Ye Mo saw clearly that the red beams Cha Qizhao used was truth realisation state domain flame."Argh…" Two howls of pain sounded and the shadows were crippled. It was slow and after the flame passed, it seemed to be gathering again.Before Cha Qizhao could use his domain flame again, Ye Mo flung

He was Nonosiva.One of the top two strongest at the Regent Level, as well as a general under the Red Moon King. He was also the older brother of Baylon, the first Royal Star, and one of the victims destined to be sacrificed in the Battle of Ice Age. In the Battle of Ice Age, opposing the Red K

The might radiating from the Lifire Empyrean was too terrifying. At this moment, the vast majority of people all hoped for Qin Wentian to become the victor. Because, once the Lifire Empyrean's attack defeated Qin Wentian, it was unknown how many people had to die here today.The northern govern

Beauty Xiao's reaction caused the hearts of everyone to tremble. The terrifying flames instantly seeped into her body, burning her. This was simply too fast, so fast that nobody could react."You've gone mad!" The Lifire Empyrean roared.Qin Wentian's gaze also froze as he stared at Beauty Xiao

Chapter 1: Corpse transformation “A Qing, are you really pregnant with his child?” Mu Lin stared at Shao Qing in astonishment. She and Shao Qing had grown up together, nobody knew Shao Qing’s character as well as she did. Shao Qing and her were abandoned when they were young. Although they were adop

Chapter 2: Apocalypse Uploading another translated chapter! This novel seems interesting so far and I’m already counting down for the male leads to appear haha

Chapter 3: Reverse Kill Shao Qing silently calculated, altogether there were a total of five people. With her abilities, disposing of five people shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem was that she was currently still carrying her son. Moreover, these five individuals appeared to have supernatu

Chapter 4: Food Hunter Shao Qing’s expression changed. In a flash, it became pale with no signs of blood at all. She didn’t desire for her child to be a man eating monster. At that moment she wanted to cry. Her long awaited child had finally arrived, yet his arrival was completely different from wha

Chapter 5: Raising a zombie Shao Qing had an intuition that the zombie had the exact same idea as her. In the same way that she wanted to catch him as food, he also wanted to catch her as food. Narrowing her eyes, Shao Qing inwardly schemed how she was going to capture this intelligent zombie. After

Chapter 6: Encounter After digging out the crystals, Shao Qing let out a relaxed breath. Er Dai and her were very compatible. Er Dai brought her to the city and had wiped out an entire regiment together. Now within a corner of Shao Qing’s space dimension, there was already a huge pile of crystals. T

Chapter 7: Discovered Both sides had an understanding. Neither believed in the other. The woman and her companions wanted to fish out the secret in how Shao Qing was able to survive so long by herself in the city, while Shao Qing had taken a fancy towards their crystals. As a result, although they w

Chapter 8: Parting ways Yet, Er Dai was not successful in throwing himself into the circle of fire because a dark green colour flashed into the sky, blocking him from entering. The blaze of flames gradually went out, exposing the dark green cocoon within. The cocoon looked as if it had used willow b

Chapter 9: Entering the base Carrying Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing headed off towards the survivor base. She had to find that place and understand more about the current situation. Separating herself from humans for too long and not having information circulated, this would unfavourable concerning her goal

Chapter 10: Settling down After the person leading Shao Qing spoke the same dialogue about how promoting her rank would result in a better residence and more benefits, he departed. Shao Qing started exploring all over the place, sizing up the house she would only be living in for a short amount of t

Chapter 11 The Taciturn man Shao Qing followed the man from behind, carefully sizing him up. His waist had a scar around 20cm long. Splitting the area near the spinal column on his back was another scar. From one look, it was clear that this was an old scar. A horizontal one across his spinal column

Chapter 12: You’re mine! It’s no surprise that when Xiao Baozi drank the powdered milk he made a complete mess and barfed everywhere. Shao Qing had only taken one bite, but was already ready to tear out her stomach. Li Jing seeing her reaction promptly asked: “Is my cooking really bad?” “No, it’s ju

Chapter 13:  Good natured man Returning home, Shao Qing scarcely noticed that Li Jing was completely shocked. He had given Shao Qing an extra strong dose of knockout drugs, the type that could completely knock out a cow! Yet, not only did she not pass out at his house, she was able to walk so fast t

Chapter 14 First Investigation  The next day, Shao Qing tidied up some things. Contacting a group of superhumans, Shao Qing was seen as a wood element superhuman. Wood element superhumans are relatively popular even if they were only of rank one. In just a few moments, Shao Qing was able to find a g

Chapter 15: Zombie Variation Surrounding that granary was quite a few zombies. Speculating that there might be some provisions left in there, a few of them consulted a bit, then decided to head over in that direction. Shao Qing had successively seen Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan’s abilities. Gu Panpan that

Chapter 16: Survivor “Why are you sweating so much? Were you frightened?” Gu Panpan gave the woman a simple inspection. Discovering that there were no wounds, the pale faced woman wiped the sweat on her face. “Obviously I was frightened! That zombie came jumping out of nowhere and I almost became th

Chapter 17: Strange A Tu was startled that he actually jumped. Jumping back one step, he subconsciously released his power. Until he realized that the thing in front of him was a human and not something else, did he relax and let out a breath. “We are an investigation squad from the survivors of S C

Chapter 18: Changed into a zombie  “This smells so good! I haven’t eaten meat in so long!” The young couple at once raked in several pieces of meat into their own bowls. Since the apocalypse, meat has become a rarity among food. Shao Qing did not make any movements. She picked up a mushroom with her

Chapter 19:  Waiting until Shao Qing got up and stretched out her waist, the woman was already stuck deep within the ground. Her entire body still faintly twitching. “Next time make sure you inspect carefully.” Shao Qing got up and took a glimpse at the man who died tragically. A lot of people appar

Chapter 20: Man Eating Flower “If you want to come in and sleep, just say it directly.” The corner of Shao Qing’s mouth lifted up into a smirk, deliberately teasing him. “I’m not in the mood to sleep tonight anyways. How about we do some chatting, discussing our thoughts and feelings doesn’t seem li

Chapter 21 Advancing in Rank Gu Panpan jumped forward in front of Shao Qing and in one stroke grabbed onto the man eating flower. With her left hand holding onto the top of its stem and her right hand holding onto the bottom of the stem, she tried to forcibly bring the two parts together. From Shao

Chapter 22 Returning to the base Yan Hanqing couldn’t help but lean his face to one side. His cheek all the way to his earlobes a bright red colour. Lowering his voice, he asked. “You’ve slept for so long, aren’t you hungry yet?” “That’s not a bad idea.” Regarding Yan Hanqing’s change of subject, Sh

Chapter 23 The Debt you owe will be repaid with your life   From within the tent a young man’s head emerged. His hair was half long and half short and only in the middle, was a tuft of his hair coloured red. Biting onto his cigarette sloppily, he looked outside. Seeing that it was Yan Hanqing, his c

Chapter 24 Revenge But, Shao Qing didn’t make a move because Yan Hanqing had already taken the lead. Gently placing his mother onto the ground, his movements were so cautious it was as if his mother was still alive. Afterwards he expressionlessly took large strides out the door. Immediately, the two

Chapter 25 Please conceal your revealed aggression After a long time, Yan Hanqing started to laugh. He wiped his face a bit. Originally splattered with countless of blood droplets, after his rubbing, all of it was directly wiped off. “Thanks.” Shao Qing didn’t say anything else. Just lifting her chi

Chapter 26 Killing Li Jing Li Jing somewhat had a change of expression. Speaking honestly, a person who wasn’t worthy of respect like his cousin, if he died he died. But concerning his reputation and everyone in the survival base knowing that he was his cousin in addition to the fact that a regular

Chapter 27 The Ruthless Road Bandit The distance from the survivor base to H City cannot be considered close. Even riding a train would take around a day or more, let alone that the few of them were driving across the country side, moving and stopping. For the sake of security, the comparatively hig

Chapter 28 Zombie Wave “Let’s rest.” Gu Panpan took a glance at her watch, then looked around and saw a single story house not too far away. After the apocalypse, every time when night arrived, the zombies would be a lot livelier than during the daytime. Therefore any person with a little bit of int

Chapter 29 Critical Moment Luckily the car’s chassis was tall, otherwise she would’ve been the one that was pierced through instead. Taking in a deep breath, she sized up the monstrous zombie. His four limbs were uncoordinated, both arms and his left leg were extremely thick and solid, while his rig

Chapter 30 The Adorkable Er Dai Shao Qing had no idea how to describe her current emotions. It was probably warm, very warm. Now she realized why every time she came out, she had a feeling that someone was tailing her nearby. Now she also understood where that faintly discernible peeping feeling cam

Chapter 31 My cousin Er Dai stood there at a loss. He had no idea why Shao Qing suddenly got so angry. However seeing Shao Qing wanting to leave, he couldn’t help but follow her. Yet, Shao Qing immediately turned around frowning. “Go back, stop following me.” Er Dai stopped his footsteps, standing t

Chapter 32 The New Base “He’s one of us.” Shao Qing touched Er Dai’s head. Originally savagely staring at Yan Hanqing, after being touched by Shao Qing, the zombie’s expression within his eyes immediately softened. It seemed as if it was a bit dejected. Giving Er Dai a glance, Yan Hanqing pushed dow

Chapter 33 A woman’s sorrow The reason why Gu Panpan said she didn’t like it was rather simple, Shao Qing also didn’t like it. Upon entering the base, they were able to see that at the side of the road stood a lot of women. There were some young girls, so much that a few didn’t even look like they w

Chapter 34  He is a Siberian Tiger Shao Qing also absorbed some crystals, included among these was a piece of the wooden elemental power source. She could feel that she was very close to breaking through into rank three. However, it was like a partition, a membrane that was extremely tough and durab

Chapter 35 Exchange Market When Gu Panpan woke up, she felt abundant with power causing her to nearly moan. Pushing open her door to enter the corridor, she discovered that her brother had already been sitting there waiting. On one side was Shao Qing with the corner of her mouth bruised and Yan Hanq

Chapter 36 Full moon? “Hey, what do you think you’re doing? I saw her first!” The Mediterranean man took a step forward but when he saw that behind Shao Qing were several people he became slightly terrified. Merely his pervertedness had pushed aside everything else, straining his neck he yelled. “Wh