Chapter 269: Hit the Wrong GuyTranslator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown TranslatedLittle Daoist Zhen struggled up. He had a palm print on his cheek with a big bump on his forehead.Zhao Guang looked at Oldman Zeng quietly with a bit of sympathy on his face.And the East Ocean elders

Chapter 268: Fell Right into the TrapTranslator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated"Grandma, why didn't you go when Zi's mom asked you to live with them for a few days ago?" Hao Ren ate while asking his grandma."I didn't want to bother them, and your parents will be back in a

Chapter 1585: DivineheartTranslator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon"Senior Brother, why is this person with people from the Desolate clan? Could he be a spy for the Desolate clan, one that had infiltrated our Taixia Ancient Mining?"The person who spoke was Zhou Fang, Steward Zhou's cousin. He was si

Chapter 1403: Uncle Black AppearsTranslator: Lordbluefire Editor: LordbluefireAfter the particle world was sealed, he clearly didn't wish for these immortals to leave just like that. If this was the was the case, no one in the immortal realms would know the things that happened in this partic

Chapter 1192: Making a PromiseTranslator: WQL Editor: AleemAs the day was gradually breaking, Zhang Mansion was becoming increasingly boisterous.Zhang Tie and the 5 wives didn't stay on the huge bed for too long; especially his wives. As Zhang Tie had just come back, if his wives got up too l

Chapter 778: Killing a Void God?Translator: Chaos_ Editor: Chaos_Within the Starting Ground's grass house, a violet-robed Xue Ying opened his eyes. He had constantly been cultivating here during the past billion years. Looking around him, the grass house felt incomparably familiar. Unsurprisi

Chapter 1096: Looking for Star TowerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe virtual universe, in the space belonging to Huge Axe Creator.Amidst the darkness, flashes of starlight could be seen from afar where a plain-looking palace was suspended in the core of the dark space. The

Chapter 3082 - Chu Feng’s Technique The more the crowd looked at Chu Feng, the more questions emerged in their hearts. Li Anzhi had already unleashed such a powerful Immortal Taboo Martial Skill. Thus, why would Chu Feng still have such a confident expression on his face? “Li Anzhi, w

Chapter 3081 - Immortal Taboo Martial Skill “Despicable and shameless bastard, prepare to die!” Suddenly, boundless killing intent exploded out from Li Anzhi’s body. Following that, Li Anzhi soared into the sky. With his Incomplete Immortal Armament in hand, he began to fly towa

Chapter 1091: TurmoilTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Earth? No way.""The disambiguation mirror stones. There are 36 of them. There is no way that one can replace Earth!"Seeing how the other universe masters were disagreeing, Primal Chaos City Leader could not help but frown

Chapter 278: Tianzi Mountain and the Azure Snake’s Treasury (2)Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Among the fifteen people, six of them immediately weaved hand seals. As their hand seals became faster and faster, the lower abdomen of their half-spider bodies began to progressively bulge. The other eight we

Chapter 351: Elf Illness “‘Kingfisher’ is my name.” Kingfisher noticed Yun Xi’s confusion. He said and walked to him leisurely. His body wasn’t as delicate as Black Moon’s but was very tall. His appearance and body had suppressed the boundary of gender. W

Ji Muqing’s maidservant Cailan witnessed the whole scene. Ji Wanxin and Prince Rong? When were they ever acquainted? Cailan returned to Ji Muqing’s yard smugly. Ji Muqing was seated before her mirror, patting her face continuously with blush, her face turning as red as a monke

Time for a Decision 1 Just by grasping how the royal castle will move in the event of an emergency, the success rate of our surprise attack had dramatically improved. Besides, the domestic impression of Alexis could not be any lower, and it was the same for Percival who had gone with him. Although

Translator: Adam Seacord 「Nubia…!」 As a baby bird pecks at its feed, Nem’s lips rained down kisses onto Nubia’s face. Nubia arms, which had been wandering in the air, finally clasped Nem’s waist. Now that they had started, I had to start preparing my end. 「Master…

My injuries weren’t really that bad, but I didn’t want to cause further alarm to my classmates so I just claimed that I had tripped and fallen. Although my injuries had just about healed, sadly Yin Li did not permit me to participate in any activity that was even a little strenuous. Dur

Chapter 1417: Brother And Sister Meet Again (4)Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationA slim chance for survival?Gu Ruoyun lifted the corners of her lips, "A slim chance of survival is better than certain death! At least there's a chance for survival! Zixie,

Chapter 1332: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo (3)Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe beast was thought to be only a myth. It was said that there was a riot which involved spiritual beasts on the continent thousands of years ago. The Black Demon Eagl

Chapter 802: The Last Auction ItemTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation"Is the last auction item a god's relic?""The demigod-level sword and saber have been sold. Will the last auction item be a god's item?"The crowd was anticipating for it in suspense unti

Lin Qiao watched Wu Yueling throw the blanket to the ground and then swiftly run away with surprise, not knowing what to say. This little one was quite smart, as well as caring, wasn't she

"I smiled, because the greatest knife user back then was the old man. "Then he asked me why I was so relaxed. I told him I was left-handed and the old man's knife attack style was

Chapter 234 - Fiery Fist, Groundbreak! “It can’t be wrong, it’s right here!” Luo Song’s expression sank, his gaze locked onto the darkness in front of him. Bai Zangfeng and the other three disciples of different aristocratic families also turned serious as they prepared their magic. “It stinks.” “Y

The Black Devil chuckled coldly and said, "We Black Devils have killed many people but we have never killed a Sword Sovereign before!" He looked coldly at Tian Bu Hui and said, "I can kill a Saber Emperor and even a Martial Monarch

The school leader was indeed different. None of the elders had dared to talk about the Realm of Beasts around Jiang Chen, since they were afraid he would blame the school for not rescuing him.

His spiritual power had only reached the Spirit Sea realm recently. The Spirit Sea rank was not considered very high for his six-ringed cultivation base. En Ci ordered that he was strictly not allowed to leave the room unless he had achieved a

Chapter 416: Viscount [V5C123 – A Distance Within Reach]The old man sighed indignantly. “Seventh Young Master has shown such obvious hints, yet those old fogeys from the clan are playing deaf and mute. Song Zhongcheng that bastard is still going on about how the Song clan’s prestige is important. H

Pang Guang bent down and inspected the pocket watch closely, his gaze admiring. "What is it, Brother Guang?" He laughed. "I'm

"Haha, they dare to fight with us with that lousy boat! Haha!" The man standing in the middle of the deck laughed, showing all the yellow teeth in his mouth. He was 1.6 meters tall with abstract facial features.

"What… What happened?" The crowd was confused. Everything happened in a blur. The ranked ten Halfstep True Nirvana elite, Tang Yunshan was destroyed instantly!

… … The thin fog on Shenmo Peak dispersed. Gu Qing was kneeling before Zhao Layue.

Chapter 233 - Catch Everyone in One Net! “How did the heavens turn dark?” “It has been night for a while!” “No no no, how come I can’t see any bit of light…” “You’re right. Strange, why did my Stars turn extremely unstable, they won’t repond to my control!” Beneath the Nyx Regime, the students in t

"It's indeed my fault." Meng Qi apologetically nodded his head to the people in the restaurant and took back his left hand from knocking on the table. However, the swordsman did no

"No… Oh no… Oh…" Peng Xin fell down and crawled on the floor. She wanted to get up but she suddenly felt dizzy, then she fell and went unconscious after she said "oh no". Huh?!

When the youth on the ring saw Mo Tiange greeting the refereeing cultivator first and didn't pay any attention to him, he felt Mo Tiange wasn't taking him seriously and was very unhappy about it. He uttered a "hmph" and directl

Even after waiting for quite a long while, Wu Yueling still saw no reaction from Lin Qiao. Hence, she felt a bit strange, wondering why this would happen. While thinking, she suddenly and unco

Chapter 883 Born as the son of a prominent filmmaker, Skunk had seen many masterpieces ever since he was a child.  In particular, he was devoted to the classics from one or two centuries ago—a mafia boss who fought to defend his organization but conflicted with his family, a young geniu

Chapter 882 The role of the blacksmithing god, Hexetia, was to inform humanity of how to use fire and iron. Hexetia descended to the earth under the will of the goddess of life and faithfully fulfilled his role. He gave the concept of cooking and tools to the savage humans. It wasn’

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 515: Finances (2)   Madam Zou wasn’t good at business, so Matriarch He had been making up for the losses of the public funds over the past few years. Matriarch He’s personal funds were almost gone by now. Even if she wanted to make up for t

Chapter 368 – Tian Peng Pig Farm wins         It became a nightmare for those illegal sellers of imitation Tian Peng Pork overnight. The Central Government was aware of this issue and was looking into this matter. The names of these sellers and farms were pointed out d

Chapter 41 Rolling “Boom——“ After a big explosion, Jiang Qi was pushed back by the air current and fell down, but he immediately stood up. “Ligatron——“ Jiang Qi tightened his fists, firmly looked at the monster. How did it became like this? Jiang