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Chapter 2254 The Great Shake Old Monster Jiao had already escaped from the golden Divine Power Sea – he could have made it out.But that giant hand appeared at the final moment, bouncing him back towards where Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai were. That was why Old Monster Jiao died. “Whose hand was tha

Chapter 2255 Can“t Do I A secluded dark Void within the Eternal Chaotic World.“Lord Bing Shan, these are the resources you need. The quantity may be lower than what you expected, but I have tried my best,” the veiled white-clothed woman Leng Ruxue stood there and handed a Qian Kun Ring to a burly ma

Chapter 2256 From Two Different Worlds “Sword Emperor? Emperor Bai?” Leng Ruxue was shocked.“Looks like I underestimated these Chaotic Realm rascals of this era. This Sword Emperor and Emperor Bai… they are good. Especially that Sword Emperor, he slaughtered more than a dozen Divine Demons while sur

Chapter 393: Wonderful Act“You’re auditioning for the role of Chao Yun, correct?”The assistant director had had no choice but to break the silence.Su Cha forced back the goosebumps on her body and smiled. “Yes.”The assistant director extended a hand. “We don’t have any requests. This role is relativ

Chapter 627: Chapter 627 Still Harboring Hopes For Dai’er Feng Tianlan glared at Si Mobai and pinched him at the waist as a warning before he reluctantly let go. He held onto her slender waist and stared at Xi Jin as a provocative warning. Luo Yunzhu awkwardly cleared her throat on the side and said

Chapter 628: No One Can Replace Dai’er Si Mobai sneered coldly, “Prince Xi, don’t tell me you want to rely on a pet beast to go look for someone named Dai’er before you get married to make up for the regret in your heart?” Hearing these words, Xi Jin’s warm face sank in an instant and tightly pursed

Chapter 629: Everyone Looks Like Her, After Losing Her Xi Jin looked at Feng Tianlan for a long time. After some time he said, “Xiao Qing has caused the bother. It won’t happen again from now on.” Dai’er was really dead! There was no doubt about it! He should accept the reality, but he had to invest

Chapter 883: Last WordsIn the dead dark alley, there was a dim light, and there was a feeling of death. The moment Ye Ling’s words came out of his mouth, Zhong Ran panicked. No way could this happen! They could not bear the consequences if something were to happen to Master. With them being Ye Ling’

Chapter 884: Wrong Measurement of DominanceBlack Rose laughed hysterically and viciously. “Because I was the one who sent them off.”That was an unsolved case. For all these years, the people in the Ye Family had all silently felt that Ye Ling was the one who did it. Luckily, his two younger brothers

Chapter 630: Xi Jin’s Obsession Si Mobai gazed at her gently and clasped hands with her as he said, “Okay.” The only road connecting Guiyuan Continent and Xuantian Continent was exceptionally long. And because of the extremely wide disparity in strength between the two continents as well as in order

Chapter 1847: Struck by lightning (3) Especially Leng Weiming, he was simply trembling with fear. The two disciples which Huang Yueli mentioned, who had died outside, was something that even he didn’t know of. After all they were just two ordinary disciples so if they died, then they died. Moreover

Chapter 1848: Struck by lightning (4) Especially for a practitioner who just ascended to the ninth stage realm, as compared to established ninth stage realm top experts, the difference between their abilities was like heaven and earth. The reason was because when practitioners finished the process o

Chapter 1849: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (1) The crowd’s voices were discussing this softly, self assuming that they had finally found out the truth with regards to this matter. When Cang Po Jun heard their talk, he was completely dumbstruck….. Of course he knew what had happened exactly an

Chapter 1850: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (2) Anyway they had already decided that today they must force Mu Chengying out and they already did not care to use whatever reason, nor the consequence of this matter spreading out! Cang Po Jun’s back spiralled a chilly sensation, knowing that the

Chapter 1851: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (3) Because in his heart, a terrifying guess suddenly arose. In Blue Profound Sect, ninth stage realm peak potential, thunder attributed… this was simply describing a certain someone. That certain someone was the most terrifying and unsurpassable pee

Chapter 451: Uncontrollably Kissing Her Over and Over AgainHow many times?She couldn’t recall.What was real, what wasn’t?In her dreams, in her real life, he had proposed to her too many times.But each of those times, no matter what, she only had one answer for him.Yes, she would.She was only too wil

Chapter 450: Serious FlirtationsAlthough both of them were spent, Li Beinian’s heart was still racing.He seemed to be able to stir her up with great ease.They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for her to respond.However, she refused to speak.The skies had turned dark.The

Chapter 1852: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (4) He was much clearer than anyone else on Li Moying’s current cultivation and ability. It wasn’t enough to activate Levitation Sword Palace’s Sword Array, unless….. there was some hidden agenda behind all these? Cang Po Jun turned his head blankly

Chapter 449: It’s Time to Change the Form of Address, WifeyWithout waiting for her response, Mu Xichen’s lips started to explore her silky pale skin. But when he saw the marks on her body from last night, he softened his touch and said, “Tell me if it hurts.”There was a rare tenderness in his slight

Chapter 210: Visiting an Old FriendMr. Li and Mr. Wei were stunned when they saw them. They stood up straight.The teacher beside him asked, “Professor Feng, are you going to the examination hall?”Feng Xingshen smiled. “An old friend of mine is there. I’ll go take a look.”When he reached the entrance

Chapter 181: I Heard it Doesn’t Hurt Once You’re Drunk… Chapter 181 – I Heard it Doesn’t Hurt Once You’re Drunk… “Chen Yu, here’s some tea.” Inside the simple bedroom, Xing Biqi placed a glass of tea on the study table. “Mhm.” Chen Yu nodded as he eyed the tea. However, he did not drink it. “Do you

Chapter 1906: To See If It’s Male or FemaleLi Sicheng took one glance at Li Beixing and said, “You’re so worked up. Even your wife, who’s inside giving birth, is worried about you.”Li Beixing became infuriated when Li Sicheng said this. He said through gritted teeth, “It’s easier said than done. Of

In this generation, information was scarce. There was a minimal flow of people as well. Most people in the countryside rarely went out, not mentioning the women. Gu Yunshen was not at home these days but Zhang Xiaohui went to the town every day. She might not even return home for 2 or 3 days. It

After suddenly asking that perplexing question buried in her heart, Yun Shishi was afraid to look at him. Hua Jin was taken aback, his face losing color in an instant. The actress was dumbfounded when she saw how his face had turned ugly following her question. She did not know what it was s

It was said that they died from drug overdose and overexertion. There was nothing too sinful or grotesque at that mass orgy. Games like the bomb shot and Russian roulette ruled the place. He personally witnessed a group of girls, blindfolded, being led to form a circle with their butts stick

Chapter 1374: Lu Qi Caught Wind of It“Stop scorning, person above. You can receive it too if you manage to get Han Zhuoli to marry you. But can you? You can’t, so shut up please.”“Han Zhuoli’s certainly part of the reason the National Film Academy is backing Lu Man, but there’s nothing to disparage

After he finished speaking, Jian Yumin began to hum a song. Jian Yumin had a beautiful voice. It sounded even better when he sang. Typically, Jian Yumin sang songs that expressed a lot of emotions. The vibe that was given off as he sang was gentle and affectionate. Although Jian Yiling d

He remembered that not long ago, they had been a happy family. However, that one incident had changed everything forever. His hand, his life, and their relationship had been ruined. And the cause of all of this was Mo Shiyun. She was someone that he had once trusted so much. However,

“Ahem ahem.” Cheng Yi gently coughed twice to remind Luo Xiuen of the situation. Luo Xiuen had been concentrating on Jian Yiling. Luo Xiuen raised her head to look at Hong Baizhang. Her expression showed slight disgust before she said: “Old Man Hong, we came here to visit a friend. I don’t want

Cheng Yi smiled and replied, “Hello.” Jian Shuxing continued to speak, “In the next few days, my son is going to move into the ward of your institution. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your staff’s hard work.” “Your son?” Wouldn’t that refer to Yiling’s brother

Chapter 737: Diabetes (8)Seeing Madam Meng’s face suddenly sank, Imperial Doctor Zhang smiled: “Madam, don’t think about it seriously. This diabetic syndrome is different from other diseases. Miss Bai obviously has a cure for this disease. You must do what she says, and you will certainly be alright

Prologue: The God Realm! Tang San’s Family The gentle halos of light were akin to a mother’s pair of hands when they gently touched the delicate skin of the clouds, creating an exceptionally beautiful feeling that seemed tangible within the illusory space. There also seemed to be an indistinct yet m

Chapter 1.1: The Youth with the Spirit Eyes The golden, glazed roof tiles atop the huge, palace-like building shone with a dazzling light due to the sunlight. The ancient workmanship that had been used to create the palace’s golden roof and red doors caused people to involuntarily feel a sense of se

Chapter 1.2: The Youth with the Spirit Eyes People who were between the first and tenth rank of soulforce fell underneath the category of Soul Scholar. When someone’s martial soul was awakened, their innate soulforce would signify their talent towards becoming a soul master. As such, a person with g

Chapter 1.3: The Youth with the Spirit Eyes Although Huo Yuhao had the guidance of a map, this was still the first time that he’d left vicinity of the Duke’s Mansion. Due to this, he couldn’t avoid losing his way a few times, and he had to continuously ask for the help of other people to find the co

Chapter 1.4: The Youth with the Spirit Eyes The girl ran towards Huo Yuhao in high spirits. A greedy, hungry look appeared on her face as she said, “Little brother, are you selling this roasted fish? It smells so good! How did you make it?” It wasn’t that Huo Yuhao hadn’t ever seen beautiful girls b

Chapter 2.1: Skydream Iceworm Huo Yuhao was still young, after all. After only a brief moment of astonishment and nervousness, his mood changed into that of excitement. He’d finally arrived at his destination after so many days of travel. When he thought about obtaining a soul ring for himself, so t

Chapter 2.2: Skydream Iceworm The strength of a soul ring was based off of how many years the soul beast had cultivated for; the better a soul ring was, the stronger the skill it would grant to a soul master. White soul rings were those formed by a ten year soul beast. All soul beasts that had culti

Chapter 2.3: Skydream Iceworm “Too weak, too weak. This is simply too tragic. I’m so pitiful, ah! Just how many more seals will I have to put on my body before his weak body can support me? It’s so hard to become an intelligent soul ring.” When the Skydream Iceworm had surged towards Huo Yuhao’s bod

Chapter 2.4: Skydream Iceworm Bei Bei stood up and carefully checked their surroundings as he quietly guarded Tang Ya. After Huo Yuhao fainted, he entered a dream. He dreamt that he’d entered a pure white space. There were many motes of light within the space, and he couldn’t see the end of it. Howe