Han felt a bit lonely when he once again arrived at the Golden Tower, he was only accompanied by Yuan Yuan and Black Egg. Since the ninth floor of the Golden Tower adopted the Biological Repulsion Technique, creatures without the key wouldn’t be able to get in this mystical top floor even if they we

"… Regarding this problem, I admit my culpability."In the emergency meeting, a tired-looking Saburo spoke first. Then he offered a 90 degree bow that was culturally-unique to the Japanese.Yao Yuan sighed. Saburo was a good man, and Yao Yuan believed kindness should be repaid with kindness, so even b

"Great Grandpa Xia, you should be more open-minded." Shi Yan hesitated, then smiled. "If the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers bury themselves in Endless Sea, the Demon Area and the Underworld would become the places where no one lives. Haha… Losing the Dark Water Territory but earning the Demon

Nu Lang, Xia Qing Hou, and Yin Hui were dumbstruck, eyeing Shi Yan and the War Devil. All of a sudden, their minds were filled with strange emotions.Shi Yan's growing speed was too amazing.No warrior in the Endless Sea could be like him, thriving to his current powerful realm in such a short time. A

Blade was the crew’s most menacing fellow. He was bold and fearless in the face of death. The pirate crew had always relied on him when the situation turned sour. He was the leader’s right hand man. Blade never liked talking. He nodded grimly at the leader’s command and turned to leave. Black team

AMAS: Chapter 52-Going As Su Nan’s Guest Even though Jasmine Lin paid 1.5 million yuan, she only got 40% of the shares. Although at first glance it seems like it was a big loss, but in reality, it wasn’t a big loss for Jasmine Lin. Jiang Fei was confident that he would be able to

Chapter 1282 – Easily Passing Qualification … … … In the group stage, because the masters were seeded into different groups, Lin Ming was victorious all the way to 10 wins without a single hiccup. Dragon Fang also had a 10 win winning streak. Not just that, but Hang C

Chapter 1281 – Difference in Strength … … … The Cang Liang who walked on the martial stage was a silver-haired martial artist who used a black spear, the same weapon type as Lin Ming. Lin Ming also silently took out his Phoenix Blood Spear from his spatial ring. &ldq

One Man Army Chapter 45. War Merchant (2) ‘This happened around this time?’ Even Sanghyuk could not be aware of all the events exactly. He may be able to remember specific moments, but his accuracy on ‘when’ that event happened would be much lower. Reading down, Sanghyu

Chapter 350: Has his feelings changed?  Gu Qi Sha pretended to slice the Serpent Fruit into further pieces, assuming that Long Feiye would stop at the sight. Instead, Long Feiye kept coming and even lifted his other leg! Gu Qi Sha was floored! And thus, both of Long Feiye’s feet slamme

Chapter 54 – King of the underground (5)   “What is it, my lord?” Scarlett asked from behind. “There’s something in front of us,” Brendel’s voice was reduced to a whisper. Scarlett’s eyesight was currently no different from an ordinary person,

Chapter 52 – King of the Underground (3)   Brendel once again paused in a blank. [What kind of ploy is this?] But he finally realized what she meant and tested her with an additional question: “You mean to say you’ve lost your abilities as a Gold-ranked fighter?” Sc

Chapter 53 – King of the underground (4)   Brendel continued to carry Scarlett through the dark tunnels, and the latter held the Light Crystal which barely lit the pathway. The mine did not collapse at just the gathering site. Rocks and boulders have nearly blocked off their path, and

The Crown Prince’s Bride ~ Sometimes Brother and Sister ~ 9 ──He suddenly came to Noin Kingdom. . “Nee, Chris onee-sama. Onii-sama is somehow strange” Besides the corridor connecting the Central Tower and Phoenix Palace, a setting for tea party w

NANANA’S BURIED TREASURE VOLUME 1 CHAPTER 4 From the day I arrived at Nanae until now has been at least 3 weeks. Starting my new life at this level is pretty acceptable. It was 7 in the morning, and I woke up to the ringing of my phone’s alarm. I stood up from my bed, opened the curta

Negotiations “You want to attack Malar?” Umberlee’s gaze showed that she was pondering the idea, “We’re of the same alignment…” “But not of the same alliance,” Leylin countered quickly, “The two of us work in the same domain, we’ll

Brothers Came to Visit   “You jerk!” Lin Shuang shouted at Guo Huai’s back. “Just wait, I’ll deal with you sooner or later.” — On the second floor, a student in the science lab said, “Hey, did you hear something coming from the office? It see

The Girl That Loved to Eat Carrots   Zhu, who had been silent all the time, finally said something, “Lord Huai, you’re back! Grandpa asked me to look for you here.” “Have a seat and don’t be so polite. There are no strangers here,” Guo Huai said with a sm

Return to Morante     Lorist left Silowas for The Northlands along with the Dinas. The young aunt of the Dina sisters, Dilianna, had already become Lorist's concubine. As for Arriotoli, the elder Dina sister, she was prideful, maintaining her relationship with Lorist as lovers whil

Chapter 7: Wounded Synopsis: Ice-blue colored blood   ..·:*¨¨*.·:*¨♡¨*:·. 30 .·:*¨♡¨*:·.*¨¨*:·…   We were caught off guard by a surprise nighttime attack, and many of the troops suffered injuries as a resu

AST 1208 – The Eldest Princess’ letter, heading off to Heaven Secrets Academy after new year Yu Ruyan was looking at Qing Shui who was looking back at her. Her face immediately blushed from shyness. She lowered her head slightly. Despite this, she felt really happy deep down. She had a

AST 1207 – Disciples, the two girls arrive The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal… The reason why it got upgraded in the past was due to Yin-Yang Union. But later on, despite the Yin-Yang Union taking place once again, it still didn’t manage to ascend in grade. Hence, this phenome

Chapter 222 - The failsafe Translated by Lesyt Team Edited by Ilesyt     Under the giant pit, there similarly a place to the fire crystal mine.   After Ke Ke, another man dug out a fire crystal. This excited them after they had been depressed for ten days.   What was th

"I concede defeat," Su Huaijun announced straightforwardly, breaking the silence.Ai Hui recovered his senses and smacked his lips, as if wanting to continue. He had been engrossed in the battle and many ideas were still running through his mind, so it was simply too dissatisfying to end it now.Witho

As soon as he was finished talking, Wu Menglan immediately diverted the topic. She narrowed her eyes at him and mocked, "It seems that some people are still very interested in matters that involve playing up to people of power and influence. Hehe, I guess some people are just cheap!"Huo Lingxiao was

Chapter 193 – I’m sorry I made you wait. We sit again around the table. I softly stroke Meru who is over my head, and I wonder if she is happy to be once again in her usual place but she starts to lovingly bite my fingers. It tickles. I can’t help notice the banner in the middle o

Chapter 397 – Mess “Elder Sister Ling Xi?” As he looked towards the alluring girl before their eyes, shock ran through Mu Chen’s mind, especially upon hearing the way the girl had called Ling Xi, which further increased the astonishment. This girl had actually recognised Li

“B*tch, I will kill you!” Plague Chicken angrily said but he knew that his opponent’s spirit treasure was unusual, so he ordered his snake spirit treasure to focus on evading it. He needs to quickly kill the person in front of him, no matter what tricks that pig may have, it would

Chapter 30: An Ant Crawling Along a Thread   Li Xin sat up abruptly. It was nearly impossible to get typical frequencies past her device; she was supposed to be able to listen in on all of them, yet here, all she heard was buzzing. She sat still, thinking through the possibilities. Was the so

Chapter 224 – Conversation Between Spirit Pets “You’re a bad guy! Don’t fake kindness, I already know you deceived Mother into accepting that something Inheritance, so now Mother is in pain. If Mother dies, I’ll bite you to death, whaa…” This little pink

Meeting Again Since the old days, Autumns are lonely, empty — people say; But for me Autumn’s always better than any Spring day. A single crane shoots through clouds up to the boundless, blue sky; O With it, all my poetic sentiments soar as high. (QIU CI: “Autumn Song” No. 1

Chapter 698: More Unexpected Events Arise “Speak!” Gong Wuji was a senior executive of a first rank sect, a majestic holy king of the Eternal Celestial Capital. He was an existence that could personally dictate the fates of those in the Upper Eight Regions. Who would’ve thought th

Chapter 203-1: What else do you know “Abbess, please calm down!”   Seeing Abbess Yun Miao become this angry and make an attack the moment they meet, a few members of the Dragon Group became anxious.   Abbess Yun Miao ignored Broken Blade’s words, and her sword was li

"It’s not the work of the twin snakes cult."Marvin pointed at Wayne’s thin face and said, "If it was the twin snakes cult, Wayne wouldn’t suffer that much.""On the surface it looks like [Hibernation], one of the twin snakes cult’s trademark curses, which makes the target enter a permanent coma. But

Chapter 292 – Sword of Slaughter The black flames around Zennarde’s Sword flared erratically, causing Nie Yan to feel like his hands were burning up. He heard a voice whispering in his mind. But when he tried to listen closely, it disappeared without a trace. Most Legendary weapons rep

HSSB596: A Broad Creed Mountain that is armed to the teeth   Ah Hu packed up his things and began preparing for the moving of his ancestors’ remains. After having finished with all this, he set off on his journey. Yan Zhaoge remained in Broad Creed Mountain, dealing with the matters on

HSSB595: A good mission   Yan Zhaoge made huge gains from his great battle with the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Sacred Sun Clan and the Radiant Light Sect. The Heavenly Thunder Hall and the Sacred Sun Clan had both been destroyed by Yan Zhaoge, the treasures that they had accumulated all thes

Book 35, The Aeonian Race, Chapter 17 – Negotiations Archon Silksnow’s eyebrows fluttered, a look of surprise flashing through his oily green eyes. He then let out a cold chuckle: “You fled quite fast. I had thought that it was an Emperor… who would’ve thought it was

Book 35, The Aeonian Race, Chapter 16 – A Calamity Descends The black-robed Primaltwin Ji Ning spent all of its time within the Three Realms, accompanying his family members and enjoying a life of leisure. Ning’s true body, however, continued to fearless advance and improve, not slackin

[No more words were left to say. Is there any useful words now? I am all done. My career is done… My life may also be done.] What happened earlier, including the slaughter in Second Prince’s Place, were sudden events. [Two days ago, the great sects attacked the palace but failed. Yesterday, th