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A Fight for Love - Volume 1 - Chapter 20

Published at 3rd of September 2019 04:36:28 PM

Chapter 20

After seeing Shao Xun giving up and walking back to the apartment, Qian Lin stared at Jiang Senyuan .

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"Yuanyuan, when will you stop being short-tempered? Xiaoyue didn't say anything yet, so what are you yelling at? Furthermore, it's none of your business . Stand aside!"

Jiang Senyuan curled her lips and secretly thought she was just angry . But she did not speak anything aloud, as she saw Qian Lin's gloomy face and curved eyebrows .

"Well, Xiaotiao, go back home with Yuanyuan right now! Are you doing anything wrong? Why are you apologizing now? If there is anyone that is supposed to apologize, it will be the arrogant guy . What's more, since your IQ is 179 . 99 . How can you still be silly when you are in the middle of something? No wonder so many students want to . . .   Forget it . Go back and tell the guy, I, Qian Lin will have a little talk with him someday . Now, you guys, turn around and march!" 

Saying this, Qian Lin stretched out her hands and turned Jiang Senyuan and Ji Xiaotiao around . "My Xiaoyue was not that mean, so you can go back now," Qian Lin said .

Seeing that Qian Lin forcibly turned them around and let them leave, Tengyue's lips curved in a barely perceptible smile . No wonder there would never be trouble as long as Qian Lin was there .

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Seeing that Qian Lin grabbed them and pulled them to walk forward, Tengyue quickly followed behind them .

"Qian Lin, pick me up!"

Tengyue's words stunned these three girls at once . Except for Qian Lin, neither of them knew that Tengyue was behaving like this to avoid Shao Xun .

"How can you three good friends have a good time and leave me alone?"

After hearing that, Qian Lin's lips curved as she smiled . Holding Tengyue's hands, Qian Lin looked at Shao Xun, whose face had become dismal . She just lightly told him to look after the apartment, and then took off with the other three beautiful girls .

After walking out of Tengyue's apartment, Qian Lin saw someone familiar in the garden ahead . But she just as saw the brief glimpse, when she looked more carefully at it, she found there was no one there . She shook her head, and muttered, "What the hell . . . ?" and then happily played with the other girls .

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This was the best scene she wanted to see . Xiaoyue finally accepted other friends besides her . And one of the friends was her friend and the other was kind of her acquaintance . These four girls cast long shadows in the sun .

If looking closely, there was a shadow underneath the four slender shadows, but the four girls were too excited to be aware of it .

In the evening, Qian Lin went home feeling refreshed along the way, and she was thrilled that she had several more good friends . As soon as she entered her apartment, she found someone staring at her with such a strong gaze that she had no choice but to hold her breath and gaze at him .

"Xiaoqi, are you waiting for me? What's up?"

The inquiring gaze, together with the simple question, made Lin Ziqi's heart badly hurt . When she snuggled in the arms of the dead, she smiled like a flower; when she was with the girl, her smile was like a spring breeze; when she was facing a child who was arrogant, her smile was so subtle and restrained . She was only cold and indifferent when she faced him . As a spare boyfriend, couldn't he get a sincere smile?

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"Nothing, I just want to tell you that starting tomorrow, we will be classmates!"

Lin Ziqi's face was filled with a smile like peach blossoms in the past, but the smile did not reach his eyes, and the sound of his voice became colder . Qian Lin was stunned for a few seconds and then lightly smiled . She took off her shoes and walked decisively into the kitchen .

"Qian Lin, are you not going to say something to me?" Lin Ziqi felt strange about Qian Lin's reaction . Shouldn't she express her insights when she hears these kinds of words that she usually sneers about? She just left indifferently, without saying anything, which is too abnormal!

"First, call me sister! Second, that is your business; I am not going to comment on this . "

"What if I were him?" Without any pause, Lin Ziqi contradicted Qian Lin .

Qian Lin answered without any pause . "But you are not him . "

Lin Ziqi was supposed to be excited about the words, "You are not him" . After all, she finally distinguished him from the dead, but when he saw Qian Lin's calm and indifferent eyes, he was not excited anymore .

Qian Lin not only had not paused for a moment for Lin Ziqi's reaction, but she even did not look at him for a few more seconds .

Lin Ziqi slammed a hand on the back of the sofa . He fell heavily on the sofa and looked at the kitchen . "Qian Lin, don't push me! Don't push me!"

Qian Lin, who had walked into the kitchen, was washing the dishes . She started to boil the water . The noodles were her eternal meal because noodles were Zifeng's favorite, and she could not cook any other food except for noodles .

The water in the pot reached boiling and began to churn, and the thick mist made Qian Lin's eyes full of tears . She murmured, Xiaoqi, don't blame me, I am not against you, but my illusion was becoming more and more intense . I will always inadvertently treat you as him .

"The water is boiling! What are you thinking about?"

Qian Lin looked at Lin Ziqi and quickly opened the lid, then put the noodles into the pot . She picked up the two long bamboo chopsticks and slowly stirred the noodles .

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