The continuous casting of these Ninjutsus made the whole place trembling.Although it’s impossible to combine the Fire and the Water natures but to avoid the conflict between the two of them, he cast these two of Ninjutsu from opposite sides which placed Naito at the center.“Kakuzu this guy is

A huge creature over a thousand meters in length was already enormous.However, when placed before creatures several tens of thousands of meters in length, they immediately looked much smaller by comparison.Fortunately, the abyss was extremely deep, and the enormous creatures were far away enou

Chapter 3456 - Stirring Up Heaven And Earth“Young master Chu Feng, you’ve finally awoken.”Once Chu Feng regained his awareness, a voice immediately sounded by his ear. It was Tantai Xing’er’s voice.Once Tantai Xing’er’s voice was heard, both Wuma Shengjie and Gong Qing immediately turned thei

Four-Star Alliance"Is it really okay for us to do this?"Baylon was a little worried as she watched Clint place mushroom-like explosives of various sizes on to the stone wall of the cave."Don't worry... Since White Winter said that it will be alright, then it will definitely be alright," Clint

"…" Serakkas stared at her quietly for a long time before speaking. "If that man named Roland Wimbledon dies…""I think I will no longer exist." Valrkies answer came without any baggage. "But compared to the entire race, my life isn't worth mentioning. If killing him would ensure the survivabil

All of the items were rarely seen things in True Morning Dao World. Each one could tempt countless cultivators and make them go mad. They were so rare that the degree of rarity was would be difficult to describe.Yet all of them immediately melted into the pillar of light, and it was so quick t

With Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan taking the lead, a group of law-enforcement officers sent the corpses of Chu Feilong and his sons back to the Chu clan. Instantly, chaos was stirred up in the calm backyard of the Chu clan. No one expected tha

"You know about Mordin's sculptures?"Kieran maintained his smile as he looked at the sudden changes on Drexton's face.As one of the city's top extraordinary individuals, it wasn't strange for Drexton to know about the peculiar item, Mordin's sculptures; it would be strange if he didn't know."O

Four hours after the incident, Kieran walked back into Spicy Hot Kitchen under Willis' respectful gaze.Spicy Hot Kitchen was renewed and refurbished, returning it to a brand new state. Drexton who rushed back to the city was sitting at the bar, looking at Kieran with a face full of smiles."Som

It was the Federation's first attempt to use the technique. Usually, soul streaming was carried out at the regional level, so the current attempt at live streaming over the entire Federation was, firstly, due to the Federation's success at launching its first satellite a year ago. Secondly, th

Liu Shisui was very famous in the Cultivation circle, especially among the disciples of the young generation. He was of natural Dao quality, and nurtured favorably by the Green Mountain Sect. He joined the Old Ones and helped destroy the Cloud Platform, and he also helped kill Luo Huainan during

Saleen gazed at the smiling faces in front of him. Other than Aini and Guya, the rest of the nobles were extremely satisfied with Saleen's terms. The entrapping plan was a success. What did a noble desire? A status which was in line with their ability.Since Aini and Guya were mages, they knew

It was clear that the winged skeleton used a lot of the resources obtained from the ocean to create jade skeletons. There were many skeletons in the ocean that could be utilized as long as they had yet to turn into fine powder after more than ten-thousand years.It was not a waste for the winge

Qiao Lian wasn’t going to admit defeat and thus, she tried again! And this time, before she could even go near Zi Chuan, she was killed by him. And she tried again! But when she revived, she was once again killed. The cycle lasted until the end of the game. Qiao Lian did not kill any monsters and ne

Maggie, the tiny girl was floating in the air. She stared at Hao Ren and blinked as Raven 12345 happily introduced her. Her face was filled with curiosity, and her bright eyes were full of boldness and inquisitiveness."Croak!" The tiny girl greeted him enthusiastically with her arms akimbo. Sh

Late at night, on one of the islands surrounding Avalon, namely Island No. 6, it was totally silent, and not even the chirping of birds could be heard. After martial law was declared, no more signs of any activity could be found here once night had fallen. Only the power armors of the patrol u

The testing of the water tank was complete. Ye Qingxuan felt assured by Shi Dong's words but when the elevator stopped and the doors opened, he was stunned by what he saw.On the gigantic underground plaza and under the beams of light from the searchlights hanging on the ceiling, countless iron

The wolf's HP dropped quickly, but it wasn't quick enough to cancel its skill. Azure Sea Breeze was to first to be affected. Not only did the Boss' attacks improve, but they now also had an Armor Piercing effect.If the Main Tank didn't have any Armor, it would be a very bleak situation. Fortun

Ning Boyuan shouted furiously, "You're courting death!"His plump body dashed towards Zhou Lingfeng like an arrow leaving its bow.A ghost of a smile was seen on Zhou Lingfeng's ferocious face, he dodged him again with his body like a ghost, he instantly appeared before Ning Zhongyuan and slamme

Wu Bingning didn’t feel like a hostage while being stuck here in Insane Court. She was treated well from the very first day, freed from shackles or any outfit resembling a prisoner.In fact, she had complete freedom without any supervision or people making it difficult for her. This was a treatment

Wu Bingning took a deep breath for composure before speaking straight at Li Qiye: “I won’t bother you as an escort. I’ll just return by myself once I’ve healed.”“Oh?” Li Qiye was certainly entertained: “What if something happens to you, what am I going to tell Vermillion? I have to take you there m

"Wood's mansion is in front. Back when he first came to L.A., he spent 8.5 million dollars on this mansion. He said that he wanted to play on the Clippers until he retired so he could help the Clippers win the championship. It's a pity that since the inception of the 'Three Giants,' we were cu

"I thought Boss Yuan finally discovered my beautiful looks." Jiang Changxi paused for an instant and then teased."What a pity that Wu Hai could not eat Boss Yuan's free gifts." It was Ling Hong who had never forgotten to tease Wu Hai."Never mind. I will send a message to Brother Wu directly."

"Okay. Thank you for your votes," Yuan Zhou slightly knitted his brows and said that after he regain his usual demeanor."You are welcome. Is there any problem with two fruits having the same votes?" Ling Hong asked casually."No," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively."That's good." Ling Hong nodded his

Both shy and pissed, Shi Guang was clenching her teeth so hard they were about to be chipped off. But somehow, Lu Yanchen only seemed to have noticed her shyness and not her anger, not forgetting to mention as well, “Should I just release it right now for you to see then?” Shi Guang was flushed tota

After Zhou Sheng left, Yuan Zhou cooked a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup. As usual, he ate up the noodles and kept the broth.But now, the amount of noodles cooked by Yuan Zhou was much more than before. It was almost equivalent to two bowls of his previous noodles."Luckily, I can never put on

"Haven't you all ever pass your mathematics exam?" Sister Wan tidied her bangs and looked at those people in surprise. "What's the matter?" Man Man looked at Sister Wan with puzzlement. "Little Jiang, you don't know too?" Sister Wan stared at Man Man for quite a long time before she turned her

Initially, Gu Xijiu wanted to kill the python, but she hesitated. Every scale on its body had the color and luster of black jade, enhanced with the shape of a flower petal. As a result, she decided to keep it alive as a pet in her storage bag.The python could be very ruthless. It was a ferocio

The next day, when Li Na and the rest were in school, Feng Yu went to Beijing Quanjude Company. He had called the company, and Jiang Xianjun will be waiting for him in his office.Of course, it was not just a phone call. Feng Yu had asked Shi Feng, the boss of Yadu to pass him a message. There

Countless eyes fell onto Yu Sheng in an instant.The forum stage was incredibly enormous. It was naturally eye-catching as Yu Sheng was the only one out of all nine groups to walk out. Even those from the sacred grounds of the nine states went to look at him.The saints from Xihua Sacred Mountai

They were not loud, but Yuan Tangzhong had been paying attention to the entire conversation. It was especially so when Yuan Xuan flashed him an occasional glance of warning. Being in a high position for so long, it was impossible for Yuan Tangzhong not to know that look! Hearing Yuan Xuan said that

England's elimination caused the British media to become a sea of wailing and despair.Some said that McClaren had ruined the best England team in history. In the eyes of the English, their team was the strongest in history at all times. Some people lamented that the end of the world had arrive

"Huh?" Xu Que wasn't quite sure that he had heard that correctly.Jiang Hongyan was also slightly astonished, and both of them looked at Lord Zeng.Lord Zeng shook his head and chuckled, "Did you two think that you could return to the Four Great Continents with this Immortal Hall? You can't. The

Gu Juexi leaned against the banister and looked at Ye Yuwei’s back who had turned and walked upstairs. The feeling of losing control started when this woman mentioned she wanted a divorce, and it still lingered. Initially, he thought this was one of her tricks. But now, he has lost control of th

"Hmm?" Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan looked at each other and found the same shocked expression on each other's faces. They were extremely surprised!Judging from the voices they had heard from far away, they had mentioned a dog, dog piss, and then a wolf! Don't these descriptions all point to Buttf

Zhao Yu got more and more emotional, and the same went for Cui Lizhu. She quickly asked the rich man if he knew Cui Fangyu and Du Manting. However, the rich man just shook his head. Zhao Yu then asked, “Have you heard about Tao Xiang stealing the gemstone from the exhibition?” “Heck yeah. Of cou

This was the 20th-day since their arrival into Eastern Thunder World. They did not realize that the big Transmitting Formation that they were trying to find was actually in Eastern Thunder World. Zhou Bao also did not dare to use his Divine Awareness skill to scan the macro world. Although doi

The Primogenitor Statue was the absolute most important item to the Spirit Light race, and it was extremely powerful. It surpassed anything people could even imagine, and it indeed had the power to bring the Spirit Light race to a new age of glory; this showed just how important it was.The Pri

"Everyone, get to your positions.""Get back into the zone. If anyone of you screws up, I'm going to teach you a lesson."Wang Ke Yao was known for his strictness in work. He didn't care if he was dealing with rich investors. He demanded only perfection and nothing else.In the past, there had be

This was the mountain. This was nature. It was peaceful and distant, even at night.On Nanshan Hill, the mountain wind was even more cooling.There were two skies in this mountain.In the Spirit Gathering battle array, there was a hint of a unique self-charm.Wang Yao took a small stool and sat qu