Tell Me   “Men are unpredictable!” Yang Chen yelled and went behind Guo Xuehua to pinch Zhenxiu’s nose which made her jump up to bite him in return. Guo Xuehua rolled her eyes at her childish son. Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma looked at each other, eyes filled with relief. “Sir, don’t tease her anymore. W

“Master Sage, these people are here to ask for your help.” Old Li bowed and then announced respectfully. The people who came to them were wearing black gym outfits. Although they lived a hermit life, they were very much connected with the modern way of life. Therefore, their clothes were not the tra

The plump woman was not easy to deceive. She pushed the young man and said angrily, “Do you think I’m a fool? The jade bracelet that cost two million, would it be broken when knocked on the stone? Besides, wouldn’t I know if that had happened? The bracelet didn’t touch the stone!” A quarrel began, a

“What about the flaws of this rock?” Li Du asked. Zhong Dapao spread his arms. “There’s one very distinct flaw. The quality of the jade from this rock is either outstanding, translucent like ice or glass, or it’s complete and utter garbage. Jade of poor quality is liable to be polluted by the black

“There was,” Dongfang Tianfeng said assertively. “In the first thousand years of its existence, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland cultivated a large batch of matchless and superb Heaven Rulers.” “Throughout those thousand years, three individuals rose as unrivaled imperial rulers. They were the ones w

“Nope, I’ve still yet to locate Oathless Sword.” Sword Demon replied to Gu Fei’s message. “How are things on your end? Can you still hold on?” “Easily,” Gu Fei answered. There was no way a fortress would rise up on the battlefield, but pyramids were still highly possible. The huge rocks that piled u

At the same time, some people were chatting by the side. “I heard from my friend that Red Tiger is super good, so I came here to watch it.” Some youngsters had also brought their parents along. “Everyone said that this movie is also very suitable for people of your age to watch.” “That’s right, that

Everyone laughed heartily and looked at Su Mo as if he was a fool. “Humph!” Bai Yin’er scoffed as her lips curled into a smirk. She dismissed his arrogance entirely, and assumed that he was just a fool. Su Mo had already broken the law by forcibly trying to leave Great Martial City. Once General Che

The sudden and completely illogical retreat of the Blind Men even before the battle properly begun put the entire pirate ranks into disarray!

Talks about recognition from the Bright Republic still seemed far away to Ves. Right now, the Flagrant Swordmaidens hardly left the deep frontier and just survived an encounter with the Dra

The scorching sun shone fiercely… Song Shuhang opened his eyes in confusion and looked up towards the sky. Where the hell is this place, why is it so hot? In the following moment, he saw a humongous sun that was eight times larger than the sun that could be seen from Earth. “F*ck, what’s going on?”

Above the gray fog, Klein extended his hand and summoned the Sea God Scepter from the junk pile. He began browsing through the countless points of light swirling about the Sealed Artifact. Every point of light corresponded to a believer’s prayer. The glows swirled with ethereal holiness! Soon, Klein

Chapter 77: Ratacia Palace Translator: Kris_Liu  Editor: Vermillion Turning around, Felicia noticed that Annie, Colin and some other students were all standing around and trying to talk to Lucien. She slightly smiled and took a step forward. “Ladies and gentlemen, in ord

But were they going to go separate ways after the National League was over? Lin Feng was much clearer than her about this. Some people weren’t oblivious or naive and out of these, the people who cared would want to see them in such a state and thus thought that it was best to let them be naive, for

Hence, she had always been confident that the one who would ultimately enter marriage with Fu Huai’an was only her, Chu Xun. When it came to capability, not many could match up to Fu Huai’an! But she, Chu Xun, wasn’t bad. If they were to look at looks, Chu Xun was definitely a top beauty! In regards

To many weak little cultivators and even some ordinary Cosmos Gods, Limitless City Master was the unparalleled existence with the best temperament! But to other final realm cultivators and unparalleled existences, Limitless City Master had the weirdest personality. Also. He was publicly recognized a

“Got the initial capital?” Li Yao could tell that the job was certainly done from Long Yangjun’s lighthearted chuckle. “Yes. Very smoothly.” Long Yangjun’s voice was directly vibrating Li Yao’s eardrum. “As it turns out, the golden match ‘Ace Game’, which is held once every three years, is now under

Chapter 91 – The Grand Duke’s Proposal (2) I couldn’t believe my ears for a moment. I almost laughed, but when I saw Grand Duke Kapmen’s eyes, it died on my lips. His eyes spoke plainly of his anxiety. A man who I knew for his blunt speech and his confidence was now afraid of my rejection. Perhaps i

He rose and straightened his back. Xuxu was wearing silk pajamas, and she wasn’t wearing any undergarments beneath it since she had planned to hit the sack. Her breasts had increased considerably in size after giving birth. Yan Rusheng watched her and he swallowed his saliva. He walked to Xuxu and s

Yan Rusheng was extremely annoyed. “Why are you in our room?” How could she intrude on their privacy? Fortunately, he had the last shred of decency to put a towel around him. If not… Yan Rusheng was about to lose his temper. “Where is Xuxu?” His tone certainly didn’t sound cordial or polite. Mu Li i

Fang Ning asked for his body back. He paced repeatedly inside the cave, thinking of solutions. Occasionally, he glanced at the white marble arch. The arch was trembling intermittently, showing the stress that those devils inflicted on it. Also, the arch was still a WIP, so it was understandable that

After eating the Demon Primogenitor finger, Zhao Fu’s Divine Bloodline easily digested it so that not even a speck remained. Zhao Fu now had some Demon Primogenitor Power, and even though it was quite weak, Zhao Fu was still quite satisfied. “Let’s go!” Zhao Fu glanced over at the dumbfounded elderl

Within those factions, most of them wanted to support Great Qin. After all, even as a new world, Great Qin had performed spectacularly, which was quite rare. It had much greater potential than the Devil Horn Empire. However, many big things had happened around Great Qin, and it was likely that those

Chapter 19: Sharing   "Is that Wu Tian coming here for you? Sorry, I have never expected that he would be looking for you. Did he do anything to you?" The person who had appeared before Jiang Bai was his neighbor, Yao Lan. She was already out here when he arrived, seemingly in a ru

The battles going on in King Li’s Palace had been going on for days. The spectacular fights taking place opened their eyes of many cultivators of Dali who came to watch the event. All of the topmost geniuses from Liwang City and the holy lands of the Nine Counties all gathered around the platform, s

Countless looked at the battlefield in King Li’s Palace, watching two people fighting on stage while the spectators were unusually silent. Everyone was drawn to what was happening in the battlefield. “Some power indeed.” Many gasped. With battles getting that far, it was almost exclusively clashes b

Dumby took in a deep breath and applied the God Spirit Essence onto the surface of its body; it looked as if it was smudging some kind of crystal-clear ointment on itself. The dark golden bones continued to absorb the God Spirit Essence, but there was no exaggerated change in its body. It was a subt

Ye Yuwei brought the spoon to Xixi’s mouth, but the little girl shook her head in refusal Xixi began to cry loudly when Gu Juexi grabbed her head with one hand to keep her still. “Be good, Xixi. Mommy will give you sweets after you take your medicine.” The medicine in the spoon spilled as Ye Yuwei t

While everyone was shocked, they were even moreso could not believe their eyes. It was really a regular stone?! When they heard him say that the stone he was gifting could barely be called a rare item, the crowd through that it was perhaps a uniquely shaped stone that was formed naturally. Although

“Should we send them?” The skinny man frowned. Although people like them would send higher authorities new materials every year, not all of them could succeed. Until now, there was only one successful case. Those that failed took up much of the organization’s wealth and manpower. If he was not satis

The skinny man didn’t think that the sniper was that much of a threat to him. However, he still respected the sniper’s ability to retract his presence and killing intent. A domain realm master like him was not able to detect him at all. The struggling Xiao Yiqiu realized that there was a change in t

“It’ll be difficult to clear away all that snow.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully as Louise gazed at his reflection in the window. “Louise.” When he called her name, Louise jolted quickly in surprise. “Y-yes?!” “We’ll remove some sn

If this moment means surprise to Lou Yao Yao and Qin Zhi, then to Fang Xi Lei and Lou Yuan Zhi, it would purely be scary.  Take a look at what they have seen and what they have heard!  After a long day of work and dragging their exhausted selves home, they saw the Qin boy downstairs thei

When Sheila hooked a finger in front of Zhang Lisheng as a seductive gesture, the young man inadvertently saw a vaguely familiar young white man wearing wide black-rimmed glasses, black beach pants, and a black T-shirt from the corner of his eye. With a happy expression, that person walked across th

A few minutes later, the giant hardtop convertible that Tina drove, transformed back into a seven-seater SUV and parked in a parking space under the shade outside of Harvard’s campus. “It’s nice having shade but Tina dear, if you park the car here, I guarantee that you’ll find a lot of ‘surprises’ w

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Weasalopes” After having dinner, and a little before going to bed, we have a meeting. There we discussed our future plans. Basically, we participate in the training and wait for the big wave to occur. We decided that if it did not occur in t

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Weasalopes” It was early in the morning when I arrived at Tonell Village. On the way to the village, I was attacked by monsters several times and it took somewhat longer than expected. Fortunately, I wasn’t injured, but when I underst

Do You Like Her   He looked over and saw a lady wearing a light pink skirt standing in front of a bakery. Below her slender calves were a plain pair of sneakers. Although she wasn’t dressed to the nines, she was still attracting the gazes of passersby.   Yang Chen sucked in a breat

If You Became Bald   After contemplating for a while, Yang Chen asked, “Darling, is being with me really all that stressful? Please be honest.”   An Xin blinked a few times. “Stressful? Of course, it is.” Yang Chen’s face fell. “I see. I suppose Ruoxi

Chapter 22: Dungeon Captured   After using <Transfer> home, I immediately called Baa-chan. "Baa-chaa~n"(Leo)   "What is it? Oh, have you finally returned?"(Carina) Baa-chan, totally unaware of what happened, comes out from the back.   Then, she saw me