Chapter 441 - Shen Yi Fruit That huge carrot had some fragrant little crimson fruits dangling from its top. Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin'er slowly moved toward it while meticulously observing their surroundings. They didn't dare to let their guards down; what they had seen happening in these Returning Ru

Chapter 606: Where is Gu Beiyue?  After Han Yunxi left the room, Tang Li immediately scooted over. “Big bro, no need to speculate! That fellow at the Thousand Buddha Cave must have been Gu Beiyue! He must have fallen into the Chu Clan’s hands first, then Ning Cheng’s. Af

Chapter 142 It won’t bite “Snake…there’s a snake!” Ning Xiangyuan’s face was pale with fear. Jing Yue glanced over and spotted the snake, swimming about in the water of the bathtub. “Oh, it’s just a small snake.” Jing Yue walked over, expressi

Chapter 345: Li Moying Strikes (1) Under the veil of the night in Dark Moon Forest, the first half of the night belonged to the lower tiered Magical Beasts where the first and second tiered Magical Beasts were the most active. Hence, Murong Ni and Luo Jiyun would be safe during this period. Only a

Chapter 346: Li Moying Strikes (2) Li Moying lowered his head and saw a bright pair of eyes staring right back at him in curiosity. He suddenly felt that she was extremely adorable and he couldn’t resist but reached out and pinched her cheeks. “….Hey! What are you doing?!”

Chapter 344: Murong Ni Kneeling and Begging for Help (3) At this moment, Murong Ni finally understood why there was no need for anyone to stand guard for Huang Yueli’s array. It was because this array could automatically dispel the forces of external force, hence eliminating any fear of attr

"Why can he leave, but we can't?" "Yes, yes, I know him. He is also in the 9th security patrolling unit. He used to be a mute. So, Why can the 9th unit leave, we can't leave? Please let us leave…." "I also know him. He used to collect protection fee with Sun

Translator: Silavin Editor: Rosyprimrose Proofreader: Bluerazbeary   Just as Debbie was prepared to yield her life and be prepared to die as a hero, the twenty-something magic beasts in front of their turned into mincemeat.   The changes of events were just so fast tha

Lady Yun Hua was already dead, but she still looked strangely alive. Her body had died and her heart had stopped beating, but in her meridians flowed the magical force of Corpse Refinement Technique that kept the flesh of her body from decaying. Her soul was supposed to enter the Samsara but it was

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun Editor: Richard Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain   These subtle movements of the two Blood Warriors were naturally noticed by Yang Kai.   Slowing his pace slightly, it wasn’t long before the two caught up. Yang

194 – Storm Cry Sinks In order to exterminate Cartman’s clone and the demons under his command, Yang Feng had fired tens of nuclear warheads, directly erasing Eyes of Justice from the mountain range. This method was too fierce. Kongfang Ao had no choice but to warn repeatedly. Yan

192 – Armed Merchant Ship Storm Cry Yang Feng asked: “Shayenna, I heard that you dark elves have received a divine decree, and therefore have launched an assault of the surface world. Why did she let you attack the surface world?” “She wanted us to occupy the surface w

193 – Sea Dragon Locusts Ten days later, after reaching to a certain place in the sea, the Storm Cry stopped. The Storm Cry’s crew dragged out livestock from inside the ship and threw them into the sea. Extremely formidable life force spread from the depths of the sea. 50 meters long

At the time when Leandez Magic Academy was celebrating All Souls’ Day, there was an outbreak of young women from distinguished families being spirited away. In the bustle, the dead body which flowed to the riverbank was one of the students who was being spirited away, it was Erica Aurelia. T

Chapter 138 – After Returning (Part 1)   -Name: Kim Hyun-ho -Class: 40 -Karma: +41,000 -Mission: rest until the next exam -Time limit: 99 days 23 hours My mouth dropped wide open. Is this how you feel when you win the lottery? First, I suspected something was wrong with my eyes,

Turning off his phone, the person immediately contact the president of the publishing company. - What is it? - President, I have something urgent I need to talk to you about the new set that's going to be auctioned. - Alright, out with it. I have a meeting to get to. - I just got a call

After listening to this, Big Yellow grinned and stood aside, keeping his silence. Since Jiang Chen said that he would receive a nice gift, it would definitely be more precious than the Spiritual Spring. This had filled him with anticipation. Lu Sheng and his men could only feel jealous while seeing

After **, Nalan Ruyue lied limp on Long Yi’s body. Under the illumination of a dim lamplight, her body seemed to have a pink luster around it. She looked extremely alluring and flirtatious. “Smelly husband, you are very bad! How can you do that in front of Rumeng?” Nalan Ruyue&rsq

Chapter 293: A dangerous aura “Master, Senior Brother, why are the both of you looking at me like that?” She looked at the both of them, and rubbed her temples because she was feeling dizzy. “What did you see just now?” Old Man Devil asked. “I saw a skull and a beaut

Chapter 1079 - Mu BingmeiAt this moment, Ta Jia opened his arms and the illusion of a crescent moon appeared behind him. Then, with one “Moon Burial,” the Void treasures before the five elders collapsed. They were blown back and they coughed out blood.The flame giant formed by almost 100 Vermillion

Chapter 208:  Eve of the Competition Zheng Tianqi initially wanted to use this opportunity to build a good relationship with Liu Zhaojun, but he didn’t think there would be such an accident. With no choice, Zheng Tianqi could only take a taxi to the forum server’s company to go through some m

Demon Emperor Bloodmalva’s sacrifice had lacked Wei Xing’er as a crucial component. Thus, he was only at roughly thirty percent of his full potential. But even a crippled demon emperor was still astonishingly mighty. The great emperor aura filled the interior of the mountain.The Resplendent Emerald

Chapter 11: Didn’t Your Mother Teach You? After speaking, she glanced at Lin Xinyu who had lowered his head and took a step back. This weak chick’s cowardly appearance was really hateful. If it wasn’t for her seeing Lin Xinyu’s and Wu Anan’s names written on a photo to

IWM, ch.99.2 Blood essence was of different importance than normal blood to cultivators. It was a product of a successful condensation and compression of xuanli. The blood essence could be said to be the energy of a person as well as a deciding factor determining cultivator’s lifespan. When

When Zhang Yan was on his way back, two young disciples caught up with him, blocking his way, "Brother, please, wait!"   Zhang Yan stopped and turned to them with a frown, "Me?"   Zhang Yan had been very impatient, but when he saw the coming person, he was shocked,

After sorting out Qin Shou, Wu Gui clapped his hands. Being well at ease, he found himself majestic-looking on his way back to the scriptorium. But the moment he put one foot in the gate, a sense of uneasiness popped up and possessed him.   He was not sure whether the way he disposed of Qin S

"This woman is really powerful. She’s as sophisticated as me. I don't know which great sect she came from. I have to be careful to avoid her trick."   Murong Fengjian wasn’t so nervous when he met with two attackers a few days ago, one of them was an immortal.  

Ye Chen scuttled back to his room, collecting his energy.   He came to his bed, thrust the little purple gold gourd in chest and kept scrubbing.   “What a treasure it is.”   Laughing, Ye Chen said to himself that the over a thousand spirit stones spent on the gourd w

Chapter 90: This Woman Isn’t Simple “Greetings, Consort Yao!” Ye Junqing casually cupped his fist in salute towards her before turning to look at Feng Yihan. He really didn’t want to look at Yao Mowan’s current appearance for even a second longer. “Your Highness

Translator: Jawbrie I try to remember. Allowing my consciousness to concentrate and pull out the memories. The wheels in my head turn, it compares these memories with reality. The time when Mishuli and Leon met. Was I here at this scene in ‘Destiny Labyrinth’? I frantically dig into my

Chapter 365: Spider count There were several dozen bandits of different races that had tightly surrounded the small town’s hotel.  Each person was shooting into the hotel with the box in their hands. They clearly weren’t normal people because each arrow contained strong spirit ener

Chapter 384: Blackmailing the Heavenly Stellar City Lord (Part 1) Returning to Heavenly Stellar City, Ye Tian Xie impatiently rushed over to the Heavenly Stellar City Lord Palace. The Heavenly Stellar City Lord Palace. The Heavenly Stellar City Lord had always been a fan of literature, reading in

GDK 501: Role Reversal Tiana softly recited the incantations of water magic. All of a sudden snowflakes were swirling through the air as ice formed in the land and sky, and everything became frozen. It was a widely known fact in the magical world that the more powerful the spell, the longer an inc

Vol 23 Chapter 9-3: The Unspeakable Secret(III) “So… it’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t!” Luo Yinglong looked at everyone with a gloomy expression. He had been trying to find a way to describe the secret in his heart ever since he found

Chapter Eighty-Three: It Would Be Great If He Could Be Exposed Immediately No matter how crushed Xiao Yu felt deep within, the lovesick Chairman Yan was an unreasonable man. According to their conversation that day, he came to a conclusion on his own and gave Fish and Hamster – You Can&r

Chapter 803 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 5 The sky outside the Eternal Night Forest wasn’t as dark as in the forest. The noon sunlight shone warmly at the foot of the mountain, shining through the motley trees. It had already been half a month. People were constantly leavin

Chapter 1162 - Tears of the Star GodJasmine stretched out her finger, and her voice became hoarse as she lost control over her emotions, “He is the supreme king on his own planet, and there is nothing that could threaten him over there. He has his family members, friends, as well as his women in th

Ferrell laughed so hard that his branches shook. "Nothing is impossible for the noble Sacred Oak family! The path I've embarked on is the sacred path that the great World Tree Teldrassil once walked upon! Races aren't important for friends, o

Chapter 652 - Asura Mode Dungeon “Miss Snow, long time no see. You look tired,” Shi Feng said, slightly surprised as he saw Gentle Snow’s haggard expression through the video chat.Gentle Snow was a well-known superwoman in the virtual gaming world. She also had plenty of capable subordinates under

"This type of scorpion venom is way too potent, plus, she had been injected with way too much. We might have wiped it clean for the moment, but there could be hidden loopholes. I'm afraid it'll hinder her future cultivation."