“Is that true? Russia and China are discussing nuclear submarine technology transfer, right?”“Yes, Your Highness. That’s what CNN’s China correspondent covered.”Suh Min-seok reported to Youngho after watching CNN News.“What’s the specifics?”“This technology is related to silencing the noise of nucle

Being a dancer at an “entertainment center” might look indecent but it was the high risk of encountering complications that rang Wen He’s alarms. Yes, Gu Jinzhi could ward off the bad customers for her. However, it would not work every single time.Most importantly, they were not very close to begin

She shut the car door and urged him to drive. “Let’s go!”“…”Gu Jinzhi watched the military car sped away into the distance and continued smiling with an unreadable expression.After a while, he hopped into his own car and left the place.Back in the military car, awkwardness filled the space between W

Chapter 2407 – Hidden TerrorWhen Remnant Snow commanded his team to give way, both the spectating experts and Heaven’s Blade’s members were stupefied.What was going on? Had Remnant Snow hit his head at some point?Even War Blood’s members gaped at Remnant Snow. They even wondered if this were some im

Chapter 2406 – ShockAs the question echoed throughout the canyon’s exit, everyone fell silent. None of them had ever thought someone would willingly stand against War Blood, and they all spun toward the origin of the voice.Four figures, three men and a woman, entered the canyon. They had all hidden

Chapter 2405 – Changes to the Gravity Mountain Range White River City, Zero Wing’s ResidenceWhen Shi Feng and the others returned to the Guild Residence, an unusually depressing atmosphere greeted them. Now, less than 100 players stood in line to take the recruitment test to join Zero Wing.The Guild

Chapter 663 Psionic Core, War SituationFour thin mechanical poles formed an ‘X’ shape and secured the mini sphere-shaped reactor in the middle.The sphere-shaped reactor was the size of a fist. It was completely silver with the surface of the ball being smooth and shiny, reflecting Han Xiao’s suave a

“No!” the prince howled. His voice trembled with incomparable grief and indignation, yet he refused to back down in humiliation.“On your knees!” Yang Qi repeated, increasing the pressure. The light flared brighter and brighter until the prince finally flopped onto his hands and knees like a dog.“Yo

All the factions present were equally concerned about the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, as either Nalanye nor Jiuzi Xuanming would become prominent and influential figures after obtaining the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.The importance of building

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master suddenly turned to look in the direction of Luo Yunyang when he executed his move. From what he saw, Nalanye seemed to have become the supreme being that recreated the endless void into primordial chaos.The sentiment of Si Yun and the others were not far from t

Chapter 942 ConsummateSoon it was dinner time and the servants began bringing out dinner. Everyone gathered to begin their meal.Yang Gongming seemed to enjoy Cai Ning’s presence, clinking his glass of wine with her.“Ning Er, I heard about you being court-martialed for protecting Yang Chen but I won’

However, everything since the start of the fight had gone accordingly to plan, including Forefather Kingspot’s reaction.Kingspot soared through the sky, searching for escape. None was to be found, given how the four divine beasts had long since set up their domain. They’d left a pocket of spac

Chapter 966 TrainSeeing Alfred look over, Klein returned with a smile and nodded gently.“I suddenly sensed some danger.”With that said, he calmly turned around and headed for the carriage which Haggis had pointed out.“Danger…” Alfred repeated the word softly as he warily surveyed his surroundings bu

Chapter 965 Brief CrisisOn the top floor of a small building, a black-haired, brown-eyed man donning dark-colored clothes was looking down at the arms deal not far away. This man who looked about twenty-eight couldn’t help but say, “He actually got Maysanchez? Oh, Holy Lord of Storms, Alfred, if I h

Chapter 1986 Will you play or not?“Let me think…” Jiang Lihen lowered his head in serious contemplation and snapped his fingers a few seconds later. “Oh right, do you know Lord Asura? Have you seen him?”“I know him… I’ve seen him…”Ye Wanwan didn’t expect him to suddenly mention Lord Asura, so she wa

Chapter 1985 What was there to treasure about that thing?The man turned around, accompanied by the sound of water splashing. Ye Wanwan’s face filled joyful surprise when she recognized the man as Jiang Lihen.“Gang Leader Jiang! Nice to meet you!” Ye Wanwan hastily greeted. “You are?” The man examine

Chapter 1984 D*mn face-judgerJiang Lihen glanced at Xie Qianchuan before promptly clutching his eyes like he was in immense agony. “Old Xie, you’re too ugly. Don’t talk to me! Ever since Zhizhi ran away and you became the leader, I’ve had to see your face every day! I’m at the limits of my partnersh

“Even if the Xuan Tian Divine Art is formidable, I don’t think that you will be smiling at the end of this unless you reached Core Transformation stage somehow!” The third elder said as he saw Yi Tianyun was smiling confidently. He Qianhan had both confused and depressed look on h

To Ampere Seale!(2)    “My Lord, there seems to be an issue,” Carglise said as he, as well as the officer accompanying him, walked close to Brendel and whispered to his ear. “Eh?” Brendel his head to look at the Captain. Carglise and the officer were tasked to ma

Terrified   This was the first time Shao Xuan used his blue flames publicly.  Although it was not a good idea, for after they see these blue flames, he would be a target of the slave masters… but after thinking about it, it was still the best solution.  Once the blue flames

The Power Of One Hit   Within the building where all the beasts were kept, a giant beast was laying quietly on the ground.  This was a bull with huge, sharp horns. If this place were brighter, you would be able to see its brown coat.  It was a beast sent from Red Star City every f

The Development Of The Li Family (3)   “You’ve seen her without makeup? I heard she never lets anyone see her bare-faced. Although her makeup’s a lot simpler now, no one ever sees her without makeup. Many people want to but never got the chance… “Men are weird!

Chapter 544: A century’s cultivation for Xu Tingsheng   Xu Tingsheng had turned an ordinary night special and earnt the happiness of Miss Xiang. To him, the latter was evidently a little more important. The seventeen-year-old Xiang Ning said she would marry Xu Tingsheng who had started

Once we were sure that the enemy was dead, Kathe and I searched the room for magic tools.   ‘Maybe it would have been better to bring Lord Gerberga with us, since we’re fighting against strong vampires.’ ‘Yes. It’s hard to ensure that not a single bat escapes. B

Chapter 941: A Battle Full of Tricks Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosThe Black Feather Army’s current passageway to the north was through Nangeng City, Yun An City, Guang Liao City, and Wei Bei Pass.The logistics team continued to transport resources along this path. When they were fi

Chapter 546 - Mastermind? When faced with the Chancellor’s questioning, Vice-Chancellor Yu put on a nonchalant expression and smiled. “Milord, is there something wrong with this matter? The assassin did not have any bone vanishing powder with him when he was locked into the prison. It&r

Translator: WuWang Editor: Luiswu Chapter 690: For Whom Do Girls Cry It was clear that most of them were only about sixteen years old, but they drank like a group of sad old men. Looking at the appearance of her companions, Lu Lu silently concocted the medicine and wine that was beneficial to th

Flying without Wings!   Everything was perfect until Su Chan started sobbing into his chest again. Just like that, Li Yundong went from mushy, heart-and-flowers romantic mode to a full-blown panic mode. "Hey, hey. What's wrong, princess?" Su Chan shook her head. "I'm

Preparations   "Aren't we supposed to leave the windows and curtains open?" Li Yundong asked. Su Chan had been bustling about their motel room, closing windows and drawing the curtains shut. "I mean, that's what we did when we were training at home, right?" "

Chapter 167 – Night of the Festival (2) Army of skeletons wielding rusted swords, shields, clubs, and spears were swarming the streets. Their numbers exceeded several hundreds with just a cursory glance. Sungchul recalled a scene from his extermination campaign against the Followers of Calami

Chapter 949 Too Late!The young man raised his gloved hands. Bandages could be seen in the gap between his sleeve and his gloves. Then, he took an unused teacup and started pouring some tea for himself.“What a thoughtful host. You know that your guest will be thirsty after walking for such a long dis

Chapter 948 Uninvited Guest!Yi Hao sneered at Liu Furong’s words. To him, he betrayed his mecha clan because Liu Furong and their regiment commander didn’t trust him. They were the ones who forced him to find another family to be under.“Enough of the bullshit. Liu Furong, is that item with you?” Yi

Chapter 766 Shameless, Too Shameless (1) As everyone hesitated, Ye Qingtang suddenly walked forward. Yin Qingluo and Ye Ningxi were shocked. “Junior Brother Ye.” Ye Qingtang looked at the arrogant Liu Mo and said, “Since Senior Brother Liu wishes to grant me some teachings, I will not refuse.” All t

Chapter 767 Shameless, Too Shameless (2) No one would have expected Ye Qingtang to make such an absurd request. Forbidding the usage of both hands in the spar basically meant that Liu Mo only could use his legs. Ye Qingtang could still use her hands and a sword. Didn’t it mean that Liu Mo could only

Chapter 514 Suitable Partners“Grandpa, this ice cream is super delicious! Can we stay here for a few more days? I want to have more ice cream.” Anna walked along the street with her ice cream cone in her hand as she looked up at Joshua with an expectant gaze.“Do you like ice cream that much?” Joshua

Chapter 513 Piggies“What a pity, I didn’t get to greet that big sister.” Amy wore a forlorn expression as she looked at the departing Anna and Joshua.What an adorable little girl. It’s sad that they’re so wary toward elves like us. Blour also wore a wistful expression as he turned toward Sally with

Chapter 512 Why Won’t You Return to the Wind Forest?As Anna feasted on her fried rice, Sally slowly made her way toward them to eavesdrop on their conversation. She had never come into contact with elves living outside of the Wind Forest, and was very curious about their lives. At the same time, she

Chapter 511 Then… I Guess I’ll Help You Eat ItDo I look that scary? Blour raised an eyebrow. It was the first time he had been appraised by a child in such a wary manner, and it wasn’t a good feeling. He strove to inject more warmth into his smile as he said, “Hello there, pretty little girl. Order

Chapter 189 The gratitude tokens that disappeared Yang Xiaojin seized two grenades from one of the Qing Consortium’s soldiers with lightning speed. The Qing Consortium soldier unconsciously tried to avoid her attempt since protecting one’s weapons was the instinct of every solder. But in the end, al

Chapter 190 The Mountain Obliterator These Qing Consortium troops took their positions behind the heavy machine guns mounted on top of the armored vehicles. When Qing Zhen gave the order, the heavy machine guns started spitting out a barrage of thunderous fire. Countless bullets within their sight r