Chapter 39        Inner Core of The Beast GodGolden summit of Swords Gate, the majestic palace bathed in the golden warm sunlight, it was an enchanting and fascinating scene. Everyday on the golden summit, the warm sunlight would shine down for two extra hours compared to t

At the very least, not to mention the inducement Ye Xiao made to them, which normal soldiers didn’t fear Ye Xiao, a man who even dared to kill that many young lords at the same time? Nobody dared to violate his order ever since! Because of that, within the shortest time it required, this army beca

Based on a pro player’s hand speed, it was no trouble to type faster than one could speak talk. However, Ye Xiu couldn’t be bothered to type. It wasn’t because he was slow, but because he was worried that Steamed Bun wouldn’t notice see his messages. As a result, he also asked as he raised his voice

As if time stopped in the hall of the Sorcerer Administrative Department, Eric was lost for a few seconds. Eric finally regained his composure when some other sorcerers entered the hall and he hurriedly started reading the paper right in front him, on the counter.He remembered this young man, Lucien

The Xiao Sect was ranked #3 among the powers in the City of Ancient Emperors and had over a hundred members. They occupied a large stretch of area with many buildings and there were even mountains at the back of this location and streams and lakes ahead. It was like a small city by itself with mount

The Western Army didn’t have as much manpower as the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. Under the overwhelming and sharp attacks, the losing Western Army couldn’t hold it anymore. They retreated and retreated. Wu Gonglie was definitely great in defense. Even in such a negative situation, his troops still stayed c

Chapter 244 - Even Beasts are Let In Translator: WiwbiwbEditor: VampirecatAfter exiting Yun Xiao’s little district, the two people walked through the large, bustling street arm-in-arm.Because the main goal was to take a walk in the streets, Qin Feng didn’t ride his 28” bicycle. He was prepared to t

A video appeared online without any warning.The headline read: Zhang Ye's Documentary on Air Pollution in China.Another headline read: "Department 14's latest documentary."And another headline read: "What exactly is smog?"It just started popping up this way.A lot of people were caught completely off

Cloud Castle was concealed by thick layers of cloud. The deep clouds were not only used as a cover, but also provided an outstanding defense.The 32-kilometer-long North Sea Wall was the final defensive line against the Blood of God, but now, fragmentary nicks had already appeared on its surface.Each

Chapter 445 - Wind Lightning LawsZhao Feng helplessly rubbed his left eye.He wasn’t very used to not using his God’s Spiritual Eye.Next to him, Elder Jiang’s eyes flashed as he noticed this detail.In the instance just then, he had seen Zhao Feng’s left eye flash blue, but due to how fast it passed

Poisonous snakes hid their fangs while fierce beasts curled their claws. Even though they were driven crazy by the hunger, hearing the spell-incanting voices of those young men sitting on the lotuses, they stayed quiet. They lied on the ground gently and softly, without moving even a little bi

A faint gold coloured plaza was floating outside the Gods Tower and at this moment, the gold plaza was already filled with thousands of people standing around it.These people were not cultivators who came out of the Gods Tower but were there to await the return of the cultivators who had entered the

Seeing Xu Yue consume the pill and digest it, Ye Mo nodded. Xu Yuehua did have her own cultivation method. But even the yellow level middle stage Xu Yuehua didn’t dare to bring the pill outside and chose to take it here. With everything done, Ye Mo stood up, "Thank you everyone for your help. I wil

Chapter 386 - Reveal the ConspiracyAccording to Zhang Tie's suggestion, Gitta just parked the car and put out the lamplights. Zhang Tie stayed to protect Olina while Gitta walked towards the castle alone. Gitta soon arrived at the suspension bridge in front of the gate. The suspension bridge had

"Everybody, do you have any request for this tiny restaurant?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked on his own initiative. "Request? Boss Yuan, I’m not blaming you, but your Chinese is much too poor." Hearing Yuan Zhou’s word, Ling Hong said with a tone of contempt. "Yes, it’s indeed a request. Do you have a

Chapter 367 – Aligned WishesTL: xDh20, LifeisaJourneyOriginally, people were expecting a fight between two players. The original plot would have been that Qiu Zi was successfully defending against an intruder, but with new elements introduced, it became a love triangle drama. Qiu Zi felt terrible a

Benjamin's words were like a bomb that destroyed the flow of the peaceful conversation; even the king was shocked. "You… ... what are you talking about?" Benjamin shook his head and sighed. "You should stop the act." He quietly looked at the king, "What happened during this short period of time?

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were standing shoulder to shoulder by the shore of the Great Eastern Ocean, eastward of Star picking City, gazing at the distance ocean veiled in a mist and rippling endlessly.Princess Zhang Le had a clear look of sulkiness on her face, and she appeared to be in a trance.

Yu Huashen was struggling. Not surrendering meant death. Based on what Lu Li had been doing lately, Yu Huashen knew he could not survive. Young as Lu Li was, he was a cruel character. His hands were covered in blood. Surrendering? To be a slave for a guy of the Soul Pond Realm? Then Yu Huashen’s

The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit noticed the three of them gather around from a distance. Although it was far away and could not hear what they were talking about, it could guess that they were talking about it. It then extended its gigantic hands from its bloody robe and a strange force surrounded the

In the end, the White Prince was utterly defeated by Chu Yu. The glow in his eyes also dulled significantly. His red eye was once again covered by his hair, although a trail of blood flowed from it. The White Prince sat on the ground, spitting blood and crying. "You’re such a bully!"

Chapter 650 - The Origins Of The White Whiskered FishermanLing Lunan shook his head, "Regarding the second question, you are definitely the one that is wrong. Ji Feiqian obtained the Universal Staircase, not some Heaven Seeking Staircase. The reason why I know about it is related to your first ques

Despite being the first man sleeping in the inner castle, Zhang Tie still stayed in room No. 2 quietly overnight no matter how heavily his heart pounded. Any young man encountering such a situation would have his fantasies run wild. Before going to bed, Kate had some female servants measure Zhan

Chapter 403 - Preparing To Tax"Mo Kang!" Xia Rou grabbed him excitedly. The reason why she liked Mo Kang to begin with was due to his forgiving and magnanimous heart for her. Now, it seemed she had been right; Mo Kang was still like that. More than twenty years and still he didn’t marry another wom

 Where there was oppression, there was resistance. There were still many calm, good girls around. On the day when all the popular forums were flooded by posts about the F4, a resistance team was formed. "Handsome men need comparison. Who’s the No.1 male actor in our minds?" "Comment on ways to ident

"He taught me Kung Fu and medical knowledge…" "I can teach you Kung Fu and medical knowledge too. Also, I’m more of an expert than he is, you should learn from the best teacher…" "We… We grew up together and we’ve gone through the ups and downs together…" She continued to mumble. The person

Yorko lamented in silence."Hell, didn't they agree not to meet each other ever again? It's just a courtesy to say 'please feel free to contact the ambassador if you come across any difficulties'!"He exchanged a look with Otto. After hesitating for quite a while, Yorko said, "Send her in."If it was n

"Just one or two good fighters wouldn't be enough to defeat the Kaedeians, since the average skill of the Kaedeians is well above that of the Earthlings. Ever since last time they were defeated by Wannabe, they had become more cautious. So, I wager they would send out their best fighters for this to

"What does Old Marshal think would happen if the third prince were to be emperor?" Yun Yang then asked, his eyes narrowed. "Certainly that will not happen! The man is narrow-minded and seeks revenge for each resentment he holds. He is truly vicious; once he holds power, his will be extremely crue

"This is a misunderstanding…" Nan Gong Hen laughed wryly, but the moment he said those words and before he could even finish his sentence, the woman behind the screen of light immediately barked coldly. "Nan Gong Hen, he killed three of my guards!" Nan Gong Hen’s words died in his mouth. He was j

Death Arbiter was shocked, and he let out a breath of surprise. He quickly hopped onto his Pet Mount and did a tactical retreat. Who would want to get caught in the swing of a {Killing Cleave} from Zhang Yang!However, Zhang Yang did not intend to activate his {Killing Cleave}. As the guild master of

There were sounds of knocking on the door, so Ning Xi opened the door. A maid was carefully holding a bowl of soup outside. "Ms. Ning, this is some ginger soup as per Madam Lu's instructions. It can help to prevent a cold." "Alright, thank you, I’ll feed Little Master with this once he’s done show

"Who is Lu Li? How come there are so many powerful warriors by his side? How?" Above the boundless lake, Yu Huashen was flying away on his Fate Wheel in a speed as fast as shooting stars. Even though his expressions showed no strong emotions, he was experiencing internal shock. Three Noble Lord

"Kid, do you think our Zhu Clan’s 100 million gold is so easy to take away?" When the Zhu Clan’s Eldest Young Master saw that what he did was exposed, he directly stopped hiding it and shed all pretenses. "But, you actually dared kill three Revered Elders of my Zhu Clan… You’re dead!" At almost

"Brother Lin…! Why…why are you here…?" Xinfeng could not believe his very own eyes. To think that Brother Lin would appear before him at this juncture!But how could he have? Like, Glory Sect and Jiuxiao Sect were extremely far apart!Descending from the skies, Lin Fan landed beside Xinfeng. Patting h

"Warrior Heart? God! How?" Pam Honzi’s eyes opened wide and his mouth opened big. Surprise and confusion appeared in his eyes. "Warrior Heart?" Pam Honxuan looked at Qian Jin with a curious expression. "Could he already be a Demon Slayer?" he turned around and asked. "No….." Pam Honzi returned to

Ji Yanran looked blankly at the silver figure in the holographic image, unable to link it to that smiling guy. "Is it really him who is driving Silver Killer?" Ji Yanran was reluctant to accept this fact. How could that guy who joked around all day with her have such incredible operational skil

Chapter 91 - The Curtain Falls on the Great BattleEdited by REDThe entire Xu Clan shook as the explosion boomed.Not far away from Rivulet City, a blurry figure was speeding toward the city. They stopped in their tracks as they felt the explosion in the direction of the city.This person was dressed

The gorgeous killing feast had just begun. Silver Killer was moving quickly with the powerful Destroyer behind it. The crazy killing made one warframe after another explode. People were almost trembling watching the fragments of warframes sent in the air by gunfire. Scattered attacks were ai

One student raised his hand and asked, "What's an infiltration squad of silver-blood demons doing in the Heaven's Origin Sector?"Mao Feng glanced at him and explained the reason.The principle of the demon clan was utterly different from that of human society. There was no warmth at all. The one cree