If Ding Xiu did not encounter Su Tao, then she would definitely live in darkness today.Not only did she lose her job, but she would also lose her child.Su Tao used acupuncture on her head to calm her emotions before using needles on her abdomen to control the miscarriage.After she regained her cons

After a few months had passed, many things had happened, everyone in the village already recognized Zhang Yi's store as one of the best things that had happened to the village, the city leader who was waiting for trouble was also very pleased with how Zhang Yi had helped the village.These pill

He just didn't do it because he still had a lot of time and wanted to be with them without having to use the memory crystal before, but after learning that they loved him, Zhang Yi's mood was much better and he was clearly much happier.Zhang Yi had never talked about it with anyone, but in fac

"But it doesn't matter anymore, now that I remember what happened in the past and Solar will soon remember too, it makes things much simpler.""I wanted to spend more time with you or go to the world of mental energy to talk to Lusserina and Saphielle, but now I think it's better to start prepa

Zhang Yi's wives were nervous to hear that Zhang Yi would face such a difficult celestial tribulation, but if Zhang Yi thought he was confident they were also confident that Zhang Yi would make it through this celestial tribulation.Only Lu Bi was much more concerned because she was the only on

Zhang Yi then changed clothes and thus left his world of mental energy to tell his wives that he had survived, however, contrary to what he expected he saw that everyone in his house was sad and nervous.When Lu Bi and Lusserina saw Zhang Yi first they ran to him and hugged him and started to c

"It's true, Jake has been playing very well this season and surpassing what he achieved last season that gave him all the individual prizes, he averages more than 30 points per game and more than 10 assists per game.""But what makes it special even though it has more than a 70 percent hit rate

This made it harder for the Tar Heels team to keep up the pressure in the attack in the 2nd half when Jamison was out of the Jake team, he would have difficulty with the defense more on top of him and less choice for assists.So at the beginning of the 2nd half the Clemson Tigers team started t

"After I managed to run under 3 hours on the 43 km I knew I was ready to run a marathon, so I decided to run in Chicago which was a marathon that I always liked and was in an offseason basketball season.""I prepared a lot to run my first marathon and I tried my best and to my surprise, I manag

But that was not what was really happening, it was Coach Guthridge who asked them to start the game cautiously against the Wake Forest team, it showed how the Tar Heels team respected the opponent and tried their best to achieve victory.Jake advanced with the ball and after passing through the

After this game in which the media expected the Tar Heels team to lose so that they would have a good story, Jake's interview with Eric finally came out in the newspaper, this caused the media's attention and the public to continue on the Tar Heels team and on Jake.As Jake did not do many inte

With Jake in the Tar Heels team, the Duke Blue Devils team could not relax in defense and focus only on the attack, so in the first minutes, the Duke Blue Devils team could not have an advantage on the scoreboard even though the Tar Heels team was slower in the attack.In another move, Jake man

Coach Guthridge was thinking the same thing as Jake because only he on the team knew that Jake would not play the next game, so they had to ensure that they would win that game and thus ensure the leadership of the conference even if they lost the next game.So the days went by quickly and just

"Another game that ends and another victory for the Tar Heels team, now the Tar Heels team reaches an incredible 49 straight victories, more than a year without losing a game and now guarantees the 1 place in the ACC conference.""This game ended with an unexpected result I would say, the victo

“Go!” Huang Xiaolong urged the little cow and she was the first to leap into the air, and fly towards the black hole on the eastside of the cave wall. Void devil beast Xu Baisheng quickly followed behind them. He was followed by the group of Sand Waves Sect's Grand Elders, while Feng Er, Gui Yi, an

Nix has activated his bloodline. [Third Form: Archon] Nix summoned his scimitar and pushed Ice Flames into the blade. [Flashblade]Nix has slain a hell hound. [Flight of the Gryphon]Nix appeared next to the Nether creature and slammed him in the face with the spiked guard of his weapon. He

Chapter 1532 - The Sudden Change of the Situation At that instant, every Martial Monarch and Martial God felt a great sense of danger from the overwhelming force. They immediately executed various arts to protect themselves. Even Empress Feiyue, Heaven God Lu, and the others reacted the same way.

Within a few minutes, two heavily cloaked travelers walked out of the prison. The gate guards took notice of them when they exited the city, but Ducky merely smiled and waved. Hrazzi nodded in appreciation. "You can do anything Ducky!" "That includes betrayal it seems." An armored man sat

When Wu Lixue came back to, she realised she was still in the arms of the senior sister who had escorted her to the second trial.The senior sister realised that she had woken up and so rele

The second elder could see that Tianlan was blatantly ignoring him, which frustrated him to no end, but he knew full well that complaining about it wouldn't do him any good. And seeing the

Tianlan continued to observe various sections of the third trial. The actions of those Mangy Mutts had given him much to think about. The way they had acted suggested that there was rhyme a

"I have a proposition for you," said Tianlan."I'll hear it," replied Shiva."I can take you and your brother out of here."Shiva frowned and cautiously retreated a step."Why would you do that

'So, I've landed in the ancient ruins.'Tianlan looked around the dimly lit environment he had been transported to. It was comprised of what looked like a city long forgotten by the world. S

"Will you be alright on your own, Wu?""I'll be fine. You shouldn't keep Rin jiejie waiting.""Are you sure?""Mm. You don't have to worry about me, big sis.""You're a brave little guy, aren't

"What now, Sage Tianlan? Will we head back to the safe zone?""There are a few more places with beast cores just lying around, but they're a bit too dangerous for you. It's probably best if

"Who would have thought we would reach the core refining realm on the same day? You finally caught up to me, Shiva.""I know! I can hardly believe it myself."Shiva ran around happily and too

Unaware of the fate that befell Vajra, Tianlan assessed his own condition. Even though his eyes were in a somewhat dormant state, he was still able to see past his skin and observe his inte

Chapter 1957: Visitors From The Saint Land Enforcement Hall Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation   “There’s still not much progress. It seems like I’ll have to observe someone casting the Black Turtle’s Barrier befor

Under the cover of the six tornadoes, Howling Wind’s body became a blur before splitting into three clones, which dashed off in different directions.The ground stiffened as a layer of frost spread out. THUT! THUT! THUT! A dense cluster of ice spikes erupted out.Howling Wind’s attack was feroc

Chapter 548: Everyone Must Keep This Secret Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations The scene was quiet. After the journalists watched the video, they were astonished. They never imagined that those Senior Professors would be that shameless. They dared t

“Swish, swish~”The oval ball shone in multiple colors. There seemed to be some air streams circulating within, bumping against each other and moving about. That ball did not spread out some horrifying energy. It just kept growing in radiance.“Boom, boom, boom~”High above in the sky, thunder clapped.

Those disciples finally saw the reality around them and made their determination to put everything on the line. In this instant, they forgot their terror. They only had one thought: to go all-out killing.Long Chen’s words were very clear: others could help you for a moment, but they couldn’t

These leopards were called Dark Devil Leopards. However, they were a bit different from normal Magical Beasts. These lifeforms were not from this world, but a Devil World.The Martial Heaven Continent had once gone through an unprecedented tribulation. There had been a battle of gods that had

“Since they were obviously without a ship, did you go after them?”Yan Chen shook his head. “Little Fox was hurt and clearly shocked by the incident. The two men possessed spiritual power, and I suspected that their weapons might be too powerful for me to handle, so I did not chase them.”Many follow

“You…” The plump cultivator only looked at Di Jiu now. He was shaken. Although he hadn’t used his full force in that slap, he knew that Di Jiu wasn’t bluffing when he said that he hadn’t used his full force either.“What about me, you fatso? I will settle the score with you when the True Dominion Gen

The auction on the Small World Planet Square would last at least two days. However, Di Jiu didn’t plan on staying long. He would leave the auction house once he bought the Embodiment of Truth Fern Fruit.He trusted that the Spirit Stones on him would be enough. Before he left, Huan Mingzi had given h

Qin Haodong was too busy to greet Ma Sanbao. He immediately was fully occupied.Although he diagnosed people fast enough, the line still became longer and longer as patients came for him upon hearing the news.Soon, even the patients of the Hall of Medical Fame heard that the Medical Sage was diagnosi

Chapter 1036 “The Sensation of the Godhood Dan pill (4)”With a poofing sound, a pang of green smoke seeps out of the cauldron as the ingredients inside began to melt into a green liquid form. Throughout this process, Bai Yan’s gaze had never once left the container, it’s firm and sharp.……Back outsid

Chapter 1035 “The Sensation of the Godhood Dan pill (3)”Back outside, Liu Qing Yue’s expression had turned into a snarl by this point as she gave one last fleeting glance to the room behind herself.“Miss,” Senior Jun had been waiting outside during the entire exchange so his expression promptly ease

Chapter 943: Arrogance Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosThe Long Family Patriarch felt at ease while hearing Luo Yunyang’s razor-sharp words. Yes, he felt at ease.Although all the things being said were directed at him, the Long Family Patriarch was cool with it. After all, the more ar