“I might be coming home late starting this Thursday.”Hearing her brother speak at the dining table, Bada turned around to look at her mother. Her mother asked if he’ll come home really late with a worried face.“I’m not sure. I’ll have to go there to see how long we’re going to practice.”“Where are y

Heaven Branch, the Number One Pavilion.Lin Xiaoxiao had returned. The Archaionfiend lay in the snow, a heap of white piled on its body. Upon noticing Lin Xiaoxiao, it rose to its feet and turned its dark red eyes on her. "Where were you?” "Weren't you wondering where Xuanyuan Yuheng went last night?

The arrival of the Hexapath Sword Sect caused a huge uproar in the Archaion Sect, and many people gathered in the Heaven Divine Hall. The place was massive, as it was a place meant to receive the eight divine realms’ masters and disciples. During the Number One Summit period, the eight divine realms

Long Chen’s flame lotus rapidly grew stronger. Terrifying flame energy revolved, igniting heaven and earth.Di Feng and the others were appalled. Long Chen’s Double Dragon Destruction had given them heavy injuries, and then the explosion of Lu Zichuan’s astral space had worsened their injuries before

“Are you crazy? In your current state, isn’t going to Pill Valley just going to death?!” shouted Evilmoon.Long Chen was injured and weary. His combat power was less than twenty percent of his peak. If he didn’t first recuperate, charging out like this was suicide.“This is my only chance to get out.

As always, Raven went outside at dawn to train.The winter air was cold.But Raven felt more confident than ever and headed to the weapons arsenal that was set up on the side of the back garden.Then, someone appeared through the gentle early morning fog. Raven identified the figure from the sound of t

As the sun drifted to the west, so too did dusk slowly descend over the village.Strains of flowing and resonant mountain songs echoed in the woods as fifty men carried eight enormous beasts on their shoulders. Stepping forward in high spirits, they headed in the direction of home. Eight beasts amoun

At around twilight, I was hungry. I went to the street to have some food. Before I entered the hotel, I bumped into a man rushing out. All the food I had brought back for Senior Shu was scattered on the ground. I was mad, but the man looked as though he had something very urgent to do. He didn’t eve

There was a boom, and the estate by the sea suddenly vanished. With a steel rod in his hand, the blind monk viciously charged towards Xun Qianye, who raised a palm . He was a top level Hunter whereas the blind monk had just barely become a Hunter based on his power level. Due to this difference in s

Chapter 297: Fu Zhi Throwing The Document – 1 It was not that the association could not afford to lose. It was just that the situation had not been in their favor in the past two years. Nearly no one had ever brought home a trophy from an international competition. People had started to scoff at th

Chapter 1566: Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer Immortal Design After punishing Kunpeng Demon King, and ascertaining that Green Fire Demon King was not coming back, Diabolical Dragon King proceeded to announce the matter. "Right now in Underworld Dragon’s Den, we must build an Ancient Demon D

Chapter 665: It’s All F*cking Sun Mo’s Fault! The alchemists present as well as the students who majored in this subject perked their ears, listening seriously. Some people even summoned their courage and took a few steps forward, looking like they didn’t want to miss out on any of the important po

Chapter 524: Saoun Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The queen’s thick limbs and neck were held in place with gigantic tungsten chains and its body almost suspended in the air. Under such circumstances, there was not much even a dragon could do to wring itsel

Just when Lin Yun was feeling baffled from those words, the rumbling lightning in the sky soon attracted his attention. In the next second, a silver lightning bolt tore through the thunderclouds and descended in his direction.“Is this a test?” But in Lin Yun’s eyes, the silver bolt of lightning look

The bizarre sensation fluctuated on the Iris Flower. At this moment, the crystal looking flower didn’t seem like a flower, but a violet ice sculpture instead. Looking at the thunderclouds in the sky, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts.At this moment, he felt that he could make a breakthrough in the Iri

Chapter 918 - Round twoAs soon as Cindy had ripped off her black dress, everyone's eyes couldn't help but be drawn to what she was wearing underneath. Some had never seen Cindy wear anything other than her black dress, there were even rumours going around that she slept in it, and even when she foug

Chapter 1773: Filled With A Desire For AnswersFeeling pain in his heart, he knelt down on the floor and took her into his embrace to comfort her. She didn’t do anything to resist, just staying quiet and letting him comfort her however he wanted.After that, he brought her up to sit on the sofa. She w

Chapter 644: Homework Keeps Getting NeglectedOn Monday afternoon, Gu Mang’s schedule was packed with lessons.The Medical Informatics specialization allowed Gu Mang to come and take classes, but they only did so to give face to Principal Ren. Furthermore, having a student over for classes would not a

Chapter 1611: Strange Ideas Recently…Sefiro stepped out. “Is Lady Tung alright?”The others also looked at the pearl of the grassland in amazement.A mild smile flashed across Ranmil’s fair face, and she nodded to the crowd. “She’s fine now.”“Princess Ranmil really is unparalleled in the world!”“Didn’

Chapter 833: Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er (5)Yu Bao’er felt that this beautiful woman’s attitude was too strange.She immediately made up an excuse and fled from the scene.She better go chat with Xiao Jiu’er.When she reached Gu Qingjiu’s room, it turned out that Helian Niancheng had yet to leave and was

Chapter 794: Zhong Qianqian Is DoomedWhen Zhong Qianqian saw the video recording, every limb on her body turned into jelly.Even though the video had just started, she already knew what would happen next.Zhong Qianqian glared at Zhong Nuannuan viciously.How?How did she get this video?Could it be that

Chapter 1371: The Light of Buddha ShoneThe judge listened to Little Yama’s words and hesitated for a long time before he opened the Xuan Bing Iron Chain.After all, the dignity of the underworld could not be lost. Someone was making trouble above them, so they had to take care of it.The Yin grudge fo

Chapter 782: Prepare a Washboard“No, he doesn’t,” Yuan Shuo said helplessly.But one day, when the truth was right in front of him, he would have to believe it.“It doesn’t matter to me whether he believes it or not,” Gu Weiwei said, she checked the time and said, “Yuan Bao is done with school, go and

Chapter 1824: Breaking into the third severanceKilling Zihe Bingyun had become Ling Han’s inner demon and obsession.He exited the Black Tower, and released the restrictions on his cultivation level. Instantly, tribulation clouds dolled out in the skies.This was a Celestial King Tier-level Mystery Re

Chapter 946: You Should at Least Care About the Physical and Mental Well-being of Your SubordinatesEver since he left the Lou family’s home, Sheng Xiao had been silent.Noticing this, Shen Jianchuan patted him on the shoulder and said, “Eighth Brother, you’re not a god. There’s no need for you to car

Chapter 1560: Love Letter of a Million Words[—Vera Pulyuy][2020.6.8.]When Lu Zhou’s line of sight fell on the second row, his heartbeat suddenly calmed down.“Was it written when she was still teaching at Princeton?”She didn’t mention this to me.But thinking about it carefully, it seems that only she

Chapter 1501: If Love Is Meant To BeFor the next week, Gu Nianzhi was completely engrossed in drafting the proposal.Sleeping only two to three hours a day, she woke up early and worked overtime.By the end of the week, she had finally finished the entire proposal.She looked at her watch. It was alrea

Chapter 1534: The Rest of My Life Is YouThe specific content of the movie could only be seen in the cinema.There was only a brief introduction online and the netizens did not reveal it to outsiders.Apart from sobbing, most netizens also prayed to God that the kind and beautiful girl would survive an

Chapter 323: That’s mineMo Boyuan nodded and sat on the sofa beside her. He held the cup that was half-empty and started gulping. Jiang Tingxu wasn’t able to stop him in time.“Hey, th-that’s mine! Yours is over there!” She was pointing at the untouched cup of milk in the tray beside him.But he didn’

Chapter 2237: The Past Life 162Unfortunately, Nan Changfeng did not know that he would be separated from her in a few days and meet her again after a thousand years…“Why are you still here?”The Ninth Emperor looked at the young man standing in front of her smilingly. “It’s late. You should leave now

Chapter 827: Chapter 827 He Knew All Of Her Secrets (IV) “Keep a low profile? If I keep a low profile, your Tang family is going to marry her off.” Third Young Master Ye snorted coldly. Under such circumstances, he had to keep a low profile? Did he think he was dead? “I say, Why are you so nervous?

Chapter 482: What can this Girl do for You if You Help Her? History often repeated itself. Just as Qiao Qing was surrounded by people and busy signing, Lan Xu walked over with Dai Yixin on her arm. “She sure thinks of herself as a superstar. Even the superstars here do not sign autographs for the em

Chapter 243: Dongfang Yuechu’s Visit to Second Aunt Two days before Dongfang Yuechu’s wedding, she specially went to the prison to visit Second Aunt. The usually dignified and refined Second Aunt had become unkempt. Her eye sockets were deeply bruised, and she looked even scarier than a ghost. Her e

Chapter 178: Chapter178 Her Face Is As Beautiful as a Flower, but Her Heart Is As Vicious as a Snake In the comment section, Da Bao saw a comment from a netizen named Bei Ke 001, “Su Bei is a kind and good woman. She won’t do such a thing. I trust her.” Because this netizen didn’t have any followers

Chapter 1132: Hoist Her Up High “The Duan Clan’s Duan Yue had given her a box of concealed weapons. I saw it!” Dou Fengchi yelled out frenziedly, “Quick, quickly take it out and throw them.” While creasing his brows, Second Young Sir Dou yanked at his sister’s arm. Dou Fengyao couldn’t resist snigge

Chapter 130: Criminal? Are You Referring To Me? (1) “Master Sui, Huangfu Yu becoming a fool isn’t my fault, is it?” Leng Ruoxue said with a spurious smile. “Could it be that Master Sui is also someone who can’t differentiate right from wrong? As her master, you can’t escape the blame now that Huangf

Chapter 1443: You Are My Little Love Song (10) When they entered the classroom, Shi Niange was still beaming with happiness. When Qin Siting sat down, she followed him and whispered, “Thanks.” Qin Siting glanced at her expressionlessly, retracted his gaze, and said calmly, “You don’t want to solve t

Chapter 396: Bring Him Over Xia Xibei had been living in the Land of Fantasy for over twenty years. She was still an orphan in this lifetime and was brought home by master. Her master was also a lone man, and he didn’t know how to raise a child. When she started talking, he simply gave her all sorts

Chapter 67: What Are You Looking At? After the buses led by Liu Wenshi arrived at Jixin Martial House, another two groups of buses came in one after another. Approximately one-third of the martial arts examinees from Donghai were gathered here. The examinees alighted the buses and gathered in small

Chapter 339: Stunning Everyone – Master Four Has Very High Standards.. Qin Shu looked at Shi Yan again. It was very difficult to find out anything about Fu Tingyu from him. “Did you have something to tell him since you were here?” Shi Yan nodded. “Xiye Ze sent a message saying that we can go get the