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Vulgar Chastity, who was in charge of one of the Parasites’ battlefronts, perished.If this had happened a few years back, it would not have been a matter of much concern. Though the death of an Army Commander would have been a great shock, the Parasites always had leisure o

Bringserna was one of Arth's 10 largest cities. It was renowned for its Jewelry Street, which was lined with stores that sold beautiful, expensive jewelry and accessories. Countless swans swam through the Swaven Lake here, and the Master Chef, Torre, also ran his restaurant

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul    Before long, just as Loren had sensed and Ange had confirmed with her <Distant View>, a group of riders arrived in the village. But by then, Loren’s group had already cleared their camp and left the plaza.    At first, they

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul    In the end, Loren decided to accept Karl’s proposal.    As he had said beforehand that he didn’t want to participate in the war, he decided that he would just feign ignorance till the end no matter what he was told. Should a

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul    The horse did run, but not that fast.    Even though the way it ran was unsure somehow, they should be thankful that it did run at all, Lapis thought.    She didn’t know if Loren, who she was holding on the back of the

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   “Anyway, we have to find the culprit of this incident and deal with them.”   Lapis went deeper into the forest with Loren accompanying her.    She actually also wanted to bring Klaus along to increase fighting pow

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   Lapis was running in the gloomy forest, her face faintly colored with fear.    She looked over her shoulders; Loren, with a greatsword on his shoulder, was running after her, but his face was distorted with fear. It was not an expre

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   With a roar, Loren crushed to pieces several trees as thick as adults’ necks with a single slash of the sword. While wood blocks danced in the air, their pursuers’ bodies became chunks of meat and red droplets that fell to the groun

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   Lapis knew that Loren’s black greatsword had been granted some special abilities. She didn’t know all of them, but she knew that one was the offensive power against magic. In short, Loren could defend against and intercept magic att

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   “Hah, unsavory things are swarming out.”   Gula grinned and said it in an easy tone. But Lapis, who had come to crouch down besides Loren, stiffened once she saw the newly-appeared figures.    The ones who had att

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   The atmosphere changed right after that.   Lapis was holding Loren up and watching Gula’s massacre unfold when she noticed the change and reflexively tightened her hold on Loren.   “…Do you want to strangle me t

Translator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   “And what did you come here for? It can’t be to stuff my lovely children into your bottomless stomach, right?”   Luxuria asked Gula.  Gula clicked her tongue sharply and made a truly contemptuous face at his quest

ranslator: Lizz Proofreader: Xemul   Gula gave no details about the benefit she was offering. Loren had tried to get her talking, but she had said nothing other than it would be something good.    Even though Loren had every intention to pursue the matter, he was worrie

Chapter 817 Zhou Yuan appears on stage Omm! Mighty Genesis Qi erupted from Chen Beifeng’s body like a storm, creating waves in the lake. His Genesis Qi foundation of 15 million stars drew stunned gazes from the audience. No one thought that Chen Beifeng would conceal his strength so well.

Aincrad 55th floor, Granzam, headquarters of the Knights of Blood Oath…   Two players emerged from the exit of this castle. They had different expressions, one of them is very obviously mad at the other person. Her enraged look would scare off a coward with a single glare. Meanwhile, t

226 – Little Treant “Gaah gaah!” After reviving the wight with a use of [Soul AppendmentFake Life], my partner starts to show interest in the remains of the abyss. I try to get her to stop, but it seems she really wants to try and eat it. She must be really hungry. I attempt to l

“Oh, forget it, it’s been so long, why am I still mentioning this.” Seeing Qi Huan’s expression still somewhat unsatisfied, Liu Ran couldn’t help smiling bitterly. Anyway, the matter was three hundred years ago, he should have forgotten her by now! “Liu Ran, who

Chapter 51- Part 2 What could it be, she could not come up with an answer. E ChangGuang had travelled the world in her younger days, so she could be considered experienced and knowledgeable. But right now, she could not distinguish the quality of the jade ring. Although she was curious, she did no

CHAPTER 165: NEW DUNGEON “――――And that’s how, I came back.” “You’re really too sudden……” Safely? After returning from Amelia and the others to Terviel in the Welmburg Kingdom with transition magic, I immediately moved to the 『Tree of Pea

Defense Specialization and the Great Final Battle 2 Up close, its size was incredible. If you weren’t careful about where you were going, you would easily end up getting crushed under its feet. Maple had Syrup descend a short distance away. Then Kasumi called out Haku, which they rode towards

“Yes. That being said, I don’t think it’ll be that easy!” When Sally looked up, she saw that a familiar purple magic circle had appeared. Immediately after, massive amounts of fire rained down on them. “‘Body of Fire’! ‘Light of Protection’!&rd

“In that case, we might be able to defeat it if we all attack at once.” What had flown towards them was Payne riding Ray, and Mi, who rode on Ignis. The two had left the annihilation of the special monsters to the other guild members, and flown back here. The reason for this was that t

Chapter 544 - An Encounter at the Road “Royal Princess...I beg you, please give me some pointers!” Zheng Xiaocui knew that Yu Xiaocao had a smart mind. She would definitely be able to think of a plan for her to get out of this situation.  “I can offer two suggestions for you

Royal Capital Flight Drama    Due to the wind raised by Ra-chan using the Wind Magic, skirts were dancing elegantly on the main street, exposing them to the eyes of the people (mostly men).  It may have been flashed to everyone for only a moment, but to me, it’s as if I’ve be

The Lair of the Wicked1      Eric and I run on the streets of the royal capital. We run.  And just right behind us, is Shelka chasing after us with flames floating around her. 「Oi, Eric. Are there any back street that we can use to shake her off?」  Since there’s still no in

Encounter In The Sky   「I, I’ve done it. What should I do..」  Seeing Bram lying down like a dead frog, Shelka muttered in a daze.  It was ‘that’ Shelka, the one who has been pressing us from behind out of shame and anger, but now that she has blown Bram, someone who really

Theater Dragon Slayer 「Oーi, we’re down already 」  I called out to the pale-faced Eric who closed his eyes as soon as we’re on the ground. 「……really? It feels like it’s faster that I thought, are you sure?」 「……I’m sure」  Currently, we&rsq

Denouement1  Haa!?  That person is Elna-kaasan?  I stood up from my seat, staring at the girl on the stage with my eyes wide open. 「You idiot, you’re astonished by that actress’s big breast right?」 「They’re certainly big, but I’m not surprised because of that right n

Shopping 「Al, we’ll leave the royal capital tomorrow alright?」 「Really!? Then, we can go back to Koryatt village right?」  After we finished our breakfast, my drowsiness was blown away by those few words from Nord-tousan’s.   I’ve seen the Dragon Slayer play, and th

Chapter 1442 Another Year has Passed 3When Xi Xiaye asked that question, Shen Wenna fell silent. After a while, she replied, “When you reach our age, you’ll understand that we don’t talk about love anymore. We just stay on and live our lives together. You know, I’ve told you since you were young tha

Beriache, the great demon of satiation—she peeked at the rules of the world and condemned Yatan. After being exiled, she gave birth to 10 children. She repeatedly warned her children who had great desires like herself. ‘Don’t harm your own blood and flesh. If you covet your siblings’ blood then my a

Chapter 415: Begin!“You mean it?”Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows as his interest got piqued.“Yes, I mean it!” Lei Shijian pointed to himself with his thumb and declared boldly.“What if I win but you don’t pay?” Xiao Luo asked while frowning.Lei Shijian smiled, shook his head and patted Xiao Luo on the

Chapter 414: Five Million.A woman alighted from the Maserati sports car, provocatively dressed in an off-the-shoulder white T-shirt. Her perky chest gave people endless fantasies. Her top was matched with a pair of black slim pants, which was oozing with the word “sexy”.Luscious wavy golden hair and

Chapter 413: Two Helpers.Despite knowing that Lei Shijian’s words were clearly mocking him, Su Canye endured it. He straightened up and cleared his throat, “This little Su really wants to win back his Bentley today, but suddenly something happened, so I politely ask the Wolf King to keep it for me a

Chapter 412: My Car Is Not A Car.Xiao Luo didn’t speak, and just kept staring at Su Canye.Su Canye was a little uncomfortable when being stared at, so he forced a smile and asked, “Brother-in-law, what are you doing? You’re not thinking of doing anything violent, are you?”He showed a frightened expr

Chapter 411: Wolf Mountain.Su Canye’s voice was very soft, but steady, as if he could see through everything.Xiao Luo paused in his steps, looked back and glanced at him indifferently.“Brother-in-law, I’m not a three-year-old child. I can tell the difference between a real gun and a fake gun. In ord

Chapter 434: Hearsay“Director Lee, may we ask for your favor in helping us to find out who the Divine Doctor is? Do you mind connecting us to him? Perhaps he can mend Du Chen’s leg.” Mrs. Zhou was as courteous as she could be. They were the ones asking for favors, they dared not, even in the slighte

Chapter 433: Are You Happy Now?“I’m fine.” Jiang Yao shook her head, firmly planting her hand in Lu Xingzhi’s palm and lowering her voice before adding, “I just don’t feel good hearing others commenting about how Chen Feitang and you look good as a couple.”Lu Xingzhi broke into a smile. He was very

Chapter 432: Busybody“Let me make this clear, Jiang Yao. In case someone sees me and makes unsavory comments toward me, please pretend that you hear nothing.” Zhou Weiqi whispered to Jiang Yao after seeing the Zhou family and Du family around. “Especially these guys.”Jiang Yao nodded and looked at t

Chapter 436: Battle of The SeatsDisregarding Zhou Ning’s tear-filled eyes, Chen Feibai was scowling when he obtained his seat number given by the auction staff.Coincidentally, Chen Feibai’s seat was right in front of Jiang Yao’s. A little surprised to see them there, he looked at Jiang Yao and Zhou