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As a late Emperor Realm expert, Zhou Chen’s aura was terrifying as he appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong instantly. “Brat, hand over your Seed of Enlightenment!” Zhou Chen glared at Huang Xiaolong with fire in his eyes.Looking at Zhou Chen, who was charging at Huang Xiaolong, one of the four odd be

In a corner of the Void World.Countless corpses were drifting in the starry river like dead flies.Those corpses belonged to a wide array of species, such as humans, spirit beasts, Demons, Phantasms, dragons, and species that didn’t belong to the Mortal World or the Spirit World.If Bonedrude or Boneb

Chapter 819: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 20)“Really boring.” Luo Qing Chen gave a helpless shrug, “The popularity of a movie needs to be hyped with a fake coupling, do you think that’s interesting?”“Not at all!” Ji Li Sheng patted her shoulder, “This circle is very complic

Chapter 818: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 19)“Do I really need to go?” She turned and said this in a dark tone, clearly showing that she wasn’t happy.He Chen didn’t reply. His face was calm, but his hands holding the steering wheel were a bit pale.“Fine, I’ll go.” Seeing th

Chapter 817: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 18)“You will need it!” Ji Li Sheng said with a soft laugh, “Although I don’t know how you became the female lead, the entertainment industry is not as simple as you think.”“I never thought that it was simple.” She said with a shrug,

Chapter 735: Diabetes (6)“If I can’t be cured, then fine. Because even if I’m cured, I’ll be angry with you every day. So instead of experiencing that, it’s better to die like this.”The more Madam Meng spoke, the more she got angry. Then, she added: “This year hasn’t passed yet, but you want to see

Chapter 438: A Change of Strategy Initially, Pei Qingfeng was in disbelief as it never crossed his mind that Bai Luochu would be the type of person to believe in myths. However, when he recalled the dragon-like roar that emanated from behind the door, he suddenly felt his blood surging. After supp

Chapter 458: Tia’s Trial “What happened to you, sister?” I asked. Tia let out a bitter laugh. “I had come to Dragonbone Mountain Range in search of a devilish den under Princess Karinshan’s orders, but I encountered a rare storm along the way. My green dragon was woun

Chapter 459: Earth Spiked Beast After almost half an hour, dozens of health potions and two stacks of Magic Consumables later, the group of One-horned Rhinos almost two hundred strong finally dropped dead beneath my feet. My experience increased by a whopping 5%, and I was currently sitting at Leve

Chapter 1465 “Tearful Ling Yan (3)”The jealousy inside Yun Ruo Xi was quickly making her go crazy right now. It’s true she loves Chu Yi God from the heart’s down, but seeing how Bai Yan could get such deep love from someone else still drove her to the edge.Why? Why is the two most beautiful and hand

Chapter 1464 “Tearful Ling Yan (2)”Feeling much better now after his brief recovery, Winger stands up and readies himself: “I’m ready Princess, we can continue to look for the king.”……Outside the gates of the city, all was in ruins due to the massive damage to the landscape. Even so, Di Cang remains

Chapter 110 : The Orc King is pretty heavy Translated by Siv Edited by Hiro02 “Slow…..Oww…Buhi……” “I just got you in heels. Cheer up, Buhita. We’re making a lot of money by handing out our lives, aren’t we?”  Walking around in the

Chapter 108 : Pot Receiving the heartwarming gifts from everyone, I began my solo mission again with courage and vigor. They were not only thoughtful gifts but also pragmatic; useful for survival in the dungeon. Rem the first held Yoshizaki-san’s axe in her hand while Arachne Rem wielded Nono

Anklo making a decision   Great Magician Camilla watched as Great Magician Telucci disappeared into the dark before giving a sigh and shaking his head. “I’ve known Telucci all these years and only today did I learn that he came from Caraska Island, while also shouldering the pres

Chapter 509: Reputation that Lasts for Eternity! Early in the next morning, the group got up feeling all energetic and their speed picked up as they crossed the middle ring. As far as their strength was concerned, they could ignore any magical beast that wasn’t foreign to their current area,

Chapter 510: Smelly Boy, This Old Man Is So Sorry… The one who caused trouble should end it. When Bai Xiaofei realized that the news of his ‘death’ had spread throughout the whole academy, he brooded for half a day without coming up with a viable solution before he thought of Lei

I landed a short distance away from the entrance of the village. Then I put Felz down onto the snowy ground and raised my index finger to my mouth. He looked at me with a puzzled expression. “Huh? What?” “You bloody idiot…” I frantically covered his mouth and we hid

I gave Daniela a detailed report of what had happened. And then finished the story by flashing the newspaper article in front of her. ‘Well done,’ she said proudly.   “It was a good job, considering you were alone. It is a difficult thing to capture so many people alive. Bes

“…I’m a slave. Doing the filthy work is how I survive.” “…”   That was the explanation that ‘Douva’ gave to me. However, she was using a figure of speech here. Her father had fallen into tremendous debt, which had then been subrogated b

There were six men who, like me, were dressed entirely in black. Currently, they were standing in the shadows of the house on the other side of the street and looking this way. I could tell through Eyes of the God Wolf that they were targeting this house, and it seemed like only a matter of time bef

 decided to let the gatekeeper know that I was there, just in case.   “Ah, Mister Asagi. What is it? Are you going somewhere?”   There was a mixture of curiosity and suspicion as he looked at my getup.   “I’m sure you noticed it when inspecting my st

I left the Carteraza house and went straight towards the exit of the noble district. The same gatekeeper was there, and we exchanged a few words before I headed back to the east district. I was going to where the street stalls were located. It seemed like the right place to look for Daniela…

So, while we did get some nice things, it was just bait. Now, all of the evil in the Empire was going to be attracted to us. Huh. I’m sure the good Emperor was feeling very happy about all of this. But we mere Adventurers were not too grateful. On the other hand, they were very useful tools.

I was currently near the entrance to the noble district, which was reached by going down the main road from the guild in the east district. This entrance was made of a great gate and high walls, much like the actual entrances for the city. Imperial guards stood watch on both sides of the gate. &nbs

While we waited for Matsumoto to arrive, I asked the ancient elf questions about the facilities.   “…I see. So these facilities…were built near dungeons with dragon veins, as it allowed them to gather the bare minimum of mana. And the mana was used to power the summoning e

So, Manager and Matsumoto, the people who came here from another world, decided to live here. Obviously, they didn’t have any choice, but that didn’t make it any easier. As for me, there was still something comforting about there being others from home that were here as well.   Da

“…So, that was what happened.” “I see.”   We made a report of everything that had happened. Asagi Kamiyashiro. Twenty-two years old. A part-time worker who was loved by his neighbors. Now working as an Adventurer in another world. And the person I was talking

It was a female elf. But there was something different. There was…an air of purity perhaps. The hair was blonde and close to white. A lot like Daniela’s. Maybe she was a light elf?   “No…that is an ancient elf…”   I thought back on the time Adlus

It didn’t take long to set up the two tents. We were used to it by now. The tents faced each other and we started to build a bonfire in between them. There was plenty of firewood in the hollow bag, so that wasn’t a problem. Speaking of not being a problem, the chamber we were in was larg

Rex joined us, and I had to tell him about the inefficiency of hogging prey and the importance of everyone gaining experience, as Manager and the others carved up the Arachne. To be honest, I didn’t want to carve up a monster that looked that close to a human. Which is rich, coming from the gu

Manager’s unnecessary information had made things a little awkward… Some people really needed to learn how to read the room…   “Seriously…” “What is it, Asagi? You sound strange.” “Uh, nothing.”   The shock of it all had

I pulled out my weapons and armor from the hollow bag as soon I returned to the inn. Some clean cloth scraps as well. I soaked them with water magic and started to wipe each piece. The Glampanzer, Schwarz Tempest, Ashikirimaru, Cocytus Lance, Velnoir, and Orthros. Then there was the wind dragon arm

There were no reports from the night guards, and everything was quiet. Daniela and I were able to sleep the whole night and rest our bodies. It was often difficult to sleep soundly while camping, but we were surrounded by capable Adventurers, which offered a lot of comforts.   The next mornin

“Inside the house. There are two in the first room to the right. And then there is one hiding in the house next to it.” “Understood.”   Answered Marcel. She seemed the more energetic of the two, and immediately moved towards the house with the goblins. Silket had a mo

I ran up into the air with Legs of the God Wolf, and then looked down.   “Hmm. I can see a lot from here.”   The Adventurers were fighting the scattered goblins over the white fields of snow. While it was a snowfield, it only went up to your shins. Not that it was easy to w

I left the house and rushed to where Adlus was. Daniela went to go get Manager. It was difficult walking in the raging blizzard, even if it was just a straight line. The snow was so thick in the air that it was hard to see the house next to you. And yet the goblin was walking towards us. It was hard

I thrust the Velnoir into the snow and rested my hands on the pommel and waited. Snow started gather on top of my hood, but I was able to use the magic within my body to control it, and brush it off. Like this, I waited for the arrival of the mysterious goblin. Adlus and I thought it was an abnormal

No holding back!” “Come at me!”   I raised the wind speed as I dashed forward. A white tornado of wind erupted behind me as I swung the Velnoir down over the Queen’s Knight Goblin. I meant to cut into his brain and split his head open. Of course, regardless of the lac

Kill. Kill him. I thought as I tried to rise, but my knees barely lifted off the ground before I fell down again. “Ugh…agghhaa…!” Red combined with the blue blood on the soiled ground. I had pushed myself too far. Something was wrong within my body. But this guy had promi

Two days passed. I was able to move decently since yesterday morning, but Daniela insisted that I rest a while longer, just to be sure. And she would not take no for an answer, and so I did. However, it was thanks to that rest that I was now able to run. Yes, run. But the problem was whether or no