He put his knife back into the scabbard and continued towards Yue Shan Town. Initially, he was supposed to pass by the Godly Knife Faction on the way, but Chu Li took a different route to avoi

Chapter 591: Rebirth (5)Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97Of course, what was I thinking? He doesn't like me. How could I forget about that box of after-morning pills?As this thought settled in her mind, Song Qingchun felt Su Zhinian's hand, which was placed beside hers, tremble slightl

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: VermillionWhere was that shrimp?Nangong Xuanying's eyes, which were brimming with killing intent, discovered that the golden ray thoroughly disappeared.It was like that golden ray never appeared in the first place.All of a sudden, Nangong Xuanying's whole body

Chapter 742: Two and a Half RulesTranslator: flycrane01 Editor: Millman97Bai Xinghe narrowed his eyes and sensed the vast sea of stars flowing past him slowly.Li Yao also saw that a light spot that represented an apocalypse just flashed by his cheek.Bai Xinghe opened his eyes slowly and said

Chapter 378: What Exactly Am I RearingTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosGenerally, when Curly Hair didn't cooperate for a checkup, that meant he had done something. Thus, when Fang Zhao brought Curly Hair home, he gave Curly Hair a checkup.Curly Hair didn't have any external inju

Chapter 1088: DecisionTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioLord of Fan Nuo Fortress was sitting in the penthouse hall of a skyscraper. Suddenly, the doorbell rang."Come in," Lord of Fan Nuo Fortress said.Hua!The door opened automatically, and a man with four hoofs, two hands, and

Chapter 1025: Divine Damnation ShenanigansTranslator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898The fourth wave came and 9 bolts landed at the same time. Ye Mo was shook, he released Zi Xu without hesitation. Even he wasn't able to deal with such a wave in such a short time. *Crack crack crack*Ye Mo hacked ope

Chapter 798 – Tianmo Method (Fragment)  Gaia 4th year, 1st month, 17th day, Yongren City.  The sky had just turned bright, and hundreds of thousands of Guards Legion Corps troops crossed the Dongchuan border and entered the Swordsman City territory in the Shu Lands.  The huge

Chapter 1926: Ning Xiao Xi, You Pervert!Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationSuddenly, almost all of the fans and audience suddenly had their eyes trained on Ning Xi. In fact, Ning Xi's votes started to balloon like the numbers were on a rocket.As for the v

Chapter 1087: The Disambiguation TempleTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe quiet and ancient temple hall was very spacious. Only the stone plate in the middle was conspicuous. This was the location where one could place items, and the virtual universe system would conduct an

Chapter 1175: Elements TunnelTranslator: WQL Editor: Aleem"Isn't the piece of God's Star used for cultivation?" Zhang Tie asked out of amazement."It is for knights!" Heller said in a calm look, "However, in Castle of Black Iron, the piece of God's Star could have another purpose!""What purpos

Chapter 302: The Heavenly Materials Sword’s Eight Hearts and ArrowsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations"Heavenly Materials sword, this is my magnum opus!" Cheng Yu grasped the green sword, a confident expression on his face.He and Fang Xing looked at each other in the a

Chapter 1041: Afraid (2)Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_ It's not that I don't want to give you a chance; I just can't give you a chance...Cheng Weiwan's final words were spoken softly, but when they entered Han Zhifan's ears, they had immense power. It made his heart violently tremble t

Chapter 585: Go Back to the Negotiation TableTranslator: _Min_ Editor: RundiThe aircraft carrier battle group began to mobilize in the west Pacific direction with the fighter jets constantly taking off from the carrier to increase the patrol frequency in public waters. At the same time, a bom

Chapter 410: The First Silent Treatment (10)Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated"I said, I want a divorce.""No, don't even think about it." Qin Chu immediately declined. From the moment he married her, he never thought about divorcing her."I wasn't asking for your o

Chapter 450: It's nothing muchTranslator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow TranslationsLil’ Bao ran out happily and that made Elder Zheng and the others extremely happy."Come to grandpa, Lil’ Bao." Elder Zheng was elated. It might have been Elder Zheng’s happiest day of his life. He final

Chapter 717: Break Away 1Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe outside worldAG, Nasira, and Manasi sat around a burning bonfire silently.The flames flickered and illuminated the faces of the three people there. There was not much warmth and the atmospher

Chapter 484: It's all an illusion!Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow TranslationsFang Zhengzhi looked at the road leading out of Huai An County, a wave of emotions coming over him.After all, he had funded the construction of this road."Let's go.""Yes, sir!"  ...The Northern Moun

Chapter 682: No Other ChoiceTranslator: Panda_Penn Editor: ChrissyLu Li was not a masochist. Stabbing himself for nothing? Pretending to be okay against all the pains? Who would do that? This was not a way of pretending to be something.Lu Li's intention was to dominate Leng Wuxin, a girl from

Chapter 696: Washing Cats and DogsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe automatic dog washer was a bulky item––big and heavy. Before it arrived, the courier service company had confirmed with Zhang Zian. After getting a positive response, they delivered it on the first working

Chapter 548: Golden Glutinous RiceballTranslator: MrVoltaire1 Editor: Modlawls123The youth felt that this was a good idea. Since time was limited, neither of them wanted to waste their time attacking smaller Nians, as they would not obtain many New Year Points. They had to find other big Nian

Chapter 433: Bone Dragon The Lich was floating above the spiral altar. This altar was continuously sending out energy, sending them to the surrounding towers and using those towers to form an array that allowed the energy to be transported and gathered in the sky.  Finally it was placed in th

Chapter 93 - Requesting from Master  「Hello.」 Master smiled broadly from Kazane's greeting. 「Oh. Kazane, isn't it? Jinrai and Yumika are also with you today.」 「Ehehe, hello.」 「It's been a while, Johnz.」 The two people behind Kazane greeted Master. 「I heard the story. Accompa

Chapter 22: More People? Ying Sheng was even more surprised. However, after Ying Sheng was amazed, his faced actually changed to joy, because Wang Xiong’s attitude would certainly put him in conflict with Zhou Tianyin. “Wang Xiong, you’re saying that you want the Godly Tomb Flow

“That sounds good! Hurry up and call them.” Oh? That sounds great for me too. I can use them as stepping stones for my combo. The Dark Elf continued to attack me. While he was attacking me, the other one took a black horn flute out of his pocket and blew into it. Beeeeeeeeeep- It wa

Chapter 347: The Princess In a catastrophe hundreds of years ago, forest elves once fought shoulder to shoulder with greatsword maids, resisting their nightmare, the Demons. Amongst all the heroes at that time, the Killing Princess was one of the strongest greatsword maids, whose name could even m

“Ah….” Seo Ah-Young let out a resigned gasp after seeing the pillar of light flying rapidly in her general direction. That was the icy Breath the Dragon showed off back in Tokyo. The ray of chilling energy that managed to freeze a city in one go was currently headed straight towa

Chapter 44: Jiang Yi?   There are many people sitting in the Accord at the moment. The highest status is the three instructors of the Lingwu Mountain, followed by the general of the Western Army and Ji Tian.   The west army of the town also surnamed Jiang, listening to the beautiful suff

Chapter 167 Devil Path’s Old Demon In response to Long Chen directly slashing at him, that person merely coldly snorted. A withered, black hand directly grabbed onto Long Chen’s blade. A metallic ringing filled the air when the two collided. That blade in his hands shook and a powerful

Chapter 164 Boosting Morale “Brothers and sisters, everyone look here.” Long Chen waved his hand, getting Tang Wan-er’s faction’s attention. Looking at how confident and at ease his movements were as well as that calm smile, Tang Wan-er couldn’t help lamenting. How c

Chapter 165 Shocking Pass Rate An explosion rang out from one of the caves of the stone wall, drawing everyone’s attention. A figure slowly walked out. “It was actually an inner disciple trial!” People let out a startled cry. That cave had been in the middle layer of the cliff a

Chapter 166 Core Disciple Trial Tang Wan-er’s actions immediately drew everyone’s attention. Even those excited disciples that had passed also calmed down to watch. The core disciple trials were about to begin. Everyone stopped to watch Tang Wan-er. “An unmatched goddess whose

Chapter 3073 - The Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s Ruler “You dare to continue to laugh? Are you truly looking down on our Chu Heavenly Clan?” “Lord Hanpeng, I request that you immediately punish this man and expel him from our Chu Heavenly Clan.” “Else, what ar

Chapter 3074 - True Man Everyone from the Chu Heavenly Clan was astonished. This was especially true for the elders that had spoken repeatedly of severely punishing Chu Youyuan. At that moment, they were shivering and sweating cold sweat in fear. When those elders were already reacting like that,

Chapter 31: The Most Poisonous Woman “Mother, don’t tell me that in your heart I’m really just a vile spawn?” Yi Fei’s face revealed a trace of pain as her body trembled slightly. The Madam didn’t reply and just continued walking forward. At 1.5 meters tall, she

The Queen knew that this day would come when Leah left, so she wasn’t afraid. She placed her cup with unfinished coffee-coloured liquid inside. She turned around with a smile to look at the elder who was absolutely furious. She said, “What has gotten you so mad, elder? Is it because of

All the way to the streets         Mu Qian sneered, “Marry?”       “Second Elder, don’t play dumb with me, didn’t you always find ways to get Xuanyuan Li Tian to withdraw to  his marriage so that your lovely granddaughter here

Chapter 4 –  Qi Yun’s Daughter (1) Master Fourteen, do you have some kind of ability that can make people feel weak from chest tightness and shortness of breath? Ah! Even vomit blood or something? For some people, direct threats are more efficient than rhetorical appeals. Simply b

Chapter: 159 out of 513 – News that arrived without warning (2) Two days later, the rumors had subsided. The heir and his wife weren’t getting a divorce. Luo Qianqian had also finished packing up to travel to Prince Huainan’s fiefdom with Zhao Kaifeng. Sir Luo and Prince Huainan

Chapter 218: Revenge (IV) Qin Huaiyuan was well versed in knowing when to advance or retreat. Otherwise, his outstanding talents alone wouldn’t have been enough for the emperor to trust him for so long. So with the summons today, the emperor was quite confident that the marquis would fall in