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Chapter 507: Stealing Grapes To Eat She rested her elbow on the table, peeked to the left and then to the right, and saw the grapes on the table. I feel like eating them. Eating one won’t hurt, will it? Just one grape then watch what’s going to happen next. It’ll be a waste not to enjoy the drama. W

Chapter 882: Me in Exchange for HerBlack Rose watched the dark group of people in front of her. The black muzzles were all pointing at her, ready to fire anytime. Ye Ling’s men had been getting ready all this while. They were just waiting to capture them all at once.Numerous teen girls working under

Chapter 508: You Take It, You Take It At this moment, not only Yan Hua, but everybody else at the scene was putting their hopes on Yan Huan. She was their last line of hope. Whether they could go home and have their meals, it all depended on Yan Huan now. Yan Huan knew that she could not escape. She

Chapter 383: Chapter 383 The Devil Emperor Was Reborn “You… how can it be…” Yang Lu stared at Zhou Xuanji furiously. A sense of great fear could be seen hiding in his eyes. He sensed Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi, but it was too fast. It was so fast that he could neither dodge nor deflect it. He was at lea

Chapter 384: Chapter 384 Heavenly Law Puppet. The Greatest Crisis In All History. “Fury? Why should I be furious?” Devil Emperor Dugu glanced at Spirit Sovereign Yan and asked indifferently. Seeing his attitude, Spirit Sovereign Yan was not angry either. “You want revenge, but you still need a long

Chapter 385: Chapter 385 Divine And Mighty Was No One But Wanghou “How many Heavenly Law Puppets are there specifically?” Zhou Xuanji asked deeply. He cursed in his heart about the endless waves of crisis. Can’t you just let me rest a while? I’m only 74 years old! How can I endure so much stress? Da

“Emperor Yan, just stop already. Haven’t you fought enough?” Seeing that the redheaded child was about to punch again, another child hurriedly ran over with his short legs and hugged the redheaded child from the back.“Get away from me, Fu Xu. I will beat you up if you utter one more piece of bullsh*

Chapter 363: Set Up The beautiful woman sobbed quietly in his embrace. Tang Hao could feel her frail frame trembling. She was not the strong, capable businesswoman like before. She seemed helpless and pitiful. Tang Hao’s shoulder was drenched in tears, but he did not mind it. He could feel a tug on

Chapter 364: I’d Rather Die Than Marry The entire bar descended into silence. The other people had been driven out of the bar by the bodyguards, including the waitstaff. Ling Wei stood there at the bar counter, stupefied. Each of those words was like a knife that cut deeply into her heart. Ling Rui

Chapter 365: A Resolute Decision The bodyguards came to their senses. They surrounded Tang Hao, wearing hostile expressions on their faces. “Step aside!” Ling Mingshan roared angrily. He was still struggling. “You bastard, I won’t forgive you for flirting with my daughter.” Tang Hao’s expression was

Chapter 366: Living Together Her voice resounded in the night. She buried her head in her knees, and her crying became louder and louder. Tang Hao sighed silently as he watched her and said nothing. He was helpless. After a while, he also crouched down. The loud wails eventually quietened down and t

Chapter 367: I Think I Like You A Little Bit Another scream was from inside the apartment, followed by the sounds of kitchenware falling on the floor. Tang Hao was speechless. Ling Wei was born into a wealthy family and had most likely never done housework in her life. He could imagine the mess in t

Chapter 368: An Intimate Night Tang Hao’s body went rigid. He was not asleep yet. He was crafting talismans when he heard footsteps outside his room, so he quickly swept everything into the pocket dimension and hid under his blanket. The whisper nearly made him jump in surprise. He moved, preparing

Chapter 369: In Dongying Tang Hao was at a loss as he looked at the figure leaving as he stood next to the door. After half a month of living together, Tang Hao was sad to see her leave. He closed the door, then turned around and looked at the empty apartment. He came to his senses a long while late

Just when Abel was about to start drawing the runes in his study, his military tag started ringing.A voice immediately cried out as he picked up the tag, “Great news, K3516!”“What news, K3308?”“About that hunting quest you were talking about before,” K3308 said ecstatically, “A lot of people were in

Chapter 370: Only One Late at night, on the top floor of Miki Plaza. The spacious office was lavishly decorated. An old man in his seventies stood in front of a floor to ceiling window. He was old, but his body and eyes were spirited. He wore a business suit. His gaze was as ferocious as a tiger or

Chapter 178: An Unreasonable Girl And The Foreign Students “The bed you want? This isn’t your house! Plus I didn’t even know that you wanted this bed, are you crazy!” Chen Xinyi was not mild tempered. Being bulldozed, she naturally felt more enraged than everyone else as she bellowed at the girl. Th

Chapter 179: Test It. A Somersault The foreign student’s name was Charlie Lawson. Lawson was always up to mischief, usually pulling pranks on his teachers. Now that he saw Yun Yi and the other boys, his instinct was tingling as he went ahead with his taunts. The other foreign boys standing beside La

Chapter 1260: Isn’t It Too Little of Fabric…That made no difference, Nian Xi thought. Never mind. He found the dumplings that I made were not good enough. So be it. I’ll have a perfect reason not to cook in the future.“Let’s go and get you a car. I love shopping for cars.” Nian Xi quickly got up fro

Chapter 1259: Xi… Don’t… Don’t Do This…“Thank you.”It was not an expensive gift, but the goodwill was delivered.It was a large box of avocados.Nian Xi took the box, opened it, and found the avocados were black. She touched them and could tell they had gone bad.“These went bad. Where did you buy the

Chapter 180: Cunning Foreigners And Computing Despite everyone’s astonishment, Yun Jian’s flippant and mocking voice sounded. “Tsk, tsk… you can’t even fight me, how can you fight our Country Z boys?” Yun Jian’s words had further put Lawson who was on the floor to shame. In spite of it, Chen Xinyi w

Chapter 1261: Do You… Like It?“Everybody knows that my mother and brother are rich,” Nian Xi said.“Get rid of that idea. I’m going to a meeting.” Murong Cheng hung up on her.Nian Xi pouted grumpily. Jiang Yuning hooked her little finger with his and said, “I’ll buy you this car if you like it.”“No.”

Chapter 280: Another StormLooking at Su Wan’s pale face, Jiang Xuecheng opened the thermal lunch box and served a bowl of pumpkin millet congee.“This is the congee prepared by Aunty Fang. Doesn’t it smell good? You’ve not eaten anything the entire day. Take something bland first to tide you over.”As

Chapter 279: I’ll Always Live a Day Longer Than You DoAt the thought that it might be his own blood, a strange feeling crept onto Jiang Xuecheng’s back.Should he give a little of his blood to another person to test?Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips. His eyes fell on the back of Su Wan’s completely smoo

Chapter 179: Antimatter Battery Chapter 179 – Antimatter Battery After the bullet comment group lost their two “experts”—the soldier and Little Peach—the three remaining commonfolk naturally weren’t a match for Chen Yu. In the end, the donation group easily secured the victory of the competition. Ho

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes  Chapter 2: Let’s Get Back What Was Stolen From Us, Part 2 [Sarnak… is the ruler of The Bottom , known as the {Steel Shield}.] Nagia, who was ordered by Aur to tell them everything about her boss, says so. [{Steel S

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes  Chapter 2: Let’s Get Back What Was Stolen From Us, Part 1 [Aur, I think we should stop. This is too dangerous after all.] [Thank you for your input, but I’m afraid I have to decline. Now, can you stop clinging unto me so m

Mersis looked at Davos timidly, and said, “I…I also had given them a share of rations and supplies that…that we distribute to the citizens of the Thua Union every day…” Then he hurriedly explained, “All of these are recorded, so you can check it.” Davos

Through the management office, Tios contacted Thurii’s four ship owners (because he only has one ship with him), under the guarantee of the market officer (the officer assured him that the shipowners will do their best to help him transport the goods, because they are all the preparatory citiz

Chapter 511: Facing Luo Xi! Lei Shan’s words startled Bai Xiaofei. Although he expected that it wouldn’t be something simple, he was still unprepared for anything that could make Lei Shan talk in such a manner. “Grandpa, please don’t pull my leg. You mean this is a very ser

Chapter 512: The Son has to Pay the Father’s Debt?! “Did he ever mention me to you?” Luo Xi’s voice suddenly became gentle, as if the softest part of her heart was revealed. Everyone thought Luo Xi still resented Bai Longfei, but they overlooked one thing. Where did this re

Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library When compared to the panicked Warhorses below, the greatest advantage my golems had over them was that morale wasn’t an issue to them whatsoever, plus they were re

Translator: SFBaka Editor: Thor’s Stone 『We’ve arrived at the target coordinates. Deactivating FTL Drive.』 May’s voice resounded through the comms, and the next moment, Krishna and Black Lotus returned to normal space. It was just a short jump via the FTL Drive, but we couldn&r

Chapter 391: Acting BigIt was the truth that she got in through the back door. She got the audition through the back door, and she could also get the part through there.Su Cha did not care what people were discussing. Amid the crowd’s noise, she found a seat after collecting a number plate and conti

Upon finishing her sentence, she took another bite without changing her expression. Yu Bei did not believe her, as she was a little liar! Ling Sheng also called out to Cheng Ye. “Little Ye, come here too! Have some chili peppers!” Cheng Ye, who was working, ran over hurriedly. Upon seein

Chapter 819 The Shock of a Complete wind spirit rune Mighty azure and golden Genesis Qi flooded the sky and earth, revealing countless Genesis Qi stars as it shone upon the void. An oppressive pressure spread out from Zhou Yuan’s body and made many people feel like they were being suffocated.

The smoke created from the explosion slowly lifted. Unsightly Humility appeared in the middle of a massive, deep crater.Black Seol Jihu’s prediction was spot on. Unsightly Humility had not died yet.The spectral horse must have been torn to shreds as it was nowhere to be see

A Critter charged with its mouth wide open. Darion rolled on the floor, avoiding its attack, and then counterattacked!His gladius cleaved through the air. However, Darion's one-sided physical attacks wouldn't work on a ghost-type monster. Of course, Darion was well aware of

Towards the Southwestern corner of this floor lies a very beautiful coniferous.   The trees are very evenly spaced, there’s a quaint path here leading to four different directions. It’s a forest but the design of this place was clearly artificial in nature. It’s like somebod

Chapter 98: Heroic Masterpiece “…I feel bad. But, I had no choice but to excuse myself from the battlefield.” I sat down for a while. I had no choice. I felt as if my right arm tore apart the moment I tried to stand up. A nauseous feeling came out of my throat every time I felt