Moreover, Qiao Nan was more reasonable than her mother. As one’s elders, what else could they do but listen to the girl’s plea? “Alright, Nan Nan, the few of us really do not want to make things difficult for you.” “Thank you.” Qiao Nan bowed and apologized to the few military personnel in a serious

With such an incident, Wen Xinya definitely had to account for her actions to the Wen Family. After her call with Xu Zhenyu, she gave the information obtained from Si Yiyan to him and assigned him a task. Finally, Wen Xinya prepared for her visit to the Wen Family. “It may be hard to explain yoursel

Coming straight out of the university, three ladies had walked together as companions. One went on to the bright path of stardom and became a popular female celebrity, one was prepared to be the editor of a food column for a magazine—only Lin Nuan was taking a small step on the path to being an anch

This time, the Heavenly Blood Turtle was truly shocked. Having its shell broken was more surprising and shocking than having its dharma treasure destroyed. Although Qingfeng Li’s foot was sucked down by the Heavenly Blood Turtle’s twenty thousand times gravity technique and couldn’t budge an inch, h

By Qingfeng Li’s side was Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake, who were both saint level beasts, as well as the Treasure-Hunting Mouse, who was only at the Monarch level. That was why Qingfeng Li desperately wanted to improve its strength. Once its strength increases, it would be able to find more d

The Blood Sea was really deep, with the ocean floor a whole hundred thousand meters below the surface. As they went deeper, the environment became more pressurized, the scent of blood got thicker, and the numbers of blood beasts increased. These fish type blood beasts were grouped together in millio

"My Jid did a lot for me growing up,he showed me the way I want to be. You know, he was even the one who taught me how to ride.""Then you taught me." Piping up Chang held up a finger as she spoke cheerfully, it was one of her fonder mem

“Fatty, do you intend to promise the principal?” Nick had a rare serious expression on his face. “How could that be possible,” Rossiji laid on his arms while looking at the sky. “That’s good.” With a great relief, Nick laid down and laughed, “That old fox is ruthless and cruel. I’ll never buy it. Hi

Ma Shao Hao was taken aback. He looked at Zhao Xuan as if he didn’t believe him. “You have a plan?” Ma Shao Hao really didn’t believe that Zhao Xuan had a plan. After all, this was an outsider. What kind of plan could he have? “Of course I do,” said Zhao Xuan with a smile as his chest puffed up. “Si

Mo Wen sat on the cattail hassock in the dim secret chamber. A small red cauldron furnace floated beside him, revolving slowly. There was a mass of golden flame surrounding the Flame Divine Furnace, causing the small furnace to be particularly bright. Those who were meticulous would discover that th

Now that Su Changfa was putting it in such a way, Li Yao could not find a reason to refuse him. Besides, he was quite interested in Lu Qingchen, a unique, mysterious young man who did not seem to fit in the world. Lu Zui, Lu Qingchen’s grandfather, was the most sophisticated, most frightening, and m

“Could it be that the technique of acupuncture has something magical in it?” Wang Yao mumbled to himself. This was completely possible. Sometimes, a magical effect could be produced when two common things were added together. He could give it a try when he came into contact with such a patient in th

Although Lin Li did not know what method she had used, one thing was certain—the heavy footsteps earlier on were absolutely an illusion that she had created in some way. There was no Silver Storm, nor a level-15 Gryphon, at all. From the beginning, it was a play scripted and performed by the beautif

Item after item continuously appeared on the auction stage. Although none of them could match the Heavenly Luo Halberd, every item was still considerably rare. Hence, the atmosphere of the auction remained extremely exciting.At this current moment, the elder was once again taking out another

Translated by XephiZEdited by Aelryinth...There was a strong presence of death: everything within the Magicians' range of vision was devoured by the same black tide that consisted of black rotten corpses. It seemed like the hatred from the Dark Abyss served as a great nutrient for them: each u

Translated by XephiZEdited by Aelryinth"Five percent, hehe, the world is so big, why don't you go and have a look?" mocked Mo Fan with a hollow laugh."What do you mean, I enjoy staying in the Ancient Capital! My parents have passed away, but I do have a wife! I bet my son will be born once the

Chapter 671 “She’s a Good Person (7)” “Tsing Yi, you are seriously injured now so stay here and care for yourself until I finish refining the medicine. I will come back for you.” “Let Goldy and Silvery follow you then?” The dragoness offers the help after

Chapter 670 “She’s a Good Person (6)” Contract? Blinking her eyes, Bai Yan was rather taken aback by the suddenness of it all. Even so, she didn’t refuse after recalling back to the events which took place when she contracted Little Rice back at the bedside. Closing her eye

Chapter 99 Teaching Zhang Yunyan felt bitter and could not say anything when looking at the Tongtian Precious Carriage flying to the future era.   She lost Tianyue Country which she fought for, the friend of life and death—Samuume, her beloved second prince, and Xiao Tianlong in front

Chapter 100 Struggling Desperately When the Tongtian Precious Carriage stopped, Zhang Yunyan was eager and somewhat uneasy. She did not know whether it was her own time, so she went to have a check immediately.   She saw the rock wall covering the hole, the uneven rock surrounding, the two c

Chapter 101 Elder Guo Appears When Duanmu Tong walked into Baochen House, two professional pedicures had already started messaging Liu Feng and Xiaoxi on their feet.   "Um... ah! No, be gentle!"   Xiaoxi was obviously not a goer for pedicure. The pedicure's strength was

Chapter 101 Underground Relationship Exposure Yan Hua’s worry is not without reason. Here is an old saying that a beggar can never be bankrupt. Who knows what desperate thing Huang Wei will do if he is cornered. Now she has some regrets that she shouldn’t choose this moment to solve the

Chapter 101 You Come Over Here! A swordsman must value his sword more than his life.   For common people, a sword is merely some iron and a weapon.   However, for a swordsman, his sword is as important as his limb or an organ.   Xiao Linran loves his Boli Sword very much. He le

Chapter 101 A Night Scheme Between the Mother and her Daughter at Lihua Garden After dinner, Mo Xuemin heard that Mo Xuetong had wakened up. She had dinner late and had dispatched someone to pay attention to what happened at Qingwei Garden. When she heard that Mo Xuetong had wakened up, and Luo You

Chapter 93 I'll Take You Home! Swords!   What scared Ye Xuan the least? Needless to say, it was the sword!   He didn't cultivate the Practicing Method of the mysterious woman for nothing. Of course, it didn't mean that the sword body of him was invincible. If the grade of

5. The Two Princes (i)   It was in the latter half of the twelfth month when Lord Silvermask, alias Hirmiz, returned from the capital to resume command of Arslan’s pursuit. That was a day after the fall of Adhanah Bridge at Zandeh’s hands, the same day Keshvad chased the Sin

Chapter 93 Tang Airou Came "Yes, not only do they have some problems, but they also have some serious issues. If we hadn't tortured them, they probably wouldn't have revealed such important information to us," Tang Airou said, surprising Wang Feng. "Was there anything else th

Fangzheng naturally could not take action in front of so many people, but at this point in time… The sun was setting in the west. When the final ray of sunshine glinted beneath the horizon, the entire world was once again immersed in darkness. The stars twinkled a bit, but it was as though they fear

Chapter 93 The Advertisement "This is... the group healing skill!"   Most of the players present were from major guilds and had rich experience in team combat. So they clearly knew the significance of the group healing skills.   Players of the priest profession were precious

Daguang turned incontinent from his fright! Bai Wenshui was a little bolder. He picked up a plate and smashed it at Lin Zhixian, but with a wave of his hand, the plate was reduced to smithereens. Then with a stamp of his foot, the ground exploded! How could Bai Wenshui dare to attack by force when h

Chapter 101 I’m a Policeman and I’m Working on a Case “Did you hit Tang Yourou last time, Brother Yong?” Han Fei puts down her phone and raises her head.   “Yes! Did I hit him too lightly?” Li Yong laughs and says.   “Do you know he is an offi

Xiao Wanluo’s Request   As his hand stroked the dead body, it gradually became softer. The naked female corpse then lied down on the wooden basin filled with warm water. Even though the water was lukewarm, her skin was hurt. “Hot…” She looked at Ning Fan with a piti

The Daughter of the Celestial Emperor?   Corpse Searching Technique was another type of technique for reading one’s memories. It was different from the Soul Memory Searching Technique. The memories of cultivators were usually contained in their souls. On the contrary, corpses could only

Chapter 182: Destruction! Naito couldn’t go all out, he always needed to keep himself ready to defend against the Iron Sand. “Since the ordinary Shock Force couldn’t smash this thing, then…” Naito’s eyes flashed with a particular color, then he jumped into the

Chapter 359: The New Era (One Piece Arc End) Just in the next moment, the look of disappointment in Roja’s face changed into one of indifference. “Forget it.” As Roja shook his head, a horrible momentum rose up, and suddenly the world seemed to sway. The Dragon seemed to feel

“Not bad,” muttered Gao Peng. Huang Ya, who was standing in front of him, asked, “What’s not bad, sir?” “Its stats,” said Gao Peng. Having one unique monster trait implied that it had already attained the Epic grade in the past. Of course, Gao Peng had no way of telling if its promotion had caused i

“Why is the White Crocodile King here? Haven’t we already given it this year’s offering?” said the captain of the boat, his face going white. Anyone who wished to travel across the river would have to pay a fee to its ruler for protection against turbulent currents and monster attacks. Even a ship m

35. Grand demon sword training   “Right. Now that Ray-kuns group has been decided I’ll begin the class.” Emilia’s in high spirits, no doubt due to Ray becoming a group leader. “We’ll be performing grand sword training today and since this is practica

The depressed mood that Yun Bixue was feeling previously had vanished. With a few sprightly steps, she jumped on Xie Limo and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed his cheek over and over again as she said, “Hubby, thank you. I’m really, really grateful.” It had been several days since Xie Li

 Chapter 58: Void: Cleansing & Demonic sword   After leaving Roppongi, Feng Yu Chen returned to Tennoz First High, he was late and he skipped classes, after a session of counselling by the teachers, Feng Yu Chen continued his student life as Ouma Shu.   After the morning sessi