Chapter 409: High-Rank Blood Demon AppearsThe screams of resentful spirits chained together, and the scene of hell appeared before Xiao Chen. Mountains of daggers and seas of flames torturing peasants and emperors alike filled his view; a ghastly scene that shocked the eyes appeared.The Blood Demon

There was an energized ocean around the island originally, but then the anomalies started three years ago. The ocean had gradually vanished to the point that it was almost gone, and now it was being disintegrated by the two violent blasts. It became a dried seabed!Boom! Boom! Boom!The oppressive fla

As Qin Yun walked in, he inspected the black Stone of the Earth in his hand. "How strange. I feel my blood boiling while holding it and there's a strong desire to eat it.""When cultivating, inject your Godfiend energies into the Stone of the Earth." Highwarrior Juyong looked at Qin Yun and exhorted,

Chapter 1110: Return to the Turtle Clan“Do you plan on taking the Saints’ Fruit?” Hong Lian stared at Jian Chen as she asked with her pleasant voice.“Yes. I have to try to get my hands on the Saints’ Fruit. I have no idea if I will come back alive, so before I do go, I will leave behind the white t

In the afternoon. Oleg drove his yellow pickup truck to almost everywhere in the city for more than 8 hours, but he still couldn’t find Antonio.    "I should not have hit him." Oleg couldn’t help blaming himself deeply. Since seven years ago, when only Antonio himself entered his life, th

Chapter 1109: The Saints’ FruitJian Chen sucked in a deep breath and no longer bothered with the troublesome problem. He only hoped that he had the power to stop the two of them if a situation like that really developed.He did not ask Tie Ta about the future. The world was in constant motion, so no

Raven’s appearance disturbed Xiu’s tempo!He was originally going to pretend to escape and then wait until Tess relaxed, before attacking once again.Even if she was the Black Dragon God’s Apostle with superior recovery ability, he was still 99% sure that he could kill her!He hadn’t expected that he w

When Zhang Tie woke up, he felt that his bones all over were going to crack. Due to extreme pain, he uttered a faint groan. Besides pain, he also felt happy, "Haha, I'm still alive!" Although this fighting course with Dawson was not long, he finally understood that a LV 10 strong fighter had a

For the past two days, Blue 6 had been in a foul mood. He suspected it was due to the rejection of his proposal.As sixth heir to the Blue Race’s royal throne, Blue 6 didn’t possess the purest royal blood. In other words, he might be royalty, but he only had claim to zero point something percent of r

Chapter 47 - The Regret of Chen TianshanThe army of cavalry had occupied the place of Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree!Not only did the scene of army mowing down everyone in their path throw the colossally huge beasts on defense into a panic, the onlookers in every corner of the world held their

"As long as you try your best then I'm sure you can at least suspend the execution of sentence by five years."For several reasons, Xinghe felt there was a bigger reason behind this, however that had nothing to do with her anymore."You will also provide the evidence on the Lin family, right?" Xinghe

Chapter 298: Racing Legend of Akina Mountain Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Binhai University. The central teaching building was 30 stories high. Each story of the teaching building was much higher than that of ordinary residential buildings, so the 30 sto

Chapter 306: Apologies Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio   Anfey retrieved all the magic books from his dimensional ring and placed them neatly on the shelves in the library. This would be the last time he was in that library for a long time. Niya had tol

Chapter 930: Godly Awareness Palace The fire was creating some cracks inside the cave.    Lin Feng was speechless as he looked at the fire.    “Roar!” Qiong Qi roared and his nine flames turned into one. An illusion appeared. Its Qi was very weak but it looked majestic.    “That&r

Chapter 931: Ba Huang , Jiu You All of the imperial cultivation disciples were at the great sect meeting. The demonic young man had stolen their void fire and then left. It seemed Gan Yu would be going through difficult times again. Stronger cultivators were now headed to Asoka. This time, Tian Ch

Chapter 932: Qiong Qi, the Ancient Ferocious Animal Most of the bars and restaurants in Asoka Mountain were full. However, one of them was relatively empty. There weren’t so many tables inside, only eight. And even though it was so small, it wasn’t even full. There was a group sitting

Chapter 933: Defeating Prince Tian Lin He was dead. The crowd was astonished. Nobody saw what happened in the fire but it must have been incredible. Lin Feng was astonished too. Qiong Qi had bitten his opponent to death? “What a piece of trash! He dared act arrogantly in front of me, an em

Chapter 934: Strong and Powerful Disciple “Dragons flock together and snakes have nothing to do with dragons. I agree, you and I belong to different worlds.” said Lin Feng mockingly. They all pulled a long face. They had mocked Lin Feng a moment before and now they were the ones being m

Chapter 923: The Defeat “Damn dogs keep barking!” someone screamed. People turned around, Tian Lin had erupted with anger.    Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed.    “Who are you insulting?” asked Lin Feng coldly.    “Do you think that you and the crappy old cultivator can

Chapter 924: Flame Mountain In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng, Tian Lin, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and the Zun cultivator ended up fighting in the third mountain, precisely where Lin Feng had wanted to lead them.    “Where are you going?” Tian Lin looked at Lin Feng and released

Chapter 925: Void Fire The mountain range was on fire. It was burning!    The fire looked both real and fake at the same time.    “Fake fire?” people frowned. That fire wasn’t real. But the red color of the fire meant that it was fire energy of the highest level.    “Void fi

Chapter 926: Demoniac Power Snowflakes were floating in the wind. Suddenly, the demoniac young man disappeared from where he was. The crowd frowned. Then, he appeared again, but this time, he was at the at the end of the path where the void fire was.    “Where are you going?” shouted Ti

Chapter 927: Ancient demon destruction    The demoniac young man was Lin Feng, of course.    Back then, he had practiced the three-lives demon emperor’s skill. He hadn’t used it until now so now, but he could use it to steal the fire from the imperial cultivation disciples, so now was be

Chapter 928: Strong Words    Lin Feng frowned when he saw how all those people wanted to attack him. Suddenly, many snowflakes appeared in the air as that demonic cultivator released a bestial Qi.    “How cold!”    Many people started to feel very cold, especially at their feet. It was a

Chapter 929: Qiong Qiong Qi Levels Up! “Is he gone?”    The crowd was astonished by how fast the demonic young man disappeared.    “Boom boom boom!” The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect punched the mountain once again and it broke apart, but there was nobody there. He was asto

Chapter 915: How Can You Be So Proud “You’re not respecting your promise!” said the young woman. Tian Lin said he would attack only once but now he continued the battle. Lin Feng was certainly going to die. “Hmph!” Tian Lin groaned coldly. His soul appeared again and

Chapter 916: The Teacher Arrive Lin Feng smiled and said, “Why are the two maps different then and where is the precious treasure? “How could you understand anyway, you’re just a basic cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. Telling you is a waste of breath.” It was difficult to g

Chapter 917: Beat Around the Mountain to Scare the Tiger Qiong Qi came back after a long time. The old man was surprised to see that Lin Feng had an ancient beast with him. He stared at Qiong Qi, as if trying to read through him. Qiong Qi sensed that the old man was trying to inspect him so he roa

Chapter 918: Lose Face “Brother Hua, you, Prince Tian Lin and another young man are not from Gan Yu, right?” asked Lin Feng. The young man smiled and said, “Indeed. I come from very, very far away.” “The place where you come from must have much stronger cultivators

Chapter 919: Imperial cultivation disciple The atmosphere remained silent for a long time. The one who had talked wouldn’t come out. King Dragon continued talking, “Tian Chi is sly, they are wild beasts. In the mysterious world, everybody disappeared but their members. We don’t kn

Chapter 920: Fighting Power “Do those people really have an emperor as a teacher?” asked Lin Feng. “It’s just a name. Those who really receive the emperor’s teachings are rare. It’s just a name for glory. Many, many people become imperial cultivation disciples b

Chapter 921: Looking for Trouble    “No wonder they’re imperial cultivation disciples, they don’t need to use their full power to win.” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. The crowd enjoyed watching the battles. What level did a cultivator need to be to defeat them? Cul

Chapter 922: A Godly Awareness Solid as a Rock “They are imperial cultivation disciples, they have a very high social status and everybody already wants them as leaders. What is your social status? You can fight, so what? You can’t compete with imperial cultivation disciples.” sho

Chapter 375    Hide and seek is the most loathedTranslator: Yorasu | Editor: FireclawsCity of Fog.Ming Feng calmly looked around.With visibility not exceeding 10 meters, coupled with the surrounding ruins, to find someone would be difficult. Not to forget, the challenge time limit was onl

★ Name: Chompy (Johra) Gender: Male Status: Normal Race: Human Class: Warrior/Priest Rank: H+  Level: 43/99 HP: 75/75 MP: 25/105 Attack: 24 (+3) Defense: 12 (+3 Agility: 12 Intelligence: 24 ✧ Unique Skills [Water Creation LvMax] [

“This….” Jillian and Jerna were seated in the lounge room where we had drunk tea just the other day. They had been playing chess but the problem was that Jillian’s face was covered in soot from the charcoal, while the count was was maintaining a handstand position. “

Book 41, The Daoguard Tower, Chapter 18 – Dimensional Seams “Seal!” A cold voice suddenly rang out from the Sacred Realm in front of them. A streak of light shot out from the Sacred Realm, forming a membrane in front of it that denied entry. A moment later, the four triangular wea

Book 41, The Daoguard Tower, Chapter 19 – Inside Purgatory Purgatory. Many exiled major powers were here, many of whom were Hegemons or Emperors. Although there were many Daolords who would be exiled here, the vast majority of them would fail the Daomerge and die! They might be Sithe progeny,

Book 41, The Daoguard Tower, Chapter 16 – Spacetime Reversal Resurrection Roughly five months after Ji Ning’s group had first been sent into this hidden dimension, Autarch Skyfeeder brought the avatars of the Paragon of Pills and Lord Annihilation to the otherverse they resided in. It w

Book 41, The Daoguard Tower, Chapter 17 – Assaulting the Realmgate If you were going to ask someone to help you out with something, you would at least show up yourself, right? This was doubly true when you were asking an Autarch to help out. How much face were the Autarchs giving this ‘