The enormous amount of Insect Beasts covered the sky as they surged towards them. Although individually they were weak and any blow would easily be fatal to them, collectively they were a might to be reckoned with. As the saying goes, “a million ants can kill an elephant”. Who knew how many In

"Wait... Where was it again?" Eiro muttered to himself as his mind started to feel hazy. As if he wasn't able to think properly all of a sudden, "What am I even saying, it's right over there." Slowly, the Demon managed to remember the way back to his home, the manor, and treaded through the he

Eiro slowly walked through the hallways of the manor and stepped toward the closest door that he could remember. He tried to not think about anything. Nothing at all. He didn't want to use any of his knowledge, any of his memories, nothing.The Demon made his way through the snowstorm that was

"Ah... that was a good meal..." Eiro muttered to himself as he sat down right in front of the half-eaten wolf-corpse, ready to return to his purely meditative state. However, it seemed like there was someone who thought that this wasn't a particularly good idea.Lugo tried to force Eiro to stan

Eiro looked at Solomon with a serious expression, before he slowly let his eyes wander down toward the ground. With a bitter expression, he started to speak."First, I must ask you to please listen to me as closely as you can, and remember everything you hear. Because I might forget about it af

"The enemy cast a spell just before doing, and turned into dust instead of leaving behind a corpse." Solomon repeated to Eiro once more, and the Demon slowly nodded his head as he sat there on the couch in the King's study."Right... Erm... What happened to the dust again? Did it mix in with th

Eiro flipped through the books that were laying in front of him as quickly as possible. He was trying to register the information in his mind to use with the Knight of Pentacles, while not immediately forgetting it. It was a bit hard, but as long as Eiro was able to figure out which pages were

Solomon looked at Eiro with a worried expression, "Are you sure that it's a good idea not to just go back there and explain the situation to them? They might beli-""I won't go back there in this state, as I just said. It's too risky for me... And... even if I were to go back, I don't know what

"Are you coming?" The Escort asked with a deep, loud groan, and Eiro slowly turned toward him, "Yes?" "I asked if you were coming. We don't have that much time. And it feels weird to be down here..." The middle-aged, messily-groomed man said.Eiro really hadn't paid attention to this kind of st

"P-Please, just give me an-another shot! I have the mo-money!" Eiro stared at the back of the junky that he figured was the one he was looking for in the first place, and listened as that incredibly dirty, sick man was basically just crawling on the ground. He was begging the man in front of h

Eiro turned his way toward his escort with a confused expression, "Well, I just want to get in there. How else do you think we do that?"With a deep groan, Clark held his hand up to his face and rubbed the bridge of his nose as he pushed Eiro to the side. And without another word, he knocked on

"Oh, what a surprise. Three of you weren't complete idiots." Eiro said with a genuinely interested tone in his voice, "But well, that matters quite little. It should still seep into your skin rather soon. You should already feel a tingling all over the place."The three people in front of Eiro

The princess still hadn’t come back to her senses. The others were cheerful because they had managed to survive, but her heart was still filled with shock. She was still dumbfounded by the sight of Jiang Chen using a Worldly Dharmic Idol and slapping to death the Great Celestial Demon. It was only w

Not until then did the members of the Ling Long Celestial Palace realize how much they had underestimated their vice leader. His sword doctrine was gorgeous, but it was only one of the things he was good at. “Wolf Traveling across the Universe!” At this moment, Lang Mei launched a surprise attack. H

A fight field would appear once anyone stepped into the Fighting Monsters Arena. The low-level monster that had been challenged would be freed. Jiang Chen changed the rules of the Fighting Monsters Arena. As soon as he stepped into the arena, all of the eight monsters could move around freely. They

Chapter 1546: Fighting Monsters ArenaJiang Chen followed Baili Zhan to the main peak with Whitey to prepare for the meeting with the monsters.The air was quite lively at the main peak. Disciples from all of the nine peaks had gathered there. Even the ten key disciples were there.“There are so many p

“My gosh!” This scene shocked the celestial palace’s members. They naturally thought the God of Monster had arrived in person. Fortunately, they immediately saw something queer. The God of Wolf that had showed up could be compared to the human race’s Martial Soul. The danger did not lie in the Gold

Chapter 1568: Something Went WrongThe Nine-Leaf Sword Grass was a legend in the Realm of Monsters.As a Nature monster, the Nine-Leaf Sword Grass’s ability could be passed on to future generations, which was very rare.Any Nine-Leaf Sword Grass in the world could be a monster.It was because of the tra

Chapter 1577: The DeploymentThe news that Jiang Chen had come back spread all over like the wind, not only in the Sacred City but also throughout the entire Realm of Nine Heavens.One could say whatever one wanted, but it would always be the Realm of Nine Heavens from which Jiang Chen arose.He could

Chapter 1576: He Is a Lunatic!“Father, what are you…what are you doing?”Cheng Gong walked over to her father as if she was a zombie.She was proud. She thought of herself as better than others, especially in this Realm of Nine Heavens.All of her pride was based on her father.She thought that her fath

Chapter 1579: The Day BreakerJiang Chen seemed to have not heard them. He kept pushing them and made them become Star Venerables in one go.Thunder roared. The kos came.“You need to work this out yourselves.”Jiang Chen left the range of the kos of thunder. Of course, if the two women couldn’t handle

Chapter 1578:That’s Too Fast. We Can’t Take It Anymore.“So we’re here again.”Returning to the Realm of Nine Heavens, Azure Demon looked as if he had missed this place a lot.He used to be a member of the Azure Gang of the Realm of Milky. The Azure Gang had been eliminated when they attacked the upper

The puppets went to do their own things after having their strength promoted.Alex also went to his room, but then he remembered that he is not allowed to enter it until the night. Therefore he had to backtrack and find himself an empty room for cultivating. Alex also instructed his puppets to

Many independent cultivators who were watching from the side revealed expressions of disdain when they saw the old man lend the Old Drunkard a hand. He actually feels that a single ninth rank Exalt Realm expert against a first rank Exalt Realm expert isn’t sufficient, and even

Chen Xi walked through the thick mist by himself.Bang!Suddenly, a Predator transformed into a foul ray of grey light as it charged out from the darkness. However, it hadn’t even gotten close to Chen Xi when it was minced into a ray of light by surging bright red sword, and then it was absorbed by th

Suddenly, it was like the mist in the distance had been pulled apart by an invisible hand, and the scene there became clear.A thin figure stood 3km away. He wore white clothes and had a blood red spear on his pack. The tip of the spear faced the sky and was branded by a wisp of bright scarlet red bl

Yang Ye’s gaze turned icy cold when he saw that fist assault him. Even though he didn’t want to create trouble for himself, it didn’t represent that he was afraid of trouble. Mo Xuan was clearly coming for his life with this attack.8th level Sword Intent surged out from within

Chapter 443 – The Elders Were Happy; Assignment (3)Elder Lin and the rest of them exchanged a look and smiled bitterly. They have been staying at the Cheng’s shamelessly and hope that they would eventually be able to be picked to receive Cheng Xiao Xiao’s help, but now that they have seen hope. They

Chapter 442 – The Elders Were Happy; Assignment (2)The very next moment, a gigantic qi exuded from her body vigorously.All the mystical qi in the dimension was drawn by her and rushed toward her. The qi in her rose up and up progressively until it hit an invisible apex.RUMBLE.The qi exploded and wit

Downstairs, Gu You was holding a bag as she stood in the night breeze. When she saw Chen Shi come down, she said, "You’re so funny. I don't know how to interrogate people, but you actually called me over for this?""Isn't it your specialty to attack other people psychologically? And then there’

Faith had seen how Daniel used his light to purify the wine and guessed the nature of his individuality.That had been quite easy for her since her individuality used to have similar features. Her peace was something that she enforced by keeping away anything that could disrupt it. Yet, her fou

Noah was a bit taken aback when he heard Faith's words. He knew that she and June talked about many things, but he didn't expect her to mention the dual cultivation right away.The memories of the week spent helping June with her higher energy appeared in his mind, and his eagerness to hold her

Noah spent his time training and hunting with the clearing teams while the injured troops focused on healing.The walls of his mind were incredibly sturdy after the various projects and struggles that Noah had gone through. That made him able to use the devouring properties of his mental energy

With the Black Hole spell almost ineffective against Icy Stare's spells, Noah had a hard time creating a strategy that could allow him to defeat her. He lacked the means to gain the advantage in that fight.Of course, Noah had known that since his last battle with her. Still, he had chosen to f

The wasteland didn't have many resources, and the Empire had made sure to empty its buildings before the battle. The only real gains of the invaders were the same region and the contents of the space-rings of the fallen. Still, the leaders of the factions would divide them privately.Wars were

The army of the invaders didn't lose much in that battle. Only the human troops had suffered due to the Swarming Piranha, but the heroic cultivators were mostly fine.Also, the Empire only had one region left in its domain in the new continent. The three organizations were about to kick it out

Chapter 1136 Upgraded Four Element BombDim white flames extended out of the Bone Demon Overlord bony outgrowths, as well as his eyes. This made the Bone Demon Overlord look like a Grim Reaper from Hell.Two Level 39 Crypt Fiends were a little bit slow and the Bone Demon Overlord stepped onto one of t

Chapter 466/*unedited*/The burden of killing a person and the shadows of death that lingers within one's conscience would almost always break a man's sense of morality and mind. However, it would soon fade as time goes by… that's what they said.The truth is killing is not the thing that drives

Chapter 468/*unedited*/Outskirts of the Dongxi city, the main camp of the Lao mercenary clanIn a brown tent surrounded by many guards, a middle-aged man is currently behind a woman who is moaning in both pain and pleasure. The woman has a haggard appearance and her clothes are disheveled.Her h

Chapter 467/*unedited*/Kaboom!!!Crash!!!Bang!!!The loud explosion reverberated throughout the city as the people who are hiding within their homes are shaking in fear. They didn't know what is happening, but a dangerous premonition is in their hearts as they are thinking that there is a chance