She was laughing at the expense of their gullibility for falling so easily to Yun Ruobing's cheap tricks.Ruobing misread Xinghe's smile as a scowl and she jubilantly exclaimed, "Xia Xinghe, the feeling hurts, doesn't it? In the end, I win and you lose! I have you beaten!"She was alluding to the inci

Chapter 275: Complete Secret TreasureIf Xiao Chen was able to grasp the method of refining Secret Treasures, then there would be no need to worry about Spirit Stones anymore in the future. Hence, Xiao Chen would do his best to obtain a Secret Treasure.Not long later, Liu Suifeng rushed over with ob

Other than Xiao Niao and Ren Tao’s opinions, Yao Yuan also consulted a large amount of scientists and soldiers, including Guang Zhen. Yao Yuan came to a conclusion especially after he asked about the activation time necessary for space warp and the like.Wait!Yes, the minute possibility mentioned by

Old Madam Xi didn't reply but her daughter-in-law chimed in, "No particular reason, just like how you chased Ruobing away for no reason, we're chasing you out now! Letting you stay at the lab is just a waste of time and resources. Therefore, don't think of ever stepping foot in the lab again; you're

Chapter 0266    Zhonghe PropertyTranslator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.“Sun family?”Su Hao frowned and asked, “Sun Batian brought people here?”“Nope, Sun Batian hasn’t taken action yet.”Ming Zhi shook his head with a weird facial expression. “It’s a subsidiary of Sun family, they said they wer

After a single dosage was injected, Jessica left Ye Yan. She looked at him, "Before the next injection, I hope to hear the answer you agreed to give." Ye Yan sneered then lowered his head, simply staring at the floor. Jessica didn’t really mind. After finished packing her things, she walked out fr

Behind the Spirit Hall was a spacious room, matted with thick, soft fur rug. The walls of that room had many exquisite carvings of caterpillar fungus. Standing in the middle of the room was an incense burner, from where fragranced smoke of precious grass diffused. The room was warm, with gems sparkl

The Dead Soul Mountain's topography was special. It was situated between the Radiant God Cult, the Pure Land, and the Devil Valley, and the distances between them weren't too large. However, no force managed this area.The ones who often visited this area were the alchemists and the blacksmiths at al

Chapter 22 - Weiqi Empyrean Court and Elder GuanqiIn a small courtyard of Song Capital...King Song and Crown Prince Song had been rescued and were in a rather sorry state at this moment. The two were kneeling on the ground before the Song Jia Sect Chief and a handsome young man."Sect Chief, Grandfa

To be honest it has been some time since Benjamin paid attention to everyone’s ability level. By drawing lots to determine everyone’s opponent, Benjamin managed to arrange the entire flow of the competition and the mages in the field hastily started to battle each other. Benjamin as an organizer,

Ye Chong never imagined that he would see a continent here. How was this possible? Ye Chong had never seen any astronomical body like this. He had travelled far and wide, and the Five Galaxies definitely did not have something like this. Almost all the astronomical bodies in the universe were sph

"Guoguo. In a while, Senior White and I will have to make a trip outside. You stay here and obediently look after the house. Once I’m back, I’ll bring you to the hospital, okay?" Song Shuhang squeezed the rest of the bread into his mouth and said.If these were normal flight lessons, he would have br

Chapter 9: Lost Necklace   “My dad asked you to get lost, didn’t you hear it?” At the side, Song Jiamu’s anger had not yet disappeared. He waved his fist, threatening to give him a punch. Shen Jiayu quickly got up and straightened out his clothes. He looked at the fam

Chapter 158: The Truth is Out! Translator: DavidT  Editor: celllll , DavidT   Originally, Xiao FengYang intended to capture her alive with the technique he was hiding with his left hand when she tries to avoid his palm strike! However, he never imagined that she did not a

Chapter 90 – Solid country Side : Lowell second princess of Galtz. Just now the castle entered a state of unease. Because Shera who has only just been sent to Rochelle as a bride, is returning. But, the amount of time that she should have had in Rochelle doesn’t even reach a month. Thi

Chapter 91 – First of all, greetings Side : Shera. (Shera)「Seriously!! Onii-sama what the hell were you thinking?! Get lost!! Despite being my onii-sama, I cannot permit this!! 」 I am angry like never before. Because, he seriously ordered to shoot Yuki-sama with arrows and magic. Well, it e

Chapter 381: Long Feiye’s methods  The cold voice caused the surrounding temperatures to plunge a few degrees. The crowd began to shake before they’d even seen the owner of the voice, all of them staring at the closed curtain entrance. The drive Old Lin replied, “I didn&rsqu

Eagle Cry Valley, the place where Qing-Yun’s number one core disciple—Xiao Jianming—lived.Xiao Jianming was speaking to his uncle at Shanhe Valley, and Eagle Cry Valley was currently deserted. During this time, Xiao Jianming’s steel eagle had flown back by itself and gone into the forest near Eagle

Ling Tian let out a chain of profanities in his heart! Ever since he came to this world, he had been apprehensive about many things and laid down many plans. However, he never imagined that there would be a mysterious power hiding right under his nose! Furthermore, he didn’t even catch a trace of it

Thus, that Shadow Prince’s avatar was shattered!The Legend Monk’s frightening strength could clearly be seen.Obviously, Inheim’s strength reached the peak of Feinan. He had definitely surpassed level 30, and wasn’t a simple Legend.His voice let people feel at ease.The death of the Shadow Prince’s av

Chapter 274: Heaven Ranked Cultivation TechniqueFor example, Xiao Chen’s silver warship had been obtained in the Ancient Remnants. However, it was severely damaged.It was only after Xiao Chen had spent a lot of effort to repair it using the Spirit Gathering Formation that it could barely fly. Of wh

After knowing earth’s secret, Luo Feng was clear that earth was a nurturing basket for which a great being had spent countless amounts of energy in remodeling. It’s worth was immeasurable and wasn’t something he could control alone. It was like a treasure wanted by two gods, however a child had got

Ao Xie Yun and the other three simultaneously revealed a look of dread in their eyes, and said with a smile, "Having Young Master Yu as the guarantor is a million times more reassuring." However, their hearts were beating incessantly like a drum. [How did this terrifying guy appear here at this very

Chapter 233 - Ongoing fights Translated by Lesyt Team Edited by Ilesyt     No matter whether Tuo or the others of the Flaming Horns tribe, at the moment everybody gave off a murderous look which couldn’t be ignored, so imposing and terrifying.   This was a group hunters

Chapter 600 – Go die you scums Translated by: Last On top of the altar, Those female Heaven Realm Draconians, who had just received a new lease in life, embraced each other. They rejoiced that they were able to narrowly escape. Just a bit more and 100 sisters would have become sacrifices. T

Chapter 4 [Regarding How Great My Friend Is] TL : Cnine ED : Flare007 Part 1   After sending my sweet angel*, Ruri, to her elementary school, I started heading towards my high school with a dash. [TL* : in English]   Though I’ve sent her a little earlier before the first perio

Chapter 238: The Dark Illusory Beast Power The low sounds made Ye Tian Xie turn around and his brows knit once again. Then two undead beings on the ground once again stood up with full health…..Moreover, their appearances had undergone a large change.  If he had not seen the corpses di

Their Own Servants Seeing Feng Yu Heng receive the silver, An shi finally relaxed a little. She had no intention of currying favor, as she had prepared this silver yesterday. She had not anticipated that Prince Yu’s contingent would come and deliver betrothal gifts, which made it seem as if s

Chapter 154 – Chen Hao’s Rage The God Shaker Arts was obtained by Chen Xi within the sword immortal’s abode in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, and it was similar to the Godly Illusion Arts and God Killer Arts; they were all profound and unfathomable soul attack techniques. T

Chapter 155 – Unexpected Meeting True Heart Peak. After Chen Xi arranged everything properly for Chen Hao and Meng Kong, he flew towards the restricted area in the rear mountains of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect right away. Aunt Bai’s daughter, Xixi, had fallen into the hands of the f

  Episode 4 – The Subjugator, Mel Gizalut – Part 1 「Uu──, AAAaAAH……!」 Near the cathedral located at the north of the holy capital, inside a room of a lodging house for high ranked monk or Sanctuary Knight Order to sleep. At the time of dawn where it was stil

Chapter 107: Broke 2 Legs, Third One Still Okay, For Now Translator: Noodletown Translated  Editor: Noodletown Translated   The fighting sounds in the booth were very loud and attracted the people from the other booths. People arrived and gathered outside the Plum Blossom

AST 1266 – Desolate Sect, The Man By the Surname Lü Who Was Killed The two of them continued to chat until the sky turned dark. It was then did Qing Shui asked Di Chen: “Where shall we settle down today?” “Where were you previously?” Di Chen laid in Qing Shui arm

  AST 1265 – Di Chen’s Change, Do You Still Want To Fight Now? Qing Shui had heard of the rule about the Lotus Sect not allowing their disciples to get married before. Normally, before the disciples get married, they would have to leave the Lotus Sect. Furthermore, they were stric

Chapter 731: Regal Pill Palace Disciples News in the Fish and Dragon District spread faster than any other place. Hushed whispers and back alley conversations soon made the robbery at Myriad Puppets Pavilion the talk of the entire district. Yet, chief among all the emotions that rippled across ever

Chapter 732: Running Into Yet Another Problem “What is it?” Seeing Jiang Chen’s expression darken so suddenly, Huang’er realized that the situation wasn’t as optimistic as she’d first thought. “As I thought, those that work in this business are all animals

Martial Peak – Chapter 276, Shut Up! You’ve Already Embarrassed Me to Death!   Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun Editor: Rosyprimrose Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain   Medicine King’s Valley, Hidden Cloud Peak, halfway up the mounta

Chapter 76 - Refining A Tang BladeThe killing rate of Ghost Dragon was much higher than Optimus Prime and the others.The only sentence to describe it would be: Wherever it went, not a blade of grass would regrow!Even though those words were a bit of an exaggeration, Ghost Dragon’s fighting ability

Bei Feng stood up and moved his body tentatively. Apart from having most of his strength expended, there was basically nothing wrong with him. One must know, that to display a force of over a thousand jin while using the physique of a normal human was an extremely frightening matter! Bei Fen

Chapter 273: ScramThe strength of an inherited innate Martial Spirit was indeed not something an ordinary cultivator could compare to. That cyan whirlpool managed to swallow up the electric fire.Xiao Chen thought to himself, Although this was just a casual toss of the Purple Thunder True Fire,