“Ah…” After noticing Nie Tian’s actions, Li Langfeng shook his head with his back facing Nie Tian. “Another brat who doesn’t understand the immensity of Heaven and Earth.” In Li Langfeng’s eyes, Nie Tian’s actions were very unwise and meaningle

Yet even so, no one surrendered.The School of Blue Jade disciples knew that they would not have any chance of survival if they fell into the hands of the three major sects. Since they would die either way, they may as well fight to their last breath.Yan Xiu had enough of submitting to the enemy. Eve

Chapter 214: Oskulos is Coming [Part 2] Cillin continued to plot his latter actions while avoiding Oskulos’ attacks behind him. Oskulos was simply getting some entertainment out of the pursuit because he was bored. He didn’t expect to be able to take down Cillin’s spaceplane with

Episode 18/Chapter 2: Anaheim (2) TL: Tsubak ED: “Why are you that excited?” “I, I’m not! I’m not excited at all. I’m not even going to make a lunchbox!” Heda got serious and said. Ragnar thought of her as a thief that got caught herself and laughed an

Chapter 1593: Losing the Jade “Swoosh!” The bright light was just like a falling star as it swept through the sky with lightning like speed, attracting the eyes of everyone present! Xiao Yan was the fastest to react. The wings behind him flapped suddenly the moment the red light tore

Chapter 1594: Discussion The entire mountain range was unusually quiet as everyone watched the spatial crack in the sky slowly being closed up. Many experts in the Gu clan had gloomy expressions. Although the Gu clan was not destroyed by the Hun clan like the Ling clan, they had still lost the anci

Chapter 1592: Snatching the Jade “Black Submerged Army, capture him!” Xun Er’s cold cry sounded almost immediately after the figure shot out from within the mountain. She did not find that figure unfamiliar. “Spirit Restraining Net!” Many figures flew over the sky a

Chapter 225 – [BOOM]   Murong Die and Wang Lele are both wearing a beautiful grandeur evening dresses. Murong Die is wearing a black long dress while Wang Lele is wearing a white one. But the most eye-catching is still Wang Lele’s chest in that dress, it is definitely the most e

'This feeling...?'The physical particles in my body are being stimulated incessantly?'However, upon feeling that his brain was about to reach its limits soon, Fang Xingjian did not allow himself to stay to savor the feeling. He swept out continuously with his longsword, sending away the high tempera

Translated by BerryBunz   A Sword From One’s Own Lifeforce   The hands must be fast, the mind must be fast, the Spirit Essences must be fast, the Qi Channels must be fast! Li Chang Zai’s heart was thumping extremely hard, he felt as though his thoughts could no longer catc

The Cafe was Prospering Too Well   “Yes, two people right! Is a seat inside fine? Would you like an outside terrace seat? Well then, this way inside!” “One customer right. Sorry, but would a counter seat be alright? Yes, then over here!” “5 customers right! Then,

Chapter 892: It Doesn’t Need to Be Like This Translator: Nomyummi  Editor: Nomyummi   Excellent Era ran two dungeons in a row for nothing. After seeing how p racticed Happy was at these dungeons, Xiao Shiqin reckoned that the ten-player record recently set by them

Chapter 893: Little Thing Translator: Nomyummi  Editor: Nomyummi   As Xiao Shiqin’s words fell, Cui Li and Chen Yehui couldn’t help but glance at each other. These two weren’t idiots, and immediately understood the reasoning behind Xiao Shiqin’s a

MILE CHAPTER 167: SPECIAL MOVE 2   Mile and Maevis came to the forest near the Capital. Of course, Rena and Pauline didn’t come along. They must respect their companies’ private .   「Then, let’s begin」(Mile) 「I’m in your care」(Maevis)   Both Mile and Mae

Chapter 234: There's More Choices Than What You Gave Me! Translator: imperfectluck  Editor: vb24   ‘Believe in the me who believes in you.’ This sounded like a familiar sentence… it was probably copied from some anime, wasn’t it? That was Ka

Chapter 147: Disappointed and Will not eat her (Part 2) Xiao Tianyao wanted to take off the mask over his face, but he hasn’t made a move when Lin Chujiu stops him. Lin Chujiu leaned over to his body and said: “Wangye, don’t move. I will not harm you.” While whispering thos

Fang Qiu let some people carry Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan to the dormitory of Yeats Academy students. Pu Lisi was standing at the back with a livid face. After a meaningful glance, several students brought out their own refining wares and concoction equipment on the table.   Pu Lisi wrote a l

"Master Pu Lisi, what the hell is going on? Tell us ah!" Fang Qiu was burning with anxiousness. Luo Fan was the best Pharmacist at Yeats Academy. If there was an accident this time, he was afraid that he would not be able to stay in the academy anymore.   What was more, people from

THE BLOODSHOT ONE-EYED ZOMBIE EMPEROR 70 “I see, that makes sense. But what about the evidence? To be honest, even if I’m told that the main culprit of this turmoil has already perished without evidence, I can’t really go ‘Okay, is that so'” Just as Usokawa h

Chapter 173 What’s This Feeling? Liu Chang moved forward and patted Ye Ci on the shoulder as she walked past, followed close behind by the couple of Tiny Hands and Little Hands, Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw, Fruit Jelly, Mi Lu…and even Pea Cake. What infuriated Ye Ci the most was that t

Chapter 210 “A Similar Story” “Century old Crane Grass and fifty-year-old Centipede Vine.” After a careful examination of these herbs, excitement surged through Ling Yue’s vein. What’s being sold here are all very hard to come by plants with poisonous properties

Chapter 265: Path Of The Dead “Little Demoness!” Feng Feiyun’s lips slightly twitched. The crimson river resembled a mirror. Some smoke was lingering above and the image on the surface slowly disappeared. However, it left behind a lasting impression to the three spectators. Littl

On the next day, Enwork (Aristo’s branch store) and the guild are now completed.   Supposedly, I was told that the guild members will be coming here today. Well, since they haven’t arrived yet, I’ll let them be for now. I ask a question to Rista who is currently standing i

Chapter 2421 – Believe it or Not “Elder Shunlian, you want to personally kill Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, the expression of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief changed. He truly never expected that Kong Shunlian would request to personally kill Chu Feng. “As this

Chapter 2420 – Must Kill Chu Feng Inside the most extravagant and grand palace of the Kong Heavenly Clan. Not only were Kong Shunlian and Kong Moyu present, but even the other two Utmost Exalted Elders who were still in closed-door training had appeared as well.   At that moment, other than

Chapter 1241: Dragonhark Valley Li Qiye gently shook his head in response: “No, I don’t have the right merit law to pass down to you. A member of the Zhang must cultivate the Zhang Clan’s law.” “But my clan’s laws have been lost for a long time now.” Zhang

Chapter 1242: Zhang Baitu’s Dao Enlightenment The human cultivator fled right away after being scolded by the old man. Throughout history, no one dared to offend Rainbow City. Rumor has it that even a contemporary sea god wouldn’t test them. Li Qiye smiled and handed the refined jades

Episode 32 – Me and My Childhood Friend’s Cosplay Sex Live Broadcast ③ 5・4・3・2・1 After finishing the count down, I pressed the video camera’s record button With this, everything from all of the TVs in livings rooms and on the streets, to individual’s personal computers&md

Chapter 143: Evil Spirit Sovereign (1) TL: Nadu Edit: Lesurous     To all Sky Devil followers, Hyacinth was the number 1 target they had to kill.   As she wasn’t strong like Alexandro but just had high influence, to them she was truly an appropriate prey.   This was

ACT 03 – LADY Morning. I woke up earlier than usual. Today was Ladies’ Day. I just said that but it’s not like it’s a special day or anything. It is only called Ladies’ Day because of lectures such as manners and dances which are taken on this day. They are necessa

15.It’s Makeup Of Course!   Walking to my classroom, I had some restless thoughts as I opened the door.   “Excuse me, which class are you from?” A beautiful girl with long black hair that reached her waist asked me. She was Zhang Xiaoya, our Class C monitor. She was v

Chapter 430 – Fearsome Strength When Aunt Jing, once again, turned her body around, the hearts of all of the experts present in the region skipped a beat. All of them immediately evaded her look, not daring to cross gazes with the former. From the earlier spectacle, this lady that appeared sw

Chapter 91: Gao Jialin “Aiya! What’s so dangerous about it?” I sped up even more and reached the highest part of the bridge. Then, I turned around and made a face at Suyang. “I told you, it’s fine!” Seeing how I was alright, Suyang looked relieved. Eh? Wait a

After exploring the residence, her actions were even more fluent. She memorized the best places to hide people and bodies, the places were there were the least amount of people, the maids’ hours of work as well as the guard positions. She also managed to get her hands on a map of the residence

Chapter 10 :  She looked back on her father’s fox-like cunning smiling face versus the ice cold face of her forced husband. If the son-in-law did not care about her father’s reputation and dignity, would her father still smile then?   “Hahaha…” This was truly t

Mu Huanqing concealed the matter regarding the bridal chamber and tea serving* because she didn’t want her mother to feel upset for her. Moreover, she was not that weak minded to feel as if her entire world had collapsed just because her husband didn’t want to consummate their marriage n

Translator: shl Editors: maripaz, kira Proofreader: Librismuse The wind blew from the direction of Ruan Mingxian, bringing with it the faint smell of sweat. It wasn’t unpleasant. Ruan Mingxian probably had just finished exercising; his neck and shoulders were covered with glistening beads of

The Second Blow   Richard’s life resumed as per usual after the Day of Destiny. He’d been at his limit already, so all he could do now was continue to persist with the day to day. He would surprise the grand mages again and again with each day, so much so that even knowing how mys

Chapter 236: Full force expansion Miracle Commerce had not passed through the storm just yet. There was a reason why the Four Great Families could develop so smoothly over a hundred years, but now that had all collapsed, it went against the interests of certain people.  Moreover, with several

Chapter 201: Golden Immortals Linked Life Ring “We sleep together?” Su Xing’s eyes rolled. Su Xing and Wu Siyou gazed at each other. The atmosphere was somewhat silent. Gongsun Huang emerged from the Star Nest and sat on Su Xing’s shoulders. Her body did not have any weigh