His comical act of scurrying away while covering his head on the street that day, his deep contemplation while meditating in the inn's courtyard, his reckless and unaffected manner on the wine table, and his calm and dignified bearing: all those facets made him somewhat confused about what kin

  Chapter 297: What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over Li Santong busily said: “You’re going to find pangolin? This can’t be done. There are a lot of dangerous animals in the mountains. Didn’t you get attacked by a tiger last time? You can&r

My Little Girl (89) Ji Xili happened to have something to tell Ji Xubai, so she went to his library. She thought he wouldn’t be busy at the time.  So she opened the door and went in. But inside, she saw a girl in a white school uniform sitting at the table. She was tidying her dress col

My Little Girl 90 Sheng Qianmo had just finished taking a bath, and he was wearing white clothes. He looked more aloof than usual. Shu Nuan gazed at him for a while, and then addressed, “Your Highness.” “You waited for This Prince until you fell asleep?” Shu Nuan shook her

My Little Girl (91) Shu Nuan was going to plan when it’d be appropriate to travel to the Wangyue Forest, but Sheng Qianmo had already decided for her. Knowing she had the next day off, he pushed back his schedule, so he could spend a whole day with her. When Shu Nuan learned about that from

Interestingly, the taste and aroma, texture of berries, fruits, nuts, edible roots, it is unique. Not only tasty, but also healthy. Persians, for example, often used healthy food a

You can break the jackpot and not only digging in the ground, said the historian.Over the past 35 years, several countries and empires have disappeared from the political map of th

My Little Girl (88) Shortly after she came out of Class 1, Shu Nuan was stopped in the corridor by Sheng Gu. Shu Nuan gawked at her.  Sheng Gu glared at her with disdain, and said, “You don’t even greet me now? So you won’t put This Princess in your eyes, since yo

The historian noticed, I decided to make a map of all the ruins, abandoned mines and mines, smelters, caravanserais and fortresses, abandoned villages and temples and clusters of c

 Supreme Palace Shang Qiong Hall. Together with the celestial beings, they greeted Tianjiu Danglao, narrowed his eyes in an instant, and an anger passed over the eyes. "Disappeared… Damn it! " From the outside, it looks like his face is not bad, but his hand is very tight. Just at that moment,

Rouse the tiger to swallow the wolves? Feng Lin sank into deep thoughts. Yana’s words made sense. These students were all extremely talented and had a high degree of strength. It wasn’t an exaggeration to claim that they resembled ferocious tigers. As for these aberrations, they were even more savag

"Annie, looked over there... it is Jun Shin with his group. The cool Collin, the handsome Harry and the coolest is Jun... He is the perfect package," Lili started to blaber about them."If you know the thruth behind their looks..." Cecile started to reply her non sense words."Hey... both of you

In the room, Jun attended Bella attentively without she asked it. Collin become speechless to see Jun behaviour to win Bella. Harry sat down opposite of Cecile and smiled at her."Why are you smiling?" Cecile asked Harry."Ms Ma... everyone was in so scared with you when you sat down on your cou

“What, this is the Ultimate Killer King?” “Why is he a greasy middle-aged man?” “This is too…lousy right?” … It wasn’t easy for them to see the true face of the Ultimate Killer King. Those exam candidates were also completely shocked. This greasy middle-aged man didn’t exude the tyrannical bloodthir

They were chatting and happily spent the evening together. Jun felt his life become complete when he could enjoy the evening with his wife and his best friends. Jun would happily spend the money today to get such a privilege. They all were chatting and laughing together like a big happy family

Collin leaned back on his working chair and remembering the day when they all in high school. They were enrolled in Shin private school in The Imperial City. Elder Lu made the Shin foundation to strengthen Jun Shin education toward his business empire. He made sure the Shin education establish

The incident that happened in Korea caused an international uproar, but the final scapegoat was a “virtual terrorist”. The Korean government announced to the public that it was an anti-terrorism drill, attended by American soldiers, Korean soldiers, Korean police, and Korean special forces.Xi

The driver of the field command vehicle finally started the car and fled swiftly, heading towards the Gangman district.As they fled, a sniper rifle bullet hit the car’s windshield, but it did not shatter the windshield. It only made cracks; the field command vehicle’s driver had narrowly esca

Lorissa had developed a keen interest in Lil Pea. Strictly speaking, what caught the mage empress’ attention was the ability of the demon hunting fish. Like the Ancients, Lil Pea could cast soul-talent spells and possessed the same spiritual power. What surprised Lorrisa more was that the same exper

Xia Lei and Fan Fan came out of the rest lounge all dressed appropriately and serious, but they still felt rather guilty. Xia Lei felt very awkward.“Go ahead, Mr Xia. I will be leaving now.” Their interesting interaction had been disturbed, and Fan Fan did not want to stay in the office any l

“Bro Ning! You can’t tell others about my true cultivation just yet! You have to help me keep this a secret!” said Chen Xiaobei in a serious manner. “Why is that?” asked Ning Yuchen, shocked. “I’m not going to lie to you since we have been through a couple of life and death situations together. I tr

Back in heaven, Gu Xijiu's spiritual power was the highest among the three. She would have never imagined that one day she would be the weakest here in the Shura World. Could it be that God saw that she was too strong in the Upper Bound, so he sent her down to have a humbling experience? Gu Xi

A purple swirling storm suddenly grew out from the emptiness of space, un-natural lightning streaked within the storm as the dark purplish clouds rotated into a whirlpool. A spaceship suddenly appeared in the eye of the storm and the storm particles dispersed almost im

Second I/C (Second in-charge) Marine Corporal James "007" Bone was at the mess with the rest his Section Two mates having dinner when the XO announcement of Condition Two alerts went off. Due to his name being similar to a classic 2d movie character, everyone nicknamed

"Combat Information Center confirmed contacts as five Swarm Parasite class bio cruisers!" Everyone looked up from their consoles as the report came in. Parasite class bio cruisers were the Swarm's mainstay space-borne weapons. Birthed whole right out from a Queen class

The ship shook as several of the spore seeds slammed into the aft of the ship. Dozens of spores got vaporized by the plasma exhaust of the engine. The point defense gunners did their best to prevent the spores from hitting the ship but still, some made pass the defensi

"Captain, marines reporting contact with the enemy at Engineering B deck 12." XO Ford reported. "So far one known casualty from Engineering.""Noted. Pilot, push engines to 110% output, get us out of their firing envelope." Capt Blake ordered. "Drop some countermeasures

The ship shudders and shook violently, the ship's hull groans and moan even louder. "What was that?" XO Ford scanned his console, "Damn marines jugheads are blowing the ship up! They just detonated 2 grenades in Engineering!"Captain Blake look at the main tactical scre

"Entering final limit of Rammas's gravity well, warp engines are fully charged. Course to Ecythn System is plotted in. Captain, all systems green, ready to enter warp." The pilot announced."Do it."All along the sides of the hull, purplish blue streaks of energy crackle

Stand in front of the viewports, Captain Blake turned when XO Ford approaches. "How bad is it?" he asked.With his left arm in a sling, Ford held the tablet on his right hand and replied. "Not good. Lost all main propulsion systems, life support systems, warp drives, re

A sudden rattle of the decks first indicted something was wrong. Capt Blake sat on his command chair reading the reports flooding in from Engineering felt the shaking of the ship. He looks up in surprise as did the rest of the bridge crew. The shaking of the ship grew

A ship-wide announcement informed the crew of the current situation, while the head of departments assigns and prioritize tasks to their people.The next several hours onboard UNS Singapore was like a kicked anthill. Medical personnel and Marines worked to stabilize the

Blake suddenly jolts awake, he gasps for air while struggling against the restraints. As the fog in his mind slowly clears away, he realizes on the command seat. As he removes his helmet and takes in deep breathes, he felt the cold icy air. His breath turns white in th

Cpl James had a good dream, with a pretty girl, living the good life while still schooling in university, when the Swarm invaded and turned the dream into a nightmare. The faces of Shawn, David and the rest keeps appearing and taunting him no matter where he ran or hid

Blake leans against the railing, watching the night sky from the window in the officer's mess. The planet's dual moons loomed over the horizon with a spectacular display of stars as the backdrop. It's pretty romantic, he thought, with the dim lighting of the officer's

"The Marines and the Security section have established a 100m perimeter around the base. We are hoping to clear the area to 200m." Frank said. "Once Dr. Sharon's team is ready, I will have my guys company them for surveys to provide security.""Lt, I will get the team l

"Hey Big Guy, See anything?" Pvt Mills ask Bartley as they followed the 3 technicians into the forest. "What are hell are they collecting?""Samples." Pvt Bartley replied. His eyes constantly scanning left and right at the clearing where they stopped."Damn, I know its s

As the echo of Bartley's HMG died down, the techs together with Mills cheered. "Hot damn! I need one of those myself!" Mills swap out a new mag with his partial empty mag from his rifle. "Hey techies, is that a giant wolf or what?" He asked the techie crouching next t

Captain Blake and Cmdr Ford stood outside a reinforced window looking at the dissected remains of a giant wolf. It was placed on a steel pallet in a hastily made environmental clean room in the corner of the cargo bay as it was too large to be moved into the labs. Huge

"Hey did you try the wolf steak? I tried it and it was awesome!" Conversations like these were happening all over the base colony. The wolves provided the men and woman of UNS Singapore with a rare meal, allowing them to enjoy some fresh meat other than just eating sta