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Chapter 1461 You Will RecoverLuo Heng was startled and saw Feng Jiu walk forwards past the boundary barrier. Sure enough, the boundary barrier had dissipated and he immediately followed her inside.“Why didn’t you tell me you had this thing earlier! You made me come here in vain so many times.” He co

Feng Jiu moved her gaze. Without speaking, she went towards Chen Dao’s cave dwelling.Chen Dao helped her a lot in Third Sun Peak. If this resulted in Chen Dao unable to stand up, let alone Chen Dao himself found it unbearable, Feng Jiu would also not allow such a situation to happen.“Hey, Feng Jiu,

Chapter 1459 Unable to standWhile stroking Green Hair’s plump body and felt the egg under its belly, Feng Jiu was thinking quietly. Her mother should be safe when she went to meet Master Third Sun inside the Third Sun Peak. Master Third Sun couldn’t afford to get himself a bad reputation for harming

Chapter 4507: A Familiar ScentIt was a rather risky move to ask Hun Lei and Hun Yong for help, but the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master didn’t have much choice. It was a race for time over here. If the Moon Immortal managed to fully assimilate the Conquerstar Immortal Grass, it would really

Chapter 4506: The Scheme Against the Moon ImmortalFrom the moment that Chu Feng plunged his sword into Hun Lei’s dantian, Hun Lei’s life was already in his grasp.No matter how powerful Hun Lei might be, he didn’t stand a chance against Chu Feng anymore. Faced with the tearful Hun Lei, Chu Feng actua

After Gu Nianzhi and Bai Shuang entered, Zhao Liangze looked around vigilantly. He glanced at the surveillance camera’s location before walking inside.After he entered the room, he immediately closed the door to the sixth floor of the basement.Gu Nianzhi took Bai Shuang’s hand and stood by the door

Red Wolf replied truthfully, “Your Highness, your looks are unparalleled, so naturally you have to be fiercer. That Daoist nun is just too cowardly.”“She’s really terrified of me.” Lu Fenying put one hand to his forehead, remembering Qian’er’s fear when she looked at him and her helpless pleas. She

That was a little peculiar.Lu Fenying was a savage demon who had even killed his own mother; there was no way he could have felt sympathy for the scared Qian’er.He definitely wasn’t a man who could feel sympathy.Yet, he treated Qian’er’s hand…Gu Bailu felt that she needed to have a conversation with

It was only because of a last shred of rationality that she just stabbed her hand, but if things escalated, she was afraid that she might kill herself.It was also why she had followed Gu Bailu when the latter wanted her to face her problem.However, who would have thought that the trip wouldn’t help

Sometimes, darkness is used to represent the unknown because it is very difficult to find the mysteries hidden within it. Something could approach without you knowing, then suddenly open its jaws wide and tear you to pieces mercilessly. However, the darkness had its romanticism too. Boom! Boom! Boom

With a ferocious roar, Ao Xieyun flew into the air, his form stretching and curling with mighty momentum, like a golden dragon rising into the sky. With a golden flash, he charged wildly toward the buildings that had been thrown up into the air!Rui Butong let out a crisp cry, his body mounting into

Xiao Chenlei thought about it for a while before he finally made a decision. “Investigate this thoroughly at once! Transfer some more manpower over from the base camp. Other than that, pass down the order — Responsibility lies on everyone’s shoulders; punishment will be extended to their families to

It was only on the ninth day that there was finally enemy movement!When the Xiao Clan experts hiding in the mine suddenly heard the blast of sword aura above them, they couldn’t help but exchange looks. There was even some smug gloating in them.Damn you, you may be as cunning as a fox, but even your

Smoke and dust pervaded the air in front of the Purple Crystal mine.Xiao Chenlei trembled all over as he stared at the dead bodies strewn all over in front of him. His silent fury had already turned into blazing flames which burned almost even himself into ashes!Just a moment ago, that bunch of godd

Dong Wushang was still in the midst of landing, but his thunderous and lightning-like saber strike had already cleaved onto Supreme Martial Artist Horse Face’s palm!Much like a bolt of lightning crashing down with a boom upon a locust!A series of thin and crisp cracks rang out instantly.Supreme Mart

“It’s meat-eating day, meat-eating day! Today, we celebrate a festival!” The Illusion race was typically vegetarian, but there were times when they ate meat as well. “Boss, let me tell you, these things are not easy to buy. In the morning…”Jhonas was speaking excitedly and was ready to boast. After

With a deeper comprehension of the level-7 pill throughout this period of time, Lao Wang gradually understood that the level-7 pill was truly a refined pill!In the Land, even the peak of almighty Gold Cores was only level-4 pills. This time, the level-2 pill that the Heavenly Gates had used to rewar

Even more spirits were immediately interested. “Good friends? Do you often meet with our master? How close is your relationship?”The chattering noises around them rose once again. Thirty to forty spirits immediately got close to her.“Are you married? Can everyone sleep in the same bed at night?”Cele

The gates of the Spirit Flower Garden were pushed open. Before they could walk in, Lao Wang and Celeste already saw several hundred elemental spirits chattering around the entrance. It was extremely crowded.When they saw someone come over, the several hundred elemental spirits instantly exploded. Th

To Lao Wang, this was a basic operation when adjusting the 5 Elements using the Great 5 Elements Constitution. Although the level of power, as well as the level of the water and fire elements, was higher, it was no different in essence. Thus, it was not very difficult.However, Yiyi and Nini at the s

“Silly, you saved my life. You don’t have to thank me.” Gao Yi arranged her short hair. “You finally grew it out, but it’s cut short now. Are you disappointed?”Xia Ruoxin shook her head. “Nope. It’s not like they can’t grow out anymore.” She closed her eyes. She wanted to say more but fell asleep in

“We’ll stay! We just want to survive after all. For the sake of Deputy Chief Lin and Deputy Chief Yuan, we’ll trust you this time!” As Dong Xinxin and her people had decided to stay, Wang Jian and his people made their decision as well.“I… I’ll stay. I’m alone and I can live anywhere, but I like thi

Mo Fei and others nodded.The three people in the secret realm brought Mo Fei and others a lot of pressure. The second day Qian Ye went back to Tianhe College, he shut himself up to cultivate.Zhao Ruixue confirmed the fact that Qian Ye killed Tang Qiansheng from Zhou Cheng, hated Qian Ye to the bones

Mo Fei pondered for a moment and said, “Shifu, we ran into three special people in the secret realm.”Fat headmaster looked over at Mo Fei with great interest, “What kind of people could incredibly interest you?”Mo Fei said thoughtfully, “Super strength, super poised, super high vision, very aggressi

“Okay, little guy, we have to count on you now.”Jiang Chen looked speechlessly at the guy in the spacesuit as he released the drone. Then he began to control the spherical drone and flew down the well.Back on the rover, Wang Qiang took off his spacesuit in the buffer compartment and sat back into th

Before exiting the city, Ling Zhang had a copy of the map of Taowang Village he’d just obtained delivered to the General Zhongwu (AKA the General of Loyalty and Valor). With this detailed map, they could now control all Shan Congyi’s possible escape routes, take precautions and secretly have Taowang

“Let’s see how it goes and talk about it later. If I can’t choose you as my consort, I’ll think of some way to do it in the future!” Chu Liuyue said with a gloomy face. At the thought that he couldn’t marry the girl he liked, he really felt uncomfortable.“Yes, Your Highness. I’ll do as you ask. I’ll

“Boss, are you saying that the news is true?”Chewing coconut milk candy, the explorer wearing a hat with pointed ears lowers his head and looks at the instrument on his hand. The geomagnetism in Shijia Rift Valley is irregular. He doesn’t expect to find the destination with this instrument. However,

Chapter 478 Broken ElixirsDerek looks at the old man with a pug nose in front of him. He sneers, “You say that she is your distant niece?”He can not figure out if it’s really his niece. But the old man’s picture is also really old.The old man with a pug nose straightens his back with rolling eyes, “

Chapter 1258: He Could Finally Try Xi’s CookingNian Xi was surprised. She had no idea he’d already taken the written test.“The written examination is easy. It’s on the computer, after all. But your hands didn’t recover until a couple of days, right? Don’t you need to practice driving before taking t

Chapter 1176 Second Stance of Fallen Star Swordplay — Dancing Dragon in the Moonligh In the 900s? Her name wasn’t there.In the 800s? Her name wasn’t there. In the 700s? Her name wasn’t there. – They kept moving up the list, and soon, someone with sharp eyes spotted her name. “Look! 258th! Feng Wu is

Chapter 1310: The Best Proof“We’re fine. Where’s Doctor Gu?” Xu Xiyan asked with a smile.“Outside. I’ll let Ye Xun take you away from here for the moment.”Huo Yunshen had asked Ye Xun to take Jing Xi and their daughter away for a while to prevent incidents like that from ever happening again.“Why?”“

Chapter 191: It’s Not Expensive If It’s For YouYu Mufeng was away from the keyboard while the game was in progress. His teammates were asking about him, but he ignored it.Suddenly he remembered something and asked anxiously, “Oh yeah, is your hand okay?”Qin Fang said that both of them were injured.

Chapter 497 Authorizing a Sky-High Price While the audience watched on happily, the expressions of those in Durian TV sank completely. Their complexions only got worse when they continued looking at it.It had to be acknowledged that iPartment was an outstanding work, so much so that they felt like t

Chapter 525: A Man Should Know His Fate (1) People would only find things out after experiencing it. The world was too big, and she was not the master, but a grain of sand. “Xiao Huan, do you think one can repent if one admits their mistakes?” Lin Qingya looked at Mu Huan. Those eyes reminded her of

Chapter 526: A Man Should Know His Fate (2) Mu Huan lowered her head and gave a self-mocking smile. Then, she took out the evidence that Bo Junyan had found and showed it to Lin Qingya. “Tell Mrs. Gu the truth!” Lin Qingya swept a glance at the evidence in her hand. “Xiao Huan, if I were to tell the

Chapter 1047: The Tide Changing RealmMo Wen looked at the Heavenly Book of Creation he was holding. This book represented the highest path of the Path of Creation and few people knew of its existence, even in the ancient Creation Sect.In the past, the ancestors of the ancient Creation Sect had known

Chapter 1046: Heavenly Book of CreationEven the most basic of Hundred Spirit Sacred Treasures was extremely powerful and terrifying, and a Divine Illusionary realm cultivator might not necessarily own a treasure like that. This was also why the Sacred Fire Sword had attracted the attention of the Pe

Chapter 1045: Five Grades of Sacred TreasuresThe Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield had a long history. On top of being mysterious, it housed a lot of treasures that even cultivators from big worlds such as the Devil Kingdom, the Underworld, and the Demon Realm would scramble for, let alone cultivators

Chapter 1049: The Difficult Little GirlThe reason why Wang Yinru and Pei Fengwu were so anxious to absorb the Spiritual Transforming Pearl was that they wanted to break through to the Tide Changing Realm to accompany Mo Wen to the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield.All along, only Tide Changing Realm cu