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The way mana was used was divided into several different techniques. The flow of mana changed according to the technique applied, the magic core responded, and the magic was completed. However, there was fighting energy in all the mana circuits in Grid’s body. It was also as thick as tar. As a resul

Chapter 529 Dual Cultivation Techniques After explaining to the disciples the difference between Dual Cultivators and normal Cultivators as well as their advantages and disadvantages, Su Yang handed the male disciples an Immortal-grade cultivation technique that will help th

Chapter 528 Dual Cultivation Division "Sect Master," one of the disciples suddenly raised his hand and spoke, "Can we choose more than three martial techniques from the Profound Library?""Of course you can, but I wouldn't suggest biting more than you can chew. All of the tec

Chapter 545 - Pig Banquet “You still have some wounds on your about, you come to my family’s residence to change the dressing on your wounds and also take some pills to heal your inner injuries? In two days, don’t you have to go out to sea to patrol ah? Take the time to

Chapter 461: Earth Lizard Dragon I was mad with joy because I finally had a magic-disrupting skill of my own. Although it couldn’t seal the opponent’s magic outright, the ability to interrupt a channeling spell was still incredibly powerful. This skill was especially useful in PvP becau

Chapter 437: Only I Can Be Your Husband Ruo Suifeng was right. Xiang Shaoyun was using his footwork intent, and coupled with his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps, he was moving at a speed exceeding even the speed of a peak King who was on the verge of entering the Emperor Realm. In other words, Xi

Chapter 438: I Can't Help It, I'm Just Too Handsome "Only I can be your husband!" Xiang Shaoyun declared with an incomparably firm tone, as if this was something nobody could question. However, the young geniuses here were all proud people. They all glared at him furiously when th

Chapter 439: The Yu Clan Is Indeed Terrifying The woman had the face of a woman waiting to be harvested by her king, one that few men could resist. After all, she was not only beautiful, she also had an excellent figure. Her revealing outfit also helped to further enhance her allure. Looking at th

Chapter 440: Money Breaking Through Again The rumbling thunderclaps spread far and wide, alarming people inside and outside Yu Moon Pavilion. When the people saw that it was a Demon King attempting a breakthrough, they held back from doing anything. As far as the Yu Clan people were concerned, eve

Chapter 109 : Live Cooking Show of a Certain Hot Pot 「Yoosh, Let’s do this!!」 To begin with, let’s start with creating the overall structure and foundation of『Witch’s Kettle』 with clay. I don’t think that I would encounter any problems during this stage. After all, thanks t

135. Sociable (1) After an invasion of the Demon Kingdom long ago, slash-and-burn farmers had formed a village to survive, and the ones who ruled them were the Necromancers and their leader, Belve. His right hand was severed, and he was now just an old man with nothing but bare bones left after hav

136. Sociable (2) As the country remained chaotic and the corruption continued, their influence sped up the rate of decay rather than healing the wound. The Pope had imposed heavy taxes, and he was not alone in this. Since the nobles could benefit themselves by acquiescing to the Pope, they continu

Chapter 415: Begin!   “You mean it?” Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows as his interest got piqued. “Yes, I mean it!”  Lei Shijian pointed to himself with his thumb and declared boldly. “What if I win but you don’t pay?”  Xiao Luo asked while f

Chapter 416: ‘Wonderful’ Competition.   “Ladies and gentlemen, the long-awaited contest between Wolf King and Queen is about to begin. I am honored to be your commentator tonight! Now let me explain the rules of this competition. Oh, no, it should be two competitions, almost

K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 45: the Tower The golden light diffused through the air, and several giant swords appeared in an instant, and it was a thick chain binding the giant swords, shaking the world. “Boom boom, boom!” A series of explosions burst out, and Chang Hao retreated, his pu

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (2) Translator – Vodka     At this time, middle school students and elementary school students from this locality would be dropping by the shopping district, on their way home from school. There were a few hotspots in this area which we

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (3) Translator – Vodka Since I am done anyways.     Since then, Kirasaka and I had conversations that didn’t qualify as conversations. It seemed like she was paying attention, but then, she also wasn’t.   Well, it wa

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (4) Translator – Vodka     I wasn’t able to provide Kaede with a definite answer. She had thrust the reality I was actively trying to ignore, at my face. The three girls cooked dinner. What followed dinner, were heated conversat

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (5) Translator – Vodka Short chapter. Has been a while. I will probably post on Saturdays from now onwards.     “Um, Kirasaka-san, there are few things that need to be discussed regarding our group.” “……

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (6) Translator – Vodka     Since class was still in session, the rooftop was quiet and comfortable. It went without saying that, unlike the lunch break when there would be many students, we were the only people here, now. With Kirasaka

hapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (7) Translator – Vodka     How was I feeling the day before the event? Truthfully? It’s gonna be a pain in the ass. Neither did I feel a shard of excitement, nor did I even have the tiniest bit of expectation towards it. I was aw

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (8) Translator – Vodka     I stood still in solitude, waiting for my group members. However, even after Shizuku’s departure, there were no signs of them turning up. The cut-off time was nigh, and my mind was almost at my limit. Th

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (9) Translator – Vodka     The man giving of a gentleman-like aura walked past the front desk and proceeded towards the inner part of the building. The moment the employees saw him, they straightened their postures and bowed deeply. As

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (10) Translator – Vodka     I received the café au lait and gulped it down in one go. Then, I threw it in the trash box next to the vending machine. During that time, I was thinking. This uncomfortable yet familiar sensation I a

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (11) Translator – Vodka     “There’s only one thing I would like to ask you.” Said the man, Kirasaka’s dad. Having said so, he was silent for a while. Then, he continued in a refined manner. “As you know,

Chapter 13 – Photograph Translator – Vodka There is a single sub-chapter under this chapter. Will proofread later. 100th chapter, huh. Nice. Btw, remind if I had been using Ren instead of Rei. Kirasaka’s first name is Rei. I feel like I had been using Ren for some reason.

Chapter 141 – In Perfect Harmony It was another early morning. Jiangcheng, a small town in the south, was slowly awakened by a warm song. “A small town in the south, where time flows slowly, I feel calm every time I come back here…” Yang Yi crooned1to Mo Fei’s guitar

Exterminating Sea Rats Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker The enemy fleet remained flagless until they got close enough to be visible to the naked eye, after which they erected a black motif featuring the typical skull and bones and confirmed themselves to be a group of pirates. They no longer nee

Unraveling the Plot — Part 1 Editor(s): Speedphoenix, Joker “What is the meaning of this!?” Poezahr’s governor reacted with a start as we barged into his study. Though caught completely off guard, the man remained at least relatively calm. He set down the document he w

Translator: Barnnn Editor: Silavin   Tsutomu continued to observe the Silver Beast’s combat approach over the next few battles. The Attackers would emerge unharmed from encounters with three monsters or below. When up against six or more, on the other hand, they would take a

Kill The Hero – Chapter 182 – An Expensive Lesson (2) Translator: Seven Editor: Ana_Banana There were times when the atmosphere was not good even when a dungeon had been cleared successfully. This was what was occurring at that moment. The players began returning from the dungeon th

Kill The Hero – Chapter 183 – An Expensive Lesson (3) Translator: Seven Editor: Ana_Banana [Isaac Ivanov’s Party disbands!] The situation caused by the typhoon known as Isaac Ivanov was dizzying. However, even in such a sensitive situation, there were some who were making it w

Kill The Hero – Chapter 184 – An Expensive Lesson (4) Translator: Seven Editor: Ana_Banana In a closed school playground where hundreds of officials, players who were about to challenge the dungeon, and reporters who were going to film them. Boom! A loud explosion thundered. At the

Kill The Hero – Chapter 185 – Reason to Hide (1) Translator: Seven Editor: Ana_Banana One of the secrets to humanity’s prosperity over the years was the fact that it didn’t stop progressing, even in the face of despair. It was the same when the world turned into a game ov

Tortus Travel Journal ㉖   The Family Quarrel That Take Place Very Easily . 「BOOSSSSSSSSSS!!」 「Ou?」 A while after Tracy led them away from the throne room where chaotic pandemonium could still be heard even at this far away. The group was heading toward the tragic former party venue (a

The Sack Kingdom also has Magic Trebuchets   “You were correct. The military magic machines are very strong, it can be considered the core equipment of our Lampuri Kingdom’s royal army, so you can’t casually sell it to other countries.” Major MacConley gave a nod, expr

Chapter 668 - Prince Yi's Boat   When she saw Ji Li remain silent for a long while, Ji Muqing tugged on the corner of his sleeve. "Eldest Brother, you haven't told me why you've come to Prince Yi’s Estate." "His Highness asked me to see him, so I came to visi

Chapter 1169 - Meeting the Head of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan When Ye Zichen said that, the surrounding air seemed to solidify.   The little foxes all heard his voice tremble, and saw that Su Yan had completely frozen in place.   “How could it be him?” This same sentence ech

As Liu Se and Jun Muyan both claim that they are in the right, for a time, they couldn’t tell who exactly is the real murderer of the slain Ghost Lord. “Tsk, tsk. Ghost King Liu, I really can’t help but admire you. You truly wouldn’t shed a tear until you see the coffin!

She has always been aware that the Ghost City was previously established by the Polar Domain. She also knows that Han Ye and Ying Mei came from the Xiuxian Continent, from the Polar Domain. Liu Se was even guessing who this man beside Jun Muyan is, that he’s powerful