Dragon City was the biggest city in the East Sea. Its territory stretched over thousands of kilometers, and its population was well into the hundreds of millions. It was located deep below the sea and was shrouded in a gigantic barrier. This barrier simulated the day and night, as well as the four s

“Ding! Congratulations on randomly obtaining a Carp!” the System said. Fangzheng was taken aback when he heard that. A carp? He stored up merit worth three or four good deeds only for a carp? Fangzheng was pissed, but after learning his lesson from the previous draws, he had turned smart. He didn’t

Heiye Lan’s words were detonating Li Yao’s every brain cell as if it were a crystal bomb. A great carnival of fireworks seemed to be going on deep inside his head! His heart was pounding, and he could not have been more thrilled! Li Yao’s every nerve was being blasted by the rampant emotions that fe

Hearing that, Li Yao secretly felt alarmed. It was doubtless that the ‘trace of information streams’ that Heiye Lan had detected was the distress call that the Nuwa warship had sent to the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector a hundred years ago. He did not expect that the Imperium of T

Qin Mo lowered his body, his black hair slightly moist from the rain before. His fingers landed on the safety belt. Bo Jiu didn’t think he would be so kind as to let her off, but even with her defense up, Bo Jiu was caught off guard. After her safety belt was released, his long slender fingers linge

The name of the medical book was Ten Wicked Diseases. Wang Yao took a close look at the antique book. The material was neither paper nor gold. It was the same as the books previously given by the system. He browsed through a few pages and was immediately in love with the book. He stayed overnight to

He smothered her with his kisses. Lin Nuan felt an intense sensation over her body, and her mind went blank again. She unconsciously pulled her legs together. She knew clearly her body was waiting for it. If Fu Huai’an continued making a move she wouldn’t stop; she’d go down with him instead. She la

An inconceivable look flashed across Han Qingwu’s eyes, but she firmly shook her head and said, “I really haven’t seen this object, nor do I know what you’re talking about.” “Is that so?” Tang Xiu slowly opened the oval container as a milky white light was released and a Violet Fairy flapped her thi

Pointing to his heart, Tang Xiu yelled with a heavy voice, “No longer do I want to harbor the last question in here! Spit it out! Just how did you die? How did you have the opportunity to leave your True Soul behind after you died and enter the cycle of reincarnation to be reborn?” Han Qingwu just s

Back at the house. John took off and went back to his place for the evening. Anna looked at Nettie and Tobias. "Will you two be staying here or are you two planning to go back home? Not to rush you guys. I am just wondering if I need to prepare the room for you two.""No, we will go back home.

Ketan sits down next to Leo, "if there are animals in the forest I will be able to get the blood I need from them. I promise that I will not harm your people. I do not crave human blood and the blood pack you guys brought was tasty but it was not what I drink anymore. I appreciate the thought

"Thank you, I will take my leave and I will be back by morning. I will patrol the area tonight. I am worried that something might happen." As if he was air he disappears from the living room and leaves not a trace of his existence. Leo looks at where Ketan was in shock.Giggling Kitty says, "Ar

"Playing your partner sounds like fun. What is the commercial for?" Leo looks down at her and relaxes even more. Slowly he begins to fight the sleep that is trying to take over. "There are two jobs. The first one is commercial and the other is an advertisement for a perfume. The commercial is

Ketan lets out the breath he didn't realize he was holding and looks around the kitchen. "I didn't think about it in that sense. It is not every day I drink a human's blood so of course I would be attracted to the scent. Especially if I had tasted it before but that doesn't explain why I track

When Tang Xiu hurriedly arrived at South Gate Town, he saw a worried-looking Kang Xia. He couldn’t spare time to comfort her and just strode past her to see the unconscious Andy in the guest room. “Don’t let anyone disturb me.” After issuing this order, he grabbed Andy’s wrist and checked her pulse,

"Thank you, Darling. Can you bring me a second cup?" Kitty smiles evilly and pours the first cup and she picks up the cup and places it in front of Ketan, "remember that if you cross me this is what will happen." Kitty concentrated on the cup and the cup frozen in an ice block.Ketan didn't mak

"You were lost when you lost your second set of parents. My parents became your parents in a strange way and that is why you were so heartbroken over the loss of them. I know that they would be excited over our marriage and over our baby as well." Leo held Kitty gently and let her weep the tea

"It was around the time that I lost my parents. I was taken in by another hunter family as a temporary measure and I was tested to make sure I could handle the hunter life. I was fit for the job but so was their daughter. Olivia was her name. We were grouped together for quite a few missions.

"Kitty is her name? How lovely! I will pray that your baby is born into this world safely. Leo, please do remember that family is more important and if you need the time off even if others try to turn your leave of absence against you I will be on your side. I will grant you a month or even tw

Brielle was standing at the door lightly tapping her foot. She was standing next to John. She saw Leo open the door but saw he was on the phone. She glared at him but didn't start her rant right away. Instead waited for him to end the call. Much to her dismay he simply waved them in."I will le

“That was well played, Sir System. You just gave him a taste of his own medicine.” Fang Ning was impressed. Black Pot had previously deceived them with asymmetric information and now, Sir System used that to trick him as well. The only difference was that Sir System did not lie, it just did not tell

In one of the hospital wards in Underground Greater Rat Kingdom, accompanied by a few ministers, Bai Shixin expressed his sympathy and consoled the demons that were ill in bed. These hundred thousands of demon rats were the whole foundation of the Greater Rat Clan. They were the commanders of billio

When Elder Ancestor Bai said that, Bai Shifu showed a disappointment in his eyes that could hardly be contained. He thought that he might have had some ways to make the evil god concede. Now, although it seemed that Elder Ancestor Bai might be wise, he could only deal with his equals. In the face of

Under the witness of Vigilante A, four parties swore a heavenly oath. The dispute had come to an end without any disturbance. Bai Shixin looked across and sneered. It was indeed a re-enactment of ‘When the shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game’. They were fighting against one another for al

On Lunaette in the Azure Mountain Realm. In a secluded and winding mountain cave, its unearthly chilliness formed an invisible shield that kept all the passerby away from it. On the cave ground, there were rows of glass coffins with lifelike human bodies inside. Gu Buwei, who was wearing a long robe

Time flew by. Two weeks went by in a flash, and it was the fourth year and third month of Shenyuan. Spring returned to the north, and the countryside was gradually taken over by greenery.   These days, after the Culinary God’s Realm was stabilized, everything was fine. Nothing big happened.   Fang N

Unaware that his true identity had already been guessed by Yang shi and the others, Zhang Xuan was currently soaring through the air with his direct disciples following behind him. It had already been a month since Liu Yang had been inaugurated as Sovereign Chen Yong of the Otherworldly Demonic Trib

As the end of the dimension rift was the spatial seal of the Subterranean Gallery. The group stepped across the seal, returning to the Master Teacher Continent. At this point, Zhang Xuan took out the Dragonbone Divine Spear once more to open another dimension rift. Roughly ten minutes later, they we

The young man who had just appeared was none other than the close brother whom Zheng Yang had grown up with, Mo Xiao! Back then, the two of them had joined Hongtian Academy with gusto, swearing to one another that they would join Wang Chao laoshi’s class and become his student. Mo Xiao had eventuall

However, Jiang Chen showed a fighting prowess that exceeded everyone’s expectations greatly. The two Almighty Elders were both heavily injured by a single strike and fell from the air. “This is…” Many people were stunned, and they realized that a super-important event was occurring on this day. Jian

The Supreme Elders present were infuriated upon hearing such a threatening tone, and they couldn’t help but think inwardly, You are just a trifling Star Venerable, yet it seems like you think that you are already invincible. However, as they noticed Jiang Chen’s young age, they all felt like they ha

After Qian Xian, who was in the Sword Cottage, learned about what had happened in the All Saints Sect, she couldn’t help but blame herself. She wondered whether Jiang Chen had decided to sacrifice himself because of her harsh remarks and had wanted to show enough mettle as her senior sister’s lover.

No one from the All Saints Religious Sect had the nerve to act recklessly. A long time had passed, but they still did not respond. Anyone could see that the All Saints Religious Sect were scared. However, they could not show it in the presence of so many people. Jiang Chen did not have any concerns.

The wreckage caused by the explosion on this day was far worse than that caused over the three previous days, because the All Saints Religious Sect, thinking they had solved the problem, did not expect Jiang Chen to survive. Mount Tianshan was destroyed—especially the Complex Yuan Palace, which was

Jiang Chen and Fan Tianyin showed up at the Sword Cottage. Since the first day of the action, Jiang Chen had arranged everything, including how to leave with Fan Tianyin and how to hide their traces to avoid the revenge of the All Saints Religious Sect. That was why the Sword Cottage was deployed wi

In the end, the sword gained a trace of the Killing Sword Intent’s aura, and its own twisted aura became slightly weaker. The young girl was also affected and became more decent. Zhao Fu retracted the Killing Sword Intent and drew the sword out of the stone stage. Countless traces of information rus

“Why would this be happening?”Gu Mingyuan and the others all turned their gazes to Chu Feng.They all wanted to know why the protective formation would suddenly start shattering.However, not even Chu Feng knew what was happening.It was like he was losing control over the protective formation.W

The spirit formation had disappeared. The stick in Chu Feng’s hand appeared to be a completely ordinary stick.Yet, holding the stick, Chu Feng was able to sense a completely different sort of power.It was precisely this power that brought a smile to Chu Feng’s face.Holding the wooden stick in

“Long Yue and the others want to challenge us? They’re our old friends whom we haven’t met in a long time!” Xie Xie commented as he pondered over it. The Smiley Face Douluo said, “The Sect Master is still in seclusion. We can’t disturb him at this moment. After all, the Battle of Five Gods is the mo

Chapter 56 "Big brother, Don’t mind Feng Xingying that demon girl, she is trying to confuse people."      Feng Yue plead, whispering softly into Ji’s ear and leaning her whole body against him. Inside their seem to be guilt and fear for Feng Yue would not lookin