Chapter 619 – Glowering, looking at each other helplessly Translated by: crayon Edited by: Last TLCed by: Last “Boom…” Despite the whole crew’s best efforts to rescue the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, the ship in the sky was unable to be saved in the end. It bro

“what with that, getting disappointed when seeing my face, I came here because I was asked to, but I’m leaving” “Ah, please wait, it was all my fault, expecting a beautiful spirit to come and I got disappointed on my own, I didn’t intend to make you feel uncomfort

I thought About something bad, but for now, I need to focus on making the fertilizer. one hour after stirring it looks like sand. that was difficult, next I should mix it with soil, if I put water the nutritions might go down, so I should add less nutritions at the bottom. &ldq

Chapter 99 - A Grave in my HeartEdited by REDThat night, Xu Qi stayed in Menxing Tavern accompanying Mo Ling, chatting with her until the wee hours. Mo Ling’s face was hung with a smile for the whole night. In the end, Mo Ling requested that Xu Qi tuck her in before leaving. Left without a cho

Inside Sea Beast City, the Myriad Beasts disciples had all gathered together, all of them riding atop the back of the mount unique to the sect—the spirit beast Night Bat. As they followed the directions of the sect master, it was almost as though a large black cloud was moving towards the Qingqiu To

Chapter 195: I am Leaving Cheng Tian Entertainment Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   "Tangning..." "Isn't that Tangning? Why is she back?" "Oh god...Tangning's also getting involved. This time we have a good show to watch. This is pract

Chapter 196: What an Awesome Face Slap! Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   "An Zihao wants to leave!?" "Of course he wants to leave an agency like this. If he stays around, he is only waiting to be destroyed." "But if An Zihao leaves, what will

Chapter 192: Taking the Blame Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   After hearing these words, An Zihao's eyes grew big as they reddened with anger. He then grabbed Lan Xi and asked through gritted teeth, "Yun Xin is already dead, can't you let go of a dead pers

Chapter 193: Kicking Off a Good Show Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   If An Zihao admitted to creating a fake recording, Tangning's innocence would be rebuked and her scandal would ignite once again. It would also mean that An Zihao's methods were like a poor l

Chapter 194: Because of Guilt Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   Amongst the multiple shutter sounds, An Zihao faced the reporters and public calmly. The corners of his lips curved upwards with a questionable smile. The last time he had stood in front of such a large aud

Chapter 189: Embarrassed on the International Runway? Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   "It's not that we want to go against Tangning, Tangning is the one that is going against us. The agency is one big team, but as a model of Cheng Tian's, when has she ever

Chapter 190: This is Your Glory Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   "Who is this Asian model?" "Those legs are the most beautiful I have ever seen...they should be awarded number one in the world!" "Oh! My! God! Is this an angel pretending to be

Chapter 191: Lan Xi has no Right to Trample you Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   Tangning sat up and looked at Mo Ting, "When did this happen?" "Long Jie told me she heard An Zihao talking to the people at Cheng Tian on the phone just before the show,&qu

Chapter 187: So, Tangning is Being Defamed Because She Offended You... Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   After seeing the article, Lan Xi's face turned terrifyingly red. She grabbed onto the entertainment magazine and stomped over on her high heeled shoes to Luo Hao&

Chapter 188: Let Me Bow Down to You! Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   "Hey, have you guys seen the recording at the top of search rankings?" "What gossip is it this time?" "What else could it be? It turns out, Tangning was defamed so badly yes

Chapter 183: What an Idiot! Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi   He embraced her tightly... He didn't need to express anything, nor did he need to provide any comforting words. Just a simple tight embrace was better than any words he could say.  A moment later, w

Ch. 168 A Certain Brave Man’s Story First and foremost, I must listen to Adofu’s circumstances. Although I had asked the ball rabbit to release Adofu multiple times, it still hasn’t lessened its grip. Ah, I give up, let’s just proceed like this. Thus, the quiet interrogation

Noticing that Saya was falling from above, I completely forgot about the golem and fixed my gaze on her. When I narrowed my eyes to take a better look, Lina, Karen and Rouga had finally entered my field of vision. What is actually happening? How did they end up like this? I tilted my head while

While carrying Oracle-chan, I came to the city of Spike near the Oracle’s Great Cave. I decided to rest for a while at Viscount Ortholet’s castle. 「This is, hero Takeru-sama. I welcome you. Weren’t you supposed to be in the capital for a conference with the Germania Empire delega

Chapter 808 - SSS Tier Military QuestOver two hundred young maidens were soon gathered outside of the Violent Thunder Spear Army camp. Most of them were girls who had been kidnapped from the villages, brought to become slaves for these high ranked officers. I walked over before the crowd of women a

Chapter 348 - Real BrotherThe current Jianwen seemed quite ridiculous to Mengyao- what did it matter to him what type of person Lin Yi was, that was her business! ‘Take a look’? Take a look for what, and as who?“Wha- I thought you had some objective or something!” Lin Yi was speechless. “I shouldn’

Chapter 347 - Collapsing ImageLin Yi wanted to ask if the guy was retarded for butting into where he did or didn’t live, but this was Mengyao’s house. He only looked at him out of respect for the Miss before walking away.Mengyao knew what Jianwen was trying to get at, as well, but didn’t feel like

Chapter 276 – The One Who Causes Distress Hexi watched it sway in obvious excitement, even though its thick vines were still motionless. However, she noticed that it looked as if it was eating and digesting food. A corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched and pushing aside the Purple Abyss Vine

Chapter 131: Cosmic Velocity Translator: Alex in Wonderland  Editor: mjn0898 Zhong Yan had liked cats ever since he moved here. His mother remarried and formed a new family. He didn't feel like he belonged to his new family and was going through adolescence. Zheng Tan did

Chapter 132: Nothing To Do But Cry Translator: Alex in Wonderland  Editor: mjn0898 It was January. The Jiao family had a new calendar in the living room. During the past year, Zheng Tan had gone through a lot, met a lot of people, and experienced all kinds of emotional rollerc

Chapter 133: Go For A Ride Translator: Alex in Wonderland  Editor: mjn0898 "Why are you all blocking the door?" Zheng Tan recognized the voice. His trip here today turned out to be worthwhile. From now on, he could come here without the worry of being caught. "

Chapter 134: Same Accent, Different Person Translator: Alex in Wonderland  Editor: mjn0898 Liu Yao was tired and sat down to rest. His nanny came to wipe his sweat and bring him water. Liu was very pleased to see his son so energetic and happy. He was not someone who gave in

Chapter 800: The Coiling Dragon Clan Turning of the Tables Young master Murong had brought a large group of people with him and thus had held the advantage in numbers at first, since Jiang Chen’s group only had three people. However, young master Ji San and his men’s appearance suddenly

  Chapter 251 – Unable To Avenge The crown prince, Bai Chen Yu, was lightly coughing while clutching his chest within the study. His long-term sickness had no signs of a cure. “This prince understands, the days where Ninth can continue being rampant is numbered. Do not do anythi

  Chapter 250 – Endless Spirit Chef Yan was astonished by the news and quickly clasped his hands, “Thank you for imparting your teachings, Young Mistress!” Huan Qing Yan had the Inheritance Room and possessed many recipes, so she did not find it difficult to impart a few di

Chapter 47: Another First Kiss “Alright, talk then. Why did you come and find me?” Zheng Mo seemed to be walking out of the library as her melodious and beautiful voice gradually became louder. “It isn’t anything serious actually. I just wanted to ask you something regardin

Deceived Feng Yu Heng glanced sideways at Chen Yu, her lips forming a smile. Was this the truth? “Eldest sister, we are in the same boat.” The two went in separate directions at a fork in the road. Feng Yu Heng carefully looked in the direction of where Chen shi was living, but she c

AST 1351 – Incomplete Alchemy Recipe, Yehuang Duxin, Super Profligate, Encounter After refining successfully, Qing Shui could not wait to open the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. At the bottom of the cauldron, there were two snow-white medicinal pills that were each slightly bigger that the pad o

AST 1352 – Yehuang Duxin, 300,000 Sun, Sword-in-Shadows Technique, Defeated Easily   Discerning people could all tell what he meant. Yuan Su didn’t say anything. Qing Shui’s meaning was very clear, that Yehuang Duxin should not look for Yuan Su anymore.   “Physi

Chapter 348: Method of Opening the Minor MeridiansThe second option was to use Essence to open these minor meridians forcibly. Once the minor meridians opened, Xiao Chen could cultivate the sixth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation.Once that happened, Xiao Chen could raise his strength s

Chapter 368 – SuperiorityTL: xDh20, LifeisaJourneyIt was a rather well-known fact in the heart of these players within the Beginner Village that, they held their Elder Leader in high regard. They treated his existence as if he were a god. So, they felt that if Elder Leader wanted to do something, i

Chapter 347: Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Trump CardTo prevent the Heavenly Saber Pavilion from regaining their past glory, the Royal Court looked for opportunities to inflict a huge disaster upon the Heavenly Saber Pavilion again.The Qin Emperor made a decisive move, wanting to send a warship into th

The Form and Will Fist manual was incomparably profound—even after it'd been translated and transmitted into Bei Feng's mind, it remained extremely difficult to comprehend. But at the very least, he could understand the words now. The entire content of the Form and Will manual was seemingly carve

In Han Sen’s room at Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen was taken aback by the black tiger with a third eye on its forehead in front of him. The tiger’s claws looked like they were made from black metal. Han Sen could not believe it was Meowth that he was looking at. What was more surprising to him was th

VOLUME 3: CHAPTER 163 – THE CLASH AT PIENA PLAINS II (1/2) GURUuuuOOOOAOOAOAAaa!! When the goblin army howled as one, most of the new recruits in the human army faltered. The earth trembled as that grotesque horde of monsters approached. Though their shields obstructed their sight and thou