No one cared about this hollow spirit state who was flicked away by the light orb. Everyone just stared inside the seven transparent yellow light orbs. If they just got one of the light orbs, it would be a huge fortune. Even truth realisation state cultivators would drool over such things.Hear

Although Ye Man was a Devil Cultivator who experienced a qi deviation and had greatly increased his strength, he was merely a Paramount Mortal Shedding Stage Devil Cultivator. Theoretically, it was impossible for him to escape from a group of outer court elders and outer court deacons. Moreove

"We are continuing with the previous mission that Chi Ming took on and failed," Yin Yang said as he looked at Tai Wu."En." Tai Wu nodded. "This time, you're not going to let another Three Star Assassin accept the mission, right?""Although Chi Ming wasn't the best Three Star Assassin, he co

With a soft voice, the stewardess looked at Wu Jun and asked, "Hi, sir. What can I do for you?"This sir hasn't eaten his fill. Please get two more servings for him." Wu Jun pointed at Yuan Zhou without blinking and said with an earnest look."Okay, sir. Do you also want me to place the two serv

"Have you heard about anything unusual in your travels?" Gu Xijiu tried to get some information.She was still the National Celestial Master. Di Fuyi should have announced the deaths of her and Rong Jialuo after he returned. The citizens of the three kingdoms should be in a heated discussion.Lo

Everyone was struck with disbelief; 81 Spiritual Infant Tier soldiers should have the might to overturn rivers and empty oceans, but Ling Han had merely drawn out a treasured sword, and it was enough to make the figures of those soldiers quiver as if they were on the verge of being destroyed.T

"Justin Alexander crossed the finish line!" The live commentator was excited, and the timer stopped at 9.78 seconds."9.78 seconds. Justin Alexander just ran the best time in the 100m sprint this year! And it's the first score within 9.80 seconds after Gittell's retirement!" said the commentato

Two days later, at the place where the Alchemy Conference was held, the region around the Alchemy Conference, countless people's gazes gathered once again. Today, Ye Futian would challenge Gongsun Ye to a battle to the death right here.Gongsun Ye, the number one in the decennial Alchemy Confer

Fellow Daoist Fangzheng fell to the ground with a loud bang. For an instant, he seemed to have lost consciousness.Mo Tiange immediately summoned her White Silk Handkerchief, but that thread of spiritual aura was gone. She still didn't know where it came from!At that moment, Daoist Fangzheng, w

Bash! -402 -415 -897! (Critical!) "Ding! You have eliminated XXX!"

The shout by Divine Doctor Chu looked much alike to a freeman selling his talents in the martial society. He was only short of saying: Those who are rich, kindly share some money; those who're not can just help to

"Did you call me?" Meng Qi turned half of his body around.Utilizing her to look for Du Huaishang was the right choice, she stopped him after hearing his words."Miss..." Her Wet Nurse tried to stop her because she had met many similar charlatans. She knew that they were nothing but good at read

As Fang Qingyun's beautiful flute music flowed to Su Mo's ears, he instantly felt a change in the surrounding area. Suddenly, he was back at Gale Island.He was surrounded in the Inner Square.Those who surrounded him were Duan Jingtian, Meng Han, Pang He, Qi Feiyu, and more."Su Mo, you shall di

Princess Zhang Le arched an eyebrow when she saw Immortal Gourd was about to leave with Yu Miao and others. A spurt of anger flashed through her, and a blood-red line twitched on her forehead. She did not mind if he took the other Elders away, but not Yu Miao, who had been constantly harassing

Tina was scared to her very core by Rudolph's cunning smile on his face. She began opening the SUV's door with all of her might suddenly while shouting loudly, "We're leaving no matter what you say, Mr. Rudolph," However, the door could not be opened no matter how hard she was pulling.

After a night of cultivation, Zhang Lisheng realized cultivating with the Rank-3 Wizard secret method boosted his wizard worm's vitality a few folds more than cultivating the Rank-2 Wizard secret method. If he did not strengthen Mountoad with Worm Refinery Incantation after breaking through to

"I've told you that we're okay now, Tina. There's no need to drive so fast, at least let me open the gate first," Zhang Lisheng who was sitting on the passenger's seat took out the black remote control he snatched from Rudolph and said while forcing a smile, as he opened the gate. What he said

Zhang Lisheng was only left with 97,000 dollars in his bank account after purchasing the Explorer. He had two plans on how to spend the money, one was to look for a massive amount of venomous worms in New York pet stores and pick out wizard worm embryo with the witchcraft incantation 'assemble

The major acted as if she could not see the bats and ran headlong toward the center. Tang Wulin brandished the rod in his hands like a spear. With every stab, a Four-clawed Bat exploded in the air. The shadow of the rod flitted around the major, and not even a single bat was able to get within

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu started to participate in the Divine Fish Festival. Back then, Zhao Fu had fed his blood to some small fish and used them as bait to catch many rare fish.The Divine Fish Festival from before had placed the Dynasty Legatees at a disadvantage and had giv

Twain proclaimed that the game had entered his orbit the day before the game. When his remarks were made public, it caused a stir in Barcelona. The Catalan media began to fight back, and they went to the Barcelona players in hopes of getting the team's support.The big mouth, Eto'o was the firs

Jiang Taixu!The name might not sound strange to others, but for Xu Que, the Divine King Jiang Taixu was an extraordinary figure. Both the All and the Troop were among the Nine Secrets, and the Nine Secrets came from "Zhe Tian", in which there was an extremely powerful being: Jiang Taixu.Jiang

"How…could this be?""What happened to those outlanders?"The members of the Gong Family were shocked and dumbfounded on the spot! They didn't believe what they had seen!Several figures were in the Beast Soul Bag opened by Xu Que. And those figures were the powerhouses at the summit of the Form

The Heavenly Thunder here was extremely weird!Looking at the thunder, Zhou Bao was astonished. He secretly doubted that the clouds were connected with the legendary Thunder Tribulation Heaven causing the Heavenly Thunder to appear.Compared to other restless people, he was not worried. With the

Zhao Yu looked at the middle-aged woman, who looked simply ordinary in his eyes. He never thought that she could be a division chief! Looking back, he considered his previous actions at the re

When HuangFu YanHan crossed gazes with Yu ManLou, he felt his whole body freeze up and even his vessels clog up. Forcefully circulating his inner qi, HuangFu YanHan replied without backing down, "If Family Head Yu says so, this would be the best. If the truth comes out and Family Head Yu is in

Chapter 1091: Chance at Life “This is a sea chart of the Heavenly Starry Ocean and all the great ominous lands that contain Holy Spirit Veins. With your current insight, you cannot make out the real from the fake. If you meet just one of these, you will find yourself in an extremely dangerous situ

The gang of card artisans looked worried, their faces ugly. The attack from the wavy snow bats hit them hard, and the mysterious ace had left them covered in a dense layer of impenetrable haze.Before he had gone far, the lead card artisan suddenly looked on guard. Needing no orders, the card a

Dinner was finished.The two families were elated, especially Brother Li, who had been heavy-hearted before. Now, that expression of joy was all over his face. His troubles had been resolved. There was nothing more to worry about.However, he had not thought that the Lil' Fan that he knew in the

The Wuma Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief was in great pain, and was beginning to lose control of his emotions. Soon, he actually started crying.This caught both Chu Feng and the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief by surprise. Even if the matter was very painful to recall, it was something that had happ

Hearing about the matter regarding the Wuma Heavenly Clan, Chu Feng and the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief felt a suffocating heaviness. After all, the Wuma Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief and the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief were close friends of many years.It was not only the Chu Heavenly Clan'

Mo Wen carried his backpack and wore his travel shoes. He was prepared to set off once he was ready.He walked over to Shen Jing's door and knocked on it. Before he left, it was better to let Shen Jing know. If not, if he disappeared suddenly, he would not know what else could happen.Shen Jing

Reading the book of classic scripture helped wash away the hubbub of the Beijing trip.As Wang Yao settled himself down, he once again thought about Su Xiaoxue's condition which he had put aside. Time passed quickly, and the sun was soon setting, going down over the mountains.When he returned h

Shi Boren really did hold a celebratory party for Xia Lei - it was not in a luxurious hotel but in the cafeteria of Bureau 101. Only Xia Lei, Long Bing, Tang Yuyan, Ling Han and Shi Boren sat at the table. Ling Han’s alcohol tolerance was astonishing and he was also the one who poured and toas

Perhaps, it was because of her age, or perhaps it was because she had been in the industry for too long, the well-experienced Tangning hated getting dressed up for fancy events. After all, everyone knew that, upon that long red carpet, celebrities appeared harmonious on the surface, but they w

The television series finally premiered amidst a lot of fanfare. During this time, advertisements for "Swords of Love" could be seen along every street and alley.

In the Dark Desolate Domain of the Heaven's Origin Sector, on the sky that seemed to be jumbled up by countless clouds, hundreds of swirls were spurting out circles of spiritual energy, crashing and consuming each other. The sky was turned into the most distorted painting.Suddenly, hundreds of

tThe Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race clearly had plans and ambitions.Their only condition was their lands in Spirit Realm. They knew that Ninth Heaven and Starry Hall would not give them up willingly.So from the start, they had not thought of working with the six forces of the human rac

This battle cry was almost a little comical, causing the flame tsunami dog named "Mad Breaker Three Swords" to look disgusted, but just as the roar faded away, its expression suddenly changed.Somehow, this small green-furred dog which had looked weak at first sight, with a physique that was th

Seeing those phantoms, Ye Yuan could not help turning solemn."Illusionary spirit bodies!"That middle-aged man at the helm was stunned hearing that as well and said rather surprisedly, "Young man, you actually know about the illusionary spirit body. Indeed, you have some knowledge and experienc