Chapter 400 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (10) Even after Fu Yiyun and Bai Luo departed, Liu Xu didn’t show herself. Because Shi Sheng hadn’t been with her, the plot had changed a lot… Since Shi Sheng didn’t know when Liu Xu would meet the leads anymore, she decided to head back to make sure the road

"I'm fine…" Huo Mian coughed a couple of times, feeling waves of pain from her chest.Just now, she really gave it all she had… but it wasn't out of impulsivity. If she could really kill him, then everything would be over.However…Huo Mian lowered her head and sat down on the couch in Jiang Xiao

Chapter 390: Qi Explosion Pill, Yin-Yang SpringCarefully perusing his memories, Xu Yangyi still didn’t find a fitting objective.After four hours, he furrowed his brows. However, his gaze immediately fell to another memory.Mottled and jumbled, his memories were like a heap of trash. Still, there was

“I’ll take one of you to do something big first! Who wants to come?” The Fleeca Job was a must-do job, but it only needed two players. “Only one?” Song Qingfeng looked sulky. “I’ll come!” Su Tianji was eager to play. “Go ahead with Sister Su,” Song Qingfeng said, “I’ll practice my driving skills

Nameless Nie was instantly flabbergasted. Little Devil wants Ye Wanwan to leave with him? Any other request would be easier to accomplish. However, his request was Ye Wanwan returning with him. This wasn't something Nameless Nie could decide… Nameless Nie looked conflicted. "My little ancestor

Xiahou Zong’s death had a bigger impact than many expected. Everyone from House Xiahou was reeling from the loss and couldn’t pick themselves up.“What should we do, Patriarch? Xiahou Zong is a reincarnated god. Can he be revived?” Xiahou Zhen was still clinging to his last shred of hope.Duke Xiaoya

The makeup artist arrived after lunch. Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo went over as well. Mu Lingshi dragged her aside to try on the wedding dresses as Mu Yuchen and Ah Mo had tea in the living room while they talked business. All the dresses were custom-made and there were over twenty of them in various color

"Isn't it your job to find the murderer? Is it any use asking me? You wouldn't believe me, even if I told you it was him.""Actually, Mr. Qin, I am a bit curious. How could you do something like this? You had it all: a high status, a lovely wife, friends, family… What drove you to commit murder

"He…" Gao Ran hesitated; he didn't want to tell Huo Mian because she might be sad…"Gao Ran, where are you right now?""I'm outside the municipal bureau, I was just…""Wait for me, I'll be right there." Before Gao Ran could finish his sentence, Huo Mian interrupted him and hung up.18 minutes late

The weather was great since the sun was not overbearingly hot. May was coming soon which meant that it was not cold like winter or extremely hot like in June or July. The breeze brought along the fragrance of orchids with it from the orchid shrubs by the roadside. Apart from working on Ah Mo and Mu

"Love? Haha… do you know what love is?" Huo Mian smiled sarcastically; it was ironic and amusing to hear the word 'love' come out of a person like Huo Siqian's."Of course I do. Love is giving the best to her and making her stay with me… for the rest of our lives." Huo Siqian's definition of lo

When Huo Mian arrived outside the Huo Corporation, Huo Siqian was just getting on his Rolls-Royce to meet with a client.To his surprise, he saw Huo Mian's Audi R8 speed towards his car from his rearview mirror.With a 'bang', Huo Mian smashed her car into Huo Siqian's with all her might…The goo

The chancellor’s gaze pierced from within the Minorcosm World all the way to the Heavendawn Quarry near the western ocean. The mine was completely locked down, and bursting with demon energy. The chancellor was profoundly insightful, but it didn’t take much observation on his part to realize that t

The youth, Wei Feng, slightly frowned. "Sister Ling, this isn't appropriate, right? No matter how awful the character of Ye Qi and Jun Fengling are and how blind Miss Ling'er is, this is still in the Jun Family's territory. Even if it's Wei Yue saying this, it would imperil the Wei Family."Wei

Pill King Feng Xiaochen smiled and actually got on his knees: “Your wondrous brilliance will illuminate all of us.”Li Qiye simply nodded and accepted the grand gesture.“Fool.” The old man then turned his attention towards Zhang Yan and yelled: “The grand matters of a sect can’t be treated so frivol

Someone boisterously shouted after seeing Hu Qingniu’s challenge to Li Qiye: “That’s right, if he is good at everything, then have a competition to see who is actually better.”Zhang Yan nodded: “I agree. Today, the Three Talents of Longevity System are also here. We will overestimate ourselves and

“Senior, how did you determine that my big sister Liluo’s disappearance is truly related to the Black-feathered Specter?” Chu Feng asked.“When we discovered that letter, we also discovered another letter,” As the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke, he took out another letter.Compared to t

“Senior, when will we activate this grand formation?” Chu Feng asked the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.“We cannot activate this formation rashly. We must wait until the Black-feathered Specter reveals itself,” said the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.“Senior, how do we know when that Bla

The giant fire elemental finally fell to the floor, which erupted into flames. However, it had already lost the ability to harm players.The experience reward finally boosted Lu Li to level 54; he was the seventh one to reach this milestone. As a guild master and a competitor, this was nothing