The power of the world here was incredibly dense, so dense that it far surpassed the density within the other areas. It was as if quite a large amount of the aura in the mountain was being specifically sent to this place. That was why the feeling about this place was completely different from the

Chapter 154 - Leveling Up At An Unbelievable RateYin Shang’s cultivation level was too high.There was only one method to kill him - raise his own cultivation level!This was a crazy idea and would be impossible to achieve for normal people.Breaking through from the Profound Spirit 5th rank to the 9t

"Fei Si, my lady, here are the carcasses of other creatures in the field. Hope to hear your impeccable analysis soon," said Sang Jing courteously with a bow towards Fei Si. Fei Si first took a look at this fine-looking young man, then the pile of carcasses behind. "Alright, take them in," she nod

In another tent which was sealed securely, there were guards placed at the entrance, effectively shielding it from enemies and prying eyes. The end of the war had been announced, thus Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulan had boiled two big pots of water immediately, to cleanse themselves completely and check

Chapter 470 - Private Property“It’s okay if we run red lights, right?” Lin Yi asked. It wasn’t his car, after all.“Y-Yeah!” Xiaoxiao, naturally, didn’t care about the fines.Lin Yi nodded. “Sit tight and buckle up.”Xiaoxiao thought that Lin Yi telling her to buckle up while they were still in the ci

Chapter 12.2: The super all-nourishing tonic soup The corners of Shao Zi’s mouth twitched. Dare to speak and say she was strong in front of others, really was not afraid of being hit. She looked at the Dragon God whose expression that was cold to the point of shedding out pieces of ice. She s

Chapter 628: Splitting The Loot.... As Bai Xiaochun strutted along, the captain and guards of Squad 9 hurried along beside him, their eyes shining with reverence and awe. In the cultivation world, people always respected the powerful. It was almost like a natural law. However, in Devil Penitentiar

Chapter 629: Dominating Cellblock D Squad 9 rushed back into the cellblock, their hearts surging with excitement. The gray-robed prisoners had recovered from the sight of Bai Xiaochun interrogating Old Devil Zhou, and quickly rushed over. Each and every one clasped hands and bowed, saying things l

Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 461. Each own hearts.     We go through the underground passage to the faculty parking lot. We rode Minaho-neesan’s car and head to the mansion from the high school grounds. Minaho-neesan’s on the driver seat. Nei’s on the passenger

Chapter 15: A roadside pebble! Word Count: 1135 “What——” Gu Qingyu stared at the crimson red rock that appeared in his hand. The rock pulsated and glowed an extremely bright red light which lit up the whole chamber. It could easily pass off as a precious gemstone or crystal

Inside a patch of woods on the small island, Princess Zhang Le sat cross-legged on a straw mat. A small incense burner was placed next to her, from which, wisps of smoke rose slowly up into the air, repelling any mosquitoes and insects who tried to seek a bite or two. Peppermint and Angelica were si

Chapter 204                           Spirit ServantTeng Yongqing was stunned. He didn’t think the river spirit would still be so powerful even though she had been wounded and had used a great amount of her cultivation. Immediately, T

Chapter 329 - Two Women, One StageTranslator: LavEditor: LlikiaShi Lei’s phone rang. “Must be Wei Xingyue,” he said as he took it out.“Huh? Miss Wei’s coming too? But isn’t she…” Yao Er glanced at Song Miaomiao. It seemed like he also knew some things about Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao, but he had

Chapter 328 - The Owner of YuTranslator: LavEditor: LlikiaShi Lei insisted on driving Sun Yiyi home before heading toward Yu, where Wei Xingyue had taken him last time.It wasn’t that he was really afraid of Song Miaomiao’s threat, because it was useless. Otherwise, Shi Lei would’ve gotten there wit

On the surface of the mass graves, one of the headstones cracked open. Ye Chen came out of it with the Damage Sword in his hand, landing on a much larger stone nearby. He squinted his eyes, then focused hundreds of meters away on Blood Demon and Blood Sword, who also just got out of underground. A

Let’s Join Hands Translated by nightcache Edited and proofread by anks (狗吃屎 to fall flat on one’s face)   Mo Xinwei’s footsteps halt. One An Chuxia is already enough, how is it that a Basa Li has appeared as well? She rather believed that Taoqiu was joking around with h

Exam Exclusion   Translated by nightcache Edited and proofread by anks (狗吃屎 to fall flat on one’s face) “An Chuxia, this matter doesn’t end here, I will find you again.” In an instant, the classroom door closes and Mo Xinwei’s words, perchance, seep through

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 100 – See Ya TL: So guys we reached chapter 100! Hope everyone likes our translations so far! Also Vote for the book so more people can read it! We love the comments we are getting from you guys and it motivates us a lot when we get donations as well :P.

CHAPTER 241 – THE GOLDEN LOTTERY     After resting for a night, I took Eleanor and Hikari with me to the lottery place. And there, as usual, Eleanor is in her human form.   「It’s also been a while coming here. Although only a day or two have passed」 「Umu, it feels l

“You, how can you just say ‘I am going’ and walk like that?” Xia Jinxuan angrily shouted behind the back of Xu Taiping. Xu Taiping didn’t turn his head and continued to walk away into the distance, and finally disappeared from Xia Jinxuan’s eye. Xia Jinxuan was

A loud electronic music was being played inside the Baroque pub as if it was trying to blow off the pub’s roof. “This is really noisy, these things youngsters like to play, we really can’t understand.” Wang Jincai followed Xu Taiping inside a booth and while sitting said to

Chapter 1010: News That Stunned Jiang Chen Despite his sovereign mastery over the art, Jiang Chen was quite strained by the test of strength and speed. A test like this surpassed the limits that someone of his cultivation level could sustain. Because the trial taxed him past his breaking point, it

Chapter 420 Breaking The Record   A Soul Core was a vital train of a Rebirth Realm expert. The Soul Core was formed from the quintessence energies of the soul, and it resided in the body while fused with the body and soul, yet it was different from the soul. After a cultivator condensed a Re

The window-type notebook――Kutipad, is ultra-progressive and its functions increased by a few.   A notebook mode for writing function. A scribble mode for paint software-like function. A function to access my own archive and perform output and storage.   These three functions make it hi

After Qin Wushuang had shot out one arrow, he raised the Graceful Spiritual Bow and nocked the other two arrows on the bow at the same time. It would help him maintain the pressure.However, Zuo Tianci did not have any free hands in the air. He could only straighten his body and dash forward. He plan

Ye Futian was looking at Emperor Ye Qing with confusion. His godfather had used to tell him the same thing. He was curious why they had such high expectations for him. His father had told him

Chapter 449- Alliance Army Heads down SouthTranslator: ryangohsfEditor: Nora8th month, 12th day, Tianshuang County.In the meeting hall, members of South Alliance were having a discussion."Leader, the first batch of grain has already been transported to Tianshuang County. Should we continue to wait

Chapter 67 — Smoking PipeTranslator: SaltyTankEditor: AyaSnow  The first gleam of dawn gently showered the village with light and warmth. The village was in tatters. Although the villagers managed to recover a decent amount of supplies and food from the fire, they had been 

Chapter 297 Because I like him April had ended, along with spring, and came May, with summer closing in. Today is the 2nd day of May.   “Yes, this is a letter. A, B, C. Let’s try reading them.”   “Eii, beee, shiii!”   Mine and Elsa were having a st

"Daughter?"The gang of young masters showed an astonished expression, looking towards one another.Shang Ya Zi realized at once, patting his own forehead.So this was it! This was why father met the two with courtesy!The mysterious veil was lifted, and Shang Ya Zi looked towards Fang Yuan, great hatre

Chapter 296 – Progress   After lunch, Hannah went to play since she hadn’t been to Kaina village in a while. Elsa was telling Mine about their journey. Jin had started planning to protect Kaina village, just in case something were to happen. And to implement those plans, he went

Chapter 295 – Owner Jin   The location where the carriage landed was not the Kunlun island mansion but rather inside the garage with the warp gate setup.   “When did they even make all these….?”   Jin muttered. The last time Jin had come to the Kunlun is

Chapter 294 – Return   The following day, this time for sure, Jin decided to leave Kurain kingdom’s capital, Alban. He had been away from the Kaina village for quite a while too. Hanna was probably starting to feel homesick as well. It was unfortunate how they couldn’t dro

Everything County Princess Ji An Does is Right! “Quickly! Follow your young miss!” Han shi saw Fen Dai get out the carriage and quickly hurried Pei’er to follow. She also had A Ju help her out of the carriage. She did not have time to worry about the people on the street pointing

Chapter 586: Getting Closer To The Treasure   “They’re here for the treasure as well?!” Huang Xiaolong was doubtful. “If they aren’t here for the treasure, who would be so idle till their balls hurt to come to a place where even birds refuse to lay eggs in.&rdqu

Chapter 585: Highgod Advancement Tournament   Azure Dragon Institute! Hearing Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s reminder, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed to thin slits. Never did he imagine that he would run into people from the Azure Dragon Institute here, moreover, they were together wi

Chapter 434: The Tool Sect Inside a stone room in the belly of a volcano in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation... Fang Hui from the Spiritual Treasure Sect was standing in the middle of the room provided by the Tool Sect, examining it carefully. In about a month, he would try to forge a Spirit Cha

5. The height of summer slowly passes The height of summer slowly passes and the beginning of autumn makes itself present.   Since eliminating the Ice Hound Belgriff had wandered around the forest and mountain several times, defeating several more Grey Hounds. Since it didn’t seem

Ruan Yingzhe slightly frowned. Second Stage Professionals were too scarce in Long Xuan Empire. Moreover, there was no one who had broken through to the Second Stage Profession Magic Archer that he didn’t know of. That being the case, the only possibility was that the person who attacked Shen Y

When Ruan Yingzhe and Shen Duan were having endless headaches about the attacked on Shen Yifeng, a petite figure broke into the Vermillion Bird Clan without anyone noticing.   Cautiously avoiding the patrolling guards, Shen Yanxiao immediately moved toward the basement.   At the entran