128. How to make a fairy laugh   When we appeared in the Risharis grasslands they were already covered in fog. Visibility was poor due to the eclipse and the fog covering the whole of the grasslands. The face of the information girl had a nostalgic look to it. “I sure Ahartherun is o

129. Spirit school   “Eh?” “Oh?” “I know this person.” “Know them.” The Titi fly around me while talking. “It’s the demon king.” “Demon King of Tyranny.” “Strong person.” “Stronger than the

FJB 8   After a quick wash, each prisoner was given breakfast. It was a cup of greyish-white paste, like flour that had been cooked in hot water. No one touched the food at first. Their heads were all bowed in prayer. The contents of their prayer were of a rich variety, but as Yu Feichen car

FJB 9   The short-statured man stayed seated on the straw mat the entire time. He stared at the open iron gate, his lips quivering, but his body never moving. Yu Feichen didn’t force him. Raising the light, he led the other five men out. On their two sides, the iron gates on some of t

FJB 10   Changed local guards to foremen for better distinguishability from the catch-all guards (wardens, soldiers, and foremen), detention centre to concentration camp, and Black Chapter Army to Black Badge Army. The chief warden looked into the cell from which a person had inexplicably v

Chapter 382 - Devils in the Abyss (Epilogue)   Wasteland filled the area where mines were. This was the mine that belonged to Beike City and Asino’s personal asset. They originally hired the wandering demons for labor but now the entire mine contained demons that were adopted by Lika.

T/L: Poodle E/D: Spirit Song   Emperor Lin raised his eyebrows in surprise, his facial muscles gradually softened, his eyes disclosing approval as Lin Jingyuan finished reciting the rest of the content.   When he finished, Emperor Lin nodded approvingly, “Yes, it seems that what

65. The Limit of His Majesty’s Patience   Thus, the wedding day came. Tistye, who closed her eyes before the mirror, slowly opened them due to Lizzy’s voice. Behind her was Lizzy, who was already tearful, and also the maids who helped her into her dress. Elena stood beside her w

64. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (16) I’m sorry… Even though she didn’t want to be a nuisance to Gaizel, she ended up worrying him. Tistye felt deep remorse, and at the same time, indescribable gratitude towards Gaizel. Gentle sunlight shone

CHAPTER 556 (2): CHAO MU IS HERE   Lying on the stone bed, she was clad in a long red dress, and her hair bun was immaculately held together with an exquisite golden buyao[1] pinned in her bun.   Su Xi-er subconsciously walked forward. From afar, it appeared as if Chao Mu was

CHAPTER 556 (1): CHAO MU IS HERE   Chu Xian gave her a cursory glance before walking out, leaving the guard to gesture towards the door. “Miss.”   Watching Chu Xian’s departing figure, she nodded to the guard and walked forward.   By the time Su Xi-er arrived i

The Ling Tian estate had two different kinds of buildings. Buildings A-C were duplex apartments, D-E were low-rise apartments, and F were high-rise apartments. The young second-generation rich would normally choose the fashionable duplex apartments, and Song Anchen stayed in Building A.   It

When she woke up again, she realized that she was lying on a strong back. She could occasionally smell the fresh fragrance of a shower gel that occasionally left a fragrance. The fragrance was hard to detect, and it was very intoxicating. Yisheng opened her eyes and saw the back of Song Anchen&rsquo

The sunset colored the blue sky, and every inch was pale pink, showing the infinite brilliance of the setting sun. The students and staff at Medical University A slowly started to return home. The number of people on the road home slowly increased.   On the way back, there was a very unique s

977 – Body “Greetings, mighty lord!” The quasi-Holy step powerhouse who suffered heavy damage from Yang Feng’s karma spell appeared from within the temple and saluted Alice. “Greetings, mighty lord!” One after another, the temple guards above the Bright World

Chapter 197.  The Collision (3) Was it because the depth lightning sword exploded under a non-optimal environment, and not well prepared state which he was used to? Unable to form the perfect shape, the depth lightning sword’s energy headed toward Rock Seeger. As the order of the execu

Chapter 198.  The Proof Powell was looking at Vulcan with a pleasant smile on his face. Although he teased Vulcan when he saw him in such a wrecked condition, he was certainly enjoying the moment. It wasn’t just Vulcan who had no special social interactions with the other gods after he

Chapter 147 Part 1: Don’t Ruin My Vibe   Jun Qian Che knew he couldn’t hide it any longer, so he decided to come clean, “Imperial mother, son’s left arm has indeed been wounded, but it has been healing well.  Son didn’t want you to worry, that’s why so

  Although Miao Mingyi has a bad personality, he has never made any trouble. He has always been efficient in doing things.     Probably the previous phone call let him know that Li Quyin was angry, so he speeded up his work and did the thing Li Quyin told him to do.  

Ch34 - “Danger, Zong Jiu, Danger” The autumn wind was chilly, and dead leaves were scattered about. This year’s autumn was particularly cold, so cold that the wind blowing over was like little thin knives, slashing at the weak parts of people’s chapped skin. It really made

Ch35 - The bad person behind the scene is going to be the enemy of the entire world It was silent. Everyone was checking their identity card with their heads down. The identity cards were divided into two camps, and everyone’s identity in the horror instance had some differences.  In t

Ch36 - What’s on the Old Locust Tree While following after the villager leading the way, Zong Jiu recalled the information in the Tarot Guide. Within the twenty-two Major Arcana cards, the most inauspicious one was the sixteenth card, “High Tower”.  Compared to the “H

“I’m sorry for having kept you waiting, Shaft-san.”  The one who came in from the other room was Valvara-san, the Deputy Guild Master. She had brought a large bag with a bundle of documents in hand.  “No problem, I haven’t waited that long.”  &ld

FPS 147   Kay: Wasn’t me! _ _ _ _ _ _   In the reception room at the Marida Company’s headquarters, I was able to discuss may things with the Malta couple. Apparently, there’d been various products made in regards to Shaft that were selling well. But it was also extre

The General guild in the capital was the headquarters for the branches within the kingdom. As of now, I was walking to the guild in the 2nd district from the 1st district where the First Magic Academy was located. With many of the citizens beginning their daily activities, the main street that ran t

Chapter 1 : The Proper Opening!Name: Uzumaki MasahikoAge: 48 years oldNinjutsu: 68 Physique: 89 Chakra: 1000The Three Basic Body Techniques: LV 10 (100000) (Max Level)Shuriken Throwing Technique: LV 10 (100000) (Max Level)Earth Release: LV2 (16920/20000)Wind Release: LV3 (85462/100000)Fire Release:

Chapter 02: The Wedding TeamThe following morning, Masahiko walked out of his room with a pair of panda eyes and went to the clan meeting hall.Along the way, one of the Clan Members who was doing his morning exercises gave him the usual cold eyes, but Masahiko, who was in such a good mood, didn’t pa

Chapter 04: Battle!Masahiko could feel how dangerous was the situation, facing his current opponent, Madara, is like trying to kill a dragon. Even though Masahiko was older and should be more experienced, he still knows how strong Madara is!“Tobirama, I’ll face Madara, you people will handle the oth

Chapter 03: Ambush!“While you carry the luggage, I will handle the horses, we’re gonna take a safe road to our target…” This was the last sentence that anyone has said since their departure from the Uzumaki clan residence.Upon seeing this, Masahiko tried to break the ice and started singing the Firs

Chapter 05: The WeddingThe Senju Clan guards immediately saw them.When they reached the gate, many people were there to greet them.Among them was Tobirama and Hashirama’s Father, Butsuma Senju, who is also the patriarch of the Senju clan.“Father, on the way here, we got attacked by the Uchiha Clan,

Chapter 06: The Witness PointsName: Uzumaki MasahikoAge: 47 years old (-)Ninjutsu: 69 (+)        Physique: 89 (+)       Chakra 1003 (+)Three Bodies Technique: Lv.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)Blade Throwing Technique: LV.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)Earth Release: LV2 (16998/20000) (+)Wind Release: LV3 (85522/10

Chapter 07: Teaching!Masahiko entered his room, thinking, “What an idiot!” While he face-palming himself.In an attempt to convince Mito, Masahiko could only explain the situation saying with the lamest expression, “Well, your grandpa is genius.” But it was clear that Mito didn’t believe this.“In oth

Chapter 08: Regression and LossThe absent-minded Masahiko bid his farewell to Butsuma, the newlyweds Hashirama and Mito, and Tobirama. Then he went on his way back to the Uzumaki Clan alone.“Participate and witness the development of the Flying Thunder God Technique… Well, in this case, I have to ke

Chapter 10: First Battle!On the evening of the same day, the second elder returned from the Hyuga clan.“They refused?… I had a feeling they will.” The patriarch sighed, and it didn’t go well.“It seems their conflict with the Uchiha for these past few years really cost them a lot of casualties.” Masa

Chapter 09: Help!The gloomy atmosphere controlled the Uzumaki Residence for the rest of the day.Hakubo was popular among the Uzumaki clan members. Brilliant even though he’s still young, handsome, and humble. If he learned the Flying Thunder God, you would have mistaken him for Minato.“Unfortunately

Chapter 11: The Uchiha PlanA month has passed.Occasionally Masahiko will take a stroll on the road, and from time to time, Senju or Uzumaki clansmen will show respect to him by bowing or greeting.“This feeling of respect… For the first time in my whole life…” He muttered to himself while a stream of

Chapter 12: The Kaguya Clan’s DespairThe next day, just as the two sides were waiting for reinforcement, sudden information shocked the entire battlefield.The Kaguya’s iron mine ownership got changed, well to be more accurate, it returned to its original owner.The Uchiha launched an attack on the mi

Chapter 13: When The moon Crosses the OceanInitially, the reinforcements were marching to the coalition army camp, but upon hearing the explosion made by Masahiko’s Rasenshuriken, they shifted their destination to the battlefield.The reinforcements consist led by the Senju third elder also informed

Chapter 14: Black Zetsu Appears“The Kaguya Clan Extinction (1/2)?”“Is it possible?” Masahiko thought about it. “It’s true that most Kaguya’s clansmen who use their Kekkei-Genkai suffer a lot of strain on their bones and muscles, and die.”“In the Land of Water, the place there said to be damp… Frosty

Chapter 15: Uzumaki Secret TechniquesOn the following day, a funeral was held for those who sacrificed themselves in the battle. New tombstones were erected in the burial ground. Many mourning parents, siblings, children, lovers were there crying. After all, these people were part of families, some