Chapter 621 - Death Soul HandIn a dark world among the Spiritual Sea, where the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi flowed chaotically: “The target of the Pursuit of Death has appeared once more.” A figure wearing a black cloak and holding a Token of Death glanced toward a certain direction in the Spiri

Ye Futian played the guqin for a long while before he stopped. He sighed with a particular sadness. He felt empty deep inside after his fox was gone. "Stop your fake sadness. The City of Q

Chapter 410 The Might of Divine Truth   Outside the Devilbane Arena. “What a swift speed! What a formidable starry palm print!” “What movement technique is that? It’s actually capable of forming a pair of wings with a myriad of stars circulating within it on his body

Chapter 651: Wood Spirit Nascent The small green silhouette hadn’t taken the slightest damage from Han Li’s strike and sneered at Han Li. Han Li scoffed, “It’s too early to be proud. If you truly wish to devour my Nascent Soul, it’s going to take more than a few arrog

4th Act, Chapter 88: Handicapped Fight Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com At dinner that night, I was sitting on Marle’s lap, wearing a frilly dress as we ate.   “Okay Yuuri, say ‘aaah’.” “A-aaah…”   I

C5. Sudden Waves   Good day, everyone…Life has been rather hectic these days. (Readers who are also in the SDC server may know some of the things that happened.) Hence this release is coming in later than expected. …what’s that, you say? No long opening speech today? Hm,

C6. Leaving the Valley In the cultivation world, there was no such thing as an object claiming an owner by a single drop of blood. Specifically, it would be wise to abandon the idea of becoming the owner of some powerful magic treasure just by sacrificing one drop of blood. Something like accident

c93: Day Off that Won’t Go Right A knife and fork play music on a keyboard of dishes. This isn’t a sort of conversation of bad manners. It’s normally to an extent where it’s a basically unnoticeable sound but, it rings especially loudly in the ears in this day’s m

Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 457. Vivo   Shou-oneesan laughed. 「 That’s enough chit-chat, we’re here 」 Shou-oneesan stopped the car. Oh, we’re already at the school gate. 「 T-Thanks 」 My head was filled with the matter about Yukino. 「 Also, about tomorrow 」 Shou

Now then, taking into account that Shin’s reaction was superb, the acceptance of smoked food is as good as settled. A bacon menu to make Otousama yield… what would be good? I could present him Carbonara just like I did to Shin, but I simply reject the idea of eating the same thing. Yes

Chapter 427: Earth-shaking, Mountain-shattering Changes At this moment, Dong Li didn’t hesitate in the slightest. She no longer cared what Qin Yan and the others would think of her as she spurred her black phoenix on. The moment that thought appeared in her mind, the black phoenix spread it

Chapter 428: Saving the Master In the area where numerous spirit beasts were fighting each other to the death. Shen Zhong, Dong Mingxuan, and the other Worldly realm experts followed the direction Dong Li and Nie Tian had left in and barged into the crowd of spirit beasts. Upon seeing them, the s

Steamed lamb, braised duck, steamed eight treasure pork, glutinous rice stuffed duck, stir-fried carp, assorted stuffed intestines, spicy oil crispy roll, honey yam, sliced fresh peach, eight treasure ding, steamed bamboo shoots, ape lips, camel humps, antlers, bear paws, three fresh osmanthus soup,

On their way, the Lonestar Knight and his martial juniors kept on communicating by sending information currents through their martial will.Starbeast Hunter: "Eldest Martial Brother, are we going to bring him to see Master just like that? Are we really going to give him the Universal Astral Realm Boo

Chapter 68 – To Wait in AnticipationTL: MilarynEdit: IlkonEbi  “You don't need to come to my bed today.” A freshly showered, pink-cheeked, fragrant Lingjing was lying on the bed reading a book. She had seen Jiaming enter her room and smiled sweetly, “It’s that time…”“How's the big aunt?” Jiaming as

When the twelve water worlds crashed into Pan Gu world, or in other words, Pan Gu world began devouring the twelve small worlds which delivered themselves over, Ji Hao and all living creatures in or around Kui Gate instinctively raised their heads and looked at the sky. Twelve immense holes

This energy transfer was a simple training method which the Black Coats possessed, specially designed for the Dao Yuan class. In reality, someone capable of inventing such a straightforward training method probably wouldn't be someone who had a simpl

The fans charged forward ferociously. Their facial expressions looked even more excited and emotional than that if they were to meet their families for the first time in 30 years. Yang Xiao Li

Two days flew past. During the past two days, Zhang Tie lived a very comfortable life. When he got up in the morning, he would drink some all-purpose medicament. After that, he would take a bath in the hot spring and take a noontime snooze. He would also fly around Castle of Black Iron in the in

Overall, the atmosphere during dinner in the Morani Castle on the second day of Link's return was quite pleasant. After the meal, Link went back to studying the Scroll of Enlightenment in

Chapter 64 — RoarTranslator: SaltyTankEditor: AyaSnow  Soran followed up his slash with a thrust. Using his explosive speed and momentum, he pounced on the lizardman lurker. A horrendous stench filled his nostrils, but he calmly held his sword and connected his thrust. His charge caused the en

Chapter 710  -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 5 Fu Qing suddenly thought back about that girl’s expression when You Lan insulted her previously. Mu Ru Yue didn’t explain herself or admit to doing so. But her expression in the crowd’s eyes was as though she was silently agreeing to wh

Chapter 637 – Pearls Falling Onto A Jade Plate Translated by: Last Edited by: Shiroyukineko TLCed by: Shiroyukineko Shiro: Title means very good music Phoenix Fairy Beauty led Hai Ying Wu, Yue Bing, Yue Yu, and the Drunken Cat Big Sis to another Ancient Seal location. However, there no one

HSSB898: Drawn into an unrelated conflict   A week later, the Brocade Emperor had still not arrived. Someone else did instead. Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had originally been in the midst of cultivation when Fu Ting arrived. Fu Ting’s expression was somewhat awkward, but on her face could b

38 Xu ZiYan’s expression didn’t have a single trace of fear in it. Other people didn’t know why he had been called out, but to him the reason had been clear. A moment ago, when the team of black-clothed cultivators took the opportunity to sneak attack while everyone’s atten

The Azure Dragon Clan was well known for their weapons. The most eye-catching was the unique Divine Weapon that had been forged for a hundred years.   Once the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was forged, it would definitely attract all the strong forces in the Radiance Continent. The Azure Dragon

"Elder Yang really has nothing to worry about. My master said that if you agree, he will surely give you millions of gold coins; you will definitely not suffer a loss." Shen Yifeng smiled enigmatically. His handsome face right now made people feel creepy, making people’s flesh seem t

Shen Yanxiao quickly slipped away, leaving the hall and chasing after Shen Yifeng.   After Shen Yanxiao left the hall of the Azure Dragon Clan, only two figures were left inside; they was the father and son, Yang Qiong and Yang Kai.   Yang Qiong’s complexion turned somewhat green

"It’s also not necessarily true. Isn't that the Vermillion Bird Clan’s Shen Yanxiao still in good condition? She has signed a contract with Vermillion Bird and she herself is a rare good seedling. As long as she does not fall, the hope of the Vermillion Bird Clan will not be ext

Shen Yanxiao’s ascension was due to the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal on her body that Xiu had greatly helped in unlocking. However Shen Yifeng’s previous inner talent could only be regarded as above average, for him to improve this fast was almost impossible.   If Shen Yanxiao di

Chapter 409 Chen Xi VS Zhao Qinghe   Two hours later Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe successively awoke from their meditation, and their vital energy and blood had both attained a peak state. They seemed to be calm, yet they were like barrels of gunpowder that would explode with the sli

Chapter 1483: Hail Trap “Zzz-” Li Qiye and Yonghuang took their time walking into the valley while noisily stepping on the snow. Li Qiye was nonchalant with a faint smile on his face before telling Yonghuang: “You need to be ready. The freeze in this place could kill you instantl

Chapter 1484: Fighting The White General “Clank!” After entering the valley, the general thrust his spear straight at Li Qiye. The weapon carried a bright glimmer just like a shooting comet crossing through the sky. The attack was ferocious and all-penetrating. The deities and experts

Chapter 353: Murderous Intent Returned “Boom!” The tablet fell on Mount Banda and caused the entire mountain to quake. A large rift cracked from the top and spread towards the base in the shape of a dragon. The monstrous impact created a chasm in the middle of the mountain. Sands star

The Water Dragon Warship Two days had passed since Fran had sunk the five incoming pirate ships. It was currently around noon, the sun was shining directly overhead. Fran was doing the same thing she’d been doing most of yesterday: training her apprentices. She made them stretch, sparred wit

Everyone bows to greet him, “Greeting, Your Majesty.” Jun Qian Che sits on the main seat. He waves them off, “All of you may get up. What is going on, what are the empress and General Mo doing here in Gui Ning Palace?” Now that Jun Qian Che is here, Yang Shi Han changes app

CHAPTER 4: THE LIGHT OF THIS WONDERFUL WORLD – PART 2 May 20, 2018Tgurneu   “I have to… connect to Nieniu…” Mirepoc muttered while gazing at the stone statue floating above the needle. It was obviously her first time to send thoughts to something that wa

Chapter 420 - Running It took around an hour to reach Heaven Dou City. It was the first time Tang Wulin rode a mecha.  Standard issue military mechas were yellow-grade. They required a lot of skill to pilot and could be powered by both electricity and soul power. All the controls were manual,

When I woke up the next day, I saw mom sleeping soundly next to me. Elizabeth held my hand at one side and sleeping soundly. On the other side were Lucia and Nier who were asleep. Though I don’t feel as if there’s any problem with the two of them being asleep, why are Luna and Freya asle

Wei Qiqi was feeling smug on the inside. Looks like whoever she was thinking of had come. Wu Zhongyi came with a soldier. Immediately, Qiqi went forward to receive him. She pretended to be busy with something, shifting to the left and right. This action of hers roused the attention of Wu Zhongyi. &