Chen Mu planned to visit Amay City over the weekend, which was the nearest city to Eastern Shang-Wei City. The shuttle train station was crowded. Chen Mu was bored looking at the advertisement

Everyone was shocked! The townsfolk couldn't take their eyes off Chu Yuan. It was so exaggerated that it looked fake. It was way too exag

The Princess and Her Apple Pie (Part 1) She returned to her true self when she put on her glasses. Celestine de Oiria slipped out of Aitheria’s inn via the usual way and put on her favorite silver rimmed glasses, transforming into “just“ Celes. The cool evening wind felt pleasant

Chapter 383: Presumptuous request!   Military power is important or is imperial power more important, this was the topic of debate at tonight’s Still water dew gathering. Li Muyang had just arrived home, but Lu Qingming already knew of the debate topic. Even if they said that there was

Chapter 384: Unsightly!   Li Muyang went blank for a long while, before he nodded heavily to Lu Qingming, saying: “Uncle Lu, it’s grandfather’s birthday. As a junior I should express my respect. There is no need to ask. You’re too polite. Otherwise, it would seem I don

Northern Fort 19 – Snow Storm   In my previous life, the region I lived in was rather warm and snow would fall a few times during the winter, but it’d be so light that the snow would melt the moment it touched the ground. I use to see the images of the heavy snow areas on the

Chapter 173 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (28)   Olwen McKathway. He was a third generation vampire, the most noblest pure blood and the most powerful existence out of all the vampire. But, he was doomed to be unable to love a person. Because he

Chapter 174 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (1)   Gu Shengyin looked at her current situation: “System, I think you should explain.” System: “The host of this mission world, Shen Xiaoxiao, had a car accident two years ago during a holiday trip. Her pa

Chapter 175 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Apprentice (2)   Gu Shengyin thought for a long time before finding a mirror from an inconspicuous corner. After leaving the hospital, Shen Xiaoxiao made the people from the housekeeping company get rid of all mirrors in the house. F

Chapter 201: Murder Midnight, silence embraced the carriage, every passenger was in dreamland. Only a few lights at the end of the carriage, guiding the way for the passengers. Tang Zheng followed them from afar. The cold man walked ahead of them. Li Xiaotian followed him carelessly, but her route

Chapter 202: Most Poisonous Woman   Li Xiaotian’s movements were not traced. Even Tang Zheng did not feel anything unusual. Suddenly, she frowned and said to herself, “Why does he have no Inner Energy fluctuation, is it possible that he’s not a warrior?” Li Xiaotian s

Chapter 1188 - Poyun Concedes Huo Rulie took a big stride forward, as he said while laughing loudly, “Young Yun is right! Yun’er, you don’t have to be so discouraged. It is absolutely not because the Golden Crow flame is weaker than the way of sword that you lost to that little gi

Chapter 1189 - Battle Between the Strongest Looking at the match-up list of the battles the next day, everyone started to feel excitement in their hearts. In the first battle of the Conferred Gods Group, it was once again a fight between the God Children. But unlike the previous day, it was the a

Chapter 87 – Duel with the Sis-con Samurai     “Ei! Tou!” When I left the house together with Elise and the others after dressing ourselves in the early morning, Erw swung a katana enthusiastically in a space that is equivalent to a garden. Having obtained Mizuho clot

Chapter 31 Once More Advancing Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard those words. Fatty Yu cursed, “What idiot woman is that? Get out for daddy!” Just as he finished, a table whistled over from the corridor, smashing towards them. But it suddenly stopped in midair. Long

Chapter 194 – Bear-san Explains Everything to Eleanora-san Author’s Note: The serious tone ended with last chapter. w As I swung my arm back to take my anger out on the toad man, Eleanora-san appeared at the entrance. 「Yuna-chan, wait!」 Just because she told me to wait didn’t m

Chapter 195 – Bear-san Saves the Other Children When we asked the toad man where the other children were being held, he just told us to look for them ourselves. Eleanora-san was mad that he refused to cooperate, but we had plenty of ways to look for them. I could use detection magic or have S

Chapter 48.3: During the three-hour journey, Yan Ru Yu constantly disturbed her in her reading of the manuscript. Finally, she accompanied him to play poker for a while. Soon, the train arrived at the station. Yan Ru Yu followed Lan Ning and walked out of the station together. He stood around and

MY FATHER-IN-LAW IS LU BU – CHAPTER 306 Spoiler Title   Xu Shu had initially thought of stalling the attack. Instead, the attack came earlier than usual.   “Kill! Kill!” Xu Shu repelled the first wave of the joint attack by Liu Bei and Zhang Xiu. However, Xu Shu

MY FATHER-IN-LAW IS LU BU – CHAPTER 307 Battle of Shouchun   The first main reason Liu Bei killed Liu Pi was because Liu Pi had offended Zhang Xiu. Liu Pi was also too influential with the Yuzhou Yellow Turbans. Many of them want Yuzhou back. Even if Liu Pi did not want to, the ot

Chapter 394 I will be a good pet Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Other contributors: Nam Joo Zong Fu Hotel used to be a luxury five-star hotel, but now it had become the headquarters of the phantom union. Lu Ting’s team had a room that was allocated just for them, and it was exclusively used for

He’s Not the Ninth Prince of Underworld, He’s the Ninth Bodhisattva Ten li outside of the capital, there was a deep pit that had been opened up by the torrential rains in front of a deserted village. Everyone in the village had already fled, with some going toward the capital and others

Chapter 5 Part 2 Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous) Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue) Translator : Cubbyfox Editor : Waiting Proofreader : Waiting   If an ordinary woman in normal circumstances gets teased. They will panic, unfortunately, Leng Jiu is differe

Chapter 5 Part 1 Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous) Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue) Translator : Cubbyfox Editor : Waiting Proofreader : Waiting   “Chen qie Pay Respect to Empress Dowager” A woman with a sloppy dress bends her knees, but in th

Chapter 69: Who wants to separate?  Mrs. Zhang coldly said: “There are many people pointing their fingers at me, who are you going to scold?” Bai Erzhu was even more confused: “For no reason, they pointed their fingers at you? Did you offend someone?” W

Chapter 256: Big troubles, criminal charge (Part 1) After the guard left, only one person was left busy in the Ci Entang… … Lin Chujiu has been carrying the baby who has pneumonia. Whenever she tried to put down the baby, the baby cried with heartbreaking cries. Lin Chujiu was afrai

Chapter 195: A Family It only took a moment before the overseers counted up their people and reported the tally. Qin Yining nodded. “We’re missing four. Remember to pass on my words to them.” “Yes, please give your orders, miss.” Fang-mama smiled amiably. &ldquo

Chapter 196: Reproach Venerable Study Hall was Qin Huaiyuan’s place of residence before he married. The library within was very valuable. Since it neighbored the rear gardens, every window opened up to a beautiful sight. To live in it was a great honor, and here was Qin Yining willing to shar

Chapter 191: Hope Everyone put down their cups and looked at Qin Huaiyuan, demonstrating the respect he commanded in the family. He smiled slightly. “I owe second and third brother thanks for looking after the family when I was away.” “What kind of words are these, big brother? N

Chapter 192: Difficulty in Sorting Through Emotions Qin Yining rose and walked slowly to Qin Huaiyuan, kneeling to place both hands on her father’s knees and looked back up at him. “Father, you’re disappointed in those people and this world. Your lifelong ambitions have been ruin

Chapter 193: Money for the Wife Heavy clouds obscured the moon in the depths of the night. A long awaited storm was brewing. Weary Great Yan soldiers had already dropped off to sleep outside Xihua. Only a few patrols were still up and about within the campground. Whooshing sounds suddenly broke th

Chapter 194: Scattering After a Fall “Miss! Horrible news!” A frantic pattering of footsteps entered the yard. Up in the attic, Qin Yining frowned at the disturbance. Holding a dangling pearl earring that she hadn’t had time to put into ear, she peered out of the window. “

Chapter 189: Returning Home Qin Yining slowly put down the teacup in hand and responded with confusion. “Didn’t I say to let her in if she came back? Why is she kneeling in front of the door?” The messenger felt awkward and snuck a quick look at the miss’ expression. He con

Chapter 190: Reunion Qin Yining’s hovering heart could finally settle back down in its rightful place when she saw Qitai lead Qin Huaiyuan through the doors. But when she saw how bedraggled her father looked, her speed petered out and she almost burst into tears. When he’d been thrown

Chapter 179: Knew It a Long Time Ago If something really did happen, none of the Qins would be able to get away. With her father’s identity and reputation, how would the Great Zhou emperor let any of them off the hook? “Let’s get up and go home. We can decide what to do after we

Chapter 180: Family Authority Qin Huaiyuan took a few deep breaths in before he could safely ignore his hot eyes. He suddenly smiled. “That’s true. Death awaits us all in the end. There’s nothing to be afraid or worried of.” Qin Yining gave a closed lip smile. The two faint

Chapter 181: Orders in the Face of Danger Qin Yining clenched her hands tightly. They were slightly clammy from sweat but not because of fear, and not of worry that her elders wouldn’t listen to the words of an unmarried girl. What she cared about was her father saying that the future was ble

Chapter 182: Compliance The three were burning with fever from their injuries, particularly Jin-mama. Bingtang and the doctor had carefully looked them over, applied medicine, and went off to brew some oral mixtures. Née Sun stooped by the bed, holding Jin-mama’s hand tightly wit

Chapter 183: Killing Intent Qin Yining rose and paced slowly, Riceball in her hands. “Let’s all do our jobs well in the days when I’m in charge and try our best to be considerate. As long as no mistakes are made, I don’t wish to gain a bad reputation either. But at the same

Chapter 184: Slaughtering the Donkey After It Finishes the Job at the Mill “The old dowager speaks rightly and this is only the beginning. When there are further developments at Xihua, I’m afraid there will be only more refugees fleeing the chaos and violence. But, let’s keep an o