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‘Killed Mythical Creature, Torch Dragon youngling. Discovered Dimensional Crystal.’This thing… is a youngling… Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be astonished. If it were an adult Torch Dragon, he wondered how strong it would be.Only one dimensional crystal dropped. When Zhou Wen saw the number, he thought

For the following few days, Abel returned to his regular routine of doing practices. For once every five days, he would spend thirty minutes on drawing the rune signs. When he got bored, he would read of the books he brought out of the dark world. At night, he would return to the dark world to clear

Chapter 448: Tell Me If It Hurts“An elevator?” Li Beinian gasped.“Uh-huh.” Mu Xichen led her into it and hit the button for the third floor. Then, with a sense of urgency, he pressed her against the wall and started to kiss her.Caught off-guard, Li Beinian fell backward and widened her eyes while he

Chapter 447: It TicklesLi Beinian’s eyes lit up as she quickly ran down the stairs to the full-length windows.“Is this really a pool?”She threw open the door and walked out towards the swimming pool, realizing as she did so that this open-air pool was huge.It surrounded almost half the villa.Li Bein

“Mom, I’m getting married. Weren’t you worried that I’ll be alone? You can put your mind at ease now. Besides, that person was someone you like. It’s Xia Yixuan. You’ve always been kind to her, and she’s been nice to you. Mom, how great would it be if you woke up. Your son is getting married.” Again

“Drink? Why do you need to drink that?” Lin Feng and the others looked at him with surprise.“Do you know what other ingredients it contains apart from Mama’s blood? It also contains Aunt Wenwen’s catmint, the black fruit that Mama brought back from the underground, and her lake water. You guys can’t

Chapter 818 Is that enough? Boom!When Zhou Yuan’s figure rose into the sky and landed on the platform in the middle of the lake like a cannonball, countless people were filled with surprise.“Is that the Wind Pavilion’s new deputy pavilion master, Zhou Yuan?”“Is he going on t

Chapter 362 The Agent exams Her mind was split on figuring out just what to do, but now it was already too late. James had entered her for the agent exam, and they had finally arrived, where Erin would have to take the test. She had been struggling with herself about what th

In the solemn tower, Chen Fan was walking in an azure robe. There were two stars on his chest, meaning that he was a level two alchemist, a superior Alchemy Master.Many disciples and level one alchemists greeted Chen Fan, and a lot of young female alchemists blushed when they saw him.Chen Fan also s

Chapter 1523 10 Saints all arrive “All of you stay here, do not move without permission!” the Torrential Rain Saint commanded darkly. “We obey!” everyone answered solemnly. The Torrential Rain Saint stepped once more on the golden path, and returned to Wood Figure Planet. However, though Saints coul

Chapter 1289: Can You Still Not Forget Him?“I’m begging you, please… Please marry Shi Xiaoxiao.”Xuan Ying felt as though someone had plunged a knife straight into his heart, separating his bone from his flesh.Love was supposed to be the best cure for sorrow in the world. But was it not also the shar

Chapter 1178 Untitled Seeing the stern look on the empress dowager’s face, Empress Dugu looked pleased.Lady Northern Feng was about to speak, when the empress dowager waved her off. “Just wait and see.” In the arena — Feng Wu had tied Xuanyuan Yi up with Dancing Dragon in the Moonlight, the second s

Chapter 498 Quietly Waiting for Ratings Hold on?Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and even Xiao Feifei looked at Ye Lingchen. The exclusive purchase price of 50 million Yuan was undoubtedly a high price for a television series, and many factors enabled iPartment to be sold at such a high price.

"Tch." Dyon's skin reddened and his muscles flexed, directly allowing him to enter the first stage of the first act of Demon Emperor's Will.In an instant, Asyna felt like she had gone from hitting flesh and bone to hitting a steel plate. Even the sounds of her fists poundin

Qin Mo looked at her. For the first time, he rebutted someone so seriously. “Little Bo Jiu.”“Yes?” Bo Jiu scratched her ears. She wanted to touch his head again but looking at the little princess’s expression, he didn’t like it. Thus, she could only retract her hand.Qin Mo emphasized in a cold voice

Chapter 499 Heated Discussions Throughout the Web “Hmm? So many files?”After sitting down, Ye Lingchen saw that the table in front of him was full of documents. Xiao Feifei raised her hand to rest her chin on it. She then said, “These are all the entertainment newspapers that were talking about iPar

Chapter 743: Hell Python The 18 Death Knights that were riding Nightmares formed a small line and assaulted from left and right of Lin Li’s Light and Darkness Domain. The strength of the Death Knights was actually not too outstanding on the surface. The strongest one had just reached level-19, while

Chapter 744: Mammoth Behemoth Hence, Angelano’s efforts earlier were pretty much smooth-sailing. But, when the Hell Python appeared, he validated Connoris’ words; Angelano could not keep his peace anymore. The Hell Python that was 20 to 30 meters long when it rose from the ground was relatively smal

“I remember Osric coming to the abyss alone after he enslaved me. He mentioned something about the 72nd level of the abyss,” interrupted the Fire Demon King bravely. He did not want to die with Lin Li. The Fire Demon King did not get reprimanded by Lin Li and Connoris this time. Instead, they to

Chapter 746: Listless When Lin Li was still an Archmage, he mastered the ability of using the Levitation Spell like how he used the Power of Flight. His passion for escape spells did not end when he reached the Legendary-realm. How could he be able to use the Power of Flight to fly among the 36 towe

Chapter 747: Balak’s Magical Crystal The Gordon Demon was lying on the ground. Its slow recovery speed was almost imperceptible. The three impressive Legendary-mages, Andoine, Aldwin, and Rosen, were all pallid. Their hair was in a mess, and they had blood dripping out from the sides of their eyes a

Chapter 748: Perfect Body The Fire Demon King growled at that Zago Lord in the void according to Lin Li’s request. What followed was the gradual dissipation of the gray clouds. The Zago Demons on the ground—the lowest-ranking Sickle Black-armored Demons, the impressive Scourged Ankylodons, and Mammo

Chapter 749: Who is Right? Aldwin and Macklin would not wish for the rest of the talents to be buried in such a place. Since obtaining the crystal coffin and treasures was an assignment from the Supreme Council, why should they sacrifice the last resources of their guild for the council? Rosen was a

Chapter 2059 Raw 2154 : Identity Exposed Chapter 2059 (Raw 2154): Identity Exposed Pei Shaoxuan simply behaved like a madman, attacking at the drop of a hat without any warning. He smashed his palm down, and countless clumps of scarlet flame formed many talismans that covere

Chapter 750: The Power of Nothingness Lin Li was suddenly reminded of Immortal King’s laboratory in the Sky Castle. Not only were the valuable items within it wiped out, its interior also seemed to have been destroyed in a rage. Should this be something a student would do to his teacher? Lin Li noti

The weather changed incrementally with the speedy passage of time, months went by without any news-worthy or major incidents occurring in the capital. It was like all the major nobles had mysteriously retreated from the public's eye.Autumn was now in full effect, the high h

Chapter 1123: Encounter and Reunion“Her Highness Lydia’s attack is so magnificent…”Gazing at this scene, Mini Bubble Gum gasped in admiration. Canary stood beside her, lifted her head, and gazed at the starry sky.“Yea, powerful and magnificent as always… That’s Her Royal Highness Lydia for you…”“… A

Chapter 1122: Core of the Chaos NestThe normal procedure in a BOSS raid should have a main tanker in defensive position taking the ‘aggro’ from the BOSS, a support player standing by to provide buffs and healing spells, and an attacker dealing massive amounts of damage in the shortest time possible,

Chapter 1121: Emerging DangerRhode wasn’t in the mood to care about Erin anymore, despite her being the reason why he was here in the first place. He found a much more bothersome thing waiting for him to handle. As he entered deeper into the Chaos Nest, he was stunned to realize that not only did th

Chapter 1120: The Attack of ChaosRhode had to admit that he was truly caught off guard by Chaos this time due to his miscalculation. It wasn’t that the Chaos Nest didn’t appear in the game before, so he wasn’t familiar with it. Instead, he admitted that he took them too lightly.After all, this was h

Chapter 2253 Ultimate Kill! Without Jian Wushuang needing to remind him, Emperor Bai had already executed his Punisher’s Hell, as golden waves plunged for Old Monster Jiao.But as Old Monster Jiao, a crimson region had formed, blocking against the golden waves. The golden waves were not able to dissi

Chapter 1124: Unrelenting TroubleThe tense and solemn atmosphere in the Atlantic Air Defense Command diffused rapidly. The faces of everyone who entered or exited the command were stretched in anxiousness. The commander who stepped into the command in large strides was ashen because just 10 minutes

Chapter 976: The Story of Ling and Heng (239) Qiao Fei sounded in a bad mood. Feng Ling suddenly remembered how Li Nanheng was like when he was in a bad mood and she didn’t feel she should go to see Qiao Fei now. “Well, I’m not quite available now. I think I’d better not disturb you. I wish you all

Chapter 977: The Story of Ling and Heng (240) Feng Ling turned his head and looked at him while waiting for the red light. “What do you want to do to me?” Qiao Fei smiled. “I attended a dinner party last night and didn’t sleep all night. Send me to the hotel first, and I will tell you when I get the

Chapter 978: The Story of Ling and Heng (241) Qiao Fei did not force Feng Ling to change clothes. Although there were a few hours before the dinner party, he did not offer to take her to a room to rest. Instead, he ordered the VIP lounge beside the banquet hall on the ground floor for her to rest in

Chapter 979: The Story of Ling and Heng (242) She was fair-skinned and pretty and seemed to be very quiet, not the kind of spoiled, annoying girl. Although Mother Qiao was dissatisfied with the fact that her son brought her girlfriend here, she didn’t say too much about her. She just turned her eyes

Chapter 980: The Story of Ling and Heng (243) Feng Mingzhu didn’t think so. She was angry recently. In particular, all the Feng family people had agreed to let Li Nanheng marry her sister’s clothes and even her grandmother, who was willing to do anything for her, no longer oppose this matter. She to

Chapter 981: The Story of Ling and Heng (244) Mrs. Feng and her mother were stunned. The others were retreating in fear. Although the two of them were also scared, it was Feng Mingzhu who was abducted, so they could only keep begging those people, “Don’t… don’t hurt her… we have never offended you.

Chapter 871: Using Too Much Force!He already understood that no matter who she turned out to be, if she still had no reaction after he said all that, he could only search her soul. If she hurt or killed his good friend, he would make sure to torture the lady. If that wasn’t the case and the lady was

Chapter 870: Dilemmas and Denying!At the same time, he gave Wang Baole an independent satellite as his cave abode and base. In fact, after asking Wang Baole for his opinion, he immediately announced that Wang Baole was promoted to the role of the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect’s grand elder and was o