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Chapter 311 The King of the Underworld (1)Team: HH, thursdays, Yahiko (300(0)/12)[You have entered the tenth gate, Hell of Black Darkness.]The path to the last gate was a dangerous one.Especially near the ninth gate, the appearance of Minotaurs and Nemean lions almost decimated Yeon-woo’s party.Shan

Chapter 188: I’m Only Two Translator: Blushy Editor: Sam We began our training by swaying magic to feel our magic. Chris has done it a few times before, so she knows the procedure.  Felicia, who said she would just watch, was surprised to see an unfamiliar training method. She was worr

Chapter 441: Open at Last When Bai Luochu finished talking, Pei Qingfeng looked at the dragon totem on the door and noticed that the original cavity had now been filled up by a bundle of spirit qi. A shining ball of spirit qi radiated golden light and gave the dragon life-like appearance. Just as

Translator: Kell | Editor: Weasalopes What Do You Want to Do? 「………」 When asked about the ominous door, Gilbert went silent for a while. 「Don’t ever get close to that door ever again. It must never be opened.」 His tone was hard. Hikaru checked the man’s Soul Boa

Translator: Kell | Editor: Weasalopes Her First Step Hikaru returned to Conia’s cell, stuck his hand through the meal tray slot, and motioned her to hold it for Group Obfuscation to take effect. 「I’m breaking you out.」 「What?!」 「My word is absolute. From here on out, don’t ma

Translator: Kell | Editor: Weasalopes The Mask’s Proclamation of War While he didn’t don lustrous garments in the middle of the night, the old man still wore fine quality robes, praying in his austere bedroom. The moon sat high in the sky. Praying for an hour before bed and after wak

The disciples guarding the lowest level of the prison were the core disciples of the Snow Moon Hall. Once Huang Xiaolong entered the lowest level, he directly slapped aside these core disciples and planted them all into the wall.However, when he arrived at the cell and saw his master Zhao Lei, Golde

Chapter 202 Their first meeting was interesting. Everyone was flabbergasted at Suyeon’s appearance, even Taesik. “Why didn’t you put on makeup from the start if you were going to disappear to put it on anyway?” Suyeon managed to fix both her skin and hair perfectly in a fl

Gu Jingze raised his brow. “Oh, you all know. Know about what?”She raised her brows. “Of course, I know that you and Lin Che have slept together. Furthermore, you weren’t in your room last night. Were you also with her?”Gu Jingze smirked slightly. “You guys know quite a lot.”“Of course I know. It’s

At this moment, while everyone was filled with anticipation…Gu Jingze had come out.“Woah, muscles.”“Oh my, slender in clothes, yet brawny in the buff. So handsome.”Ou Lie also turned his head immediately.That man walked out into the sun. His honey-colored skin glistened under the light, making his m

“Don’t tell me you don’t know about it yet. It’s on the headlines that you were discovered to be hugging and kissing a man. It’s supposedly a new artist from the production team. Hey, what do you mean by this? You would rather have a new artist than me?”“…”Lin Che had an ominous feeling about this a

He saw the photos of the two of them tangled together in a sickening manner.Liang Shan’s eyes were curved as he smiled. “Let’s see how you’re going to escape this time around.”The next day, he sold this news to a paparazzi.The photos and videos were sent out, and the other party held great interest

Chapter 1365 Truth RevelationIn the end, they still felt that Gu Jingyu had the greatest possibility. It so happened that Gu Jingyu had also gone overseas to study for a while. Who knew what he had gone to do?However, no one had any evidence and thus, could only guess amongst themselves.Lin Che didn

“When did you guys get together?”“Who wooed who?”“Did love blossom during the filming?”“Was it love at first sight for the two of you?”“Did you admit it only because you were caught on camera?”They continued to remain so congested all the way until they entered the building. Everyone knew that the t

“Wow, it’s really Lin Che.”“Oh my god. They are kissing so intensely.”“Is Lin Che really in a relationship with this person?”All the netizens were thrown into a disarray.However, there were also people how noticed that although Zhou Yu was a new artist, he was extremely good-looking.“Oh my god, he’s

Everyone immediately understood what was going on…Lin Che smiled and said, “The reason I chose to hide my marriage is because my job is to be an artist but I have other roles to play in my life. I’m my husband’s wife and my children’s mother. Although being an artist would mean that I would be a pub

Chapter 1373 Dominating In the ShowLin Che snorted as she looked at Black Eagle. “You’re really tagging along everywhere. Are you giving her any personal space when you’re following her so closely?”Black Eagle glared at her. “Go be busy with showing off your love. Why are you caring about others?”“H

Chapter 1372 A Fair Maiden Is Afraid of A Persistent GuyThey were completely won over by the child’s adorableness. They kept coaxing her, not wanting to let her leave.This fondness they had toward her was definitely not a superficial one, but was because they sincerely felt that she was too likable.

696 – Annihilation “Don’t!” “Spare my life!” “Don’t kill me!” “…” These Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses are extremely powerful, and they are all capable of contending with weak divine force rank gods in the outside world. Bu

697 – Breaking Through the God-man Boundary “All the arrangements have been made, now is time to consume it!” In Yu Province, inside a secret room, Yang Feng is sitting on a large bed carved from a piece of high grade magic crystal and engraved with innumerable abstruse inscripti

698 – Five Overlords “Dragon Elephant Ancestor! He’s here too!” “That’s the founder of Heart of Dragon Elephant, Dragon Elephant Ancestor! Unexpectedly he’s still alive!” “…” Seeing the bald man, the Warlocks on the scene took a

“What kind of advice is there for the visit of hall master Mao Qi?” Yang Chen very politely took Mao Qi into the reception room. He was well-mannered along the way, there was no excuse for being critical. But the more this was, the more bitter Mao Qi smiled in his heart. Yang Chen has b

Chapter 52- part 2 Su TingYun did not intend to wear the skirt. After keeping the universal pouch, she began using the universal formation eyes to size up this hidden space. The place Su TingYun is at now is within a concealment formation. The eye of the formation is just below the piece of wrinkl

Chapter 52- Part 1 Originally E ChangGuang could hold on for a few more months, but as of late, her spiritual energy expenditure had increased, so she was quickly walking towards her death. A few days ago she could still have conversations with Su TingYun, but after that she did not even have the

Chapter 7: Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival Second Round – Begins   Part 1 Due to the change in the number of matches, the third round was moved up. Because that information dribbled out, things were greatly disordered. It was particularly important for the contenders of the second rou

Chapter 2: The First Battle's End Part 1 Once Stella had left, Alice heaved a huge sigh of relief as he leaned on the railings. “Well, she had me worried about what was going to happen for a while there.” “Exactly. It was already enough that Onii-sama’s ma

It was as if he was dreaming—of a gentle future. In reality, he was locked in a dimly lit cage inside a carriage protected with strong magic to prevent criminals from escaping. He couldn’t hear any noise. Both his vision and hearing were blocked. His movement was also restricted—

Chapter 1: Cutting the Gordian Knot Part 1 Osaka Bay City - a city planning project discarded halfway. Ordinarily a ghost town with nary a soul to be seen, its symbol of ruination -the Bay Dome- was now packed to capacity with uncounted numbers of people: all having come to watch the S

Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3397 characters Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1546 words   My sisters and brothers still lived there. The director who took care of us well was already old. When I still lived there,

Three of them ran straight for Ardis. As the two sides closed in, the three spread out in a half encompassing manner. A big sword escort at Ardis’s front, another wearing a gauntlet coming on the right, and a long haired escort on the left. At the same time, another three went in a larger ra

About twenty days had passed since the Duke had promised Ardis his entry in the Lotus Cup. Meanwhile, the capital had increased in foot traffic, more foreigners can be seen walking on the streets. With colorful stalls lining up both sides of the main street, the inns in the capital are all fully oc

CHAPTER 106: FIRST DAY OF THE FOUNDING FESTIVAL I (2/2)   “Welcome! Welcome Our hamburgers are excellent!” [Stall Man 1] “Traveling from town to town for 30 years! The legendary French Fries!” [Stall Man 2] “Popcorn! Popcorn! We have popcorn here! It’s de

Chapter 481 Lunatic “Hitman”As he changed directions, Luke gestured at Margaret to pass him. The sudden decrease in speed from making the turn swiftly cut down the distance between Luke’s boat and the other three boats.A moment later, Margaret’s yacht brushed past him and fled.Luke gradually sped up

Chapter 480 A Three-Party Chase On the SeaLuke hummed and didn’t ask any more questions.Elsa was on close personal terms with many women, like Sheerah and Margaret.As a woman, it was easy for her to win the trust of those rich and beautiful women, and her identity as a police officer plus her decisi

"What is that?" I asked suspiciously."Tehehehe~ Are we going to lay bare naked in front of each other now as we wax our pu––ump!"I shoved my hand against Estela's mouth."Ewww! Yuck! Taste like vomit!" Estela recoiled, rubbing her tongue against her dress."I have a much bett

Chapter 473 Air-Raid Shelter“Is this the same city but over 40 years ago? No wonder I kept wandering around without knowing its name for a long time,” sighed Rabbit, breathing a sigh of relief after meeting Zhang Heng. “Something worse happened to me. I was trapped on the roof, and the frigid winds

Chapter 472 Han Lu’s ChildhoodZhang Heng held onto the door and paddled in the opposite direction of the tsunami.He saw many tragedies along the way, including floating bodies, mothers who lost their children, and children who lost their mothers. They were all sitting on whatever high place they cou

Chapter 1400 Visitors from the Beast RealmSong Shuhang sighed faintly. “I’m keeping such a low profile that it’s impossible to go lower.”Currently, he was so low profile that he was basically invisible…Senior White Two smiled, and said, [Hm, I guess you’re right.]Song Shuhang was still under the eff

Chapter 333 It’s Really A MisunderstandingIn a flash, Ou Yangming vanished from his original spot and he immediately appeared within the courtyard.At that moment, Du Gaoge was lowering his head and bowing in a certain direction.Nevertheless, Ou Yangming sped forward without an ounce of hesitation, a

Chapter 332 Where’s The Next Line?Ou Yangming waited in his residence for three days, and during this period, he had gotten several visitors.Strangely, however, none of the visitors were from the imperial family, and weirder still, none of the 26 Supreme Great Ancestors he gave rise to had shown the