"If you want to kill them, you have to ask for my permission." After making such a statement, Ling Xian slowly stood up. Like a God, he looked down on everyone with a heavenly demeanor. He appeared unprecedented, extraordinary, and undefeatable! As he stood up, the eight array boards exploded

December 31, a sunny day. New Year was tomorrow. Normally, all major businesses would have started their promotions by now with employees of all companies ready for their long weekend. The you

Summer days in the Misty Mountains left as fast as they came. Temperature in the region normally plunged to frosty winter conditions for nearly half the year. The next half would be separated into autumn and spring. Only occasionally, would t

"She's gone. She's disappeared so quickly!" The black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the others were somewhat tipsy as they walked out to send off the lady with their gazes. In the end, they discovered that she had completely vanished. This was simply too fast! It seemed as if she had telep

Qingfeng Li kicked open the door which shocked everyone.Swish Swish Swish...Suddenly, countless eyes looked at Qingfeng Li with astonishment and aghast in their eyes.It was known that today is Sky Gods League Augustine's wedding day. People who attended the wedding were huge forces and huge families

Jing Jiu was in deep thought about what had happened earlier. He was concerned about Fang Jingtian since Fang was the peak master of Xilai. And what was his intention when Fang Jingtian asked

"All right. Let's go crash the wedding," Qingfeng Li placeed down the telescope and whispered.Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team looked serious. They got their weapons ready and they followed Qingfeng Li off the car and made their way towards the wedding chapel.They were in for a big fight

The edge of the demon world was already in sight.The shattered starry sky was glittering in the front. The space debris danced disorderly in the breeze, and the rolling bright red clouds in the sky reflected down the flame and illuminated the future. Along the way, there were no surprises. The ragin

'Uh?' Jiang Liushi suddenly looked at the minibus' direction and saw Ying sitting in the driver's seat calmly. As the MCV's assistant, her primary mission was to protect the host to the point of disregarding her own safety.

The atmosphere around the scene wasn’t as strained as it should have been, after all, majority of students downstairs were really relaxed to such an extent that they were looking at Xiao Lin, who was standing on the top of the building, in ridicule as if he was just standing there for enjoying

Chapter 99 Private Letter When Big Maritime Windmill was receiving cheers from the crowd, the patrolling fleet commanded by Commander Neville was passing through a small headland. It was a sea area with the most complicated terrain in Dunerk’s vicinity. As many as ten small isles of piled-up

Start the War!   "That king's petty schemes were only ever enough to keep the boredom away, not enough to be amusing." ~ Norton Lorist   "We've just received a message from Baron Camorra!" Jinolio yelped as he rushed into the room, handing Lorist the white

Chapter Ten: Set Sail Back in her own courtyard, Ling Qingyu sat on a stone stool and let a deep breath out. Her hand softened and the whip dropped to the ground. Lu Yao and Ye Shiyi were practicing martial arts in the yard. Hearing the door, they stopped and watched as Ling Qingyu hurried in. She

Chapter 366 [What is Karate]  Provocation! Absolute provocation! Indeed Lai Junwen is unable to take it as he rushes up the stage. “Husband! Do your best ah!” Xiao Ya who is sitting by the side watching the stage shouts loudly, scaring the people beside her to strategically ret

(219) Desert aristocrat Translator: Tseirp     I shifted the angle of the parasol to follow the movement of the sun. The surrounding temperature had fallen considerably thanks to the fragments of frozen Sand Wyrm. If allowed to continue to melt, it would probably turn into a grotesque

Two girls stood in a desert. One had a black ponytail and was dressed in a shrine maiden outfit. The other was a silver-haired girl with scarlet eyes, dark brown skin, and wore light armor made of leather. (TLN: This is supposed to be the Demon Lord. Her appearance in the WN seems to be sligh

Chu Yunxuan’s voice was slightly muffled, but in that large open space, it could be heard in every corner. As he spat out one number after another, Cheng Nuo didn’t panic, because he totally didn’t believe that Chu Yunxuan had the means to find them out. Even if the pawnshop owner

Yuan Ye’s sudden appearance and question made Yang Chen dissipate all his killing aura. He frowned as he thought of something, staring at Yang Lie who was panting heavily. Yang Lie’s brows creased as he took a closer look at Yuan Ye. “You are…” “I’m Yuan

Chapter 440 - Padded Floor TL: LifeisaJourney  “Okay, so I found information regarding Wan'er. The girlfriend of the couple said Wan'er was searching for the restroom. Wan'er was pointed in that direction,” Star Yu reported quickly. “Okay, then we should mainta

Waiting Faelor had endured invasions from many foreign planes, but peace would eventually be restored every time. The two recent invasions weren’t significant when compared to the threats of the past, only a small ripple in the long river of history. The only thing that mattered was that the

Chapter 946: Decline of the Foreign Races Soul Summoning Island, in front of the obsidian palace. Ge Rongguang led six of his closest subordinates, each holding a bag full of spatial rings. Those spatial rings contained the spirit materials that had to be given to the Ancient Beast Race. When Qi

Chapter 947: Life Flame Crystal Qin Lie heard what Teng Yuan and Tong Zhenzhen said but did not express any opinion. He had the god race bloodline and he was also human. He was both of the races the Ancient Beast Race disliked. Naturally, he would not stick his head out. Xu Ran had an awkward ex

Chapter 948: The Same Enemy! “The Vermillion Bird Realm was occupied?” Shock appeared on Tong Yan’s red cheeks. She obviously found the news a bit hard to swallow. For the past couple tens of thousands of years or so, she had been acting as leader to her people in Boluo Realm. S

Chapter 949: Artifact Soul You Ye Qin Lie sat quietly and sensed the way the Moon Tear spun inside the silver moon mark under the moonlight. The holy artifact of inheritance the Serene Moon Race called the “Moon Tear” looked like teardrops as they glowed dimly at the center of the anci

The situation in Chengshui province, Sanshui country was not as relaxed as Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Jun right now. Cheng Xianling had been standing outside, leading a group of people to wait for more than half an hour. Most of the snow had yet to melt. The cold wind blew and the people standing outsid

「… and that’s what happened!!」 Kya! Lily-sama spoke embarrassedly with hands on her cheeks. … This is a certain gazebo in one of the many gardens of the royal palace in the Capital of the Doristan Kingdom. Over here, the queen of this country Liliana-sama, the most dignif

Chapter 358 - Shi Zhongping’s Doubts   Translator: lav Editor: llikia   Shi Lei’s mother also changed into the coat, looking at herself in front of the mirror. Although she really liked it, she was taken aback by the price of over 20,000 yuan. However, when she heard Shi

Now then, we head to the dressing room. Several women are already present Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, the Kouzuki faction. Then, Shou-oneesan and Nei. Then, Agnes, Mana, and I join in. Megu and Nagisa are in the kitchen. 「 Huh, where’s Mao-chan and Rei-chan? 」 I don’t see the two. 「 Well,

Chapter 476 Invasion Of Experts     Presently, everyone on the Isle of Fallen Treasures knew that Chen Xi was heavily injured, and his vitality was dried up to the point he was about to perish. It was even to the extent that an ordinary wild beast was capable of causing his demise, and

“Your neighbor is sleeping again,” Miggy said. b7e64dacb2f7c9c6406b1790de8cf0be29eb63aa If you are seeing this message, you are probably reading this chapter on one of the content-stealing websites. This chapter was originally posted on

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wooooooo, wake uuuuup!” bd5192f32f4909b0375d6529d1a36a5bc0b79b33 If you are seeing this message, you are probably reading this chapter on one of the content-stealing websites. This chapter was originally posted on

Chapter 233 – Your Majesty, O’ Great Qin Legatee Translator: Mr Voltaire Editor: Modlawls123   Following this, a few waitresses walked over excitedly and said, “Boss, how come you’re here?” Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, “Mm, I’m

“Why?” Han Qilu frowns as he asks. “You like me too, right?” An Chuxia can’t help but laugh, and Han Qilu likes it, and it makes him think… she’s so cute, damn it! How can she be so… He suddenly feels the resentment in Basa Li’s eyes as she st

Translated by newbienoona Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple “Han Qilu!” Basa Li is very unhappy. Han Qilu isn’t worried about her, and instead, his contemptuous expression explicitly shows what he means! Raising his head from the magazine he’s reading, Han Qilu

Chapter 252: Wipe out By the time Sima You Yue recovered, everyone had more or less finished the contracting process and were waiting for her. “You Yue, have you recovered?” Sima You Yang was sitting beside her and, seeing that she had woken up, beamed at her and asked. He gave Sima Y

Chapter 509- Foundation of Aristocratic Family   Translator: ryangohsf Editor: Nora   Mulan Stronghold had suddenly turned into the hot spot of the southwest battlefield. Since Hong Xiuquan insisted on fighting, Yang Xiuqing naturally needed to follow his orders to the end no matter t

Chapter IV Unfamiliar Robots  Faction is a scout robot. It's main mission is to search, detect, identify, and sneak enemy targets. The Faction's size is smaller. He uses a variety of stealth techniques and has a high degree of stealth.  At this point, he is walking in front of the

Chapter 238 - Sorrow   Each powerful and influential sects in the Central Plains had different politics undercurrents and intensity, southern border thousands of miles away, after this catastrophe, the commoners in each tribe wordlessly built up their homes again. Even though this place was h

Chapter 1627: Evil Scheme “Lin Feng, my life is in your hands.” Lin Feng looked at her resplendent smile, then he smiled back and asked, “What kind of weapons can Yan Feng make with an assistant?” “Yan Feng can make level two weapons on his own. With an assistant, he

Chapter 1628: My Assistant Mu Qing Ying’s face turned pale, she tried resisting, but Mu Xiao forced her into his arms. “What should I do?” Mu Qing Ying was confused. At that moment, she really didn’t know what to think. She didn’t have feelings for Mu Xiao, and she on