Chapter 32.1 : Saria Academy … … … ◆ Black-haired Sage, Chiyuki While flying above Kisonia Great Prairie, I could see people running across the prairie below me. The ones running across of the prairie possess the upper body of a human and lower body of a horse – c

Chapter 440 - We are All Passing Through The Shadowmist Assassin was wreathed in electricity as it fell before everyone. It had been hiding out in the fog all this while, coming in and out just like a gust of wind. With its fall to the ground, this was actually everybody’s first time getting a goo

Chapter 31.2 : Capital of Dwarf … …. … 「Similar to Modes……….. Though Modes put up a good fight, he ended up retreating to Nargol. Thus due to his own desire, starting a dispute from which both party unable to fall back」 [TL : referring to Rena’s clon

Chapter 96: Not lying? Ning Xiaofei grabbed Xu Yang’s palm and hurriedly pulled him to a quite spot outside the corridor. “Assistant, you… is this a big joke?” She knew that this guy was just helping her, but this wasn’t a trivial matter. If this guest, Xicheng refu

Chapter 95: Is this a big joke? “Yes, Assistant Xu!” …… Everyone immediately crowded around Xu Yang and Ning Xiaofei to stop them. It has been tough fishing this big Buddha. If they miss this opportunity, it would be a great loss for the column. “I’m also v

Chapter 61 – Bachelor But he did not make a sound. With his two eyeballs protruding out, his whole body was frozen like a stone statue. Shen Qingqiu held his breath. Gurgling sounds could be heard from the Old Palace Master’s throat and bloodshot veins crawled up his eyes.   But

Chapter 419 - Skilled in Both Everyone who worked in Korean-owned companies knew what it was like. Koreans were short-tempered and fights occurred once in a while with the Chinese workers’ side. Many of the bullied Chinese also did not complain and kept quiet because they wanted to keep their

Chapter 418 - Nothing to Sneeze At! Early the next morning, Xia Lei came with Shentu Tianyin to an industrial park on the outskirts of Jingdu. The mobile phone factory was there.  Shentu Tianyin’s strategy was to wait for the brand to mature before increasing production in accordance wi

Chapter 417 - Pigeon Pair Tempo Night descended and the city changed. Neon lights flashed and the lights of traffic winked with passing cars. Men and women alike were lost in music and alcohol, indulging in a life of luxury.  Xia Lei changed too - his status was set anew in Shentu Tianyin&rsq

278 An Invisible Battle “Looks like the only subordinate who can share the world with the Ghost King is rather confident of himself.” Si Luo acknowledged Cang Ming’s confidence, but he wasn’t the least bit afraid. Cang Ming narrowed his eyes. “We’ve went against

That lady got a curved and graceful figure. She dressed in a light yellow dress, and when the wind blew the light gauze attaching to the dress, she looked very beautiful. That lady and Bai Yeqing were walking side by side, and she looked up to talk something with him, while his expression remained

Chapter 6.1: Strange Beast “Mistress, why did you save it?” Little Shadow flew over to Duanmu Xi’s side, her grey blue eyes uncomprehending. Duanmu Xi looked at the Snow Wolf’s back and a glint flashed across her eyes. [Why?] [She herself wasn’t too sure either, sh

Chapter 7.1: Deep Sleep   When the light beams passed her, Duanmu Xi felt as if she had been pierced by countless sharp arrows, and an innumerable number of tiny small wounds appeared all over her body, every single one of those wounds trickling out a small trace of blood. “Ungh&hellip

Translator: Cryus I was standing right in the middle of it all like an idiot. My brain wasn’t working normally. That was too shocking. Not once did I ever think that Michel liked me. I liked Michel a long time ago. He was the only one who recognized and treated me like a girl. Because of t

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 6 *unedited* “Sirius is up! Sirius is up!”  “The flood is about to begin!” “Get ready for the sacrifice! I am afraid the festival will be earlier this year!” “I hope that this year will have fertile land and there

Wang Yong was happy with this, but Yang Chen still had something upsetting him. Soon, Wang Yong discovered this. “Was there any trouble recently?” He was promoted to the master of the dacheng stage and Wang Yong was shocked by his sensitivity and asked immediately. “The disciples

Elizabeth placed her glass of wine down and looked at Vyvyan. Vyvyan looked at the glass of wine in Elizabeth’s hand and pouted. Slightly unhappy, she admonished Elizabeth: “You’ve started drinking when it’s daytime? This is different to what you’re supposed to do. Didn

The Reincarnated Princess’ Decision (2)     “…There are still many things I would like to ask, but first, please raise your head.”    The chief was the one who broke the silence after some time.    Following his words, his amber eyes re

A dim hexagonal lantern had been lit. It was hung on a lampstand near the head of the bed.   Under the dim light, He Changdi could clearly see Chu Lian’s sleeping face. She was wearing a light pink nightgown embroidered with beautiful flowers, curled up in a fetal position with both of

After she exited the tent, Wenqing called over one of the Anyuan Estate’s guards and told him to search for He Changdi. The guard didn’t dare procrastinate and swiftly left. Chu Lian drank the medicine that the female physician had prescribed. The medicine contained medical herbs with

Chapter 212: Fated Destiny (Part 2) But Luo Tan had a temperament that would not care about anything when she get angry that she would not even fear Heavens. She said, “Previously Youngest Biao Sister refuse to let me say but now she is lying on the sick bed. Since she does not speak of it th

Chapter 2133 – Secret of the Demon God’s Tomb … … … After Lin Ming broke through to the upper Empyrean realm, events quieted down. He stayed in his seclusion chamber all day and focused on studying the black book of death. Because he now possessed the systemic c

Chapter 677: Battles Between Sun-Class Lords (Part One) What Lemorz said instantly brought hope to Senxi, and his eyes lit up.   “That is right! Hahahaha! Nothing is settled now! We still have an opportunity!” Senxi laughed out loud.   “You still have an opportunity,

Zhang Ruochen's appearance created quite a stir in the Coliseum of the Martial Market.After all, Zhang Ruochen was the 16th master on the Heaven Board and held the title of The Successor of Buddha. Instead of Huang Yanchen, people were now anticipating his fight with Huang Shenyi."Zhang Ruoche

On the Weibo Trending List.These paintings were personally uploaded by the Chinese Art Association. They had used the best facility to make a clear and distinct scan of the paintings and subsequently uploaded them online.There were ten paintings in total. All ten paintings were equally stunnin

While Mu Chen and Nine Nether were expressing their sympathy for Xia Hong subtly, the latter could not help but frown, as he sensed their glances. This made him feel uneasy, but in the end, he suppressed the subtle emotion.This was because, even after much deliberation, he could not think of a

Even if he had strong telepathic skills or a good memory, it would've been impossible for Xu Lin to recreate the script exactly...Which meant there was only one explanation left - Xu Lin lied to him and the script was completed a long time ago. He was also one step ahead of him and published i

“Mr. Su, we’re really here to save you!”   Before Su Qiubai could speak, Gu Qianshan quickly reassured. He had no choice… That group of courageous men was too ferocious! They were going to beat up a person just because they had a different opinion. The more important

Xiao Xiuwen didn’t bother about what Gu Qianshan was doing here.   In the past, despite the Xiao family treating the Gu family politely, they had always wished for their death.   That was why Xiao Xiuwen had always targeted the Gu family the entire time. In fact, all the arrangem

Why should I make him happy?Rong Haiyue was a criminal, the man who had raped her. She was not willing to be with him at all. He forced her to have sex with him and got her pregnant and then forced her to have his child."I saw him raising other people's childred, that bastard out of nowhere, a

For the battles in front, it had used up quite a lot of energy of the other four members. Especially for Redington who took the lead, he displayed the manners of a Mr. Perfect, and his situation was far from good. However, since everyone had already reached this stage, there was naturally no r

When Cheng Qingchong woke up the next morning, Qin Yinan was already in the dining room, having breakfast with Mrs. Cheng.Afraid that Mrs. Cheng might notice her bloated eyes and ask her about it, Cheng Qingchong spent a long time in the bathroom, applying a wet towel drenched in cold water ov

Zhao Yu was shocked. He never expected that the man would dash into the middle of the road! Although Guo Bin Street was narrow, the traffic flow was quite heavy. Plus, the bus station was very close to the cross junction, so many cars were spe

Chu Li said, "The warzone is indeed not suitable for women, but the application of the art of war strategy is very broad, it's not only applicable in wars but universally useful as well."Leng Qing said faintly, "Wherever it is, it's useless because I'm a woman."Chu Li laughed.Leng Qiu said, "H

"Alright! Chen Xiaobei is now the champion since Tai Yitan decides to yield to him! Tai Yitan will be placed second!"Yue Changkong then paused for a while and said, "As for the third place…"500 Spiritual Stones was no small amount of fortune. Yue Changkong was planning to postpone the fight be

Outside Stormwind, the Old Paladin got off his Gryphon and the guards led it over to the Flight Master where its resting spot was.Stormwind was like the usual today. Compared to Darnassus, Stormwind was much more lively and noisy. The noise did not only come from the blacksmiths who were forgi

@@ "Haha!" Dongfang Yu laughed and she gently brushed her finger across Xiao Xun'er's little nose. "You, little one, are really too cute. It's definitely not proper for you to take your trousers off in front of maidens but I'm your matern

The auction will take place in a remote mansion deep within the mountain forests of the Blackboard Region.On the surface, it was just a lonely white private vacation home, but five hundred meters underground, there was a huge square underground space.The space was like a giant opera house, wit

The spaceship built by the rebels was showy and exaggerative, just like themselves. Inside the giant spaceship, every corridor, every piece of equipment, everything was beautifully decorated and meticulously arranged.The corridor was spacious and bright. It had a gracefully curved vault, with

At the bottom of the sinkhole in the Western Wilderness lived many serfs who had served the monks in the Xuankong Temple and maintained the society. In Haotian's eyes, all the humans living in the world were serfs, like ants who lived bori