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Eisen pulled his head to the side and managed to dodge the incoming arrow that Brody shot at him. Of course they were blunt arrows, but it still would have hurt if he had been hit right in the center of the face, not to mention that it still would have caused a considerable

Eisen woke back up in the arena, just a few moments after he initially seemed to have fallen asleep. Through all this, Eisen had gained all the knowledge that he needed during these two dozen instances of duels he had seen between himself and Brody throughout the ages.Towar

Benjamin slowly climbed out of the capsule and stretched a bit. He made his way out of his bedroom and then swiftly walked toward the kitchen to get himself something to drink. But just when he poured some water into a glass, he spotted something outside on the road. Well,

For now, the workers that Tim brought with him walked all around Benjamin's property to see if there was anything there that could be improved security-wise. There were a few things here and there, and most of it had to do with the system having to be upgraded a little bit.

"Samuel, listen to me very closely. Right now, you're at a complete disadvantage, do you understand?" Benjamin asked with a clear tone to his voice, and the man on the other side of the line stayed silent for a few moments before he just started to laugh, "I see... so you'r

Benjamin sat down inside of the capsule with a sore throat and a completely exhausted body. Sure, it may have been a better idea to just bring him to the hospital right away, seeing how he was literally bleeding from the mouth, but the old man had already shown that he had

Eisen turned his head over toward Hephaestus with a deep glare while he was holding the Ego-Multitool in his hands in the form of a simple hammer, "Please tell me that you didn't just risk destroying, no, basically killing, my Multitool just because you were annoyed by the

Eisen took his time to properly explain the whole situation to Kirisho, since she was obviously more than just a little worried after what Brody just said. And more than simply worried, she was extremely angry at the old man."How could you ever do something like that?! You

After the conversation between Eisen and Kirisho, where they luckily managed to clear a few things up and talk about their thoughts on this whole situation a bit more, the old man stood back up. He was first about to try and work a bit more with Bai, now that it had a sligh

Eisen was unsure about what exactly Brody was trying to do just now. What kind of reasoning did he have to do something like this? Stacking the swords up in that way really just defeated the purpose of having the sword like this at all. It didn't increase the strength or we

The different tribes of monsters had gathered together and were now preparing for a larger-scale war with the 'intruders' of the island."That's way too fast... they were probably never really at war with each other." Jyuuk pointed out, "That's just not how they would act if

Throughout the battle, the role that Eisen took on was rather simple. All that he had to do was properly deflect the more large-scale attacks, whether it was through catapults or magic that was flung toward them. It wasn't really all that hard to do so either. While Eisen's

The monster army was slowly being pushed back further and further toward their town, their central camp. It seemed like there was little they could do in order to change the tide of the battle now, especially considering that at this point, the numbers of the monsters' and

Brody stared at the figure in front of him, the five meter large, completely armored figure. The 'Incarnation of War', as it was called. Slowly, the Demon-Orc turned around toward Eisen with a wry smile, "Imma guess that you don't know anythin' about this? You're probably t

Brody stabbed the spear forward, the Incarnationb of War swung it sideways. Both of them jumped, slid over the ground, and dodged any attack that came their way, sometimes deflecting it for a small chance at an attack.The Demon-Orc and this living armor-set were fighting th

"That so?" Brody asked with a blank expression, "So you're tryin' to tell me that you hid parts of your powers? For any specific reason?" The Demon-Orc asked. As if scoffing at that question, the Incarnation of War immediately replied, "Of course. It simply assumed it to be

"How did you..." The Incarnation asked with a tone of pure shock. It stood there with its one remaining hand stretched forward so that it was able to react if Brody chose to attack all of a sudden, and the Demon-Orc just grinned broadly.He pushed his spear into the ground a

"What just happened?" Brody asked with a deep frown as he stepped up closer to the Incarnation, "This is some sort of trick, right? You're just gonna repair yourself and attack me now... Right?" The Demon-Orc asked with confusion, but before he knew it, the rest of the Inca

"Am I really sure that I have everything that I need?" Eisen looked at all his items inside of his item storage, ranging from potions, provisions, tools, materials, weapons, and literally anything that he could possibly need for his trip to heaven and hell. He would need to

Eisen was flapping his wings, trying to keep himself suspended mid-air as he was thinking about who of the two Guards he should fight first and foremost. That was because together with that, he would make the choice of which place he would go to first as well. And in the en

This comfortable air and aura in general continued on surrounding Eisen and simply became stronger and stronger the longer he stayed here. At some point, it didn't even feel all that unnatural, and it was like he always felt this way. He was able to keep himself awake prope

Eisen kept looking at the scenery around him as he was flying toward the huge town in front of him. There really were a lot of beautiful places to see, and many different ones quite literally scattered around each other. The old man could see a snow-covered area when he was

Eisen ran the knife over the surface of the wood and carved away at it. First things first, he had to get a proper, basic shape for brush-handle. Of course, that was not particularly hard, and within a few minutes, the old man was already done with that.Then, he moved on to

The man looked at the unique paint brush in his hand, and ran his fingers over the small, carved scales and the bristles that looked like waving flames to him."It is beautiful. Amazingly so." The Soul said with a light smile on his face as he properly placed the brush into

Eisen looked at the Dragon in front of him as it gave off a light glow off of its body. The old man wasn't sure why it tried to get Eisen's attention just yet, but he would hopefully find out now.He slowly opened his mouth and was about to inquire, but before he could, he w

Eisen started to carve into the wood that he was holding in his hand, slowly forming it into the shape that he remembered the necklace being. Or well, that's what he initially planned, but it was like his hands were moving on their own anyway. Like they knew exactly what ne

Eisen stared at the Dragon of Life in front of him with a complex expression while he waved away the notifications about his new skill and the fact that he finished the quest that Lirgtur gave him. He was simply feeling a bit weird about this whole thing. Because in one way

Eisen closed his eyes with a squint as he stepped into the room, but soon, he got used to the bright light and managed to see properly. And what he saw then was the figure of a huge, truly enormous Dragon laying in the center of a giant hall.The Dragon's crystal scales refl

Trygan looked at Eisen with a surprised expression. He seemingly really didn't expect Eisen to make a suggestion like that. The Dragon God looked down at the old man with a slight frown, "Are you sure that this is a good idea? If either side discovers what is going on, even

Eisen looked at the woman's pleasant smile, and a single question came to mind that he couldn't help himself but ask, "Is there a particular reason you're happy about that?" He inquired, and the woman slowly nodded her head, "Yes, there is... I was rather close to some incr

Eisen slowly walked up to what seemed to be just a rock at first glance. An egg-shaped rock, but just a rock in the end. It wasn't even all that smooth or anything like that. It was really just an ovaloid rock with a deep brown, muddy, murky color and scent to it.The old ma

Eisen's first dream tonight of recovering one of his memories was now over. He had gained a lot of things through this, more than he had thought he could with just a single sort of memory.While he simply felt somewhat happy about learning about the others, that was where hi

While remembering Trygan had a positive effect on Eisen when it came to most of his other memories, with the ones that he just remembered, he felt anything but happy. He remembered all the children that Eisen had over his lifetime. All of which, without a single exception,

[New Quest – Gonor's Acknowledgement][Description] You are seeking to be acknowledged by the gods of heaven and made your way into the realm of the God of Combat, Gonor. As you are a craftsman rather than a fighter, you have been given the task to create full gear for ten d

Now that Eisen had a pretty good idea about what both of these souls wanted, the old man stood up from the stool that he had placed behind the counter and then made his way into the workshop in the back."If you want, you can come and watch, or you can just wait here. You ca

The handles weren't anything all too special. They were just meant to be properly held onto, and that was it. This time around, while making this equipment for these two souls, Eisen didn't really worry about making incredible, highly-enchanted items, for multiple reasons.O

Eisen put the pieces for the boots together rather quickly, and after he finished that part, all that he needed to do was finish the enchantments on the surface of them. They were just there to enhance and support the enchantments that were placed inbetween the soles and in

From the whole basic structure of the blade, Eisen wasn't actually sure if this would be a viable shape for a weapon, considering that it seemed a bit easy to bend or break if it was a heavy weapon with thin parts like that.But considering that this was a world where it was

Eisen looked at the metal that was currently heating up inside of the forge, soon faced with the light of the glowing yellow steel hitting his sweaty body while he was in the midst of his work. He pulled the ingot out of the forge and placed it down onto the anvil, before h

Eisen looked at the more than just satisfied woman, who slowly stepped out of a dressing-room that Eisen made to try on clothes or armor, and she just looked back at the old man seemingly quite excitedly.Well, that's what he thought from her body-language, at least, conside