Xia Fu’s expression suddenly changed. He grabbed Ming Shu and rolled to the side. A loud explosion went off behind them. Lai Si had decided to perish together. He wanted Wei Xi dead. He would not let other people have the things that he couldn’t get. They were blasted at continuously. Ming Shu flipp

Yun Ce knew he was different from others since he was little. He was different from his elder brother. He was a result of his father’s one-night stand. The female vampire left as soon as she gave birth to him, so Yun Ce had never seen his mother. The formal wife of the Yun family disliked him, and h

Ever since Song Shuhang had gotten the crocodile leg, he wanted to go look for Immortal Fairy Bie Xue and have her cook it into something delicious. Immortal Fairy Bie Xue narrowed her eyes into a smile. “You’re quite smart… To tell you the truth, in the entire world of cultivators, there are no mor

Upon the Palm of Mahavairocana, great rays of sun bloomed and even overshadowed the light shooting out from the body of the bright god of war. The air seemed to be sucked of its moisture, and the palm that was full of Yang and masculine energy slammed down to crush heaven and earth. Ji Ya was lookin

At the start of the second half, Nottingham Forest did shrink their defense. Inter Milan, on the other hand, took advantage of their kickoff to launch a fierce attack on the Forest team’s heartland. Ibrahimović had a shot from inside the penalty area which struck the goalpost and bounced, that start

“George Wood dribbles the ball and breaks through! He breaks into the penalty area! Against Samuel’s and César’s defense… He shoots! Oh, but the football hit the goalpost… Wait a minute! Matías Fernández! He shakes off Burdisso’s defense, shoots high in the air sideways and —GOOOOOOOOOAL!!” The foot

The reporters gathered in the mixed zone had dispersed, with no players waiting there for the reporters. The focus was no longer on them by this time. In the press room at the San Siro Stadium, a rather special press conference was being held. The Inter Milan manager, Mourinho sat on the left-hand s

“Big Brother Shao… Master… That… Did you fall and hurt your head?” She touched the man’s forehead with her cool little hands as she spoke. Shao Yibai remained silent with his eyes closed. He was simply enjoying the comforting feeling of being with her. Su Qingcheng’s pale little face was tinged with

“What’s the matter? Why are there two both immortal and spirit Qis coming out of this realm gate?” Lonemoon was evidently confused. Suddenly, he thought about something and his eyes widened. “Could it be that realm beyond realms the last time?” When they were stuck with Meng Hong and the others earl

The Branch Pagoda Master who sat on the right-hand seat drily said, "Don't tell me that you actually think that the Dou Spirit Empire can hold off the federation's battleships. What's the status of Dou Spirit Empire's military?""Of course it's impossible. Even with the addition of the Star Luo

Another long-fur black cat squatted in front of the white cat and said, “Lord Magis, all units on Tumen Planet have initiated the self-destruct sequence and all the cat slaves have perished.” The white cat Magis nodded. “They’ve done well. Those primitives of the Short Fur Tribe will definitely be i

Though he was concerned about his cats, Zhao Yao decided to go for his plans first. He called the games company to place a message that attracted hatred on the official website. “As the sole developer of Closers World, boss of the game and old friend of all the players, I’ve decided to upgrade the g

“The damage can be increased by using power of awareness?” Zhao Yao pondered. He could not resist transmitting his power of awareness to the saber and cutting himself. A few minutes later, Zhao Yao stood up glumly and put back the Dragon Slaying Saber carefully. “This saber’s…” Zhao Yao understood t

Two weeks ago. In London, England. In the grand luxurious hall, a black-haired youth laid on the sofa. His right hand touched his chin while his eyes surveyed the place in front. Five cats and five men knelt on the ground and trembled. “I, Sebastian, the successor of Europe’s oldest, richest and mos

"But then again, why the need to commit such acts in the rear mountain?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting."Tsk, you're ignorant. The rear mountain of our alliance is planted with numerous spirit herbs and with its e

"But…""No buts!" Bai Ling turned to Yun Luofeng, "Feng'er I will disband the Freedom Alliance and there's no need for them to continue existing on this Continent."She… was even more unwilling to become the leader! Right now, she only wished to accompany her daughter by her side."Alright, I wil

“Yes! They went straight along the national highway to the north! Two white, super large fuel tank trucks! They were very noticeable! The robbers are in those trucks. You must stop them!” Zhao Yu shouted into his phone. He then added, “But… Be careful! They are armed! In fact, they shot Captain Jin.

Chapter 879: Unprecedented Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio “Dam* it!” After Zhao Yu had just passed one tank truck, his tracking screen showed that the other tank truck had already left the highway and was headed for a nearby village. Zhao Yu figured that the robbers must want to f

Countless cigarettes sprayed out from the rear of the tank and spilled out on the road. They looked like popcorn that was springing out of the pot. As the robbers’ truck skidded to the other side of the highway, its body blocked the road. At this moment, several speeding cars came over. The drivers

Suddenly, time felt like it had frozen. Zhao Yu could barely breathe as he kept a close eye on the dark green van. Although he could see that there were people in the van, he couldn’t tell what they were doing. Although the van was parked near the tank truck, its door and windows were firmly closed.

No way! How could he… When Zhao Yu saw that the big man, who he had just hit, drooped his head and lay there stiffly like a zombie, he realized that the man had broken his neck! How is this possible? Zhao Yu looked at his fist in surprise. He never imagined that he could kill such a strong man with

Because of his previous experiences, Zhao Yu had mastered his technique and could fly through the field with ease. Although he exaggerated his skating posture, making it appear as if he was accomplishing some death-defying feat, in fact, he was actually flying quite close to the ground! His pose loo

The sudden flash frightened Zhao Yu, but Jiang Ke was even more frightened by it than him! At the moment, Jiang Ke was holding a stun gun, which seemed to have come out of nowhere. It turned out that the flash was Jiang Ke attacking Zhao Yu with his gun! Even though Jiang Ke hit Zhao Yu, nothing hap

Zhao Yu was also surprised that Officer Wang, who had been talking to over the phone, was such a handsome man! Even Cui Lizhu, who always thought so highly of herself, couldn’t help but observe Officer Wang in secret, admiring his good looks. After they shook hands with each other, Officer Wang smil

Whoosh!Outside the ice coffin, there was a rich Spiritual Qi that was overflowing with brilliance and intertwining. Subsequently, a woman's figure appeared. It was very vague, but unusually familiar. It was clearly the same as the woman lying in the ice coffin. Previously, she had condensed he

"Glowing dust?" Xu Que was slightly stunned. A scene flashed through his mind. Then he changed his expression. "Bone ash!"He was used to seeing the bone ash of some powerhouses in the Refined Moon Palace. Although their bone ash was only black or white, Xu Que couldn't forget the aura of those

Boom! The nine golden dragons slammed into the purple energy barrier with terrifying force, causing Yao Ming’s expression to fall. In the next second, the purple energy barrier shattered, and Yao Ming was sent flying by the nine golden dragons, causing him to cough up a large mouthful of blood. Zhao

All of a sudden, Yun Luofeng recalled the written record in Jue Qian's book.A true puppet differs in no way from normal humans. When placed among crowds, no one could make out their identity. However, even Jue Qian hadn't perfected the puppet but right now, had she coincidentally discovered th

Yes!In the last half a month, Yun Xiao, who was going to have a breakthrough, became a monarch-god level spirit cultivator! Unlike Lang Xinyue, a fake monarch-god level spirit cultivator, he was a real monarch-god level spirit cultivator.Lang Xinyue was simply no match for him!Seeing Yun Xiao

That was what he worried about. It was very cold, and the smell from the blood was particularly pungent. Wang Yao walked slowly, looked, and waited He walked around the roadway on the west cliff, but he didn’t see a worm. He saw several villagers, who were puzzled by the fact that he was hang out wi

“Nonsense!” How could Lin Li believe it? Others might not know the origin of the item in his hand, but how could he not know? That was what he got straight from the body of the Dragon of Destruction, Azardas. How could it not possess any wyrm’s aura? Surely the wyrms in Endless World couldn’t be muc

Lin Nuan bent down and carried Tuan Tuan. His soft and chunky frame nested in Lin Nuan’s embrace, his hands curled tightly around her neck and his head lying on her shoulder. His eyes were red and looked as though he had suffered some grievances. Tuan Tuan’s baby scent touched Lin Nuan’s heart. She

Wang Xi’s eyes were like a saber with hooks that were passing through every critical part on Li Yao’s body. His smile grew more and more intense as he unhurriedly said, “Only if I plant a minor barrier inside your body to ensure that you won’t do anything stupid that will harm the both of us can we

After figuring out the direction in which they needed to head, Chen Zi and Mo Wen picked up speed and finally managed to get out of the brutal land of the forest. A city appeared before their eyes. It had been built entirely with grey bricks and there were sentry posts all around. There were also tr

“What do you mean?” She did not fully understand it! She, all along, found Mu Wanrou’s pregnancy to be suspicious. It was very strange no matter what angle one looked at it. Seven years ago, that woman had burst into the room and condescendingly threatened her. If it were not for her infertility, th

Five figures hid in the darkness of night and looked coldly toward the ‘crown’ on the mountaintop. Dong Yan, Augus, Shirley, Qing Zhi, and Qing Xin had already gathered together. At this moment, these three powers had already joined forces. In fact, they had no choice but to do so. It would be wishf

After Grandpa Du read Grampy’s pulse, Wen Xinya paid increasingly more attention to Grampy’s health and got increasingly serious towards her studies in medical science. Grandpa Du had even said that she was talented, that it was a waste if she only studied medical science, going so far as to discuss

Just then, someone called out, “Lin Che, you’re gorgeous!” A pair of cold eyes immediately stared daggers over. That person then remembered that Lin Che was no ordinary woman; she was Gu Jingze’s woman. She could never be tainted by anybody else. Lin Che blushed. She finally found the direction and

Chapter 1388 - No One Can "The Monarch Ranking's killing blow is here?" The terrifying existence across Canglan Continent was startled. They were not too surprised by the attack, as the Monarch Ranking, God Ranking and South-Heaven Gate would be preparing their attack apart from sending out the or

All of a sudden, the classroom was quiet. The sound of everyone’s breathing was seemingly amplified many times. Seeing that her words attracted the attention of many, Zhao Yu smiled proudly. Since the fiasco of the matter regarding the change of dormitory, Zhao Yu had been trying to find an opportun