"That beast trainer is a waste." Wang Lu didn’t deliberately stress it out, but he also didn’t deliberately hide it. His voice wasn’t big, but everyone present could hear it. Hovering in mid-air, A Xia’s smile was completely unchanged. However, on his side, Ling Yan could clearly see the hands beh

Qin Wushuang had gained the upper hand in his show of strength. Immediately, he had won over the audience. After winning, Qin Wushuang walked down the stadium and waited for the result of the other three battles. According to the rules, his next competitor would be decided between number two and

System: You have successfully killed Skum. You have been awarded with a Skill Point. The System had made a prompt into Lu Li’s ear as soon as the Boss had fallen onto the ground. He couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. It had been a long time since he had received a Skill Point as a reward. On the prev

Chapter 1115: Blood Jade Token Ling Quan’s expression had become quite ugly as he looked at the young man standing there emitting a majestic aura. “Four star Dou Zong?” Ling Quan’s eyes were gloomy as he stared at Xiao Yan. His heart was filled with disbelief. When he had

Chapter 136: What Must Be Done Translator: Mango Cat  Editor: DarkGem Once Miss Jun ran out, the tense atmosphere in the room dispelled. "Young Lady ran to the study," reported Concubine Yuan after looking out the window. She was somewhat concerned. "I’ll

Chapter 135: A Wife’s Fury Translator: Mango Cat  Editor: DarkGem Miss Jun hit someone. Miss Jun actually hit someone? Actually, this shouldn’t be so strange. This wasn’t the first time she had physically fought with someone. She and Fang Jinxiu had gone for

Book 32, Waveshift Realm, Chapter 21 – The Shadowless Evasion Art “Die!” Ji Ning’s sword wrapped itself around Sectlord Timedream’s waist, binding him in a soft grasp as his other five swords simultaneously shot towards the Sectlord. Whoosh. Sectlord Timedream’s

Book 32, Waveshift Realm, Chapter 22 – End of the Road Time flowed on, with six hours going past in the blink of an eye. During theses six hours, Sectlord Timedream used a total of nine offensive items, all of which had the power of lords of the eight Sacred Cities. Some were stronger, some w

Book 32, Waveshift Realm, Chapter 20 – The Terrifying Darknorth “Timedream!” Ji Ning turned his murderous gaze towards Sectlord Timedream. The more guilt he felt towards Ninedust, the more badly he wanted to kill the Kingfreak and Timedream. “Die!” He howled through th

  Chapter 27 – Expansion (8)     ========== Brendel’s POV ============     The battle suddenly stopped in the valley, and the no one uttered a sound. The only irregularity that broke the silence was the wings cutting through the air. Tagiv’s reactio

Chapter 28 – Expansion (9)   ============= Amandina’s POV =============== “They’re retreating,” Jana said. Her face was painted heavily with blood, and she sat down tiredly opposite to Amandina. There were a few flecks of blood on the latter’s pale face,

Chapter 26 – Expansion (7)   =========== Amandina’s POV ============   Amandina’s hands were clasped tightly together in front of her chest as she silently watched the increase of the shadowy figures in the forest. Since the new month, the temperature in the night had

Benjamin was almost scared to the point where he was perspiring cold sweat. It had been a while since the day he travelled to this world. All this while, no one else, not even his own family, noticed that he was not the real Benjamin. Thus, the fear of being seen through had not been on his mind fo

The Hope’s military force was highly efficient, so they only had to spend 10 minutes to pull the AI probes from the warehouse. These 10 probes were some of the 50 probes that the Hope had salvaged from the junkyard. Even though mankind could replicate some of the technology used to build the drones

Lingzhi was not shut in the firewood room as was customary of a person who committed a crime. Rather, Concubine Yuan had put her in one of the rooms in Lady Fang’s courtyard. "Did you deliver all of the tea and food?" Concubine Yuan asked after she returned. The servants hesitated slightly. "Conc

3rd Act, Chapter 49: Business Trip Request Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com The one who visited was mister Oreas, who we had not seen for a month. Relying on his connection with us, he seems to have come with a job request, but… First off, since Haste

The departing ominous bird covers its trail and secretly threatens the capital   “I understand it’s harmless, but… what do we do with it?” asked Eleanora. “It resembles a Dungeon.” “We leave it,” Vandalieu replied. “Seriously? We’

Chapter 135: Xihe Province, Yueluo Prefecture   “I do not know where is this. Have I reached Xihe Province yet?” Xiao Chen said to himself after he landed on the ground. He saw there were no one on the road. Xiao Chen looked carefully at the surface of the road; there were f

Chapter 633: Jiang Chen’s Departure There were quite a few nice things in Cao Jin’s storage ring. Apart from the two emperor level spirit equipment of the Ocean Cover Sword and the Moonshatter Awl, there were many more precious items. Multiple martial techniques, all sorts of pills, and

When the Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array of Beast Master School appeared before Xiao Qi, the woman’s complexion turned solemn and her heart heavy. That A Xia was really not that simple; he has chosen an opportune time for it. When the cat girl launched this same technique at her, Xiao Qi, us

Chapter 594: Shock Translator: Translation Nation  Editor: Translation Nation Even though the pain was still within Luo Feng’s threshold, that sort of piercing pain swiftly permeated into his head, even his brain felt the effects of it, waves and waves of radioactive pier

The Undying Drama Chapter 33: Farewells and Returning to Work {Draft} Poppy: Heeyy, don’t tell me you want me to repeat myself? Poppy: Litte Ju is such a ----PER  ER VERT,   Di Qi Ju: No...I don’t mean that.   Poppy: Well then, can you at least turn around to re

The Undying Drama Chapter 34: Entering the Team {Draft} Ethan:... Ethan: If the teams are sent further ahead a bit more...but there’s barely any time to rest…   Ethan: You guys have returned to work?.   Upon returning to the expedition base, Mo Chuan and I repo

Chapter 70-A [Phillipe’s Departure] 70 – A,フェリペ、出立する TL : Cnine ED : akshaythedon A certain magic tool shop in Laurel. Phillipe was deeply seated on his chair while looking but not seeing at the many things such as forceps, hammer, ore and many other things that are lined up on top

Chapter 173 ‘Your Father’ is here to demand a reckoning! (1) Gu Site gave an angry humph towards Long Shiya, clearly still vexed and unwilling to accept his loss. After all, he still had several powerful aces up his sleeve that he had not used. If this was not the Heavenly Snow Mountain

LOTCH 31 The Princess and The Knight   Sara-Malinowska is confused. The cause of the confusion is clear. It’s because Her Highness the Princess entered the military academy. Actually it’s not unusual for a Royalty to enter a Military Academy. However it’s unusual for t

v3c16: Reflection SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 ~ MINGDELTA Volume 3, Chapter 16 Last night’s experience was still like dream to Xu Jun. He managed to take down the Luftwaffe’s Hermann Göring and also accomplished all of his desired goals. Furthermore, as an unexpected bonus, he

Start of The Contract With control over the World Origin Force, the Lords of Baator far surpassed ordinary devils in strength. Even pit fiends could only tremble under one’s authority. However, there was one rank of devil between the pit fiends and the lords. It was only awarded to the most

Luo Feng and Ke Luo Fu, The Final Battle As one only sends his consciousness into the virtual universe network, the geniuses battling in the virtual universe all had the same universe level 9 bodies simulated by the virtual universe network, everybody had the same structure and physical bodies. Th

Mystic Four fell silent immediately. Among the group, Mystic Four's main function was more of a military advisor kind of guy. As opposed to using his fists to solve his problems, he preferred to use his head instead. The moment the words left Gao Xin's mouth, Mystic Four knew that the intentions be

Chapter 397: Cross Slash Han Shuo was fully aware that when one trained their fighting aura to Karel’s level, its power would be extremely frightening. Besides, Han Shuo had intended all along to test his strength against Karel, hence he did not hold back. Demonic yuan energy rushed into the

Avian Over Gold – Chapter 8   Lu Yuanheng ended the call. Lu Yuanlin was still flabbergasted, but since he didn’t want to continue talking, she could only deal with it and continue to look around. Gu Weiyi called her: “Sister, watch some movies and eat some fruit. It w

Chapter 104 - Meeting Tang Yin Again   Lin Yi leaned back comfortably against the Audi S5 upon getting out of the car, taking in the nice, busy food street as he relaxed. “So peaceful… How long has it been?” Lin Yi contemplated. It was always work back then- even if he&rsq

Chapter 103 - Fried Mushrooms and Waste Oil   Mengyao’s eyes lit up as she looked at Lin Yi coming out from the fitting room. She hadn’t thought of him as a farmer since a long time ago, ever since he’d changed out of his village clothes- but Lin Yi in casual clothes was re

Chapter 287: Wrath, reward offers all over When night fell, Han Yunxi left without hesitation with Gu Qishao, who silently led them along an extremely out of the way path. Halfway through their journey, Han Yunxi discovered that something wasn’t right. “This is the way to Medicine City

Chapter 226: Alias/Nickname Translator: Tseirp     Joined by the owner of the Ryina Magic Tool Shop, Ryina, and her shop assistant Nanya, we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild. “Luciel-sama, this is the Adventurer’s Guild.” Ryina was excited to see the flying s

Chapter 555 – The Ancient Secret Method: Blood Awakening Translated by: Shiroyukineko Edited by: Last TLCed by: Last   The way for Fatty Hai and the others to ascend to the Innate Realm, Yue Yang had always thought about it. Not only to protect Soaring Dragon Continent or to search for

The second day, the troops set off equipped. Liu Zhong Tian didn’t see Qiqi, hence he thought that it was weird. Could she be scared? Women are women, to be timid is a woman’s nature. Because they are entering the desert, they cannot ride the horses to progress. Liu Zhong Tian chose lig

After the army marched on for 2 days, they finally reached the vicinity of the Xiongnu campground before nightfall. Qiqi hid behind the sand dune and cast her gaze in front. The Xiongnu campground is very big, with numerous torches. Xiongnu in battle armor could be seen everywhere. Looks like the Xi

Volume 07 Chapter 01 Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax 「Annihilation Knight」 Soulia, the capital city of Nozan Kingdom. A high city wall had been built around the city to defend it from invaders…… sprawling fields, maintained by the city’s farmers, once surrounded the