Having snatched away the Fire Scaled Beasts’ cores, with the surrounding space being locked by the ancient divine artifact God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope that cut off the underground cavern from the outside world, Huang Xiaolong wasn't worried that the loud commotion would alert other demon

Chapter 181: Housewarming Party 3------Translator: MoliereEditor: SootyOwl------After Junhyuk finished speaking, Jeffrey lowered his voice and whispered, “What are you going to do with Sora?” “We’ve scheduled a meeting. How are you going to convince her?” Junhyuk asked. “We might have more money th

When Qing Qing raised her hands, something weird happened. There was a ring on every finger of her hands. All ten rings lit up with a bright glow, making her look like a member of the nouveau riche. Following that, a scepter appeared in her hand, two yellow, two purple, and one black soul ring surf

The four plots of land Tang Tian-Long selected were cheaper the further they got from the city. Xia Lei ended up choosing a plot of land about 70 to 80 kilometres out from Jingdu City. It was at the bottom of a mountain and next to a little village. The road connections were quite okay and the work

Chapter 152: Rub! Rub! Rub!     Quick Reaction: Increase reflexes. In unexpected situations, the body would be able to dodge and counterattack without conscious commands from the brain. This ability complements flexibility, intuition, and hand-eye coordination.     Th

Two prodigies had fallen and no one could have stopped Feiyun.“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Tang Huanzhen kneeled from the pressure and the other two followed suit. They apologized towards Yu Chan while quivering with fear.“Miss Yu Chan, it was our wretched mouth’s fault for offending you. We deserve deat

Chapter 413: Wang Chong Steps Forward!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr "What are you up to?" A questioning voice came from the side. It was Huang Qian-er, her eyes warily fixed on Wang Chong. She had been at Wang Chong's side this entire time, so she had heard loud and clear his conve

The servant fumed with anger, but he knew better than to engage in a bout of battle with them. Although they were merely Heavenly Warriors, the servant himself was only an Earth Warrior! It was simply a joke for him to consider facing off against the group.The audience was intrigued by how things w

Chapter 683: Getting Shot While Lying Low After Xue Yu brought the fragrant medicinal diet to the dining room, Tang Xiu’s index finger suddenly moved as he could clearly sense the spiritual qi contained within, showing that she added a lot of herbs to the diet. “Did you buy them in the morning?” As

Chapter 21: A Mouth Full of Gossip Lin Xin turned her back towards Lin Xinyu and quickly finished eating the egg as she hid her tears. She didn’t want Lin Xinyu to stay here longer. “You should leave soon.” Lin Xinyu didn’t want to go; he wanted to spen

Chapter 22: The Dean’s Warning   Zhao Qiang went on to say, “It’s true. If she wasn’t there that night, Lin Xinyu would not stop you and prevent you from seeing us.” “Zhao Qiang, you don’t have to speak to prove to everyone that you’re not mute

Chapter 471 - Innate Tai Yin Divine Water Zhong Yue and the Tian Wu young cultivator robbed the three strong and powerful experts and then walked toward Shang Qing. The Tian Wu cultivator smirked and said, “I don’t think he has the divine amnesty decree, does he?” “Well, it’s hard to say. After al

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 199 Part 2 – The Taste of Spider Queen is Special  Ling Mo quickly grabbed a few tentacles and wiped his hands on it. Currently at this time, he had no feelings of being attracted towards the spider queen, so he took a deep breath and decided to take di

On the day I returned home, we celebrated me reaching adulthood. The next morning, when I wake up, my mother is coming into the room. I am an assassin, I wake up when people approach no matter how tired I am. I am thinking about it again, my mother does not change. I have grown quite a l

I was shaken by a horse-drawn carriage.   I am now heading for the Countess of Vencour with a new product for her to test it. I wore glasses with my silver hair dyed black to act as Ilg. As long as I am in this disguise, even if they do not know me, I act as Ilg Barol, not Rougue Towerhades

Black Belly Wife Ch 19.1 - Running Into The Real Bandits   Perhaps she has just been too busy lately, or perhaps because nobody interrupted her beauty sleep, Murong Yun Shu did not wake up from her nap till the early evening and still feeling somewhat sleepy. Sluggishly she placed her feet on

Vol. 11 Chapter 3 – Part 3 “….It worked.” “So it seems.” An instant later after activating the teleport magic sealed within the crystals, Schnee and Shin looked around and commented, a bit dumbfounded. They both thought that it wouldn’t work. However, c

Chapter 337 “Father is Here (1)” Revealing a cool smile, Chu Yi Feng readily greets the elder: “Yes, my father and mother, and even the whole family likes Yan Yan a lot.” How can Old Lord Lan not see through to the young man’s exceptional behavior towards Bai Yan? He

Chapter 794 [Still Crouching White Tiger Sword] [Rating: Normal (Growth) Durability: 390/390   Attack Power: 373   Defense: 31 * 10% drop in attack speed. * 3% increase in physical attack power. * 3% increase in defense. * 3% increase in magic resistance. * 6% increase in maximum

Chapter 795 It had been confirmed that Mercedes disobeyed an order and went to Valhalla. Breaking an order was proof that she had lost faith in the emperor, while visiting a hostile kingdom without permission was evidence of rebellion. The contents of Gyuratan’s report contained cle

With each person Jing Mingfeng pointed out to Bai Yunfei to introduce, he was not only able to tell him who each person was, but also each of their major accomplishments. Bai Yunfei was alarmed with just how knowledgeable Jing Mingfeng was and just a little filled with admiration at his thorough in

Chapter 1880 – Entering the Forbidden Land………Ten days later, the Empyreans who helped repair the Chain of Calamity had fully recovered. Lin Ming had also restored himself to his peak state.Today, the Asura forbidden land would be opened.The list of people to enter the Asura forbidden land had also

Chapter 522 Steel Capital Strategy The old goblin didn't have many days left! Gazlowe's failure to catch the adepts caused a massive and irreparable hole to appear in his Project Immortality. For the sake of extending his lifespan, Gazlowe had no choice but to compromise with a certain powerful i

Chapter 251: A Flirtatious Scene Not long after, Xia Xue came back and said to Chen Fei, "Captain Chen, I just asked. He can sign an S contract in this situation." Chen Fei didn't understand this very well, so he said to Xia Xue, "Alright, you can help Yang Ming to handle it." Yang Ming didn’t

Chapter 779 - Go on the StageYun Xi’s body trembled a few times. She looked at Huang, at the lower realm Shi Hao. He wasn’t even eighteen years old, yet he could already look down on the exceptional talents of the higher realms. “Hurry up and take action, kill him!” The deities in hiding said

Chapter 778 - Attention From All Sides Huang, a name full of bewitching power!Now that his identity was leaked, there was a hubbub of voices. Everyone was shocked, and shouts of clamoring rushed into the clouds.“How could it be him? The disciple of a small shoddy monastery was actually Huang?!

Chapter 535 - Young Master Bing Arrives “You can't go back on your word!” Xiaoxiao warned. “I won't.” Lin Yi was a little annoyed. “OK, I'll let you go this time!” Xiaoxiao hung up satisfied. She pumped her fist and said, “Yeah! I'll make you treat me to beef noodles at school and piss off Tan

「The food yesterday was amazing. The food served at the gatekeeper dragon’s place was wonderful but it is nowhere near the food here. Furthermore, that wine. It is the most delicious wine I ever tasted.」 「Is that so? However, please don’t drink too much.」 I did what I can to not c

Swordmaster Healer – Episode 86 TL: Boko Editor: HungryPanda Chapter 29: Pan-Dimensional Task Force (1) – Verifying attack, measurement complete. B-rank dungeon, cleared. As soon as he absorbed the mana from the Boss, it left behind a magic stone and its corpse disappeared. And his

Chapter: 100 out of 513 – Treat this experience as doing it with a prostitute (1) Marquis Moyu made a sound of acknowledgment, but he inwardly found the third prince’s words laughable. The third prince hadn’t married yet. Why was he turning around to lecture him on matters of love

Chapter 97: Being Taken Advantage of as Usual News that YL and SI were fighting over an order quickly spread. This was the first time that the jewelry giants at City S publicly fought on the same stage. This could be called the battle of the year that was in a class of its own, and it attracted ev

Five Dragons Mountain, Five Dragons Ridge. Five Dragons Ridge was a small town at the foot of the mountain. A little over fifty thousand people there lived off the mountain and the natural hot

Not only was Hakeem strong and had high attack power, he was also very calculative. From the very beginning, his judgement and calculation of Sheyan had not been wrong by one bit. He was a person who was hard to overcome if he managed to get the upper hand.

Chapter 468 - Ray of HopeBoth sides fought fiercely, with players dying left and right. Since the graveyard was relatively closeby, the fallen players would run back to their corpses, revive, and jump back into the fray.After a while, 20 Sapphire Shrine players rushed over to support Horny Potter S

As they stepped in the side yard, Jing Shang told Jing Jiu in a low voice about some matters he thought were important. A few officials attempted to befriend him, and the Emperor called him in and met him once two years ago, while the Gu Clan

"I'll see you tonight," Qin Chu said quietly. With one hand, Huo Mian covered her blushing face and rushed out of the car. Then

Chapter 769: Sent Flying with One Palm Strike The flowers would never die and the blazing sun would never go out; the heavens would help those who helped themselves. Xiao Chen waved his hand, and the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared in his grasp from the Universe Ring. Without even drawing his saber,

Chapter 412: The Hearts of the PeopleTranslated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr In the empire, the reputation of the Chamberlain of Dependencies had long since soured. The Chamberlain of Dependencies was responsible for receiving visitors from other kingdoms and concerned itself with matters of

Chapter 745 - Eternally Remembered Strike After Red Feather gave the order, the elite army the Star Alliance had sent to deal with Zero Wing’s main force retreated, leaving behind only a small squadron to deal with the Battle Demon. The elite legions of the Star Alliance and the various large Guil

Chapter 744 - Star Alliance’s Defeat As the Flower of Seven Sins came to an end, everyone watching from afar was dumbfounded. It was especially true for the Star Alliance’s upper echelons. People in their position were very aware of how terrifying the Flower of Seven Sins was. The Flower of Seve