ye Qing also numbered the outer packaging of each ionizer and strictly recorded the sales of each ionizer, so as to prevent employees in the company from reselling the ionizer.Before the robot was acquired, of course, this hadn't meant it was not wanted a

July 01, 2020Jiantongluo Information Company, with more than 200 square meters of office area, was mostly occupied by rows of computer hosts. The main unit has been completely disassembled, and a professional water-cooling system has been installed. Countless device indicat

I did not know why suddenly Yan Feixin had a bad feeling when he opened his own buyer chat tool and found an introduction which was a very formal announcement.Hello user: According to our staff's investigation, there is an abnormal operation of your account. After verificat

Her name was Yun Shi, and she was from Wu Cheng in the south of Shuixiu. If there was a genius in this world, then Yun Shi could be counted as one. She was nineteen years old and had the best prospect of integrity. This was not the point, and the point was that she has grad