"It is too... too dark.." When Rena sensed that she had shaken off the group of people chasing her, she couldn't help stopping a

Chapter 987 - Self Created Spell, Sundered NightLiu Wen was originally an unknown ancient cultivator. Although he was talented, he was not outstanding. However, he left the first record of Shi Divine Sense!No one knew how he had achieved Shi Divine Sense or how long this state lasted. Was it only f

It was on the 9th day of the 11th month in Church Calendar Year 798, Prince O'Neil's 24th birthday. A lot of things had transpired on this very day. At seven in the morning, the trading hall at Vielonna finally reopened after being clo

Chapter 845 – Too Careless   Translator: Mr Voltaire   Editor: Modlawls123      Ling Chen had never even heard of godly souls before encountering Qi Xing. Qi Xing had also mentioned that there was a 0.0001% chance of True Gods reincarnating, making it incredi

Chapter 654: Protection Fee? Reverse Snatching Back in the courtyard, when Gui Wu saw Xiao Chen making a move, he thought that Xiao Chen would be hard to deal with. So, he made more preparations. After handing over the Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Pearls, Xiao Chen walked forward expressionles

Chapter 41: Memory is Lost! “Yunlan! Wake up! How can you sleep for such a long time?” Just when Gu Yunlan was about to close her eyes, that voice called out again. Who was it? Why was he so familiar? Who was he? Suddenly, the pile of paintings flew up, arranging themselves in the air

Chapter 42: I’m Willing At midnight, two people silently stood next to the bed Gu Yunlan slept on. “Big Brother! I’m in! I’ll start!” Xuanyuan Meng glanced at her big brother. “En!” Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head, laid down besides Gu Yunlan, and shut his

Chapter 43: Return to the City A Year Later! One year later… “Yunlan! Come on, smile! Don’t be so grave!” Xuanyuan Meng ran by Gu Yunlan’s side, all smiley. Ever since Gu Yunlan woke up that day, she had changed. Although she still acted the same around Xuanyuan Men

Chapter 109 - The One-Eyed and the Hawk I   "Is that the enemy's fort?" (Alexios) Alexios looks down at the Belvedere Kingdom's fortress from the top of a mountain. The land here is ruled by King Belvedere. (TL Note: The one being observed.) And it is also the first line

Chapter: 171.1 out of 171 It was slightly hot during noon. A cool breeze passed through the window’s muslin curtains and entered the hot and stuffy room. Zhao Jie was sleeping on an arhat bed that was decoratively carved with dragons for his afternoon nap. One hand was placed over the other a

Chapter 635: You are finally here “Ah!”  She uttered a short shout of shock before suddenly turning around to meet a pair of eyes that were like cold stars. Instantly, she felt like she was in a dream. Why did she meet Mo Chuan? Impossible, impossible! She wanted to reach out t

Chapter 636: Surging undercurrent Turning around, Mo Chuan prepared to carry her away. But as soon as he turned, his eyes suddenly froze. On the other end of the alley, there was a tall and bulky figure silently standing there.  It was unknown how long he had been there and how much he had s

Chapter 1425: Legacy of the Beast God (Four) At that moment, Jian Chen could not help but recall the Spiritking. If he compared the Spiritking to the glow of death, the outcome would have shocked Jian Chen because the Spiritking would not have been able to endure it at all. He would have been compl

Chapter 455 - I'll Stop Joking Now“Can I say something?” Tang Wulin asked.“Go ahead,” the referee said. It would be too shameful if they didn’t allow their challengers boast as well. “Thank you. First of all, I want to say that although we’re students from Shrek Academy, we didn’t come here to

Letting you Guys be Surprised [1] Hao Jun You softly looked at Moya. “Let’s go.” He picked up Moya’s hand once again. During the sunset, Moya quietly followed behind Hao Jun You. Her face was still red…Plus at this school garden, she would occasionally receive eye ro

Chapter 221: A Bloody Battle “The feeling of encountering a natural predator?” Zouchen felt an inexplicable chill run through his mind as he immediately became enraged, “Rubbish!” “I’m not joking.” Belo propped his glasses up with his hand as he looked a

Chapter 23: Can you start liking me again? Translated by MengHu of Exiled Rebels Scanlations ZhouDu reached the classroom early on the following Monday. To his surprise, XiaYao, who’d usually reach school early, had yet to turn up. He reached for the phone in his pocket and checked the time

Chapter 43. Sudden Encounter (3)   Chief Magician Jin Joohwa’s explanation dragged on for a long time. How the exam will be carried out, how groups will be formed, the types of monsters that will be summoned… I understood that he was a cautious person, but I just wished he would

Chapter 44. Sudden Encounter (4)   “Wow~ I wonder if I got some sort of an insight. Who knew I could win against a Thousand-Mile Horse so easily?” Tired of waiting, I was looking at my laptop when Chae Nayun’s bragging sound entered my ears. “Really, what happened, N

Chapter 1424: Legacy of the Beast God (Three) The teleportation formation was extremely large. It was fifty meters wide and had been carved into the ground. It seemed extremely mysterious. Even though it had not been activated, it seemed like it was constantly spinning. If someone placed their atte

Chapter 387: Eighth Rank New Soul Technique (2)“So that’s what it is. You truly are honest……” Finally, Ting Lan understood, but she only smiled. This smile was charming, unintentionally revealing the alluring nature of a grown woman, actually appearing to be specially charming.“Honest?” This was th

Chapter 386: New Eighth Rank Soul Technique (1)When Chu Mu arrived at his residence, he immediately saw a young man waiting there, playing with a round crystal in his palm. He clearly was waiting for someone.“You’re Chu Chen?” when the young man saw Chu Mu walk over, a friendly smile rose on his fa

Chapter 724 - The Princess Arrives “We’re saved!” “We’ll remember what you’ve done to us today!” “That’s right, we won’t forget it! Once our Dao-Seeking Mountain has recovered its strength, we will destroy the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!” The elders and disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain re

Chapter 723 - The Arrival of the Mu Clan Progenitor Wen Dao quickly scanned his surroundings. Due to the battle, the thirty-six snowy mountains had begun to crumble. Many elders and disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain had been slain, dying the surrounding snowy ground an eye-catching crimson col

Gods And Planes(2) The Duke subconsciously stretched his arm out, wanting to take the Queen of the Night and inspect it closely. However, he froze mid-action for a moment before slowly retracting his arm. He knew he had forgotten himself; the eyes were worth nothing when gauging the power of the di

Chapter 159 - I Want It All! …… After the sand had thoroughly dispersed, the entire audience saw an incredibly stunning scene. The Spirit Wolf that suddenly disappeared was standing right in front of Li Junwei. Its four limbs was stepping on the vine wall, and its head was only a meter away from Li

Chapter 119: Back to the Battlefield 2------Translator: MoliereEditor: SootyOwl------Filming was scheduled for the following week. After that, Junhyuk went to the marketing department from time to time for meetings about the movie. This was a cooperation between the company and TV stations, and the

Chapter 28 The Unfortunate Black Bear   On the boundary between one-ringed and two-ringed monsters’ territories. The huge mountains ran for miles and rose up to the sky, surrounded by mist on their hillsides. A beast’s roaring echoed occasionally, shaking the great trees. At the

Chapter 257 The Feral Heart Spirit Ye Shaoyang quickly pulled out a length of red thread and tied it to a Great Coin of Carving. He opened Old Guo’s mouth, dragged out his tongue, and stuck his tongue tip into the center hole of the coin. While reciting the soul seizing chant, Ye Shaoyang cut hi

PICTURES IN THIS CHAPTERIt was dark in the room but this was no obstacle to Xia Lei. He saw Liang Si-Yao hiding under the covers in bed the instant he walked in. She was covering her face with the blanket. Xia Lei closed the room door gently and locked it. He did this not to lock out burg

Volume 3 – Chapter 190: Shocking Change TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD  EDITOR: DRAGNEEL From the 16th floor to the basement, it would take at most 10 minutes even if Ding Wenfeng took the stairs. Sawai Toji and I have been discussing the matter of shares for more than half an hour, how coul

Volume 3 – Chapter 191: The Missing Wang Shu   TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD  EDITOR: DRAGNEEL “The person who attacked me wasn’t weak. I couldn’t even see them beforehand!” Ding Wenfeng said as he touched the back of his head, putting on an embarrassed express

Volume 3 – Chapter 192: News TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD  EDITOR: DRAGNEEL There wasn’t any news from Heng Lujing Ba until 2 o’clock in the morning, making me very anxious. Finally, one of Heng Lujing Ba’s subordinate got important news from a cleaner near the Yunjing Bu

Volume 3 – Chapter 193: Rescued a Fake   TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD  EDITOR: DRAGNEEL “Changfeng Boss, this chick is pretty good. If Mr. Yamamoto hadn’t promised a lot of money for our Gangs development, I really wouldn’t want to give her up!” I quietly list

Chapter 1756 – Thousand Mile Heartlink … … … “But, Miss…” The several maids kneeled in the water, confusion and panic coloring their faces. The Monster Emperor had commanded them to not allow Xiao Moxian to leave their line of sight for even a singl

Swordmaster Healer – Episode 54 TL: Boko Editor: Ren Chapter 18 – Collector (3) The next day, Sung Joon went to the B-rank dungeon according to schedule. He went underground, opened the steel gate and was immediately met with a patrol consisting of an Ogre and eight Orcs waiting fo

Swordmaster Healer – Episode 55 TL: Boko Editor: Ren Chapter 19 – Eroding Dungeon (1) “What do you mean?” Sung Joon asked. “Yes, we desperately need your help, Mr. Kang Sung Joon. Excuse me, but where are you now?” asked Hyun Sung. “I just finished a

Chapter 20: Conjugal Union “…Brought it.” A Lian pointed her finger to the jade gourd fastened to her hips, then said, “It’s already packed inside. What matter did High God call me for? Is it possible to speak quickly? Immortal Lord Yuan Jing made an appointment to

Chapter 19: Household Register Rong Lin did not understand the meaning of Xiao Bai’s words. How would this small fish demon know someone in heaven? If she wanted to become a member of the heavenly household register, she could only go to him. After weighing over the matter, he was already tr

Territory When Perrin turned around, Richard was surprised to realise that the man had an extremely youthful face. This was definitely a young man, definitely no older than thirty. However, his white hair and hunched back made him look no different from a sixty-year-old man from behind. And yet, wh