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Warning: The following content contains abuse and might not be suitable for a younger audience. - - - - -Someone was going to die tonight.Thunder crackled in the distance as heavy rain poured from the gloomy grey clouds. Rivers nearly flooded the forests, as trees crashed t

"Poor thing...She was beaten too severely." The old butler sighed at the battered sight of his Young Miss.The blood from her cracked skull had trailed from her forehead, down her eyelids. Her entire face was covered with dark, purple bruises. Her left arm and right leg were

The next morning, the sun was overwhelming bright and warm. The skies were incredibly blue, and the clouds looked extra fluffy. It was as if the storm never happened and the sky was always this calm.But on the grounds, it was chaotic. There were branches everywhere and a lo

Duke Li followed his servant towards the edge of the forest. With each passing step, he felt his heart suddenly go uneasy. He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt antsy and nervous, as if something was wrong.He tried to brush the thoughts aside, but it would come back to h

When Duke Li walked back to his room, he was surprised to see his wife wasn't attached to the window like she usually was."My dear-""Is it true?" Duchess Li interrupted him with bright, wide-eyes. For the first time in a few weeks, Duke Li had finally seen a glimmer of ligh

Xueyue wasn't sure how long she was trapped in a world of darkness. Everywhere she looked, she saw the boring sight of empty blackness.Occasionally, she would feel something touch her lips and then trickle down her throat. She could hear muffled noises in the background, bu

Lost in thought, Xueyue didn't hear the approaching footsteps down the hallways. The footsteps were loud and rapidly thumping upon the mahogany wood floorboards. Impatience eluded from the rushing woman whereas patience drifted from the sensible duke.Xueyue was caught off g

Duke Li Shenyang stepped forward with his hands tucked behind his back. He stared at her bandaged head and arm. In a solemn and rigid voice, he asked, "You're Viscount Bai's youngest daughter, Bai Xueyue. Am I correct?" His keen eyes watched for the girl's reaction. He was

Duchess Li Qixing felt her heart ache in pain at Xueyue's statement. 'How horrible!' she thought to herself. If this was what she thought about her death, then how did she view herself...?Duke Li Shenyang pitied the tiny girl sitting on the bed. The more he stared at her, t

Duchess Li Qixing glanced down and breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing Xueyue had fallen asleep. She lifted the blanket and delicately tucked Xueyue into bed. Xueyue was sound asleep and everyone could tell she was beyond exhausted. Her long lashes were still brimmed with

The next morning, the servants were bustling around as they quickly prepared a new room for Xueyue. It was bigger than the one she was currently staying in, and Duchess Li Qixing had ordered many accessories, hanfus, and shoes for the girl.When Duchess Li Qixing had receive

The days leisurely went by and soon, a week had passed.Duchess Li Qixing had requested an imperial decree that would make Xueyue her legal daughter. Because Duchess Li Qixing had deep connections to the Imperial Palace, the decree came within three days and soon, Bai Xueyue

Li Wenmin decided it was better to approach Xueyue than watch her from a distance like some creeper. "I'm going to go and talk to her."He patted the grass and dirt off of his training pants and left before Li Chenyang could reply.Li Xueyue was too immersed in archery to not

From a window with the perfect view of the open field, a man stood watching Xueyue and Wenmin practice archery. His eyes were guarded and it was hard to read his thoughts, but if one were to look closer, there was the ghost of a smile on his lips.Duke Li Shenyang watched Xu

After a long day of practicing archery with Wenmin, then an awkward dinner, and one jasmine-scented bath later, Xueyue tiredly collapsed onto her bed. During dinner, the duchess was very attentive. She would constantly place food into Xueyue's bowl of rice, but when Wenmin

The next day, a modest carriage stopped in front of the main entrance of the Li Manor. A regal man stepped out, accompanied by men in black. Their faces were covered and when the Li guards searched them, they found no weapons — however, there were definitely inklings that t

Xueyue stood there, puzzled by his words. Her eyebrows drew together as she stared at the closed wooden doors. She had never seen the man once in her life except for today and they've barely even talked for ten minutes, yet, he already seemed to like her. What a strange man

After the emperor had left, Duke Li Shenyang informed everyone of the plan to move to the capital. Li Chenyang and Li Wenmin were reluctant to move, because of how long and tiring the journey would be. But after realizing their new home would have an even bigger field to pr

After buying more food than their hands and servants could carry, Li Wenmin finally took a break from his shopping spree. He had enough supplies of snacks to last a normal person for a week, but knowing him, he'd finish it by tomorrow morning. The trio found a nice little s

The people whispered among themselves when Xueyue appeared.Dressed in an expensive outfit of the finest materials with beautiful hairpins adorning her hair, and a face so graceful, she was like a porcelain doll imported from the West. She was a stark contrast to the child s

Xueyue felt her throat tighten at the outstanding title of the boy in front of her. At a closer look, he was quite handsome. Though he was still young, it was evident he would grow up to be quite the looker. He had the eyes of a sheltered boy who never understood the hardsh

Li Wenmin gently patted Xueyue's head in hopes of reassuring her. His cold gaze couldn't help but melt into a warm puddle at the sight of her face. Did she have to look like a bunny when she was scared? Her doe-eyes were growing so wide, darting back and forth, it was begin

Xueyue's eyes widened at Li Wenmin's voice that was so rigid and cold, it sounded nothing like him. Was this the same puppy she knew before? Did puppies know how to bare their teeth and bite like wolves? Was Wenmin even a puppy to begin with?!None of the spectators dared to

The carriage ride back to the Li Manor was awkward and quiet.Li Chenyang's usual unhappy face was pulled into a dark scowl as he stared out the window the entire journey back home. Li Wenmin was also quiet while he stared out the other window.Wedged between two boys with da

When Duke Li Shenyang returned home, none of the children mentioned what had happened in the capital. Duchess Li Qixing, however, informed her husband of the drama that went down. He was highly amused by the twin's reaction and had reassured his wife that everything would b

The horse ring was located a few miles outside of the capital. It was an open land with plenty of space for horses to roam around. Due to the port located near this space, there were also a lot of traveling merchants selling uniquely decorated pieces of accessories and trin

Xueyue was startled when the horse suddenly kicked its front legs.Luckily, her reflexes were faster than the horse. The minute she realized her hands were still tangled within the leather reins, she immediately hopped on the horse seconds before it raced forward."Woah!" she

After paying for the horses that Chenyang and Xueyue took, Li Wenmin got onto his own horse and raced through the streets. When he saw a crowd gathered near the port, he immediately went there."How can you guys just leave me?" he whined, hopping off of his horse and childis

When Xueyue arrived at the main entrance of the Li Manor on top of a malnourished and blind horse, the household staff were bewildered and surprised. Above all, they didn't expect to witness her tall and proud stature, as if she was made for that spot. It suited her well an

Li Chenyang walked into the manor by going through the hidden back entrance that none of the servants knew about. It was meant to be an escape passage if there was ever an ambush on the manor.Right now, when a war might brew between Wuyi and Hanjian, it was essential.Li Che

As Li Chenyang and Xueyue rode through the field, they noticed something strange.They had been riding for a while now and were bordering the walls of the Li Manor. Looking ahead, they noticed a lump of clothes near the pristine white wall. When they rode closer, the metalli

Duchess Li Qixing had just bid the Imperial Consort goodbye when she heard the servants greet Xueyue at the door behind the manor.The Duchess was relieved that Xueyue was distracted long enough for the Imperial Consort to leave. That is, until Xueyue dashed into the living

"Xueyue." Li Wenmin stopped in front of the door with a frown. He had finally found her, but it was in the least expected place that he had in mind. "What are you doing?"Xueyue raised her head and shifted her focus from the towel she was wringing dry. Seated beside the bed

At the crack of dawn, when none of the servants were awake, Li Chenyang was the first to check up on Wen Jinkai. He was startled to see the empty bed and immediately, he ran through the hallways in search of him."Annoying prick, where did you go?" he muttered under his brea

When leaves are carried by the wind and the brittle branch is lined with snow, then the first sprout of flowers, and the cycle repeats, two years effortlessly trickled by.Xueyue rode her well-trained horse, Heiyue, tall and proud as she returned back to the manor. As the tr

Li Manor, HechenThe journey to Hechen took a few days. While Li Chenyang and Li Wenmin were nonchalant over the idea of going back to their previous home, Xueyue was unbelievably nervous. Everyone had arrived safely within the manor in Hechen.For once, Xueyue began to pace

Whispers spread like fire when a young woman stepped out of the enormous Li carriage accompanied by the Capital's infamous twins."Goodness gracious, who is that?""Did any nobleman have a daughter with that face?"Mothers discreetly chartered amongst themselves behind their s

Li Wenmin came back just in time for the Duke and Duchess to drag all three children with them towards the largest tent. Leading up to it was a set of grand staircases that seemed never-ending.Xueyue nervously trailed behind the twins while she fiddled with her fingers. She

The Emperor observed the Commander in front of him with a stoic expression. It was almost as if he was searching for something. Then spontaneously, his serious expression broke into a smile as warm as the summer sun."You may approach, Commander." He enjoyed calling him the

Wen Jinkai surprised the entire Royal Court and curious onlookers when he didn't spare the Princess a glance. He acted as if he didn't hear a word she said.He fixed his gaze on the Empress and no one else. He was the first to see past the Empress's mask. It was clear as day