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Chapter 355 A punching bag The council members had done as the first Leader asked. They had moved from the meeting room, down to one of the training rooms below. When they had entered, a lesson was currently taking place. The hall was enormous but plain inside. There was no

Chapter 356 Working together? As soon as Xander's body had hit the floor, Phil, the teacher stood up from the floor and placed both of his hands over his head. The two kids looked around the same age, and Phil was overly confident that his students would succeed. Yet, someho

Chapter 876: The Overbearing Little Sister CEODirector Wang’s lips were trembling. This department was a monopoly, and everyone who came for approval would give a red packet. He was the director and was practically in charge of big projects. For one project, he could collect at least tens of thousan

Chapter 875: Who Is More RuthlessDirector Wang’s smile froze slightly. He narrowed his eyes. How many people have come here to seek approval? They have either given a red packet or ended up sitting on the cold bench. It depends on their moods.For an approval, a red packet was necessary.BG had also g

Chapter 874: The CEO Of AG Took ActionJing Yun came aggressively and left furiously. Before she left, she said these words. “Shen Qianshu, wait and see. I will not let any of you go.”Shen Qianshu was not bothered by her at all. In her eyes, these were all empty threats.The Black Rose had been tortur

Chapter 1284: So She was Feng LingxueIt was extremely awkward.So it turns out that Shi Xiaoxiao was Xuan Ying’s fiancée. They were close to each other and were even engaged. Yet she had slept with Xuan Ying.When Xia Ling thought about the day she had gone to the pharmacy to get contraceptive pills,

Chapter 1501: Taking the GoodsChapter 1500 – Taking the Goods“Ah…” The two teams were in the middle of a standoff, and all of a sudden this guy came over and talked as if he owned the place- though they understood, much to their dismay, when they saw Zhang Naipao there.They knew very well who Zhang

Chapter 1500: Ungrateful?Chapter 1499 – Ungrateful?But Yang Qiqi still stepped forward, testing her luck, trying to get close to the snow herb. The snake didn’t give her much of a chance though, lunging forward in a quick strike once more!Qiqi knew that the negotiations had failed after that- it di

Chapter 2055 Raw 2150 : Seeking Old Dreams for Thirty Years Chapter 2055 (Raw 2150): Seeking Old Dreams for Thirty Years Three days later: Xiao Chen picked up Iron Egg and prepared to head for Peach Blossom City. Sang remained in the village as a precaution. Grandpa Seven ha

After determining a plausible reason behind this occurrence, Han Li's expression reverted back to normal as he continued to appraise the mountain in the distance. A short while later, the restrictions in the distance finally vanished, and he left the window with a contemplative look on his face, the

Xu Huo and the burly man were also ecstatic to see this.Xu Jiao repressed his own excitement and replicated the same procedure to remove the talisman on the jade box as well.After glancing hesitantly at the two items for a brief moment, he reached out and grabbed the blue jade slip, then gently pres

Chapter 0828: The Starry Sky Rainbowfall Sword Sec tDao charm of various spirit techniques spread out and the centre of the public square cleared out.A huge circular pit also suddenly appeared in the Traceless Public Square, which already looked fragmented. This circular pit

PHEW! PHEW!Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ soul shadows flew out of the Realm of Dark Souls like a hundred butterflies.However, as soon as they entered the starry river, they joined together as one.WHOOSH!In the blink of an eye, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits came to form.“Nie Tian!”Now, as Grand Mo

Translated by XephiZEdited by Aelryinth“Have these creatures been here all along? Why do I feel like they suddenly appeared out of nowhere?” Heidi wondered aloud.They had not detected any presence of these creatures when they first entered the hall, yet it was quite obvious that these Hellish Cerber

Translated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthMo Fan was shocked despite himself!Did this Sayed’s brain have a short-circuit or something? Did he not consider the possibility of getting the crap beaten out of him, even if he managed to secure the Soul Essence!?“Mo Fan, forget it, he has the Undead Element.

Chapter 691 The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (23)Bai Weiwei expressionlessly placed her hands behind her back, her stance intimidating, and her expression ice-cold.Full of a ruler’s might and majesty, a gorgeous as a peony, yet as cold as a blade.“Today, it was the harem, this group of men w

Volume 9 – Chapter 8: After The First Income Holding a golden fishing rod in both hands, Boss Luo was doing one of his missions in this game at the secluded lake’s edge. “This magical world is perfect.” This was not the first time Boss Luo sighed. Along with You Ye’s continuous optimization of the g

Dr. Amos’ field of research was in electrical engineering and neurology. He lived in a research institute on the basement floor of the Future Group with his daughter, who was still in elementary school.The neural bridging technology of Celestial Trade that enabled the human consciousness to directly

Chapter 590 Fear, Mdm Yu’s IdeasMdm Yu did not stay in Old Madam Qin’s room for long and went to the kitchen to see how the soup was. She did not dare to make any more trouble after Old Madam Qin reminded her. After leaving the kitchen, she stood at the intersection and thought for a while. She did

Chapter 1957: The Truth! (I)Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr Gao Lishi had successfully deceived everyone, destroying the books without attracting the slightest notice. Only after a long while did the blind elder finally speak. “After so long, I did not think anyone would remember thi

Chapter 496: I’ll Keep a Distance From ThemThe ice in his eyes was melting quickly. He tightened his grip around her waist and asked, “What about Director Bai?”“Director Bai?” Qiao Mianmian just realized that she’d mentioned him. She secretly cursed at Mo Yesi’s petty nature but kept a sweet smile o

Time began to reverse for the Golden Scholar.It was as if someone was rewinding a movie. The Heavenly Emperor, who had just fused with his body, started to separate from him again.With a serious face, the Golden Scholar shouted, “Path of time, obey me!”Inside his body, a similar power of time began

Chapter 1394 The golden core composition, constructing the Heavenly CityIn addition, this was the work of the Third Wielder of the Will. Even if it had repeatedly analyzed, dissected, and studied it for many years, there was no guarantee that there wasn’t anything hidden left behind. In a sense, inv

Chapter 1393 The Seven Wielders of the WillIs (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball] studying the divine ghost fragment?What does it want to do?Song Shuhang was a little curious, but he immediately focused and tried to maintain a clear state of mind.His dreamland ability was very strange. It wasn’t

Chapter 1527: Helian Yue Has Changed II “Just now, you said that you didn’t frame Feng Ruqing in front of the emperor, but the emperor himself was too stupid and misunderstood Feng Ruqing.” Qing Zhu smirked. Feng Lianyi’s expression changed immediately, somewhat panicked. “Ridiculous! When have I sa

Fourth Prince was stunned. He did not understand what was happening and looked at Nan Xian angrily. He was so angry his whole body burned with rage. “You…” Bang! Nan Xian raised his hand again, causing Fourth Prince to roll on the street a few times like a ball until he disappear

Chapter 1996: I did not kill anyone.Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios“Hello, I am the room manager; are you Mr. Qin?”“Is Madam Yun Shishi a friend of yours from work?”Hearing this, he opened the door anxiously.The room manager stood by the door with an urgent and guilty expression.“Di

Feng Lianyi laughed bitterly as tears flowed from her eyes. “Mistakes… Committing it once is enough. I won’t commit it for the second time. Besides… I was in love with Master Nan Xian before. He is the most beautiful and gentle person I’ve ever seen, but he has given his heart to Maiden Feng. Ho

“I am his family. Let me stay here and accompany him, alright? He needs me!” stated Yun Shishi firmly. Seeing how adamant she was, the doctor stopped trying to chase her out as he closed the door and hurriedly turned to treat the idol’s injuries. The doctor did a simple inspection of the inj

“Wait for me!” Yun Shishi called to them, but in the next second, the doors to the ambulance were shut tightly as it sped off with the sirens blaring. Many people had gathered around and were pointing at the scene. “What happened?” “Someone jumped off the building and a man was stabb

“Hello, I am the room manager; are you Mr. Qin?” “Yes.” “Is Madam Yun Shishi a friend of yours from work?” Hearing this, he opened the door anxiously. The room manager stood by the door with an urgent and guilty expression. “Did something happen to her?” asked Qin Zhou. “It’s

The other disciples excitedly charging towards Huang Xiaolong were stunned, and they slammed on the brakes as hard as they could as they stopped dead in their tracks.The disciples of the Fortune Emperor Palace felt cold sweat drenching the back of their clothes.That’s so scary!Even though they were

The Huya TV live-streaming platform. A small channel with around 70 viewers showing a ranked League of Legends game. The streamer, Evening Snowfall, was playing the champion Vayne, the ad-carry on the blue team. She was completely focused on farming minions at bottom lane.

If there were a medicine for regret in this world, Su Xue would be on the web ordering it right now! Oh, the bitter tang of regret! How could she allow herself to fall prey to greed and agree to let this brat become her roommate? A single moment of weakness, a lapse-in-judg

Lin Feng had an odd habit while playing League of Legends. It started way back when he first started playing the game. The champions in the game, all of them were unique. All of them came with different attack animations and voice lines, and all of them were cool. This entr

Su Xue couldn’t believe what her eyes were telling her. She’d left for the washroom not two minutes ago. In that short period of time, a losing game suddenly didn’t look all that lost anymore. Lin Feng picked up three kills! She rubbed her eyes and stared at the screen agai

After his second double kill, Lin Feng’s KDA was now 5/3/2. Any advantage the red team’s bottom lane duo had from the start of the game was completely neutralized. Lin Feng smashed that snowball before it could turn into an avalanche. And since he was such an overachiever,

A bet was a bet. Su Xue begrudgingly headed to the kitchen and started busying herself. Even though she was an enchanting beauty, she was quite high spec in other areas too. Her skills with a knife were superb. As soon as she stepped into the kitchen, the air around her cha

“I gotta say, Four Emperors and Seven Kings really does have a nice ring to it,” Ouyang excitedly droned on. “It’s perfect too since the guys in the Seven Kings are actually noticeably worse than the Four Emperors.” “Just the name Four Emperors screams hella cool!” Ouyang c

Yang Fan snapped back to his senses. He stared at Ouyang in disbelief. “Hey, hey, Ouyang. I didn’t mishear just now, did I? Did you really say Tang Bingyao?”Ren Rou also quickly regained her wits, her eyes narrowing into a sharp glare. “Ouyang, what are you trying to pull h