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Chapter 163: Am I Really The One You Want To See? The small threat that she issued was akin to that between a junior and an elder. She did not seem detestable at all. The nurse was in a dilemma and had no choice but to glance at Bo Hancheng. Bo Hancheng glanced at Luo Zheng for a long time before st

At the next moment, Luo Zheng smiled slyly before stretching her hand out pitifully and placing it in front of him so that he could see it clearly.  She then said miserably, “Brother Cheng, what should I do now? My hand is bleeding non-stop! It hurts… ” Now that I’ve played the beauty and sympathy c

“Brother Cheng, did I… say something wrong?”  Seeing that he was staring at her with a gloomy and sullen expression, Luo Zheng tried to clarify her doubts. Bo Hanchen questioned derisively, “What do you think you said wrong?”  Luo Zheng was puzzled. “Conduct the checkup… ” Bo Hancheng instructed the

Chapter 946: Her Willpower Is Very StrongIf she really offended the production group, the celebrities under Zhong Hang would not be able to participate in Dong Hua’s shows in the future. That would be like finding death.Huang Yawen really regretted a lot of things today. Why did she seemingly lose h

Chapter 945: Who Can’t Get Any Benefits?Hu Zhonghui placed her hand on her hip and pointed the other hand at Huang Yawen, not polite at all.Lu Dongliu’s face darkened. “Madam Huang, I think you are not thinking too clearly right now.”Not letting Lu Man go on stage?Was it possible for them not to let

Chapter 944: Not Allowed to Go on StageQiao Luna was in so much pain that she had mucus and tears all over her face, and yet, she was still strongly holding onto Lu Man and refusing to let go.Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng hurried in front and helped Lu Man to move Qiao Luna’s hand away.“You have to s

Chapter 943: Purposely Stepping on HerBut Lu Man did not do it on purpose. There was no special meaning to her attack.If Lu Man really wanted to make a move to target Qiao Luna, how could Qiao Luna have it as easy-going as she had it now?It was Qiao Luna herself who refused to let go and gave hersel

Chapter 942: About to Cry“That’s right. Still quite good, still quite good,” Chi Xingrui replied.Lu Dongliu decided to just not look at Qiao Luna’s performance and told Chi Xingrui, “After the filming is finished, everyone can work overtime together to see how to do publicity this time. Since Lu Man

She had no choice but to admit that the world was really small. It was just her “luck” to have run into Xi Qianqian at the hospital!  Luo Zheng dodged to the side in order to avoid letting the crazy Xi Qianqian hit her. Bang! At the next instant, Xi Qianqian’s wheelchair slammed into the railing tog

Chapter 267: Whenever I Get Involved With Him, I Feel Like I’m Not Myself (8) Luo Anning glowered at him and exclaimed, “How can there be such a tyrannical and unreasonable person like you!?!” Rong Yan smiled sinisterly and pulled her into his embrace. “You ought to count your blessings. You’re the

Chapter 268: Whenever I Get Involved With Him, I Feel Like I’m Not Myself (9) Luo Anning and Tang Chao spoke at the same time after 30 ‘minutes’ of silence. “Why are you here?!” “Why are you here?!” Seeing how suggestive he looked, Luo Anning pushed him away angrily and squeezed through the door. “M

Tang Chao humphed arrogantly and gave Lu Momo the side-eye. “Ask her yourself. You’d probably believe her more.”  Luo Anning shifted her gaze onto Lu Momo who cringed and explained, “Little Anning he was the one who insisted on living in my house and he even wanted to bully me. Fortunately, I have g

Even Lu Momo had guessed what Tang Chao’s ambiguous words meant, let alone Luo Anning who had a quick mind. Luo Anning smirked and put on a lopsided smile. “I’m fine, just thinking about how we can stop Tang Chao from pestering you any further.”  Lu Momo sighed and said, “Little Anning, don’t think

There were a total of 38 people who took part in the trial, including the three of them. They were divided into two groups, which played the police, and investigation team respectively.  There were sensors on the combat suit and when shot, the alarm on the player’s wristband would sound and those wh

757 Do You Dare to Battle Me?That’s because he really is your father.Mag patted Amy’s head with a rather complex look on his face.He was Shen Mag, but he was also Mag Alex; that was inevitable from the moment their memories were combined.He was willing to shoulder all of Mag Alex’s responsibilities,

Chapter 289: Gone Mad Trying to Boost Their Fame Lin Yan turned her head to watch the reporters, whose eyes were filled with disdain and contempt. Actually, what they had said wasn’t entirely false. A team like the He family, who was inferior and lacking in all aspects, couldn’t be compared to the W

Chapter 290: A Glimmer of Hope Although this girl wasn’t a racer, her expertise and professionalism were unimaginable. If she hadn’t been He Dingkun’s granddaughter, he would have tried to poach this girl for his team. Old Tang sized up Lin Yan from head to toe. Since he couldn’t do that, he would

Chapter 291: She Helped the He Family Team Clinch Their First Victory Wei Xufeng and Qi Shaoyuan strode casually out of the VIP room. “I won! Remember to give me Boss’s signed photo!” Qi Shaoyuan shrieked in delight. To him, there was absolutely no doubt about who the winner would be. Unlike Qi Sha

Chapter 292: Fake Fan! ‘Boss!’ Qi Shaoyuan appeared as though a streak of excitement coursed through his body while he almost blurted out this word. Wei Xufeng had no idea he would bump into Lin Yan here. He stood frozen to the spot as he uttered, “Lin Yan…” His eyes roved over Lin Yan’s silver-col

Chapter 293: Magical Assistance A victorious smile played at the corners of Lin Yan’s mouth. She had expected that reaction from Wei Xufeng, which was why she had deliberately said this. When Wei Xufeng left, Qi Shaoyuan inched closer to Lin Yan. “Boss, Wei Xufeng…” Lin Yan hushed him up. “Keep this

Chapter 294: Big Brother’s Health Is Fragile God Z shook his head promptly. “Don’t say that. I’ve considered it seriously before making this decision.” He Dingkun and He Xiong exchanged looks of puzzlement when they heard God Z. Could… God Z have such confidence in Mingkai? God Z’s gaze landed on Li

Chapter 295: Amazing Magical Needle “Sister Yan, thankfully, you have reconciled with Big Brother! That’s why he is improving!” Pei Yutang glanced at Lin Yan nervously as he probed carefully. “Big Sister-In-Law, are you sure that you’ve reconciled with Big Brother? You won’t break up with him, right

Chapter 296: An Awakening Slap For All of Them Before Wang Liao could continue, another man added, “Old Master, he is right. Your granddaughter doesn’t know anything! Even if she really couldn’t endure the speed, she shouldn’t have made Lefeng stop in the middle of a race! If it hadn’t been for Ming

Chapter 297: She Was the One Who Had Led the He Family to Victory “Shift the gear to number five, stay left and move forward for the next 80 meters. Then, shift to gear number four, stay left and accelerate to the maximum. Keep speeding in a straight line.” “Once the road gets broader in about 120 m

“Hi, Miss Mo.” A look of surprise flashed past his eyes, but he kept his cool and smiled at Mo Feifei before saying, “Please take a seat.” Mo Feifei smiled as she thanked him before doing as he says. She then sat down on the sofa. “Why did you ask me to come over?” asked Mo Feifei.“There’s no hurry.

Su Qianxun creased her forehead and expressed that she was the aunt. How could a brat, who was younger than her by two years, be the one teaching her?She gently coughed out before continuing with a serious face. “Don’t make yourself sound so old. It is as though you’ve dated many times before.” Mo F

There will always be a rainbow after the storm. Thus, one need not worry too much about life. However, to Su Qianxun, once she encountered an ill-fated relationship, it would be difficult for her to see a clear sky again.The old man asked her. Lu Yanzhi was mature, dependable, and handsome. His fami

Chapter 1132: Could Mo Feifei be Rong Mo? (2)Lu Yanzhi raised his brows and looked at her blushing red face and foggy eyes. She looked really charming and attractive.He narrowed his gaze and it had a slight trace of gloominess. “At least I am not like you who got wine in her brain!!” he said.Su Qian

Chapter 298: This Woman Is That Capable? He Lefeng, who had been feeling aggrieved for quite some time, finally felt important and superior. Who would doubt him when this video footage served as evidence? He sprang to his feet and surveyed the silent crowd. Then, he scoffed coldly and said, “Why did

Chapter 255: Old Cucumber Putting on Green Paint, Acting Young Louis smiled gently but he was also domineering. “I don’t have to ask if you like it or not!” “Oh, you are on a different level from us. I can understand!” Cheng Anya smiled faintly and drank the juice leisurely. Since she could no longe

Chapter 256: To ‘Curry Favor’ Miss Cheng, who was always low-profile and pure, became famous overnight. News had spread around the company that she was instantly elevated and became MBS International’s most attraction-drawing lady and the most badass woman in MBS International’s history. The best me

As Third Young Master Ye was one who walked the talk, Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong did not dare to disobey and really ordered 9999 roses to pile up the entire floor. All the roses in City A were almost sold out that day.  MBS International was a spectacular scene that afternoon as bouquets upon bouq

Third Young Master Ye suddenly grabbed her and conveniently fell onto the roses. Cheng Anya lost her balance and fell onto him as Third Young Master Ye held her head and passionately kissed her. His agile tongue dug into and her mouth and glided across each inch of her tender skin. He eventually suc

Chapter 259: The Wedding Date After work, MBS International’s employees were obedient enough to collect the roses. Floor by floor, they were very organized. Third Young Master Ye’s five secretaries, including Cheng Anya, helped give out the roses in person. They took an hour to finish giving them ou

Chapter 260: Untitled The party started at seven-thirty in the evening. Third Young Master Ye entered the venue with his five secretaries at eight. They became the center of attention when they walked in. The crowd went silent. Only one word could describe them. Amazing! Third Young Master Ye, who w

Having killed the mainstay forces of this wave of enemies, the scattered individuals no longer posed a threat to them. Seeing that the battle was already lost and that he couldn’t wipe out the team on his own, the Great Swordsman quickly retreated with several soldiers and the remaining scattered ma

Wang Zhong stretched his runic shield over a larger surface area, and it was directly hit by the huge sword from the front. With a loud boom, the runic shield exploded directly. The huge inertia pushed Wang Zhong backward by a few steps, and before he could regain his balance, he instantly sensed th

Thousands of lightweight battle aircraft at the front of the fleet whizzed past the giant’s armpits and legs. They were the first batch to dash into Mizobudapi Phoenix World, followed by larger aircraft such as storage carriers and cruise-ship-like Macedon-class spaceships.On the other hand, the Miz

Chapter 261: Untitled Dance? Cheng Anya scanned the dance floor with her eyes, seeing that many men and women had entered the dance floor. Everyone danced the smooth, elegant Waltz. On the dance floor, there were elegant skirts and graceful postures. She then looked at CEO Zhang again. She was 164 c

“Junyan is right. Stop school and stay home to nurture the baby!” Bao Huaiyun agreed.  He heard what Lin Qingya had said earlier. This made him blush in shame and even break out in a light sweat. He found himself too embarrassed to face Bao Junyan!  Bao Huaiyun had said his piece, and if Lin Qingya