AST 2001 - Hidden Treasure Chamber, End of the Sacred Medicine PalaceA beam of golden light flashed and the Paragon Golden Armor appeared. Qing Shui was very shocked. It was because when that flying sword came piercing toward him again, its speed was too fast. There would be no more Paragon G

Meng Suyan shook her head. "The moment I came back to town, I knew immediately that he was married and that he is leading a comfortable life. I was disappointed, so I refused to see him at first, but I felt sorry for the time lost while he waited for me. I only wanted to get a glance of him. I

Chapter 1131 - An Invitation that Cannot be RefusedWhy are they here? Shi Feng frowned slightly as he eyed Xie Qiwen and Gan Xingteng, who sat on a sofa and chatted merrily with Xiao Yu.The White Tiger Dojo was currently Big Dipper's rival.As Shi Feng walked up to the three people, Xiao Yu too

Sheyan retracted his saber painfully. The wound on the T-1000's shoulder immediately squirmed in an attempt to heal itself. But before it could, Sheyan had already pierced a USB flash drive into the wound with great force! The USB flash drive showed no apparent movement, but Sheyan could imagi

In the dark sea water, Shi Yan was stimulated and his face was heavy and complicated.Get the real Zi Yao back?He was moved. He knew a little bit about the relationship between the host body and the clone body of Absolute Beginning creatures. However, he wasn't as familiar with such things as Y

After all, Luo Yu was only a rank of a Martial Lord and when he was being glared at by five Golden Core cultivators, he could only feel strong pressure on him and his heart was shaking uncontrollably.His whole body could not move under the immense pressure, even words could not be spoken.Feng

In the Middle Continent, on a mountain in the remote western part of the Southern Mountains, there was a mountain called Nanmi. It was situated at the far end of the mountain range.On this day, a simple and crude teleport channel at the foot of the Nanmi Mountain lit up, and a youth carrying a

Caesar traveled atop the vigorous trees and soon made it back to the stronghold, he approached the walls and once he was within a few feet of them, he crouched down and propelled off the ground, causing him to practically soar through the air and easily land on top of

"No other civilization that I am aware of has created something quite like this array," said Kwan, "I have been studying this node for centuries and have learn't quite a lot. It is a spiritual array that was built across dimensions, time, and space. Techniques and devi

The middle-aged man said, "This golden sword is a seventh level supreme tier spiritual treasure with immense power. It was one of the swords I had used in my youth, and now I'll gift it to you in hopes that you can acquire the monarch soul fruit with it."  The middle-aged man smiled lightly as

Ge Zhenfeng made a cupped fist solute and said, "Monarch, rest assured. Ge Zhenfeng will do the best!""May all the best to the great Xiao Monarch!""Safe trip, Monarch!"The people all showed their respect to Ye Xiao.Ye Xiao blandly smiled and waved his hand, "Guys, let's meet up soon."His white

Great God seems to be very good at covering up her tracks. Furthermore she is very smart, knowing that Liu Yi will definitely chase after her, thus she conceals herself very well.Liu Yi had been searching in the Demon Realm for several months but he is still unable to find that damn Great God.

As the Sky High Military's top secret agent, Yun Qingping had some knowledge about certain taboo weapons, such as weapons related to gods. Although god-grade entities were considered the b

The prophetic dream felt as real as the last time, so much so that it felt like an out-of-body experience for Loopy Toad. When it woke up, it was stunned to realized that it had sweated so much that the floor was utterly wet. But for the fact that this sweat didn't smell at all, people who saw

Chapter 654: The Mountain of God!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr "If Great Minister has a question, then please, speak." The Tsenpo who had been enraged just a moment ago seemed to change into a completely different person, his face filling with joy and amity as Dalon Trinling steppe

Chapter 979: Buddhist Words in the Ear “Only Buddhist enlightenment can allow one to shed the abyss of worldly suffering! Repent and be absolved of your crimes! Lord Buddha said everyone has the potential to become Buddha. Everyone struggles between good and evil, all changing with a thought. If o

Huai An gritted his teeth and did not speak.Helian Wei Wei laughed coldly, she exerted her strength, "Still not speaking?"Huai An bore with the pain and denied: "I don't understand what you're talking about. Helian Wei Wei, why do you insist on being this vicious? Always misinterpret others so

Helian Wei Wei touched the bridge of her nose and walked out: "It's me.""Gold Lord?" Through the white cloth, Baili Jiajue's eyes looked clean and harmless, jade-like and prestigious.Helian Wei Wei was helpless: "I told you not to call me by that name. What were you talking to the servant abou

"If that child falls, the Shangguan Family will lose its greatest hope.""On the other hand, no matter how tough a girl is, she will still have her soft side compared to the men. Girls will know to protect themselves better as well, and they lack the ambitious will in comparison to the boys. Th

Not everyone left in a panic. The electrical circuits in the villa were repaired. The twin brothers stayed, along with a few companions. The brothers hired bodyguards, and in the courtyard, the number of dogs and burly men had increased.Whether it was the police's warning or the elder's punish

On that day, the hounds did not bark as loudly as they normally did. They occasionally barked a little, as coquettish as kittens, and no longer looked menacing.They only barked a few times when their master ordered them, but once they stopped them, they immediately shut up.Then, puzzled, Li Du

As soon as Su Mo entered the door, he had a spinning headache. Then, he appeared in another world and instantly felt a gust of Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth that was even stronger than the Spiritual Qi outside. If he cultivated his powers

Chapter 481: Invincible [V6C11 – Sorrow of a Silent Parting]Despite knowing that William was trying to change the subject, Qianye’s attention was still drawn. “Why?”“I received news that those old fellows from the Evernight Council already know what Sky Demon is searching for. They’ve just mad

The effect of mastery spells varied wildly, and not all the mastery spells were area-of-effect spells. Only high-level mastery casters such as Michaux could master such powerful spells. On this planet, other than Wang Tong, the only other person who was capable of expanding one's elemental att

Shi Guang then chuckled out again, "Alright, the two of us should stop singing praises about the other here. If others were to hear it, wouldn't they laugh their jaws wide open? I know that you were just teasing me just now. If you'

They had missed the best opportunity to get out of here alive; Lie Jian wondered how long they could last here without Wang Tong's help. Looking over at the distance, Michaux saw the land covered with Zergs; the thought of death had brought him relief. He didn't need to worry or struggle befor

Lu Yanchen did not even bother raising his head as he remarked nonchalantly, "If you want to leave, sure! Foot the bill first!" Shi Guang looked over in astonishment. "Why am I the

The human war machine started turning and quickly reached overdrive. The Martian main force was ready to lash out at the Zerg territory as the defenders fought bravely against the invaders. The critical skill of any leader was to know the perfect timing to deliver the final blow.The closer Wan

The meal was enjoyed with total abandon, but when the bill came, the entire mood turned gloomy. The attendant walked over and placed the bill in front of Shi Guang.

Youngho could not get a hold of Edward in Panama. Worried about him, he asked Michael from the European chapter if he could find out what was going on in Panama. Since Michael knew the two were close, he comforted Youngho. The next day, Youngho received Michael's call. "Lee, Edward has been

"Shut up, Tan Bu! You are the loudest here!" Lun Duo refuted. "Buzz off, you jerk! I am the captain, listen to me!"Such a banter was a common occurrence among the soldiers of Battle Wolf. It helped to ease the nerves of the soldiers while they fought. The more relaxed a soldier was, the better

Kiss For A Free Meal (2) Looking at Shi Guang's expression, the attendant asked skeptically, "Could it be that the two of you aren't a couple? If you guys aren't, you won't

At night, Youngho and Jongil with masks on their heads sneaked into Risaralda's apartment through the open balcony. Using the leather shoes, they could easily climb up to the third floor. On the bed, half-naked Tevez and Risaralda were asleep. The two quickly tied them up and covered their mou

After a long while, the warriors inside the shelter finally gathered themselves. They realized that they were unharmed because they were at the center of the dangerous currents that flowed outward away from them. However, inside the eye of the storm, even time had lost its meaning. The soldier

Shi Guang hesitated for a moment before hopping into Lu Yanchen's car eventually. The car started to move forward slowly as Shi Guang leaned back against her seat silently. She did not rea

'The Arirang' was built as a multipurpose freighter. There were two huge cargo holds at the front side of the vessel and a small cargo hold at the afterdeck behind the steering house. The Arirang weighed three thousand tons and had 94 meters of length, 18 meters of width, and 18 knots of the m

The golden dark ones closed in and jabbed at Zachery using their bone spears, who seemed disappointed. "For f*ck's sake! Did you eat breakfast today?"KOM! KOM! KOM!Zachery punched at the dark ones, and in a blink, all of them were dead. Zachery looked around and found out that Kamikaze Zergs h

Lu Yanchen let his phone ring, clearly having no intention of picking it up. Suddenly, Shi Guang, who was beside him, let out a faint stir. Thinking that she was about to wake up, Lu Yanchen c

Yin Qingsi didn't stay in the cabin before she went to the backyard. Under a tree in the backyard seated a stone table, an old man was sitting at the table, playing chess with himself.He kept his eyes closed. He held a chess piece in his hand but didn't put it down, as if he was a still statue

Upon hearing The Fool's question, Audrey did not immediately answer like in the past. Instead, she widened her crystalline eyes and glanced at The Hanged Man with a scrutinous attitude. Al