Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHe would not kill her now until his granddaughter woke up.Tian Ya glanced at Liu Yi, who was still kowtowing in front of him.He did not stop him and simply said coldly, “Your kowtowing shouldn’t be to plead for Feng Lianyi, bu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHe kissed her softly and warmly.“Qing’er, I won’t let anything happen to you. No one can hurt you.”No one!***At this moment, Feng Ruqing was in the middle of the sea.It was her spiritual sea.Not far away from her stood a hands

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe man looked at the black longsword with a pale and somewhat fearful expression.Feng Ruqing held the longsword in her hand. She smiled and walked toward the man.“I have kept this sword in my dantian for quite some time, and

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosThe Soaring Mantises kept flying out of the sea as if the sea could continuously produce them. Wei Huo kept killing as countless Soaring Mantis corpses fell on the mountain.The corpse mountain grew taller and taller until it reached Wei Huo’s feet. Wei

Lu Xuan never thought highly of the eagle king at all. Seeing how that eagle king’s eyes were filled with sorrow and anguish, one could easily see that he would have rather just died on the spot instead.The eagle king was a being unlike any other, yet he was still rendered utterly helpless before Lu

Chapter 700: Popular Demand (Part Two)Even after everything was sold out, it was still difficult to stop the enthusiasm of the shoppers. They left comments asking for the product to be restocked, and some of them were working during the day, so by the time they finished work, they had missed the cha

Xue Lian’s face sank, “Boy, are you really not going to give this King face?”“What thing are you?” Yang Kai smiled contemptuously.“Good, you are one of the few who dare talk to this King like this other than that old ghost Tian Jiu, but you will die here today so, it matters not!” Xue Lian roared an

The place where the expeditionary troops landed wasn’t much far from the site where the Crete palace was located.As a result, Belfair looked everywhere, feeling nervous.“You don’t need to be so restless, Belfair. Nothing has been detected yet.”“I know that, but…”Despite Luke’s word, the anxiety and

The sea to the east of Rhodesia continent.A fleet of around 200 ships were moving in the high waves.The fleet was based on the Symphonia and Holy Empire navy, and aboard the fleet were top knights, wizards, and the fairy warriors of the Continental Alliance.Warriors and zen users of the Song Empire

Chapter 699: The Revitalization Series Officially on Sale (Part One)– Huaxia –– Shangcheng –Lin Dong was eating at the dining table at his home.A housemaid was placing food onto the table when Lin Hu came back, looking tired.He walked over to the dining table and saw his parents looking at his onlin

Chapter 700: Popular Demand (Part One)Mother Lin saw Lin Hu come over and couldn’t stop her mouth from smiling. “It’s only been twenty minutes, and we sold 51,669 bottles, and the sales are still growing. Our friends and we had spent a total of three hundred million in loans on the first batch, and

Chapter 699: The Revitalization Series Officially on Sale (Part Two)“Although I’m an old man, you’re still a bit too young for business.” Lin Han snorted and looked at his youngest son Lin Dong. “Little Dong, how many limited spots were there in Huaxia?”Lin Dong: “We signed off some operation rights

Chapter 1141: Long Time No See (3)Lina!When Cheng Chen heard the name Lina, his entire body suddenly stiffened, as if he was reminded of someone.At this moment, Lina had already reached out her hand towards Ling Tianya. “So you’re Mrs. Ruan. You are truly just as beautiful as the rumors say.” Lina t

Chapter 1142: Long Time No See (4)At the dining table, Lina and Ruan Zeyan chatted about things that were unrelated to business. However, Ling Tianya could hear belligerence in their words.It was clear that Lina wasn’t a normal person. All of her words were deeply layered and had multiple meanings.

Chapter 1143: Long Time No See (5)A mocking look appeared in Lina’s eyes. So Ruan Zeyan’s wife was not all that special. She didn’t have any table etiquette and did not understand how to interact with people or how to engage in social activities.In contrast to Lina and Eric’s reactions, Ruan Zeyan s

Jos glanced out into the hall again, seeing no sign of anyone. "You're not going to find her out there. She's the one who sent me back in here to talk to you." Arei said. "Now are you going to let me in, or are we having this talk out here?""Talk?" She sent him a pointed look. "That's all I keep hea

System Number Two had been sleeping for over 10 years. It finally woke up that day.Wei Huo had a lot to ask it. The first thing he wanted to ask was how he could obtain the Dao Scripture. System Number Two scanned Wei Huo and said, “You’re currently at Level 100. You’re not at Level 150 yet. I sugge

Chapter 947: Depend On Capabilities To Be SingleNoah was as narcissistic as Ye Ling.Have you seen the mirror? How do you know you are good-looking?Noah said, “He said that he was very good-looking.”Shen Qianshu was startled. Was Noah referring to Master? Master would even communicate with him. She w

Once they entered the bathroom, Zhong Ran brought the medical team and the security personnel to the door. He wanted to ensure that they could hear Shen Qianshu’s calls for help just in case. However, Shen Qianshu did not know that there were people at the door. She repeatedly warned Noah softly.“Wh

Chapter 945: Little Master’s Sex EducationShen Qianshu let warm water run in the bathtub.She folded the clothes that Noah would be wearing and put them aside. She put a lot of bath salts into the warm water. Zhong Ran had the intention to help, but he was not brave enough. Tong Hua carried Burger an

Chapter 948: Give Me An AngelBoth of them were separated by the bathtub. Noah held his head and called out painfully. He roared as if he was being stabbed in his heart by someone. The people outside exchanged glances. Zhong Ran knocked on the door. “Miss Shen, do you need… ”“Don’t come in!” Shen Qia

Wei Huo arrived at the southern part of Kunlun Mountain. System Number Two had mentioned that Kunlun Mountain’s north, south, east, and west sides all had their own path. One could obtain the Dao Scripture by attacking it. Moreover, one could obtain benefits from each level.This was not the standard

Chapter 304: Xiaohei Showing PowerJiang Feng took a ride around the city center in his new car.He spent the entire morning filling up the trunk with groceries and food ingredients.There were also a few sets of winter clothing in the car.In order to give Ling Feiyu a surprise, he even bought a set of

Russel was called three days later after what happened and is currently filling in for Jackson who was away, in the biggest chain."I am just watching not staring. I had been doing the same with Simon and Jackson. It is a good way of training. Who knows I might become better in cooking," Amber replie

Chapter 457: She Is the One Threatening Me!After Li Miyi’s female director came back, she happily talked about the scene.After a round of apologies, the matter was over. After all, the other party was the unreasonable one.“Aiyo, you didn’t see it. When things began to escalate, Su Cha reached out to

Chapter 456: You Were… So Cool Just Now“You…!”Cheng Xisha walked forward as if she wanted to grab Li Miyi.“Hey, hey, hey, hey, no, no…”The coach quickly stood in front of Li Miyi, and the director subconsciously stood in front of him.Everyone looked nervous. Unexpectedly, just as the coach stopped h

"The lady who watched you for a whole day have disappeared, I thought she would keep going for the next few days. I see that it was only a one day thing," one chef told her seeing the way she kept looking back."I think I am grateful because of that since it is pretty tiring to be watched in such a w

Chapter 445: Worst-case Scenario (1)The doctor turned his head to the nurse and instructed her. He spoke very quickly as if there was a devil chasing after him.Xu Weilai raised her head to look at Gu Yu, who was standing beside her. The man noticed and lowered his eyes to look at her. The light in h

Chapter 505: XuyaoLu Xingzhi smiled.“Which reminds me, Xuyao carries a gun wherever he goes? It seems like one with a silencer too! He has such good aim, shooting the tires of a moving van!”If she did not see it today with her own eyes, she would not have thought that the cheerful Chen Xuyao had suc

Chapter 504: A Few Years’ WaitChen Xuyao nodded in acknowledgment and had Zhou Weiqi give his car keys to Jiang Yao, while both he and Zhou Weiqi would take his own car instead.Mrs. Zhou was in big trouble this time round, having crossed Lu Xingzhi’s limit. That was why a kidnapping case became a mu

Chapter 503: I’ve Never Seen So Much Money Before“That’s enough, Mrs. Zhou. We found out from the bank that you transferred a sum of money to one of Lin Fulian’s account yesterday. If you don’t know who he is, why would you send him money?” The Captain tapped the table in irritation.Scandalous affai

'I know you can't move the mine but you can definitely move the houses…' He grumbled before starting his 5-minute sprint. If he had gone all out he could have shortened that time further but there was no point in overexerting himself just yet.'There it is' Ed knew he was at the location after catchi

'I should make at least a single pickaxe first' Realistically many of these things should have been lying around considering that the sacred tribe orcs were used to doing this labor but for some reason, they were nowhere to be seen.'Did something happen?' The rundown smithy had seen some use but its

Chapter 336: Too ResentfulThe teahouse by the roadside was built under a few big trees, and there was a cool breeze blowing. The waiter was warmly greeting the guests and a lot of them were sitting under the pergola. When Ling Chuxi and her companions arrived, the waiter immediately welcomed them, a

Chapter 337: So MysteriousThere were four beautiful young maidens with voluptuous figures standing at the front and back of the palanquin. The two maidens standing behind made lovely music with a zither and a flute, while the other two maidens walked ahead and scattered flower petals in front of the

The praying mat was at least nine by nine foot meters in size. Unlike the rest of the spiritual treasures here, this praying mat didn't exude any kind of berserk spiritual pressure, it also wasn't scared stiff by Raven's spiritual might either. The praying mat is mostly golden in color, the designs

Chapter 1326: Don’t You Need to Take Responsibility for That?On hearing what she said, Mo Liuxi stopped walking, looked at her and said in a deep, slightly dry voice, “Are you sure you have good taste now?”Yan Su stayed silent.“Who’s talking to you? Is it Shi Xiang?” Jiang Peiying asked her.“Mom, I’

Chapter 134: You Are Not My Opponent Master Yan… Master Yan knelt in front of Lou Qianxue? Gazes of disbelief and dumbfounded expression appeared on everyone’s face. Their minds went blank, and they even forgot to breathe. “Please get up,” Lou Qianxue calmly said. “Since I have spoken, I’ll save

Chapter 1325: Yan Su and Mo Liuxi Flirt in the SeaThe next day, Yan Su woke up to find herself on the headline of the entertainment news in China. Such shocking news rarely happened during a film festival. People were expecting to read a story about her and Shi Xiang, but unexpectedly, what happened

"Let's see what's going on here." Qing Cheng invited Qing Yinan to see what's going on here.Qing Cheng and Qing Yinan went to meet the women who were neatly lined up.It looked as if these women were waiting in line for something very precious." What are you all doing here? ", Qing Cheng immediately