Chapter 0267    Esper invading!Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.Dao Ba, Sun Batian knew of this man.Sun family’s file record had data on numerous people who were deemed dangerous. For the assessment of Dao Ba, the level of danger was very low… and there was even the fact that Dao Ba was

Chapter 92 – Reactions from Galtz Side: Seraria My husband is making a difficult face. No wonder. From where to start and what to explain in which order? If you give a bad explanation, it would be difficult to start fresh. When Galtz’s King heard my words, he easily brushed me off&hel

Chapter 0033 The House Elf Ivan saw Harry fall into the mud. The rain poured down on Harry’s face, his arm dangled in a bizarre angle. Ivan hurried to the center of the field. He didn’t want to see Lockhart use a spell that gets rid of the bones. By the time he crossed the crowd,

Chapter 0032 Out of Control Bludger   After the incident, Ron seemed to have made up his mind not to speak to Ivan or Percy, and avoided them as much as he could, which embarrassed Harry and Hermione. As time went on, no one mentioned moaning myrtle anymore. The talk of the chambe

AMAS: Chapter 66-Three Days Paralysis on both legs. This kind of illness, to an average family, was very difficult to cure. The best medical treatment was to massage the muscles of both legs, coupled with stimulating it with acupuncture, and only by doing this will the condition of the patient

A strange scene was unfolding in a vast underground church with rows of thick pillars. “Kuh, kill me! Wasn’t that your goal!” Iris Bearheart spat at the old man before her. She had been forced to wear only a thin piece of cloth that would have reminded Vandalieu of a surgical gow

Chapter 716: Hong Alliance? Translator: Translation Nation  Editor: Translation Nation After the contract was signed, things were naturally carried out according to the contract. The Huge Axe Dojo wouldn’t dare come find Luo Feng again. Also, the Virtual Universe Company

Chapter 91: Symbol of Happiness (3) TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir   When would we be scheduled for entertainment shows? What kind of concepts would they have? Since we were really lucky with Star Manager last time, it would probably be too greedy to expect that much again. I didn’t kn

The people marched quickly ahead, one of them carrying the reinvolt over his shoulder. Everyone was quiet, thinking about the massive thing that was flying slowly behind, following them. It was a mech. Sang Ling recognized it. The Sang Family Village’s shrine had seven mechs on display, but they

"I was the first one to believe in Brother Mo Xie. And, I’m obviously the first one to like Brother Mo Xie. He’s mine! No one can take him from me!"Dugu Xiao Yi declared that loudly in anger. In fact, she had forgotten what was happening at that time. And, she had also forgotten that she was the ins

The dead souls' evil lairs were the most mysterious exotic area of the Dead Soul Mountain range. However, these evil lairs wouldn't stay still. They moved, and someday it would disappear leaving no trace, only to reappear somewhere else.Normally, only the dead souls could sense the exact location of

Purple hair...Marvin pondered for a while before forcing a smile and shaking his head.Purple hair was relatively common in Feinan. For example, the Fate Sorcerer he met in the Thousand Leaves Forest, Kate, had light purple hair. There was also that Valkyrie who defended three towns in the North by h

Chapter 0345: The 9 Ranks of Body-Forging At the bottom of the canyon, the smell of sulphur grew even stronger. As Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, he found that the range of his Spiritual Consciousness was also quite restricted. Shi Qionghua turned around seven or eight corne

Defense specialization and quest Author Note: For the sake of good end(a.k.a Cliff Hanger) this time will be short ___________________________________ The Day after material gathering, Maple was walking around in town alone at the 2nd stage because the other members are unable to match her login

Chapter 11 – Fruys’s human form   Synopsis: Our trashy lord is actually a literature-loving youth   ..·:*¨¨*.·:*¨♡¨*:·. 44 .·:*¨♡¨*:·.*¨¨*:·…   We were victorious and Lord Cyth had fled&

Doll Dungeon Chapter 48 As soon as Aisha entered the room, she immediately bowed her head. “To start with, you have my gratitude. Thank you so much for sending reinforcement during the war.” “It’s normal thing to do when your allies are in trouble.” Even though

"Luo Feng." The fist sized Babata on his shoulder muttered, "The Meng Ya and Wei Li galaxies are extremely far apart. Even with the Yun Mo planet Ship, it’d take at least 8 days to travel. Also, we still have to get over from the Ganwu universe country…from here to the Gu Lun universe country, it’s

Outside of the Yangjiapin Textile Plant...A car was parked two hundred meters away from the gate on a small road.The car was not his Maybach S600, but it was, instead, a secondhand Sonata that he spent one hundred thousand acquiring. He didn’t want his ride to be ruined during the fire fight.Jiang C

Three years later… In the morning. Within the training ground of the mansion. Angele held a longsword tight in his right hand; he was training his sword skill combos. He looked more like a normal swordsman at the moment. His sword skills were simple but effective. Liv and a red-

Doll Dungeon Chapter 47   “How many remaining lefts on the left wing?” “The damage we’ve taken is small. There’s still about 3,500 left.” Three thousand and five hundred? “What is the total numbers of enemies?” “About seven thousa

Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 15 – The Second Batch Within the realmship, located inside one of the flaming passageways inside the Jadefire Realm. Ji Ning was seated inside the realmship, drinking some wine. The fragrance of the wine filled the entire vessel, while the Protector stood solem

Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 14 – Bait Since Ji Ning knew that a host of major powers was coming from the various realmverses for him, he had naturally acquired quite a bit of material and information on his foes. Hegemon Brightshore and Emperor Goldisle had been particularly helpful, intr

Chapter 739: The Goal of Establishing Himself in Veluriyam Capital “Heh heh, Brother Tong, what an unfortunate timing. We’d just decided to implement some new plans for that store. I fear Brother Tong has made a trip for nothing.” Rather than beating around the bush, Tong Tianxiao

Chapter 740: Inner Turmoil at House Wei Slow and steady wins the race; no great city was built in a day. No matter how much expertise I have, I can’t apply it without sufficient strength to back me up. That fact had been proven numerous times in the past. He’d thought the Longevity

Chapter 87: Absolutely Full Of LifeWe have to hurry!Everyone could judge that the Great Devil Snake was not something that they could contend with now. If not for the environment not being suited for the Great Devil Snake’s movements, somebody would have been bitten by it long ago. Even so, the wri

Doll Dungeon Chapter 46 Why there’s only Gallia’s army, Shinobi Machinas and Kill Dolls on the left-wing? Is the enemy being too weak on that side? Certainly, only 2 Kill Dolls had been revived but I’m sure more will be coming soon. As I was thinking so, another unit revive

Doll Dungeon Chapter 45 325. Master of Doll Mansion As expected, is it wrong for me to be on the human side? 326. Master of Chaos It’s not. In fact, I don’t care about it at all. Joining the Demon King and fight in the war is just a game. 327. Master of Demon Town When you&r

"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 51 At long last the sky lightened.   Wang Yun Feng sat in his study for one night, only when the warm sunlight shone through the windows did he then lift his head from contemplating.   Juan Shu who kept watch of him for the en

AST 1267 – My Calm Mental State Has Been Completely Destroyed By You Qing Shui and Di Chen unknowingly stayed at the Diwu Clan till it turned dark. Diwu Zhisha tried to make them to stay, but he still wanted to go back to the Heaven Secrets Academy before the new year. Therefore, he didn&rsqu

AST 1268 – Trust Is Very Important, Forget Bad Feelings “Come lass, let me introduce you. This is my wife Di Chen. Di Chen, she’s a daughter I’ve picked up. You can call her Qing Sha!” Qing Shui smiled and took Qing Sha’s hand as he brought her toward Di Chen. &

Chapter 243 – Advancing To Meridians Stage But today, with her fail in competing over Zijin Palace’s Inheritance, the hatred she had for Hexi made her extremely irritated. All this, coupled with Dandan, the little Golden Dragon, and Zhou Yan’an’s words on top of that, it mad

Chapter 244 – Disappearance Of Zijin Palace Feeling pain in her head due to the blinding light, Feng Lian Ying quickly covered her eyes. And through the gaps between her fingers, she could vaguely see the blinding white light converging in one direction. A gentle breeze blew past after the l

"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 50 When they left the wineshop, the lanterns were high up. The night market street was bustling with activity, people came and went.   The emperor did not want to sit in a carriage, since he rarely came out for a wonder he was really

VOLUME 2: CHAPTER 153 – KILLER ANT (1/2) Status     Race Goblin Level 92 Class King; Ruler Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery A-; Dominator; King&rs

Solo Clear – Chapter 44: Stage Six #3 It’s been five days since I entered the sixth stage. And I’ve already tried 30 times. Maybe they didn’t create this stage so that it can be cleared. It might be a stage that the Managers created for their own entertainment and find joy f

Solo Clear – Chapter 45: Stage Six Clear I fell asleep as I leaned against the hard wall and dreamed. It continued the giant’s story. After waiting for a long time, the giant came face-to-face with the opponent that he wanted to get revenge on. I realized it after watching the fight. T

Chapter 382: Someone wants to trap His Highness Duke of Qin  His Highness Duke of Qin had ordered His Excellency Provincial Official to give every person in the city two jin of grain before sundown. It was currently noon, only six hours away from sunset. Though Official Nanguo dearly

Chapter 383: Time to give up the grain  Han Yunxi had been pondering over the same question as Long Feiye. “Your Highness, there has to be a bluff in there somewhere,” Han Yunxi was convinced. Before Nanguo Mingde had shown up, she’d asked the guards and found out that none

Chapter 86: The Magical PupuThat’s right, there weren’t any stairs leading down. Not every building had to have stairs, and this place didn’t have one. In truth, during construction, nobody planned of going all the way down on foot. Looking at the head of the Great Devil Snake only a hundred plus m

Diagnosing and Treating Zi Rui In the Willow courtyard, all was progressing smoothly. When some people were happy, others would naturally be frustrated. For example, Feng Fen Dai. Although Feng Yu Heng had just promised her a handkerchief made of the five treasures earlier in the day, this girl ha