In a blink of an eye, there were only three out of nine places left, and six people who hadn’t fought; Ye Lingfeng was one of them.“Feng, they probably have their emotions all pent up after suffering so many losses at my hands. I’m guessing that they’ll arrange someone diff

Ye Lingfeng’s motive was apparent. He knew that he couldn’t defeat Dongyang Fengxiao head-on, so he chose to drag the battle out. The entire battle lasted until the elders of the Theocracy felt greatly humiliated. Before Autarch Yun even spoke, Meng Tingyu tactfully pulled

"Have they gone mad?!" Bai Mo said, suddenly stopping in his tracks."Jiang Ling really is something. To think that he’s remained hidden for such a long time.... Not only was he able to get the Ancient Clans to do his bidding, he even had the sects from the nine realms send

The next day, Tianming, Feiling, and Ye Lingfeng came to the main entrance of the palace. With the chaos outside, the Decimo Dao Palace was really quiet all over, with the number of disciples present far lower than usual. Soon, Chen Jinghong, Bai Xiaozhu, and Situ Yiyi join

The words on the door probably weren't about Dongyang Fengchen's age, but rather the number of spots remaining. As each one of them entered, the number counted down. Only after the twenty-five Theocrats entered did Tianming and the remaining ones go in.Ye Lingfeng was walki

Li Tianming abruptly turned his head around. The Grand-Orient Sword flickered, forcing the figure back. Tianming took a look, only to narrow his eyes. “Dongyang Fengxiao?”It was indeed Dongyang Fengxiao, along with his lifebound beast.“Your lifebound beast recovers quite fa

By the time three days had passed, Li Tianming had developed a complete headache. The path had forked again and again, and he’d already come across over a thousand of them without an end.“How big is this tomb?” The ground was covered in a few centimeters of dust. Anyone pas

It was the second formation Li Tianming had encountered.“Feng, follow me.” Tianming used his black arm to open a path while Ye Lingfeng watched his back. He remembered the last time he’d done this, he had seen Ye Lingfeng being attacked by Dongyang Fengchen. Furthermore, a

Based on what happened to Dongyang Fengxiao and the others, Tianming reminded himself that what he saw wasn’t necessarily true. But what if it was? Tianming was very uncomfortable.Were Bai Xiaozhu and Situ Yiyi dead, and their bodies eaten clean? What about their lifebound

Ye Lingfeng had gone mad, but Tianming understood him. He had seen the dying struggle of the Infernal Soul Race that spanned twenty thousand years, as well as the amalgamation of the blood and tears of eighty thousand souls. Killing any Theocrat would make his blood boil."B

Chapter 129: The Three-Heads Meeting The strange voice of a lustrous woman reached my ears. Not only one voice. I also heard several voices from the surrounding area. Not surprising though. This place was the corner of the brothel. The whole area became quite lively around nighttime. A very vigoro

Her junior asked her with round eyes that were like a rabbit. Chaerim felt like the shrimp she just ate came back to life and was jumping inside her throat. She coughed once before looking at her.“What… do you mean?”“Just saying. Perhaps it’s intuition? The way you avoided

The moon was blue. Even though the sun hadn’t set when the shoot began, the moon was high up already. They were in the streets a little away from Hongdae. The dark hillside road was the location of the next shoot. The two boys were going to quarrel over Yu-ri under the moon

She started watching the moment her senior told Maru that she was interested in him. She didn’t do so on purpose. She went to the bathroom because of the strange atmosphere, but in that short moment, the two were already talking. She had to step out at that moment. She shou

“There’s a week left now. The day after the festival is the last day of school, and then there’s Friday and Saturday will be the preliminaries. Let’s keep up the pace until the last day. We’ll do two practice runs a day until Saturday. Other than that, we’ll make up for our

Just speaking of the results, Aram’s ‘help’ was successful. After all, the two started dating. Though, the perpetrator Aram had an expression of disbelief on her face.After the play, the club members all separated. Maru watched some of the events that were held in the main

Warning: Disturbing Chapter Ahead.She picked up the album jacket with the name ‘Kwon Dayoon’. Looking at herself with a bright smile on her face, it felt bad. Dayoon threw the album onto the sofa. The album bounced off the sofa and fell on the floor. The plastic casing open

Warning: Disturbing Chapter Continues.The man turned on the radio. Coincidentally, the music that flowed out belonged to Blue. It was the title song of their first album. She had practiced it a lot to the point that she would subconsciously dance according to the rhythm jus

Choongho told them to wait before leaving. Maru and Bangjoo looked around while drinking the energy drink they were given. They were inside a container within the building that was set up to look like an office. On top of the door was the character 武 (Martial Arts) that was

She was uneasy throughout the whole meal. She had never imagined that the director would show up. The man surely knew that the relationship between her and him was a secret. They were in an indecent relationship that would hurt both of them if anyone found out. Just hiding

Joongjin stood up as he rubbed his hands and left the office.The building was quiet since all the actors that were practicing had left. Joongjin, who was scanning the building, stood in front of a mattress wall. He punched the thick mattress a few times before smiling in sa

“I’ll get going then.”“Okay. Careful on your way back. See you at practice tomorrow.”“Yes, seonbae-nim.”Maru started walking after sending Bangjoo off in a bus. The area around Suwon station was filled with the stuffy air of the night. He could smell something savory from t

A ship landed slowly in the night, and an old man came out of that ship and disappeared into the night! Soon, an alarm sounded on the prison. A rogue spaceship took off into the sky, and Hamon’s anti-air defence immediately activated and started to shoot the rogue ship as it was intended to.

For me, even if I don’t eat lunch I won’t feel hungry or die or anything. It should be the same for the other three too, are they just enjoying being students? Well, they should be happy. “Huh? Are you messing with me?” I was walking around trying to kill time when I heard

“Nito, are you really the hero Nito.” “Hm?” I was in the library like usual, looking through books I couldn’t read, waiting for Patrick. Whe. Patrick suddenly burst in looking as though he was having trouble calming down. It all started when the principal got angry a

“How is it?” My entire body was inside the room now and no alarm had sounded. “Success.” “Alright.” I walked step by step through the room, it was dark but the dungeon was darker. There were various magic tools such as swords, robes, armor in class cases, etc.

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 395, Encountered Jiraiya. “Ryo, why did you suddenly ask if that person is a girl or boy? Do you find her beautiful?” “Not at all! I just felt a familiar Chakra from that kid.” “Familiar Chakra?” Pakura frowned, looking at Naruto

In the evening, I brought Carbon back from her dungeon. Thinking of going back to my room to change my clothes and take a break until dinner—–it was then. I realised that Carbon is following me, so I turned around and asked.   “What’s wrong?” (Carbon) “A

Jin’er stood by the bed in excitement and stared at the princess, not even daring to blink.Bai Zhi and Imperial Doctor Xu left the inner room and went to the outside hall.Bai Zhi handed the needles to Imperial Doctor Xu: “You let someone check if there is any poison on the needles.”Imperial Doctor X

“You don’t say! It is not like I am blind!”Liu Yi had long seen such a bright light.The surrounding lights shine even brighter on their car as Yang Wei’s voice covers the entire Dragon Immortal Town through some technique.“Liu Yi! Immediately give up and surrender! Otherwise, don’t blame us for bein

That law enforcer instantly collapses onto the ground as he holds his low body that is covered with blood as he screams.Other law enforcers by the side were also badly frightened, and someone raised his voice and shouted, “Someone is attacking us!”This shout is not soft, and in a blink of an eye, se

To proceed to the Nanzhan Section State from the Dongsheng God State, one must cross over the gigantic Xumi Ocean.Xumi Ocean is the only ocean in the four major states and is also the central ocean. No matter which state you want to head to, as long as you cross this Xumi Ocean, you will reach there

Chapter 724 Pain and Joy at the Same TimeThe black metal insect’s six legs stomped, and it disappeared from the spot.Sensing that sharp violent chi, Lu Ze used all his divine arts and charged up with blood lightningRumble!The front claws of the insect released dark rays. They were headed to cut Lu Z

Chapter 723 Beginner Mastery in One DayLu Ze opened his eyes back in his room.He was eaten by a boss! That pain of being eaten alive was spine-chilling.This was the first time he was eaten. It was a rather new experience. Lu Ze didn’t want to go through it again.Half an hour later, Lu Ze’s face slow

Chapter 725 Almost Forgot He Was a First-Year University StudentAlthough Lu Ze still died in the end, he was still satisfied with the loot he gathered.After resting for half an hour, the painful sensation went away, and Lu Ze began cultivating again. There was one day left until they arrived at the

Chapter 658 Exchange of BloodPerhaps because of the game system, the players were highly resistant to spiritual and soul-related skills and spells.So, William’s intimidation ability didn’t work; it only enraged the players.Schuck heaved a helpless sigh when he saw the players jump to their feet.Will

Chapter 657 Easy ProblemWhen Roland teleported back to the Realm of Devils, he found that the atmosphere was indeed stiff.There were clearly two factions on the two sides of the wall.From Roland’s perspective, the players, who were on the left side, seemed to be in a mess, but their camps were arran

Chapter 656 Sex Trap is Never OutdatedThe black fog rapidly expanded and turned into a gigantic black woman.Paimon extended his hand and grabbed the woman, who was much bigger.A gigantic white hand appeared and snatched the black fog woman.However, the Nether God moved even faster.The black scythe c

Chapter 1247 ObliteratedThe golden faced man looked down at his fingers, “Are you sure you wanna hold on to it? You should be able to tell that even though your physical strength is superior to humans, it’s nothing compared to us.”“You don’t know that for sure.”Yang Chen landed his left fist on the

Chapter 642 There’s Something Wrong With This Dungeon! (3)The crowd could only watch their men lying on the ground.“The Palace Master will command and conquer the world for thousands of years.”“The Palace Master will command and conquer the world for thousands of years.”“The Palace Master…”The Shen