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Chapter 171 “Alright, see ya.” “See you.” Maru pedalled towards the market on his bike. The two of them used to hang out with Dojin after school all the time, but nowadays it was a lot harder to catch a glimpse of the boy. It looked like he chose to continue working part-t

A Spy’s Monologue (3)           The country that that man described as ‘beautiful’ was certainly magnificent and prosperous.      Even the remote towns far from the royal capital stayed clean and vibrant. There was, o

A Spy’s Monologue (2)           I became lost in thought as a hazy memory filled my mind.     At the end of a narrow alley was a ghetto surrounded by old, crumbling houses built from stone.     Run-down huts lined

A Spy’s Monologue       “Enough!!”      A harsh, angered voice rushed into my ears. I opened an eye towards a man whose arms were folded.     Sitting on the branch of a tall tree, I could observe the ongoing affairs t

667 – Regina Yang Feng took a closer look at the silver-haired loli and praised: “What a pretty thing. A few years later, she’ll definitely grow into an outstanding beauty!” The silver-haired loli has porcelain-white, delicate skin, beautiful ruby-like eyes, a petite and sl

The butlers and the servants who heard the commotion apologized for turning a blind eye to it. Tistye and the others moved to the drawing room. Across Tistye and Gaizel who sat next to each other on a sofa was an exhausted Van. He seemed depressed. “Actually… I don’t really kno

Chapter 518.1: Pursuing Although Qin Yining was happy to see familiar faces, her heart still rang with a few notes of caution.  Liao Zhibing, Zhao Promise, and Zhao Unbreakable bowed to Qin Yining once again.  “We’ve finally found you after so long!” Zhao Promise&rsquo

Chapter 1140 - Everyone’s Changes Over the Past Hundred Years “Ah?” Bai Biling was delightedly admiring and fiddling with a demigod artifact, but when she heard that, her grip slackened and the weapon clattered to the ground.    She looked back and forth, her gaze flit

(T.N: Sorry, it looks like I translated “Kingdom Obram” as “Old Kingdom Bram” before) 「Eh? But our neighboring countries are the Kingdom of Brandel in the west, the Empire of Albarn in the southwest, the Kingdom of Marein in the east, and the sea in the n

Chapter 324: A Great Uproar in the North Sea Palace Given the choice, Qing Han wasn’t the sort to attract attention to himself. When Lu Yun and the rest had been stirring up a storm, he was calmly observing from the sidelines without joining in. But this time, Lu Yun was determined to make h

Chapter 1127: Life or Death Decision Doom had reached an extremely critical juncture, and Yang Qi wasn’t doing anything to influence his decision. Although Yang Qi had cast aside the fetters of the God Legion Seal, he knew that gaining a second seal would provoke heaven-shaking, earth-topplin

Chapter 15 – Rest Area Half an hour later, Shen Mo and Bai Youwei arrived at the rest area. A number of people were gathered around the rest area, about twenty or so. There were men, women and children, all in the restaurant. Whereas the original staff of the rest area were nowhere to be se

Chapter 16 – A Couple Shen Mo touched his nose, feeling that he was too gentle. …Next time, he should try being fiercer. He left the wheelchair at the entrance of the cubicle before turning around and left. While waiting for her outside the ladies’ room, he heard thumping and

The Calm That Comes With A Thought(5)   A heavy object fell on the ground, causing a thud. The little boy felt something splashing on his head, it was sticky and sliding down along his hairs. It was then followed by a foul smell. As the little boy did not feel any pain for some time, he ra

Back to the Dream   Under normal circumstances, Shao Xuan rarely dreamed. Every time he dreamed, there would’ve been a reason, and sometimes the reason was related to something that might actually happen in real life.    When he thought about all the dreams he had before, he r

Traces   After Shao Xuan descended the mountain, he began to search.    He didn't know which mountain was the one he saw in the dream. From a high altitude, he had a wider field of vision. Shao Xuan even borrowed a great mountain eagle from the Hui tribe to try to get a higher v

The Lush Green Grounds   There were many broken branches around, and as the birds broke through the trees from above, more leaves and branches fell . Up above, a patch of blue sky was revealed, and the sun shone directly onto the ground.    Under the hot weather and scorching sun, t

The Hidden Village in the Mountain   In a place surrounded by mountains, the sounds of human activity came from newly built wooden houses.    These wooden houses were only built recently, and the cuts in the wood were still fairly fresh. With lines of wooden houses arranged in such

The Search   A strange tree without leaves and branches stood alone like a bare wooden pile. The only special thing was that it had hundreds of fist-sized holes.    Chop!    The waved axe brought with it a sharp air current. The strange tree was chopped down.   

Nalan Feixue’s sleeves were lifted, but only her snow-white smooth skin could be seen. There weren’t any whip marks. Xiang Lan broke into sweats, and her eyes were full of panic and disbelief, “No… impossible! I saw it with my own eyes. Didn’t you all see it with your

Alice went to Bailing Estate with her sister this time. Little loli was very business-savvy as she bought a lot of specialty products at Bailing Estate. She brought all of them back to the Dark Moon together with the gift from Bailing Estate’s lord and sold it under the brand of Princess Retai

It happened in an instant. The king beast’s body flashed in a bloody light. The surrounding blood mist rolled, and it turned into numerous bloody light blades in the next moment. They shrouded Fang Yao and the other two in a bloody vortex. Upon seeing this, the three of them panicked and trie

Chapter 1032: A Shocking Moment   For everyone present, the mystical dragon tribe was the most enigmatic group. The fact that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor would single out Luo Pin was already surprising enough. And what he had asked was if Luo Pin had the confidence to pass the Great Trial

Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 838 words Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus   Three Adventurers were occupying the vicinity of the cave entrance. All of th

Chapter 32: Reunion Shen Qingqiu sat upright. A corpse, f*** f*** f***! I’d just thought “the water’s so clear” and you give me a floating corpse? Don’t slap my face so heavily, okay! Liu Qingge used a pole to hook the corpse closer and turn it over. It was actually

Chapter 1940 Do Good And Good Will Come To YouTang San rubbed Tang Wulin’s head as his own body turned illusory with time. “The situation is set. I can be at ease now. However, you’ll need to put in more effort in your cultivation. With the abyssal energy as the foundation, it’s not too difficult to

It was the pride of the Clear Sky Clan with their ancestor being the lord of the plane!In the sky, Tang Hao suddenly pointed in the direction of the sea with his right hand. He raised the Clear Sky Hammer soon after to unleash a layer of seven-colored radiance which floated to the sea.All at once, t

Chapter 635: Downfall 3The turnover of the Red Dragon King’s stance was quickly known in huge numbers.Unsurprisingly, the Song Imperial palace who heard the news was overturned.“What? Lee Yong-mu asked the troops along with him to surrender over to Jo Won-rak?”“That is right. It is said that after b

Chapter 634: Downfall 2“Woahhh!”“Your Majesty has won!”“The Northern King defeated the Red Dragon King!”Starting from the Symphonia Kingdom troops, shouts of joy began to spread throughout the allied forces.In contrast to that, the Song Empire troops froze in shock.Even Hwang Bo-kwang’s men, who wer

Chapter 1130: Do You Still Have Your Self-esteem?As the darkness of the night blanketed the ground, bright lights illuminated the Park family’s mansion.When Park Cheon returned home and received the report from Eunjung, a wave of fury rushed upon him. He promptly called for the entire batch of bodyg

Chapter 1900: The Black Flame Moon God!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr “Abu Muslim, you’re seeking death! You’re no longer any match for me! If I were you, I would have never taken part in this war!” Wang Chong’s dantian trembled, and his Stellar Energy transformed into a massive azu

Chapter 460 – The Pill Formula’s OriginYan Tianhen assured, “Right now, no matter what you want, I will promise to give it to you.”Feng Jingyu responded, “Besides yourself, what else do you have that this king wants?”Yan Tianhen’s body suddenly froze and his throat tightened. “Maomao, I didn’t expec

Chapter 459 – Great Reversal PalmYou Ming grabbed a young cultivator beside him who had been clicking his tongue while chattering incessantly about how strong Yue Suhua’s palm attack was. He scowled and asked, “What happened just now? Where’s Lin Xuanzhi?”Normally, You Ming deliberately concealed hi

Chapter 601: Head-on Blow (2)“You must not hurt me. If you kill me, the Blue Moon Dynasty’s forces here at the Forsaken Land will not show you any mercy.” Qu Rui tried hard to look calm. He was convinced that Shen Yanxiao lacked the courage to harm him.“Oh? Really?” Shen Yanxiao smiled before she sa

Chapter 600: Head-on Blow (1)“What did you say?” Shen Yanxiao’s words came as a shock to Qu Rui. She was pretty, but her words offended his ears.“I said…” Shen Yanxiao smiled as she squinted her eyes.“You rubbish from the Blue Moon Dynasty, listen up! I will slaughter each one of you if you dare to

Chapter 1283 A Face Full of Saliva“Uncle, uncle-in-law?” San Bao twisted her tongue. When she spoke the last word ‘law’, she spat on Qiao Nan’s face. Qiao Nan wiped her face. “San Bao, with you around, it will rain in our house.” Was she being filial and showing her respect with saliva?“Yes, uncle-i

Chapter 1376 UntitledThe audience held their breaths as the dagger was about to strike Bo Jiu on the big screens. Right at this moment, however, Bo Jiu lifted her long rifle and returned back to her original position. She moved so quickly the audience was stunned. For the first time ever, Hoshino’s

Chapter 1074 His Energy Center Explodes.The man was surprised by Gu Ning’s and Leng Shaoting’s ability.“Who are you? What are you doing here?” he asked them in a low voice. He felt that they didn’t come here for treasure, but him. However, he couldn’t believe that ordinary human beings were able to

Chapter 981 The Judge of The Meat CategoryThe new notice that Mag put up caused quite a commotion amongst the customers because the reward was simply too attractive!All the items in Mamy Restaurant would be free flow and free of charge, including tofu pudding!Almost all the customers going into the

Chapter 1402 Gaining information with the help of wineAfter listening to that and watching the man named Hu leave, the corners of Feng Jiu’s mouth twitched, revealing a cunning smile. She stretched out her hand and flicked her sleeves. A cloud of dusty powder fell to the ground and disappeared witho