Chapter 210 – Upcoming Battle (1) A week after the investigation team had returned from the Meuse Desert, King Kurt III of Meltor was having lunch with someone. He usually enjoyed quiet meals, but he had to do this because of his busy schedule. Even now, one hand was gracefully handling the

Chapter 211 – Upcoming Battle (2) “Brother!” Indeed, Theodore’s prediction was right. Baek Dongil was waiting for him in the central tower of the Magic Society, which was responsible for all the administrative work. Although Baek Dongil looked a little more mature than a

Touba Hong was discussing deployment of troops when he heard the news. He stood silent for a moment the said in a faint tone: “Get ready to fight.” Deployment of troops before the war was a must. However, during the war the best thing was timely response. The rest was nonsense. Xiao Yu

Xiao Yu was very happy after the agreement was signed. It meant that both Sky Lion Dynasty and the Western Cloud Empire would justify the ownership of his land. Actually, it was a political move from Sky Lion Dynasty’s side to throw such a big pie at Xiao Zhan Tian. They had given the territo

Chapter 163: Karma Calls (5) Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem   This scene wasn't meant to be an important scene. The director wanted for it to be done in one take, which was why he purposefully gave everyone ten minutes to get themselves together to avoid anot

Like any game, the role of a healer was very important in Satisfy. They were indispensable for stable party hunting and the success of a raid. In Satisfy, the healers were priests who served Rebecca, the goddess of light. Only those who served Rebecca could become acquainted with Heal. “

After crossing the Suaz Mountains, Grid was able to arrive in Rolling. Rolling was a small village, but if he headed south for half a day, he would finally arrive at the Vatican. “There are Rebecca statues everywhere.” There were large and small Rebecca statues in every street, st

‘What? What’s this?’ Dong Pao was greatly confused. The road from Rolling to the Vatican was originally very peaceful. The paladins regularly scouted, so it was difficult to find thieves, monsters and beasts. It could be called one of the few safe zones on the continent. However

“You brought a big shot here?” Shay rebuked Dong Pao. It was true that the higher level the target, the higher the ransom value. However, there was a line. An opponent that was too strong wasn’t welcomed, because there was a possibility that their threats wouldn’t work

“Rin, shouldn’t you be faithful to me and Goddess Rebecca, as well as serve as a role model to the believers?” The Vatican. Dozens of senior paladins and priests watched as one of Rebecca’s Daughters, Rin was questioned. She declared, “This is a misunderstan

This was the best development for Grid. ‘Isn’t this the best financial backer!’ He would become the husband of a lady, which meant he could abuse his authority and intercept some taxes. Winston had grown to be one of the cities representing the Eternal Kingdom. The taxes col

CHAPTER 1: PART 2 Our classmates looked like they were about to start screaming from the increasing heat. Hirata too, positioned on the beach began to grasp the difficulty of the situation. If we wanted to have a real camping, then we needed to build a tarp tent. From swimming in the sea or playing

With her {Absolute Defense} activated, Felice became every tank player’s envy. Every attack from the boss was like an itch to her.Aegolous let out a series of thunderous roars as it fluttered its wings, stirring up waves of strong air currents that were so strong, that they almost blew Zhang Yang of

The man's response was to kiss her again... "Ning Xi..." "Hmm?" "Let's go home. The doctor said your injury is stable, so you can move about now." "Okay! I've meaning to go home!" The two clung onto each other in bed for a while before they finally got up. When Ning Xi was putting on her cloth

Lin Shiyi looked over at Qiao Anhao and was instantly filled with hatred. It looked as though she was going to jump on her and tear her apart in a second.Qiao Anhao was calm and composed, paying attention to her surroundings. "There are so many people around us, watching. You must hold it in. Don't

Chapter 114 - Scold the BeautyTranslator: LavEditor: Levs “Mrs. Zhang, you are still in the living room? I thought you went back to your room already.” Shi Lei closed the door and beamed at Zhang Meimei. What Shi Lei meant was very obvious. Zhang Meimei blushed and pushed her glasses up a

This was a narrow alley with buildings on both sides.There was no place to take cover in the whole alley, making it very suitable for archers.The moon was hidden from sight, leaving the alley pitch black. But Marvin had Darksight!He could clearly see a beautiful silhouette standing on a roof not far

Chapter 113 - Eavesdropped by Zhang Meimei Translator: LavEditor: LevsIt was awkward. Sun Yiyi’s mother saw the conversation and even replied to him. But luckily, she didn’t seem to be angry, but rather comforted. Shi Lei thought for a while and replied: Aunty, I grew up with Yiyi and you

Chapter 224 - (Chapter 294): Surprising? The next 3 chapters are a bit of a pain in the ass but after that pretty much all of the chapters left in volume 2 are interesting. Year 7447, Month 4, Day 27 Basutoral first took out the magic stones from goblins. The number was 8. Since they're low

Chapter 164: A Door in Xinghai’s Heart Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Aunt Li and her husband had been doing business in this area for quite a while. They had some returning customers who were students, white collar workers, nighttime runners, and even

Amid the bustling scene, the leader of Ropopongi saw Qin Guan right away.His heart sank. That day was the routine end-of-the-month gala. There were customers whose needs weren’t met, and people from both sides tried their best to attract their attention.At the end of the month, they would choose a s

Chapter 176: Threat Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Zombies were slow creatures, and it wasn’t hard following one even in the forest. To avoid being detected by the necromancers, Anfey and his companions would purposefully lag behind. They took that tim

Chapter 126 – Dragonhell Peak “I’ll kill you if you dare make a sound.” Chen Xi looked at the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect Inner Court disciple that he’d clutched by the throat as he spoke coldly, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Right when he’d wa

Chapter 127 – Daoist Wen Xuan Grand Ancestor Wen Xuan? On the way here, Chen Xi had already found out that Liu Zhang was an Inner Court disciple with mediocre natural talent, yet at this moment, he called this learned and refined middle aged man as Grand Ancestor. Wouldn’t that mean th

Chapter 112 - I’m Your AuntTranslator: LavEditor: LevsWithout realising, Shi Lei stayed up till late night and he was extremely energised. He felt overly excited for no reason and laughed from time to time. When he laughed every time, he would turn around and check on Sun Yiyi. He made sure th

White Lotus Chapter 21: Cute Pet and its Master Let’s see… Thanks to RedsFables, Fundle, and Pijon for donations! Lian Hua was stuffing sweet and fragrant sausage fried rice into his mouth. Suddenly he felt the ground shake. ⊙▽⊙ Was it an earthquake?   “Master,

Pure love x Insult Complex Chapter 301. Find the Traitor!   「Hey…wait a moment」 Tsunoda’s father said, but… 「Sadly, we don’t have much time. If we don’t get rid of the traitor as soon as possible, everyone in the hotel would be in danger now…!」 Michi

The followers were also wondering if Celestial Master Zuo was gay, hence carrying that squire and sitting with him in the same wagon. And when they saw the belt being thrown out, they were seriously surprised. Was he gay?! The celestial master was indeed gay! Even if he was really homosexu

He wasn’t afraid of being infected by small amounts of chaos energy. However, he would die if he were to burst into the chaos. Therefore, he must be extremely cautious. Emperor Chen might appear at any time. And, Emperor would’ve recovered to his peak condition by the time he would re-appear. So, h

Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "I will obtain a weapon spirit sooner or later, the most important thing now is the eyes of the Azure Dragon." Meanwhile, the Azure Dragon who was in the phoenix cauldron overheard Gu Ruoyun's conversation. A hint of gratitude appeared in his eyes. From what he could tell,

Hao Ren did not know what the enthusiasts were up to but with the gear that was on them, he could roughly figure it out. Vivian on the other hand, was brutal in her assessment. "Those clowns there, a bunch of swindlers they are. Only Nangong and that monk seem somewhat legitimate." Lily went about

Chapter 160: Something's Wrong With This Character Translator: Lam  Editor: Hitesh   Lin Fan looked up at the skies and sighed. ‘Trainer…What is your true purpose?’ Lin Fan was feeling somewhat anxious. Nowadays, the system was getting lazier and l

Under the bright and clear moonlight, the black Great Traversal Spirit Ship shuttled through the night sky. It continued traveling away from the Myriad God Ridge, but Yi Yun was in no rush to return. His first stop was the Great Traversal Spirit Ship's control room.The control room was equivalent to

The preliminary round of the assessment started silently and ended in silence with direct result announcements. Lin Huang now knew that the Hunter Association was quite unpredictable."It seems like I must treat this seriously or else I might be disqualified as well…" Lin Huang was finally getting se

Watching the teenager refine pills was breathtaking. She controlled the furnace with one hand and stunned the crowd. All of their eyes were on her. With so much attention on her, she wasn’t at all nervous. She extended her hands into the sky and picked out the medicine necessary to

Ye Mo frowned. Why did he feel something wasn’t right with this little girl. He wasn’t very friendly to her but she still gave him a peach wood sword. Seeing as though Ye Mo didn’t quite believe her, Luo Xuan seemingly angry dumped the peach wood sword and left. Ye Mo thought, did he think wrongly

"Here are your chicken skewers. The total is 12 Yuan. Would you like to eat here or take them to go?" Aunt Li quickly gave the skewers and change to the customer. "Three chicken and two lamb skewers," said the other customer. "Sure." Uncle Li took five skewers out of the plastic wrap-covered tr

There used to be a humid and rotten smell in the forest when they walked there. The smell had changed now. The rotten smell had changed to something unbearable. Riska was a little weak and had been dry heaving already. Suzanna had her brows twisted and tried to suppress her desire to throw up. Only

There had been two factions in the East Palace: The one opposing Xin Qiwu believed that since Count Sinan was in good relations with King Jing and connected to the prime minister’s family through Fan Xian’s marriage, Prince Jing must be close to the second prince. As for the prime minister gradually

Everyone in Blood Wolf’s team were predators by nature. They not only killed mutant beasts, and collected food, but also plundered other survivors. Because Blood Wolf was too strong, the whole industrial park was controlled by him in a very short period of time. As for the survivors caught by the