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Chapter 1176, Immortal gold dropped from the sky   After hundreds of years, there was finally the appearance of a present age Martial Emperor, and not only one. At the same time, the Azure Cloud Platform was about to reopen, and King Zhenyuan would soon step onto the Azure Cloud Platform. Whe

Chapter 522 Unimaginable Wealth "No matter how many times I see it, this formation is incredibly profound and complex. Just where did Su Yang learn how to create formations like this?" Elder Zhao spoke with a face filled with awe, commending the defensive formation that prot

Chapter 521 Insanely Generous "For those of you who want to be dual cultivators, due to the imbalance in gender, things are much more complicated, so I will deal with you last," said Su Yang before he turned to look at the 800 disciples that wished to practice cultivation no

As Zhu Sha asked the question, Mo Shiyun felt that everyone was looking at her. This made it even more difficult for Mo Shiyun to say anything. After hesitating for a moment, Mo Shiyun said, “Zhu Sha, I don’t feel well right now. I want to go to the infirmary for a while.” Mo Shiyun dodg

In fact, there were even people who speculated that Mo Shiyun’s parents were long time acquaintances with the Jian family. This speculation was based on Mo Shiyun and Jian Yunnao’s relationship. Mo Shiyun shook her head, “But this is the truth. It won’t do me any good to deny it.” After seei

Previously, there were only pictures. The details regarding the situation could only be guessed. However, now, the video had gotten uploaded. It was clear from the video that the man in question was indeed Mo Shiyun’s father. When He Jianjun had been arguing with the Head of Teaching, he had

Chapter 129: Zhai Yunsheng Verbally Attacks Jian Yuncheng Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales What Zhai Yunsheng had shown Jian Yuncheng was a printout of several posts from the Shenghua High School forum. They were posts that were attacking Jian Yiling. Most of the original posts had alre

Yu Xi was waiting anxiously in the underground parking lot. He could feel the tumultuous thudding of his heartbeat. He couldn’t afford to offend either of them. On one side it was Zhai Yunsheng, and on the other was Jian Yuncheng. As soon as Master Sheng had found out about Jian Yuncheng

How important is money in a human’s life? Whenever this topic came up, Gu Jun would wield the same opinion, money, well, it is very, very important. “Let me tell you something. There’s only one true illness in this world, and that’s poverty.” 1 Gu Jun could still vividly remember the incident tha

A throbbing pain pulsated through his head as Gu Jun felt his consciousness spiralling around aimlessly and unceasingly. His mind was shrouded in a daze, as if he was chained into a different dimension and unable to free himself. [Host details: Gu Jun Host’s ability list: 0 (Your abilities w

A check up! Of course it is for a check up! Why in the world would I risk a nightmare to touch your putrid body! With a deep sigh, Gu Jun shook his head and carried on examining Li Yuerui’s chest and back. After a thorough examination, he declared, “Your torso does not have any obvious and major

The night sky blanketed their surroundings, and the cruise ship slowly sailed on the boundless ocean using a dim light as the only source of illumination. In a luxurious suite on the high deck of the cruise ship, Gu Jun sat before a study table. He studied the small box of medicine before him an

As the cool breeze of spring melted away, July came with the warm, scorching summer sun. Under the cocktail blue skies and the glimmering yellow sun, the same Eastern City remained. Eastern University’s School of Medicine was situated in the bustling Qingyun District, north of the city. Right be

Cai Zixuan glanced around his surroundings. After confirming that there was no one around, he lowered his voice and said, “The leader of our team is Wang Ruoxiang.” “Is that so?” Gu Jun frowned helplessly, thinking ‘Is that all?'”It’s not surprising at all, is it? I’d be surprised if it was not

“The fruits of darkness sprouts, shrouded by the darkness of the Abyss. The parasites of death will live with the Heavens and Earth forever.” 5 In an undertone, this peculiar sentence escaped from Gu Jun’s mouth. As he spoke, an excruciating pain pierced his brains, keeping him in endless torment

Zhang Lin took a lifting cylinder out of the liquid nitrogen tank and extracted a cryopreservation tube from the lifting cylinder. He then carefully placed the lifting cylinder back inside, as there were still cryogenic tubes for many other cells in the lifting cylinder. After Zhang Lin sealed the l

In the Emergency Department Tick Tock, Tick Tock. The hands of the clock on the wall of the waiting area moved in a circle. With his eyes fixated, Gu Jun watched as the second hand went round and round. Soon, another five minutes passed. To his surprise, his body did not feel anything strang

There was a mobile phone in the paper parcel. The screen of this phone was cracked, but Gu Jun could recognize that this was Li Yuerui’s phone. Suppressing the brimming doubts in his heart, he held onto the power button. However, the phone refused to respond. The phone did not seem to have b

The evening sky was pitch black, not a trace of stars or cool moon to be found. Beside Mt. Qingyun, Eastern University School of Medicine stood. It basked in the cool shade of the mountain. Be it day or night, all kinds of birds can be heard. At night, there are songs of mountain doves, collared

That night, Gu Jun had an uneasy slumber. He tightly held onto Li Yuerui’s cell phone. It was as though losing it was akin to losing all clues and hopes of uncovering the truth. 4 Early morning the next day, just before the sky outside turned bright, Gu Jun got up to wash himself. Although he sle

Within that instant, everyone’s head turned in awe towards Gu Jun. Their eyes overflowed with shock and disbelief, as though they just witnessed something unbelievable. Tycoon Jun, Clinical Skills Competition? These 2 terms coming together would be the clash of the century and would lead to a le

This was not the first time that Gu Jun has come to the mortuary of the Dissection Building. A day or two before the anatomy classes were released, the teacher would assign male students to come here to work in their spare time. They transferred the cadavers required for anatomy from the laborat

Gu Jun looked into the storage tank. Within it, he saw a light yellow formalin solution almost filling it to the brim. An adult human body was soaked inside. This cadaver was a male body. Owing to the formalin, his skin was pale with a light tint of yellow. This was due to the epidermal pigment cell

The light shone brightly in the spacious anatomy laboratory. Three rows and six temperature-controlled refrigerated dissection tables were placed in the middle. All were made of stainless steel. The ceiling above each dissection table had a shadowless lamp and a camera. On the back wall of the l

Leave it to you? Xu Hai was on the verge of bursting out in disbelief. Bro, where did all this baseless confidence come from? Why are you so courageous? Did Fish Leong give them to you? (1) Hearing the seemingly senseless confidence from Gu Jun, Cai Zixuan sniggered to himself as an attempt

In the first three hours of dissecting the cadaver, Gu Jun’s performance displayed the full extent of his ability. Professor Gu immediately announced his intentions to bring Gu Jun to participate in the competition. Everyone else had no objection. Regardless of Gu Jun’s skills in other medical a

A figure on a bicycle flashed by along the pavements from the Dissection Building back to the dormitories. He bolted straight up the stairs and into his room without stopping. In one swift motion, he grabbed the water jug on the table and downed its contents in one huge gulp. The water had not b

AH! Gu Jun suddenly woke up from the nightmare. His eyes shot open, only to see the white ceiling. He was still in the dormitory. That was just a dream, huh. He glanced at the time on his mobile phone. It only felt like a short while for him, but he had already slept for two hours. Gu Jun to

Doo… Doo… KACHA! The phone call connected. Gu Jun’s brows furrowed as his heart skipped a beat. From the other end, all he heard was the buzzing of static probably due to the weak signal. His eyes darted around, observing the alley. As his ears stuck to the phone’s receiver, his mouth remain

Squeak, squeak. The sign of the shop on the side of the street, “Healthy Massage And Footbath”, slanted slightly. A passing man looked curiously at the confrontation between the two men then walked past. “Mr Gu.” The flat-head man grinned with a weird smile as if greeting an old friend. “You

The gentle orange sun peeked through the horizons, bringing a warm light across Eastern City. While the sky still held remnants of the darkness of the night, all of the teacher-student groups participating in the Frontier Cup representing Eastern University had already gathered. For this competi

With the horrified audience suddenly losing their voices, the whole stadium went silent. Only the unpleasant screech of iron scraping across the ground could be heard. The faces of the youths were all full of shock. Be it the students from Eastern University or Qingyun University, they all displ

That brave soul who stood up; he was Gu Jun, Tycoon Gu. While the entire school team was utterly discomfited. Even the professor’s heads hung low with complex exasperation. They hid and shunned the microphone. Who would have expected, this man would willingly welcome the opportunity to speak?

At this moment, Gu Jun was standing inside the iron cage and right beside the tree made out of human body parts. It was not that he did not feel any psychological pressure. In fact, the sense of oppression caused by the iron cage and the close proximity of the giant human tree grated on his nerv

“Before we discuss this creature, let’s talk about the malformed cadavers that were sent to you a few days ago.” Professor Qin’s expression was calm. However, the words he said sent a hair-raising pressure sweeping through the audience. “Those people had contracted a disease, which we address as

“The ability to infect and bind together with other organisms while retaining the ability to grow is the main manifestation of the Malformed Banyan Disease. The end stages of how far it can grow are something that we are unable to determine ourselves.” 3 Professor Qin continued to explain to the

The screen at the front of the stadium lit up and showed a list of nominees. There were a total of 32 students selected. 9 from Eastern University, 7 from Qingyun University, 5 from Qihua Medical College, 4 from Dongyang Medical College, and 7 from the remaining schools. Amongst the students

“Is this a human specimen?” “Surely not, which part of it looks like human skin?” Ten groups of students discussed animatedly with each other. The contents of the ten anatomical table refrigerators were almost the same thing. A large rectangular piece that seems like a part of a creature’s t

In every dissection table, a video camera had been set up together with a shadowless lamp. It projected the progress of the teams on the stadium’s giant screen in real-time for the spectators to watch. The video in the centre of the stadium switches between each of the 10 dissection tables upon ever

A strangely shaped kerosene lamp hung on the dilapidated wall. The lampshade was stained with old bloodstains, tainting the dim lights crimson. This was a small basement with a low-lying ceiling, and there was a lot of debris everywhere. Some of the rotten wooden floors were bent downwards, seem