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When Roy’s black ice blocked his vision, Mundus, who was inside the shield of the Wall of Sighs, realized that something was amiss.To him, be it Sparda or Osiris, they were both enemies that he had to be vigilant of. Now that they had suddenly joined forces to block his vision, they definitely plann

The burly man doubtfully asked, “Gold? Gold is a hard currency, I can accept that. However, if you could simply trade via transfer, it would be better as that would make things a lot faster and more convenient. Shop owner, can’t you just transfer it?”Song Shuhang replied, “I don’t have that much mon

The submissions for the Milan World Expo International Jewelry Design Competition had already closed and the results would only be released in the middle of the month. However, Wen Xinya had been paying close attention to the official website of the Milan International Jewelry Design Competition.It

So that was the case. Qi Juan came to a realization and then said. “Pretend that you don’t know about this for the time being. I’ll investigate this village first.”“Okay.” Yun Xiangxiang and Li Xiangling nodded in unison.They could not tell anyone now. A large portion of the people they brought this

Chapter 1092 Facts and Legends Part 2 "Why do you think Spirit Magic spells and advanced Runesmithing aren't taught to the student until the master is about to pass away?"Because they are the two disciplines that allow to cast the strongest spells and craft the most powerful weapons. Once the studen

Chapter 1091 Facts and Legends Part 1 During that lesson, Faluel taught them how to recognize the signs indicating the residence of a local Awakened Lord and how to ask for their assistance. On top of that, she also instructed them about all the rules of the Council to which strictly abide while int

Chapter 1090 Darkness versus Chaos Part 4 "One sibling controls life and the other is a Light Master. I guess your reputation is well-earned." Bytra could use neither and even in her long life, she had rarely met a master of such rare disciplines.Even after Dawn had split the beam into two, each one

Chapter 1089 Darkness versus Chaos Part 3 Dusk couldn't accept that an inferior creature like Xenagrosh who just a few centuries before was nothing but a puppy in front of his might now dared to stand her ground and fight him on equal footing.'Mom was right.' Dawn looked at the fight from Dusk's thr

Chapter 4671: Zhang Yingxiong’s Master“How laughable. Nine juniors will be responsible for stopping the catastrophe of the world of cultivation? Putting aside whether that catastrophe you mention is true or not, just the notion of nine juniors trying to stop something of that large of a scale is unt

Twenty-four hours later, Tokyo, Japan. A middle-aged man was about to leave his residence. His wife had meticulously arranged his tie before passing his briefcase to him. His driver dutifully opened the car door and waited for him to board the vehicle. His transport today was a Mercedes-Benz S Class

‘Indeed.‘Life is long.‘The cultivators did have everlasting life.‘So she will see them again one day…’“Let’s continue walking.”Feng Ruqing took a deep breath as she turned her gaze to the front and slowly walked forward.***Everything in this palace was more than familiar to Feng Ruqing.However, she

“Do you like it? If you like it, take one back and raise it. I can’t raise that many here. “Seeing how happy freewill was, Qiu Qingqing suggested, “actually, I think that white cats are more arrogant and black cats are more lively and clingy. But if you both like it, then I’ll give you two. ““Come o

The main reason was that the little girl’s current situation was too difficult, and she did not have any elders by her side, especially female elders to teach her.This caused the little girl to go astray and get pregnant early with others. Having a big belly would affect her studies, so she could on

In fact, Sui Xin also felt that she was very stupid. If it were her, she would definitely let the man know what she had suffered, instead of silently enduring all the pain.Of course, Qiu Qingqing’s love for Shen Jingcheng was something she did not dare to imagine and could not imagine at all.Therefo

“I finally helped you get your grades up, but you still pinched me. “Gu Yinshu was indeed very wronged. She pinched him painfully.“Then thank you, handsome Gu. ““You want to dismiss me with just one sentence? ““Then what else do you want? ““How about a kiss? ” Carelessly asking, Gu Yinshu came over

Chapter 705: Singing nursery rhymes togetherWang Yun had been unconscious for quite a while. Before the middle-aged man attacked “Old Xu,” Wang Yun had already started foaming at the mouth. Now that the skirmish was over, he still had not regained consciousness.Fortunately, the middle-aged man had s

Chapter 1778, Meeting Luo Lan Again“Is it useful?” Yang Kai asked. Although he felt that his idea should be feasible, using a Space Force mark to sense the existence of Void Cracks, in the end, was a newly formulated Secret Technique he was using on another person, so he was not completely confident

Chapter 532: Investigate Her Thoroughly!Jiang Xuecheng had disappeared…She seemed to have been abandoned by the entire world.Su Wan stood in her original spot, dazed, and allowed them to grab her arm. She did not make any noise, and her entire body seemed to be shrouded in a layer of gray shadow.Bec

Chapter 733: Your Gift“Did you steal my Lafite to drink?” Sheng Xiao scoffed.Mu Qiqi shook her head and leaned against Sheng Xiao’s neck. “Other than preparing a gift for grandfather, I’ve also prepared a gift for you…”“Why are you saying it now?” Sheng Xiao hugged her but slowed down because he fel

Chapter 732: How’s Captain Tang’s Skills?After Sheng Bowen returned home, he didn’t mention a word to the old man. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to give him a warning, he was worried that he would let his imagination run wild.During dinner, he would test the old man a little. Asking, for example, if

Chapter 1789: Destiny Or Fate“What?”“He is actually using his own bare hands to block the Sacred Weapon?”Numerous people who saw Su Mo’s brazen actions exclaimed in fright. The sight of someone catching the attack of a sacred weapon barehanded was unimaginable to many.In the blink of an eye, Su Mo’s

Then the little sea monster hopped back into Mo Fei’s arms, with his small paws brandishing wildly.Mo Fei looked at the little sea monster and frowned.Lou Yu asked, “What’s wrong?”Mo Fei raised his hand and pointed toward a vacant lot. “The little sea monster said this place makes him very uncomfort

“What do we do now?” Mo Yi turned around and asked Mo Fei.Mo Fei, squinting, showed great interest, “Now that we are in this, let’s go with the flow and see what happens.”Lou Yu nodded and said, “All right.”Mo Fei rubbed his chin thoughtfully. There’s no smoke without fire. How could there be such a

Chapter 1114: The Flying Deity!“Chen Beixuan from Earth?”Everyone was astonished when they heard the name.“You?”The Divine Prince of the Wuji Sect looked at him in shock. Many elites of the Little South Heaven Roll were also stunned. The one who had killed a hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators was a yo

Chapter 1113: A Divine Prince? Just an AntBut it was too late.Chen Fan threw a punch. A three-color fire burned on his fist and turned into a beam of three-colored light, breaking through the arrays of the Taichu Heavenly Ship and penetrating the hull. In the end, the energy struck the sacred “Taich

Chapter 1115: Kill You a Hundred Times!Wind howled and fiends roared in front of “Origin Divine Palace.” Many black dragons passed through the gates of the temple like whirlwinds. The palace was towering construction which was entirely black, engraved with countless Deity Patterns, as if it were a g

Chapter 189: Crying for Real “Whoof!” King Chu panicked right away when it saw Xia Xibei walking away with Asura, not paying it the slightest bit of attention. It took a look at the flower in Xia Xibei’s hand and shook its little head, as if coming to its senses. “King Chu!” Liu Manhong was taken ab

Chapter 682: Justice and Equity“Of course, the Bai family can’t stand up to me!”As the Bai Family members were in deep consideration over Bai Yuquan’s words, a cold, piercing voice suddenly interrupted the silence. Then, everyone saw a shadow flitting in from the entrance of the main hall. It moved

“Thank you, Big Sister. Father didn’t leave any luxury things for me and Hao’er. They are just things for me and Hao’er to miss them, which are not good enough to be displayed in front of the Emperor!” After a long while, Shao Wanru reached out to gently touched her forehead and said in a light way.

Chapter 919: True Love Without turning his head back, Mo Lian pulled Qiao Mu out of the palace while grasping her small hand, and he threw whatever Lantern Festival feast and whatever civil and military officials all out of his mind. By now, the streets had already gotten lively, and the number of p

Chapter 719: Chapter 719 Let there be swords   The sudden upheaval made the crystal-dressed warriors panic. The world was indeed still blurry and shaking, but their people’s heads kept exploding in the echo. What was even more frightening was that they had no way to stop the intrusion of the voice.

Watching Chen Hexiang get blindfolded again and taken out of the room, Ning Xueyan led Xinmei and Lanning back to the main building and sat down.Xinmei made a cup of tea for Ning Xueyan and asked rather worriedly, “Master, will Chen Hexiang go back on her word when she gets to the Justice Department

Chapter 287: I Asked You To Come Over Ye Shengge was on high alert and pretended she wasn’t familiar with him. She was prepared to slip away at any time. Ji Shiting suddenly smiled, probably because he was at the extremes of fury. He unbuttoned his diamond cufflinks slowly and stared at her. “Come h

Chapter 1151: AssembleWar had begun.The Combatants who surrendered themselves to [Chaos] had entered the Mystic Zones and surrounded the Bramble Bird Kingdom creating multiple encirclements.They were conducting probing attacks.“Bahahaha, so the legendary Iron Fist Barry was only at this level after

Chapter 126: Conflicts The trap was dug. The bottom of the pit was filled with arrows and a sharp knife. Under the diligent digging of the warthog, this trap was more than three meters deep. It was definitely enough to make the tiger a grave. However, they waited for a week without seeing the tiger

Chapter 1506: Mr. Nian Junting Has Assigned Us to Protect YouJiang Yuning lowered his head, and his clear eyes were incandescent with both anger and trepidation. “Xixi, now isn’t the time for jokes! Do you realize that we almost died just now?”Nian Xi had intended to console him. However, when she h

Chapter 1507: Brother, You’re Really Much More Magnanimous and Reasonable Now“I hope you can give me an explanation for this,” Nian Xi said. While this was not the first time she had a brush with death, the horrifying feeling of weightlessness that she experienced when the lift plunged was too scary

People who didn’t know would think that he was here for revenge. … Obviously, it wasn’t Huo Yao’s first time here as he took Special Assistant Zhao to the study familiarly. As the number one hunting dog for the villain, Special Assistant Zhao was eager to kick the door open and break in.

Chapter 1300: Lifted Seal“I’m finally back…”Once again stepping on familiar ground, Rhode finally relaxed his tense body. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time now to take things easy and enjoy the holiday sunshine and peaceful afternoons on the beaches of Hawaii. The battle in the water elemental plan

Chapter 347: The Power of the Sword Array of Ten Realms and Infinity Revealed “…” A thousand meters away, the white fox who was left coughing blood from the bunch turned into an old man again and hacked furiously. “You are too much, Jiang He! “Too much?” Jiang He could not hold back from laughing. “