Chapter 3139 - Big Sister’s GiftChu Feng’s speed was extremely fast. His movements were so fast that one could only see his shadow. He resembled a phantom as he appeared everywhere repeatedly.Everytime Chu Feng appeared, monsters would immediately attack his location.The bombardment of their e

Chapter 223: I Think I Heard Someone Say They Want to Give Me MoneyTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIn the large-scale military base at the far east of Russia. The middle-aged, bearded Russian officer Anton patted his chest and said, "Don't worry, Sir P

"Alright! As long as you are not dead yet..." As Ye Chen talked as he swallowed a top rank yuan qi replenishing pellet. Although the first level of his undying body had the ability to recover loss of blood and flesh, it was not without cost. The cost was that it would burn a huge amount of yua

Su Zhinian stepped on the gas pedal without even putting on his seatbelt. He turned the steering wheel as his car blasted out of the carpark and got onto the highway that led back to the city.One hour… It's already 11.10 am… There's only forty minutes left to the timeframe Brother Kun promised

"Sorry for disturbing you," Lu Tianyi walked in and greeted Wu Chengyue smilingly.  Wu Chengyue stood up from his seat and smilingly walked out from behind his desk while responding ca

Su Qianci felt even worse. He was so close to her under the comforter… Why couldn't he move even closer to her… Feeling sullen, she pushed back the comforter and exposed herself in the cool air. However, in less than two minutes, she felt so tortured that she was about to cry, whimpering, "I c

Wen Xin looked towards Fan Tu. From the latter's expression, she knew it would be impossible for him to kneel down. During her stay there, she had come to know these mountain people better. They weren't crazy and bloody people as the rumors said,

The man slightly turned his head, his hair concealing the side of his face but displaying his seductive red lips. "Leave! If you have news of Yun Luofeng, continue to report to me.""Yes, my lord." The servant girl retreated after cupping her fists.After the servant girl closed the door, the ma

"Although I completely agree with you on calling Uncle a 'pervert', I would still like to say you are such a b*tch," Zhao Yanzi said as she sat behind Hao Ren.Hao Ren gasped and turned to her. "Whose side is she on, really?" he thought.This was the first time in Duan Yao's life that he was cal

Act 14: The Flantheim House’s Evening Party Cordelia put on the dress that Nirupama had chosen for her and let Emina do her hair. Then, she sprayed the rose fragrance onto herself.   “You seem tense, Ojou-sama.” “…… Do I look that way?” “Yes

Originally, this flower was a vine-type plant that crawled across the ground. It wasn’t uncommon in the Pameradia fief, but it wasn’t a flower that would likely appear in the Royal Capital. “Can I hear about this trick?” “This flower was originally a vine-type plant,

It was strangely quiet. The crowd turned their heads in shock when they heard the voice. In front of them, a group of four people were standing at the entrance of Scholartree Jade Manor. The person in the lead was Ye Feng. A dark expression appeared on the face of the Wind Palm Academy as he tigh

In front of so many people, the Wind Palm Academy had personally said that they would recommend Ye Feng to enter the Celestial Sect of Wonders as an exchange student. In that case, this matter was pretty much set on stone. "Brother Zi Feng, congratulations! This time, the three of us will be

In the small building of the Ye Residence, the night was quiet and the wind was chilly. Ye Zhongtian wore a set of simple clothes and a pot of wine while he leaned against the building's railing by himself. He stared blankly into the distance. It was unknown what he was thinking as the moonlig

Ye Feng gave a faint smile as he stared at the enormous ghost figure. Then, he once again chanted an incantation at it. Some of the techniques in this Martial Spirit cultivation method could be used like Ye Feng's previous moves, using heavenly lightning to attack from afar. However, if one wan

"It can't be. It's already so late, how can there be a man in the precious medicinal cages? Could it be …" "…" Mo Qiu's expression froze in an instant. He frowned and looked at Liu Bingqian before revealing an indescribably complicated expression. &qu

The next morning, at the entrance of the Martial House.Many students were gathered here, all looking around. It was unknown just what they were waiting for."It's coming, it's coming! Everyone, look!" A sharp-eyed person was slightly startled. He had already started shouting excitedly."Where?"

In this way, Li Fei’s bodyguard and assistant both laid down on the hospital. Compared to Geng Tian who encountered Dr. Mad, Assistant Lin is purely unlucky. Fortunately, in the end, he was just scared, and the injury is not that serious. After three days of hospitalization, the hospital

――For the young Otto Suwen, the world was like a cradle of hell. [???: ――――] [????: ×××××××××] [?????: ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※] [??????: ***************!*!*] Day and night without end, Otto’s ears were flooded with words that made no se

Castell looked at Elizabeth, who was sitting below the long corridor, softly humming a tune. With a smile, he stated, “Your Majesty, you seem to be very happy.” “Of course, of course, I’m happy. I have personally witnessed the birth of a King. My son’s strategy this ti

There were enough necessities on the boat to last a while. Su Qing was still trying to get used to the rocking of the boat. She seemed a bit listless and thus Mu Yunyao could not bare to make her prepare the food. That Liu Liang, on the other hand, should only be used to kill. If he made the food,

Mu Yunyao looked at the beautifully-handsome young man before her. She wasn’t surprised, however. She had seen Liu Liang in the Jin Wang residence before. On the left side of his face was a red scar while the right side of his face was unscarred and perfect. Especially his eyes, their outline

  Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 397: Ghost King Cloak After carefully walking through this bamboo forest for roughly an hour, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er finally arrived at the inner part of this bamboo forest. Now, there was a ghastly grotto in front of these two people. This grot

Powerful and terrifying spiritual energy wantonly swirled within the precious medicine cage.Looking in from the outside, one could see that this small space was constantly flickering and occasionally emitting "peng peng" sounds of spiritual energy colliding. It really made people feel that thi

After the internet was properly installed, Ye Zhou finally felt alive. As for the eye-burning things in the USB drive, Ye Zhou immediately formatted it in a fit of rage. There were two months of summer vacation and Shang Jin and Ye Zhou, with nothing to do, thought about working part-time. &ldquo

Chapter 2018 – Mysterious Ancient Book … … … Fairy Blue Lotus had no good impression of Imperial Prince Xishen. The Good Fortune Saint Palace’s two peak disciples, the Good Fortune Saint Son and Imperial Prince Xishen, were both incredibly ambitious individuals.

HEART PROTECTION: CHAPTER 27 "It's said that cultivating at Guang Han Sect is extremely hard. Because the sisters' parents were always gone, Su Ying had to arrange their entrance into sects herself, but she couldn't get her sister in. That's why Su E had to go to Chen Xing Moun

Chapter 302: A Battle Between Geniuses As Jean Camus spoke, six figures shining with a crystallic brilliance appeared in the area where he looked. “Is this Crystal Master Clayston?” Ayrin asked as he gazed at the six figures which were about ten meters apart from one another. He quick

Zhong Qing opened her eyes and heard her own sigh. Her face turned red which was very obvious because of her white porcelain skin. Only then did Xiao Wangyun’s power swim in the middle of her body’s meridians. The feeling of walking made her feel as if she fell into a hot spring. It wa

Heroic Spirit Palace, the Hall of Heroes."You know, I have a guess," Thales said absentmindedly. "The Bloody Year was a disaster that almost destroyed Constellation. Filled with internal conflicts and contradictions, the entire kingdom was in a precarious situation."Raising his gaze, his voice

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 13.1 - Fondness   Early in the morning, Cheng Xiao Xiao was woken up by some noises coming from their yard and it sounded like Zheng Yuan. She was curious what was going on outside.   She pulled the blanket over the sister before she put on a jacket and w

Chapter 124: Bai Zhenzhu’s envious hatred Bai Erzhu thought about it, and then shook his head: “If they were me, now that I have a lot, field and money, I will not return again.” Mrs. Zhang looked at her son and asked the same question: “Fugui, how about you? If you are Bai

A glint flashed through Prince Jin’s green eyes, as he recalled all of his memories over the years with Consort Liang. If he hadn’t personally gone to investigate the corruption case in Zhangzhou, he would never have suspected Consort Liang. When he had lost his mother at a young age,

He can only accept his misfortunes and cry   He was just unprepared on the first stroke, but for the second stroke, he unleashed all of his Qi but still can’t resist!   Has the strength of Mu Qian reached the Fifth-Stage already? In the Purple Moon Kingdom, if some

Book 5 Chapter 14: The Fighting Power of Team Strike The Blood   “Professor X.”   Shen Yi approached Professor’s study room and sat down at the desk, opposite of the old man.   “First of all, I would like to thank you for your help in assessing my partner

Chapter 53 – Unhygienic Aunt At the break of dawn, before the first ray of sunlight hit the forest, the horizon was already brightening. Taking advantage of the dim lighting, Lin Xiao’s eyes fell on Elena. When she pretended to be captured, the Jackalwere leader mischievously licked he

Chapter 54 – Monarch’s Oppai Under the influence of the “Demon King HP Potion”, Elona quickly recovered her consciousness. How powerful was the Demon King’s niece? Lin Xiao didn’t know, but from the injuries that Elona sustained, the battle she experienced was v

Chapter 52 – The Young Girl by the Bed As for the real reason why Lin Xiao can use “double chant”, Elena only learned why later on. The condition of “double chant” was that your magic had to be at least sixth-level, otherwise the caster will bear a very strong mental

After all, the Pulling Traces Diagram was merely a piece of Tilted Peak Sector Map that was made out of a unique material. Since Yuan Ao Master's power could allow him to tear and destroy an ordinary true treasure effortlessly, the Pulling Traces Diagram would naturally be torn and divided int

Chapter 51 – The Race of Legends In an undetectable corner of the camp, a red-eyed, silver-haired girl was standing quietly behind the tree, and when she heard movement, she slowly turned her head and squinted at their childish “Fight to the Death”. In Elena’s eyes, there w