"Lass!" Kurdak yelled in the camp. Even though he was now a commander with five thousand subordinates, he didn't look all that different from the slovenly mercenary he was before.But since the formation of his independent combat unit after the battle of Seatide, he was no longer the sole offic

Despite the many years Tong Xuan Realm had existed and the countless cultivators who sought out these hidden Mysterious Small Worlds, there were still many places that had yet to be discovered. These Mysterious Small Worlds were uncultivated virgin land and any one of them may contain incredi

Even when Ji Mo Ya rejected a marriage agreement with Bai Li Zi Xi, it was done implicitly, she was still able to act as though she did not know of the arrangement in the first place.Even Shang Qiu Meng Qian gave Bai Li Zi Xi some face when they had first met, but ever since the former met Hua

Having reached the level of Sensing the Star God, Yang Qi could draw out the true flame of the sun itself, and use it to forge sword energy.As his cultivation base grew more and more refined, his sword technique could become godlike, and even use true flame to create a cosmic flame palace. His bloo

“The apprentices patrolling the outermost parts of the school were attacked. Elder Cheng came as a part of the reinforcements, but…he was ambushed on the way and was hurt!” Bu Jiadi explained, “The others…we don’t know if the apprentices are alive or dead!”“What?! For an ambush to do this muc

Karl’s entire body stretched taut. That ice-cold death qi made him feel as if he had fallen into the ninth layer of the underworld. At this moment, he thought that he had already died.“Bang!” A huge silverish purple hammer that dazzled with lightning hit that Demonic Corpse and sent it flying

Chapter 913: A Cavalry Struggle for Dominance!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr No matter what, I have to acquire this for myself! Duwu Sili clenched his fists as his heart was overrun by a fierce ambition. In the distance, the five thousand Wushang Cavalry under Li Siye had pushed the

"Let me tell you about that damned Zhan Nancheng, the place where he hid the Tiger Seal was really despicable. To begin with, I don't know what was even in that goddamn beast on the right side, aiyo my dear mother, even its tears were lethal weapons. Fortunately, I was quick-witted and adaptab

Zhan Beiye clearly knew that Meng Fuyao was headstrong, proud, and disliked being forced by others. He had also been trying very hard to change his habit of protecting women and tried to give her as much freedom as possible, and he didn't want her to keep avoiding his love because she felt sti

Chapter 1196: The Final Winner Dugu Ao said indifferently, “I do not have an opinion.” Yang Kai looked towards the straw-caped old man. Since Xiao Chen and Dugu Ao already agreed, the old man naturally did not object. “Good. I just knew that everyone would not be satisfied with just this much ga

May 22, 20X2 (Friday)The HospitalMei Lin's female gynecologist's footsteps were heavy as she trekked the white halls of the hospital. Carrying one large bond paper and six small pictures of the babies, the doctor walked with a purpose, but her shoulders were lowered and her lips being bitten i

In the morning.Zhang Ye's Studio, which had been silent for over three years, was back in action.On Weibo, quite a few people were discussing this topic."Zhang Ye has actually returned!""I've really missed Face-smacking Zhang.""Could this fellow be trying to start something again?""But he's pr

Thank you Oliver Caus for joining my Pat/reon. Follow his lead and join me at my pat/reon. **** "So? You decided to visit my room again?" Rito woke up only to find his hands over Tatsumaki's plump butt once again as she gazed at him with a de

"Isn't that too much of a reaction?" Uraraka sat on the table beside him and slowly whispered to Rito as she looked at the reaction of all the boys when they saw Lala enter the classroom. Meanwhile, Haruna had a seat behind Uraraka and she was also si

Ochaco with sparkling eyes as she hugged a white robot with a round head. Her eyes kept on staring at without any care of the world. "Street Lamp!" Rito spoke and grabbed Ochaco by the shoulder to change her walking direction. "Really, can sh

Inside the principal's office, Ryōko stood together with Tearju as they both looked at the Principal of Sainan Middle School. With her brown hair pulled up by an unseen clutcher and dressed in a black skirt suit alongside a white shirt that showcased her large

"You did what?" Rito narrowed his eyes at the group of boys snickering in front of him with a complacent expression. Saruyama stood in front of the group and spoke with a righteous expression. But to Rito, the actions they did didn't do that righteous

"You are a Sensei now? That's quite an achievement, Tearju-Sensei." Rito grinned and walked her to the Medical Office as she looked at him with a confused expression. "Hmm? What happened, Tearju-Sensei?" Perceiving her gaze, Rito looked back

Kana looked through the files received from the accountant designating this year's budget as she rubbed her temple with other hand and sighed lightly. The position of being the Principal of the school really wasn't kind to her at all. She really missed being a

"Play... rewind... play... rewind..." Kana kept on muttering under her breath while her face was still beet red. She sat in front of her computer and kept on going through the same CCTV footage again and again. She snuck a glance at Rito, who was look

"Keke... reading magazines, are we?... too bad... hehehe!" The moment Rito opened the magazine and flipped one of the pages, a creepy voice sounded from the entrance of the alley. But even after hearing the strange voice, Rito only frowned lightly and

"This looks... fancy..." Rito looked himself in the mirror he bought from the system. Covered in pitch black costume that had metal plates around his chest, forearms, legs and back. The plates were dark grey in colour and created a menacing contrast w

Wang Ke Hao suddenly thought of Lin Fan's identity. He was a recognized figure in Shanghai, how could he not know anyone who could get a stuntman for him?After thinking of that, Wang Ke Hao heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like the matter was about to be resolved.However, he still vowed to n

A black altar seemed to have grown in the middle of the massive platform made out of the four airships. It integrated with the pitch-black platform, appearing out of place.Ten naked young men and women sat in a circle surrounding the altar with space between each other.Lu Dong and the other 12

When the Crow God asked for the young man's name, Yan Ping and the rest of the demigods knew very well that the Crow God had basically decided on the Crow Spirit.However, Lu Dong and the rest were a little confused.Among the ten candidates, the Crow God had gone for the one with the lowest com

Wilkes Land had a huge crater just below it. Of course, Li Du didn't know that. He didnot learn much about Antarctica and did not research the geography of the area.Elson went to prepare dinner, and Steve sat them down and began to talk about thepurpose of his visit to Antarctica.As he said ea

Audrey was about to apply for a private exchange when she suddenly discovered one thing. The World, who was seated at the other end of the long bronze table, didn't show any interest in the "acting method" at all. He didn't even have the urge to ask about it.Does he already know about the "act

The Nation of the Evernight, at the peak of the Hornacis mountain range, believed in the Ruler of the Evernight, the Mother of the Sky… Is there some connection between that and the Evernight Demonic Wolf, Flegrea? The illusory ravings I hear are actually "Hornacis… Flegrea?"What is the connec

Casino Valley was located between Dark Sky Peak and Bluesky Peak.It was a giant valley that was over 50 kilometers long and thousands of meters wide.Su Mo was shocked upon arrival. He had not expected Casino Valley to be so popular. A rabbling crowd of tens of thousands of people had gathered

Swoosh!Su Mo flew out of the fighting ring in the canyon and landed in the gambling fighting ring almost instantly."Su Mo!" he announced his name and clasped his fists.Wei Hai nodded, sized up Su Mo, and said, "Let's begin!"After the voices died, the Vital Spirit emitting from Wei Hai started

Chapter 219: Chapter 219 The words of ‘I am you’. Since he had been exposed to the Black Heart, Jin-Woo could understand the meaning behind those words. He looked to his right. Suddenly, a massive tree the size of several dozen skyscrapers bound together rose up to pierce the heavens

Chapter 219: Chapter 219 The words of ‘I am you’. Since he had been exposed to the Black Heart, Jin-Woo could understand the meaning behind those words. He looked to his right. Suddenly, a massive tree the size of several dozen skyscrapers bound together rose up to pierce the heavens

“Your mum b-brought… me here to see pictures of you when you were young…!” Shi Guang gulped down with a guilty expression on her face. Meanwhile, she used all her might to tug left and right; but no matter what, she just could not get it off her finger. It was as though the ring was a part of her fi

Qin Shaoyang patted on the Qin Fourth Young Mistress to diffuse the Inner Qi that Mo Wen had placed on her, thus saving her. In a flash, he returned to the Qin Clan's side and handed the Qin Fourth Young Mistress over to the members of the clan.At this moment, the Qin Fourth Young Mistress fin

That terrifying oppressive force caused everyone from the Qin Clan to turn pale. One by one, they looked at Mo Wen in fear and alarm. Many of them had not encountered such a terrifying pressure in their entire lifetime."The pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm!"Qin Shaoyang took a breath. His f

Shen Nianmo continued to be occupied with the cooking. The pair of skewer that he grilled looked almost identical, like twins.When he offered the meat to Gu Xijiu, she took a look at the one in his other hand and asked for it, "I want yours, the one in your other hand." The little boy was utte

The small world was located at the northeast of the Ocean Land of the East. It was a well-known small world among the Asmodians who called it the Underworld Realm.Many Asmodians that entered the Underworld Realm in the recent thousand years had died. To regular Asmodians, this world was the un

Lu Li once instructed that civilian Asmodians could not be killed. He commanded that the human warriors should not commit crimes or behave worse than an animal.In the beginning, Lu Zhengyang was managing the affairs here. He valued Lu Li's orders and issued a martial law. Back then, the deterr

.Ye Chuan made unconscious Ye Lanqing sit in front of him. He then gently removed her clothing, and when only the last piece of underwear was left on her body, he hesitated a bit.In terms of appearance, Ye Lanqing was not as good as Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao, but compared to other women, sh

After separating from the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect, Ye Chuan disguised himself again. He still wore the big bamboo hat on his head, but he now wore a tattered armor on his body. He disguised as an overseas loose cultivator and left hastily, rushing towards the top of the Flame Mountain. W