Zhou Hai Tao had a pretty good relationship with Ying Jin and he knew that Wang Yu Chen was the person that she wanted to appraise. But with the current situation, he couldn't just speak blindly and say that Wang Yu Chen was better than Wu

The men had disguised as either merchant, tradesmen, herb harvesters, or hunters who hunted for rare fowls and strange animals, selling them for a living. Among them, over thirty were Yan Bugui's subordinates from the Scouting Office. Hence, he had full control over this group of men. Bringing with

During their training, He Wen kept glancing left and right in hopes that she would catch a glimpse of the mysterious goalkeeper―however, it was all in vain. She had no choice but to ask Li Yongle, and although her promptness could be a cause f

A flower blooming on the head? Ji Hao turned to Polo Do in confusion. Between Polo Do's eyebrows, a golden lotus had been spinning slowly, emitting a mysterious golden light that seemed to be sacred and miraculous. "Priest Hua, your hand has reached so long!" murmured JI Hao. Polo Do turn

Book 4 Chapter 38: Attack of the Cornered Rat (Part 3) This was a thrilling battle.   From beginning to end, Shen Yi was like a flying trapezist. While constantly moving, he was looking for a chance to attack. Having faced powerful enemies who he should be unable to win against, in hindsight

Chapter 339 do not provoke, do not retreat. Chu Yunsheng quietly stood on the top of a skyscraper-like umbrella-shaped spore plant, looked at his “subordinates”  brutally shredding a ribbon-like monster into death.   Since the battle began, he didn't stop a single second.

Chapter 340 a secondary wood element core Chu Yunsheng suddenly heard an ear-piercing noise. As he looked up, he saw a triangle-shaped shadow moving fast towards him through the crowd of green shell insects like a lightning. Not a single green shell insects were able to stop it.    &ldqu

Chapter 206: Seeking forgiveness, His Wangfei (Part 1)   Have you ever thought that I will die under Zhou Si’s arrow? Of course, he didn’t! His plan was perfectly safe. Even if something unexpected happens, he has the power to keep her life. Xiao Tianyao didn’t want to sp

chapter 72: Panacea     “You eat porridge, right!? I’ll bring it to you!!” Ah, she ran away. No, but……honestly, I was saved. Aya seems to have zero mental power due to shame, but I completely recover rather than receiving damage, that’s why I rise

Chapter 338 whose descendant? “ Commander, they are here again!” A soldier who was holding an assault rifle rushed hurriedly all the way to the defense frontline headquarter and shouted. Gu Feng immediately pushed the defense topographic map away, grabbed binoculars from his guards, t

003—Memories From the Past (3) Ever since he had argued with Professor Liang, he had began to dream. In his dream, he was marching alongside a grand army. As the bugles sounded out and the war drums beat, the ear-splitting sounds of battle filled the air. Men screamed and horses hissed;

Chapter 1361: Movements of the Two Halls “Then what should we do?” The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall asked in a heavy voice. His complexion was very ugly and the light in his eyes flickered. “What else can we do? Of course we have to go and stop them. We can’t let the sea goddess be succe

Chapter 324 Super Edition Fusion Ability, Hell White Tiger   (TL by Bagelson)   Qian Renxue began to absorb the power of True Sunfire regardless of the consequences, and Tang San didn’t dare hold back either, starting to absorb the power of the ocean ten kilometers in the air.

Chapter 39.2:    Lan Ning put on the slippers and followed behind him: ‘Teacher, what is wrong with you? You look like you do not have any spirit.’ Yan Ru Yu said: ‘Try having a fever and still have spirit!’ Lan Ning quickly blinked and walked toward him: &lsquo

Chapter 39.1:  Lan Ning also have been paying attention to the progress of the situation. She saw that Mo Zhen forwarded the micro-blog in the evening and expressed that he is also an avid reader of Teacher Xing Xin. This time, he is very fortunate to be acting as Wu Yin and he will try his le

Chapter 69—Wanting to Press Closer As Mo Qingli exited the imperial palace, she saw the worried Yue Yao waiting for her. A warm feeling bubbled inside her heart. “Yue Yao.” She opened her mouth to speak, but could only manage a muffled sound. Her throat sounded like sand sc

Chapter 49 There’s mosaics everywhere!   Hearing Xia Yuqing’s whispers, Feng Tingye stiffened and his face became dark from being pried on. “Besides Consort Qing, everyone get lost. Whatever you saw or heard today, if you let Zhen find out that you have leaked out a single

CHAPTER 266 – KAKERU’S MIRACLE     「God, huh……」   The girl looked at me with imploring eyes. Why could she understand my voice, yet she can’t understand the voice of Hikari and the man from earlier? That was the first thing that bothered me. &nb

Not only had these two bandits decided to fight against each other, but it seemed they were pulling out their most powerful spells to do so. When the four other Foundation Stage cultivators saw this, their hearts clenched with worry before the short plump one suddenly yelled out, "Quick, go, go!" Th

A bowl-sized black shadow swooshed out from the darkness and flew toward Lin Sanjiu at tremendous speed. Lin Sanjiu stooped down in awkwardly, barely managing to dodge it. The black shadow suddenly turned back and chased closely behind her.

In the not so vast territory of the Deiss Kingdom, the Alborto district merely occupied an area of 18 kilometers square. This pocket-sized basin filled the only level gap in the Southern hills of Deiss. The history of Alborto Fortress dates wa

Vol. 11: Chapter 07: The Headaches   The next day of the mobilization saw all provincial functionaries and officials of adjacent towns’ arrival at Dark City. Several days after, more of them including friendly alien chiefs were here as well. They have filled every empty room of the only

Chapter 227: Danxia Temple (46) It… was a bodily sensation of a place leaving the body. “Fellow Daoist!” “Commander!” “Spud!” “You…” An untold number of alarmed cries suddenly rang out. Each person saw that after Xu Yangyi retreated fr

Chapter 228: Danxia Temple (47) “Benefactor need not be excited.” Fahui gritted his teeth and said: “Maybe… this isn’t an Emperor Armament of Daoism?” “All of us are smart people.” Xuan Chengzi sneered. Immediately, rays of spiritual light rose up f

Chapter 224: Danxia Temple (43) All who remained was Sister Nine and Yi Old Five, the leaders of the other powers. They had jointly offered sacrifices to a skull and were safely protected within it. However, this skull was obviously inferior to the ancient lamp and the lotus lantern. Presently, its

Chapter 225: Danxia Temple (44) Xu Yangyi’s spiritual sense continued to weaken bit by bit. Before his eyes was a total expanse of darkness. Simply uncontrollable, blood gushed out from his seven apertures. From the beginning he fell into the water, it appeared like the flow of spring water.

Chapter 226: Danxia Temple (45) None were any the wiser that below the water, a weak, indistinct spiritual sense was also paying attention to this region. “The last… The last one… 3,600 years… The end is just about to be reached…” Closer… Even closer

Chapter 682: Torn Talisman A majority of elemental high grade talismans actually weren’t particularly powerful, and were inferior to magic treasures. This often resulted in the abandoned pursuit of five element magic techniques once a cultivator achieved Core Formation. This, however, did no

Chapter 683: Two Choices Han Li turned his head and coldly glanced at the two Core Formation cultivators that were passing by, causing them to immediately swallow their words. He didn’t recognize the two middle-aged cultivators, nor did he know which sect they belonged to. At that moment, th

Chapter 510 The Best Military Force Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws “Boom!” The sea of blood rose and condensed in mid-air. This scene looked like a huge flame rising into the air. The fire-like blood produced a boundless aura. Su Hao could imagine that if he were to touch it, his fingers wo

Chapter 584: Saving someone to the end She did not know who the girl he was looking for was at all.  Everything she had said was made up, but he had actually fallen for her lies. Humph, he was someone she had her eyes set on, she would not permit another woman in his heart! Her eyes rolled a

Chapter 224 The Flay Bees   When Ye Shaoyang ran past the man, he saw a black, triangular-headed snake slither out from his sleeve. Ye Shaoyang assumed that the snake was the man’s weapon, but the snake was slow. Swiftly Ye Shaoyang threw out three ancient Chinese coins toward the

Chapter 939: Heavenly Blood Divine Beam! Blood Island. After giving his promise to Blood Fiend Sect, Qin Lie sought out Luz for two reasons—One, he wanted to go to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent with the Dark Shadow Race. Two, he wanted to learn a little about the Heavenly Blood Divine Bea

Chapter 940: Totaling Scores! Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes, Black Gold Spirit Turtles, Cloud Sailboats, Giant Gold Carriages and many more crystalline war chariots floated on Illusory Demon Sect’s sky like clumps of dark clouds. Tens of thousands of martial practitioners were standing atop th

Chapter 626: Three Hundred And Forty Billion Seem A Bit Little   The temperature in Feng Yang’s gaze dropped a few degrees lower. With a flip of his palm, the Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families’ Elders were sent flying into the air, then slammed down heavily. Sprawled on the floor, th

Chapter 707: Intelligence! Bloodthirsty Wargoddess (III) What no one knew was that within Bright Glimmer of Hope, the only domain wielders reaching the second rank of the ninth step were actually Long Haochen and Cai’er. Although Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan possessed a domain of their own, the

Chapter 706: Intelligent! Blood Reeking Wargoddess (II) A domainless powerhouse managed to compel a domain-wielding powerhouse to such an extent through his own attacks. This was already enough for Lin Xin to take pride: this Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove’s offensive power was a really shocking

Chapter 708: Flourishing Lotus Flower’s Soul Purification (I) The golden light of selection surged out and landed once again, shrouding Cai’er another time. This time, her opponent was from the Spiritual Temple. The fourth battle of the fifth individual round began. This summoner Cai’er had to fa

Chapter 83 – Sightseeing in Earl Mizuho Country   “Speaking of which, what have you requested there all of a sudden? Though it’s great it was accepted.” “You know, the permit doesn’t cost us anything, and there are benefits as well.” (Wendelin) ◆◇◆◇◆

Chapter 106: Cho Chang Evan hurriedly pulled out his wand and looked around vigilantly. The room was full of chairs and boxes that surrounded him, and not far away from where he was, there was a wooden staircase leading upstairs. He could hear the voices of several people above him, a bell ringing