Chapter 698: Cheng Xue Yao Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation   The three Cloth-Armor oriented Class players rolled for the equipment. The first equipment was claimed by Han Ying Xue. The moment she took it up, she immediately equip

Chapter 699: Newbie Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation   "Yea, I'm just messing around in the game, just for fun!" Zhang Yang said. Right after he came into his office, he had taken out his game helmet straightaway, re

Chapter 700: Snowbark Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation   If they had known that Chen Xue Yao would summon a high-level Tanker to aid them, they would have suggested looking for a Tanker themselves. If Unkillable Cockroach's co

Chapter 254 – Little Chen Yu In Pine Mist City, the rear courtyard of the Chen Clan Mansion. Chen Xi’s entire body was covered in bandages as he crawled up on the bed within a spacious and elegant room, and he’d finally awoken after being unconscious for two months. After experi

Chapter 985: A female celebrity in trouble Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge   The next day. Early in the morning, his parents had gone out to buy groceries. After washing up, Zhang Ye closed his bedroom door and stayed inside to make a list of songs. Although it was sti

Chapter 154 Madness? Translated By: Naervon “This, how could this be!” The old man standing next to Duke Falysses stood there shell shocked as he turned his head from left to right, taking in the massive army that filled the skies. Just when did they get there, he thought to himself. E

Chapter 155 Twists and turns Translated By: Naervon “Ahahaha, oh my, do excuse my rude behavior. It is only that I had just remembered something that Lao Jerry had casually discussed with me earlier that just happens to match this comedic mess. I just could not resist my urge to laugh.&rdquo

Huan Meng Yue was greatly agitated and cried even more, “Yes, I did that. They wanted to do evil things to Meng Yue, but Meng Yue is my lord’s woman, Meng Yue will never allow others to taint my body…” The corpses all had only one wound, all located at the throat, basically

Chapter 546: Wang Lin VS Shi Tianyi! Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations   Shi Tianyi stood on the Road to River Styx created by Wang Lin's mana, calm as ever, having stabilized his own soul to prevent it from being corroded by the power of

Chapter 547: The Ruthless Wang Lin Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations   Lin Feng concealed himself amid the space and observed the techniques applied by Wang Lin and Shi Tianyi quietly. Hailed as the elite and most formidable spell even behind

Chapter 545: Five breaths taken, five lives gone! Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations   The crowd was both in awe and in shock after witnessing the young man's unusual yet frightening spell. There were five other cultivators who similarly s

Chapter 777: A Moment of Peace! Translator: Rain  Editor: Chrissy When over one hundred men rushed into the village, the natives didn't just watch them.   There was a kid who showed up inside the door to look at them, but soon a woman dragged him back into the house

Chapter 254: Doubts Stemmed From the Dreams Translator: Novel Saga  Editor: Novel Saga Shi Mu observed this golden crystal grain, and immiadeitely realized something. He noticed that the silvery-white crystal grain – that he had condensed with the help of the Moon-Swallow

Chapter 363 - Contempt During his conversation with Yao Yao, Nie Yan recalled the items he had obtained in his recent adventures. He decided to gift her Akeph’s Hand of Knowledge, sending it to her through the mail. He deposited the other piece of Sub Legendary-grade equipment, Ina’s Pr

Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 197: Tyrannical restriction A loud and clear cry of a bird resounded through the sky. A Tyrannical Bird completely made up of stones flew over ferociously and its sharp claws, one grabbed towards the cyan small crystal man in the hand of Ye Chuan and the other

Undermined     Lin Ruoxi didn’t panic nor did she dodge away while Xu Zhihong didn’t look like he was going to pull the trigger immediately. Yang Chen’s nerves suddenly tightened for a split second, but didn’t rush to disarm Xu Zhihong. The current situation wa

Tragic   The muscles on Wu Yan’s face started twitching——his heart started panicking, his mental strength started wavering strongly, the 3 blue white shield flickered more and more and finally gave out and dispersed into tiny light particles.   “Fu…&helli

Chapter 501: Trying To Defeat A Nascent Soul Expert! Bai Xiaochun seemed like he had already descended into madness. He had received numerous injuries, and his eyes were completely bloodshot. Behind him, the ground was littered with corpses, and the soul cultivators ahead of him were completely sha

Chapter 311 - Nastronds Demon King (1) Theodore’s expression stiffened before he could feel any pleasure at Pluto’s Palace being destroyed. It was because he heard a word that shouldn’t be said. The evil dragon, Nídhöggur...! The name of the amethyst that Gluttony sw

[The duration of immortality is over.]   The worst notification window emerged as Kraugel was about to strike Grid’s neck with White Fang. Was he going to lose? But Grid still had a trump card.   [Braham’s soul, which lost a great deal of power from closing the hell do

“What did you want to talk to me about?” After the closing ceremony.  The Overgeared members gathered at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. As a multinational guild, everyone’s skin and eye colors were different, but there was no sense of incongruity when they were tog

Chaeng! Chaeng! Grid and Kraugel’s bodies rose into the sky. The blood and sweat coming from the two men scattered, reflecting like starlight. ‘His attack power is too strong.’ Kraugel was desperately exchanging blows with Grid, who was in a full buff state. Every time the

Ai Hui's mind was engrossed in figuring out the changes to his body. He thought of the [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art], but did not know how to utilize it. Time was slipping away and he lapsed into a stupor.When he woke up, he astonishedly found himself under a light pillar.A faint, but unus

The sea breeze whistled as the sea waves surged.The Southie was dashingly moving north, cutting through the waves.This reborn Southie had changed quite a lot.First was the name change. Although Marvin wasn't afraid of the White Elephant chamber of commerce, it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble

"Let's eat!" Xiao Mufei took a deep breath, closed his eyes and then suddenly shouted! "Eat!" The others all picked up their chopsticks. However, many of them had their tears dropping down into the bowls when they lowered their head to drink it up. They kept pouring the liquor to the bowls and

Chapter 175 - The Enraged Xu QiEdited by REDFan Yilun was frozen in disbelief on seeing Xu Qi standing before him. Three years ago, his Fan Clan and the Sire, Lian Chengwei, allied themselves, and he had learned from Lian Tianwei that Xu Qi was killed by Mo Ling. Why would he be alive, standing her

Shi Mu closed his eyes and stood completely motionless. It seemed as if he was absorbed in thought, and he appeared to be recalling something important. Some time passed. He then raised his right hand, and another mass of fireball emerged out of thin air. It then darted towards another square-shape

Benjamin spent around half a day to win over whole Angus village. After digging a well, he and a few of the mages split up to eliminate the bandits around the area. These mountain thieves were not very strong to begin with, so needless to say, they stood no chance against a group of mages. A

Qian Lingtian’s had changed. His attitude towards Qian Lingyu had largely shifted from being extremely polite to being downright nasty. Sometimes, he would even make up reasons just to beat him up. Bad things happened, and they had shaped Qian Lingyu into who he was now. Qian Lingyu was an arroga

Michaux didn't seem wanting to attack either. There were many ways of fighting a battle with sound waves, and both Michaux and Qin Yue had decided not to go with a physical method. Qin Yue was a quiet and elegant-looking girl. She slowly plugged the harp and made a few notes. The attack of the soul

"Could it be that this Devilseal Tablet has acknowledged me as its master?" A crazy thought arose within Duan Ling Tian’s head, and it was a thought that even he felt was unbelievable. But when did this Devilseal Tablet acknowledge me as its master? This was something that he didn’t have the s

Regarding Arborea, Marvin's first plan was to develop it as a reserve base.After all, the time discrepancy between Feinan and Arborea was very high. One year in Feinan would have been twenty one years in Arborea.But after the Dark Phoenix used Plane Traction, Arborea was fixed to Ashes Plain.And Hat

Chapter 252 — Testing Each OtherTranslator: LavEditor: Seliniaki IlikiaLü Jiaqiang was even more angry after getting hung up on by Shi Lei. And Shi Lei had made it clear that he didn’t want to return.He was the only person in his entire class, including the other students in the student council, wh

Shangguan Lingxiu felt her heart ache for Lord Supreme Cloud. In the room, a sudden thud could be heard, as if someone who was in deep slumber had fallen off the bed for some unknown reason. The jarring sound was followed by silence. Shangguan Lingxiu was visibly startled, quickly wiping her

Chapter 645: Deathgod, Cai’er (III) All gray, an endless gray. Cai’er’s whole body sank in a pool of gray, and the instant that shadow of death suffused her body, the latter suddenly gained a slender feel. The spiritual wings on her back shrank as ripples of gray color circulated all around he

Chapter 273 [Dragon Palace]   “I’m in slight disbelief of your promise…” Fu Zhongtian is not willing to believe the words of the young man called Commanding officer… He feels that this Commanding officer is more like a madman! “Its a pity Mayor Fu, to

Chapter 790: Returning to Flaming Sun Island When the Evil Infant Boy and Forefather Dark Wind found out that the newcomer was Xu Ran, their eyes showed a strange hint of respect. The Evil Infant Boy had been Kong Qi’s disciple before, Luo Han’s junior brother, and a member of Celestia

Chapter 788: Promise At Dark Wind Island, Evil Infant Boy, Forefather Dark Wind and many of Dark Wind’s subordinates were staring at Qin Lie in astonishment. Inside the wooden tower that had nearly crumbled into ruins entirely, Qin Lie was pressing a hand against the Heavenly Mirror while st

Chapter 789: Choosing an Location “Got it.” Qin Lie looked perfectly calm and unruffled by the news of their arrival in the slightest. In fact, he even looked a little expectant. A large majority of people in the Ruined Lands were evildoers. It might be a good thing for him if the thr

Chapter 80 Rebellion starts Translator- DM Term change: mother planet—–> homeworld The desolate planet. After no news for a long time, Xiaya received the order from Frieza. Adri and others were gathered together, and the atmosphere was not very good. “Frieza is finally