Late at night, in the silent and lifeless cloister. The nightmare, like a ghost, traversed the wall, and moved forward silently. In the swayi

Chapter 223. 20F (3)—My name is… Kim Chundong.The man who looked just like me spoke as he stared at me. I couldn’t estimate the depth of his eyes.Kim Chundong.The moment I heard those three characters, it felt like I was hit on the head with a hammer. I had to say something but couldn’t. All s

Home Has Never Been Like HomeFen Dai and Feng Yu Heng both had personalities that would not relent, and Feng Jin Yuan felt extremely helpless. He quickly began thinking things through in his mind. Although the Feng family was currently depending on the fifth prince to survive, compared to the

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels ScanlationsZu Ma returned to their room at the ShuangYu Hotel with her people from Black Spider. After entering, she swept the tea set off the table in anger.Though it wasn’t very loud, it still caught the attention of the employee assigned to the floo

Chu Li maintained his state of surprise, "Your Highness, I'm afraid I do not understand. What do you mean by ploy?" Using the Omniscient Mirror, he knew from the beginning that Pri

Ye Mo said guiltily, "Just call me martial brother or big brother Ye. We're old friends too, I brought this disaster upon you."He then paused and asked, "Where did Yun Ziyi go, do you know?"Luo Fei wiped her eyes. "The sect was in a mess and the sect leader knew that we were no match for the I

Translator: HunterW Editor: RED NCR Guild's headquarters… "He's not in Guadalupe, either?" "No, sir. He hasn't been there nor has he contacted them." "Hmm…" Jose stroked his beard. Jose had received the report that his son, Cantana, had disappeared late in the morning. The entire guild was s

Yi Yun remained silent for a long while. Back when both parties made the trade, Yi Yun had repeatedly probed the Flying Clouds Flowing Flower with his perception. He had even activated the Purple Crystal's energy vision, but he found nothing wrong with it.But now…"What is it, Yun'er?" Jiang Xi

Zhao Fu did not see Zheng Yuqin and did not mind too much. He spent most of his time in the Heaven Awaken World and came back intermittently, so it was not too strange for him to not see Zheng Yuqin while he was back.Zhao Fu sat down at the table and started to eat. Even though the food that t

As Mo Tiange fed the little Inferno Beast Aura-Nourishing Pills, she looked up and saw several fleeting lights sweeping across the sky. She pondered for a moment then moved the little Inferno

Chi!One of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch was going to drag Suo Chaolong's legs, only to be strangled when the captive turned around abruptly.The soldier was struggling hard, but Han Tuhu moved behind him quietly and stabbed the sharp claw into the back of his head.The claw, stained wi

Lin Sanjiu crouched on the ground looking at the girl who was standing not far from her. She crooked her head. In her fuzzy mind, the apocalyptic event in her world and her experience in Red Nautilus, one of the Twelve Worlds, were all just di

"How… could this be?" someone said in terror.This sudden change had shocked everyone.The Desolation City had been abandoned for many years, the Spiritual Qi in the city exhausted inexplicably. Since the Celestial Burial Valley was also in this area, almost no commoners or cultivators were will

"Ha ha ha... You have done a great job this time, Daheng!" Zhao Yu's mother handed a chicken thigh to Daheng and said, "Here is your reward! You can rest assured, Daheng, I will not mention the dog meat meal anymore!"

The many Master Gods present looked at the ten brilliant beams of light as they remarked, "This is truly a beautiful sight!"These Chaos God Cannons were the pinnacle products from the Alchemy of the Moon Shadow Mainland. Gathering all the resources of the Moon Shadow Mainland and finally compr

The vague fluctuations were almost insensible. Like ripples on water, they blanketed the entire region. They were used by the scanning category of cards. There wasn't just one type among the complex fluctuations; there were five. It was evident from that how tight their detection was.Although

Yu Chen let out a burst of soft laughter as a few silver rays rushed out from the bottom of his feet, forming a simple teleportation rune on the ground. Wu Qi felt his body lightening up, and in the next moment, Yu Chen had brought him to the center of the square. In front of him, an elderly m

Time passed, all the way until 5 o'clock.At Nanshan Children's Welfare Institute, Zhu Wei Wei was incomparably shocked. This was the first time she had seen such a good Welfare Institute. The children inside were very happy. No matter who the children saw, they would smile.As for how Lin Fan e

The sword light cut appart all corpses that got in the way, and even seemingly torn appart all vengeful spirits that got in the way. It sliced appart the yellow river and brought with it the feeling of invincibility to all those who were watching. L

"When did this happen?" Mo Wen asked with a serious look. "Two days ago. The patient denied organ transplants and forbid the hospital from informing her daughter. She also asked to

Actually, the most surprising thing about Luo Yinghong was the fact that she was talented in a lot of handicrafts. After her husband died, her son was extremely rebellious, so she developed the habit of using craft as a form of stress relief. Under the therapeutic effect of art, the items she

Wang Yao was in the cottage reading a scripture. The raindrops were hitting the window. San Xian was lying inside his dog house, looking far

It was now the morning of three days after Daniel had sent Gai'ha to deliver the letter to the Helvha family, and yet, he had already received the notice of the completion of the mission, as the Helvha couple had, in fact, already taken revenge against the culprits of their daughter's death. T

[Guard Captain]Once again my day is a simple accumulation of concerns and worries that are so insignificant that I may just use them to fire my stove at home.I am the guard captain!Why should I take care of your missing cat?!I have to take care of the town's security a

After another vicious round of beating ended, Yuuji decided to walk over to Haruto and check him out."Yo, Haruto. How was your beating, eh?""... You could have just stepped in and helped me, you know?""Ah~~~ I can't. If I did, I would probably have been beating up alon

If someone had come over at that moment to ask Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: What on earth does it feel like to hold a big shot...?Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal would definitely be speechless. Actually, he had wanted to ask Wang Ling before if he could borrow Jingke for a mission. Howev

“This Princess Yue is something else! Crafty and articulate, seasoned in her conduct, quite scary indeed.” Dongfang Jingshui quietly praised.Dongfang Jingyue naturally noticed all of this. Her sharp eyes became even sharper: “The one who should be worrying right now is Nangong Hongyan. She believed

As such, One Finger Village became especially busy after spring. Each family had a severe lack of manpower so Fangzheng could not bring himself to get Dog Song to deliver the hoe to him.Yet this was the season that children liked the most. They could play in the delightful weather. When exhaus

Chapter 256 Lei Qianshang Falls That Favored’s hatchet brought with it a terrifying gale as it slashed down viciously on Wilde. BOOM! Wilde’s spiked club slammed into the huge hatchet. Wilde hadn’t expected that Favored to have used some sort of secret technique to multiply his

Chapter 254 Mo Nian Reappears That figure was Little Snow. As soon as he appeared, he opened his mouth and a huge sphere appeared before him. Space constantly trembled around that sphere. Thousands upon thousands of tiny wind blades were quickly circulating within it, emitting a sharp, piercing so

Chapter 255 Battle of Favored A golden spear suddenly appeared in Yin Luo’s hands, smashing at Mo Nian’s arrow. The entire world shook the instant they collided. Huge cracks spread out across the ground. “Good, you haven’t disappointed me! I didn’t run from my old man

Volume 02; Act 15 – Part 02 ◊♦◊♦◊♦◊   Ten days had passed since then. Ronnie was teaching Carla magic and writing on the second floor of the laboratory. At first, Cordelia thought that she wouldn’t mind it if they conducted their lessons on the

Xiao Ruyan also did not think that she would actually have to face such a decision.Two small worlds. This was a distance the same as the two end points of the earth. Going to the Endless World, she might never be able to return here again in this lifetime.And at this place was her elder brothe

Chapter 3.3 — Please, as a Friend (3)   Really, each of these phone calls that she was getting today was more ludicrous than the last. Gripping her phone, Jia He paused for several seconds before saying, “Hello.” Qiao Qiao used large, exaggerated gestures and facial expres

Chapter 667 Pursuit in the Night Eijae sprinted under the bright and crisp moonlight. Ancient trees that were several dozen meters tall were like flat ground beneath her feet. Cliffs and rivers were left behind in a matter of moments. The damp winds of the night pressed against Eijae's face, soa

Chapter 3.2 — Please, as a Friend (2)   When Jia He awoke again, she found that she had been sleeping inside the massage room, a comforter covering her. Feeling rather awkward and unsure, she sat up and, gazing out onto the snowy-white world outside, began trying with all her might to

Chapter 251: Ambushed   (TN: Changed Yang Ke’er’s weapon from a scimitar to a dogleg machete, realized that scimitar isn’t the right translation. Sorry guys!)   The gunfires from the main building continued incessantly. The battle outside the walls became even more in

Book 5 Chapter 18: Pledge In Shen Yi’s living room, Ben Tung Ming and Chen Tao first admired his room’s layout, and then Ben Tung Ming smiled and told Chen Tao: “It seems that our new friend knows how to enjoy life.”   “I like his kitchen.” Chen Tao respon

The manufacturers, scientists, and technicians in attendance had been watching the events unfold in utter bafflement, but now they erupted into raucous laughter. They could not help it. The Am

Bai Shuang was slightly disappointed as she stood in the airport terminal with a giant bouquet of oriental lilies. Her face, however, showed no outward sign of this, and continued to give the standard smile of a diplomat as she glanced around.