Chapter 453: With Enough Food and Clothing Volume 14 Family Trip Arc The following morning, Jin decided to return to Kaina village. “Thank you very much, Jin. We hope to be able to keep counting on you from now on as well.” “Thank you for the sword, Lord Jin.” Though a bit scarce, Adamantite cou

Chapter 454: Deduction, Examination, Experiment, Verification On the morning of July 19, Jin, Elsa, and Saki went to Hourai Island. Berthie returned to Kartze Village, where Reinhardt was waiting for her. Stearleana was also in Hourai Island. She had gone there after returning to her home in Goa, i

Chapter 455: Training “I see…” Jin nodded. Although Jin himself had used Magi Crystals as an energy source before, he had never used up their magical power completely. Using Magi Crystals as an energy source wasn’t something Jin did too often because they were quite expensive, so he didn’t know t

Li Mo then told Yun Ruoyan that many a thief had tried to steal the all-seeing mirror, but each had met a disastrous end. Yun Ruoyan now understood why Li Mo had been so unconcerned about the attempt, but she wasn’t fully convinced.“Since that black-robed man was able to sneak into Kongming Academy,

Chapter 1801 - Devil Queen VS Crimson DestructionChi Wuyao’s lips parted. “Jie Xin, Jie Ling, move back.”The two Witches obeyed, leaving behind only the Devil Queen and the Crimson Destruction Dragon God at the center.“Foolish woman!”Crimson Destruction snorted loudly and released his draconic aura.

Translator: Cialaxis/Havion Editing: Havion ——————————————————————————————————- [Caucasus, whi

Chapter 4746: The Arrogant Nangong YuliuTwo contrasting sights occurred. Nangong Yuliu’s face immediately darkened in anger whereas Zhao Shi’s face paled in fright.“Senior Nangong, Junior Chu Feng doesn’t mean that!”Seeing that things were turning awry, Zhao Shi quickly stepped forward and attempted

“No need, no need. If you still want to carry others, then go carry other girls. “Following her heart, she turned around and ran. At this time, the school’s wake-up Bell had already rung. Most people woke up at this time and began the process of brushing their teeth and washing their faces. Then, th

Freewill was feeling a little wronged at first, but when he carried her on his back and walked forward, he suddenly felt that all the grievance had disappeared.Then, she leaned on Gu Yinshu’s back silently and looked forward silently.Tong Tingyu, who was behind him, was dumbfounded. He wanted to wal

Sui Xin really did not expect him to be so black-bellied, to actually use such thoughts to attack that little girl. However, she did not change her expression. After all, he also felt that a girl like Tong Tingyu needed to be attacked like this. Previously, she did not have any intention of fighting

Following her heart, her originally stiff body suddenly became much softer. She took the initiative to hold the boy’s neck with a smile on her face.“On account of your sincere apology and your sincere coaxing of me, I will forgive you today. If you dare to cut off my sleep for no reason in the futur

Chapter 1264 – Fake TycoonNetEase had followed the same path as Feng Yu’s previous life. They had started to develop online games.In Feng Yu’s previous life, NetEase developed this game, and Chibi or caricature games become popular. The Westward Journey series became NetEase’s masterpiece and captur

Suddenly, a quarter of the Wang Consortium’s military forces that were stationed at the Kong Consortium’s border split off and headed north.No one knew what the Wang Consortium was doing. That was because the entire Alliance of Strongholds was still unaware of the changes taking place in the Norther

Chapter 1507: Soul Sacrifice: Three Life Extinguisher Immortal Technique Their way taught their children to meet monumental events with calm and composure. A quiet heart could make a more comprehensive decision. And at this time, Tian Que Dragon King might look calm, but his mental disorder was see

However, Bailey personally came to her door, begging for Xi Li’s forgiveness with a sobbing tone, and deeply repentant of his mistakes. At the same time, he was also a mage. From now on, he would definitely change his appearance and become a new person, hoping to obtain Xi Li’s forgiveness.

The old Sky Wolf King’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw this scene. His attack had actually been transferred to the trapped clansmen by this light barrier. These were all elite experts of the wolf clan. It was not a big deal to lose one or two of them, but to lose so many at

 Jerry suddenly laughed… Did they think that they could stop him like that? Poseidon and the others were all at the peak of mid-stage Level 2. They were only one step away from reaching late-stage Level 2. After this battle, Jerry’s strength would undergo a great change! At that tim

All the townspeople said so, and even Jack believed them. He jumped down from the Light Wind Wolf and walked to Xu Dahai’s side, asking, “Dahai, did you really kill this?” “Lord Jack, it was my classmate who killed it!” Xu Dahai did not hide it, but told the truth. Jack looked at Lu

The screen in the broadcast room started to flicker and then stabilized. In the screen was a pitch-black sealed room. Six people could be vaguely seen sitting on chairs. Crack crack crack! A series of sounds rang out. Rows of lights on the ceiling lit up, lighting up the entire secret r

Chapter 1188 - RevivalFour bullets whizzed by towards Kestin. The gun that fired the bullets had been silenced so the gunshots were quiet. One of the bullet paths was meant to block him from jumping into the pool while two other bullet paths stopped him from dodging to the right and left, leaving th

After long deliberation, the ancestors finally made a decision. One of them said: “Do it, that’s all we can do.”They had no other choice because in just a few years, their clan would turn to ashes. Nothing would be left including that temple. Thus, even if the temple could survive, what would be the

Li Qiye left the seafood store with Yang Ling right behind him.She couldn’t help looking back at the inconspicuous entrance. No one expected an ocean hidden inside this tiny place. It was an eye-opening miracle.She also found it strange that Li Qiye was in such a hurry to leave.“Young Master, is it

Chapter 126: The Idea of Forming A Camel Caravan As the smoke rose in the kitchen, the aroma of food began to permeate the air. The ingredients that had been prepared last night were all processed in the kitchen. The peasant women were more meticulous as they were as strong as the male peasants. In

Chapter 127: The Difference of Level 5 Troop Class Just as Kant and Manid were talking, breakfast was served. Later, Firentis also came to the council hall. The three of them had their breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the long table in the hall. They would talked to each other while eating, which was

Chapter 128: The Mighty Mamluke The archery skills of the Ravenstern rangers were impeccable. In terms of close-range accuracy and rapid shooting, even the Vaegirs sharpshooters could not compare to them. This was the advantage of the ability of troop class, but it was very unlucky for those element

Chapter 129: Distribution of Troop Class Kant nodded to himself. Mamlukes were indeed worthy of being the top troop class of Sarrand Sultanate. They were the assurance of the foundation and security of a nation. Although there were only five of them, the energy and spirit of these five Mamlukes almo

Chapter 130: The Crisis Hidden In the Undercurrent The system dialog box popped up on his retina. [ Ding… Side quest released] [ Side quest: The undercurrent comes ] [ Reward: 10,000 denars ] [ Introduction: When you choose to develop, an undercurrent will come. In the face of this new challenge, wi

Chapter 126: Do You Really Not Want Third Brother Anymore? Pei Yunge’s straightforward reply stunned Qin Lang. Didn’t Ge’er always hope that Mom would dote on her more? “Regret?” Mrs Qin’s eyes were distant and her tone was cold. “Don’t worry, it will never happen in this life.” The form teacher of

Chapter 127: Applying Medicine For Someone The people in the training base had asked Qin Lang to come back many times, but they had asked him to be the coach of his archenemy from before. Qin Lang, who had lost his ability to compete, had already become the laughing stock of everyone. In the trainin

Chapter 128: Severing Ties! Pei Yunge had yet to speak. Chu Zhixing retorted, “Student Pei’s brother is very handsome!” “Are you talking about Qin Yu?” asked Lu Yuansi. Chu Zhixing shook his head. “He doesn’t look like Pei… Yunge, but he’s really the most handsome person I’ve ever seen.” “…” Lu Yuan

Chapter 129: Don’t Be Afraid, Hubby! I’ll Take Care of You and Sister! [Wuwuwu, it can finally be used!! I’m going to attack crazily! Pei Yunge, Pei Yunge, Pei Yunge, Pei Yunge, Pei Yunge, Pei Yunge!!] [It seems like the Qin family wasn’t behind the previous account banning saga… Then Pei Yunge is r

Chapter 130: She Only Called Him Older Brother, But He Is Willing to Give Her His Life In front of the computer, Qin Lang, who was feeling very proud just a moment ago, had his smile frozen after he saw the screenshot of Qin Yu’s chat message. This damned Qin Yu… After seeing the Qin brothers fight

Chapter 126: Wet His Pants in Fear In the monitoring room, everyone watched as the target walked straight to the door of a building in Pan Garden. Then, he stretched out his hand and grabbed something. They only saw that the old tube-shaped building was trembling. In the end, a drone hovering on the

Chapter 127: Tactful Ling Pingan hummed and walked back to the gas station. The young driver seemed to be playing with his phone. Ling Pingan walked towards him and knocked on the window. The driver put away his phone like he was doing something guilty. Ling Pingan looked at it and understood what t

Chapter 128: The Child of Fate, Li Anan The next morning, Ling Pingan opened the door of the bookshop drowsily. As usual, he ordered two sets of steamed dumplings and a bowl of tofu pudding from Aunt Cai. Then, he went back to the shop and turned on the television. “In recent years, with the develop

Chapter 129: Ling Pingan’s Crayfish Feast (1) In the pitch-black castle, Alucard sat quietly on his throne. Beside him, a little girl in holy clothing trembled as she stood beside him. “Don’t be afraid!” Alucard looked at the little girl. “Descendant of Van Helsing, with me here, no one can hurt you

Chapter 130: Ling Pingan’s Crayfish Feast (2) Ling Pingan carried the ingredients he had bought home. Then, he took a bucket and poured all the crayfish into it. These crayfish had already been processed. The veins of the crayfish had been removed, and the back had been cut open. He took the bottle

Chapter 126: Priest Anger? He had to be furious! “Boss, let’s… let’s call the police.” The old Daoist priest suggested. Then, he realized that Zhou Ze was looking at him like he was looking at a brainless child. Eh… Did I say something wrong? “But weren’t you the one who kept saying that you had som

Chapter 127: Hahahaha Whether you’re in a good mood or not, there’s one thing that doesn’t shift and change according to a person’s will. Time. A day passed, and it was evening again. Zhou Ze sat on the sofa playing with a fountain pen. There was still no news from the loli. Zhou Ze did not think th

Chapter 128: The Disappeared Sanfeng Village! Xu Qinglang was sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette. In front of him was a glass of cold beer. Zhou Ze walked over, picked up the beer, and finished it in one gulp. “What’s wrong?” Xu Qinglang knew that Zhou Ze usually did not drink. “Just like how y