Chapter 952: Changes to the Immortal Ascension Rankings Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire   Qin Wentian, Qing`er and Nanfeng Yunxi gradually retracted their auras, not bothering to pursue Mo Xie. It wasn’t going to be an easy task if they truly wanted t

CHAPTER 2: PART 2(A) Just before passing through the forest, from the bushes we saw a lot of C class students on the beach. The situation we were looking at had been far beyond our imagination. “It can’t be… This kind of stuff… Is it possible?” As if she could

Although Nija became completely obedient, she would tremble when our eyes meet as after-effect at first, but she somehow managed to deceive others until the next personal maid took over. It seems that it was apparent only in her flow of magical power. It has apparently rooted deeply within her, so t

Grand Dominance. Qin Manor.Yi Xiao prepared a variety of dishes for Qin Yun."Brother Yun, I'm somewhat worried." Yi Xiao held a cup of alcohol."What are you worried about?" asked Qin Yun with a smile."You previously said that you would dream a hundred years and that the dream would feel realistic, a

As a person who was easily irritated, the thing he couldn’t stand the most was long-winded people. Xu ZiYan could not ensure that, should Xu Mo continue to be so wordy, he would not just begin cursing at him. To curse madly in front of Xu ZiRong, it would completely ruin his good older brothe

Episode 24/Chapter 5: The Shinsoo’s of Earth (5) TL: Tsubak ED: The front lines that were being held by Rasgrid and Korga turned to become the central focus. The warriors of Valhalla and Radetza charged forward while having their morale increased by Rasgrid, and Korga gathered the fomoires

Chapter 143 – Second Coming of a Legend (6)   <Your techniques have improved.  This is true even if I discount the very odd function developed by the Sky Splitter.  I should have stuck around a little bit longer to see how far you were able to develop.> “Hoo-ooh.

In one of the Heaven stage cultivation rooms, Nie Tian condensed spiritual energy balls with the special technique he had learned from the mysterious land, and used them to speed up his cultivation. Unlike the Void Illusion Mountain Range, the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in this cultivation ro

After being summoned out of his room, Nie Tian felt very confused while looking at Shi Hui, Shi Nan, and the other few guest elders. “What’s wrong, Uncle Shi? Is my time up?” He was certain that he had only used that cultivation room for no more than 20 hours. During that time, h

Hearing Hou Tu, Ji Hao couldn’t help but pause in shock. Zhu Rong? The true Fire God Zhu Rong? The one from the heaven? Back in Feather Mountain, Ji Hao had destroyed Zhu Rong. Ji Hao destroyed Zhu Rong’s soul, and even shattered his divine talisman. But, who was this one called Zhu Rong by Hou

The bone-python occupied most of the space in the living room as soon as it appeared. Then, it bellowed loudly while swinging its tail in the air. Its sturdy bone tail looked like an extremely heavy steel-whip. It swept toward Shi Mu while carrying a force so overwhelming that it seemed as if it co

In the blink of an eye, another half year passed.During this half year, the Underworld Mountains of the City of Ancient Emperors became a place where many of the geniuses frequented. However, any discoveries to be found were few and far between. The inheritances had long been seized by those who’d g

It could be said that even when Fang Xingjian managed to kill Li Shuanghua and even when he engaged in an intense battle against the First Prince... even considering all the difficulties he had encountered and the many enemies he had made... Fang Xingjian had yet to show such a dazed expression.Whil

"Good, since this is what you want. Martial Aunt, I would request you to do the honors."Li Yunmu agreed in a straightforward manner and clasped his hands towards the void. The hearts of all people present tightened, and instantly, they also looked over in the direction where he was looking.       Bu

Chapter 482 - So It’s You Black mist surrounded the air above the castle. The gold and silver skeleton looked toward the Eye of Heaven. The skeletal Division Leader’s bones stood out from the mist and red flames jumped in its eye sockets. It looked toward the Eye of Heaven witho

Chapter 1461 – The Asura Sutra … … … After reaching the peak of the Emperor Stone and carving in the character of ‘Xian’, Xiao Moxian had expended 80-90% of her true essence; she was already finding it hard to maintain flight. As she glanced over she could

Chapter 534: Rescue from Demon Beasts After Han Li reached mid Core Formation stage, he had remained in seclusion for an additional twenty years. During this time, he still hadn’t exhausted all of his medicine pills and carried about a smaller portion of them in his storage pouch. His early

Chapter 178: The Blood Lake and the Orb Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation   Regardless of the means, they got the pass and a mercenary tier upgrade, which if done the proper way, would have taken at least one or two months to get.

Chapter 204: Struck by Zombies Translator: Liu Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave   "Get ready to withdraw. You have worked very hard the past few days." Zhang Jing's mood was excellent because the mission was completed successfully. And they only needed half of the

Chapter 287: Tied To A Tree How could a person’s hair be thirty meters long? Even if she could grow it out that much, she would at least be several hundred years old with aged skin like a tough peach shell. However, Bai Ruxue was a young woman, a kingdom-toppling beauty at that. Her skin wa

Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 183: Innately super strong “Be careful, big fellow, go forward!” Liu Hong turned pale and hastily ordered. This dog-headed golem that had appeared suddenly was too strong and was like a heavy boulder rolling on a narrow and winding road. If met head-on

Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 184: Frenzied Golem “Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, be careful!” “Jump over, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, quick!” Na Shan and Na Shui shouted. They wanted to jump down and obstruct this ferocious dog-headed golem, but their legs however didn&rsq

Wizard’s Birthday (Last Part)   There was only one more day before Wizard’s birthday. Lise tried hard to work on the embroidery every night. Ever since that night, she didn’t sleep together with Wizard anymore. It didn’t mean that she was avoiding him, but it was be

Book 3 Chapter 57: Final Battle (Part 4)             Being hit by the lump of iron, Shen Yi’s HP dropped by one-third, but he did not panic. Instead, he borrowed this force to accelerate the speed at which he fell into the water. Whe

Chapter 233 – Three Tests While Huangfu Chongming’s group were chasing after Chen Xi, some of the cultivators that were searching for the auspicious path outside the Eight Path Formation, yet they took another route. The Eighth Path Formation’s path of life, scenic, and beginning

Chapter 88: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (End)   Soon afterwards, a girl’s sound came from the sword-shaped crack.   “I reserve the right for the final explanation.”   “What is it? An arbitrary clause? You didn’t say it before! I told you

Chapter 27: Determine the Goal   “Ok, I go with you. My power can heal you. I won’t be a burden.”   Different from Zhang Mu’s expectation, Yuan Rui gave him a positive answer after thinking for a while. He thought that the little girl would be afraid of walking

Translator: WuWang Editor: Lightbubble Chapter 26: Ready to Go On the road returning to the warehouse, Zhang Mu saw the group of people who just abandoned Wang Liang. They had been hunted down by walking dead and only a few people escaped. It was too late to save them. Moreover, he didn’t

Translator: WuWang Editor: Lightbubble Chapter 25: Role Play   In the end, he didn’t feel the pain of being torn up. He had prepared to be killed, but after hearing Zhang Mu’s words, he opened his eyes as quickly as if he was a drowner who just caught a life buoy.   After

Chapter 168: Lu Lu’s Love Diary   When I first saw him, he was riding on the formidable, god-like Mountain Lord’s back. Our village is located in the mountains and needs a three days walk to reach the nearest city. Mountain Lord was the greatest, most terrible creature they had ev

Chapter 244 “His Big Favor” “Your Majesty, that’s definite proof it’s this vicious Lan Ling Yue who caused my daughter’s death. My King, please give my child justice and hand down severe punishment to the girl.” As if injected with a dose of chicken’s

Chapter 22 — Escaping is shameful yet useful. Xia Wei was not a pure-hearted little girl with no experience in romance. On the contrary, she was actually very easily moved by the opposite gender, but while she had been moved in the past, it was only ever a sweet feeling—she never felt s

Chapter 1090: Fighting the Samsara stage Countless practitioners on Divine Item Mountain Range could faintly see the craziness gathering in Lin Dong’s eyes. All of their expressions were rather interesting. It was impossible for them to imagine just where the latter got the courage to fight b

Chapter 253: Yun Na’s disfigured face So, if they will really divorce, it shouldn’t be at this point in time! Especially, now that Yun Na was in such a condition. She needs Yun Yecheng to find a way how will her daughter undergo a plastic surgery. So, if he wants to kick her out,

Undying C80 The Precursor to the Three Battles The time passed aimlessly as the team rested for several days.   Ever since that confession by One’day High, my life seemed to have entered a lull of sorts. Firstly, the revenge against Ferdila seemed to have stopped for now. Most likely i

Undying C81: Poppy (draft) Standing within the school’s courtyard, Poppy waved a goodbye to Di Qi Ju. Even though he had already left the premises for a while, she didn’t return to the compound yet.   In that short alone time they had together just now, they didn’t tal

Gaiden: Do Your Best Enri-san Part 5 Translator: Frostfire10 Editor: Greenfish      The E-Rantel adventuring party the [Axe of Cyclone] walked silently in a line across the road concealed by the grass.  The reason why they were walking in formation despite being in a location in which they had

182. Getting One’s Thoughts in Order We headed back to the inn after we finished going through the formal rank up procedure. 『Looks like we’re finally officially C rankers.』 「Nn.」 『Let’s throw a bit of a celebration. How about this, I’ll let you guys can eat as much curry

Chapter 360 – Charging Through the Tower As soon as it completely took shape, the illusory spirit pagoda faded away, and moments later, the hall was empty once more. Octagonal in shape, the hall had a diameter of at least three hundred meters. Tang Wulin’s team of seven stood in th

Chapter 207: Intense Battling! Puchi! At the same instance that Old Ancestor Zhang sneered, a transparent ripple struck in from above his head. Old Ancestor Zhang’s expression sank as his facial muscles distorted slightly. Still, it quickly restored to normal. With his current cultivation,