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Line.1 The Various Differences From Last Year Part 1 A few days had passed since the match between Sairaorg-san’s team and Cao Cao’s team—. Rias, Akeno-san, Ravel and I – just the four of us welcomed a guest to the VIP room on the top floor of the Hyoudou residence. The gu

Line.2 The Student Council’s Secret Part 1 Even though our team’s strategy meeting was important, we also had to live our daily school lives to the fullest. After school, Matsuda and Motohama brought up a topic just before we left the classroom. “Summer vacation! Since the

Line.3 The Basis of the Dream Having finished his work at Auros Academy, as well as having attended the strategy meeting for the upcoming match, Saji Genshirou returned to his house at dinner time. “I’m home—.” He called out at the doorway as he took his shoes off, an

Line.4 The Revenge Match Begins! The day of the match—. Our [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team arrived at the Tournament venue which was located in the Fallen Angels’ Underworld territory, [Armaros Colosseum]. The round stadium was named after a certain Cadre — the Cadre of the

Line.4 The Revenge Match Begins! The day of the match—. Our [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team arrived at the Tournament venue which was located in the Fallen Angels’ Underworld territory, [Armaros Colosseum]. The round stadium was named after a certain Cadre — the Cadre of the

Opening After being transported to their destination, Sona Sitri immediately verified the state of the field. The Sitri team appeared to be located at the peak of a towering cliff. In Rating Games, it was common for teams to be transported to such locations which provided a vantage point. Sona pers

Line.5 Field Break Part 1 After being transported to the field, we followed Ravel’s instructions and began to take action. First, I entered Pseudo-Dragon Deification mode and fired off a cannon blast in three directions, leaving behind three large marks on the vast field—. After usin

Line.Maximum vs Life.Maximum Dragon King (Idiot) and Dragon Emperor (Idiot) —My name is Saji Genshirou. I’m a second year, and I am President Sitri’s [Pawn]. On my way to the centre of the field, I recalled the first time that I met Saji. I was rather happy at the time to discove

Final Line. The Student Council and Leviathan After witnessing the intense battle between Ise-kun and Saji-kun, I — Kiba Yuuto, watched the remainder of the Rating Game in the viewing lounge of the stadium. After losing Saji-kun, who was the only team member they had to fight against Ise-kun,

New Line A few days after the battle against the Sitri team—. Saji and I made our way toward a certain place after school, and we began to chat along the way. “Shinra-senpai is going to make an official debut as a writer!?” I was totally surprised! Out of the blue, I had learnt

Chapter 4628 - The Master Arrival?For the sake of obtaining the inheritance of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain, the crowd were acting unscrupulously.Even those people that knew they had no chance were trying out their luck and sending voice transmissions to Chu Feng.“All of you, shut up!”Suddenly, a

Chapter 4552: UnnervedWithout any hesitation, Chu Feng quickly headed over to the blood-red door and stepped through it.There were many treasures present inside the blood-red door, but most of them were weapons. These weapons emanated an aura that revealed their overwhelming prowess.There were all t

Chapter 4559: This Is Weird… The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother stood before Chu Feng with the same appearance as she had before—a short and lanky stature, dried and wrinkled skin, snowy long hair, an arched back, and a hoarse voice. All of these were saying that she was an old woman.But an old

Chapter 106 : Thread User’s Showdown I   「Haa…. Haa….」 After escaping from the forest that became the den of the Arachne, we finally entered a familiar stony passage. Ashidaka Rem had finally stopped after a long period of running at top speed. 「Rem… Please don&rs

Chapter 1157: The Power of Three Arrows The brigadier general said, “That… it’s not a matter of troop strength. The dark races have come prepared, and there are powerful experts defending from behind natural barriers. Thus…” “What kind of experts are there?&rd

Chapter 413: Two Helpers.   Despite knowing that Lei Shijian’s words were clearly mocking him, Su Canye endured it. He straightened up and cleared his throat, “This little Su really wants to win back his Bentley today, but suddenly something happened, so I politely ask the Wolf Ki

Editor: ArymTheThird   “Guess I’ll have to hold back a lot of things until we graduate… For Angelica’s sake, I’ll do my best for three more years!”   “We are going to wait three more years? …I wouldn’t mind if we, like my brother,

Editor-Anuvrat Today’s visit to Angelica was a test of reason. After she left, Danielle began to report on what happened to everyone else while I was unconscious, as if to bring me back to the real world, while I’m still in a peach-colored mood. Although I read through the report, the

Editor: Lord Asmodeus “Speaking of which, Daniellele, in the document you brought me today, I found that the sixth prince of Urhalla is planning to come to study at the school. But…” “Your Grace, it seems that in place of the former fifth prince, he will become the center

Editor: Lord Asmodeus “What? Wait a minute, Daniel. I thought we were talking about setting up a place other than the castle because of the danger, right? You said it was because there were too many extra people in the castle to protect me, right?” “Yes, sir.” “So wh

Editor: Lord Asmodeus So you see. It seems that this insidious resentful woman is planning various ways to undermine us. I don’t think that Count Woodroid would risk the downfall of his family to do her bidding. But, depending on the nature of his love for his wife, that’s a different

Speaking of winter travel, it’s a given that skiing and hot springs are the way to go. I was excitedly picking up one spa resort after another along the road from the neighboring country to the royal capital. I narrowed down my choices, and the most promising candidate was Viscount Candeloro

Chapter 434: Forcing Their Way In Lu Wenshu nodded his head without a second thought and said, “What’s done is done. I already used so much of my strength to activate the ruins and it will be a waste to not enter.” Lu Wenshu might seem relaxed, but Hua Sen was worried that Lu Wen

“Middle Sky Continent is big and has many forces, but it is dominated by our human race.. Among the human race’s many sect forces, the four ancient sects are the head. Taiqing Sect is one of the four ancient sects, and its historical origin is said to be able to trace back to ancient tim

“If you really want to walk together with me, then try to respect me, let me grow stronger by myself, until the day comes that I can stand beside you as an equal. Moreover, don’t build a safe and warm golden cage for me, then call it by the glorified name of ‘protecting me’

Schedule… schedule the wedding?! What the hell?“Who likes you, who wants to get married with you, Di Ming Jue, stop talking to yourself! What I said was just an analogy… mph–!”The rest of her voice is once again hushed by a passionate kiss.As the kiss ends, Muyan ruthlessly

Chapter 463: Deleted Surveillance Footage Later, several photos were transferred to Chen Shi’s mobile phone. Chen Shi didn’t know what the photos were at first glance. After looking carefully, it turned out that they were photos of female cleavage. There were dozens of photos in total.

CHAPTER 164: THE EVOLUTION OF TREE? “Wha, what, is this……” Taken by the soldier who jumped in haste, we moved to the palace garden, but I opened my eyes wide involuntarily at the scene in front of us. That is―――― “This is…… such huge tree, hasn&

  Chapter 353: Approach the City   Colossia City under the starry sky appeared to be calm, but the hearts of its denizens were beating fast, comparable to the drumbeats coming from the goblin army camped on the opposite side of the wall. The goblins’ combined psy

Chapter 354: Weapon Enlightenment — First Part   One of them was the Shadow Emperor while the other was the Monster Emperor, so it was almost effortless for them to conceal their aura and sneak out of the city without anyone noticing. This emphasized the fact that Colossia City might be

hapter 352: Surrender   The female NPC distributed a box to each squad leader, her gaze lingering on Sila’s departing back. The participants gradually left the arena, splitting up to gather information. Now that no player was left in the Colosseum, another male host approached the woman

The vast Zhongsuyuan City was reduced to nothingness, with only the ground left intact. The numerous pine trees, which symbolized the city, were all gone. Still, it took only a minute for some buildings to reappear out of thin air, showing up in their usual spots. These bui

Sila exited the room and regrouped with Lomyok. Taking a peek outside, he saw there were still many players wandering around. Sila recognized some faces. It seemed most of them were the Victorious Wolves Sect’s members. They were searching for surviving allies or possible e

The Sky-Breaking Canyon was a row of tall mountains, acting like a wall of nature separating Zhongsuyuan City from Lafesta City. The southwest side of the canyon, which connected to Zhongsuyuan City, was a high cliff. The location was always surrounded by clouds. Hidden som

For a while, many people online debated the reason why Monster Soul Online wasn’t more popular with gamers despite having the highest currency conversion rate, which in turn makes it the most profitable game to play for a living.The replies from gamers rarely differed from

At dawn of the next day, Sila appeared in the garden in front of his mansion together with Julia, who was preparing a table and chairs. They were waiting for Cross and Beluga.Teleportation using an invitation card had some delay but didn’t take long. It took only a couple o

Reminded of Beluga’s suggestions, Sila tried to teach the puppy how to cultivate qi. He absorbed the qi in its body using Worlds Crossing Bridge and gradually returned it, reducing the power of the qi and fine-tuning it so that it would be easy to circulate. He repeated thi

T/N: Unfortunately, I don't have illustrations for the chapters beyond 338.Colossia City used to be a city full of merchants, fighters, and travelers. Areas within buildings had always been in high demand and fully rented. However, those rental zones were now occupied by th

Sila—along with Alpha, Isaac and Midnight—rushed out of their headquarters. His badge created a mini holographic arrow pointing to the west. After running on the street for two hundred meters, however, they no longer needed the badge’s search function. That was because they

Due to long battles without any breaks in between, the Snow Region in the north had been restless for two days already. Buildings had collapsed and there were fires everywhere, creating black smoke that blocked the night sky. Citizens and monsters were running non-stop. Abo