Chapter 249. The End of the Tower (5)   —Nayun, your father was afraid that you would find out about Jinyoon’s secret. That’s why he hid his corpse from you. Kim Joongho showed Chae Jinyoon’s corpse to Chae Nayun. The corpse was kept in an ice coffin, which Kim Joongh

Chapter 248. The End of the Tower (4)   The Demon King’s castle locked shut after Kim Suho was chosen to be the ‘King’s Challenger’. As a result, all Players in the castle were expelled to the 21st floor. This should have been the case for me as well. “…S

Chapter 143: Two Worlds Part 2 In the stifling and suffocating darkness, Han Chen has been unconscious for only a short while. The last image in his head was he and Su Mian falling down quickly and that he was protecting her in his embrace, using his back to shield her from the falling debris. Me

I walked along the night sands with the two Dragon Kings.   There was no opportunity for me to find this out because I spent my time fishing yesterday but… 「Out this way the night breeze is really nice. The sound of the water makes it even better.」 「n, you’re right. The lake at

After finishing dinner Sakura and I relaxed out on some seats on the beach.   「That sea cucumber eel was surprisingly delicious…」 「That’s true, it wasn’t bony either.」 The snake trepang had a large body, but had very few bones. It was to the degree that you could barely be

Dusk and Dawn By this time, Richard had already reached the Land of Dusk. He was in the same cave system as the first two times, but now he knew better than to expect safety. He carefully looked around his surroundings, tapping the sword case strapped to his back to release Carnage’s dagger f

Chapter 694: Self-Destruction Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations The battlefield was a cruel place where there were often more dead than living people. Miserable shrieks and wrathful roars often intertwined with each other. Few people could guarantee that the one dying in next m

It’s Cozy “Claire, are you all right?” “I’m okay Frau!” “As soon as it starts to get too hard, speak up Claire.” “Un! Thank you Ellis.” This was the back of the Phoenix Dragon. The girls were currently flying from the eastern city of Cera

Ch 19: Appeal 19 Appeal "Can be saved?" Bratty girl asked Luna, but Luna's face is still dark. (TL: Bokukko the girl calls herself boku. I changed it to bratty) "... Yes there is a way..." "I will do whatever I can do!! Please save Merryll!!" (bratty girl)

Chapter 5 : “Slaughter the Leap of Leopards, Save the Snow Wolf”   Duanmu Xi’s hand held onto the dagger and swiftly rushed out like a cheetah, her steps were quick like lightning, as she blasted out like a torrential wind towards that leap of leopards. The moment her dagger

Chapter 20 Part 1   All of a sudden, a scream jolted Ye Qiao back to reality. “Cheng Jiang Je-----”   Everyone in the car turned to look at the back row where Cheng Jiang was leaning against the back seat, face pale as a white sheet of paper, and covering her mouth. &nb

Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 27: 15-yrs Old(5) 15-yrs old (5) However, Noswell Calco. Really, I never thought that the people of the Calco family will come to show their faces directly. There were no particular restrictions to cultivate smoky leaves in this settlement. originally, in houses th

Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 28: 15-yrs Old (6) 15-yrs Old (6) "I do not mean anything, I just heard that the disciple of that chief was making smoky leaves. That's why, I just came to see the situation." I see, that's where that connected?  If ordinary people make parts for

Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 29: 15-yrs Old (7) 15-yrs old (7)   The next day, I took Giselle and Shibi to the forest.   Shibi is a chubby body, but he is quite usable. First, his athletic ability is high. he is a moving fat. His archery is good so far in the same generation of Ma

Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 26: 15-yrs Old (4) 15-yrs old (4) When I woke up in the morning, it had became my daily routine to pour magic power on to the buried Otem in the garden. Before, I used to stay up late in the development of the magic circles, but due to this the life rhythm was bei

*BANG*Li Wei's gaze narrowed as he eyed the crimson haired man who had just left the chamber, booming at a speed of the 8th step. His sword, dull and trembling in his palm, swished to the such a man and poked the air.*WANGGG*A black murkiness formed from this, turning

900...The fog kept on receding without any indication of halting in front of Su Min. However, with this, the entire world seemed to brew with a strange force.It was one that gave Su Min the shivers, as he could sense a certain familiarity with it. One of enlightenment,

Su Min didn't speak as he just gazed at the thing in front of him. The black figure rubbed his chin, then gazing back and forth from the 'thing' and Su Min, he asked with that same grin."Is Demon One a bit much?"Su Min's pupils seemed to be unreactive as he replied wit

A dense fluctuation of Heavenly Energy spewed out of the altar. Wen Mian shook a bit as she realised that an unrelenting force had developed, forming invisible arms that bound her.She couldn't move, but she didn't panic as she watched that white spew of light encompass

*PSSSST*A distraught sizzle issued out of the ball of flame as the warrior got smothered in heat. Su Min smirked as he waved his hand and compressed the flames, magnifying its power until it reached a hair-raising temperature."GAHHHH!!"The warrior cried and gurgled in

"Sorry for barging in, but I want to have a little chat!".........Standing in a pitch black void, a similarly black figure stared onwards in a daze."Wen Mian..."He mumbled out, and as he was doing so his gaze seemed to change. The surroundings rumbled, then in a surrea

After a month, Li Yunmu finally opened his eyes on the holy land of one hundred and fifth flux point. Right away, an incomparably pure flux energy erupted from his body.Its purity even awoke the other cultivators cultivating on the same leaf from their meditative state.That was because Li Yunm

Chapter 694 The Deal Behind the Scenes It was a sinister and frightening magical hall. The Fourth Grade turned and left after tossing Alice into this hall. Alice struggled up from the cold floor and started to sort out her messy hair and clothes. She then casually began assessing this magical ha

Chapter 741: Fish Scale Race Translator: MrVoltaire1  Editor: Modlawls123   These system announcements greatly startled Zhao Fu; he had never thought that such a thing would happen. When Zhao Fu heard the system announcement about the Race Invasion, he knew that this was

Chapter 740: Level 3 Capital City Translator: MrVoltaire1  Editor: Modlawls123   The Dark Demon world's World Protector also paid mind to the changes in the human world and discussed it with the other Legatees. However, they did not put the human world in their eyes a

Chapter 739: Conclusion of Adventure Translator: MrVoltaire1  Editor: Modlawls123   However, this was to fulfill Ye Cang's wishes, and since Zhao Fu had made this promise, he had to fulfill it. Seeing Mo Yao'Er like this, Zhao Fu picked her up and went at it again

Chapter 1224 - Combat Power Assessment "You have a Small Sailboat?" Identical Summer stared at Shi Feng as if the man had told the funniest joke in the world. Although Identical Summer had not said anything else, there was no doubting the contempt in his eyes. The other Freedom Alliance

Chapter 1192: Taking on Cauldron Filling State Translator: Timothy_  Editor: mjn0898   Everyone thought Ye Mo was sucking up to Yong Lanyi, even Yong Lanyi himself believed so too but he sneered in contempt. No matter how much Ye Mo sucked up to him, he would kill Ye Mo.

Chapter 1191: I Will be Back Translator: Timothy_  Editor: mjn0898   Yong Yuer was dazed the moment she saw Ye Mo, but she immediately exploded and pointed her finger at Ye Mo shrieking, "It's you, you dare to come here…. I'm going to kill him, kill hi

Translator: HunterW Editor: RED "Gah!" "Help!" Each enemy soldier took exactly one attack to kill, including their tanks that scrambled to stop my advances. They all did do their best to counterattack, since I was just one man. "Slow! Slow!" "I curse thee with Weakness!" "Imprison my enemy! I

Junhyuk destroyed the first tower and started heading to where the sorcerer was. Suddenly, he saw Sarang's face floating in front of him. "Did you kill them both?" "Yes, I killed them." It hadn't been easy, but he had done it. Things were going as expected, and he was on his way to the S

Chapter 722: Hulayeg's Pitfall!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr "Wait… wait a moment, Sir, please wait! I didn't say that I couldn't do it!" Seeing that Wang Chong was about to leave, Hulayeg knocked over the silver dish of wine in front of him in his haste to catch up. "We can negoti

Chapter 629 - Emperor-level Skill —【Six Soul Banner】 Zhong Yue mulled, sneaking into Hell and tampering with the Book of Life and Death? That was easier said than done!Furthermore, he had absolutely no idea of Hell, how should he sneak in? What danger was there?The Hell was a heavily guarded locat

There were many spiritual treasures, elixirs, and rare treasures inside the Sun Mystic Realm. It was a place where self-cultivators went to look for fortuitous encounters.  However, there were also many dangers hidden inside and was incredibly dangerous.   Those who entered the Sun Mystic Real

Yuan Su ApartmentSong Tianxin woke up, it was already noon. Remembering last night, a smile automatically appeared on her face. She saw that she was wearing a black colour nightgown, the bed had new bed sheet and the man beside her was already gone.Sadness appeared on

Seeing the power of the Sky-Devouring Urn, some self-cultivators were immediately frightened and cried out loud. They were scared that their blood would get sucked up and that they would become mummified.Qingfeng Li was shocked as he stood at the back and saw the four kings of the supreme empi

Beating Up Nanbei ChaoExtra dose of the week! Be sure to support us in Patreon if you are able to!“It disappeared. The ancient palace and the Xiao Yao Qin have vanished. Wu Ningzhu too has disappeared. What’s going on?”“Don’t you understand? Empress Xiao Yao has already found her descendant. W

The skies above the mines roughly fifty kilometers north of Swallow City was a mess of black and red now. Half the skies were one color and the other half another color. It was like two different-colored wings were spreading through the skies for a magnificent showing. “Rumble…boom!!”The earth

“Everyone in the River-Defying Sect has been arrested!!”“A huge spell formation has been set up outside Vile-Emperor City!!”“They’re going to extract the blood of tens of thousands of cultivators from the Heavenspan Realm!!” Each message from Big Fatty Zhang was like a dagger stabbing into Bai

Although Mother Yang described her house as being unfrequented, somehow there were people coming to the door today! Yang Ming's family returned home and before they settled themselves, there was a knock on the door.Yang Dahai was still very puzzled. He said to Yang Ming as he was baffled, "Who