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Spending around two months inside the region of lightning, by the time Jian Shen finally began moving towards the region of wind possessed a total of seven minor dao rings. Sure this wasn't comparable to the major dao ring of fire he managed to create after using the Fire God's Lotus, but J

Ch481 – A Strange PlaceThinking of the Inverted Big Dipper Array, Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help sucking in a cold breath.The Big Dipper Array had seven stars, which corresponded to the seven floors, but in their ancestral shrine, the first floor did not need a teleportation array at all, so where does t

Long waited for the whole night, but his empress didn’t come back!Lying on the big bed, Long was very depressed.They just bickered over something. How could he even not come back?That was too much!Long felt that he was deeply hurt!They would leave early in the morning. Long hadn’t slept all night, s

Chapter 624 A Strange Way Of ThinkingThe more Xiao Yunyun ate, the more depressed she felt. She soon felt that the crayfish was no longer delicious or spicy.Shen Yuechuan looked careless, but in fact, he hadn’t moved his attention away from Xiao Yunyun for a moment.Naturally, he soon noticed that Xi

Chapter 351 This Is a Different Matter“Sister Mi, don’t mention it. Our school is a tourism management major. We haven’t seen a man’s shadow, okay? If we were to talk about it at school, I wouldn’t have to be so anxious now.”“Oh, well, in fact, dating at school is much simpler than after entering so

Chapter 355 Thirteen Swordbanes?Meng Chuan had carried out many rescues over the years. He had been too late many times. Once, he had arrived 50 kilometers away from Xue Feng, only to see him being killed by Patriarch Yellow Oscillate. He also once arrived to see Marquis Purple Rain already dead. Ho

Chapter 356 Cloud Dragon Snake Movement Technique“Back then, many third Firmament demon monarchs saw that the reinforcement Godfiend appeared 50 kilometers away from Demon Monarch Mo Yi outside Yushang City,” said the black-robed North Sense. “He attacked from over 50 kilometers away, but Demon Mona

Chapter 477 Forced Her into Marrying HimEveryone close to Shao Xue was quite jealous on seeing the flowers.And they were also wondering who the sender was.Some of them immediately thought of Liang Ziting.Shao Xue’s colleagues came up to her, asking, “Who sent these flowers, Shao Xue?”The onlookers w

Chapter 756 Taking Flight (2)“Of course I’m going back, I’ve got to fly over… Right everyone, follow me. I might not be back for a long time so I need to make the necessary arrangements. Also, I’m sure you all need to talk to me. Let’s go together,” said Ye Lang.Indeed, there was much to talk about.

“They are awesome, there are not many teams that could survive the Fog of Death with three members, let alone four!” one of the resting cultivators said casually.“Yes, but they have not tasted true despair yet! Let them try to pass that Netherworld Gate! I bet they would end up like us here!” anothe

Chapter 1959: Unknown Past!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr ‘Reprimanded’… ‘flogged’… ‘criticize’… ‘house arrest’… ‘profess his crimes’… The records of the imperial household described a Prince completely disregarded by the sovereign and punished in every way, completely different fro

Chapter 1958: The Truth! (II)Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr“Everything felt very strange to me, but we slaves of the palace have no right to refuse the requests of our superiors. I quickly started the fire, and that man passed the thing over to me. He said that these were discarded

Big Pao and Little Pao’s expressions were incomparably solemn. They had investigated Kuang Wang before this fight and naturally already knew about the Azure Dragon’s existence. But when they actually met this enormous creature face to face, they could not stop themselves fr

Lu Yin was not fond of killing, and he had also not sensed any bloodlust from these pirates. This indicated that they only plundered and rarely killed, which meant that their crimes were not a capital offense.“Friend, this is just a misunderstanding,” the middle-aged captai

"I'll leave this to you." Taesik took the folder the Korean literature teacher gave him before looking back at his phone, there was a text window on it. [Do you have time for a call? I am Lee Junmin.] Lee Junmin, Taesik had heard of the name countless times. This was the pe

Zi Yan couldn’t help feeling sad. Although she had known the chances of reaching a compromise with Long Chen were remote, she had still held onto some hope, but it was now extinguished.Long Chen didn’t have any intention of letting these people off. He wanted to kill them a

“What is that?!”Everyone was shocked to see a giant skeleton. It looked like a bone dragon with three skulls.Each of its skulls had a hole on its forehead, and its huge bone wings held countless runes.This huge body gave everyone a sense of pressure. Fluctuations were comin

All these senior experts had watched as their beloved disciples died one by one at Long Chen and his people’s hands.The barrier that had appeared was extremely strange. When their attacks landed on it, a portion of their power was absorbed by the barrier and used to block t

Five stars revolved in Long Chen’s eyes. They were the same stars as the ones behind him. The stars were burning, causing his power and speed to reach an unbelievable level.He appeared in front of Hu Xiaolin with such speed that no one could track him with their eyes. The r

“Damn, Long Chen, you’re quite the badass. How did you know he would suck you in?” Evilmoon was filled with praise toward Long Chen. Long Chen had actually succeeded in getting into the gourd.“Don’t waste words. I’m almost at my limit,” said Long Chen, panting.He was no god

The willow branches were like a torrent of swords as they rained down from the sky.Some experts didn’t react fast enough and were pierced by them. Those seemingly tender branches flowed with divine light, and not even Ancestral items could block them. It was unknown how man

Episode 10 – Future War (2) As soon as my hand wrapped around the flag, I felt a strong energy rising in my body. Originally, this was something the third turn Yoo Jonghyuk should have but… it didn’t matter. Wasn’t he already strong? [‘Kim Dokja’ has occupied

Outside the Divine Palace, above the Sea of the Path, there were many small boats descended outside the Divine Palace, where they stopped. The mighty great army did not enter the Divine Palace; instead, they seemed to be waiting for something.Gai Qiong and Gai Cang were front and center of the forma

Chapter 468 See You On The Other Side“Okay. What do I need to do?” Han Lu asked Shen Xixi.Shen Xixi simply smiled, picking a small black flower from the flowerpot. She tore off a petal and handed it to Han Lu. “Swallow this petal and just go to sleep.”“Well! What do you know. This is exactly what I

Chapter 469 DreamlandZhang Heng didn’t expect the petal to actually taste good. It had a strange sweetness to it. Before he could enjoy its taste, though, drowsiness quickly crept in, conquering his body. Then, without him doing anything, his mind started fighting back the drowsiness. His brain went

Chapter 477 Dollar, Is the Dog Food Delicious?Selina said with a bitter face, “Am I just going to lie here?”Luke said, “How about Dollar stay here to keep you company?” Selina: “…”Amused, Luke left and soon returned with the tablet and the tiramisu he bought. “This should be fine, right?”.Selina bea

Chapter 476 Selina’s Anemia and MalnutritionGold and cash were the most tangible form of wealth.Few people could resist their temptation.After seeing Bobby off, Luke returned to the backyard. “Time to go, Dollar. Wake Selina up.”Dollar obediently followed him into the house. At Luke’s gesture, it pu

Chapter 329 Performing In Front of OthersUpon noticing Ou Yangming’s satisfied expression, an unknown wave of relief washed over Fu Taihong.However, once he noticed this, he immediately flinched. ‘How could someone of my status be so nervous in front of Ou Yangming?’After all, Fu Taihong was a Super

Chapter 328 Equipment Upgrade“Woosh…”The Military Fire’s light scattered and melted the materials, which was transformed into a unique mold accordingly.About 20 blacksmiths were in this smithing workshop, and they focused on carrying out the same task. These blacksmiths were the most prestigious in

Chapter 1397 Have you experienced despair?“This should be the number.” Song Shuhang pressed on the phone number.He had long forgotten the actual daoist name of Scholar DM… and he couldn’t remember it even if he wanted to. What he had recorded on his phone was a homonymous name that was provided by S

Chapter 1396 I don’t have a son as old as youIf he drove the Divine Lobster’s Chariot on Wenzhou City Road, it would definitely be very eye-catching… An ancient chariot covered in gold with a shrimp and a dragon pulling it.It was definitely too conspicuous and not something he could use. Moreover, i

Chapter 1395 Experience the cruelty of death, youngster!Through the dreamland, Song Shuhang was able to experience and memorize the steps that the Heavenly Emperor took to form his Golden Core Composition.If Song Shuhang wanted, he could draw a similar (Heavenly City Composition] on his golden core

Chapter 438 The News Conference Begins March 4th, Friday… Pei Qian arrived at the office early. He accessed the platform to take a look. Not a single person had bought Be Quiet yet! Obviously, gamers could not achieve any breakthroughs in a single day. Of course, that was what Boss Pei had planned!

Chapter 301 PossessionRoy stretched out his claws and carefully picked up a dark elf cookie with his sharp nails.Unlike the time when Rafaro was transformed into a cola liquid, this dark elf cookie was only about half the size of his original body. Moreover, there was a pattern on the cookie, and th

Chapter 300 Assassin CookiesIn the world of Ashan, it was relatively difficult for demons to obtain intelligence.Due to the fact that most races were wary of demons, they could only use transformed succubi to sneak into other countries. But there were few succubi, and it was impossible to spread the

Chapter 439 This News Conference is so Interesting After the video finished playing, the atmosphere became livelier and more formal. People who had not entered yet walked in briskly. Soon, all the seats were filled up. A gentle female voice reminded everyone of a couple of things, such as keeping th

Chapter 454 He’s a Good Person After All Hearing Nangong Jing’s response, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Did Ling Dongyu, that bastard, do it?” If it was true, then Lu Ze decided to visit the Gracious System in order to beat him up, no, beat him for half a year! He finally understood how Blue Flower Fruit

Chapter 631 All Major Forces Come to the Auction! There was no doubt that the news of the Guru Sword’s auction caused a sensation in Wulin, making countless people go crazy over it.At the same time, everyone was extremely curious and confused!“Who took it out?”“Someone is actually willing to sell th

Chapter 455 This Is Very Strong Above the damaged stage that was riddled with cracks, Lu Ze’s martial robes shattered. His body was covered in wounds as his blood slowly poured out. At this time, his chi was a little weak, and his face was pale. Following a momentary sigh of relief, a gray beam of l

Chapter 228 You Know a Peak-Grade Cultivation Art? Very Well, It’s Mine Now! “What did you say?” Yi Jiamin was enraged. “Scram!” Fang Wuan didn’t even bother to glance at Yi Jiamin. He was looking at Sun Mo and spoke with arrogance, “You can’t be possibly afraid of losing, right?”. “I heard that thi