Chapter 260 - Unexpected Reunion (1)     It was the very next day. “Okay.” Early in the morning, Theodore took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and placed both hands on the bark. It wasn’t a matter of rushing but of personality. After all, Theodore had always wo

Chapter 248 – Ominous Identity (1) The emperor’s authority was absolute in the Empire, the middle kingdom of the East Continent. As the duel trial was conducted in the presence of a notary who had been appointed as his agent, the result was absolute and impossible to overturn or distor

Chapter 249 - Ominous Identity (2)     “What have you come to me for?” Theodore’s tone was naturally wary as the dark presence around the mysterious Shim Samho touched on his nerves. He didn’t think she could win a fight against him. However, she had

Chapter 250 - Ominous Identity (3)     Theodore didn’t think that Gluttony was exaggerating when it talked about the East Continent’s empire. Masters like Theodore couldn’t stand that temptation for a minute, so ordinary humans would fall with just one gesture. Shim

Chapter 245 - The Rightful Heir (1)     The deadline of a fortnight that the notary had given Theodore wasn’t a long time, but it wasn’t short either. Theodore healed his body while breathing regularly in the Baekun Mountains, and he was getting better day by day. The absu

Chapter 246 - The Rightful Heir (2)     “A-te-ru...? What a weird technique name.” Lee Joonyoung was bewildered by the word, but he quickly corrected his posture and calmed his expression. He had a hunch that his enemy’s capabilities were better than his. The Hand C

Chapter 247 - The Rightful Heir (3)     In the end, Lee Joonyoung’s fighting spirit rose as he was driven to the edge. “Okay. That arrogance, I will make you regret it...!” Wind had pushed clouds since the ancient times. Likewise, Lee Joonyoung started swinging his a

Chapter 241 - Where is This (1)     It was dawn, when the sky still wasn’t bright. There were a few empty seats in the royal conference room in Mana-vil, the capital of the Meltor Kingdom. The chiefs of each department had firm expressions, while the elders of the magic towers s

Chapter 621-Emperor Seal Translator: ryangohsfEditor: Nora High above in the clouds, the fate dragon strengthened again and again under the nourishment of the spiritual energy. Strand after strand of white transformed into a pure red. It seemed like its body was going to turn completely red.

“Yes, Master. In that case, I will act the same as last time and stay hidden as I bide my time for an appropriate time to act.”Han Li nodded. “That will do. Last time you acted at a very decisive moment, to much effect.”“Many thanks for Master’s praise. This servant shall strive her hardest.” After

Chapter 242 - If that’s the case… Ye Xiaowu had more or less predicted that Gu Fei could kill a monster thirty levels higher. The strongest aspect of a level 70 Werewolf was its regenerative ability. He knew that Gu Fei would be a menace to Werewolves after Gu Fei had gotten himself a weapon that

"This mission comes with great risk. We are not sure if the command ship of the Federation will arrive in time. If not, then you all might be in danger of getting destroyed. Of course, there is still an 80% chanc

There was really no way to stop the wealth! After reading a message when he got home, Zhao Yu was pleasantly surprised. The bonuses and rewards that he had gotten from solving cases had all been credited to his account. The police had given ou

The next day! Lin Fan's parents woke him up early in the morning. They held this matter in high regard. If it was successful, they would have one less worry.

The fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop gathered above the skies like a vast ocean, murky and dark. As it tumbled, a sound like the countless growls of those who enjoy fighting and raging roars was heard, shaking the heavens and the earth

In the midst of the white mist, two fragmentary star marks continued to emanate dazzling starlight, making it look like Nie Tian had channeled two ancient stars from the depths of the starry river.Su Lin, however, spewed out a mouthful of blood and stumbled backwards with astonishment filling her f

The End of Long Journey for the Child (Thank you for reading at ※Extra from previous chapter (Author)   “Woof!” (Hokuto) ※Below is the translation by Reus. As Sirius and others continued the journey, he protected a winged girl who had become a slave.

Chapter 233: Jun Lin Yuan? What’s Up With Him? “You should know who our Boss Jun is. In this world, is there a girl who doesn’t like him?” “Cough cough——” Jun Lin Yuan’s face was flushed from coughing. On that shockingly splendid face, blue vei

Chapter 234: Unexpectedly Was Humiliated? Feng Wu turned her head around and once she looked, sure enough! At the moment, Feng Xun was standing at the doorway to Winding Peacy City’s most luxurious and gorgeous courtyard. Once he saw Feng Wu, he fiercely turned his body and wanted to rush in

Chapter 231: Little Tricky Goblin Feng Wu held onto her forehead—— Why did she feel that some part of this little tiger cub’s personality resembled her mother? Especially that little wretched appearance of feeling aggrieved simply made people……unable to harden their

Chapter 232: Young Prince, What Are You Doing? The volcano inside Icebound Forest already finished erupting. Flames as far as the eyes could see were also being extinguished by the torrents of rain. If it weren’t for this very, very big torrential rain, if the wild flames were to continuall

Chapter 230: Little Tiger Cub Actually, the little tiger was just too cute! All of the people there were so overwhelmed that they cried out ‘wa wa’ and wished that they could hug and squeeze it. Mother’s soft voice coaxed the little tiger. “Just try it a little, just try a

Chapter8 A Song of Maneuver The portals of the rich reek of flesh and wine while frozen bodies lie by the roadside(from a famous Chinese poem). A large piece of land on the border of the country of Li had been barren due to trampling of the horses’ iron hoof and the soldiers’ feet, but

Reggie had returned to the royal palace. I had already known that he would eventually have to return, and it was probably not a good thing for the prince to be absent for so long in the first place.   But this world wasn’t like my old one, where the time was measured so accurately you

Chapter 1910: “Explosive Face Slap (2)” The Flame Demons Palace Lord’s words elicited a wave of debate. Just at that moment, a sorry looking figure dressed in the Flame Demons Palace’s uniform came rushing into the venue in a fluster. The Flame Demons Palace Lord’s f

Chapter 1911: “Explosive Face Slap (3)”   After the disciples discovered that the Dark Emperor’s tomb was phony, they all no longer had the will to fight and compete any more and they joined hands to escape the Heaven’s End Cliff. This was also the reason why they had

Chapter 1912: “Explosive Face Slap (4)”   “Shadow Moon Palace Lord, what do you mean by those words?” The Flame Demons Palace Lord’s face immediately turned grim. The other Palace Lords were also looking quizzically at Jun Wu Xie, never having expected that a Pal

Chapter 291.1: Raiding His Base Baili Yiling smiled with curved eyes. “Sister-in-Law is so smart.” Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. No matter how she took it, it didn’t sound like Baili Yiling was praising her. “Yiling, where’s Lan Jia?” Baili Yu pulled Tang Doudou

“Daughter, my daughter……” A young woman loudly wailed. She wanted to rush over, but her husband pulled her back with a firm grip. When everyone was shocked at the sudden appearance of the shadow, the shadow’s claw was already at the little girl’s neck. The sligh

Chen Xiaobei wanted to guide Huangfu Mumin? Everyone was stunned after Chen Xiaobei made the claim. The calm and steady Elder Ma finally lost his composure. He glared at Chen Xiaobei and shout

"The prison's going to collapse, it's going to collapse, it's going to collapse..." The indistinctive and rhythmic murmurs waned. Watching the girl, who seemed to be mental

Seeing that the master was walking towards the direction of the waterfall, Eldest Brother and Second Brother could guess something. But even so, they still thought that the punishment of locking Youngest Brother up at the Back Cliff was too ha

Although the Fourth Order God Realm guard’s mood soured at the command, he dared not disobey. Roughly pushing away the woman in his embrace, the guard got to his feet and respectfully acknowledged Ying Fei’s command. Reaching the main hall’s entrance, the guard flew into the air.“Let's continue.” Y

Inside the cave, it was a match of strength. Minghe practiced True Body of Rakshasa, and his body was his weapon. Red Lotus Taoist was Incarnation of Primordial Supreme Treasure, and Musen had Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts. Every one of them

Chapter 620-Dragon Vein Translator: ryangohsfEditor: Nora The stone key in his storage was the one that he had found in the bottom of the box during the search for the Beihai Bay treasure. Who knew that this key was actually the key to the dragon tomb. Fate was truly a mysterious matter. If Ouyan

Amidst an atmosphere of silence, the stalwart middle aged man laughed gloomily as he looked at a few cultivators at a nearby table. “Was it all of you who were talking bad about your grandfather earlier?”The faces of those cultivators had turned ashen from terror since long ago, and they were terri

Volume 5 – A Distance Within Reach, Chapter 27: Occupation The armed jeeps jolted over the steel plate which had been riddled with holes and charged straight into the division headquarters. The anti-aircraft machine guns mounted upon them possessed great firepower. Wherever there was resista

Chapter 382: Undying Monster Dragon (Part 2) This little girl had clearly been moved by this large enticement.  This little girl was always instantly killed when lollipops came out.  No matter how determined she was before, once the lollipop appeared, she would be instantly moved.  Y

Chapter 381: Undying Monster Dragon (Part 1) Looking at their expression, Ye Tian Xie said in a sinister voice, “What, not willing?  Could it be your Wings of Shrouded Heaven isn’t even worth two billion? I’ve heard before that your Yun Family had invested over ten billion in

I don’t know what happened in the carriage, but after they got out, Elizabeth didn’t look well. Without saying a word and while ignoring everybody’s gaze, she pulled me straight into her embrace. She gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead then in her hoarse voice asked, “My son