Ji Yanling bade farewell to An Lin and the others to return to the Wen Valley Immortal Sect. An Lin laid feebly on Da Bai’s back whilst Xu Xiaolan flew to An Lin’s side with a look of curiosity on her face as she enquired about what memories An Lin had shown Ji Yanling to spark such a speedy recover

A row of people was heading forward in the flourishing natural forest. They were silent and exceptionally swift, as though they were hawks and falcons flying through the air. The tough mountainous terrain was not affecting them in any way at all. After an hour, the row of people had already covered

Cai Yan fished out a small purple mirror from her body with one hand, while her other hand held a piece of the spiritual stone. She then spat a mouthful of blood onto the mirror. Suddenly, that delicate purple mirror gave out a streak of spectacular purple light which swept across to directly block

Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo were the most special students in his class. One was admitted to his class based on her excellent results, while the other went through the back door to be admitted to his class. Initially, Liu Neng had been worried when Zhu Baoguo insisted on going to the same class as Qiao

Mag nodded. "Okay. Please wait a moment." He turned to walk towards the kitchen. He was pretty satisfied with Amy's answer; at least she didn't say yes right away. Seeing that this magic caster was not quite ready to give up, he was still on alert.

Krassu put the spoon down softly. Not one single grain of rice was left. He chewed on the last mouthful of fried rice, feeling the pleasant taste spreading in his mouth. After he

He didn’t expect Wang Yao should just say that without any consideration. Some people were just like Dr. Long. They considered themselves the smartest person in the world, while everyone else was stupid. It was not good to treat other people as idiots. At the end of the day, he would find that the s

No one expected things to escalate. The screaming of Jiang Ruoyin and the whispering from the crowd made Wen Xinya lose her stand. Humiliation like this reminded her of her previous life, and the heavy burden of the past slowly crushed her, putting pressure on her. Her mind was in a mess. What was g

Jiang Ruoyin became the center of attention. People’s stares made her feel uncomfortable. Wen Xinya was supposed to be embarrassed, but the situation reversed in a second. Jiang Ruoyin lost not only her luxury watch but also her dignity. Jiang Ruoyin shot herself in the foot and suffered a double lo

Being judged by the crowd, Jiang Ruoyin covered her face in embarrassment and ran away. This incidence finally came to an end, and Wen Xinya won people’s respect. Ning Shuqian, however, held Wen Haowen’s arm and walked away with a stiff expression. The crowd cleared away, and the atmosphere was back

She would not ever come to such places again. “Yun Shishi?!” A familiar voice rang from behind her. She looked past her shoulder and found Mu Wanrou haughtily standing there in a sexy long dress. The woman was staring at her with an icy glare. “Mu Wanrou…” Her face turned pale in anger. It’s her? Ho

“Am I correct this time?” “I-I d-don’t know what nonsense you are spouting!” Her enemy’s icy tone held a tinge of panic. With a slight smile, she commented neutrally, “Do you dare deny the indecent proposition between you and the welfare center director?” The other vehemently denied, “What indecent

About half a month after the Golden Buddha Pills were concocted, Princess Zhang Le finally returned with all her loot. Seven Primordial Immortals from Heaven, two Primordial experts from the Fiend Realm, one Primordial expert from the Demon Realm, and thirty-two Buddhas from Buddhist League were the

The guild hall was crowded with people. Everyone’s eyes fell on the huge crystal ball. The battle between the apprentice and mentor was clearly displayed in front of everyone through the huge crystal ball. The battle had reached its climax; the young apprentice was getting fiercer with every attack,

Translated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthThe tower on the walls was crowded with Magicians. Hunters, students, Battlemages, Imperial Magicians; and Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Super Magicians with Lightning, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Earth Elements..."Vanguards, charge!" yelled Han Ji

Qin Wu’s flesh began to twitch, and his eyes were spitting out angry flames!Soul wound! A great Sixteen Absolute had one of their main pets killed by a young man?! And a soul wounded?! How embarrassing was this?! “Still laughing?” Chu Mu stared at Qin Wu, whose face was twitching far away

Translated by XephiZEdited by Aelryinth"Well done, Elder Ling Xi!" yelled Han Ji in excitement.It had been a while since Han Ji had participated in a thrilling battle against demon creatures; basically ever since he was promoted to the president of the Clock Tower Magic Association. The endles

Chu Mu already lit the spirit master army’s fighting intent. However, Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t bring in the spirit master army into the spirit emperor army recklessly. Soul alliance still had the upper hand in the spirit emperor fight. If they got too close, a few high class emperor ranks combine

Puppy or Kitten   Yang Chen could have effortlessly avoided her slap but decided against it. When he noticed that she was about to give him a tight slap, his focus was at the immense anxiety she had suppressed within her eyes. Am I the reason to her sorrow? Yang Chen was at a loss but he was sure t

Other than Cedrick, no one really cared about the topic of the fifth husband. Even Madam Grace only leveled him a gaze that was haughtier than usual. Then, she returned to deal with Luther. She raised her chin to ask, “Speak, what do you really want?” Cedrick was annoyed. Luther looked at him with s

Floating Light stretched the exoskeleton on its back, wind circulating between its gaps, then it glided down to the bottom of the deep valley. The Dragon Slaying Chapter shone with an aura of invisible force. This force protected it while it was drifting to the bottom of the valley. With resistance

Chapter 1449 - Immortal Golden ElixirThe Ecliptic Stone wall was full of holes. A mysterious small pool rested before him, as if the sun itself melted, becoming liquid. It was dazzling gold, auspicious and warm.What was this? It contained endless life force!Shi Hao immediately rushed forward to car

Yun Bilu had no idea about the turmoil roaring in Huang Yize’s heart. She anxiously tugged his arm and said, “Don’t say that. Why are you chasing me out? We still have things to discuss.” When Yun Bilu’s small yet warm hands touched Huang Yize’s, its warmth seemed to seep straight into his heart, ca

Xin Yanting scanned the flowers in Su Yan’s hands and sneered. “These flowers are so tiny, and it costs three yuan? They look like wild roses.” “Even if her parents had forced her to sell these flowers, I would still buy it. If I didn’t, she might have to continue standing here until she had sold ev

… Xuxu and Yan Rusheng decided to throw Su Yue a lavish and huge coming of age ceremony. They wanted it to be huge to allow Su Yue to interact with more people and get used to crowds. But the main reason was to inform everyone that the Yan family had officially acknowledged them as their siblings an

Su Yan’s face turned solemn for a second before he gave a slight nod. “General Manager Xin.” Xin Yanting had worn a classy red sleeveless dress. She sauntered her way in with her nose up high as though everything was beneath her. She walked to Su Yan and then stopped. Ignoring everyone else, she sca

Fangzheng said, “It’s nothing. They had too much to eat and have nothing better to do. By the way, are there many such lands in the village?” Dog Song was taken aback. Why was Fangzheng asking about this? At that moment, Wang Yougui slapped his thigh and jumped up, laughing. “Haha! Dog Song, you sur

Junhyuk did not think that was the end, so he didn’t waste his time in the harrowing void. After training his Harmonizer, Junhyuk slowly opened his eyes. Ariel was staring at him with worry, but he laughed at her and said, “Don’t worry.” He knew the battle would be tough, but he hadn’t expected to d

Junhyuk had reached Gongon, Elise and Helen, but when he saw the amount of health he had lost, he frowned. Diane was Diane, and her +20 bow had dealt him a lot of damage. He was the only one who had been hit. The others were still at full health. It was lucky that he had gotten there just in time, b

This dignified voice, which was even more high pitched than that of a tenor, wasn’t Dharma King Creation’s voice? And the song seemed to be none other than his ❮Seven Deaths Song❯. Song Shuhang still remembered when Fairy Lychee’s windmill spin and Dharma King Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ fused to

From the looks of it, it seems like I'm lagging behind the others. I'll have to hurry up…He had already wasted almost ten hours traveling through the three worlds. If someone managed to make their way into the Subordinate Hall during this period of time, the treasures inside would likely have

Chapter 1448 - Ecliptic Old NestShi Hao walked along the mountain path, staggering about with each step, the injuries he received really were too serious. His so-called dao foundation was wounded, leaving behind a scar from his flesh down to his soul.This was extremely astonishing, forget about him

Chapter 1337: What Is a Moment of Delight, What Is a Friend? “Hahahaha! Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, even if you subdued the Myriad Fiend Island, possessed a supreme grace, and pulled the three Holy Lands of the Eastern Sea to your side, you are nothing before my Cyclic Astral Palace. You are not

Chapter 896: Explosion, the crowd surprised The huge forest was extremely still as Bai Yanqing’s chilly gaze stopped at Long Feiye and Han Yunxi’s hiding spot. For a moment, tension rose in the crowd. Baili Mingxiang, who had opened her eyes, didn’t dare to shut them again. She wa

Town chapter 67: Village and potatoes 1   A population of 10,000. I thought that achieving this was not difficult. However, the population didn’t even reach 4,000 people in seven years. How many beastmen will be residents of the new town here? When I think so, that expectation is to

Town chapter 68: Village and potatoes 2   "Good, lets dissolve. I will talk to chief Jiharu, so everyone should take a rest for today"   When we returned to the town, we stopped the vehicle in front of the [D-type warehouse] and I let the escort dissolve. Then, the childr

Town chapter 69: Elf 1   By the way, although potatoes were harvested safely in my territory, there were various things that happened during  these three months. I need to talk about it.   First of all, teaching Japanese to the wolf tribe. After all, a big difference started t

Town chapter 70: Elf 2 (with map)   Map of the continent     Map of Dryad Kingdom     Map of Fujiwara territory     "I see......the beastmen are living together......"   I stared at the sky and muttered like a monologue. &nbs

Town chapter 71:   There are several settlements in the huge forest that spans the northern portion of the Fujiwara territory. Those who live there are elves and beastmen who came to this land to escape from humans and hide. They were weak and were always vigilant about the presence of the en

Town chapter 72: Northern Villages 2   The wooden house that the elven chief lives in has only two rooms, both of which use the earth as the floor. In one of the rooms, there was a dent in the center where a fire burned. A crackling sound is heard and the rising smoke exhales through an openi