Wu Shun was probably the fastest of all frontliners. After all, he played like a man possessed. Hard work often made up for a lack of talent. The game was not that difficult. Much of that had been exaggerated. Anyone who still marked up its di

"There's an ancient ruin on the Great Zhou mountain?" Ye Mo asked after a while.The monkey-mouthed foundation establishment state cultivator was dazed for a moment and said uncertainly, "So, friend, you're not here for the ruin. Well there's indeed a ruin in there….""Monkey Jian, you're scammi

Li Yu trusted in Crown Prince Chong Ming whom she had known for many years. That was the reason why the betrayal and slaughter raging in the Capital of Yan Kingdom tonight would happen. Xian Zhilang trusted Li Yu, but he was an able general of

Instead of just one or two, there were quite a lot of these bad comments. They directly overwhelmed the worship and astonishment about Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship at the very beginning.As Yuan Zhou had not opened a microblog account or Wechat public account for his own restaurant, those indignan

Ding! [The Prime of Tongtian has just sent you a message.] Other than the Red Envelope, the Prime of Tongtian sent a personal message to Chen

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie and Yan Feiqing had stayed in the tower of time for over 7 years...7 years inside the tower of time was equal to 7 days outside. During the past 7 years, nothing happened in the tower of time except for what Zhang Tie had done for Yan Feiqing, wh

Zhao Layue arched her eyebrows a little, and thought it would be the case; but she still had many questions. "Why would she want to use the Fairy Book to come back?" she inquired. This

Chapter 717 - [Bloodthorn Hall]In accordance with the black theme that dominated the architectural style of the Black Demon Pool, the alley was made using an unknown type of black rock which could pass for black iron. Black Demon qi enveloped the extremely narrow alley, which could accommodate

At the same time, the guards of the Dragon Clan also surrounded the Tyrannical Sky Tiger and blocked it from approaching Long Yan.Though Long Yan has reached the late stage of the Exceptional State, there was still a sizeable gap in power between him and the Tyrannical Sky Tiger. Despite that,

Urgent News From Da Shun’s Imperial PalaceWhat of it?That’s right, what of it.She was Xuan Tian Ming’s woman. Even if she destroyed the world, he would dote on her. So what if they attacked the small Qian Zhou?Xuan Tian Ming’s arrival caused Ban Zou and Prince Lian to let out a sigh of relief.

Chapter 216. Reason for Meeting (2)[8F Crevon]Not only did Jin Sahyuk hide in a dense forest, but she also dug a hole in the ground to escape from Kim Hajin’s attacks. She didn’t even have the time to feel humiliated. In a mere minute, she dug a hole deeper than most underground tunnels and be

Standing with Shawn Ford by the side of the training ground, Dai Li pointed to the video and said, "What you need now is more time for your left foot to touch the ground. That is what our following training will be aimed at."Will it work? Ford was confused. Dai Li was contradicting all of his

Di Fuyi only replied him with one word, "Stupid!"Gu Canmo clenched his fists. Celestial Master Zuo had always been impolite to him! He was not like Gu Xijiu when she pretended to be Di Fuyi. She still talked respectfully with him which made him feel like he was the same level as Di Fuyi.Gu Can

After painful warnings, he didn't restrain himself at all, but drew power from both sides even more crazily. He wanted to incorporate all the music theories of the abyss into his body, so

He did a lazy stretch and smiled as he said to the maid aside, "Come on, let us go back." "Yes." The made smiled sweetly and led the way.

Ling Han smiled faintly. He knew that she would definitely be willing to negotiate."I have a few questions to ask Your Highness," he called out loudly."Oh, then you should first answer one question of mine; otherwise, there would be no further need for discussion." Helian Xun Xue said calmly,

Shi Guang held back her laughter and did not continue on that topic, choosing to remark instead, "So, we're going to the beach for our lesson tomorrow…to witness the majesty of the seas."

Outside Thorn Town at the Cage Mountain."A, atishoo — "Good sneezed as he entered the hangar against rushes of snow and gusts of wind. He placed the heavy ammunition case beside the plane and slumped onto it. "I hate winter. It reminds me of those old days when we were refugees.""Nobody likes

When Salgado smashed Ribéry's dribbling ball out of the sidelines, the assistant referee beside the ball did not indicate that this was Nottingham Forest's throw-in. Instead, he raised both flags in his hands over his head.That was to indicate that there was a request for substitution on the s

"This Zhou Bao really is a character!" Seeing the change in Zhou Bao's expression, Chen Shoubai subtlely nodded. Usually, after someone has heard about the Senior Grand Tutor's war stories, even the most self-confident ones find it hard not to feel humbled. However, Zhou Bao did not feel humbl

All of the participants looked up and saw four inner elders striding in the air to approach them. Their imposing manner was exuding a tempestuous aura. The leader was a tall and thin old man with slightly gray hair. His aura was gruesome and e

Lin Fan kept himself hidden in the void. He was long afraid of being set up by the Boundless Future Buddha Lord just like before; therefore, he was naturally more cautious right now. Being such a crafty fella, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was definitely not someone whom Lin Fan could scam

Great Qin's Legatee was someone who the entire world had expected to be one of the eight Legatees, and they had all expected him to be the top-ranked out of all of them. However, he had not even made it into the eight Legatees, making countless people feel quite shocked.With Great Qin's streng

The whole area fell silent!Everyone was dumbfounded and terrified.Even the Holy Sons and Holy Virgins started to doubt they would live!"Who the hell . . . is this guy?" Xiao Taixuan, the Holy Son of the Eight Directions Green Dragon Sect, asked in surprise. He couldn't look down upon Xu Que an

Mo Tiange naturally didn't know what Wei Jiasi was shocked about. Well, right now, she really didn't want to deal with this kind of thing. Now that she was almost done with her cultiva

"There was no Chinese Pinyin in ancient China," Yuan Shucai said, holding on to the diagram that Zhao Yu had handed to him. "People during that time used the pitching method, which involved using two words to form the pitch of how

Although Chen Mu had handed off all the battle issues to Bogner, he still brought over one of the most outstanding low-grade card masters from where Bu Qiangdong was. He thought the drafts Bogner had drawn were too messy and wanted the card master to make some fantasy images of the base.The lo

A grand parade came out of Liangzhu to welcome them. Rare fowls and beasts were flying about all over the sky, and what came before them were twelve pitch-black mammoths, each of whom stood a hundred feet tall and had a pair of golden tusks. These golden-tusked mammoths were ancient beasts bor

Lin Fan had a pill in his hand. It was gold in color. It was the well-concocted perfect-grade Little intelligence pill. He smiled broadly.Zhao Ming Qing stood by his side, looking, "Teacher, is this the said perfect-grade little intelligence pill?"Lin Fan nodded his head, "You're right! This i

"Killing people is easy. It's not killing them that's hard."- Deadman---------------5 Days Later---------------I'm driving slowly down a bumpy hill. I'm close to the lab. Most of my trip has been on paved roads, but the last hour has been on a logging trail through

"Oppa! Over here!" At Frankfurt Airport, Yunsuh and Sangchun greeted Youngho's group. They were busy trying to catch their little boys and greet Youngho at the same time. Youngho and Jongil visited Frankfurt for the CIA's meeting and Sangchun's parents followed them alone to look around thei

"Even up till this day, you're still seeking to use the Spirit Lord to deceive me? The Spirit Lord is benevolent and he would never allow the Spiritual Bear to be sacrificed to go build the Serene Spirit Tower!" Flame Dragon said with a sneer.The Second Disciple then puffed up his chest and sa

Everything that was happening had fallen right into what Jun Wu Xie had planned. She watched coldly on at the predicament that the human spirits were caught in. They only needed to come rush back into the Beast Spirits' territory and even if the human spirits joined forces with the Weapon Spir

The ravine was really secretive. Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou finally came out after wandering half a day in the mountains. After coming out, Qin Xiaoyou would not be able to go back to the ravine even if she were to try.

Zhou Qing's current situation was an obvious result of the television station's games. But, he had no way of retaliating against them. Because, once someone offended Tangning, they would have nowhere to run.Xia Hanmo wanted to help Zhou Qing. But, when she pulled out her phone, she realized th

When Wang Yao arrived at home and his mother had cooked dinner, everyone in the family was waiting for him. "Here you are. Take one small cup of the decoction within one and a half hours a

Believing Grandpa Lin's explanation, Shi Yao politely told him to take care of himself. But before she could finish her sentence, someone suddenly knocked on the door of the ward.  The wis

After Taoist Guang finished relating his experience in the group, the three people fell into a long silence. To be honest, Taoist Guang had been reluctant to bring up this past experience because it was too humiliating. He and Evil Sword God were both at True Immortal level, but just because h

Shi Dazhu had deliberately concealed his identity on the mountain. He was afraid Fangzheng was a fake monk that would scheme for his wealth. He ultimately realized that Fangzheng truly deserved the caliber of master. He did not mention money at all during the entire process. Once Fangzheng res

When Ye Yuan's voice fell, everyone's hearts plunged!"I'm a little hard of hearing. What did Ji Qing say just now?""He . . . He wants to challenge His Highness, the Seventh Prince! I-I didn't hear it wrongly, right?""I really don't know how to use words to describe my current emotion. In this