Chapter 1045: Miserable Ghost FaceBai Xiaochun’s face was a bit flushed, and his heart was pounding. The realization that he was considering kidnapping a celestial… confirmed that he had changed a lot from his old self.After all, this was a true celestial, not a quasi-celestial like Daoist Hea

Chapter 315: Proud, admits his mistakeMeng Shi was the head of the Meng Family. When he sees Xiao Tianyao, he doesn’t need to kowtow to pay respect, bowing his head shouldn’t be any less in showing his respect, but… …Seeing a group of people, constantly shouting “Long Live Xiao Wangye”, Meng S

GOR Chapter 687 I Found It Shen looked at the red-haired figure standing on the other side of the door. Then, with a soft sigh, he stepped through the door.“You came, as expected.”The area beyond the door was a verdant stretch of grasses and various flowers grew in an orderly manner on the stretch

Chapter 835 Extraordinary SkillThe young woman wore a violet dress with a design of scattered flower petals. Her shoulders seemed as if they were carved by blades, and she possessed a slender waist and a jade white and smooth face. She was beautiful, pure, and gentle, and she was extremely str

GOR Chapter 686 Key “After all this waiting, you are finally here.”After pushing and making their way through the door, Shen and Adam heard a charming and gentle male voice.Beyond the door was a small room. The only furniture there were two soft leather sofas.There sitting on the sofa facing the do

Chapter 1638 – Marvelous counterattack (5)Without the first part, what’s the use of having only the middle part? So, Su Luo had a ‘just give it a try’ attitude this time when entering the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory. But she never expected that it had just begun and her luck was full to bu

North Dragon City, Ma Family house. Ma Yuanyuan is blankly sitting in an empty living room with a white mourning clothing draped over her body. Within the living room lays a coffin. Lying in the coffin is none other than her grandmother. Ma Yuanyuan feels like her heart is desolate, like somethin

After he left the president's office, Yang Chen felt light-headed. Lin Ruoxi’s stunt did really drive him insane! This woman was sure that he wouldn't treat her harshly and destroy her career, so she gave him a choice he had to make. Not only that, she even expressed her love for hi

AST 1925 - Make The Imperial Cuisine Hall Vanish? Seeing that Qing Shui had not spoken for some time, there was no change in the Second Young Master Hua’s face. Even the Barbarian Emperor seemed to be calming down. The remaining three old men appeared as calm as they were in the beginning. A

AST 1926 - Women Are Trouble “Cheng Yuan, let teacher take care of this. We will make the Imperial Cuisine Hall vanish!” said the Little Prince slowly after a long ponder. After finishing his sentence, the Little Prince frowned tightly. He did not place Qing Shui at a supreme position,

  Chapter 315: Proud, admits his mistake (Part 2) Some of the young masters of the Meng Family sighed in relief. But, Meng Shi secretly shook his head. He was very disappointed with his son and nephew. However, he couldn’t open his mouth this time. Meng Shi got up and brought Xiao Tiany

Yan Fei lifted the metal plate, fortunately he did not let it hit their cars. A body covered in snow appeared in front of the team. It was a sheep-like animal but much taller than a normal one! At the moment is was dizzy from hitting the metal plate head on. It seemed likely to fall backwards at an

Chapter 233: Origin The masked girl wielded her katana with both hands and stood there quietly, a black and dull sword pointed straight at her throat. The 21 young girls behind her either begged, cried, or screamed, all of which wanted Zhang Xiao Qiang to let the masked girl go. The girl’s eye

Through it all, Yuan Zhaoxu rested on his chair and continued enjoying the pair's endless squabble even in the changing room. "How was the bath? Refreshing?"

Chapter 1398: The Damaged Reputation Of Celestial Master ZuoTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe relationship between the fake Celestial Master Zuo was interdependent with Fairy Queen Li. The fake Celestial Master Zuo was perverse and had done all sorts

Chapter 1196: The Friendly Spar Between the Combat Master Halls Begins!Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Millman97Before Kong shi disappeared, he left behind six Celestial Amulets of Legacy. One was known to be with the Master Teacher Pavilion whereas the other five had disappeared from the fa

Chapter 324 Super Edition Fusion Ability, Hell White Tiger   (TL by Bagelson)   Qian Renxue began to absorb the power of True Sunfire regardless of the consequences, and Tang San didn’t dare hold back either, starting to absorb the power of the ocean ten kilometers in the air.

Chapter 528: Most shameless act everTranslator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations"Su Qing!" Fang Zhengzhi asserted."No way! There is no way Su Qing could have administered the poison. He does not have the clearance to be able to even attempt it." Crown Prince Lin Tianrong's ex

Chapter 530: 17th on the Holy RankingsTranslator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations"How can he possibly know this?" Chi Hong squinted as he thought about what happened a few days ago.Fang Zhengzhi had just entered the city. That was the day...That was the day Fang Zhengzhi con

Chapter 532: Go AwayTranslator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow TranslationsFang Zhengzhi's voice was not as loud compared to when he was defending the Ministry of Finance official Yue Hu, but its intensity was ten times as much."He has spoken! He has really spoken!""He actually blocked

Chapter 533: A MirrorTranslator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow TranslationsAs the ruler of this dynasty, Emperor Lin Mubai could remain calm in the presence of the Southern Region Princess and Yan Xiu, but he could not tolerate the disgrace of this worthless "Prince"."Your Majesty, ple

Chapter 534: An Unbelievable OutcomeTranslator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow TranslationsUpon hearing Emperor Lin Mubai's question, the officials waited for Wen Chuan's response in anticipation. After all, he was the one of the most clear-headed among them.As the Law Official, a membe

Chapter 495: Star Palace!Translator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuUsing only a short period of 10 years, the City Lord of the Sky City rose from the First Layer of the Hundred Year realm to the Thousand Year King realm! The speed of his growth was extremely shocking—countless people were stunned

Chapter 496: Truth Of The Martial DaoTranslator: AstralGhost Editor: KurisuBei Feng's blood and Qi rippled gently; although the tremors were light, they were increasing rapidly!An intense hunger constantly assaulted Bei Feng's mind, causing him to completely lose interest in continuing to com

Chapter 1103: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (1)Translator: DRZ Editor: Rock"Is there anyone else who wants to provoke my Lord?" Huohuo's brows raised as her domineering eyes looked towards everyone present and a wicked smile curled up on her adorable face.Yun Luofeng's posture was languid as her le

Chapter 1104: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (2)Translator: DRZ Editor: RockBefore he finished speaking, the Ou Family Head suddenly felt a stabbing pain and couldn't help but scream out in pain while his body trembled incessantly.Bang!Concurrently, a powerful force attacked from the front, and his

Chapter 1105: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (3)Translator: DRZ Editor: RockNangong Yunyi slightly nodded. "I understand. You can rest assured and I will be careful. In addition, the family head isn't the strongest person in the three great families."Yun Luofeng did not express an opinion as she was

Chapter 1106: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (4)Translator: DRZ Editor: RockThinking of this, the boss dryly coughed. "There's some history behind this tree so the price is expensive. Take out ten thousand and I'll sell it to you."A trace of a cold glint flashed past Green Phoenix's eyes. This dried

Chapter 1109: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (7)Translator: DRZ Editor: RockNangong Lan felt the gushing aura from Xiao Bai's body and her expression changed while she hastily shouted, "Hurry and stop her, otherwise it'll be too late!"Immediately, everyone rapidly rushed towards Xiao Bai and their f

Chapter 1260: A Peaceful Family Will ProsperTranslator: WQL Editor: AleemAfter Commander Cheng left, Zhang Tie inspected the encampment of Fire-Dragon Corps. He held a meeting with Zhang Su and the other officials such as Liu Xing; by the way, they fixed the military supervision system of Fir

Chapter 983 - Moving Maze PalaceOnly the four princes and their team members still in a Heaven's Legacy City remained in the Imperial Tombs.The Eighth and Ninth Princes' teams could finally let out a breath."There are ten days of rest till the third stage starts. Let's have a rest and recover

Chapter 603: Gold Grade Talisman EquipmentTranslator: MrVoltaire1 Editor: Modlawls123After hearing Nü Lü's words, Zhao Fu nodded and asked, "You still haven't left?"Nü Lü shook her head and smiled as she said, "Lord husband, you've read for an entire day now, and it's night time. I just left

Chapter 831: Pretty good luckTranslator: eunimon_ Editor: Caron_Cai Yong Li was stunned for a while then he knitted his brows and said, "Luo Chen? You want to have two grown men on the cover together? Mr. Ye, we're a fashion magazine that targets the female audience and we've always had femal

"Still trying to deny! So it turns out that you had designs on my a** for a long time! To think that I have been following you around for such a long time! I've known you for such a long time but I didn't know your true nature! You

Chapter 2022: Surrounded (1)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations"Jun Wu Xie….." Jiang Yun Long narrowed his eyes and tried to recall the situation in the Spiritual Spirit Loft back on that day, immediately remembering the young lady with her astounding looks."

Chapter 1111: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (9)Translator: DRZ Editor: Rock"I believe that what the ancestor elders of the three great influential families say is right. Clearly, this woman has been demonified and if you look at her eyes, it is evident that only a devil would possess such eyes! If

Chapter 596: Storming InTranslator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalonPatriarch Blood Sea led his six subordinates as they proceeded deep into the mountain's belly. Along the mountainside's passageway, they could still see array formation patterns surfacing. The terrifying array formation's aura emanate

Chapter 501: Pregnant!Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow TranslationsZhao Ming Qing had a kind of blind worshipping attitude towards his teacher. He believed that as long as his teacher took up a task, he would be successful.Chinese Medicine! Chinese Medicine!Zhao Ming Qing coul

Chapter 1479: You Won't Die If You Don't Invite Death (4)Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation"Are you trying to call for help? That depends on whether your signal for aid can be sent out or not."Zuo Shangchen curled the corners of his lips and made a sligh

HSSB1113: Sword Dao Ever Through Straight Centre True, Vile Wretches Often End Impure Impaled Cold Yan Zhaoge had faced Wen Daihong’s Immortal Slaughtering Sword with an Immortal Slaughtering Sword of his own.His attainments in the sword arts of the Prime Clear lineage ultimately surpassed the