The illegal demon hunters market in Volv City was in a lane behind the Demon Hunters Bar. Compared to the demon hunters market in Mocco City, this one was a bit smaller. However, the items in this market could match those in the market in Mocco City. As it was raining, the ground paved with rubbl

Chapter 541 - The Name that Shook the Eastern ContinentNothing in the history of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom—or the entire upper district’s Eastern Continent—had caused Zhou Bihua to lose his ground.Even when his only disciple had betrayed him!The main reason was that the significance of the

"Still half a month…"This was something many people were saying recently. From the data calculated by the AI, the warp drive was ending soon. In about 15 days, the Hope and its vassal spaceships would escape from warp drive, returning from warp drive space into normal space. When that happened, this

"Fellow Daoist Hu Qin, there were only two of them within the valley. The Dragon Blood pellets cannot disappear on their own, and only five have been found, that means there are still five others we haven't located. Even if you plan on taking this girl in as your fourth pupil, what's wrong with me w

Chapter 33: First Day at Work 1------Translator: MoliereEditor:SootyOwl------She stirred.Sarang was in front of her desk when she stirred and got up. Haesook Lim had been trying to cover her with a blanket. She turned her head, saw Haesook and was stunned.“You didn’t answer me. If you are sleepy yo

Chapter 465    Why did you help me breakthrough?Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws“Run!” Su Hao’s figure quickly retreated.Bai Feng established a spiritual channel. In a world of their own which would be the battlefield, Su Hao actually chose to flee at the very beginning! Bai Feng wa

Chapter: 124.1 out of 171 The movements in the room continued for a long time and gradually became quieter when the moon was near the western horizon. However, the sound of Wei Luo's soft weeping continued. Jin Lu and Bai Lan thought about the sounds they had recently heard at the same time. H

Benjamin leaned on the stone wall, on tipped toe and carefully crept over there. Probably because the mages were too focused on what was happening on the other side of the barrier, they did not notice Benjamin who was sneaking in. He finally got to see clearly what was happening on the other side o

Chapter 446: A Chance EncounterTang Xiu then received a phone call from Zhang Xinya. The phone call was ten minutes long. Appointing the time and place to encounter, they soon met on the concrete road near the grove inside the campus.“Hey, idol!” Zhang Xinya called out and looked at Tang Xiu with a

Chapter 565: Cowardice (Third) In the corner where the newest conflict was happening, about ten people were involved. A richly dressed Early-stage Soul Exalt in his thirties stood there with an elderly man behind him and five Soul Ancestor guards stood around in front of him. In the center of those

I couldn’t turn back anymore.   Shortly after Mr. Olgrand joined us for the demon subjugation, the cabinet meeting in question was held At that meeting, the strategy to capture the demonic territory was agreed upon, and the signing ceremony as well as the departure ceremony were conduc

AST 1515 - Earth Divine Stone, Qing Shui’s Divine Artifact In The Realm of Violet Jade With just one move, the surroundings became quiet. The old man was knocked backwards. Even though he had been crippled, he seemed to have forgotten the pain of losing his arm. He marvelled at Qing Shui, see

AST 1516 - The Hua Clan that doesn’t know when to give up During this period of time, nothing major happened in the Linhai City. The Imperial Cuisine Hall had the protection of the Lan Clan and Ziche Clan and there are also several clans who own a favor to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. So even i

Chapter 912 – Mutual LoathingTranslated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: MichyrrSilenced reigned throughout South Stream Temple.Huai Ren could not answer Xu Yourong's question.She knew that there was no room left to maneuver, but when she imagined the scene of the temple in ruins and its disciples dead,

Growing Up Everything in the base was a complete mess. A lucky soldier who’d managed to escape stealthily was hidden in a corner, attempting to flee by climbing a wall. However, he felt something at the front door of a nearby house. He took a peek in, and his expression instantly turned to on

Chapter 953: Provocation “Pill King Zhen, the rising star!” “Pill King Zhen, our biggest idol!” “Pill King Zhen, sweeping the competition!” Different catchphrases sprouted up all around the arena. Under such an exciting atmosphere, anyone who broke the stifling

Assembling the Clinic of No Treatment   TL: Hedonist TLC: Lynic     “Vehicle ahead, please pull over immediately for inspection.” Jia Yuan wasn’t driving fast. Soon after the call hung up, three police vehicles followed behind him. “Dumbass, Big Chao is

Tan Tan became shocked. His eyes popped out of his head. "Master… you didn't need to stuff the whole chicken down your throat even if you're studying how hens lay their eggs…"[I'm studying how hens lay their eggs?]Meng Chao Ran spouted smoke through the seven orifices. He stretched out his hand and

Chapter 253: FamilyBai Yi flew away with Alodia in search of the rest of his teammates. At the same time, Bai Yi pondered the motives and objectives of the people behind this entire incident. Even though he was deep in thought, Bai Yi didn’t lower his guard. Suddenly, Bai Yi turned his head and a b

Chapter 445: Fragments of MemoriesThe abrupt transformation of heaven into hell caused everyone to become disillusioned and cry out in alarm. The present modern world in front of everyone changed to a fairyland full of birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers. Then it was abruptly changed into heino

GOR Chapter 613 Acquaintance?   There were still countless unresolved questions within Chen Xiaolian’s mind. How could he simply allow the thin man to flee? Seeing the thin man run tens of step forward, Chen Xiaolian got up to pursue him. However, after only taking a few steps forward,

GOR Chapter 612 Part 2 The World’s End   A beam of light flashed out and struck the ground somewhere half a metre before the sports car, leaving a half-metre diameter crater there. Chen Xiaolian quickly lifted his foot from the brake and fully stepped down on the accelerator. Following

Chapter 504: Pretending for a lifetime Never forgive her! That single sentence from him dealt Han Yunxi the killing blow. Her eyes were already red with the tears she had already shed as she stared at him in bewilderment, unwilling to take in his words. “Drink your medicine,” he urged

Chapter 503: Drink your medicine  Besides the Duke of Qin’s estate, Han Yunxi had lived for the longest period of time here. Even the Han Estate couldn’t compare. She stood in front of the gates and stared at the spacious, inscribed horizontal signboard hanging over the d

Chapter 493: Terror of the Heavenly Extermination UnionShi Hailong’s expression sank but there was no sign of panic in his eyes. He smiled coldly and said, “It’s good that they came; we can uproot them completely.”“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”Three figures with surging auras appeared in the center of the plaza.

GDK 442 – Complaisant After about three years worth of time gone by, the beautiful looking Cecilia had learnt to live with a little more tranquility and calmness in her life, while losing a bit of her arrogance and unruliness. What remained the same was her pretty appearance and grandeur temp

“There isn’t a need for me to reconsider. Let me phrase it this way, you only witness that she has been saved, but did you see the effort that I put in to save her? Just the pills I used on her, even if you were to sell your hospital, you would never be able to afford them. If you don&rs

Please give me vegetables! Howled the gardener Todd upon entering the vegetable garden. The summer veggies are entering their golden age as the seasonal tomatoes and eggplants were blessed with a good harvest. The consumption can’t keep up with their current growth. There are many servan

Chapter 183        SlaughterZhou Qingfeng always carried two revolvers around with him on a daily basis, as the rapid-fire quality of the revolvers would allow him to maximize his ‘As Quick as Lightning’ ability. A revolver held six rounds, which meant that two revolvers held tw

IWM, ch94.4 “Yi-er, how are you?” As soon as Qiuyuan Yi regained his consciousness, Qiuyuan Lishang came forward, voicing his concern: “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” “I’m fine,” corners of Qiuyuan Yi’s mouth raised in a gentle smile. He hadn&

HSSB845: The one who played dead and fled   After slaying his first enemy with a single palm, Yan Zhaoge switched his target to the others. While he said that he wanted to capture them and extract words out of them, this was actually aimed merely at their leader who was of the sixth level of

After coming out of the immortal dream land, Wang Lu suddenly felt particularly tired, like when he was drilled in training by his Master all night long in Non-Phase Peak in the past one year.After two consecutive chains of immortal dream lands, Wang Lu really needed a period of rest. In addition to

Chapter 298 - Turn the Painting into a ConsumptionTranslator: LavEditor: LikiaAlthough it was just a simple question, it successfully directed everyone’s attention to the man surnamed Xu.Even if some other people had also thought that Shi Lei was lying, no one had verbally shamed him except for thi

The evergreen pines and cypresses, rooted on the rocky cliffs, shone with a light golden splendor under the final glow of the setting sun. With a sea of white clouds below his feet, Chu Feng gazed at the sun setting far to the west. Dark red clouds with golden linings filled the entire sky. Chu F

Bumpt.In Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven, a middle-aged man lightly slammed his fist on the armrest. His expression was ashen and his mood wasn't good.After verifying Devil's situation three to four times and confirming that he had really died, this head butler of Frontline God and his most tr

Jianlong Gu starred at Qingfeng Li with a worried look, as he was reminded by Hell King that Qingfeng Li definitely had learnt a grandmaster-class cultivation technique.In fact, Jianlong Gu did not know that Qingfeng Li's True Martial Emperor Technique was emperor-class, which was even more powerful

Chapter 251 - Array FormationHow difficult would it be to build a saint mountain, refining the mountain itself and surrounding it with Heavenly Dharma soul weapons isn’t enough.Zhong Yue studied the Singing Goose Mountain. After a few days of refinement, the mountain now had a new look. Even s

Indeed, there was a rule in the Grand Tournament of the Saint Lands that states that the Lord of a Saint Land could choose to replace himself with whomever that was sent into combat from his corner whenever he pleased. However, there was a con

The Mingcui Valley had never been as famous and as crowded as that day. The people had flooded the banks of the shallow stream and the valley, and human figures were everywhere. The noise from

Chapter 911 – South of the Stream, Somebody SpeaksTranslated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: MichyrrIn the depths of the forest was a clear and shallow stream. A grill had been placed on a rock by the stream, as had some leftover roast fish.Qiushan Jun took a newly roasted fish from the grill and stuff