The Deterrent Effect of the Head 5th of the week!Do support us in Patreon if you are able to!The Imperial Capital of the Great Cloud Empire, like Great Qian Empire, was the most prosperous place in the empire. It was an extensive land with all kinds of splendid buildings that made the capital

The Old Emperor’s Intervention Extra dose of the week! Be sure to support us in Patreon if you are able to!“Impossible! This certainly isn’t true. How could the dignified late Immortal Venerable supreme elder die in the hands of Jiang Chen?”“However, this is indeed the head of Supreme Elde

"Why is it always in the trillions? Does he really have that kind of money?"While the Korean society was going crazy over yet another bomb Ahn Soo Ho unleashed, he roamed around without any worries. Kang Joon, who was a part of the 8-member group as an IT expert, wasn't so happy about his issu

" no" Alex simply replied. He feels that it is a good chance for him to make his family overcome the angst they felt for his near death encounter and decides to drag things and help them calm down and be happy." What do you mean by no?" Gwen asked ." I meant I have two

" Indeed. I was never able to fool you, Grandpa." He said while laughing at himself for falling into such a trap.Alex thought that he was leading them away from the main topic and protected himself from his family's wrath and the future serious talks he was sure to ge

The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art’s dual cultivation methods not only allowed a man and woman’s True Qis to blend together, thus purifying and enhancing one another, it even allowed their Divine Senses to do so as well.Su Yan felt a rush of Spiritual Energy and profound enlightenment flood h

Back inside the ice room, Yang Kai and Su Yan’s Souls returned to their respective bodies and Su Yan once again entered into a deep sleep.Having spoken at length with Su Yan, Yang Kai finally put down the burden weighing on his heart. Apparently she would remain in the Ice Body Sealed Heart’s

As Fei was stunned, the terrifying phenomenon was getting more and more intenseFlashing lightning bolts, leaping flares, cracking icebergs, collapsing hills, flowing rivers, jumping metal elements… In fact, even the terrifying chaotic elements which only existed in legends appeared.All the nat

Chapter 384: Once an emperor, now an empress (finale)Although Lou Zigui was not welcomed by most at the Duke of Yue’s estate, his skin was thick enough that he hung around for half a month. During that time, First Young Master Lou visited once to inquire about his brother's injury and then tal

"Leave." Tara's smile was uglier than her frown. They were used to a woman who was calm and gentle at most times. Now, her intense and hostile response made them uncomfortable. The ladies left the hospital. Tara's face changed in a few seconds when she saw Ira. She painted a polite smile, "Sor

A man who treats his woman like a princess, that's a proof he has been born and raised by a queen. Ira had built a wall and disconnected from the people who cared for her. She had hurt the person who valued her so much to come forward and protect her."I am sorry for my earlier behaviour. I rea

Ira was glad they came to stay in Rai mansion. From the time of her marriage, she rarely visited the place, let alone hanging here for a few days. This place had a weird attachment to her. Grief sure does strange things to the brain. Past life, both her dad and brother died. But in her dreams,

She shooted daggers at everyone and stepped to her bedroom. She walked slow, so sure that Vivan would follow. Behind the cold farce, she liked the teasing, because after this Vivan would appease her gently.After climbing up the stairs, Ira stopped in her tracks before realizing something. She

In recent years, an organization emerged called the Shadow Ghost Group. Its nature was similar to an assassin group, but it was not exactly the same because this organization accepted not only assassination missions, but also stealing missions.Whether it was a well-guarded museum or a heavily

Lu Zhaoyang lay in Huo Yunting's arms snugly. Her eyes shut as if she was asleep, but she was not. She drew her brows together as her stomach clenched.Huo Yunting kept an eye on her, and slipped his warm hand underneath her clothes and pressed on her stomach.He was speeding. But seeing her con

It was his private ward, which he had specially reserved for himself, just in case of any mishaps. Everything here was brand new. Who would dare to sleep here?Huo Yunting scooped up a spoonful of vegetable mushroom porridge. "Eat some. I will bring your clothes later."Lu Zhaoyang shot him a lo

Xianyi jolted while seeing the opponent approaching closer and instinctively staggered backward.“What?!” He shouted.“I haven’t killed in a while so my hands are itchy. Time to feed the addiction.” Li Qiye happily grinned.“Don’t be crazy!” Xianyi was horrified, aware that this guy was much stronger.

Little Qiu and the others also knew Li Dagang. Seeing Li Dagang coming, they quickly called him "Brother Li" or "Brother Gang."Li Dagang had already met Yang Ming's two girlfriends, so he didn't think it was strange to see Wang Xiaoyan at the moment. Brother Yang was a bad*ss man. Li Dagang ha

In the spring semester, the university's start date was generally around February 25th. There were no lectures yet, but some graduate students and Ph.D. students who had projects had already returned to school in advance. Hence, the university did not seem deserted at all.Of course, there were

The operating theater in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was spacious and bright.From the angle in the demonstration room, the operating theater under the panoramic camera was more like a mysterious world. Light blue floors, dark blue drapings, white equipment, silver devices, and bl

As Liu Weichen was already in the center, he decided to undergo another checkup.For him, radioactive exposure, inconvenience, and costs were not of much concern. As long as he could get his Achilles tendon treated and get back on the field, he would endure practically everything.If he was able

The next morning, Lan woke up to news that spelled trouble.A lot, lot of trouble.Four prominent trade families had come together to announce that they really appreciated the Viscargo family's actions, and that they wanted to help. Instead of offering monetary help or resources like the other f

Lith didn't like at all the turn the events had taken. In hindsight, it was an easily predictable outcome. Driven by his desire to stand out among the masses, he had provided them too much information, giving them hope.His plan to give them just enough to solve the problem on their own, lettin

Side Story 20The last side story: Twelve years later (2)A shadow of a woman, yet to shed the hints of her teen years, vigorously rose up from the thickly-coagulated clump of blood on the floor.Chwa-ahck!!Droplets of blood dripped from the ends of her hair as she took a look around her, her exp

"If Ulf says no then I'm not interested."Yukio glared at Kuri. 'Damn you and your stubbornness! Are you Siamese twins or something?'He growled mentally realising the day had come to a bad start. An hour from now he'd deliver not one but two negative messages to Princip

"Yes, I like my high school very much. Himekaizen is so much fun," Christina said and giggled inanely.The anchor gave her a pained but professional smile in return. Most likely the woman had seen more than her fair share of beautiful airheads flaring into fame just to

Noriko left the hospital more thoughtful than she had expected. While she didn't visit Urufu every day like Yukio and Kuri she still went to see her friend often enough to notice how much better he made her feel after a visit.'Should be the other way around,' she thoug

A feeling of impending doom clung to the school when Ryu arrived the first Monday after their midterm exams.With exams over and done with the main dish on the rumour mill menu ought to have been the student council elections.However, what most students spoke about was

Yukio slid open the door to Urufu's room, or rather the room he shared with another two patients.One look inside told him one of those patients had been discharged. The bed was neatly made and still untouched for the day. Urufu sat in his bed by the window and looked o

That was a bad memory. The memory of Ulf's body shaking with tears and loss still occupied her mind whenever she wondered if she had the ability to solve a problem. And that was a bad problem in itself. Never before had she allowed herself to become dependent on anyone

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-Pat/reon for monthly Extra! Next Goal: +5 Extra (98% Complete)-No Gift here, try PayPal (+10$ = Extra)-Extra by Votes: 5000 / 8000~~~~~~~~~~The place they were in was the highest point in the Tower of Lies as Xikil was hanged at a tree on a floating rock."Mortal? No!

-Pat/reon for monthly Extra! Next Goal: +5 Extra (98% Complete)-No Gift here, try PayPal (+10$ = Extra)-Extra by Votes: 5000 / 8000~~~~~~~~~~Sir Cadwell of Codswallop is the oldest of the Soul Shriven of Coldharbour. A cheerful and endearingly mad lost soul, he was sai

A/n: Sorry for being a bit lazy lately. My Biological Clock is under maintenance so I can sleep like normal people again!~~~~~~~~~~*3 Days until the Battle of Winterhold*"Jolly good seeing you again, out for a stroll did you?"What met Jon after going out of [Cube] was

5K Votes Extra~~~"Run for your lives!" Xikil screamed in frenzy.The situation in the Black Forge was chaotic. Red sparks, metal shrapnel, a horde of angry Dremora, tracking scamps and even large eye-like creatures surveying the sky above the forge.This all happened bec

"You know, Xikil. I am actually feeling bad for you.""Cut it, Mortal. I know you are scheming something.""What? Me? How rude! I was genuinely honest with you.""I don't think you were truly honest.""What? Even you, Serana. I am officially heartbroken."Back at Sir Cadwel

*2 Days until the Battle of Winterhold*"Sir Cadwell, what is going on here?""Oh, good to see you Krilon, my dear. You see, now that we have helped you gather your items, it is your turn to help us. Don't worry, the objective is too simple I might say. We are also helpi

A/N: 8000K votes extra of last week.~~~~~~~~~~A Daedric Titan is not some your walk in the mill Daedra, it is the elitist of the elite. War slaves to Molag Bal, the first Daedric Titan was created from a Dragon captured by Molag Bal who wanted to know the secret of how

*1 Day until the Battle of Winterhold*The dust settled down long ago and the Hollow City became quite. The Soul Shriven that managed to reincarnate returned to the city and manned the walls, Sir Cadwell made sure that everything stays in order for the time being.The Ho

Coldharbour was never the same since that day, the scale of chaos that broke around the realm was unheard of ever since Planemeld was stopped and Molag Bal's spiky put was kicked. The Hollow City that broke out of Coldharbour's control was something out of the blue, gr