Jiang Qinglian turned around and marched towards the elevator. “First Aunt!” Xuxu was about to chase her when Yan Rusheng grabbed her wrist once more. It frustrated her, and she spun around. “What are you doing?!” “She won’t listen to anything you say right now.” Yan Rusheng gazed at the diminishing

Yan Rusheng knew that Xuxu had always felt overwhelming gratitude towards the Yan family. But who would truly understand her? Xuxu cried because she felt helpless and heartbroken earlier. She was unable to control her emotions. She composed herself in no time. Yan Rusheng poured her a cup of warm wa

Wu Lize was so shocked that he was completely stunned for a moment, his hand was stuck frozen to the door. So Lu Man peeled his hand off the door. Before opening the door, she said to him, “Regarding this matter, I don’t wish to broadcast it to everyone. If we want to announce it publicly, we will d

At this point in the Dao discussion, six of the eight participating students had been eliminated, and all of them were successively defeated by Chen Xi.Merely such an accomplishment in battle had already caused Chen Xi to become the most dazzling figure present here, and Chen Xi’s name would

Collapsing 8 Boundaries 5 This was deliberate, deliberate! Xie Xi’s machine-like brain took half a day to think these words. Why did other cubs transform into normal children while Jiang Xie became a beast boy? This was a foul! The blonde hair was dazzling and the furry round ears were too cute! The

Collapsing 8 Boundaries 6 Xie Xi had inquired a lot about the estrus period. Most beastmen became adults in two or three years. One month after reaching adulthood, they would enter the estrus period. The so-called estrus period literally meant their sexual desires would soar and they would be restle

Ch. 109 So Cute Michael observed Elena’s shocked expression. “Why the surprise? Who could the invitation be from…” “Who brought this?” “It was just an ordinary servant. What’s wrong, My Lady?” “…Nothing.” Elena folded the invitation again and placed it back the envelope. It was not wise to disclose

By the time the next day arrived, the entire Saint Remains City was already boiling with excitement.Especially when six streaks of light flew out from the city lord residence and headed directly for the Saint Remains Domain. The countless geniuses inside the city also rose into the air, tread

The vampire who was questioning Prince Dracula stopped abruptly, as if someone had slashed his throat with a knife! Magneto had just written a cheque to pay for the damages with his own money, but while he was handing out the cheque with a gloomy face, his hand abruptly stopped in mid air. The finge

After listening to the Sky River of the River God’s confession, Fang Ning finally had an inkling on how different the mindsets were between the powerful beings and normal people like himself. In their eyes, human lives did not matter at all. As long as they could achieve their goals, they would not

Holding her Phoenix-perching Zither, Ruan Yushu kept discreetly walking in the center of the team with a light pace. While walking, she slightly wrinkled her nose and frowned, feeling like she’d lost her companion. Her spiritual force spread, breaking the shadow of the four people who surrounded her

Ye Yuwei opened the door and entered the room. When she saw that her son was still sleeping, she came in and covered him with the quilt. As Ye Yuwei was stepping out of the room, she received a phone call from Nalan Chunbo. He told her that he had booked their flight tickets for this afternoon, and

“It can be considered a success.” Jiang Chen jumped back to the Fourth Palace’s roof, and then landed on the ground before the cliff. People couldn’t fly in the Doctrine Palace, and several thousand feet was an unreachable height for them, but descending was quite easy. His Nine Clouds Divine Body’s

After ten days had passed, Jiang Chen’s achievements in the Doctrine Palace spread to all of the Three Middle Realms and gave rise to a great sensation. At first, only a few people were aware of it, while Jiang Chen didn’t try to announce his own achievements. But, there were still people aware of i

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and said, "It's also been a long time since I've last met my teacher. I'm sorry, President Yao, there's something I have to do, that's why I can't stay too long. I'll talk more with you the next time I come." Yao Lin

(Volume 3, Chapter 8) Chapter 58. End (8)   The Hall of Fame.  A list of names to honor those who have scored the highest points on each floor of The Tower. If someone was given the opportunity to register their name in the Hall of Fame, it meant that they have shown an outstanding

When the sound of flowing water ceased to be heard from the bathroom, the man came out wrapped in a towel. His muscular chest was radiant and enchanting. Glittering water droplets then flowed down his abdominal muscles and trickled on the furry rug in the bedroom. Yuan Xuan cast a gaze at Mu Chenyan

When he heard Yuan Xuan mentioned that Su Qingcheng would leave on official business as well today, Shao Yibai’s heart became rather unhappy at the thought of this woman leaving Luo Hai. Fortunately, Shao Yibai was unlike Yuan Xuan. The biggest difference between one person who had tasted physical p

Tricking Mage   Translated by newbienoona Edited by anks Daihu lays out the news. “Did I get the news right? Han Qilu has forgotten An Chuxia and he’s currently dating that star, Mankuai.” Nangong Zifei didn’t order him to dig any information, but he knows that de

Translated by newbienoona Edited by anks Zhang Ma, why are you cleaning so early?” The blond girl, who had a conflict with Mage, suddenly feels the world is suddenly cleaner. The maid turns, and she can’t help but say a few words. “It’s not that early. I overslept this mo

At the elite’s classroom in the Euphemia Imperial Academy, located at the west campus of the Olsylvia Academy. It was after class and many students were moving around in the classroom. The imperials and nobles had different class schedules as there were certain classes that the Filomena Nobili

By the side of Vigna Lake, at the Duchess Bellina’s personal apartment building “Pure White Paradise”, Bella saw Kriss beside the second-floor observation balcony. Kriss was wearing a set of silver swordsmen light armor. The body armor and her hair color were surprisingly complemen

At the shrubs by the edge of Babbit Lake… Bella, Irene, Lisha, and Luce felt something strange in the shrubs behind them. The intruder didn’t make any loud noises but the strange presence from her body was too obvious. When Bella turned around, she could clearly see the intruder’

By the side of Vignia Lake, at Duchess Bellina’s dedicated apartment building “Pure White Heaven”… Bella’s secret room had been considerably modified by Bella’s subordinate, Lola. The atmosphere of this room didn’t look as horrific as before, but it was sti

“My apologies. Can you wait a little longer?” Ian nodded agreeably at the nervous butler. His visit was sudden and it was only polite that he was expected to wait. “Would you like to appreciate the paintings in the meantime?” The wait seemed to be prolonged, so Ian nodde

Calian scratched his cheek. “This is way too explicit.” A mountain load of gifts was placed next to Calian. They were supposed to be “gifts of consolation” for last night’s ball where Rumein entered with Franz by his side instead of punishing him. Of course, that was

That’s prominent information. “… And so, this is from a conversation I’ve overheard at the Adventurer’s Guild’s meat purchasing counter and idle gossip from those who come to deliver us ingredients.” “Eh? Was this story all lies?” What, I could

Within a pavilion, a cold and arrogant-looking Elf with blood-red eyes looked at the protective screen and said, “Who are you? Why do you want to meet this Prince? Do you really have the power to make this Prince the King of the Full Moon Kingdom?” “Of course. That’s a small matter, but you have to

At the same time, dark undercurrents flowed through the Full Moon Kingdom as the Princes and the factions that supported them started to make moves, trying to seize the throne to become the new King. However, there was an incredibly important item missing after the old King had died, which was the K

‘There was never a lack of bloodshed in the history of Constellation.’ Gilbert’s words resounded in the teenager’s ears. “You overinterpreted what I said, Your Highness.” Cyril sneered while he reached out his hand to take a red fruit that was the size of a fist—Thales could not recognize it—and rub

A monster that feasted on power. Thales could not help but recall a figure that had not appeared at the surface of his mind for a long time. The figure was one that held a scepter and wore a crown over his head. He was Thales’ father, a man with a presence so majestic it was difficult to get close t

The first half of autumn had passed by without Fangzheng really taking note of it. He was indifferent about it anyway. All he had felt was that the weather was hot. Now that the autumnal equinox had arrived, he finally realized it was autumn. As the autumnal winds blew, they brought with them the co

Ye Futian’s forceful comment rendered silence amongst the crowd, and they understood his meaning. He was the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace. Even if his behavior was deemed improper, it ought to have been addressed by the elders of Nine States College. Viewed from any angle, it would never be up

It blocked all our attacks?! The black-robed men were visibly shaken by this. Their Lord-tier familiars had unleashed their attacks at their opponent all at the same time. All three of them were considered to be extremely powerful in comparison to other Lord-tier monsters. How on earth did it block

In a way, her family’s second son had exchanged his life to get this bear, so no matter what, she wasn’t going to let the Zhao Family reap all the benefits! As Madam Zhang urgently hurriedly Zhao Bufan into the room, she was also inwardly calculating how much money she could get.Zhao Bufan gen

In the eyes of outsiders, ever since Yu Hai got injured, there seemed to be a lot of ups and downs with his situation. Over the past few days, he had been suffering from a low fever. At times, his fever would be so high that the heat would scald the hand. Except for the people of the second br

William's povI woke up when sara shifted side,her back was facing me ,i moved her hairs from her neck where i marked her ,there was a wolf with a crown which showed her royalty as a mark.I slowly moved my hands towards her thighs an

I was hungry so ,got out of room and headed to dining room.every one greeted on my way I smiled at them . when I reached dining table it always filled with kids who were having their dinner.I didn't see Williams ."Williams where are

is this me?, but how ?,when did I became royal?,what's happening with me ?am I seeing things ?,.....oh god !!!!!."Sara relax and follow them they will lead to your true self ".a sweet voice echoed in my mind I tried to contact it aga

king roman and queen Emily were the rules over all super naturals ,but for a heir moon goddess gifted them a beautiful female child .she is most beautiful girl who is going to be eighteen in few months, she is known for her ,selfles