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The other disciples excitedly charging towards Huang Xiaolong were stunned, and they slammed on the brakes as hard as they could as they stopped dead in their tracks.The disciples of the Fortune Emperor Palace felt cold sweat drenching the back of their clothes.That’s so scary!Even though they were

The Huya TV live-streaming platform. A small channel with around 70 viewers showing a ranked League of Legends game. The streamer, Evening Snowfall, was playing the champion Vayne, the ad-carry on the blue team. She was completely focused on farming minions at bottom lane.

If there were a medicine for regret in this world, Su Xue would be on the web ordering it right now! Oh, the bitter tang of regret! How could she allow herself to fall prey to greed and agree to let this brat become her roommate? A single moment of weakness, a lapse-in-judg

Lin Feng had an odd habit while playing League of Legends. It started way back when he first started playing the game. The champions in the game, all of them were unique. All of them came with different attack animations and voice lines, and all of them were cool. This entr

Su Xue couldn’t believe what her eyes were telling her. She’d left for the washroom not two minutes ago. In that short period of time, a losing game suddenly didn’t look all that lost anymore. Lin Feng picked up three kills! She rubbed her eyes and stared at the screen agai

After his second double kill, Lin Feng’s KDA was now 5/3/2. Any advantage the red team’s bottom lane duo had from the start of the game was completely neutralized. Lin Feng smashed that snowball before it could turn into an avalanche. And since he was such an overachiever,

A bet was a bet. Su Xue begrudgingly headed to the kitchen and started busying herself. Even though she was an enchanting beauty, she was quite high spec in other areas too. Her skills with a knife were superb. As soon as she stepped into the kitchen, the air around her cha

“I gotta say, Four Emperors and Seven Kings really does have a nice ring to it,” Ouyang excitedly droned on. “It’s perfect too since the guys in the Seven Kings are actually noticeably worse than the Four Emperors.” “Just the name Four Emperors screams hella cool!” Ouyang c

Yang Fan snapped back to his senses. He stared at Ouyang in disbelief. “Hey, hey, Ouyang. I didn’t mishear just now, did I? Did you really say Tang Bingyao?”Ren Rou also quickly regained her wits, her eyes narrowing into a sharp glare. “Ouyang, what are you trying to pull h

As Ouyang and Lin Feng returned to their desks, Yang Fan turned around and asked, “So, did she agree?”Ouyang patted his chest with a smug smile on his face. “Of course! I worked my charms on her, and she agreed immediately! Easy peasy! We have our ad-carry!” Then, his expre

Draven! The spectators stared at Tang Bingyao in shock. The Glorious Executioner was a frightening champion that relied on his two spinning axes to slaughter his enemies. Among all the ad-carries in League of Legends, he was the most aggressive and bloodthirsty.The students

When the game reached the 20-minute mark, Class 8 unanimously voted to surrender. The complexion of their five players were pale-white, traces of fear still lingering in their eyes. When they had started the surrender vote, Tang Bingyao’s 17-kill Draven was already on the v

Tang Bingyao naturally didn’t have the ¥1 million to pay Lin Feng his answer fee. But a bet was a bet, and so she let Lin Feng sit next to her and watch her play. After queuing up for a match, she turned to him and asked, “Why did it feel like I could never hit you during o

“Vayne learned Silver Bolts at Level 2. If she had picked Condemn instead, she would’ve survived,” Lin Feng analyzed. Vayne had three basic skills. Her first skill was Tumble, which was a short range dash that empowered her next basic attack; the second was Silver Bolts, wh

Seven minutes into the game, the situation at bot lane was relatively calm. There were no signs of any fights breaking out. Both ad-carries appeared content farming minions and scaling. However, Tang Bingyao was slowly being out-CSed. Over these past few minutes, Vayne had

Behind the screen, Nightsong’s eyelids faintly twitched. He felt an indescribable pressure. His senses were screaming danger, but for the first time he doubted them and wondered if he was just being paranoid.As the seconds passed, Nightsong noticed a clear change. Ever sinc

In the gaming house of a certain LPL team, Nightsong’s eyes narrowed as he watched the enemy Draven on his screen. A faint ember flickered in his eyes. The aura around him changed. He sat up a bit on his seat and straightened his lower back. Now, he was really taking the ga

At the end of the day, Lin Feng had still won the game, so Tang Bingyao didn’t pursue the topic any further. Plus, one thing was clear. If she had continued playing, even with the enemy mid-laner disconnecting, she still wouldn’t have necessarily won the game. The enemy ad-

The maid relinquished the streamer seat, and the li’l bro took over the stream. After plopping down in front of the computer, Lin Feng noticed Su Xue’s champion was Ezreal. He turned to her with a raised eyebrow. “You play Ez?”The Prodigal Explorer, Ezreal, was the handsome

Early the next day, in the back of the classroom, Ouyang slammed a heavy textbook shut. On the cover was the word ‘History’ printed in big bold letters. He let out a grief-stricken wail, “AGGHH! God! Just kill me now!”Right before the period bell rang, the history teacher,

At the constant pestering of Lin Feng, Tang Bingyao finally agreed to duo queue with him. She picked two Diamond accounts she was boosting and gave one to Lin Feng. Like this, she could get two orders out of the way at once.Even though Tang Bingyao was occasionally a bit na

Lin Feng stunned Janna. Tang Bingyao followed up as she continuously chucked spears at Janna while dashing forward. Janna’s health rapidly plummeted!Tristana tried to get Annie to back off by firing shots at her, but Lin Feng didn’t bat an eye. Tiny fireballs continuously s

Lin Feng obediently took off his shoes, then sat down at the table with Su Xue and the mystery guest.“Wash your hands,” Su Xue glared.Lin Feng hurriedly shot up to his feet to go wash his hands.The red-headed guest couldn’t help but break out into laughter. “Ah, Xue Xue, is

The summoner names of teammates weren't visible during the pick-ban phase, unless they typed in chat. So, the viewers only realized who was on their team when his message appeared in the game chat.「Mid please. Find my stream by searching Ol’ Black on Huya. Give me my role,

Lin Feng, Su Xue, Zuo You, and the viewers watched as Jarvan IV’s figure came into sight. He strutted over directly to his blue buff with his Drakebane lance, completely oblivious to the danger in the surroundings, and started attacking it.The ward Lin Feng placed down in t

With a free double kill at bot and a solo kill in mid, there was no one left to defend dragon. So, Lin Feng led the charge to the dragon pit from bot lane and pinged LeBlanc to come help.Ol’ Black was still in a daze before the ping snapped him back to his senses. As he hea

Zuo You noticed Su Xue’s strange expression and followed her gaze to the chat. The stream only had 50-odd viewers a minute ago. Now, however, the viewer count shot up to almost 600! “The hell! What’s going on?” she gasped, her eyes going wide.It was precisely this audible g

With a lightning fast combination of key presses and mouse movements, Lin Feng pulled off a perfect combo. There was no counterplay. The Jinx player’s screen turned grey before he even noticed the Lee Sin!The other four players on the blue team felt their heads spinning. D-

“Mmphh don try ‘oo pull he ool opher my eyes, ghi’m pree’y sharp,” Lin Feng said with a mouthful of noodles. He swallowed down his food and continued, “Just tell me what’s on your mind. I’ll try my best to help!”Slurping down another mouthful, Lin Feng finished off the rest

“No matter how unrealistic... as long as you try... something worth respecting…” Su Xue mumbled to herself, deeply touched. She stared at Lin Feng and said with a hint of hesitation, “Then what you mean is…”Lin Feng smiled brightly and patted his chest. “Don’t worry. I’ll m

“You told him you were a Challenger in the Ionia server?” Tang Bingyao frowned as she created a ranked game lobby. “Of course he didn’t believe you. No one would.”“But I’m really telling the truth,” Lin Feng muttered in vexation.“Really?” Tang Bingyao looked back at him ear

Lin Feng’s thought process was clear cut. He’d convinced Tang Bingyao to try Kalista because he knew her playstyle suited the champion. Kalista was a champion that required good mechanics, and Tang Bingyao’s greatest strength were her high-level reflexes and control with th

Over the next few days, Lin Feng basically spent all his free time helping Tang Bingyao complete her elo boosting orders for free and coaching Su Xue. Pile on all the schoolwork on top of that, and he was quite busy every day. However, with both his students showing clear i

After spending all night practicing Lin Feng lessons of CSing and laning, preparing breakfast for Lin Feng, and leaving him a brief note, Su Xue finally caved in to her fatigue and collapsed on her bed. She slept until the afternoon.When Su Xue opened her eyes again, she pu

Su Xue quickly queued into her first match. In champion select, she picked her main, Caitlyn. Out of all the ad-carries she played, she’d been doing the best with Caitlyn lately, especially at farming. Plus, it was never a bad idea to start the day on a high note. The enemy

In League of Legends, there were three great blunders: No vision in the brush. The enemy has no flash. I can get the kill! In the same vein, man had three great questions in life: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I heading? Before Su Xue’s viewers was also a questio

More and more people were entering Su Xue’s stream, and a good 80% of them were trolls sent by LovelyRose. They blanketed the chat with insults and general vulgar language. Just one such message was enough to make someone’s blood boil and anger well up inside of them. Let a

“Apologize…?” Su Xue muttered in an incredulous daze before forcing down the unbridled rage that threatened to erupt out. She had never met a more shameless and despicable person in her life! LovelyRose’s viewers came to her stream and wreaked havoc first! What did she have

All the trolls from LovelyRose’s stream were taken aback by Lin Feng’s words. But they quickly snapped back to their senses. Furious they had been cowed and intimidated by a little kid, they flew into a rage.「Who the fuck are you?」「ooohhhhh soo scaaary bro, almost pissin in

Both teams had selected their champions. As the timer hit zero, they entered into the loading screen. The viewers could see the compositions of both teams. On the top half of the screen was the blue team led by LovelyRose. They had a top Riven, mid Syndra, jungle Lee Sin, a