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Chapter 122
Her feet stuck to the ground as her eyes met the figure by the adjacent room .

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Since it was very quiet in the house, Liu Wei was woken up by her cries . He had wondered what was wrong with her, so he came over to check on her .

They both stood for almost thirty seconds staring at each other . Liling was thinking of the fastest lie to tell him, if he asks her what she was doing outside by that time .

She didn't occur to her that he had heard her whispers and had come out to check on her .

"What's wrong? Are you okay? "

" "

'What's wrong? Am I okay? '

Liling swallowed hard and coughed trying to find her voice .

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"Yes . . , I'm . . okay . I just . . just . . . want to drink . . water . "

Liling weakly replied . No matter how she wanted to sound fine, her tummy was saying otherwise .

Liu Wei stared at her with a concerned gaze . He knew that something was wrong but she didn't want him to know about it .

When Liling realized that he wasn't going to speak, she decided to continue her trip downstairs .

But the devil had other plans . . .

As she approached the stairs, she felt a very sharp pain on her lower abdomen and before she could stop herself, she had already screamed out loud and her hand immediately clutched her belly .

Liu Wei without thinking, darted to where she was . He turned her to face him and lifted her head which was bent low .

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"Liling what's wrong with you? talk to me!! Liling, say something, please . "

Liu Wei held her shoulder tenderly, his voice was extremely shaky . Liling who was slightly bent felt her legs giving way, she had to hold onto his shirt for support .

She didn't know how to explain it to Liu Wei . She just stayed there whimpering .
Liu Wei feeling that it was something serious, quickly suggested .

"Let's got to the hospital . "

"No!" Liling abruptly rejected . Realizing her abruptness, she mellowed and repeated .

"No, I don't need . . to see a doctor, it's . . my . . period . "

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It took Liu Wei some time to understand what she just said . After he had understood her, he bent and lifted her from the ground and carried her back to her room .

"Where were you going to? "

He asked as he covered her properly with the quilt .

"Ginger tea and a heat pad . "

Liling replied weakly, her eyes were slightly closed . She didn't even remember that she had been avoiding him for the past few months, what she needed right now was his help .

Liu Wei returned after a while with what she had asked for . He sat her up on the bed and fed her the ginger tea slowly until she completely drank all of it .

When she was through, he helped her lie back on the bed . Taking the heat pad, he lifted her shirt upwards and placed it on her tummy, moving it around slowly .

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"Is it like this every month? "

Liu Wei asked after sometime . He wondered if she experienced such pain but had been holding it in all these while . He felt his heart bleed just seeing her pale face .

"No, it's not always like this, I didn't know my drugs had finished, that's why it's this severe . "

Liling replied calmly . She was feeling a little better after taking the tea .

Liu Wei didn't say anything else . The room returned to it's usual quietness .
Liling didn't feel a bit sleepy, she just took her time staring at Liu Wei .
After sometime she said softly .

"Thank you . "

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