Chapter 250: Gals Before PalsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe press conference was soon over. Captain Li, Qin Shuhua, and the relatives all went back home. The guests also scattered. Ou Ming, Yu Lili, Luo Zhan, and Cheng You stayed, sitting down with Li Sicheng and Su Qian

Dink-tink-tink..Ahn Suhyeong went faster and faster and his strokes fell harder and harder. The speed and strength he was using would result in a severe injury if any hit landed, even if it was a blunt blade. However, Xia Lei was able to block or avoid Ahn Suhyeong in time no matter how quickl

Chapter 395: I Have a PuppyTranslator: Myriea_ActiasLuna Editor: NouFang Xing's body was as thin as dried branches, but his blood was extremely thick and as vibrantly red as a ruby. Since he hadn't had any food or water in the past two years of seclusion, most of the water in his blood had dr

Chapter 860: Would You like to Become Our Guest?Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThis was a two-way Relocation Rune. It connected two places, allowing people enter and leave through either of the sides.If Su Ming had stepped on that meteor just now, the

Chapter 962: True Immortal Roll Translator: Lam_  Editor: Hitesh_   "Those are some skills there!" Lin Fan slashed out with his sword, but his expression was extremely solemn even then. There seemed to be something wrong with these humans here. But, at this mom

Chapter 963: Everyone Is Retarded! Translator: Lam_  Editor: Hitesh_   And, it was just as Young Mister Xiao Yao had thought. Liu Qingshan was truly trying to agitate him. The True Immortal Roll was a list that was set down by some almighty being from the Endless Mainlan

Chapter 964: Waves of Powerful Beings One After Another Translator: Lam_  Editor: Hitesh_   "How could this be? Young Mister Xiao Yao! How could he have been defeated so easily?" Liu Qingshan was dumbfounded right now. His eyes were opened as wide as those of a

Chapter 414: The Final VictorTranslator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGemWhen Zheng Quan had revealed all of his strength without holding anything back, He Miao, Wang Ru, and the others who had been restless from the start were completely stunned.It showed up that among those who kept their presenc

Chapter 300: Down the mountain, less self-control (Part 1)The person making noises outside the imperial hall was no other than Mo Yuer, who learned her father’s death.Mo Yuer, naturally, didn’t cry like any other women in the palace harem. She just stood and stared coldly at the eunuch, who wa

Chapter 877: Outstanding “Whoosh!” Just as Xia Feng was thinking, something flew over before his eyes. He casually caught the item and took a look. It was Xiao Chen’s military merit medallion. There was a bright purple skull on it, looking very dazzling. He even wondered if he saw wrong. “You...

Chapter 961: Are All Of You Bloody Mentally Sick?Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_"Holy f*ck! Why are there so many humans here?"Lin Fan could not make out the scene before him. Wasn't it said that this was a place that only utmost powerful beings could enter? Then where in the world did these

Chapter 752: Ling Xiaozui's RegretTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationSince he could not be certain of when his enemy would change his form of attack, he opted to meet all the possible variations consistently , to ensure his safety as much as possible befo

Chapter 1046: Afraid (7) Translator: Paperplane  Editor: Caron_   Cheng Weiwan softly replied, "Alright." Han Zhifan didn't say anything but turned around and walked towards the door. He walked really slowly. After just a few steps, his body swayed for a m

Chapter 1047: Afraid (8) Translator: Paperplane  Editor: Caron_   It was very quiet in the bedroom. Aside from the crisp sound of Cheng Weiwan turning the page every so often, nothing else was heard. After an unknown amount of time, Cheng Weiwan grew tired of reading, so

Chapter 1048: Afraid (9) Translator: Paperplane  Editor: Caron_   Han Zhifan stared at the newspaper for a moment before his gaze fell upon Cheng Weiwan's face. "Wanwan, if you really want to leave..." Han Zhifan stopped for a moment. He made up his mind a

Chapter 897 –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 6‘If I am a god, I didn’t need to crack my mind to find for an ancient divine weapon to borrow its might to send Ye Wu Chen away!‘But I know that he will return sooner or later. Hence, I must become stronger during this period of time. Otherwise, who kn

Chapter 1964 – Change in the Spatial Gate………As the disciples from the Good Fortune Saint Palace and Soaring Feather God Mountain approached, Lin Ming stepped back and hid himself in a space distortion, completely vanishing from sight.In the final trial, wanting to distort space wasn’t easy. Li

Chapter 971: Ukiyo-eTranslator: Sean88888 Editor: Elkassar1There was no doubt that the focus of everyone there was drawn to the four unique rewards for the Golden Side Mission. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Sheyan would probably choose two out of these four options.[Golden Side Missio

"Crap?" The corner of Mu Kun's mouth twitched. "You made it sound worse than it is. The bosses are divided, each supporting a different side. I am just the footsoldier without

Chapter 551: Anger DiminishingTranslator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi"The Mu Clan admits its defeat. Out of all the auction items available at the auction, you can pick any three. They represent our apology."Mu Feng's face was full of disbelief. He could not believe that the ancestor's order was to a

"Everyone, it is not every day that we can challenge the Newcomer King. Even if we fail, we should still try and note the difference between us." The handsome young man egged on his comrades, who appeared frightened now.

Chapter 217: Meteorite BraceletTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioYun Yazi looked at the 17 meteorites up and down. He saw that atop the meteorites, there were many disciples outside the Sanctum and also many buildings. He then shook his head, saying, "Let's do some cleanup firs

Chapter 532: Hidden Danger! Fengjiayi!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr Buzz! Before anyone could react, the white tiger shook its body. Bengbengbeng! The thousands of arrows were suddenly jolted outward like the needles of a hedgehog. "Not good!" Wang Chong's heart jump

Chapter 156: Every Pro Has Its Con in Worldly MattersTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationSensing Fang Ning's persistence, Sky Eagle answered with a heavy tone, "The land has a secret not many people know about. It's a small place and doesn't even have a co

Chapter 536: Templars On Mars Translator: Oneshotwonder  Editor: Hitesh_ Xiao Yuyu had spent a lot of time digging into Wang Tong's history. It didn't take long before she realized that this captain Tong was hiding something. Although Wang Tong's name reminded her o

Chapter 961: The Parasol Tree Forest Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations   After she told her master, Yun Yuanzhen, of the Zhou Emperor Liang Pan’s plans, she bade him farewell. When she left Tianjing City, thoughts swirled through her mi

Chapter 687: Commit Murder Translator: Panda_Penn  Editor: Chrissy Under the protection of the shield from the bead, Lu Li followed Leng Wuxin up the mountain with ease. The view changed again as they emerged from the clouds. They were faced with a vast ocean.   "It

"That's right!" Chen Fan nodded. "Well…" Chen Shuguang glanced at Zhang Xueyang, not knowing whether to continue or not.

He turned a hand, drawing a smooth arc across the sky, producing a silver ray that contained snow-like specks and blanketing the black whirlwind that was Zhan Beiye. Zhan Beiye looked up, his

「Win Again~!!」 「Now, shall we return home now?」 「Wait! One more time! Just let have one more time!! I will win! I’m confident that I will definitely win!!」 「You already lost in 20 consecutive games, It’s already your complete loss La Veil」   That was really terrible, Arena, you

Although the island wasn’t destroyed by a nuclear explosion like so many of them had expected, the cruise ship Louis XVI had left the harbor long ago! When Yang Chen and the rest followed Fodessa to the harbor, along with the few special forces soldiers and officials left on the island, they

AST 1879 - Elder Jian Nu, Great Confucian Hands “Are you nervous?” Qing Shui said gently while holding her tiny waist slowly from the back. Tantai Lingyan was initially bending forward slightly. Hence, her beautiful fullness carved a subtle but absolutely gorgeous curve. “What

AST 1880 - Heaven-earth-sovereign-parent-teacher, Great Confucian’s Path Qing Shui watched the middle-aged man like watching a clown. His words sounded so ridiculous. “If you make one more noise, I'll make you vanish,” Qing Shui’s calm statement kept that middle-aged ma

At the time Little Orchid was burying her head in the illusion, Da Yu who was carrying her suddenly sped up. Little Orchid became dazed and immediately sobered up (awaking). Even if she does not know what Da Yu has seen, but she still felt an unusualness of Da Yu. It has gone very fast to the point

Chapter 996: Arriving At Giant Ghost City! The two arcane guards only had the wherewithal to let out cries of alarm before instinctively retreating. They knew that they couldn’t possibly fight back against the power of Bai Xiaochun’s shout! The destructive power contained in his voice

Chapter 18: Treatment Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com The morning after crossing the bridge. This caravan, being one of a traveling theater troupe, seems to perform at the post towns between bigger cities along the way. They only open the curtains for a few days. T

Chapter 39 Desperate At the battlefield, the war’s situation was undergoing a myriad of change, the Night Raider members who was kiting the monster started to fall into disadvantaged situation. “Roar——“ The monster roared, making the huge sandstorm blew in all direct

Chapter 300: Down the mountain, less self-control (Part 1) The person making noises outside the imperial hall was no other than Mo Yuer, who learned her father’s death. Mo Yuer, naturally, didn’t cry like any other women in the palace harem. She just stood and stared coldly at the

Chapter 783 Marquis Wens Estate The Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain was situated at the southeast area of Golden Supremacy Kingdom, and it was a luxuriant and towering mountain that continued for a few tens of thousands of kilometers. Compared to the Darchu Dynasty, this Golden Supremacy Kingdom was un

Chapter 784 I Dont Know Her This garden in Marquis Wen’s Estate was very large; it was covered in a carpet of grass and neighbored a clear lake, causing its scenery to be gorgeous. No matter how distinguished they were, all the guests that had come to participate in the 14th birthday ba