"Turns out that you're that whatever Xue Family's family head."Regarding Xue Honghei knowing how to use the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, Ye Yuan felt a slight surprise, revealing an expression of coming to understand suddenly.Of course, he would not mind Xue Hongfei's increase in streng

Ye Yuan's expression changed and instantly pulled back his divine sense.Xue Hongfei gave a miserable cry, then his legs went stiff and did not move any longer.Evidently, Xue Hongfei was already deader than dead.That moment just now, Ye Yuan wanted to use Soul Searching Art on Xue Hongfei, but

After using the "Spirit Power Loan Spell" to boost his strength in a short period of time, President Bai obviously now had great confidence in himself. But the truth was that he had had no other choice left except to trade with Night Ghost Spirit Emperor; before the launch of the master plan,

Chapter“Seven Elements… Relief Palace?” Hu Bugui was taken slightly aback. “This name’s kinda weird. There’s a legend that, during the Fiendgod Age, the Demon Race had seven supreme aces who were called the Seven Elements Relief Devil Monarchs. It’s said that they each reigned a different ter

Chapter 976 – Strange Changes and a MapThe million-year-old soul apparently knew something but did not want to talk about it under these circumstances, and so Ye Qingyu felt it inappropriate to question further.He called for Hu Bugui and the silly dog, saying, “Let’s go. There’s nothing else

ChapterTime flew by.As news spread, countless people swarmed to the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.However, as the Reincarnation Hall descended, the chaotic and demonic aura for tens of thousands of kilometers around the Divine Emperor Peak became very thick. At this time in pa

Han Li slowly stood up and reached out to a nearby red cloud. Suddenly, a large azure hand materialized in the air and grabbed ahold of it.He stared at the hand and suddenly formed a strange hand gesture before muttering an incantation.The large hand trembled momentarily before closing a fist

Eric had consented to accompany Hui on this overnight trip to the college at that time. Now all he had to do was figure out a way to send Jia Li instead of himself. For a person with his skills, he didn't think it would be a tough task! Fifteen days laterFather son duo disembarked from the pla

"Uh…would you like to stop for breakfast? We are still a couple of hours away from York but we are on target," Ying Hui's voice brought her back from the passing scenery. He had been feeling awkward when she had first entered the car. Her perfume had been distinctly floral, just like the t-shi

Considering that he had been dead against Tang getting a divorce from his beloved Mei Zhen, why would Mr. Xie suddenly wish to help him? On top of that, he wanted to do so over drinks, instead of simply telling him the same, right here at office. What was up with him?Tang sighed. There was, of

Mei Zhen went white and then red in the face upon hearing Tang's casually delivered words. How could this have happened? She had been extremely careful. From the time that she had moved out of the Xie mansion, her only aim had been to bring shame and misery to the Xie family. She had intended

The students seemed to be hanging onto each and every word uttered by Ying Hui. The interaction had gone on for a few hours, with the entire auditorium listening in attentively. "I think that didn't go so bad. I hope that at least few students would do pro bono work because they wish to and no

Come with him to the Capital? Xiang Wan’s heart sank heavily. She felt as though a snowflake had suddenly slipped into her heart, cold and chilly. The Capital was a good place, but she had some unpleasant memories there. She didn’t really want to go there. As for Bai Muchuan… this person had too man

"Is she the newly-appointed guild leader of the Spirit Awakener Guild, Wang Ying?""That's definitely her; I've met her before! She might be young, but her talent in spirit enchantment is definitely peerless in this world. It took her only a few months in order to raise her mastery in spirit en

"The Master Teacher Pavilion ran away?" Ren Qingyuan's body jolted at that completely unexpected answer. "Can you repeat that?"The others also could not help but freeze upon hearing those words as well.How in the world could the Master Teacher Pavilion run away?Not to mention, at such a crucia

Chapter 974 – Seven Elements Relief Palace“What’s going on?”Ye Qingyu was stunned.“This is no good.”“There’s a trap.”“Fall back!”Many experts who had not entered through the stone gate immediately sensed that something was not right and retreated frantically.An extremely rich smell of blood d

Chapter 1208 - Crushing Power"Zhao Feng, you've finally come out!" As True God Guisha yelled out, ghostly Divine Power began to seethe around his body. The loathing and pressure that had built up in him for four months were instantly unleashed. "This is him?" A few True Gods who had never seen

"…" Yan Zhu choked. "Giving you the company? Do you even have the ability to manage it? This is not a game where things are as simple as pressing a few buttons.""Then, I'm sure it's not as simple as scoring good marks at school exams," Yan Si retorted sharply. Obviously, this was not the first

Below, Venerable White quietly restrained his aura and started to climb again.Beyond the heavens, ten or so pairs of eyes stared at Venerable White.But this time, no one made a move against him.No one was willing to waste their strength at such a critical time. They wanted to conserve their en

Chapter 1207 - Zhao Feng AppearsZhao Feng was currently in the area where the transparent palace had manifested. What was once home to a long and unbroken mountain range was now a depression scarred by pits and holes. Thwish! Thwish! Two whistles through the air could be heard, heralding the a

"Purposely lead people to Li Wan City to be tortured?" Chen Ge felt that had to do with the 'door'. They needed someone to open the door in Li Wan City, but that would lead to a question. Why would the ghosts in Eastern Jiujiang be so insistent on this door in Li Wan City? How was it different

Chapter 110: Concealment (Part Four) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Wei WuXian, “Coffins are used to hold corpses, of course. I’m guessing that what had been buried here was the corpse of Jin GuangYao’s mother, Meng Shi. He came here tonight likely to retrieve his mother’s corpse and t

Chapter 111: WangXian (Part One) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations If you are reading this anywhere but on the original exiledrebelsscanlations website, you are reading a STOLEN copy. Thank you. The sun hadn’t risen yet. It was still quiet over the streets. Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi walke

Chapter 112: WangXian (Part Two) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations If you are reading this on a site other than exiledrebelsscanlations, you are reading a stolen copy. Please read at the original site. Three months later, at Guangling. Over a mountain, a crowd of villagers holding torches

Chapter 113: WangXian (Part Three) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations WangXian (Instrumental) The day after they met Luo QingYang and her husband, the two arrived at a small town in Guangling. Wei WuXian put his hand above his brows, peering at the flapping flags promising good wine, “Let’

Chapter 114: Extra—Banquet (Part One) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Lan WangJi turned to Wei WuXian, “Wait for me.” Wei WuXian, “How about I go in along with you?” Lan WangJi shook his head, “He will be angrier if you go in as well.” Wei WuXian thought about it and agreed. Whenever La

Chapter 115: Extra—Banquet (Part Two) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Despite everything, that night, the two didn’t immediately get the chance to ‘try’. Lan WangJi first had to see and and talk to Lan XiChen, who had been in secluded meditation for a while. These days, Wei WuXian adopt

Chapter 116: Extra—Banquet (Part Three) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations (I’m going to reiterate this once again. We do not give ANYONE permission to post this translation anywhere else. If you are posting this somewhere or reading this anywhere but on the Exiled Rebels Scanlations websi

Chapter 117: Extra—Incense Burner (Part One) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Wei WuXian found an old incense burner in the treasure pavilion of the Cloud Recesses—the ‘Chamber of Ancients.’ The incense burner had the body of a bear, nose of an elephant, eyes of a rhinoceros, tail of a b

Chapter 118: Extra—Villainous Friends Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 13 Years ago Xue Yang sat beside the small, wooden table of a street side vendor, one leg stepping on the bench as he ate a bowl of glutinous rice dumplings soaked in rice wine. He tapped his spoon on his bowl. It was

Chapter 119: Extra—Incense Burner (Part Two) Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations The second morning, Wei WuXian somehow woke up earlier than Lan WangJi did. His legs were shaking throughout the entire day. The tapir* incense burner was seized and scrutinized by them for a long while. Wei Wu

After his fight with the dragon, Feng Hao travelled continuously until finally, he was able to see The Immortal Island in the horizon. "Finally!" said Feng Hao. Suddenly, his face changed as he felt pressure pressing on his body and trying to make him fall. T

Feng Hao never truly inspected the island as the space distortion has appeared right when he landed on the island. When he started to inspect the island, there were many trees that covered the island. Also, there were five large mountains that nearly pierced the sky.

Feng Hao followed Chu Zhen to Swift Sword's Territory. He saw many Void Shattering Cultivators, Young, Old, Men and women. What caught his eyes is that most of them are at the 3rd stage while only three were at the 4th stage. Only Chu Zhen was at the 5th stage.

Feng Hao killed the cultivators and went back to cultivate. Since no one bothered him and the Space Distortion lasted for a full week, Feng Hao found that his laws were imperfect! The reason for it is because his laws don't affect space at all! This allowed F

The Cultivators on the island were shocked! They saw how the Heavenly Tribulation has appeared with a force that left them breathless. But, they heard someone voice saying "Scram" to the heavens. They couldn't believe that there is actually an idiot like that person wh

Ayla. "...He disappeared like last time!!"Sebastin tries his best to locate him..Oumad asks. "Sebastin, was what he said true?"Sebastin. "..Yes, I hate to admit it but I can't locate him through sound.It's as if he isn't even alive, I've heard his heartbeat slowly fadi

Silence takes over the place for a moment.As both Sebastin and Heracles stand in front of each other.Oumad. "..I just noticed how much Sebastin is tall. He's as Tall as Heracles!"Herald. "Yeah...What good genes would do to you.I'd be dunking everyday if i was that tall

The day turned into night. Night progressed even further into late night. The female doctor didn't seem to notice or she didn't seem to care about the change in time. She was completely absorbed in teaching Altair everything she knew about the nervous system.Altair

Altair was having a hard time concentrating on anything. It wasn't because her mind was in a blur or because she was tired. It was because she was suffering from a pain that she initially didn't think was so bad.However, over the course of her getting cleaned up by s