Although he knew he could not stay here, he did not expect Su Feiying to drive them back so soon. “Well, you don’t like it?” Long Wan’er slightly opened her eyes, like a little devil. “As long as we are together, what is there not to like.” Ye Feng smiled. &l

Leaving the Arnold fief in the morning, we arrived in the port town of Eclaba slightly after the sun set. I’ve obtained the license to open a store in Eclaba, but I think this distance would be a hassle. It’ll be better if I have some mode of transportation that’s faster than a co

The Rite of Vows and The Attendants Starting today, I’m going to be an apprentice priestess. They told me that it would take a few days to prepare a set of blue robes for me, so my start date is nearly a month later than Lutz’s, even though we got baptized on the same day. I couldn&rsq

Book 2: The Apprentice Shrine Maiden Prologue My name is Ferdinand. I serve as the head priest of the temple of the city of Ehrenfest. People frequently mistake me as being between twenty-five or, if I’m unlucky, thirty years old, but in reality I am twenty. My half brother often comments th

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 127 – Taste like Chicken “What?” The words that came out of Li Ya Ling’s mouth shocked Ling Mo. What the fuck was going on? The moment Ling Mo saw her, he had already became really cautious. He was prepared to have another close comba

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 128 – You’re a Girl, Don’t Always Try to Take Other People’s Brain Away! Seeing that Li Ya Ling was knocked out, Ling Mo rubbed his hands and went over to see how she was. Shana didn’t hold back at all. Although she had used the

Chapter 260.2: The Strange Lan Jia “Miss, please show your identification. Are you looking for someone or are you a resident here?” Just as she got to the entrance, she was stopped by the security guard. Tang Doudou was taken aback. “You can see me?” The security guard look

Chapter 481 Castle of Lightning Spirits     The tribulation clouds in the sky rumbled and raged as the storm surged, and a brilliance of lightning that was dense like blood illuminated the heavens and the earth, causing an area of 5,000km in the surroundings to be illuminated to the poi

Book 6-1.4   Since coming back from the Hero’s Land, Yulian was confident that he could defeat anyone other than his master in a 1 on 1 clash. He was confident that even that Venersis would not be his match anymore.   Earlier one, he had to hide his strength for the sake of their

The Benefits of Rain Han Lei: I will make your clothes soaked, force you into the bathroom then… hehe! My mother helplessly informed me that I really had written a wrong email address for Ouyang Shuai. No, it wasn’t that I wrote it incorrectly but that it was just a bit illegible

Chapter 42: Healing Tag What Ryo was working on was a Medical Tag, with the same principle as the explosive tags. While reading through Tsunade’s notes, he stumbled across the idea. If such a convenient to carry medical jutsu was around, Konoha’s Shinobis should have a much higher surv

Chapter 1126 - The Convention Draws Near Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall, Frost Tempering Immortal Lake. For a whole ten thousand years only two people were permitted entry. One was Mu Xuanyin, with the other being Mu Bingyun. The Immortal Lake was like an icy prison but since ancient times it had never f

Chapter 256: Simply a perverse genius Hearing Sima You Yue prattle on, Sima You Qing and the others lowered their heads and could not help but laugh. Sima Tai took the extremely rare Fusion book and was so shocked he couldn’t speak. “How is it, don’t you feel like you got someth

Chapter 310:  “Prince Yu’s Life Experience (2)” While Huang Yueli was still studying the tombstone, she heard Li Moying start to speak. “This… is the tomb of my Imperial Mother.” Huang Yueli froze. “Lady Mingfei?” Li Moying was calm and nodde

Chapter 607: Thousands of Arrows Piercing the Heart   A ferocious tiger is disadvantaged in the plains, the Azure Dragon is disadvantaged in shallow waters. One day, the waters of the dragon will order the rivers to flow in reverse. When the wind and clouds come back again, the Azure Dr

Chapter 2785 - Everyone Leaving “I merely want you to know that my, Xia Yun’er’s, possessions are not something that one can use for themselves.” After Xia Yun’er finished saying those words, she moved away from Chu Feng and smiled at him again. For Chu Feng, her curr

Chapter 2786 - Hard To Accept “This is the truth and not nonsense. We all can bear witness to it.” Right at that moment, the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciples stood forth. “Yuwen City, what else do you all have to say?!” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Elder Ma Cha

The conditions for receiving the claw from the Marquis of Gramp were to end his dispute with the Marquis of Full-Flat and inspect the academy and guild. Although their argument was still up for debate, it appeared to be settled for now, and I had given my report about the guild and academy to Crane

As the sun sat high in the sky, Sophia and I casually walked through the city streets. It was a perfect day for a walk but it seemed like a dark cloud hung over Sophia. “There’s something I wanted to do before lunch, is it okay if we go together?” When I asked her this, Sophia tu

90. The Luckiest Man [Drain Monarch has been successfully enhanced.} [Magic power increased by 10%.] [Does not apply if the equipment is unequipped.] “Good…” There were only 100 Gems of Magic Power. Looking at the success rate of the other gems, even a single success would b

Chapter 422 - Flower Thief Captured   Translator: BinBin Editor: EllisBLV13 Looking at the notification, Qin Feng’s eyes gleamed brightly. A level 4 mission normally gave the operative one hundred mission points. The Dark Forest mission had given Qin Feng 150 mission points which wer

Chapter 598: Hateful fellow This was his first time seeing such a beautiful and smart girl.  If he were to let her go like this, he would not be the smartest person in the world, but rather the dumbest person in the world. “This prince plans on making you my woman.” He had a brigh

[This is such a huge humiliation! You have to give me a good explanation! Otherwise, you and me, we become sworn enemies from now on! I… You don't get away from this!] [You are a great figure in the realm. You are known as the second most powerful cultivator in the realm. So what? It won't be wor

Chapter 1710 – Swallowing the Memories … … … “Oh? I won’t be able to obtain the Black Dragon Spear if I kill you?” Lin Ming looked towards the Black Dragon phantom and clasped his hands behind his back as if he simply didn’t care about its threa

Chapter 1709 – Killing and Sealing Them All … … … Black spear light pierced through the void. Covered in black scales, Lin Ming was a life-reaping death god! As for Bigflame, he was already completely exhausted of strength. It was no longer possible for him to compete

I didn’t directly ask Tarak what he spoke with Nara about after we left Karnashun. It’s fair to say that it’s their secret. Lorana seemed to really enjoy teasing him though since she’s carefree sort of character, so she’s always really interested in Tarak who’s st

Eric whom I haven’t seen in a long time also became quite a lot older.   「Eric, you too grew older」 「Isn’t that a given? Well, you on the other hand did not. More like, did you become younger?」 「Is that so?」   As I said that, Gran and Eric both nodded.   「Rakku, yo

The kind person who told me about the story behind my statue left while I was standing completely still.   「Why a statue of me…… though it doesn’t look like me at all」   After muttering that, I fell into thought. Obviously, this is Eric’s and Gran’s wor

Chapter 1796: “Taken Ill (3)”   Over that night, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord’s condition did not show any improvement and the big group of physicians stood watch within the sleeping chambers throughout the night, not daring to take a single step away. The various Shadow Moon

Chapter 1794: “Taken Ill (1)”   In the Shadow Moon Palace Lord’s sleeping chambers, a heart tearing coughing reverberated within the vast chambers as the slight scent of blood tinged the air. “My Lord!” Elder Yue came rushing inside, led by a disciple, his heart

Chapter 1795: “Taken Ill (2)”   Elder Yue’s gaze glanced around and saw all the physicians had their heads lowered, even daring to make a single sound. He then went walking without attracting any attention towards the corner that Yue Ye was at. Yue Ye saw Elder Yue walking

Chapter 321: Danger approaching The two big True Spirit Round experts made their move and the spirit energy that surged forth almost tore the room to shreds. Malim’s blade covered in black flames destroyed the Southern Summer King’s spear and took the opportunity to land a slash on the

We had returned to Avalon. Upon arriving, I asked the Mythological Foxes working as maids to guide Stolas and Enlil the Bahamut to my secondary residence near the First Tree. Afterwards, I listened to the report of the Dwarf Smith who was entrusted with the defense of Avalon while I was gone. This

Chapter 260.1: The Strange Lan Jia Right after that person spoke, another familiar voice appeared. “Ah Yu, shut up!” Tang Doudou’s heart leapt as she turned to look over. She made eye contact with a pair of beautiful eyes that shone like the gentle sun as the person nodded toward

In a frenzy, Chen Zhao got on his knees and kowtowed. As he kowtowed, he called out, “Daren, have mercy, Daren, have mercy, this humble person had a moment of confusion, no, it was a moment of error. I did not intend to kill her, but when she started to threaten me, I was consumed by ange

Chapter 344: Versatile mount Three Heart Piercing Ice Beads, one skill scroll, and one piece of Mysterious God Equipment…..Other than those Sapphire Water Crystal Coins, the other five items dropped by the Weeping Ice Feather Deer were all incomparably valuable, making Ye Tian Xie extremely

Chapter 210: My princess, Childish (Part 2) Seeing Lin Chujiu haven’t moved, Chunxi and Qiuxi couldn’t help but reminded her: “Wang, wangfei, should we go in?” When they entered. Lin Chujiu didn’t mention the issue again. Of course, Lin Chujiu will not get angry.

Ch 7: I Thought About Business   Our diner is quite prosperous.   When I was hired by the couple who owns the diner, there seemed to be a man who worked part-time. He quit because it was tough and a lot of work. The husband felt frustrated and didn’t feel like hiring another pa

My peaceful days continue for a while.   It is due to that flirt who, without evidence, told me I resemble the former Priestess. (He has no evidence but it’s true…) A few days of being teased, it finally settles down. Since the regulars at this diner don’t know how the origi

Chapter 154: Overflowing help (Part 2) One did not know what kind of luck the Shen family was on these days as there was mayhem all day. Previously it was the matter of Shen Dong Ling and Shen Yue exchanging marriage, then it was the matter of the Wang family not accepting Shen Yue, then later it w