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Chapter 618 A Great Master of Bewitching Spells“What? The sculpted head of a snake?”Qin Haodong almost jumped up with excitement at this piece of news. He was looking for the sculpted head to improve his cultivation, so he was really excited.He had agreed to attend the auction just for fun, but now

Chapter 298 The Insecure XeronClearly, Kha-Beleth is very concerned about Isabel, or rather the child in her stomach.In this case, if anything were to happen to this unborn child, Xeron, who is in charge of this matter, will definitely be punished by Kha-Beleth.But Roy thought about it and found tha

Chapter 299 Power of NatureThe alliance army consisted mainly of three countries.One was the AvLee elves. They had the largest number, and the main battle force was about 250,000. Perhaps because the news of the death of the ranger Gelu made the elves feel great sorrow. Furthermore, the Sword of Fro

Chapter 467 Plot TwistZhang Heng wasn’t sure why Han Lu would say something like that. In retrospect, he realized that he wasn’t all that perfect too. Since he was a child, he had been a quiet person, and when compared to other children who liked to group up and play, he preferred to be alone, readi

Chapter 466 This Is ItFan Meinan grabbed the bronze rings from the hands of the lady in shades, throwing it to Zhang Heng, coming down from the second floor.(Name: Oath Rings](Grade: F](Effect: If one of the two bearers breaks an oath, the other will know about it.]Zhang Heng obtained this Grade-F g

Everything could be clearly seen with a clear mindThe one who could break through the formation was none other than one’s self. However, their desire and dedication toward the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart made them get caught in danger and they were unable to escape. Jiang Chen could feel that e

Chapter 225: Debriefing (2/2)“”Not only are they not canceling their visit, they’re even bringing more people?” [Ryouma]“Apparently, they’re not coming just for you, Ryouma-sama. Supposedly, it was a suggestion from their their master, Arafral-sama… Are you acquainted with him?” [Riviola]“”I know th

Well, we could just crash our way in! Oni san and Shisui have their Susanoo, and I have the Wooden Man. I’m not afraid!”Hearing Lain, Hana quickly answered: “No! Lain, we should act carefully. As far as I know, the Tenseigan is more powerful than the eyes you have. Going in just like that would only

Chapter 965 Disrespecting the Roaring Tigers "Not a minute in and we are already going into a fight?" Jin shook his head in disbelief, and the Roaring Tiger Clan yelled back with even more ferocity mistaking Jin's statement as an attempt to taunt them."No use staying here. L

Chapter 966 Disrespecting the Panda Clan The Roaring Tigers believed they would have the upper hand. Their veterans were nothing to trifle within their world, and they had experienced a few major scuffles and inter-clan fights. Some even went through military training and ha

Chapter 474 Don’t Go Too FarA moment later, Luke got up with a strange expression. “Okay, Selina, feed him the rest.”When he said that, Dollar wagged its tail even harder.Narrowing his eyes, Luke stepped back and observed Dollar.It buried its big head in the food bowl again and enjoyed the extra foo

Chapter 475 The Reticent DogSaying that, Robert shot a glance at Catherine and the kids not far away before he shut up.In tacit agreement, Luke also didn’t continue with this topic.The next morning, Luke’s phone buzzed.He glanced at the number, put down his tools and half-finished equipment, and ans

Chapter 436 The Game was Not Meant for Ordinary People “Be Quiet’s most outstanding point is that many people can connect to the same horror game at the same time. At the moment, none of such horror games exist in the market. Thus, I think that we should focus on marketing this point for publicity.

Chapter 437 A Series of Codes Two hours later, Qiao Liang exited Ocean Stronghold, feeling confused. He had wasted his time! He had first looked through the famous locations in Repent and be Saved. After that, he had created an alternate account to look around the newbie village. Finally, he had ent

Chapter 327 Draw SpaceThe weather was favorable in the secret realm.Nonetheless, Ou Yangming knew the weather change in the realm was not natural but man-made.As long as Wu Yaunwei was willing to, the sky could be clear and bright forever in this place.The strongest powerhouse in the imperial family

Chapter 326 A Chance To Go Beyond HeavenThe elder finally looked surprised. “You want to give it to me?”“Yes.” Ou Yangming explained seriously, “I couldn’t repay you for your guidance earlier, so I’m giving this to you as a gift and to settle the karmic account.”“Hehe, but I didn’t give you any guid

Chapter 212 Smile Without Saying A Word He pulled out the scissors… Showing his weapon? The moment Elder Moon took out the golden scissors, a few dragon-headed elders and guards rushed to Ao Yi. The immortal senses that were paying attention to the place were also staring at the golden scissors in E

Chapter 354 Emergency RescueJiang State Capital, in a chamber.Meng Chuan levitated in midair as he sat in a lotus position. Eighteen Bloodblades swirled around him.The Bloodblade Disc’s runic array formation provides flight and defensive capabilities. In terms of defense, even the superficial runes

Chapter 353 Three Terminal Formation“The three Imperial Lords joined forces to use a carrot and stick approach. What can we do? We can only obey their orders,” said Demon Sage Fire Dragon as he shook his head.Patriarch Yellow Oscillate smiled and said, “I hope we can defeat the humans as soon as pos

Chapter 213 The Spinus Is Not Settled for the South Ocean! Can that fellow handle it this time? Daoist Wen Jing stood quietly in the seawater. Her body was surrounded by layers of fog, isolating her immortal senses and vision. That was a necessary preparation before she did anything bad. In the eyes

Chapter 226 Remember to Call Me along Next Time! “Teacher!” Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo had confused looks on their faces and rushed over immediately. Ying Baiwu was also very worried about Sun Mo, but she knew it was more important for her to get Jin Mujie over. Hence, she hurriedly sped off. “Baiwu, I’m

Chapter 227 God Eyes? Pei Yuanli ignored Sun Mo. He wasn’t looking down on Sun Mo, but as a great teacher, one should have confidence in oneself, one should have pride. One should believe the judgment one made. After Tan Lu heard Sun Mo’s words, he sharpened his focus and tightened his grab on the s

“Do you know what the Emperor Tree Seed is?” Ye Cang’s words shocked Lin Sen. This is not something he should know, I didn’t even mention it to Lele. “How did you know about it?”“This thing just appeared in my body out of nowhere…” Lin Sen was even shocked and quickly checked his body. It is indeed

Chapter 452 Feels a Little Good? The air remained silent as no one dared to utter a word. All of the students could only look at each other, but deep inside, they harbored the same thoughts. Everyone had felt that what Margaret and Gui Yuping said was highly possible. After all, this unintentional r

Chapter 630 A Sensation in the Entire Wulin!“Even for we Chic Cloud Pavilion, this auction is the top priority.”When Fang Qiu completely disappeared out of sight, the middle-aged man took a deep breath and then quickly turned to report to his superior.As to Fang Qiu, after walking out of the Chic Cl

Chapter 453 What Is This Voting?? Lu Ze proceeded to check the time. It wasn’t even lunchtime yet. Guess it wasn’t too plausible to fight bosses now. It’s okay, he could wait until night. Lu Ze got up and stretched. His goal of reaching the mortal evolution state was now achieved. He felt quite good

Chapter 402 Demon Han’s Action By the time Han Fei returned, he found that half of the messy crowd was missing, and the remaining half managed to deal with the situation. Yang Huan was lurking in the crowd. Sensing that Han Fei was drawing near, he glanced at Han Fei. “S*it…” Greatly shocked, Yang H

“What are you looking at?” Wu Lingyu grabbed a handful of her black hair and wrapped it around his fingers.Sima You Yue turned around, drawing her hair along which also pulled him up. “Let’s go, I don’t know what it is.”Wu Lingyu was pulled along with her. They went to the small tower in the Spirit

Chapter 403 Treasure Trove of Prison Han Fei’s original purpose was simple. He had wanted to intimidate everyone in this battle. But after he fused with Little Black and Little White, he felt that something was wrong. Everything was fine at first, and his power in every aspect was significantly boos

Several people on the top of the mountain were silent.Not only did their family keep a secret about what happened in those years, but even other forces involved did not reveal any information.In such a continent, it was almost impossible to conceal a matter in such detail.However, that matter was an

Chapter 237 Mingshi Yin’s Method Si Wuya prided himself on being able to predict all outcomes. However, he did not expect his Fourth Senior Brother to be this stubborn. He did not expect his Fourth Senior Brother to disregard the Binding Mantra, seemingly not intimidated by the implications that the

Chapter 476 Her AmbitionGu Changle and Gu Changge were both daughters of the Gu Family, who were both surnamed Gu.However, the impression they left was vastly different.Gu Changge had always been a dominant figure and as proud as a princess.She was the Gu Family’s beloved daughter. She had experienc

Chapter 238 Yu Shangrong’s Attitude The Expansive Heavenly Energy surprised Mingshi Yin as well. However, he was prepared to defend against it. He had expected one of the Nether Sect’s Four Great Protectors, a Seven-leaf expert, to have a trick or two up his sleeve. He flipped in the air and stabili

Chapter 350 Let’s Go Eat FirstZhuang Qifei was the one who spoke.Tian Mi smiled. She was prepared to reject Zhuang Qifei’s kindness. You Xuanyao would come to pick her up to see the treasures in the old mansion soon. She didn’t have time to have dinner with Zhuang Qifei.Tian Mi looked at Little Jia

Chapter 349 I’m Fine with the Dirty WorkYou Xuanyao pulled Tian Mi back to the big bed. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they still had to face a bigger challenge. Now, they had to recover their strength and properly meet tomorrow.Tian Mi lay in You Xuanyao ‘s embrace and quickly fell asleep, bu

Chapter 261 – Starlight Entertainment 23Yu Hanjiang once again brought up the details of the five members of the girl group.Ye Lan was the one with the highest level of education in the girl group. She was born in a scholarly family and both her parents were university professors. She had excellent

The former Judge on the far left collapsed after a number of groans issued forth, unable to endure the pain."Soon, We are so much closer to realizing a new undead!" Dr. Hollowell clapped her hands, as she danced about completely unlike her previous self only months ago.Jack

Chapter 480- Return to the Ancestral TempleYou Ming frowned, “It’s not that this Venerable is deliberately slandering you, but there’s definitely something weird in your family’s ancestral temple. The last time I went in, I could feel that there were more than one kind of powerful entity above me. I

Chapter 1956: Blind Elder!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: MichyrrGao Lishi!Everything had once more circled back to him!If he was the one responsible for the missing records in the palace, then he was inevitably involved with the fire in the Yan Clan as well.But Gao Lishi was hailed as a vir

Chapter 1150 The Morning of WinterThe words might not have seemed like a big deal but they entered Ning Guangyao’s ears like pricking needles.Ning Guangyao broke out in cold sweat. He quickly got up and went to meet Ning Xin and Ning De. He cupped his hand in salute. “Yes yes…Guangyao understands. R