Before Ray Zhen finished shouting, a huge ax chopped down at him and forced him to shut up. Marc Gavin didn't even give him the opportunity to ignite his soul power. Almost at the same time, six warriors from Ray Family chose six different directions to escape. There was no way that they would win

"What?" Carleena was confused."I mean… we should be friends," said Lucien seriously."… I heard you…" Carleena put on quite a few facial expressions within a few seconds. Finally, she put on a delicate and charming look, and her big eyes stared at Lucien's face with some tears in it, "I'm so sorry, M

When Ling Han looked at the corpse, a speculation appeared in his heart.    Years ago, Jiang Yue Feng and so many other elite warriors of Heaven Tier were ganging up on this ultimate warrior of Shattering Void Tier, and the final result should be that nei

Chapter 371 - Getting FamousTranslator: BinBinEditor: Nova1237The evening was crowned by their dazzling performance. With only a Rao Shi Man’s famous song, Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia successfully stirred the atmosphere and took the evening to another level.Everyone knew this song. Now that Qin Feng

The caravan travelled for the whole day, and chose a valley to camp for the night.The day went pretty good for the caravan as they only came across three small beast groups.They killed two groups and chased one away. Calculating the losses and the profits they made from killing the beast groups, the

After walking through the maze for two or three hours, the group finally turned a corner which opened into a wide cave hall.Finally!This was the central part of the entire cave.If Li Yunmu hadn't used the system's deduction ability and received a map, they would have arrived here only in a fortnight

"..." Dong Quan was wide-eyed and at a loss for words. He didn't think Miao Yi would be so straightforward and leave him without a shred of dignity. His expression darkened as he said, "Why are you insulting me so, Alliance Master? Do you not agree to draw straws then? Was your talk of sharing life

Absorbing the warm sunshine, being healed by carefully concocted magic medicines, and enjoying cereals and fresh meat shipped ceaselessly from Pu Ban City, the warriors under Si Wen Ming’s command regained their strengths and energies in about one day. Those scrawny warriors had enough food. Their i

"So cold!" Zhang Zian got up and shivered. He opened the curtains to look outside. It had finally snowed. There would always be the strange phenomenon on a snowy morning that the ground was brighter than the sky. He pulled the curtains back down and went back to bed. With today's weather, no nor

The Second Prince had brought over the top top ten rankers from the ranking battle as guests and was generally known for his good reputation and wide-spread connections. How could he, having operated for long, allow a guest he had invited to his banquet have something happen to them? Be it the exces

The zombies arrived only minutes after all the mercenaries had retreated into the city. Because the mercenaries would rather be on the offensive than on the defensive, the cities in Country of Mercenaries did not have good defense system. Even the two major cities, Blackwater and White Mountain City

Baoyue Brothel was not a simple place. Seeing this well-hidden peephole, Fan Xian knew what was going on behind the scenes at this brothel. For as much money as they would earn from the prostitution trade, the proprietors would also collect information obtained from the eavesdropping upon the dialog

Pinnacle of the jade mountain, Hall of Supreme Learning. All of the hall's directorates, empire's chancellors and secretaries of Imperial College were present and every one of them had

Chapter 544 - Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground“Seize the throne?”Qin Nan was taken by surprise. His gaze toward the Third Prince was filled with a weird look.Usurping the throne to overthrow the authority of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Was he seriously asking his favor to do such thing

"Do you recall what I had said to you before? I have a powerful enemy and that is the organization Xue Kuang was talking about! However, I can't reveal their name to you for the time being. I don't want you to get mixed up in this matter. Once I have enough power to completely destroy them, I'll tel

[Damn! Damn! Damn! The Treasure of Kidney did wonders for my body! My waist did not get worn out, and my legs do not hurt anymore! I don’t even sweat after seven rounds of battles on the bed!]

Chapter 497: Fighting Qin Yu with All of One’s MightQin Yu saw an opportunity in Bai Lixi’s leaving Xiao Chen’s side. So he made his move at lightning speed. A pale white flame appeared above his palm, and the surrounding air instantly turned cold.Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. Unexpectedly, this pe

Hao Ren looked back to where they came from and the path in the fog had disappeared. In its place was a layer of black mirror with a ripple effect across it, like a painting in the air stretching out of a building. It was ten metres wide or so

That's right. He had robbed a huge amount of spiritual stones, and because of that, he had been hunted everyday. Under such circumstances, his cultivation was improved like a rocket. Everyday, there were more people from that sect who got killed by Liu Changjun. He was a first class assassin afte

"Stop chasing! We currently don’t have the time to settle these things!" Griffith said loudly. "There are still people outside!"Mecca said coldly. "Let’s go out and take a look!" Garen felt it as well. Numerous men clothed in black had already reached the villa’s entrance. "No one dares to steal

The numerous magical formations looked like frothy waves crashing upon one other. It was a kaleidoscope of colours, breath-taking for the eyes. It could be compared to the northern lights on Earth! But everyone was wary of the immense danger behind this spectacle. Xu Xiao Xian was teary eyed, de

Qingye City.The fortress was distinctly different. The wall was fully manned by several elite troops. An enormous crossbow was locked and loaded, pointing towards the main gate. The large arrowhead which had an iron hook attached to it looked like it could fall any moment.During this period of war,

Prince Lee Peiyan looked at the monk as his eyebrows knitted slightly in displeasure. He had come to the opening as a representative of the royal family. However, his main motive for coming was to ensure that the agreement would be enforced. H

When it was raining overnight, Zhang Tie kept cultivating until midnight in the mountain cave. Finally, he visualized and manifested the last layer of the shell of that 7-layer gold egg with his spiritual energy and battle qi. This indicated that he had accomplished the second step of planting the g

Chapter 379: Heavily Wounded!Weng!A metallic reverberation sounded in the air. Wang Chong couldn't see the assassins behind him, but he could feel an icy-cold killing intent pursuing him relentlessly, like a sharp blade pressed against his neck.He couldn't turn to look back.He mustn't!As much as he

After mending the Sky, the Untainted Land was a complete mess. The Sages all sighed with emotion while Minghe ironically laughed in his heart. Mount Buzhou was so solid that it couldn't be easily destroyed, even by the Sages. Even if it wa

Si Ma Xin’s piercing howl echoed in the water. He stopped after tumbling several thousands of feet backwards. His left hand started rotting away, and as his left leg trembled, it began swiftly withering away. Signs of decay appeared on his body. Hair fell from his head, and a large amount of blac

"That’s right. This is the interpretation method," Charles whistled. "Did you really think that the things Professor taught can only be used to explain music scores and ancient languages? It’s teaching you how to ‘read!’ If it can

There was a large number of books in the second storage unit. Some of the tool books inside looked like they were very old; if they had appeared in a library or museum auction, it would have triggered bloodshed.

The ice fog started spreading rapidly, causing the temperature of the cave to drop lower, the wall was covered in a layer of thin ice crystal. Soon, other than the area that was protected by a barrier made by the mages, everything else was completely covered in white mist. The water birds that Benj

Zhao Youyue had never thought that choosing to leave the stage early because she did not want to create problems, or so to achieve a higher cost performance index (CPI), had caused Rosemary to be stuck while writing the story. Then, when he wa

Qin Guan leapt into the sky, his shoe sole getting closer and closer to the crazy man.Bang! He stamped the man's face, who flew backwards with a happy expression on his face.After hitting his target, Qin Guan landed back on the stage and kneeled in an elegant manner. He had put an end to the inciden

When Ye Xiao wasn't urging Erhuo, it actually made some supreme dan beads. That meant Erhuo must have gotten lots of good stuff. Otherwise, it wouldn't make so many supreme dan beads itself! [It must be a huge theft event out there that Prime Master Yue's fish got stolen!] [Well… I hope it won

Minor Illumination Breathing Technique was the first cultivation technique that Bei Feng had ever obtained. It was also because of it that he'd managed to set a firm foundation for his body. That was why he was able to improve at such an incredible rate! Although he had suffered quite a bit of pa

Junior Leopard retrieved the items from the cave and went straight to the forest with Little Du. The forest was the same as usual and extremely peaceful. It didn't have drastically change from the time when Junior Leopard left. He brought

Dugu Xiao Yi stood up sobbing, and wiped her tears. She looked like she had been seriously wronged.The entire family became silent as they looked at that pillow in the distance.The face of Dugu Xiao Yi's mother was full of helplessness for a long while. Then, she eventually looked at her mother-in-l

A cavalry saber appeared out of nowhere, carrying with it a radiance that looked like the splendor of a meteor shower as it rushed towards Wei ChengPing! A few of the guards immediately lost their composure as they raised their swords to block the incoming blow! With a few 'ka ka ka' sounds, the swo

My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 54   Translated by Aletx   Why is she worrying about impotent man being touched by other woman? Gu Qi Qi rebuked at her own self. Although the impotent man might be occasionally overbearing and rude, but according to her own understanding, h

Chapter 199: Bullying Translator: Mango_Cat  Editor: DarkGem   Pig? How could it be the word pig? Miss Jun stretched out her hand to pick up the Go stone, then dropped it, then picked it up, then dropped it again. The black and white stones formed a word, a Go arrangem

Chapter 56—Mo, Qing, Li, You, Seek, Death! Ni Cui could still imagine Mo Qinghan’s expression before she had dealt upon an entire street of people a painful, fiery death. The scene was ever vivid in her mind, causing her to fear Mo Qinghan even more. In her view, this moronic Sixth