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After collecting every cogs he shots down, he checks his property for his remaining MP.MP: 183/200Looking at the numbers Vayne nods in satisfaction. If his what he assume are correct, then each shot cost 1 Mp. He miss 5 times when taking down this group of 12 cogs so the nu

"Do you wish not to pledge yourself to me?" The deep voice asked. Jiro pursed his lips as he stared at the opal. "Jiro..." A soft female voice called out. Jiro quickly turned to the direction of the voice. No one was there. "Jiro..." The voice called out again, this time it

Chapter 2019 Discharging Energy A momentous change took place. The Larkinson Clan only existed for a couple of months, but already it was in the process of morphing into an entirely different beast!The opening of the clan was such a radical change that the members of the Lar

Chapter 2018 Casting Votes The entry of Joshua into the ranks of the Larkinsons marked a seminal moment in the history of the Larkinson Clan.For the first time in the existence of the entire Larkinson line, the clan members recognized an outsider as a fully-fledged Larkinson

Chapter 2017 Accolade "Joshua King." Ves spoke as the young mech pilot approached his throne. "Born on Cloudy Curtain, graduated from Meirling Mech Academy with honors. Enlisted in the Avatars of Myth after graduation and fought alongside other Avatars in the Sand War. He ha

Chapter 2021 Surge of Optimism As the Larkinson Clan experienced massive changes, the fleet eventually crossed through abandoned and distressed space and reached the territory of the Sentinel Kingdom!Everyone's nerves truly relaxed at that time. Though the Penitent Sisters a

Chapter 2020 The Clan of the Golden Ca In preparation, Keguan Please wait a moment, after the updates, you need to refresh the page to get the latest updates! If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can

Chapter 967 Bodyguards The only mercy Jin's minions would show the likes of these people who had collaborated to insult their master was the mercy of death. Their master had always been a shining beacon for a better future, a second chance for some of the monsters even thoug

Chapter 968 No More Pushovers "What kind of powers do these people have?!" Hao Pai wondered as he stared down at Jin. His pride and honour was at stake and to make things worse, he saw a glimpse of the Clan Head Hu Yuan Ba just standing there at the mansion's balcony.It was

Wu Yu stared coldly at Beishan Mo.To be honest, he did not believe him.The Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the Distant Fire Sword Sage, who had been cultivating for hundreds of years, were the top figures after the Seven Immortals of Shushan. They were really strong. Wu Yu had

Xiao Yili was feeling some trepidation regarding Wu Yu's Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, and was also exasperated and vexed.If not, she would already have led the other three and fought their way out, where they could cram humble pie down Wu Yu's throat.Wu Yu was feelin

It seemed to be referring to an entire race.Born unyielding, and to live for destruction. When the rules and systems were all in control of the mighty, and the people were struggling to get by, that was the time for these people to surface.To destroy these thugs, and to bui

The Pregnant Tree of Great Dao was at the highest point of the entire mountain.The surrounding fence was a circle that enclosed the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao.The fence was also the edge of the barrier.This was a barrier powered by an extremely sophisticated spirit design."

Wu Yu saw that not only this immortal essence mountain, but all six other mountains were also crumbling!It was a sight to behold.All seven huge lightning swords plunged on the respective peaks started to fracture and crumble.This scene would probably alarm the nine people a

The Floating Dreams Pagoda was buried in the soil, and those within the Immortals' Viewing Platform could only watch.No matter how much they grumbled, scolded, panicked, or raged, Wu Yu could not hear them. He was within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Even if the sky fell outs

The year in the Taigu Immortal Path was coming to a close.There was one thing that Wu Yu still had to accomplish, so he had to move quickly.Even though the Floating Dreams Pagoda gave him the ability to gain some time, it still passed quickly.Additionally, Wu Yu was concern

Immortals' Viewing Platform.A total of nine people.Currently, each was in their own spot near the barrier, their faces abject with misery, and uneasiness and frustration simmering in their eyes.Princess You Xue, Prince Feng, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, etc....Outside the Tai

Wu Yu had not expected this.Wu Yu had originally thought that he would simply face the Little Duke for his first battle.But the demon Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had jumped at the opportunity to participate in Wu Yu's "qualifiers."His intention was all too easy to read. They had

One man and two puppets appeared in front of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern just like that.The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had truly been too conceited, which was why he had not anticipated this turn of events.That was why he did not have a counter ready when Wu Yu attacked!Also, Wu Y

Change is the only constant, the wheel of fortune turns.Right now, their only hope of escape rested in Wu Yu's hands. With this chip in Wu Yu's control, he naturally had the right to speak as well.Wu Yu was waiting for their reply.Before they replied, they naturally discuss

Frankly speaking, the rest had no other options. In the current situation, even if they took the initiative to surround Wu Yu, they could not prevent him from leaving.Thus, they could only layer plots onto ploys. Relying upon the heat of the moment to find an opportunity to

Seeing the Black and White Deities appear before him, the Little Duke saw his worst nightmare come true.He could carelessly overlook the killing of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern.But now he was going to kill him! The appearance of the Black and White Deities basically confirmed

After finishing up, Wu Yu transferred the Eight-Feather Golden Roc and the Emperor Tree's possessions into his own bag.If it was true that cultivation was plunder, then no one was at fault on this Immortals’ Viewing Platform. Everyone was moving towards the final goal of cu

The Immortals' Viewing Platform was filled with corpses. Only Princess You Xue was left. When Wu Yu collected the Black Deity, Princess You Xue stared blankly at him instead of attacking him. Both of them locked eyes. The auras and standing between them had undergone huge c

Due to the 10,000 mystical dragon engravings on the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, it felt a little rough when held in the hands. From each and every small dragon engraving, Wu Yu could clearly feel its intense vitality, the trembles from its power, and the con

Wu Yu understood everything. This was equivalent to having a living puppet who would do everything he wished and placed him as its king. In fact, if she showed any disrespect to him, all it would take was a thought and the Soul Manipulation Blood Design on her would be trig

Once the demonic power of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was activated, one would be submerged in the crimson world of this spirit design. It would be difficult to draw back or stop.Once the process had started, it was like being sucked into a crimson vortex and held in

Wu Yu was standing outside the Immortals' Viewing Platform, while Princess You Xue was still trapped within. Under the illumination of the white light, the girl had sparkling skin, lustrous, long hair, and refreshingly bright eyes. When she wasn't overpowering and cold, she

He came out of Sun Wudao’s tomb, where the spiritual qi vortex originated. The Bipo Mountain Range. Flowers bloomed and birdsongs could be heard. In the air, one could pick up the lingering scent of the grass. Although the spiritual qi here was diluted and almost the same a

Basically, all the elite personnel from Yan Huang Imperial City, the Shangyuan Dao Sect, the Shushan Immortal Sect, the Tianyi Race, and the demons of Endless Demon Seas had gathered here.It wasn't just them. Below them, on the foot of the mountain, there was a large number

Wu Yu hid himself near the Yan Huang Immortal Army.His brothers and sisters from Heaven's Equal Camp had also improved a lot themselves.Wu Yu had many resources with him right now, but he could not hand them out amidst the tricky situation.He still had to monitor any change

The Bipo Mountain Range and the Heavenly Sword Sect were now empty.Time was tight and they could only retreat. Those palaces in the cliffs were left behind. Even the Immortal Cranes for transport purposes could not be brought along.To those at the Primordial Spirit Transfor

He remembered that Qu Haoyan was the eldest son of the Yan Dragon Army’s general. Then this Qu Haoyang should not be his brother.Qu Haoyang, a chiliarch in the Yan Dragon Army who could command thousands of Yan Dragon Guards, was definitely older than Qu Haoyan.But their su

When he raised this point, the Yan Dragon Army was calm. They fixed Wu Yu with gazes that would have made anyone' skin prickleOnly now did Wu Yu realize that Qu Haoyang wanted to see him not only about the tomb.Qu Haoyang did not reply to that. The burly centurion Jin Sheng

In response to this situation, Ming Long said, "I think it's too troublesome to have the advanced dao treasure now. Everyone is staring at you. It's better to give it to him. Anyway, he's not much stronger than you. Later, when you have enough strength and the Dong Sheng Di

Wu Yu had met Duomingshan Shengxue and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas before, and he was very familiar with him.Right now, these two were completely different.Duomingshan Shengxue looked the same as ever. After becoming the puppet of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, he was li

The Yan Dragon Army's battle formation focused on its savagery, speed, and strength combining into a whole. All to achieve destruction.Thus, when Wu Yu saw Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas succumbing to the attacks, he knew that he couldn't stop the army.Qu Haoyang was still s

Wu Yu never thought that it would be so difficult to kill Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas.Maybe because Luo Pin had killed the Ghostly Emperor too easily the last time around, he did not think that the puppet of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord would be that scary.The stronger

Although no one knew what she was capable of and how much damage she had taken over the past five yuan, this terrifying existence that once stood against the immortals of the sky palaces wasn't someone the current Wu Yu could possibly match. Before her, Wu Yu was just like

For the moment, that black wolf demon did not rush out.In fact, if it did not see Wu Yu exiting, based on its intelligence, it might not even know where the exit was.After all, it was dark in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. The exit was no different from other position