Hiss! Hiss!Suddenly, 24 sharp knives appeared in the void."Sword array!"Hao Ren used all his 1,280 sword energies.Four Gates Base Guard Array Formation! The sword energies formed four walls, waiting for the attacks."The so-called Seven Killing Array targets the seven emotions which are joy, an

Berserk Thunder City's training areas were distributed based on main cities. This route which would pass by the Ironcliff Fortress was the only training area outside a city.As a monster area at the foot of the mountain, this practice area was occupied by monsters around level 20. Every day, th

Seemingly hearing Firesmith Dragon Chief's inner voice, Fang Yuan continued to ridicule with even more intensity: "Good, this gaze, this mood, this rage, only like this can you bring out all your strength to fight me. Only such an opponent can make me feel some interest. Remember, you must use

Nobody expected that Fang Yuan would show up here. According to the competition rules of Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention, from the eighth round onwards, there can only be one winner from each test venue. Thus, gradually, the whole of Central Continent's test venues became domain

Seeing the Monkey King's hilarious actions, even Green Hunter, who was concerned with many things, could not help start laughing.In the distance, beasts in human form in red were chasing each other for the wine as the fragrance of liquor diffused throughout the forest…Meanwhile, there were new

After he finally got through the lessons, Jiang Fei plunged into his room and took a bottle of Evolution Blood out from the Spatial Ring! The appearance of the Evolution Blood was no different

Chapter 1478 - Returning Home!Tu Si’s memory inheritance had accompanied him for more than 1,000 years, but now it was useless. Tu Si was merely a peak 8-star ancient god.The light formed by the memory inheritance appeared in his hand. He looked at the light for a moment before he threw it at Tuo S

Chapter 1510 - Glory of the Cloud Sea!His voice swept into the God Sect and into the ears of the thousands of cultivators inside the Nine Heaven Destruction Formation.These cultivators hadn’t finished placing the formation yet. They had rushed here after receiving the order, but Wang Lin was too fa

"What a place to settle down, but I don't see any signs of a music industry?" After all, Fang Ning was a talent in science and engineering, he immediately noticed the problem after taking a look around."Hehe, Brother Dragon, you have sharp eyes indeed." Spirit King Bodhisattva smiled awkwardly

"They were a company from Earth. Unfortunately our hotel is currently in a busy period, so there's not enough to accommodate them." The front desk girl still maintained a professional stance.Jasper laughed. That fatty had been nothing but envious hatred. At his level, there was no need for suc

Yan Xiaosu nodded. Honestly, the girl's attitude had not been bad. She had not sought to taunt or laugh at them. Rules were rules, and she had been powerless."Alright, we'll let it go this time. Your system is unreasonable, and needs improvement. Your staff's attitude was good, though. Don't p

All objects had an bursting point. Once breached, they would explode or disintegrate. If that were true, wouldn't he be invincible?It was definitely a fairytale.Snow Li entered the training, looking at Wang Zheng's hands wrapped around a boulder, as if petrified himself.Snow Li could not help

After Jiang Chen separated with his senior sister, he suffered the Blood Shadow Dynasty's assassination, and if he didn't have the Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood, then he would have already died while oblivious to everything, including even that forest's name.Nan Xuan movement technique was

The Singing of the Empty City [3]When Liu Yue had said up to this, she abruptly threw the winecup in her hand onto the small table in front of her. The winecup hit the small table and let out a loud ‘dong’ sound.Liu Yue’s cold eyes swept across the officials, her gaze was as sharp as a knife.

The Singing of the Empty City [4]“That’s right! His opinion can only represent himself. We…”“What are you afraid of? In the time it takes to burn one stick of incense, Prince Qin’s troops will arrive. At that time, the entire Sheng Jing city will belong to Prince Qin. Why are you afraid of a m

"How could you fail? Senior disciple brother, you aren't able to eliminate Dong Bo Xue Ying?" Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master anxiously asked. His senior disciple brother cultivated in the direction towards strengthening the fleshy body. He had many avatars and had heaven-defying survival capab

Stepping on the purple gold hairpin, Hao Ren didn't see the eight Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were lingering around the Immortal Spirit Island.After breakfast with Xie Yujia and the others at home, he said that he needed to run an errand. In fact, he remembered that he needed to finis

"Who are you?" William Merlin frowned. He looked at Faleau for a few seconds with his high and mighty gaze, as if he felt like he was looking at trash. It was to the point that even Faleau, who was known for enduring, couldn't help bursting out.Faleau took a deep breath and forcibly refrain fr

"You are ordering me around?" William's voice turned cold. He looked at Lin Yun with extreme disdain. "Mafa Merlin, do you know who you are talking to? Don't think that you can prance around in front of me just because the elders of the family told me to take care of you...""I told you to put

"Leader Lys?! How could he be a Master!?" William gasped. How could he not know the Leader of Thousand Sails City's Alchemist Guild, Lys? A few decades ago, Leader Lys had been in a good relationship with the Merlin family, and ever since then, he would leave for Okland every year and visit as

"Ugh?" Hao Ren gaped in surprise.He didn't think that the Immortal Physique had its drawbacks. However, on the second thought, he remembered that level 10 demon beasts must eat precious treasures to have the ability to pass through the Heavenly Tribulation. He had the Immortal Physique but wit

"Leader Lys, I am William Merlin, the one who consulted you last year when you visited the Merlin Family." William looked as if he had seen a savior. Regardless of whether he had hit the old man when pushing the door open, he introduced himself with an expression of pleasant surprise."Ah, it's

At the time, William had felt that this mission was truly a simple one.That Mafa Merlin was in such a difficult situation. Not only did he have a debt of 8,000 golds, but he was also still a mere Magic Apprentice. The chance to be able to gain the acknowledgement of the Merlin Family, and furt

"Why?" William Merlin was a bit worried. Sauss was his last hope in Thousand Sails City! If even Sauss couldn't help him, then his only remaining option would be to force himself to face Mafa Merlin directly."William, I still have something to do. I won't be able to keep you company. Say hello

In fact, William Merlin himself was an accomplished Great Alchemist. Although he wasn't an expert in alchemy arrays, he could still understand array designs.One of the uncrumpled draft papers on the refining table just fell into his sight, his eyes widening open in response, prompting him to g

Lin Yun clearly understood...Not just the reason why the Monchi Family tried so hard, but also why Solan left for the Dark Azure Plane.Because the Spatial Magic Tool he got from the High Mage in the Bone Plane had been made of Deep Sea Mithril, and Deep Sea Mithril was a material specific to t

"Must have been a mistake… A mistake… Haha" William stood in the hallway, chuckling nervously.How could William not know that although Great Mage and Mage were very similar, the pronunciation was different, there was very little chance of making a mistake.But William really didn't dare to thin

'This is so unfair…' Sauss thought.Sauss had been in Thousand Sails City for so many years, how could he not know the relationship between the Sage Tower and the Ash Tower, they were mortal enemies. The amount of people that died by their hand in the past several hundred years could fill half

Later, he had gotten even more drunk. He was as drunk as the time he had shot a gun for the first time in years for Qin Zhi'ai.She came to know from his talk that the day his parents passed away was the same day he had been discharged from the military.August 19th was the day he had lost his p

Gu Yusheng regarded Qin Zhi'ai as a dangerous creature, so he grabbed her with great force. After hearing Qin Zhi'ai's crying out in pain, he suddenly realized who she was. He was totally shocked. His aggression turned to amazement suddenly. After a while, he realized that he had grabbed her w

He knew everything. Qin Zhi'ai didn't deny it. She said yes in a low pitch.Gu Yusheng's heart suddenly pumped faster. His voice seemed to tremble a bit. "That night, I talked a lot. You held me like you are right now, right?"How could he know I held him? It seems that he wasn't as drunk as she

In the middle of zipping up her bag, Qin Zhi'ai turned around to look at Gu Yusheng.Staring at the light in front of him, the man didn't turn to look at her. After a while, the wind started to blow, and even with the wind, his gentle tone entered her ears, "I'm sorry."Qin Zhi'ai had never expe

Gu Yusheng had never thought he would fall in love with someone, and he had never fallen in love with anyone, either. He froze and didn't know how to handle it when he encountered love.He knew he had much to tell her, yet when he opened his mouth, nothing came out of his mouth. He was upset an

She must see me as a jerk. I used to do so many cruel things to her... He stared at the lamp for a while, Gu Yusheng blinked his eyes and looked at Qin Zhi'ai. "Anyway, I don't regret it. Even if I come back again, I'll still do it."Even if he had done so many cruel things to her, those had be

Qin Zhi'ai felt relaxed at home when Gu Yusheng wasn't around. After she had spent some time with the housekeeper, she had started to show her real personality. After she walked down the last stair, she hopped to the kitchen. She raised her voice and asked, "Housekeeper, did you make something

Hearing him call her "baby" so many times, she felt so shy that her neck turned pink. She raised her head and stared at Gu Yusheng angrily, then she shook off his hand, turned around, and grabbed the railing to rush upstairs.In Gu Yusheng's memory, she was either gentle and quiet or careful an

He remembered that he had reminded her several times to buy whatever she wanted in France before she left.She had agreed, but she hadn't bought anything with his debit card.Gu Yusheng suddenly felt bad. He couldn't help gripping the bank document harder.In fact, he had been looking down on guy

After throwing the slipper, Qin Zhi'ai realized what she had done. She was so scared that her hair stood on end.Compared to her nerves, Gu Yusheng didn't take the slipper flying toward him seriously. Leisurely, he walked toward her with one hand in his pocket. When the flying slipper was in fr

Bai Xiaochi looked a bit suspicious and hesitant. He was absolutely certain that he had sensed the aura of his former master, the Worldly Daoist. But the words he had heard just now seemed exactly like something the shameless and fraudulent Bai Xiaochun would love to say….The Worldly Daoist h

"Oh… Yishi, you're here?" Mrs. Qin didn't get up and only greeted her faintly.Was she thinking too much, or was Mrs. Qin's attitude towards her much different than before?"Mrs. Qin… have you had dinner? I bought you some shrimp dumplings from Li Ji's Congee," Song Yishi said as she passed the