Of Spies and Kushikatsu (Part 2) Leontaine agreed in satisfaction and, with her hands on her waist, conveyed the order to the chef in the kitchen. A pleasant crackling sound could be heard from behind the counter. It was the sound of oil. Usually, only a small amount of oil was used to fry food, bu

Chapter 103: The Big Show Begins This is truly a surprising yet perplexing scene! It’s the middle of the night and Chatterbox is holding a flashlight with his mouth appearing in the office with the extremely precious half fingerprint in his hand.  Han Chen and Su Mian are staring at him

Otto possessed the Divine Protection of Anima Whispering, which allowed him to speak with animals, bugs, and various other life forms. Naturally, that meant he could communicate with Patrasche as well. What was Patrasche thinking when she pulled Subaru outside in spite of her injuries? ――What could

Chapter 176 – Bear-san Goes To The Capital To Fetch Zelef-san *Petchi Petchi*, *Petchi Petchi*. I was sleeping nicely until something soft began tapping my face. As I opened my eyes, I saw Hugging Bear’s paw in front of me. Oh right, I had to leave first thing in the morning today. I l

Chapter 177 – Bear-san Asks Zelef-san For A Favor After getting permission from the king, I headed to the royal kitchen. For some reason, the king himself accompanied me instead of Eleanora-san. It was because of the conversation Eleanora-san and the king had. 「Eleanora, I’ll accompany

Trial(2) “Why?” the old priest in the middle questioned in a dignified manner. “This group of invaders is unlike any that has come before. They’re much younger, with great potential and the cunning to obtain what they wish for. Their style of battle is unusual and unpredict

Chapter 16: Face, This Kind Of Thing, Is Useless For You Lofty Cloudy Sect Mountain, Qiyang City. The prosperity of the city grew under the protection of Lofty Cloudy Sect. This was due to its involvement in various businesses within the Sect. This was the Sect’s main source of income. Many

Chapter 55 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (23)   Yuan took large strides towards and easily took the things in her hands. “Come sit in my office. Wait until I’m done with work, then we’ll go home together.” Yuan Xu lead Gu Shengyin by t

Hu Yifeng carefully picked up the tiny blue and white porcelain wine cup with two fingers, afraid to spill even one drop of the wine nectar. Every drop counted as crystals!  His heart was blee

Jun Mo Xie's tall body was straight, and his face had a sneer as he set his gaze on Dugu Wu Di, "Don't say that I must do this for the Dugu Family's reputation! In fact, I won't even do it even it was the Emperor's request! I won't save anyone's face now. In fact, I can't do it!"Dugu Wu Di's lips sq

Chapter 966 – The Gradually Emerging TruthTranslated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: MichyrrA demi-human elder gasped in shock, "What's going on here?"No one answered his question, nor did anyone have the ability to. An official of the Demi-human Court was currently hurrying over to the Celestial Tree,

Chapter 152 - Death Is Nearing!“Oh shit!”“Already going berserk at his first appearance… this is too sick!”Luo Tian’s eyes sank as he observed the golden glow around Yin Shang.It was very normal to see a last boss going berserk in video games, but it usually happens when they’re at a low percent of

Book 4: The Return of the King Chapter 17   It was the final competition in Beijing three days after the Shanghai preliminary. In order to adapt to the gaming environment, SP flew to Beijing right after the Shanghai preliminary without any breaks.  When they picked up their luggage at

VOLUME 3: CHAPTER 188 – RIVAL CHIEFS (1/3) After the defeat of Elrain Kingdom’s Goudal Gaschall, word of the revival of the Kushain Believers reached the Goblin King’s ears. The intelligence department made with the help of the Leon Heart Clan that the Goblin King advocated for w

Reinhart-san won’t be able to join us in the afternoon training, so our group only consisted of me, the ojousama, the madam, and Reinbach-sama. “Good grief, father always ends up like that when it concerns his work…” [Elialia] “I can’t believe he actually negle

Chapter 233 - Blood Omen   Qing Yun Hill, Small Bamboo Valley.   The mountain breeze blew past the lush bamboo forest, created waves of rustling, reverberated in the deserted quiet forest.   Wenmin looked up at the sky, saw the cloudless firmament, a stretch of azure, gave off a

Chapter 240.2: Vow Bound By Hair When Baili Yu saw her disdainful expression, he felt stuck between laughing and crying. There was actually someone in this world that would disdain this ring for being so simple. This was the symbol of all the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce’s wealth ah! But he

Chapter 240.1: Vow Bound By Hair Tang Doudou copied his beaming smile, but realized that no matter how she tried, she couldn’t give off the same feeling. So she decided to just pushed Baili Yu to put some space between them. “Nothing in particular. Didn’t you say that you wanted

Chapter 904: Divine Artifact Qin Lie stood under the clear moonlight and looked around coldly. The nine crescent scythes sliced towards the Serene Moon clansmen gathered nearby. The heads and bodies of many Serene Moon clansmen separated. They were cut into pieces, their flesh and blood falling t

Chapter 1111 - Comfort Yun Che was stunned for a while. He turned the jade stone around in his palm. Nine gleams of light that shone like stars entered his eyes. For a long while he couldn’t believe his eyes. Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade… It was what he could only wish for in his drea

AST 1561 - Yiye Jiange was the Palace Mistress of Sea King Palace? Wound “Are you hurt?” Qing Shui asked intentionally even though he already knew the answer. He was grabbing her cold hand which was as smooth as jade. The comfort he felt while doing so was something which words couldn&r

AST 1562 - Healing Injuries, The Poison Dragon Flower has Matured The woman gritted her teeth. The blush on her cheeks was like rays of the setting sun. However, she knew Qing Shui wasn’t doing this to take advantage of her. She also could sense that at the point where Qing Shui’s finge

“Where are we?” Xu Taiping was cautious asked. Just looking at these two Words was more than enough to let one’s imagination run wild. Bliss? Inn? This looked like a name of some large healthcare organization? “ Have you never really come at this kind of place?” Zhou N

Chapter 452 *   Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips twisted, her deep black pupils flashing with seriousness, “I, Baili Hong Zhuang, never will.” To him, this was her answer. Di Bei Chen blinked in the moment of stagnation. Soon, a smile rose the corner of his mouth again. &ldqu

It happened one night. In the guildhouse of the PK guild “Liberacion”, a boy and a girl were surrounded by guild members. The boy had a horn sprouting from his forehead and scales on his skin, while the girl had peculiar patterns on her body; judging from such visual traits, the boy wa

I ran down the dark stairs of the palace.   (Aah, it’s a great thing that I had changed my clothes–)   I felt light compared to when I ran in a dress. I mean, it was painful to wear a dress as someone who had a modern human’s sensitivity. Or it might be just my low

Chapter 233: Not easy to find the main ingredients News of the upheaval happening in the Sima Clan was spread. Sima Jun’s wounds had been treated and he recounted what really happened that year and Sima Lie’s family, who were initially the criminals, were washed completely clean of any

Chapter 488: Contrasting AttitudesNodding at her, Chen Zhizhong sipped his wine and smilingly said, “Xiaoxue, after I return to Star City with Master I’ll mention the matter of me going to Jingmen Island with him. If Master agrees, I will probably go to your place to dine, but you don’t need to ent

"Your subordinate greets you, my lord!" At the sight of the man, Hong Qing bent his waist and bowed respectfully. "Dispense with the formalities," the middle-aged scholar said casually. "Brother Hong, you've been acting too slowly recently. You've got to understand, my brother won't wait for you

< Forget to Live (2) >Leona was curious about many things, and although Zin was not kind, he answered most of her questions. And after four days of traveling north, Leona became very knowledgeable in weaponry.For example, she learned about bows, guns, and launchers. She didn’t know about how

< Forget to Live (1) >Of course, all the looted treasures in Ard Point had blown up with the explosion. But that didn’t mean that there was nothing else left. There were still the supplies of the Slaughters.“These guys… did they raid a Wargrave Fortress? How did they come across such weapons…

Chapter 368: Hidden Adversaries Translator: Liu_Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave   Wu Shui County's streets were narrow, so they could easily get crowded. One by one, the poor survivors squeezed their way to the overcrowded streets, holding tools such as trowels. Those survi

Chapter 362: Sweet Kiss Translator: Liu_Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave   Washing his hands with disinfectant, Jiang Liushi took a deep breath and then began to deal with Xiang Xuehai's wound. Li Yuxin by his side was guiding him through the process. Thankfully, Li Yux

Chapter 359: Surrounded Translator: Liu_Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave   The hall was up in flames and covered in dense smoke. It was a fiery hell. Carpets, frescoes, sofas and everything else inside were all burned and turned to ashes due to the high temperature. "Huh?&

Chapter 351: Bloodstained Picture Translator: Liu_Kaixuan  Editor: Valvrave   "Killing Boss Wu is not as simple as you may think," Luo Junjiang said. "He belonged to Xiang Xuehai's faction, and he was one of her stronger members." Before the sound

Chapter 854 - You’re Not Qualified The moment the demon appeared, Blood God’s body paused. Wang Lin borrowed this opportunity and quickly retreated. His hand quickly formed seals, making the ancient god furnace move him 1,000 feet to the side and dodging the divine retribution lightnin

Chapter 855 - Crane’s Wind Roar, Plants Transform to Weapons The raindrops were like crystals that emitted brilliant light. At this moment, they spread out and dense killing intent appeared. However, what was strange was that these raindrops became like a rain curtain around Wang Lin. Not on

5: When in possession of powerful skills and equipment, it is fun to smoothly advance in an unbelievable way. PART 1 On the Saturday on which I went out with Hinami, as well as the Sunday the next day, while keeping up with the usual training of my facial expression and posture, at the same ti

Chapter 115 – Mental struggle with Earth Spirit ‘ding, ding, ding’ She had no choice but to say that although Earth Spirit’s training methods were somewhat harsh, undoubtedly the desired effect was achieved very quickly. Chu Qing-Yan who from the begining was swaying after

Looking at the seven statues again, Long Yi sized them up. Long Yi was sure that there was something wrong, however, he had no idea what it was. The statues in this hall were exactly the same as the statues outside. They had no differences in their appearance, demeanor and even their posture. Even