"Come on, boy. Show me your muscles!"Qin Guan did as he was asked."Good! Do you have a moustache?"Qin Guan and Qu shook their heads in unison. Qin Guan was still in his twenties, so he would not get a beard until several years later.Nichols didn’t let Qin Guan go though. "Did you learn anything from

"Shut up!" Qian Lingyu dared not continue. Gu Xijiu had imposed a tremendous amount of pressure upon him, so he dared not act impetuously. Gu Xijiu took another look at his tongue and the back of his ears. She even touched the back of his head, making his flesh creep. Was she only acting ju

In this age, major general was already the head of an army. Although no military ranking system was executed in other tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Spencer clan which, due to frequent contact with the outside world and they treated as the represent of advanced civilization among all Slavic trib

Mystic One mimicked the others and placed the mask on a statue before leading the rest in. After the Cerberus stepped in, the heavy door also slammed shut. The oil lamps on the sides of the dark passage behind the door immediately lit up as soon as the door closed, causing the Mystics to gasp wit

Chapter 529 - Unparalleled Heaven Battling Bloodline With his absolute control of the situation, Zhao Feng quickly forced Yu Tianhao into danger. Something like this had never happened with recent Sacred True Dragon Gatherings, but the existence of these Lord Prodigies was a miracle in it

  Countless illusory pale arms rose from the gray stone floor. Those evil arms were infused with hatred and they were trying to grab the things above them. It seemed like they would tear apart anything that fell into their hands and drag it to hell.There were countless muscular arms with pale skin s

Chapter 407 - CapsulesTL: LifeisaJourney“Yes! You do have a point. We should group together!” Another rewarded player glanced in the direction of Liu Gan. Then he started chiming in with the other players. As members of the Elder Committee, their relationship with each other was a lot better than i

Chapter 406 - MeaningfulTL: LifeisaJourney“You people still haven’t thanked Lord Liu for his kindness! Without Lord Liu guiding you through these three trials, you wouldn’t have been able to obtain level 10 at all!” Zhao Meng angrily shouted at the players.Even now Zhao Meng felt that it was quite

Chapter 405 - UngratefulTL: Lifeisajourney“This is out of our expectations!”“It’s like the Heaven’s gift!”“If we reach level 10, then by the time we return to the village, won’t we be well-respected?”“Mainframe! Is everyone’s reward going to be as generous as this player? In one go, this player wen

Chapter 404 - To GambleTL: xDh20, LifeisaJourneyAlongside the walls were rows of capsule chairs. These chairs were shaped like mods, ergonomically designed for human engineering. There was a door that wasn’t open on one side of the room, where it led to still unknown.“The players that participated

Chapter 403 - Generous RewardsTL: xDh20, LifeisaJourneySeeing that Liu Gan was charging over, the Kingler held out his pincers just as quickly to squeeze Liu Gan. However, Liu Gan wasn’t like his past self. This time, his speed was much higher than when he first encountered a Kingler. He was at lea

Chapter 329 - I Like To Be Humiliated!Translator: BinBinEditor: VampirecatSu Qiu Yue waited outside her grandpa’s room for two hours!The moon was getting higher; suddenly, a bad hunch stirred within Su Qiu Yue!Could it be Qin Feng is pansexual? This person is frivolous and perverted. Will Grandpa b

Chapter 154: Only I know (Part 1/2)Translator: StrivonBlack Beetle could be considered a mentally enhanced ability user. Even if he didn't really have a gift for sensory observation, he possessed basic common knowledge regarding it.Naturally, Black Beetle would find reaching the level of a penetrat

Chapter 182 - Shen Ya  In truth, anyone would be shell-shocked if they knew about Zhong Yue’s second identity as Long Yue. No one would have imagined that the two identities of Zhong Yue would be able to garner such incredible fame and repute in the Great Wilderness and Eastern Barren res

All along, Ai Hui was under the impression that Vitality Branches were the purest form of wood elemental energy.But, he saw the five different types of elemental energy—metal, wood, water, fire and earth—in the freeze frame right before his eyes.All five elements were present!His understanding towar

Wang Qinian was given the order to arrange their departure, and at the same time negotiate with Lin Wen and Lin Jing. After all, when the envoy was to return, it would do so in the presence of a noble princess. Fan Xian at the time also said, "For the horses that we have prepared for our journey, Wa

Chapter 472 - Sixth-grade Di RankQin Nan raised his head and saw the sky turn incredibly red, with water flowing continuously, in which lay countless dead souls.In other words, he was currently below the Mengpo River.“The spirit of the Mengpo River?”Qin Nan took a deep breath. His tone remaine

On top of the stone statue. Garen and Sylphalan collided into each other madly. The palm and the sword met head-on again and again. Each collision sent a large quantity of white vapor and red light flying everywhere. They rain down on the surrounding walls and onto the ground, constantly creat

Chu Yu cringed a little, "Miss Qu Ni is into these talks of ridicule as well?". She pushed up her glasses and looked at him seriously, "Our world needs an Emperor right now.". "So I conveniently end up with the title? Shouldering the heavens and stepping on the ground?" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

The evening wind howled with the darkening of the sky.On the prairie, Xue Ying stood beside his wife, with the surrounding hundred meters remaining as warm as a spring day."Jing Qiu, you’ll definitely recover." Xue Ying gazed at his wife.Palace Head Chen and the others who were accompanying him stoo

Chapter 28 — AwakeningTranslator: SaltyTankEditor: AyaSnow  Dragon Disciples were the quintessence of sorcerers. They would awaken to dragon-type gifted abilities and magic spells with the flow of time, eventually strengthening their dragon blood to the point where it replaced the human blood

Lindsay's heart was beating nervously. This was her last chance to kiss Qin Guan. He looked really handsome that day...As the cameraman zoomed in on Qin Guan’s face, she put her arms on his shoulders.There was a slow, soft song playing. Lindsay was watching his face shyly, exuding tenderness and lov

The news that Lu Li made a huge scene at the Hall of Patriarchs was spread at the Mystic Armor Mountain and the Mystic Armor City. The entire Mystic Armor City became livelier. Nothing as sensational as this had happened in a long time. What was more, even the Great Patriarch was alarmed. The ca

Qian Lingyu’s face brightened up! It had been a long while since he last received any compliments. Gu Xijiu then altered her words, "Honestly, I had looked down on you, slightly…" Seeing the change in his expression, she continued calmly, "But it is not because you’re useless or stupid. It is be

"Brother Ling Tian’s improvement is truly monstrous…" Zhang Shou Yong stood amongst the group of Zhang Clan members as he shook his head and sighed. But his face quickly revealed a heartfelt smile. As Duan Ling Tian’s friend, he felt happy for Duan Ling Tian being able to possess such achievem

Chapter 64Suhyuk’s body was pushed back and turned abruptly. When he was about to fall down, he could barely keep his balance with his one hand holding the victim’s head. Suhyuk scowled. Intense pain that started from his shoulder shriveled down his spine.He moved his shoulders, and felt

As this was the first time Silver Wing's e-sports department was taking part in the auction segment, Wayne viewed it with utmost importance. Since there was lots of funding, manufacturing of the team jerseys had been done with the finest materials. Yesterday, when they had been preparing this set of

After the first exchange, Ling Tian suddenly pulled out a weird posture in midair: Waist bent, legs in a hooked shape and his hands outstretched in the same striking position as earlier. His entire body seemed to have turned into a bow, spinning like a pinwheel. He actually didn't land down, instead

"Don't you wish you'd had more time with her?""Too much of a good thing can be a problem too.""Those toothbrushes you made... I'd like one."Fan Xian was a little surprised. He hadn't expected such a demand from her. He forced a smile. "As far as I know, they sell them on Xiushui Street."Haitang smil

Anfey thought too much again this time. The meeting the following day ran all day. All the reform ideas were approved by all the mercenary group commanders, even though some of the changes seriously affected their interests, which even made unemotional Anfey feel bad for them.Mages in different merc

United States. Suburb of Los Angeles. Located in a desirable position, California was a perfect destination for traveling and living, because even in winter, there was still plenty of sunshine and the weather was gentle and comfortable. Red-faced and bald, Tim Keller was a 6’7’’ guy with broad

Chapter 27 — AffinityTranslator: SaltyTankEditor: AyaSnow  Extraordinary Charisma was the only other possible explanation.  Soran blankly stared at Vivian and murmured in disbelief, "Could it be that she's an innate sorcerer?"  Sorcerers were considered the best class among spellcast

Chapter 328 - PoisonedTranslator: WiwbiwbEditor: VampirecatLittle Pig was a cute, soft pink pig, but you mustn’t belittle it!As the Hedonist Sovereign System’s battle pet and NPC with multiple roles, he had the System’s various techniques, pills, martial skills, equipment, and so on in his grasp.Ev

Ancient God...Wu Qi sighed lightly. The bloodline in Princess Zhang Le's body surely had an extraordinary origin. Also, it was most probably because of the innate energies which Wu Qi channeled into her body that she was able to activate her bloodline at such a young age, and even formed her innate

"This!" Looking at the resealed iceberg, Ji Hao was shocked. He quickly flew to the disappeared hole and touched the newly sealed ice with his hand. The surface of the ice was clean and smooth, and no coldness could be sensed from it. On the contrary, Ji Hao sensed a weak warmth drilling in

  Chapter 2 - Does it feel good to be smacked by money "Yao Yue, I want to see you…" Ye Zichen stood outside the girl's dormitory, while holding two suitcases. "We already have no relationship to each other, can you not… Aiya, Qiang-ge, don't mess around…" The

  Chapter 1 - The Deities have a WeChat Group Bing Cheng Polytechnic University. There was a white mulberry grove near the university's second campus. Originally, the college had planted these mulberry trees to bring more greenery to the environment, but after nurturing generations

  Chapter 4 - My Occupation is a Vet Not only were the people from the dorm were amazed, even the people in the room blanked out. "Ye-zi, this isn't a place for you to just say random things." Su Yiyun lowered his face and warned Ye Zichen in his ear. He knew that Ye Zichen did stu

  Chapter 3 - Old Lord Taishang's Great Recovery Pill Latte Business Club. Ye Zichen and co. sat in a middle-sized room. The expensive cost of this place was not something that students like them could normally afford. Even though Kang Peng and co. are already trying to save money,

  Chapter 6 - Giving a private packet to Great Sage Sun Su Yiyun saw Ye Zichen's strange reaction. Thus, he parked the car by the side of the road and asked with raised eyebrows. "What happened?” "Nothing, just drive." Ye Zichen waved his hand towards him, but his eyes contin