Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 2 Searching for the sake of vengeance in this land of Java Island was never an easy task. Hundreds of miles must be walked on, tens of hills and mountains must be climbed up and down, dozens of rivers must be traveled, numerous jungles and forests must be swept and withi

Chapter 183 the fire in the sky Chu Yunsheng had heard about the animal which exposed to a dangerous amount of radiation can cause their genes to mutate.    He has already forgotten about where he heard it. But he doesn't think those mutant mice were caused by the radiation. Because

Chapter 195: I Pick Big Sis Song’s Middle Peak!     Everyone gritted their teeth and bowed their heads as they offered greetings. Bai Xiaochun was extremely proud of himself, but his expression was solemn. Chuckling darkly, he looked over the group. Suddenly, Zhao Wuchang gritted

Chapter 196: A Mysterious World Bai Xiaochun’s reply immediately caused Zhao Wuchang’s heart to tremble. How could this master of his speak with such shocking forwardness…? All of the other disciples gasped, and then pretended that they hadn’t even heard the Middle Peak gr

Chapter 194: What Gall! They only had one month to track down Bai Xiaochun and get the Foundation Establishment Pills, otherwise they would be failures yet again. The mere thought of it was already driving them crazy. Their hatred of Bai Xiaochun had already reached indescribably towering heights.

Chapter 193: Hogging…. All eyes were locked onto the pill bottle as it disappeared into the depths. Without the slightest hesitation, the entire group instantly transformed into beams of light that shot after it. “I’m definitely going to earn the right to reach Foundation Establ

Chapter 2.3 — The Person at the Foot of Mercy’s Seat (3) She and Agnesa walked along the muddy road, avoiding puddle after puddle. At the corner of the street, they turned, arriving at their destination.<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not re

Chapter 395 – Fourteen-Year-Old King “Too fast! Unbelievable!” Everyone there was completely shocked. Who exactly was this woman? She could actually travel unhindered through this battlefield and directly bring out Shi Yi. Not only were the people of Demonic Spirit Lake stupefied

Chapter 126 – Soldiers Of The Wasteland   The one leading the army of 500 soldiers is in name Count Aspilketa. The other eight family head’s of the noble households led the soldiers, they brought along from their respective territories, as equal-ranked commanders. However, the one

Once I returned to New Karta village, I once again carved words onto the elder’s house. Its contents were to agree to the surrender from the dog-beastmen and to welcome them as people who would cultivate the fields. Furthermore, I gave the reason that “the only way for beastmen to creat

The Power of the Saint Bone, Another Suppression   Hong Long* The sky and land both shook. The entire spatial zone had been shaken quite seriously. It was imaginable that after Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao’s battle, this whole spatial zone would be destroyed and would cease to exist. T

Chapter 358 - Against the Prodigy (2)   At this moment in time. Miraculous and incredible gazes focused on the blue haired youth on the Northern stage.   In the blink of an eye his cultivation had turned from the early stage True Human Rank to something that was comparable to the earl

Chapter 358: Returning a Tiger to Its Mountain? Yu Fei was really scared. The events that had transpired within the past few minutes were enough to almost cause him to have a mental breakdown, but he hadn’t the ability to think of anything else but to protect his own life and the life of the

Chapter 359: Hunted! Within the main halls of the Crafting School, Kou Changkong sat in front of a table. In his hands was a single jade slip that he took his concentrated on quite heavily. When something caught his eye, he put the jade slip down and smiled at the newcomer. “Haha, senior u

Chapter 360: The Closure to a Chapter The hatred and despair Zhang Zhenshan felt for Bai Yunfei was enough to drive him far past the brink of sanity. He was willing to die in a way that assured mutual destruction!! It might be called mutually assured destruction, but Zhang Zhenshan wasn’t c

Chapter 361: Smooth Training and….Unknown Dangers! Off in a hidden forest cave several hundred meters west of Mt. Crimson— Just barely visible in the dim light of the cave was a single person. His back was against the cave wall, and his head bobbed down with his hair splayed across h

Chapter 92 – Misunderstandings 4   The thing I want to show Sakura are deep in the garden. There is quite the distance to it, but it can only be seen for a small period of time each year, so I definitely want to show it to her. We tried talking, but each conversation ended with 2 or 3

Sixteenth Episode Although I can’t completely believe it, Matsuki-san, who is the beautiful girl and Shizuki’s mother insistently invited me to stay over, I eventually decided to stay. “Ufufu… A bit, wait for a moment, ok?” Matsuki-san put her hand on the door&rsquo

Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 118: National tournament, begin!   “Ciaran, you’re still stronger than I expected. I didn’t think you could kill Makkany even in circumstances like those.” As before, Ciaran sat quietly on top of the small, old building in front of H

Chapter 306: Battling Saint Realm Zhao Chen snickered, “You actually plan to battle me?” His tone was full of ridicule. Standing some distance away, Steward Feng and the rest of Zhao Chen’s subordinates shook their heads hearing that Huang Xiaolong had no plans to escape. &ldquo

Vol. 8 Chapter 4 – Part 3 The first one to reach the battlefield was, obviously enough, Shibaid. The Kujou soldiers were in formation, ready to meet the Ichinose-monster allied army. Alongside the Ichinose troops there were 6 monsters in total. They included 3 Green Tails around level 500 a

To be accurate, the giant propeller was not pushing the mother nest towards the sun in a straight line. First, the front of the propeller was equipped with a super growth field generator that reacted with the mother nest at the cellular level. It hardened the cell wall so to speak so that the pr

Dugu Xiao Yi’s tone was that of a child whose candy had been snatched away. Or… like that of a child who had been waiting under a tree for a fruit to ripen for half a year. But then, a two people suddenly come up, and take a look at the fruit… and start to discuss how to distribute the fruit amongst

Chapter 71: To Save A Life   __________________________________________________________   Hai Dong Qing ㅡ a Chinese bird species, also known as a gyrfalcon Zheng fei - official wife of princes, main consort Bi nu - maidservant Jiugong array - lit. Nine Palaces, still not completely s

Lu Li was shocked; could this be the legendary Mage Stealth Skill? He had seen it first-hand in his past life, but didn’t it have a three second cast time? Could it be some overpowered skill that he didn’t know about? System: Congratulations! You and your team have advanced to the next round. The ne

"Do you know? That Young Master Ji Mo had said some heroic words at that scene. He had appeared imposing and impressive when he had spoken, ‘It’s rare to find a close friend in this life; especially a young and beautiful female friend. And, it’s even rarer to fall in love with this close female frie

There was a dojo called September on Windstar. From the outside, the buildings and walls looked aged, and its old-style architecture made it look like some tourist attraction or historical heritage. There was the occasional person entering or leaving the building, bringing life to the place. However

Ye Xiwen entered the microcosm, and saw a young man inside. He appeared to be in his twenties. He was clad in a yellowish-orange robe. He looked a bit arrogant. The principles were looming over his body. Ye Xiwen counted, and found out that there were 999 dao principles on his body. Ye Xiwen also no

The secret agreement with Shaldir Had been established, It’s been a while since I give a report to demon king-sama. 「You looks so busy, Vaito」 「Yes, I’ve cleaned up my chores」 Because I answered it so honestly, demon king-sama made a bitter smile. 「Is it like defeat fake hero, droppe

Chapter 165 - Threats and Counter-Threats   “I’m a representative, a spokesperson pushed onto the stage.” Cihua said a little pridefully. “I’m sure you’ve a good idea of my position and name in Songshan. You should be able to figure out the extent of streng

Chapter 166 - Generous Gift   Lin Yi, naturally, wasn’t expecting Cihua to just let him go- the jade on his neck started signalling him soon after he drove out. Lin Yi smiled faintly- as expected, a black SUV started following him a while later. It had just entered his field of vision,

Chapter 41 – Silver mine (2)   “I don’t have firm information about the silver veins in the forest,” the owner lowered his body and whispered, “but if you do not lack money you can approach the well-known local adventurers here, they have entered the forest many

Silver Park returned to me after god knows where she went. Our crystal cannons are firing now. The giant boom made her jump and look around in panic. But when she watched the purple bullet slowly travel across the 30 kilo distance and knock an enemy ship into another, she looked at the powerful weap

Chapter 0320: The eye at the bottom of the lake With his cultivation now completely restored, Ning Cheng’s Profound Core 8th Level strength was almost equivalent to a late stage Soul Essence Cultivator. The journey that previously took him about half a month to complete, now only took just th

VOLUME 10 CHAPTER 47: DON’T TELL ME THIS IS THE FIRST VISIT TO THE THATCHED COTTAGE (6) Liu Bei POV She was speaking normally before too but then she went into archaic speech all of a sudden. Even so, her sudden poem was not too difficult to understand and was actually rather endearing,

One Man Army Chapter 30. Shadowline and its Master (1) Sanguine Knowledge ‘Wyvern Blood’ [unused] : Allows you to succeed the strong power contained within the wyvern blood. You can overcome your physical limits through wyvern blood and be reborn into a new race. Effects : Wyvern&r

Foxtailkin (Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation) “Perverted peeping tom!?” (??) “The woman who hit me!?” (Reus) Since Reus and Kon’s younger sister pointing out at each other while shouting, they gathered attention of everyone in the dining room. We didn&

Bian Tou woke up and opened the French doors leading to the balcony. He stretched, breathing in the fresh air. He looked up at the sun with worry in his eyes. He held a memory card in his hand. Ever since he saved the list on this card, he had been waiting for a chance to pass the card to his cont

Chapter 636: The 9th Army Translator: Translation Nation  Editor: Translation Nation "When it involves war with the other races, it isn’t strange the virtual universe company is ruthless in its methods." Luo Feng looked at the details on the screen. This was th