Ye Futian turned his eyes at Xue Ye and Luo Fan. He wore a strange expression as he pondered if those two were up to something.Is there anything they aren't telling anyone? He was puzzled as to why his two seniors came to the Alchemy Conference. His fifth brother definitely had some skills wit

Veron's short speech showed his domineering attitude! It also perfectly highlighted the arrogance and loftiness of the Predators!Sheyan looked straight at Veron and said, "If that's the case, do you dare give us a fair duel?"Veron was stunned momentarily before he suddenly broke into wild laug

In an instant, the lakewater bubbled, and a stream of innumerable white auras gushed into the greenish-purple orb. A brief moment later, the entire Yin Energy Realm seemed to be quaking.Fang Ning had no words to describe what he was looking at. It was the first time he felt that the earth appe

"Venerable One, now that you've casted your heavenly powers and flattened out the land, the estimated construction period will be halved." At last, Head Engineer Liu said delightfully."Very well." Fang Ning said plainly then turned and left after giving a few words of encouragement.Well obviou

After asking the Flying Dragon Guards to leave, Jiang Chen walked shoulder to shoulder with General Du Zhenfei, and went up, while followed closely by Zhao Wenhao, Qiu Yan, and Tang Zhengyi."This is..."The Milky Realm's people looked at each other in dismay, and each person's face was burning

With his hand touching her pussy and his fingers being pushed at her entrance Rangiku was jolted and opened her eyes trying to let out a moan as he was kissing her...Sora was kinda stunned as he didn't expect for her to tricked him and took his revenge by sucking her t

Having a go at it for more than a few hours, Rangiku was now sitting in a doggy style completely exhausted, while her pussy lips had spread opened as they dripped white milk from her vagina...Rangiku: "Hah... ahh... ha..... That was intense!!!"Sora: "Your pussy is so s

Having zero luck in finding Soi Fon his only bet was that she had gone on a mission somewhere in the Human World...He went towards the 4th Division and searched for Nia and to his luck, she was with Unohana in the Captain's barracks...Unohana: "So did you had any progr

Having arrived in the town both Sora and Nia have been having a blast eating drinking sightseeing and of course, trolling each other as well as throwing Jabs...It wasn't long before the spent hours strolling around in the city and they finally reached his house which c

Sora as he entered the store, he was getting stared by countless red eyes ready to pounce and kill him but all of them were holding back...The most notable aura was a Dark Violet colour that he almost couldn't recognise but as he got closer, he heard a happy voice...??

10 days have passed since Sora learned that Yoruichi was pregnant and was behaving like a child in front of her making everyone look at him with an amused expression...He was taking care or her every need with the utmost caution he could.During this time he passed his

Ichigo's expression became Grave when he saw that and that didn's escaped from Ulquiorra who noticed it quite easily as the two others thought it was fear...Ulquiorra: "It seems as you have an interest in our numbered tattoos..."Ichigo: "Yeah kinda it seems like it was

From the blast of Reishi that happened in front of Yammy a figure was blasted away and crashed a few meters away...Ichigo took this chance as Grimmjow was lightly stunned and summoned his Shikai out of thin air...Ichigo: "Gaze At The Eyes Of All Things Where The Moon F

Ulquiorra created a reishi spear and vanished from his place as he appeared in front of Orihime's face with his spear at point Zero...Ichigo and Chad were startled when they saw that especially Ichigo since Ulquiorra had used the same move on him cutting his former mas

Grimmjow was in disbelief as much as Ichigo was right now from hearing this broken voice again...On the face of Ichigo, white substance started forming as his eyes started becoming black with yellow cores...Ichigo, however, was calm as he slowly took his advise and sen

Meng Qi was basked in the warm early morning sunlight when a gust of wind reminded him of the winter's bitter coldness. Blearily blinking, he slowly roused from his sleep, and then suddenly leaped up, completely awake.He had actually gotten drunk! Really drunk!He really should not have committ

"I'm doomed." Palatial Lord Myriad Flower's final sanguine light avatar was trapped by the vines.Following that, the might of each and every vine erupted.Bam! Bam! Bam!!!Restrained avatars instantly exploded into smithereens in succession from the tightening grasp, leaving behind only a single

The next morning, Gao Peng was still lying in bed, but Da Zi had already eagerly climbed onto Gao Peng's bed, flattening Gao Peng with its entire body and lowering its antennae to rub against Gao Peng's face.Woken by Da Zi's constant pestering, Gao Peng groggily opened his eyes. He was greeted

At that moment the hazel grouse, which had hidden into the shrubs when it got frightened, peeped its head out again. It cried out twice before running off! That's right, hazel grouses ran instead of flying! This kind of bird was grounded and incapable of flight; however, its running speed was

After taking over 40 regions, the 800 City Lords gathered into four teams that was each led by a General. They continued to wildly attack the regions around those they had already taken over, and soon, they had conquered 62 regions.By now, things were getting dangerous, as news had started to

Many of the cities that Great Qin had helped and had good relations with started to cry out in outrage on behalf of Great Qin. They stood out to state that Great Qin had always treated them as friends and had never threatened them. Those who had joined Great Qin had all joined voluntarily.The

Xu Lizhi was the most persistent in absorbing destruction energy back when they were still on Demon Island. He was also the one who had endured for the longest time at that checkpoint. He unde

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to agree to protect the White Lotus Sect. After all, they had a lot of value, and even though Zhao Fu also wanted to get rid of them by the roots, his sight was no longer set within the Legacy Land but outside of it.He did not care much about the White Lotu

The most important thing about this operation was to be careful. Zhao Fu was not in a rush and continued to only attack one region per day. He attacked the western side, then attacked the southern side, and alternated like this. Great Qin continued to publicly face off against the eastern side

With so many Flower Tear Points, Zhao Fu would be able to exchange for many things. Zhao Fu decided to first buy some professions, as the special professions were simply too important to Great Qin, while the special cities would still have to be slowly developed.Zhao Fu went to the Exchange St

"Like I give a damn who you are!" the young man snapped.A freshman butler like you should already be glad that you are allowed to walk around the Sanctum of Sages without obstruction. How dare you attempt to pull your weight here!Were this not a place where master teachers gathered, you would

“When Bladelight and the others left, they took some Antidotes with them,” Guo Huai recalled.“How many Master Antidotes did they bring with them?” Nie Yan asked. Ordinary Antidotes wouldn’t work. Only Master Antidotes were effective.“Two, I think.”Ever since receiving the Wish Necklace, Quiet

Mark looked long into the distance from his hill top perch, as he listened to the drawstring of the Ballista snap continuously. General Jacob walked next to him, and stood silently for a time, until he finally opened his mouth to speak."It seems the War God of Deagoth

Mark ran his left hand along his icy horns, as he turned to look at Janet sitting in her wheel chair with her mouth gaped, "While these look great, they draw too much attention. Don't you think so?"Knowingly or maybe unknowingly, Janet nodded her head. With this, Mark

"That's one down... Three to go." Mark said with a bit of humor in his voice."When did you plant those bombers?" Jacob to the side asked as he saw the armies matching, and seen troops go into the forest to ambush them, like they didn't know they went into the forest...

Emily walked into her room, and closed the door softly, as she sighed within her mind. Her next step was going to be... Troubling.She walked over to the corner of her evening tomb, and bent over to tap on the sleeping Gem Spider. A few pokes to its back and it woke up.

Jack was sitting cross-legged floating in the Light just below the giant black hole that was the Skull of the Sun God.From time to time, small winged golden skeletons with scythes would come before him leaving a small floating blob. Jack would reach out and absorb it b

Warmarshal Verruca shouted her orders, and her remaining Warbreakers charged beside her after the retreating army of Jakahn. Stephanie Chaoshood remounted her steed, and rode beside the armies' charge, shield spell at the ready.Warmarshal Mossvale and his warriors took

"Just a bit more... Come on, dear Warmarshal's of Deagoth... Just a bit more." Mark urged quietly, as he seen that Verruca and Stephanie were edging their way to his front lines."Did your undead set up my trap, like I advised?" Mark questioned Jacob, as he already knew

General Lee was wearing the high-ranking officer uniform of Jakahn in the colors of their country, red and beige. On his back were two bladed weapons. They were too long to be a dagger, but too short to be a sword. What was odd about them, was that they pointed downwar

Leslie's nose bleed a stream of black ghostly blood, as it rolled over her ethereal lips. She looked down to see the devastation of Zitergall. It was unknown who was left, but she seen to the north of the City, a large piece of wall that fell inside the city turned ove

"Jack..." Verruca stood next to the Light being emitted from the broken pieces of the Glowstone lamp.Jack was sitting cross legged, as he floated under the large black hole in the plane of Light, that Jack surmised as the Skull of the Sun God.His cherubs had finished g

"Ja- God-King... Can you... Can you do this for Warmarshal Ken and Warmarshal Mossvale? Bring them back?" Verruca asked looking up at the skyline."Where are their bodies?" Jack asked, as he felt an acute pain in his mind, like an icepick headache."To the south of Ziter

"Princess Eris! Come outside, quickly! We can see the God of Light!" A high nobles tone issued into the soft glow of the inner cabin.This was a large galleon ship, and was followed by four other ships, as heavenly weighed by gifts to the new god, as the treaded through

Jack stepped out of his library and took in the familiar surroundings of the bone made walls and ceilings and the obsidian black floors of the corridors within the palace... It had been a long time to Jack.Jack stopped just as he was about to turn, when a thought stuck