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Chapter 1548, EpiphanyInside the teahouse, a group of seven people sat quietly.Qian Tong and the others were understandably excited and unable to calm down for a long time.The news they heard from the shop hand caused them to be overjoyed.Originally, as long as they were able to break away from the

Su Rong blacked his face, “nonsense, it must be you.”Qian Ye looked grieved, “Rongrong, don’t you believe my dignity…” The conscience of heaven and earth, he is really innocent!Su Rong,”Your dignity? …”Qian Ye, “…”Tang Xiaolai looked at Su Rong, tilted his head, “Sister-in-law, he did not tell me th

“Ge.” Tang Xiaocai looked at Qian Ye with a serious face, with his chubby little hand holding the chin.Qian Ye looked at his chubby face, a feeling of satisfaction surging in the heart.When Qian Ye picked this little thing up, he was like a dry bean sprout. How he had grown up a lot, and his delicat

The children playing in the yard heard Rong Yi’s laughter coming from the room and looked at each other.Yao’er giggled, “Daddy and father are having a lot of fun in the room. I want to go in and join them.”Yin Tao stopped him, “Uncle Bu said that they are cultivating in the room and we shouldn’t dis

Bu Qi chuckled and said, “That’s why I didn’t join the magic weapon meeting. I like being free. I don’t want people coming to me every day to take them as my disciple.”Rong Yi smiled, “I wonder who was begging to take him as my disciple that day.”As Bu Qi and Xiang Lv thought about the scene, they b

Chapter 1487: If I Run, I’m a TortoiseTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosChen Haocheng walked with the two men aggressively, shouting, “Which dog dares to block my door? If you don’t come out, don’t blame me for killing your dog!”As he shouted, many people gathered to watch the commotio

Chapter 1488: Human and DogTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosThen, they heard the sound of footsteps coming from the stairwell. It was clear that the three of them were running wildly!Fangzheng began counting again. “Three… Two…”“One!” The store owner counted as well.With each word, th

Chapter 1235: I’ve Made a Cuckold Out of You So Many TimesTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosLin Wanwan was so shocked that she covered her mouth. “The president of the foundation is so stupid that she didn’t investigate beforehand?”“She’s probably too stupid and forgot about the invest

Chapter 645: I Heard That Someone is Crushing My Second Brother At the same time, there were news circulating around Lu Jingzhi’s circle stating that the 489 Group had a new owner. The new owner was young and talented and he had already officially took over the office recently. At this time, the peo

Chapter 1236: My Future Husband Is GreatTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios“No. I feel that Global doesn’t really pick up trash. Why do you have to go and pick it up?”“You’re right. I’ll acquire it, then sell it away.”Both of them ignored Fu Zhaoning’s ugly look.“This idea is feasible.

Chapter 116: Don’t Play Tricks on an Honest Man Like Me Seeing Lin Fan walking over toward them, the Mo Family members felt threatened. It was not because they were planning to go back on their word, but Lin Fan felt extremely dangerous to them. Even the well-trained guards nearly threw up their din

Chapter 1308 A Storm StirsZhentarim, inside a hidden burrow.It was a well-concealed location deep underground and one of a dozen secret shelters that the Adept’s Association had established in the Central Lands.The entirety of the burrows was a labyrinth with winding corridors connected to five of t

Chapter 117: The Road to Success is Right in Front Somewhere in a desolate and gloomy place that possessed a terrifying ambience, a figure appeared from underground. He was vomiting blood profusely as he crawled on the ground. Anger could be seen written all over his face. “B******, how dare you do

Chapter 82: Chapter 82 Dongfang Lianren and Xiao Yike “It is very late now, why are you still here?” I gently broke away from Dongfang Lianren’s hug, frowned, and looked at the girl. She was currently wearing Chu Yuan’s apron. What is going on? Dongfang Lianren clearly knew that I didn’t like her, b

Chapter 83: Chapter 83 Could It Be, Could It Be That She Is A Lesbian? It didn’t take me long to figure out that the so-called problems of Chu Yuan and Xiao Yike were just a pretext. Most likely, they were discussing something about novels, otherwise, it was impossible to exclude the Dongfang Lianre

Chapter 84: Chapter 84 Fighting Dongfang Lianren “How are you going to prove it?” As soon as I said it I just realized that I had just admitted that I indeed secretly thought that she had a problem with her sexual orientation. Fortunately, Dongfang Lianren didn’t pay attention to it. However, Dongfa

Chapter 820: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 21)Snow flew all over, covering everything in white.But when Luo Qing Chen walked out of the V Hotel, everyone looked at her go and didn’t say a word.After taking a few pictures, they just all stood there in a daze.This scene seems

Chapter 854 Xedros Part 2 The memory of Gadorf the Wyvern struck Lith, making him reconsider. Xedros sounded more troublesome by the second, but Lith didn't have much choice left. The Wyvern was an opponent he could face or who had least had to respect his new master.A Dragon, instead, would likely

Chapter 94: Bloody Illusion Chill and dampness descended upon him. A thick scent of blood lingered in the air, causing his stomach to turn. A hissing, scary noise came from below. It was slowly approaching, materializing itself into strange and absurd shadows. Gu Jun was falling into the embrace of

Chapter 853 Xedros Part 1 Kamila already knew a lot about Lith's secrets. The next step was to tell her about Awakening or at least introduce Solus to her. The longer they stayed together, the more awkward the elephants in the room would become.Just like Phloria, Kamila was starting to notice the ma

Chapter 4508: It Can’t Be Chu Feng“If it really is a hallucination, it can’t be that both me and my elder sister are feeling the same thing simultaneously. Big sister Moon Immortal, are you really unable to sense it?” Su Mei asked.“Let’s find a way to get out of here first. I know that you miss your

Chapter 4509: Who Is It?Soon, a junior of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa was sent into the forbidden cultivation ground to inform Hun Yong of the change in situation.Hun Yong was skeptical to hear that Hun Lei had betrayed them, feeling that there was something deeper behind this, but when he heard

“I have to find my sister before Feng Yulin does! ” Zhong Lixi took a deep breath.He closed his eyes and felt his surroundings. It seemed that his sister was not in Luo city, so he could look for her in another town.If he could not find his sister in Donglin, he might be able to find Feng Yulin.…Lin

When Ling Jue heard this, he quivered and his eyes lit up. “It seems so! ”In that case, she wouldn’t have to deal with so many troublesome matters like an emperor.Long Yuze saw his expression and became excited. “Brother Little Jue, shall we go? ! ”Ling Jue slammed the table. “Let’s go. After I leav

“thank you, city Lord. ” The county magistrate looked at her gratefully and continued to provoke her.Ling Jue yawned. How long will this damn matter be over.“City Lord! Something bad has happened! ” Just as Ling Jue was about to fall asleep, she heard a subordinate’s hurried voice.“What’s the matter

Ling Jue originally wanted to leave, but it was too boring. She thought she had some big move to release, but who knew she would release the snake.“Bai Li, you’re really despicable! ! ”“Haha, Long Jing, have you been cultivating a secret technique recently? If you kill the snake, you’ll break your t

As expected, Sheng Fenghua’s guess was right. Si Muyuan looked at her and only said two words, “the antidote! ”“What Antidote? ” Sheng Fenghua pretended to be confused and looked at Si Muyuan with a puzzled face. The purpose of her doing this was to anger Si Muyuan on purpose. After all, she didn’t

“There’s something wrong with your brain, ” Sheng Fenghua said lightly. She didn’t care if si Muyuan was looking for her.In any case, it wouldn’t be good for Si Muyuan to look for her. Moreover, she couldn’t be bothered with someone like Si Muyuan who didn’t even know how to speak properly.Sheng Fen

“Si Muyuan, shut up! ” Seeing that Si Muyuan was getting more and more unreasonable, old master Si was so angry that he was about to faint.Once he was angry, he forgot about what Sheng Fenghua had told him and said directly, “when did Fenghua poison you? Don’t be ungrateful. Fenghua saw that you cou

Previously, when the elders saw that Si Zhanbei and the others had left, they were still chatting in the living room. They felt that with Si Zhanbei around, Sheng Fenghua would definitely be fine. So, while they were chatting in the room, they were listening to the movements outside.When elder SI sa

Yi Yu grabbed the drink in front of her and took a SIP. Her voice was very cold. “I still have something to do at home. If you really have something to say, say it quickly. ”“Okay, then I’ll make it short. I hope that your marriage with Tianyang can be maintained. ”“Why? ” Yi Yu chuckled. “using me

Her tone was slightly teasing, making her blush slightly. “Of course I have to raise a GIGOLO! ”“okay, then work hard. ”After Yi Yu left her small house, Fu Li naturally couldn’t stay any longer. Instead, he returned to his own company to handle business.Actually, the assistant didn’t quite understa

“Haven’t you heard of a saying? I’m in charge of being as beautiful as a flower, and you’re in charge of earning money to support your family. ” Fu Li bit a cigarette in his mouth, but he didn’t light it. “So, Little Yu duo, it seems like you should support me, right? ”If he didn’t keep it to suppor

As soon as she walked out of the Cafe, Yi Yu subconsciously wanted to stay away from him. Her waist was held by him, and one of her shoulders was held by him in public. She felt very uncomfortable.“Why are you moving around? ”When he spoke, there was a unique aura. Perhaps he had given her a feeling

Chapter 207: Suppressing Her PrideEveryone fell silent when Li Xi said this.Xue Xi followed her three dormitory mates in. Among the three, the straightforward one was called Zhang Xiaoxiao. Upon hearing this, she wanted to rush forward. “She’s too much! This is someone else’s business, so why is she

Chapter 881: CounterattackThe pain disappeared suddenly like the rapidly retreating tidal waves. Shen Qianshu felt like she had lost all her energy, and her tired body was recovering and finding comfort slowly.It really hurt too much. It hurt so much that it made her feel the illusion that she was i

Chapter 880: Come On, If You Have What It Takes, Kill Me.Gu Xie was shocked. He suddenly noticed something really terrifying, and he could not help but hold onto Lin Xiaojuan’s hand. “Where did you hear this? What did you hear?”Why would she ask that out of the blue?Lin Xiaojuan could clearly see t

Chapter 879: HonestyGu Xie had been recuperating well. He was young, so his injury healed rather quickly. Lin Xiaojuan lessened her workload. Other than some mandatory publications to handle, she came to the Gu Manor to look after him.The Gu Manor was quite big, and Gu Xie’s small villa was furnishe

The special force soldiers guarding the Thunder Horse Group launched a search across the forest behind the Peace Mansion but came up empty. This was merely their search results though. Soon after, the Zodiac team had a different opinion regarding the situation. Within the study, Tsukino Kyoko, who w

The Sun and the Moon continued to rise and fall.Jiang Chen noticed that the countless monuments had collapsed, and the walls guarding the monuments were destroyed in the flames of war. However, the only constant was that the prosperous fires still grew with resiliency, and germinated in the Dark Age