Chapter 20: Shadow Flames Where the light was, there would also be darkness. There was no lack of criminal organizations within Clear River City. The criminals here were mostly waterfront gangs. There were ten major gangs, including the Green Snake Organization; each one was allied with a Bloodli

Chapter 21: Negotiations Two days later. Within the Su Residence’s Main Hall “…… We’ve listed out all of our requirements above.” Su Gaoye watched Su Chen as he spoke, his head slightly tilted up and a self-confident smile on his face. He had practiced this

"Is this brainwashing?"   "It's amazing!"   "Pills really make people more beautiful."   "Jubaoge is Jubaoge." In the crowd, bursts of amazed sighs rang through the air.      "Please do not be fooled

72.) My Guardian . The only she can recognize clearly from him was his voice. It was a soothing voice, it’s a cheerful voice that doesn’t match with the situation they were in right now. But Karina shakes her head when she was called a princess. She wasn’t suited to be called a pri

73.) The Radiance of Enchanted Sword . The battle at the rundown factory in the industrial district has been ended. The supposed ‘hiding place’ walls are all crumbled, the building that should protect the facility inside it are no longer can be seen, the people that should have to wait f

Chapter 105: The Destruction of Dajie’s Beauty     As Yin Tian Zhao motioned for the Emperor to enter the inner hall, Zhou Tian Shou lifted his head and frowned as he watched; what was this old man up to this time?! What a waste that the Emperor was inside, if not he could have e

Chapter 104: Mystical Physician at Midnight   Notes: [1]1 - 3am     Zhou Tian Shou stiffened, he could not shake off a sense of unease and alarm. He had already thought of the idea at all angles, polishing it like how a lapidarist polished a gem with careful precision and maste

“Your Majesty!!’ ‘When the silhouette of the Empress’s escort appeared on the horizon, the soldiers on the city walls shouted out. The Valkyries and I stood outside the city waiting for mom’s escort. Those in the front leading the escort were also Valkyries on white ho

Chapter 238: Warning, The Empress’s invitation (Part 2) The Empress put the towel on the side and warmly said: “They don’t look good now. But during winter, hundreds of flowers bloomed inside this garden house. It looks very beautiful. Bengong will take you to look at the potted f

Chapter 234 The Affair Gu Shenwei was seventeen years old but still a virgin. Although he had seen and heard too much in Southern Jade City, he still did not have a deep understanding of the word ‘lust’. Otherwise, he would have been more confident about his plan.  He had convince

Chapter 235 Bedroom Shangguan Fa owned countless women, so many that he couldn’t even number them all. Thus, he was disdainful about recalling and missing those unimportant women.  The temptation of women to the Unique King was like the stimulation of land to an emperor. The mountains a

Volume 5 – A Distance Within Reach, Chapter 26: The Offensive After midnight, Qianye brought his guard unit and appeared at the east-west street block. The tallest building here, a ten-storied hotel, had been completely emptied at this moment. Glancing out of the french windows of its top-fl

This food cart is usable. * It’s not like we’re going to make ramen, so there’s no need for that much functionality and strength. There’s no need to withstand the weight of a pot filled with hot water or soup, no need for the space to house a large amount of tableware and ing

Chapter 466 - Hua Yan’s Vengeance! Translator: BinBin Editor: EllisBLV13 Su Xia Tian was bored to death recently. Nobody in Sky City would play with her because she was simply too mischievous, and her title as the first she-demon of Sky City drove them away. It was such good fortune for her to f

To Return HomeBloodline abilities had been studied extensively in Norland. They did not pop out of thin air, instead drawing power based on the wielder’s class. For a warrior that was energy and for mage mana, but there were other options like astral power, fire, and moonforce. This absorbed power

V2 Chapter 4: The old man enters the Forest of God Trees August 15, 2018secondtranslation Our first dungeon in the beautiful town of Greenwood is the dungeon where the Magic Egg can be obtained, the forest of God Trees. There are two reasons why we came to this dungeon. First would be

Next morning, I woke up.   「Good morning Master.」 Risha said with a smile and handed me a towel. I grabbed the cool and damp towel to wipe my face. After wiping my face I handed it back and realized that she was in a particularly good mood. 「What is it? You’re smiling so much.」 「I j

Having thoroughly washed every nook and cranny of her body in the bath, especially scrubbing hard on the parts where Alvin-sama touched, her fatigue suddenly emerged. After changing into a dress, she went to sit on the sofa but — just a bit — she lay down across it and soon fe

After resolving the ‘Dianeia swimsuit disturbance’ I succeeded in catching a number of fish.   However, 「Why are each and every one of these so sparkly………」 The ones I had fished all glittered like silver and gold. They were all fish with the luster of metal.

By the collision of Sakuya and the dark dragon, the sun’s light pierced through the battlefield covered in thick clouds. Neither side could pull back. On that bog of a battlefield, Eunius rushed over to Luecke. The reason being, the enemy had begun to amass around Luecke’s forces. Issu

Freezing Frost Of Nine Prefectures!!1 The cold light of the Arctic Star Serpent Spear was released everywhere, becoming nine blots of spear-light. Falling like the moon, they attacked the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast from nine directions. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast basically had no way to dod

Editor: Otwentyfirst  The Northern Army troops gave chase, tailing closely behind Hua Zhu Yu when suddenly the sound of a qin arose from behind. The tune lingered with a melancholic element but gradually picked up, rising in intensity and fervor. This song was all too familiar to H

Editor: Otwentyfirst In the dark murky dungeon, Hui Xue stood in front of the cell bars staring at Hua Zhu Yu with a calm expression on her face. The lantern in her hand exuded a faint soft light that did nothing to illuminate the dungeon, not even reaching Hui Xue’s face. Hui Xue hadn’

Chapter 279: Descending Unlike the songs of love they sung on Yun Xi’s proposal ceremony, this time, the three High Priestesses was singing the same rhythm. For this song, and the wonder named “Water God’s Opera House”, Yun Xi made a lot of efforts when he was still in Cael

Of course, this story wasn’t over. The people around were looking forward to the sequel and were even more hopeful that they could participate. Due to the “special” relationship between Ye Zhou and Shang Jin, the original good relationship between the 403 dorm and 405 dorm had bec

――Side: ???―― 「It doesn’t get boring doees it, I thought that this country was stronger though? It seems I overevaluated it a little diidn’t I. Ahahaa.」 The witch at my side is holding her belly while seeming to enjoy herself. The night that’s illuminated by the twin moon and is

The sound of the emergency alert bell resounds throughout the city, mixing with the sound from flying through the night’s air. The fact that the evacuation has not been finished is clearly demonstrated, by the white light of people’s activities that still overflows beneath my eyes. And t

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 224: The standoff with Aleister, the hard way. Seventh school district, the windowless building… Almost at the center of the seventh school district, the building is very conspicuous and weird yet no life could be detected near the building. It looked like a

30: Noble Registry Section  Today was the 25th of the flower blooming month. My 16th birthday. According to the calendar, it could be counted as spring, but the flowers have only just began to bloom. The atmosphere was still cold. The sky was blue and magnolia bloomed on the road to the

31: Moved Forcibly I, myself, was high and proud to start walking down my new path of life. However, no matter how you looked at it, my figure that was walking unsteadily with big luggage on hand was unacceptable. Occasionally, I could hear people 「chuckling」around me. (I knew it, it’s stra

Chapter 667: Personally telling him He did not know who won or lost this competition.  He only knew that if she lost, prince Na Mu would take her away and he would never allow that! “Chu Shao Yang, let me go!  I’m not leaving, I didn’t lose!”  Chen Ning strug

The Reincarnated Princess’ Distress (2)        I hazily stared at the ceiling and froze on the spot. More precisely, I couldn’t move. All I could think of was the fear of getting impaled by a knife that flew through the air. So I simply sat motionles

Chapter 238: Warning, The Empress’s invitation (Part 1) When Xiao Zian heard that Lin Chujiu wanted to go. He seemed to have felt at lost. He wanted to open his mouth. But, Imperial Concubine Zhou opened her mouth first: “Chujiu, you rarely enter the palace. It’s better to stay a

Fateful Day ―― I heard cicadas. This is from one summer, long in the past. That kid had come to our house with his parents to offer their neighborhood greetings. They’d moved next to us that day, and the adults had begun chatting on and on. As for me, my sister and the kid, it was like the

Master Where was it all going?   “Munch munch, munch munch, munchmunchmunch.”   In spite of her petite, frail-looking body, she simply kept devouring any and all food brought to her premises. More than a dozen empty plates were piled up on the table, and even though the m

Chapter 389: Blissful Days   “… I’m back.”   I’d walked back home still in a dreamlike daze. Today, really did feel like a dream. I’d made my first girlfriend, held hands for the first time with said girlfriend, and had my first experience walking

Chapter 345: Gu Jinglian (1) “This has nothing to do with you.” Gu Xingze was too lazy to listen to Liu Yiyi’s explanation. After throwing such a sentence, he left with Yun Shishi. When Qin Zhou saw Gu Xingze left, his face slightly changed. Then, he ordered Zheng Yun to sort out

Chapter 346: Gu Jinglian (2) At night, the evening wind was biting. The appointment place was at the Imperial Palace private club. The Imperial Palace Private Club was located in the bustling Longchuan Manor. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was a rare place of peace and tranqu

After a good while, the girl said slowly: “Don’t you want to fight to the end? Kill your way above the nine heavens and sweep through the emperors and gods? If you want to be the last man laughing, you need to have all the untouched treasures in this world or you won’t be able to go further.”“You’r